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Owens shakes off rust, makes plays

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 8, 2012 at 2:32 pm with 74 Comments »
August 8, 2012 2:32 pm

He struggled at times, but the talent was evident in watching Terrell Owens take the field for the Seattle Seahawks for the first time.

Owens was one of the last players to emerge from the practice facility this morning. And you could hear some cheers and applause from the 2,000 or so on hand to watch practice when he took the field.

At first glance, Owens looked lighter than I thought he would in person. But, the reports about Owens speed were confirmed when watching him run routes today. He looked smooth and fluid during individual work.

But watching him during one-on-ones against the cornerbacks you could see some of the agility and timing stuff is not there, and that will take some time to develop.

“Obviously I have to get myself back in shape,” Owens said. “Physically I look pretty good, but I have to get my endurance and my legs back under me like I need to sustain a full practice and obviously get in game shape. That’s where I lack my preciseness.”

Seattle Seahawks' Terrell Owens (10) tangles with Richard Sherman, right, as they look for a pass during NFL football training camp, Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Owens got the best of Brandon Browner in his first rep, getting off press and creating enough separation to get open on an out route, and tapping his toes just as he went out-of-bounds for the completion.

But the second time around was a different matter, as Browner locked Owens up at the line of scrimmage and eventually flattened him the ground.

The play of the day for Owens was a nice catch on a go route from Matt Flynn. Owens double caught it, and had to go to the ground to secure the catch against rookie cornerback Jeremy Lane, with the crowd roaring its approval after seeing him come up with the ball.

Seattle Seahawks wide receiver Terrell Owens, center, talks to reporters following his first day with the Seahawks at NFL football training camp, Wednesday, Aug. 8, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

The most interesting thing about practice is that Owens lined up at flanker with the No. 2 unit – behind Sidney Rice – and not at split end, where Golden Tate, Braylon Edwards, Kris Durham and others are competing for the starting spot opposite Rice.

Owens knows all three receivers positions from his time working in the West Coast offense both in San Francisco and Philadelphia, but obviously the team has concerns about Rice staying healthy long term coming off two shoulder surgeries this offseason.

In fact, Seahawks general manager John Schneider has said he’s prefer that Rice not play at all this preseason.

“He’s a playmaker, and that’s what he’s here for,” said Seattle receivers coach Kippy Brown. “And he got the opportunity and made a couple plays. That was positive. He’s still learning. He’s been here a couple days, and he’s got a lot to learn about out offense, adjustments and what have you. But for the first day and he came out and was able to play pretty well.”

Terrell Owens had a pair of Air Jordan cleats on at today's practice.

Brown said that Owens can play flanker or split end, but for right now he’ll be focusing on the flanker position.

“You’ve got to start some place, but all of our guys can play every position,” Brown said. “So that’s what we’ll work toward.”

Owens had this to say about wearing the No. 10 instead of his more traditional No. 81.

“I look good in 10,” joked Owens. “That’s going to be my number.”

So why No. 10 Terrell?

“Hey man, it was available,” Owens said. “That’s all I can tell you.”

The owner of No. 81, Golden Tate, provided the answer for us.

“He asked me for it, but I didn’t feel like I wanted to give it up,” Tate said. “Me and No. 81 have been through a lot. We’ve been through donut shops and inactives – rock bottom. … So I’m going to be loyal to No. 81.

“It was a tough decision. And I definitely have a lot of respect for a veteran like that. But I just feel like I want to play in the No. 81 for the Seahawks for a long time. So I felt like it was more appropriate for me to go on and hold onto it.”

Flynn said he didn’t think it was a little weird or surreal throwing to Owens in practice for the first time, one of the best receivers to play the game.

“Not really,” he said. “Once you get out there, and you snap the ball and you’re going against the defense, you just see a helmet running out there. It’s not that you’re thinking, ‘Oh, this is T.O., or whatever.’ It’s get out there, and you see a receiver and getting open.”

Flynn in rhythm with starters
Matt Flynn did not take long to assert himself with the starters, throwing with rhythm and accuracy in his reps with the first unit.

Flynn had two, nice throws to Golden Tate on deep routes, and another touchdown throw to Tate on a post corner to the back of the end zone during red zone drill.

Flynn also used his tight end well, completing a couple nice throws to Cameron Morrah on seam routes, and finding Zach Miller a couple times on play action passes.

Overall, it was a pretty impressive performance for Flynn, and will go a long way in his effort to win the starting job.

“It felt good today,” Flynn said. “Like I said, it’s good to get out there and get into a rhythm and going with the same group of guys. It was nice. It felt like it was a game situation and we had good chemistry.”

Flynn also complimented Tate on his play today, and said Seattle’s receiving group reminds him of Green Bay’s receiver group when he first arrived there five years ago.

“I see a lot of the things here that I saw in Green Bay when I first go there,” Flynn said. “And it’s exciting for me, and as a quarterback because I’m only as good as the people around me.”

