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Report: Owens runs blazing 40-yard time

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 6, 2012 at 12:59 pm with 113 Comments »
August 6, 2012 12:59 pm

ESPN’s Mike Sando reports that Terrell Owens ran a sub 4.5-second, 40-yard dash in his workout this morning at Seattle Seahawks headquarters.

That’s a pretty amazing time considering Owens had ACL surgery just over a year ago in April 2011.

Also, ESPN’s Ed Werder is reporting that Owens had an impressive workout, and it’s likely the Seahawks will try to add the veteran 38-year-old receiver to the team’s 90-man roster.

That could happen any time before the team resumes practice on Tuesday afternoon.

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  1. DFloydd says:


  2. wallinator says:

    This is a no-brainer….if he still has the skills, and it appears he does…you sign him to a minimum salary with incentives & cut him if he is a cancer.

  3. bird_spit says:

    Yeah..I hope Pete knows what he is doing…Seahawks might actually be on the radar…

  4. freedom_X says:

    50-50 chance that, if these reports are legitimate, Owens tries to leverage this to drum up interest from other teams.

    If Owens is actually serious, and the leopard has changed his spots, he takes whatever Seattle offers. If it’s the same old, same old, Owens tries to get a better deal somewhere else. It’s fine for a normal player to go for the best deal, but if Owens turns down the only team to even give him a workout in the past 18 months, then it’s clear to me where Owens’ priorities lie.

    Should Seattle actually get into any form of a “bidding war” for Owens, they’re clueless.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sometimes I get the feeling that I want him to go, and then I get the feeling that I want him to stay. I don’t know which way to go?

  6. Skavage says:

    I doubt he will try to leverage more $$ elsewhere. Remember, he willingly went to the Bills when no one else seemed to want him. I’m thinking an incentive laden deal for one year, little or none guarenteed. If he so much as whispers a whine in the ear of someone else, you cut him and move on.

  7. Dare it be our starting Wr’s are Edwards, TO and Rice/DBF???


  8. FleaFlicker says:

    Laugh or cry? That is the question…

  9. RDPoulsbo says:

    I was really hoping these rumors were not true. I’d rather they had kept Bryant on the 90 man roster and I didn’t like him at that.

    But really, a fast guy with stone hands and can’t run routes? I’d rather they stick with Lockette.

  10. iHateHarbaugh says:

    Maybe he blows up, we win the Super Bowl, & he goes into the HOF as a Seahawk lmao #12thMan

  11. trout_hound says:

    Come on, T.O. will be fun. Every time we play SF, it will be the T.O vs Randy Moss show, to see who has matured more and who has more gas left in the tank. That’s entertainment. Which of those two would you rather have on your team? And you have to admit, TO is still a physical freak of nature. If nothing else, he’d create a diversion so whoever ends up playing quarterback can find Rice, Baldwin, or Winslow.

  12. chrisj122 says:

    T.O. Can take that sharpie and stick up his you know what!!!

    He’s trying to convince any team that will listen that he still has what it takes but only because he’s broke.

  13. As much as TO is a circus, dude will most likely be a HOFer some day. This is his LAST chance. Leveraging for other teams? Now that’s just cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

    This is the perfect environment for him. He has to earn his position. He has the chance to best his former team.

    Everyone knows that the light in the closet is usually on, but no one is home. A couple of cans short of a six pack. TO is arguably the most dramatic diva WR we’ve ever seen.

    And yet, if he runs good routes, catches the ball, scores TDs and keeps his mouth shut, it’s ok by me.

    I trust ya PC/JS.


  14. Oh yeah…and very little media hype here in SE Alaska. What could be better for him?

  15. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    The Seahawks are too young for T.O.’s shenanigans. He won’t change, he can’t change. He’ll start complaining about not getting the ball the first time, or two, whoever the QB is doesn’t get it to him. He’ll be a cancer in the locker room. Plus, he’ll be a media whore bringing negative publicity to a team that (because of location) barely gets any media attention at all.