Of course, I don’t want to go all Allen Iverson on you – but it is just practice.

Injury update
LB Allen Bradford (hamstring), WR Doug Baldwin (hamstring), WR Ricardo Lockette (hamstring), DE Alan Branch (leg) and WR Kellen Winslow (knee), LB Matt McCoy (knee), LB Jameson Konz (shoulder) did not practice today. CB Walter Thurmond (leg) and OL James Carpenter (knee) remain on the PUP list. TE Anthony McCoy returned to practice today.

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  1. HawksKD says:

    I got a chance to attend today’s practice which attracted quite the crowd. Bring your popcorn because TO is in town and when there is TO there is a bit of a circus.. Seattle is no different.

    Obviously the big news in practice today was Matt Flynn @QB1 and TO. Both players showed why they are here and in their current respective positions. 

    TO – Reps were more involved than i thought running mostly with WR groups 2 an 3. TO’s ability and skill should have never been a question. He caught a quite a few balls as Braylon Edwards slipped back to reality. TO made a few of his catches working both flanker and split with tight coverage, most notably fighting of a strong press from Sherman for a short gain. That being said TO caught first hand the strength of browner as both engaged off a press and browner muscled TO all the way to the ground.  TO’s highlight was a 35-40 yard bomb playing flanker. TO had a diving bobbled catch over #37 (who struggled with DB2) thrown from RW. TO definitely looked fast and crisp right now it’s how fast can he catch on and if he can adjust his attitude of known past.

    Flynn – if what many believe is true (this job is flynn’s to lose) – Then today Flynn made a strong statement in that he is not going to let go of QB1. He had EXCELLENT command. Accurate placement and timing and even showed off some arm to boot. Threw on the move better than I have previously seen. Know that I have never been enamored with Flynn but he looked good today. Maybe he’s the type of player that needs that vote of confidence to succeed to his full potential. Some highlights – 35 yard pass to Tate playing split. PERFECTLY placed over the shoulder, in between 2 pro bowlers (Thomas/Browner). Later on ..same exact play in between Lane and Winston Guy. Play breaks down Flynn flushed to his left, throws across his body threaded to Miller breaking across to shadow. Plenty of Cameron Morrah up the middle and use of butler in the slot. He still breaks down to his check down quickly but seemed to make better use of his options up field today. He made good use of his hard counts provided at least 2-3 off sides calls. One he put up a 15 yard pass to butler from the slot on the free play who was immediately dropped by KJ Wright who bullied his way into some jaw jacking from an unhappy butler. 

    Final drives by the 3 QBs –

    Flynn a smooth flowing 60-70 yard drive that was mostly gained off a great mix of throwing short medium and deep,  Ending in yet another touchdown to Tate in the left corner over browner. Could have been helped by the confusing formation of miller and Morrah split out wide with Tate and Obomanu flexed inside. 

    Wilson – A 60-70 yard drive mixed with a 50/50 run to pass ratio. Gained mostly on a deep pass to Sean McGrath TE post route to within 5 yds Capped with a run into the end zone. Should have had a throwing touchdown to Braylon Edwards crossing open in the middle. One of two things happened, Wilson overlead the pass or Braylon let up on the route. Both seemed frustrated.

    TJack – mostly a run oriented drive. With a few outlet throws and one deep pass in the middle made it to within 5-10 yards… Stalled on what would have been a sack. Field goal 

    Other notes:
    TJack still had a few reps with the 1st units.

    Portis saw some time and still flashes a nicely thrown ball. 

    Thomas is sporting “Thomas III” on his back.

    Roy Lewis is starting nickel with Trufant at second I think this competition is a lot closer than many will care to admit with Lewis having slight edge on positional experience.

    WR1 = Tate, Obomanu, Butler.
    WR2 = Braylon, TO, Bates and #8
    It looks as though they are coaching split and flanker to be interchangeable. Durham saw some time at slot. He has not impressed so far throughout camp. 

    Lee Scruggs was noticeably powerful and fleet footed on one on one drills also was non stop rushing from tackle and end.( Mostly backing up Red Bryant at RDE)

    Most run plays had initial contact on or near LOS. Very stout up front today vs. the run but seemingly carved up the middle via pass

    Both Ruud and Wagner interchanged with 1st unit and Ruud looked pretty good. Most starting nickel LB packages saw wright and Leroy hill. 

    I have not seen Michael Robinson at any training camp practice so far an have read nothing on his absence… Curious

    Bruce Irvin did not stand out even against OL2. 

    Time after practice saw Giacomini working with carpenter and heavy coaching from Mqquistan to JR Sweezy. Portis throwing to miller and Wilson doing the same to McGrath.

    Everyone coming out of the backfield can catch….especially Turbin.

    Alex Barron looks slim and very fluid as a tackle. 

    Okung on a separate note is dominating through and through. 

    A lot of mixing and matching defensive units today, DB1 playing with LB2, LB1 playing with DL2 and such a

    If this practice is any indication of the future expect a lot of Flynn to Tate.  That is looking to be a dangerous budding chemistry. 

    My opinion on the ever so talked about QB competition.

    Flynn is your starter, TJack is back up, Wilson is 3. Portis doesn’t even play preseason as they try to sneak him on the practice squad. 

    TJack is valuable to this team as a solid back up. Although he makes the same amount of money as top tier back up, that is what he is….. Wilson will have to actually make a solid push for starter during preseason games to overtake TJack. I don’t feel like we’ve seen enough from Wilson nor has PC to make that statement with 100 % certainty….

    Watching Wilson though he is as studious as I have ever seen any QB relatively in competition. He looks as though he is always mentally engaged with play even when Portis is throwing against the practice fodder.

  2. trout_hound says:

    Pretty sweet to have showing an hour of the practice today so I could watch it from Montana. T.O. was interesting to watch, doesn’t look like he’s lost a step or anything. Baldwin looked like he was showing him the ropes a bit, that guy is a natural leader. My guess is T.O. starts opposite Rice, barring injuries. I used to really hate the dude (mostly because I hate the Cowboys), but now that he’s a Hawk I hope he does well. That article on Owen’s time in the IFL is an interesting read.

  3. bird_spit says:

    “I have to be competing for a job just like the other guys.” I think Terrell will be just fine.

    Think Mike Williams without the weight issues, but with the age issues. His experience will over come those issues..besides, Mike Williams didnt have his record of accomplishment. T.O. sounds humbled.

  4. bird_spit says:

    HawksKD, thanks for the practice report. Again, you do a great job of letting us in on your observations.

  5. Flynn to Tate! Is that going to be our “Montana to Rice”? I’m loving today’s reports. Thanks, Eric, and thanks, HawksKD (you should write more!)

    It’s not going to be a smooth ride for Flynn — I’m sure he’ll have bad games, just as Hass did — but his upside is greater than TJack’s (not sure about Wilson’s).

  6. Thanks, HawksKD. Good stuff.

  7. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks @HawksKD great report. Appreciate your efforts greatly…

  8. Skavage says:

    A long, long time ago,
    I can still remember how that offense used to make us smile
    And I knew if he had his chance,
    He could make the 12th man dance
    And maybe we’d be happy for awhile

    But August came and made me sweat
    With every formation they’d forget
    Bad news on the field turf
    I couldn’t take one more word

    And I can’t remember if I sighed
    When I heard about his shattered pride
    But something touched me deep inside
    The day that T.O. arrived

    So hi-hi Mr.Seahawk Flynn
    Drove my Chevy to the C-link to see if we’d win
    Them good old buys were drinking whiskey and Gin
    Singing this be the day that he wins
    This’ll be the day that he wins

    Did you right the book of Snappy?
    And do you have faith in Mr. Happy?
    Even if the blog tells you so?
    Now do you believe in rock and roll?
    Can Seahawk wins save your mortal soul?
    And can you teach me how to cheer really s-l-o-w?

    Well I know that your in love with him
    Cause I saw you dancing with Matt Flynn
    You both kicked off your shows,
    Man I dig those greens and blues
    I was a lonely teenage Bronco’s buck
    With a Manning prayer and pickup truck
    But I knew I was out of “Luck”
    The day that T.O. arrived

    Cuz they were singing…
    Hi Hi Mr Seahawk Flynn
    Drove our Chevy to the C-link to see if we’d win
    Them gold old boys were drinking whiskey and Gin
    Singing this’ll be the day that he wins,
    This’ll be the day that he wins.

    Now for ten years we’ve been on our own
    Winning the west with Marshawn runs
    But that’s not how it used to be…
    When T.O. played for the King and Queen
    In a helmet he borrowed from Jerry’s means
    And hands that came from you and me…
    And while the king was looking down
    T.O. stole his Star covered crown
    The courtroom was adjourned
    No helemt was ever returned

    And while Carroll wrote Win Forever
    Harbough watched and was lost forever
    And we drank Koolaid and grinned forever
    The day that T.O. arrived

    We were singing…
    Hi Hi Mr Seahawk Flynn
    Drove our Chevy to the C-Link to see if we’d win
    Them gold old boys were drinking whiskey and Gin
    Singing this’ll be the day that he wins,
    This’ll be the day that he wins.

    Helter Skelter in a summer swelter
    The Hawks flew off with a winning shelter
    12 wins long and climbing fast

    Now the players tried for a forward pass
    With Rice on the sideline in a cast
    In the halftime air there was sweet perfume
    While the Seagals danced to a marching tune
    We all got up to dance
    Oh, but we never got the chance
    Cause the players tried to take the field
    And the Seagals they refused to yield
    De you recall what was the feel?
    The day that T.O. arrived?

    We started singin’
    Hi Hi Mr Seahawk Flynn
    Drove our Chevy to the C-link to see if we’d win
    Them gold old boys were drinking whiskey and Gin
    Singing this’ll be the day that he wins,
    This’ll be the day that he wins.