  16. chrisj122 says:

    The Seahawks need to name the starting QB and whoever that starting QB is needs to have the entire team to believe in him. The last thing a young QB needs is T.O. talkin trash about him to rest of the team when he doesn’t get enough balls thrown his way.

    Go Away T.O.!

  17. All right…he might not be a couple of cans short of a six pack. Dude is ripped.

    We need some WR help. Does anybody have Plax on speed dial?

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I would have Plax before Owens or Moss.

  19. Hawks85 says:

    Everyone needs to relax, and remember Mr Happy is our Zen Master. I’m all for this signing as I grow more to question our WR group. The guy has always put up big numbers, and is a physical specimen. He did have trouble with drops in Dallas, but still produced. This is a big upside, little risk signing considering he needs money badly and we just cut him.

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I sure hope that Rice’s health is good , and they are not cosidering putting him on pup.

  21. GeorgiaHawk says:


  22. Dukeshire says:

    “Laugh or cry? That is the question…” Good question. My last hope was that he’d be Williams slow, out of shape. Alas, no dice. Owens as a Hawk, get used to it…

  23. freedom_X says:

    Whether Owens can actually drum up any interest from other teams, even with a knockout workout, is another thing. Is Rosenhaus still Owens’ agent? If he were, no question Rosenhaus would try to take this crumb of good news and parlay it into something more than the minimum.

    Even if Owens is physically capable – his questionable hands and most of all, his lax, freelancing route running style seem to be terrible fits for a West Coast offense. Combine with the fact that he seemed to lose his taste for catching over the middle (which is about his main asset – being a physical inside guy) – even if he were a good citizen I don’t see how he fits well on the team.

    The potential gain is just not worth any risk, even if you have the “cut him if he looks crossways” attitude.

  24. Kayjbee says:

    Not sure TO is the right mix with new QB and all. He had a way of getting under McNabb’s skin and he was a All Pro.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – He’s practiced so he’s no longer eligible for PUP.

  26. freedom_X says:

    Probably, if Owens were trying to leverage something better, it would be with a team with more of the media coverage he craves. Like the Dolphins.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    This song keeps whirling around my brain. It’s been 50 years since I became a fan of the NFL (and my dad got me into the locker room after a game). I have never seen anything like this Seahawks pre-season. So my only words of wisdom to all my friends here are…

    Que Sera Sera
    Whatever will be will be
    The future’s not ours to see
    Que Sera Sera
    What will be will be

  28. Remember when Jerry Rice played for the Seahawks? At least the Seahawks were pretty desperate then. I just don’t understand this. Granted, T.O. would probably be the fourth best WR on the team easily, but he’s not exactly going to take them to the Super Bowl. If they do sign him, I hope it’s for the veteran minimum.

  29. GeorgiaRay says:

    Just think Antnio Bryant…come in, push the young pups a bit, and get blown out ala Lendale if you don’t pull your weight….

  30. Hawks85 says:

    TO in his last 2 years in the NFL had 117 rec, 1812 yards, and 14 TD. Rice in his 2 last years have put up 49 rec, 764 yards, and 4 TD’s. I’d rather have the guy who produces time and time again.

  31. freedom_X says:

    Thinking about this more, if Owens signs instantly, I’d have a tiny crumb of hope that the leopard has changed his spots.

    But if nothing happens for 2+ days, then I’d be certain it’s the same old Terrell Owens in action.

  32. FleaFlicker says:

    Isn’t veteran minimum for 14+ years still well north of $1 million?

  33. Dukeshire says:

    “…his lax, freelancing route running style seem to be terrible fits for a West Coast offense.”

    His best years have com in WCO offenses.

  34. wallinator says:

    If this happens…..and T.O. has his good boy hat on and the team is in the race for the division, I see a flex game on Sunday Night Football in Seattle late in the season!