    Oh, and there we were all in one place
    A generation cheering in place
    With no time left to start again
    So come on Pete be nimble, Pete be quick
    Schneider sat on top of Candlestick
    Cause fire is the devil’s only friend
    And as I watched them on the stage
    My hands were clenched in fists of rage
    No 49er born in hell
    Could break that satan Harbutt’s spell
    And the flames climbed high into the night
    Trying to burn the sacrificial rite
    I saw Harbutt laughing with delight
    The day that T.O arrived

    Hi Hi Mr Seahawk Flynn
    Drove our Chevy to the C-link to see if we’d win
    Them gold old boys were drinking whiskey and Gin
    Singing this’ll be the day that he wins,
    This’ll be the day that he wins.

    I met a Seagal who sang the blues
    And I ask her for some happy news
    But she just smiled and turned away
    I went down to the sacred C-link
    Where I’d heard the 12th man sing and drink
    But the man there said the party wouldn’t play
    And in the streets the players screamed
    The fans just sighed and the coaches dreamed
    But not a word was spoken
    The NFL Network was broken
    And the three men I admired most
    Paul Allen, John Shneider and our beloved Coach
    They caught the last train from the coast
    The day that T.O. retired

    And they were singing…
    Hi Hi Mr Seahawk Flynn
    Drove our Chevy to the C-link to see if we’d win
    Them gold old boys were drinking whiskey and Gin
    Singing this’ll be the day that he wins,
    This’ll be the day that he wins.

  9. Belatrix says:

    T.O. has his long wanted chance to play again. It is a dice toss based on his recent past. My guess is the guy will make plays, be a team player, etc. He brings so much potential to the team even with his age. Players adjust and make do with what they can contribute. He can catch a pass.

  10. Even though I hated T.O. after the Sharpie incident, after watching his press conference at, I’m excited about what he can do for the Seahawks. He’s saying all the right things (so far) and he looks more like 33 than 38. Players do age differently and perhaps T.O. is like Jerry Rice and can play into his 40s. That “stem-cell therapy” in Korea might be helping too.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, So when Browner was matched up with Owens, was that in one-on-one drills? And I presume Sherman on Owens (as pictured above) was in 7 on 7 or 11 on 11..?

    HawksKD – Great report and thanks!

  12. T.O. won’t have to make huge plays to succeed in this offense. BMW succeeded at split end here with compact routes and few spectacular plays. T.O.s role will be well set up by a powerful O line and running game led by Lynch, and short passing game led by Winslow. Add Rice and Baldwin to that mix, and its likely that T.O. will rarely see double coverage.

    This offense should be easy for T.O. to succeed in with a few key catches and key blocks each game – just as quarterbacking this team should be a relatively easy task for Flynn or Wilson or Jackson. None of these guys will be called upon to take it on their backs. Lynch, and KW2, will handle the heavy load.

  13. orbeavhawk says:

    NICE work Skavage!!!!


  14. RDPoulsbo says:

    Duke: Browner owning TO was in one on one drills. They showed it online shortly before signing off. It really was more about Browner than it was about Owens.

    I’m starting to soften about him being on the team, but I still can’t root for him.

    Nice observations KD. I would have expected more chemistry with Baldwin given they practiced together over the downtime. It is interesting that TO is playing flanker. It might mean Rice’s injury is more serious than they are leading on. If Tate wins the starting job at SE, then maybe everyone fretting over Durham and Lockette isn’t as much an issue.

  15. Autenpus says:

    Golden, come on man. “Me and No. 81 have been through a lot …?” Try No. 81 and I have been through a lot. Don’t they teach grammar at Notre Dame?

  16. chrisj122 says:

    T-Jacks drive stalled on the 10yrd line then Kicked a field goal.

    Yep, same old T-Jack that we all saw last season.

    It would be great to see Wilson perform well enough in the preseason to earn the backup QB job.

  17. Skavage – best post from anyone in a long time, Imo. Lol

    KD – thanks.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks RD!

  19. So WR’s on the roster:

    My thoughts as of today


    Next in order:
    Edwards (only if they truly think Rice will not start the season)

    Kearse/Tuinei to practice Squad
    Durham IR or cut

  20. I’d bet dollars to donuts that as soon as Rice is ready to go, T.O. moves from flanker and starts at split end.

  21. doubledink says:

    Somebody give the guy a shirt with a Seahawk logo on it!

  22. JoeinKirkland says:

    Don’t forget Owens has always been known as a great blocker for a WR. He also has the ability to help the running game.

  23. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Skavage – you stole my next song. Lol.

    Good job! We need to hook up!

  24. HawksKD says:

    RD – it’s not to say that Flynn and Baldwin don’t have chemistry. Baldwin was out today and limited in the other practices I attended. Their chemistry hasn’t been on display just yet. Flynn seems to read coverage from the inside out unless he sees a mismatch pre-snap similar to Hasselbeck and opposite to Tavaris. He likes the middle of his field and if the year sees Baldwin Healthy and Flynn at QB expect there to be that chemistry you are looking for. Baldwin works his magic and is at home from the slot.