  35. jchawks08 says:

    I’ve heard some doozies in my life but this takes the cake:
    Stone hands, can’t run routes. Really? REALLY?
    20 second fact check: Yep, 1078 catches for 15,934 yards and 153 TD’s.

  36. DreadHawks says:

    Does anyone really think that Mebane, Big Red just to name a few will allow him to disrupt this team?????? I say no way! Not to mention he’s gotta make the team. I say roll the dice and take our chances. I hate T.O. and his attitude of the past but he CAN play. Maybe we get lucky ala BMW for a year,if not send him packing!

  37. bird_spit says:

    Is jchawks08 really klm08?

  38. HawkyHann says:

    I love it. We need him.

  39. raymaines says:

    Oh come on now, guys. It was just a couple of months ago we were telling each other we cheer for the laundry, not the player wearing the it. If he’s better than the 90th guy on the current roster, sign him up.

  40. JazBadAzz says:

    I like T.O. as a player and he doesn’t get in trouble. He talks to much and has a attitude like a woman but he cool with me. I love me some me needs to be signed six years ago!

  41. jchawks08 says:

    Bird Spit, I’m old school. Just give me the basic numbers! KLM would of taken those number and had 6 paragraphs, a full monitors worth of numerical wall text, breaking them all down.

  42. chrisj122 says:

    I don’t doubt T.O.’s ability, he has always been a great reciever. But that attitude and they way he can disrupt a team.

    Is there a QB he has played with who didn’t talk trash about?
    Didn’t he even insinuate that Jeff Garcia was gay or maybe he just came out and said it?

    T.O. will disrupt this young offense trying to grow and improve

  43. I have to say I’ll look forward to seeing his run tomorrow if he’s at practice.

    As for this being a “desperate move”, it looks like it is…
    But if Coach is desperate for another WR, then we can blame that on Golden Tate, Ricardo Lockette, and Chris Durham. Those are the guys who are supposed to step up and get it done. If they’ve left room for guys like Edwards and T.O. to step in and take their jobs, its their fault. Better to know this now than be disappointed with our WR corps once we are in the playoff hunt.

  44. Taterkid is going to be fine!

  45. freedom_X says:

    Owens has gotten sloppy since his SF/Eagles days. He wants to freelance more, and that made up for some of his declining quickness. He’d just break the route to get open, then wave his hands as though the QB was at fault for not finding him. The Bengals and Cowboys offenses were looser than the 49er/Eagle offenses.

    Owens main attribute in recent years was his tremendous physicality. He could still break tackles and run over most corners, and once he got going he still could move. Combined with the power it still gave Owens some big-play potential.

    But I don’t think he can run sharp, crisp routes anymore (or at least he hasn’t chosen to) and I don’t think he has the short-field quickness to get open. I’ll grant that, if he worked out as well as people say, he might actually be an upgrade physically to Mike Williams. But Mike Williams did run routes, even if he didn’t seem to be able to get open anymore.

  46. He got cut from an indoor league team not too long ago.

    TO does drop a lot of passes – all the way back to his days in Dallas, yes he has had some get seasons. I believe they are behind him.

    So, lets look at ST – we are going to be awful again!

  47. Autenpus says:

    I’d like to see him produce on the field, but I ain’t buying a TO jersey. Who knows, he could be the next Mike Williams … moderately productive for one year.

  48. On a side note – is Goddell in trouble with this lawsuit talk?

  49. JazBadAzz says:

    What happened to Golden Tate “toying” with defenders?
    T.O. HOF

  50. jawpeace says:

    Hey I like how Pete is willing to try something other NFL coaches do not. Pete will not get in a box. So get used to these signings. They don’t hurt the team and maybe one will pan out and be a diamond in the rough. TO is probably hungry for the first time in his life. Plus he is probably behind in his child(s) support. TO is one of the most polarizing players in the NFL. You hate him or love him. Fact is he ran a forty in 4.5! The old man can still move! He also knows WC offenses. So I am open minded and am looking forward to how this will turn out.