  25. JoeinKirkland says:

    If I recall correctly, he blocked three different guys downfield when Steve Young made his amazing TD run against the Vikings.

  26. FleaFlicker says:

    KD – awesome practice notes! Thanks for posting. Fun to read after a long day at work.

    And by coincidence, the “featured article” on the Wikipedia home page today is our Hawks’ Home, Century Link:

    Even has a section of the article entitled “Home Field Advantage”!

  27. If they are working TO at Flanker – who is worried that those glass shoulders are not ready to go?

  28. bird_spit says:

    Skavage I wish I had your talent…excellence on this blog…

  29. confucious says:

    Great practice notes K.D. Thank you. I have never cared for T.O.’s antics. I definately never wanted him on this team. But with him out last season and no other team wanting him maybe the T.O. hoopla won’t be that bad. He sure looks physically ready, and we could use another reliable reciever.

  30. DreadHawks says:

    “Flynn in rhythm with starters” Ah, music to my ears! Great report KD…thnx

  31. Soggybuc says:

    Good reports guys, Sounds like Flynn is going to take the 1 spot and not look back.
    If Terrell can be a good citizen, is truly humble and can catch touchdowns! welcome to the team my Brother!

  32. Soggybuc says:

    Oh and Yeah!, that’s right I am a complete Hypocrit! I hate T.O. until he catches a TD in the C-Link, then he’s my best buddy.

  33. Skavage says:

    Sorry Georgia! You inspired it. Of course reading it back now I can see ALL the typo’s and spelling errors. LOL…I’m too old to think that hard.

  34. princeaden says:

    I think TO can offer something to the Seahawks receiving corps and to the individual receivers as well. Personelly, I for one know how differently I acted as a 40 yo compared to how I acted as a 30yo on many levels. I hope TO is as humble and sincere as he sounds and can help make this Ballclub better.

  35. princeaden says:

    *Personally.. Oops

  36. bigjimusaf says:

    So why is our new Play maker wearing a Greenbay Packer shirt at the podium in front of our Seahawk backdrop during an interview with his new team?

  37. Good to hear Flynn is meshing with Tate, he should have good timing with Baldwin as well since they worked out together this spring, hopefully he is able to play this weekend.

    The thing about all of this that worries me, is apparently everyone is certain that Rice is made of glass…yikes.

  38. Thanks for the Grantland article TroutHound; I had been wondering what all had transpired with that IFL stint. Yesterday I had said I was not thrilled with the T.O. signing but didn’t extrapolate. This had more to do with not appreciating his selfish antics with his previous stops. I appreciate touchdown dances and players who are rightfully somewhat cocky about their ability, but how he could divide a lockerroom and deride his quarterback(even mid-game) was abhorent to my sensibilities as a former member of a team.

    One thing I was immediately sure that would be helpful about the signing is the work ethic example he could bring to the team. The guy has always kept very good care of his body. If he can truly play still and somehow learn through osmosis of how to be a good teammate instincually, he very well could be a solid addition to our team. I most certainly hope so, and am rooting for him in such endeavors.

    Hanging around naturally good team guys like Baldwin and RWilson certainly can’t hurt him. I’m just hoping the learning osmosis doesn’t flow the wrong direction.

  39. HawksKD says:

    BTW Misspoke on TO’s Long reception from Wilson in my initial report…. Actually coming from Flynn.. My bad.

    I also never cited the terrible decision by Flynn to throw to a double covered suffocated TO. Has TO already had a negative effect harping for the ball his way?! ;) just kidding.. Looked to be a result of a bad pre-snap read seeing as how quickly Flynn released and missed a wide open TE crossing the middle. The result was incomplete but luckily not picked off.

    In other observations watching Wilsons last drive was chaotic in comparison to Flynn. Albeit it’s organized chaos. Wilson uses a lot more roll outs and as I’ve stated before “broken pockets” to work from. It truly is impressive watching him make something from nothing but it appears as though his play style would serve to be very risky in the NFL or very catalytic for smaller quarterbacks.

  40. Soggybuc says:

    thing’s like that are going to happen to every QB because the 11 guy’s on the other side are just going to win some no matter what.
    I find it a good sign that our DB’s are baiting the QB and playing well.

  41. KD, great report on practice. I wish I could watch them live, but your breakdowns are very informative.
    I’m with you regarding some of your concerns about RW. I really like Wilson, but worry how his game will translate to the NFL. When roll outs are required due to QB’s lack of height, the defense can guess right sometimes and the outcome can be disastrous. Remember Red Bryant’s pick six? That was a direct result of a blitz by KJ Wright on a rollout by Hanie and the ensuing blind throw was picked off.
    I also remember Seneca many times rolling out directly into a blitz, then reversing field 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage and running into pressure, taking a monster loss. When you have a QB that is limited, there are less options in the playbook for the defense to prepare for. I want to see how he does in the second half of the Titans game, but unless he blows our minds should be our 3rd stringer and learn behind M2 and TJ.

  42. Soggybuc says:

    Just to add some perspective on QB’s and their imperfections.
    John Elway, 226 interceptions
    Dan Marino 252
    Joe Montana 139

    Of course their TD totals are lights out. thats why we think of them as HOF caliber but Marino’s 252 over 17 year career averages to 14 a year or just under 1 a game.
    Knowing that how many of you would not want Dan in his prime under center for the Hawks?

    After seeing the Wolf Grey in action now i must say it’s really growing on me. On the Logo, I like it. seeing the Blues paired with Grey pants I really like that look and am eager to see what combo’s they roll out this season.

  43. I thought they had to be in camp 2 days before pads (new CBA) just curious how Owens was in pads today

  44. T.O. on the TV show Go on – pretty funny

  45. bbnate420 says:

    That Steve Young run versus the Vikings was in the 80’s, so TO definitely didn’t throw any blocks for him.

  46. bbnate420 says:

    It was 1988 I believe.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Honestly, I have always pulled for TO, except when he with the Whiners. I like the field theatrics. The Sharpie Incident was very creative, and I even had to respect it at the time, even though it was against the Hawks. That’s entertainment. This IS entertainment ultimately after all. Besides production, the only thing I care about from him is being a good teammate. If he goes off on any of the QBs then he needs and will be shown the door quickly IMO. He’s always been a good teammate to everyone else besides some QBs, as far as I have heard. Hopefully, he is serious about being a PART of this team and not complaining if he feels he isn’t getting the ball enough. Or he could complain, but through the right channels, i.e. to some coaches quietly and keep it in house.

    I honestly have never thought that TO is a bad guy, This might just be pseudo-psychological analysis, but I think all of his bravado is just a cover for someone that is basically scare and insecure. Often what a person presents to the world doesn’t truly express what they feel internally. He has had 2 “suicide attempts”, although the details are murky and disputed. I think that he was probably never really happy all of those years he was acting out. He had tons of money, should’ve been on top of the world, and he found out that all those things cannot truly make you a happy person or change the inner self.

    Any hoo, I am pulling for him. He has a short leash I’m sure. I think he will restrain his ego when it comes to getting the ball. Other than that, I have never had a problem with him. He could end up being the best receiver we’ve had in years. Hopefully, Rice can stay healthy this year and take the lead, but he doesn’t have an extensive history of that. Either way, I think TO can be a major asset.

  48. bbnate420 says:


  49. jzulaski says:

    We’re going to shock a lot of teams this year.

    (happy feet)

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Montana averaged one int to every 38 pass attempts, over his career. I would argue that is an incredible strength, not a weakness. By comparison, Marino averaged one int to every 21 attempts. Montana may have had his weaknesses, by protecting the ball wasn’t one of them.

  51. bbnate420 says:

    Taking care of the ball is obviously important. It becomes somewhat less important if you can offset it with big plays. A player like Flynn needs to make sure that he keeps the turnovers to a minimum more than some IMO, because he isn’t physically capable of producing as many big plays as a QB like Rodgers or Brady. Flynn is somewhat analogous to a Montana, not saying he is ANYWHERE close to that level yet. He has to methodically lead an offense for the most part. Big plays come more from slants that lead to a broken tackles and big gains. Not that he can’t throw it deep sometimes when he needs to. He’s just not a player like a Marino or a Favre.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    2 weeks from Saturday we will know a million times more than we know now.

  53. Whereas TO has definitely had more proven QB’s, other than the Niners early in his career when he was still developing, I’m trying to recall a team he played on that had this much talent at the skill positions. A healthy Rice (big IF), a healthy Winslow (another big IF), Lynch, Miller and Baldwin are a lot of headaches for DC to gameplan for. Throw in Doughnut boy and Brash Braylon, I’m starting to think for the first time all year that our offense may be, dare I say it, good.

    Saturday won’t tell us much, but damn I can’t wait to see these guys.

    Side note: Heard an interview on the NFL network this morning with Dave Wyman in regards to yesterday’s practice with TO and his opinion was that it was the best practice they’ve had all training camp. Kind of interesting. Wonder if today’s practice can’t top it?

    Love all the media attention too! It’s been nice to get a little love.


  54. ryanryan says:

    good comments bbnate.

    everyone loves to hate T.O. and he makes it pretty easy on all of us to do so.

    however, now that he is a seahawk i try to put myself in his shoes and understand him. here are my thoughts:

    * he just wants to win but he is a lousy communicator
    * he obviously cares about what he does and hates to lose
    * i can’t imagine him quitting in the way that randy moss has done
    * he is a perfectionist and demands that out of his quarterback
    * he and peyton manning would have been a match made in heaven
    * the better the qb, the less problems he had.

    he has shown that he is not a good leader…good leaders communicate on the level of those in their charge. he simply threw his qb’s under the bus when they didn’t perform to his liking. im hoping against reason that he can figure out a way to have a close relationship with flynn (or whomever is starting) so that they communicate with each other in a healthy way when one of them makes a mistake.

    there’s no telling how much he can teach the rest of the wr’s and our young qb’s and just where that can take the hawks this year and beyond.

    i’ve officially come around.