  51. bird_spit says:

    Is Tate going to give up 81?

  52. bbnate420 says:

    Very good jchawks08. You forget that a good blogger never lets facts get in the way of a good argument. ;-)

  53. ljarllrajl says:

    T.O. played most of his career in a west coast offense with SF and Philly so I’m not sure where everybody is getting this ‘he runs sloppy routes’ thing from?

    I’m more interested in seeing where T.O. is gonna get the money to buy number 81 off of Golden Tate? After child support and legal fees I don’t think he’ll have enough left over. =P

  54. Just talked with my bro in Buffalo. T.O. played 16 games there in 2009, didn’t cause any problems, and the fans loved him and wanted him to stay. He was no resigned because the Bills did a great job finding young WRs to stock their roster, and they wanted to go young. He left Buffalo and played for Cincy, and he griped about that organization, but who hasn’t?

    I’m not thrilled with this move, mostly because I want our young players to succeed and not get cut. But anyone who wants to see Flynn have a break-out year should want him to have a deep threat at SE that scares opponents.

    Just as with the QB competition, here’s another case of Carroll telling his players, “compete and win or I’ll give your job to somebody else.” It will make everyone better. But I’m still rooting for Lockette to win this competition.

  55. JazBadAzz says:

    He does run excellent routes
    The money may be a factor but you can never beat passion! That drives you to change and do great things in life! Look at some of the things we put up with and sacrifice our lives and time for, we are definitely emotional people! Let him have a chance to prove the doubters wrong!

  56. Palerydr says:

    I’m not a fan of TO however I do see this as a positive addition. I also remember his days in Buffalo and if he could add those kinds of numbers (55/829/15yds per catch and 5 TD’s) to our team I’m all for it. Quite possibly he could be an example of how to prepare for a game with his workout routine and just his veteran presence.

  57. ruminator1 says:

    all these dire predictions. how does anyone really know how he will do? i’ll bet if he sticks and catches a few TD’s the nay sayers will be stuck saying “just wait.” I am not particularly a fan of TO, but if he still has the tools to be acceptable to this staff, why not? If he brings out competition PC will be delighted. PC has certainly shown he will take personnel risks b ut he has also shown that those individuals had better produce or else. no chone figgens on this team. anyway, on a team that has such concerns about Rice’s health, this seems positive not negative.

    on another note, this has probably been broached here before, but a few times I have wondered about this 3 way competition for qb. if all along PC intended Flynn to be #1 but wanted TJ to stay as backup at least until he was fully convinced Wilson could do the job, what would be his message? competition. that way, if handled well, the loser out can take comfort from a battle well fought, the winner will be established in the teams’ eyes without disruptive alignments, the backup and heir apparent well defined….

    finally, the old memory ain’t what it used to be. i was one of the folks who really wanted Lynch to be brought here. he was well liked by teammates in Buffalo. but i see above that someone said TO was there in 09. doesn’t this make them former teammates? wonder how they got along?

  58. bird_spit says:

    Yeah I wonder what Marshawn calls him?

  59. Marshawn and T.O. would be hilarious in the same locker room together!

    But I also expect them both to seriously compete and work hard. And I expect that either T.O. will be a good influence on the younger players, or he’ll be gone soon. There is a reason guys like these want to be in Seattle – because Carroll is in charge and demands competition. T.O. should respond very well to Camp Carroll.

  60. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ok so he hasn’t played in 2 years at a pro level and in 2010 he was one of the least sure handed receivers that year. although he had no problems in buffalo but i saw what happened in dalla first hand and it was a disaster tey still have not recovered from. all the yards in the world dont mean anything if he drops the ball when it matters most. we have a young team bringing in a hasbeen cancer of a player makes 0 sense

  61. I am not at all a T.O. fan. He is a crappy teammate and he really talks smack if he does not get the ball. Look at what kind of relationships he has had with past QB’s….BUT…this might be a different version of TO. Might I say…what do the Seahawks have to lose…if he makes the team…he could be an asset. Its not like he has other teams chasing him to play! Sign him cheap and lets see what he has left in him!

  62. Hammajamma says:

    1. He has a great camp, seems hungry and humble.
    2. Doesn’t start, and makes a selfish comment after Lockette drops a TD pass in a loss.
    3. Goes on IR after ripping a hammy in his first start for a benched Tate.
    4. Marshawn him “Scooby.”

  63. bird_spit says:

    All along if anyone ever really reads my posts, I have been saying we need to sign a vet to our WR corps. I was hoping for some level headed vet that would show these young guys how to get prepared, and have a great work ethic. TO did not come to mind. A mature TO might be that guy. I would hope all of these experts are wrong regarding TO. I wanted someone who is sharp at running routes. Our 2012 Stokley or a Joe Jurevicius. Can TO fulfill that role? It is obvious that TO has the drive/competitive spirit. Can he be the older JJ or Stokley? Does he have the guts to put it on the line, and be that physical presence plus being that guy these younger guys can look for as a player/coach. My gut says no, but it would be cool if TO assumed that role. TO is HOF bound, based purely on his stats. I’d sign him. I agree with the poster that said two times a year, its Moss vs TO show. If he is the 3rd WR on the list, then you need to keep 6 WRs.

    Anyway, this, if nothing else, confirms that PC and the FO see that this group is the weak link. The last phase of free agency is coming soon. If he sticks after all of that, it would be a testament to his ability to develop the younger guys (in my thinking) and have develop a connection to the QB.

    We need ST help..TO will not be in that group.

  64. Hawkboy says:

    I think his general history is he’s actually a good guy his first year. It’s year 2 and 3 when he can’t help himself and starts all the lockerroom trouble.
    Although I’d hate to have him and Winslow in Flynn’s ear every play. That would drive a new starting QB batty.

  65. bbnate420 says:

    TO played through 2010, so it hasn’t been 2 years since he played in the NFL. Owens had a 7.9 % drop rate in 2010. Some pass catchers with higher drop rates that year: Aaron Hernandez, Steve Smith, Wes Welker, Brent Celek, Donald Driver, and Miles Austin. Fact!

  66. bbnate420 says:

    I think that TO can help the young WRs. He hasn’t turned out to be a good teammate in a lot of the places he played, but I don’t think this included the WRs necessarily. If anyone else watched Hard Knocks in 09 when they followed the Cowgirls, there were a number of scenes of TO working with the younger receivers and trying to help them improve. I think this is a low risk/high reward move. I just hope they don’t keep TO and Edwards. I’d be ok with keeping one of them.

  67. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bbnate, his dvoa is half to a third of those receivers and he has a history of being a cancer and a problem and all of those receivers with the exception of smith are way younger this guy is a fossil.
    go back watch tape on him he drops to many balls that matter the most, why his dvoa is so low. thats all we need on this team is another tjack that cant produce on third down. owens was nothing but issues in dallas it was on the news everyday here. hawks dont need that. i hate this move and if he makes the team i fear its going to hurt more than help.

  68. Skavage says:

    #1 He hasn’t even signed…yet.

    #2 Pete and John have no qualms about signing and releasing guys. There is a reason we’ve had what…500+ roster moves the past 2+ years.

    #3 T.O. would definitely take some of the pressue off Rice so fewer DT’s on Rice.