  55. RDPoulsbo says:

    Maybe I’m just too much of a purist, but I watch football for football. The sideshows like Ocho-Cincos, Joe Horns, and TOs are just distractions looking out for themselves and looking for high dollar commercial endorsements. It contributes nothing to the TEAM mentality. Those sideshows belong in the WWE, not the NFL.

    As Barry Sanders put it when asked why he never celebrated when he scored, “I’m just going to go out there and do my job.”

  56. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks Ryan. I think he has been a good teammate to his fellow WRs for awhile. My only evidence, which I have mentioned before, is the video of him helping his teammates during the 08 Cowgirls Hard Knocks program. I only really worry about him going off on the QB if there isn’t a strong personality there. I hope that he has moved past that regardless, but we will see. I don’t think PC/JS will give him enough time to start a rift. TO shouldn’t be a problem, even if he is somewhat like he was, if we are winning. If we are losing and he starts to mouth off, they will drop him like a hot potato. He was brought in to help us win THIS YEAR! He’s 38, after all.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    I think you’re a purist, RD. No shame in that. I don’t want it to become comical, but I don’t want it to be like college ball either. Remember Locker being penalized a few years ago? It shouldn’t be the No Fun League! Players, Golden Tate, shouldn’t be fined as much for going to the ground after a TD as someone, Bitch Ass Cole, is fined for ending a players’ season, Okung, on a PUNK ASS move!!!!!

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Flynn just becomes the next Dave Krieg, ( without the turnovers ) I will be happy.

  59. RDPoulsbo says:

    A sack dance or TD dance that’s purely spontaneous isn’t the problem. I love guys like Kam or Sherman pumping up the rest of the guys after a big hit or other big play. It crosses a line when they do it for self promotion. That is where the diva WR mentality becomes a problem.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    IMO, nothing mitigates the importance of protecting the ball, even in the case of QBs who are capable of big plays. As a frame, the two QBs you mentioned Brady and Rodgers: Brady has averaged one int. for every 46 pass attempts, and in Rodgers’ young career he’s thrown one int. for every 55 pass attempts. These are examples of extreme judiciousness while still being able to create explosive plays. My point here is only that regardless of one’s ability under center, taking care of the ball is job #1. Everything else stems from that.

  61. NYHawkFan says:

    In watching TO’s news conference, he made a couple remarks about how he’s had time to think about his past, and he said that he wants to leave all of that behind. He sounds genuine, and maybe he has acquired some humility. He seems truly grateful for the new opportunity he’s received. If so, I say let’s give him a chance, rather than assuming the “old” TO will resurface and ruin the cohesive spirit of the club. Of course, if the old TO does come back, his stay will be cut short. Personally, I look forward to some exciting plays by a physically talented man who is trying to change his bad boy image.

  62. bbnate420 says:

    I agree to some extent Duke, but how do you think Favre and Elway graded out on that scale?

  63. bbnate420 says:

    I’ll tell you, Favre: 1 Int for every 30 PA, Elway: 1 Int for every 32 PA!

  64. bbnate420 says:

    Not as simple as you think!

  65. bbnate420 says:

    My point is that you can get away with more INTs when you can make big plays. That DOESN’T mean that turnovers aren’t killers or that you shouldn’t want a QB that avoids them. My POINT was that Flynn has to avoid them more than someone like Rodgers, Brees, or Brady. Not that those QBs necessarily turn the ball over a lot.

  66. Dukeshire says:

    No doubt. There are so many surrounding variables to winning as a QB, and those two have the rings to prove it. But one can’t reasonably tell me that 1) Holmgren and Reeves weren’t pulling their hair out trying to get them to make better decisions and 2) they each wouldn’t have more wins (championships) had they protected the ball more consistently over the course of their respective careers.

    (Elway: 1 to every 32 attempts. Favre: who I consider one of the more overrated QBs in NFL history, for what that’s worth, had 1 to every 30.)

  67. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate420 – Those QBs *don’t* turn the ball over often, that’s the point. And I’m not saying it’s simple. Clearly. But I counter your point by saying you have to make more big plays when you turn the ball over more often. In most cases (turning the ball over more often) it comes down to a time of possession and playing from behind issue.

  68. Georgia: “If Flynn just becomes the next Dave Krieg, ( without the turnovers ) I will be happy.”

    G, that’s the funniest thing I’ve heard lately. I’ve never seen two QBs that are as opposite as Flynn and Dave Krieg. Krieg, without turnovers? What? Hilarious madcap scramble/fumbles defined Dave Krieg as much as his rainbow bombs to Largent did. I’ll always love Krieg for what he was, a strong-armed mistake-prone gambler. But Dave Krieg was a lot more similar to Tarvaris Jackson than he was to Matt Flynn. Flynn is more like Chad Pennington than he is like Dave Krieg.