  69. bbnate420 says:

    “After using DVOA for a few months, we came across a strange phenomenon: well-regarded players, particularly those known for their durability, had DVOA ratings that came out around average. The reason is that DVOA, by virtue of being a percentage or rate statistic, doesn’t take into account the cumulative value of having a player producing at a league-average level over the course of an above-average number of plays. By definition, an average level of performance is better than that provided by half of the league and the ability to maintain that level of performance while carrying a heavy work load is very valuable indeed. In addition, a player who is involved in a high number of plays can draw the defense’s attention away from other parts of the offense, and, if that player is a running back, he can take time off the clock with repeated runs.”

    Straight from Football Outsiders. TO’s DYAR in 2010: 139, for 30th in the NFL. And these statistics don’t take into account things like the attention a defense has to pay to them, therefore opening up opportunities for others. Football does not lend itself to Sabermetrics in nearly the same way a game like baseball does IMO. Baseball is MUCH more of an individual sport.

  70. I’d like to see Mebane cover Rice in practice.

  71. bird_spit says:

    Interesting fact, Pete Carroll was the defensive coordinator of the 49ers the year of TOs rookie season.

  72. bbnate420 says:

    Besides, I wasn’t claiming that TO was better than Welker, Austin, or Smith at this point in his career. I was just pointing out that he wasn’t the worst at dropping passes, by a significant amount, in 2010 and that other receivers that are pro bowlers have high relative drop percentages. You have to be able to analyze stats as well. Not just list them.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bird_spit- We already have a WR that can show the younger ones how to prepare, he just happens to be a second year player. Now if the others don’t follow his example and learn how to be consistent what choice does the FO have but to keep searching for an upgrade.

    I’m pulling for Bates to sneek in and take a spot.

    Wilson to Bates sounds good to me. It would be like Zorn and largent their first year together. LOl.

  74. bird_spit says:

    I disagree. That second year player still has to perform in year 2. He will not have the respect that one of the vets would have.. He maybe the next Largent in the making, but I’m not ready to crown him yet. TO holds so many records, he deserves all of the respect of his team mates.

    That said, if Pete signs then cuts him, it will be for the good of the team, no doubt. In Pete we trust.

  75. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, in 2010, Deion Branch with NE, Johnny Knox, and Kevin Walter ranked 10,18, and 21 respectively in DYAR. Not exactly pro bowlers, or even close.

  76. freedom_X says:

    For the people who think Owens is a great route runner – have any of you followed what the Bengals observers had to say about him in 2010? How he quit on routes, broke others off, and often didn’t exert effort (such as trying to run down defenders after the interception?)

    Owens’ trademark play to me is having the QB hit him in stride on a slant, and then Owens busting through tackles and taking it the distance. But Owens in his last couple years also showed disdain for taking the contact inside (though he could still bust the tackles if he had the ball in his hands.) He never was a Randy Moss type vertical receiver.

    If Jim Harbaugh was thinking about signing Owens – would anybody here think that SF was making a decent move? Or would we all be gloating about how the 49ers had just shafted their own team?

    But because he might come to Seattle, suddenly all that baggage is no longer an issue for many.

    If a guy isn’t mature @35, I’m not sure he manages to figures it out @38. In the same way, I laugh at how Randy Moss now talks about how precious it is to have the privilege of playing in the NFL, etc. etc. Except I’d actually trust Randy Moss far more than Terrell Owens.

  77. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The other good thing about having Bates on the team is that he could play qb in a pinch. Therefore we would only have to carry Wilson and his backup Flynn. Free up another spot, more than likely,( the way it looks now ) a WR. Or maybe two kickers. Not!!!

  78. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bbnate ok lets make this easy go watch tape i watched every dallas game he played with my father inlaw and a few afterward and it was the samne story he gets yards and td’s just not when you need the the most he disapears in a big game.

    most importantly he was cancer with many teams and reguardless if you think he is a changed man or not are you willing to risk him ruining one young player on this team by him poisening that player. he is old ancient in receiver years.

    again if he is so damn good why are the hawks the only team looking? with buffalo he had over 1100 yards yet they cut him. i find it hard to believe you cut a player that gets that many yards for younger unproven players.

    as i said this make little to no sense unless you are bringing him in more to test the D. i lie the idea of browner putting TO on his backside.