  69. rramstad says:

    The shirt with the G on it is sporting the G-Rip sportswear logo. It’s not a Packers logo.

  70. jchawks08 says:

    Oh no you didn’t just compare Matt Flynn to Chad Pennington! Ugh.
    I’d slap you if you were near me Stevos! Kidding of course, (not really, but yea I am, not really, not sure) only because I think Chad Pennington may be the weakest armed, over-rated (even though he wasn’t rated highly) QB in the history of the NFL. One of those players, I just couldn’t stand for whatever reason.

    Just an awesome report, KD. Much appreciated.
    I’m getting excited about Tate. With your reports, and all the other reports on how well he’s playing and making catches all over the field. Also heard an interview on KJR (Mitch maybe) with Browner and he asked Browner what receiver other than Rice, and Braylon stood out. Before he could even finish his sentence, Browner started talking about Tate and how well he’s doing.

    It’s starting to come together!

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Stevos- Production wise, not style wise. And as I stated without the turnovers.
    Now what’s really funny is you comparing Krieg to Jackson. What an insult to Krieg.

    Zorn in his later years is a better comparison to Jackson, imo. Good athlete, strong arm, however poor pocket presence, locks on to receivers. Afraid when the play starts breaking down, and poor clutch abilities.
    No wonder he lost his starting job to Krieg. Just like Jackson has to Wilson or flynn.

  72. Wow, Stevos–Kreig had a strong arm?! Whaaat?! That was his major weakness, a weak arm. BUT, the guy was one of the most competitive players EVER. Dude hated to lose so bad, Dave Wyman says he used to cheat at pictionary when the players got together with thier wives…seriously!

    Kreig was a streaky player hobbled badly by not having a team around him due to crappy owners who wouldnt spend money (Nordstroms) and not being in a WCO. Can you imagine what Kreig could have done with a DOMINANT D and a very good WC offense? We had strong offenses in 83,84, and 86 and somewhat in 87 (he made the Pro Bowl three out of those four years, I believe). The other years due to lack of personnell, injuries, and Knox’s natural aversion to throwing the ball, we had a Ford Pinto of an offense in a Ferrari league. You can only go so fast in a Pinto, even if youre Ayrton Senna reincarnated…

    We also never had an elite line to protect him. While that doesnt excuse his retarded scrambles and riverboat gambling that got us in trouble time and again, those things were huge factors in his turnovers.

    His very streakiness was one of the reasons he was a very good qb; as Wyman says, he could get hot at any time, and when he did it was amazing, and the players knew they could come back from any deficit once that happened. Even the announcers used to say that when Kreig began a comeback and got hot, the Seahawks didnt lose the game–they just ran out of time. Compare that with T-Joke, who has NEVER come back and won a game.

    Kreigs numbers across the board are good enough for the HOF. Had Seattle made the 1984 Super Bowl, I believe he would eventually have made the HOF. As it stands, he’s right in there in all stats with other very good-great qb’s, and better than some who made the HOF in his era.

    People make tons of excuses for Elway–he had some of the same issues as Kreig regarding not enough talent around him etc–so why not extend the analysis to Kreig? Fairs fair.

    I can argue both ways regarding Kreig as a HOF or not, but the fact remains he was a very good qb for a long time. Hell, he also had that great year with the Lions when that tard Fontes started the miserable Scott Mitchell for 8 games despite the fact that he sucked and Kreig was killing it in camp and practice. Mitchell got pulled/hurt and Kreig went on the win a bunch of games, throw 13 TD’s and only two INT’s in 8 games, and took them to the NFC Title Game where he crashed back to earth and was spanked by the eventual SB Champion COwturds…And he was OLD when he did that too.

    Personally, I think we’ll be in for a SUper Bowl or two if Flynn can become the leader and competitor Kreig was.

  73. I agree, Flynn reminds me of Pennington, who was pretty good, and a real tough (if fragile) guy; dude came back from heinous injuries so many times. I just hope Flynn isnt as injury-prone.

  74. On TO, as I have said, Ive always thought he was a cancerous douche, and overrated, as he drops too many easy passes. But Jerry Rice dropped passes as well; it doesnt matter so much if you throw the ball a lot and you make a crazy catch immediately following the drop, as Rice and the Niners would do.

    I think its pretty clear TO is an insecure mess, and always has been. The dude is like 16 years old emotionally; it happens with star athletes that way; they never have to learn to grow up and deal with the world and themselves due to their money and fame. But they have to pay the piper sometime; I have felt sorry for him for years as he struggles to find himself and grow up. I dont expect him to live long or happily in retirement, and I have to say Im hoping he can come in and play well for us for a year or two, and grow up a little while doing it. Id like to see him figure it out and not be another sad statistic like Junior Seau, for instance…someone who couldnt live without football…

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