  79. Done deal he’s a Hawk!

    NFLN reporting 1 year contract has been agreed to (Glazer). Apparently not signed yet.

  80. Seahawks2620 says:

    He just agreed to terms. I am excited, regardless of what anyone says. T.O. can be whatever he wants to be. He just needs to be aware of the fact that however he does intend to act, can either lead him to success with this team or to a big boot waiting to kick him out. It’s genuinely that simple. The guy has talent bottom line. As long as he puts up and shuts up, then everything is fine by me.

  81. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bird_spit – Baldwin has the it factor. Aside from Thomas, pound for pound he is our best player, imo. His former Stanford teammate Sherman has it, as well as his former Stanford teammates Luck and What’s his Pittsburgh Stealers face who I used to like before the draft, then said to the pittsburgh press that he no longer was a Seahawk fan. I forget his name.

  82. Tweet from @LavasierTuinei today…

    “Just saw T.O. Workout for Seahawks the man still has it..hope he comes to camp because I can learn a lot from him! #Gohawks”

    Whether T.O. eventually wins a roster spot or not, he can help make the other WRs and DBs better every practice.

  83. bird_spit says:

    I seriously doubt Baldwin is the player/coach I am talking about, but if you want to crown him, crown him! Lol!

  84. ljarllrajl says:

    Something that seems left out of most of the practice and scrimmage discussion is that Ricardo Lockette has a pretty bad case of the dropsies.

    During the drills, I was watching mostly the DB’s but my buddy was watching the WR’s on the far field. 3 times he said to me, “Lockette just dropped one.”

    Not to hate on the guy but I think he’s still a year or two away from being a player.

  85. Which is still a year or 2 ahead of Durham

  86. bird_spit says:

    GeorgiaHawk…I went looking about that other guy, now a steeler …hmm what a deuchbag

  87. bbnate420 says:

    Owens DID NOT have 1,100 yards with Buffalo. I’m not sure what you’re arguing with, but it’s not what I’m writing! When did I say he was so great? When did I say he hadn’t been a cancer on some of his teams? I don’t buy into him being able to “poison” young players. They’re not drinks that you can just drop some ruffies in. They’re people. I pointed out that there were numerous examples, on film, of him helping young receivers during the Cowgirls 09 TC. The QBs are the ones he’s most likely to have a problem with IMO. And if he does, PC will drop him faster than you can say diva!

    Not sure what you’re talking about with regard to TO is big games! If you take his playoff numbers from 1997-2004 with SF and PHI then he looks pretty good. 8 GS, 47 Rec, 669 yards, and 4 tds. In 96 he was a rookie, and in 06-07 he was a victim of the incredible disappearing Romo IMO. Seems your opinions are backed up by statistics.

  88. grizindabox24 says:

    If TO still has 4.4 speed, is this the guy that can stretch the field and open up the underneath for Baldwin and the TE’s?

  89. Skavage says:

    Well so much for the Hawks running “under the radar”. :)

    Maybe, just maybe, he will take the media pressure off some of the young guys if we start winning. But if not, I think the Snohomish County Vikings could use a WR next year.

  90. Which guys on Offense are going to contribute to special teams? seriously,

    if our WR’s are Rice – NO WAY, Tate – NO, TO no way – Baldwin probably not and and then maybe Lockette – ok he could.

    RB’s Lynch no- Turbin – no robinson yes

    So we should hope that the defense is going to have to carry extra guys to make up for the fact that many teams use WR’s to cover those positions

  91. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bird_spit- Ya, that’s the guy!

  92. bird_spit says:

    Not only that, but oaky hawk actually watched the cowgirls play..I tend to turn the channel. My hatred for the cowboys runs deep..deeper than my hatred for the steelers..

  93. chuck_easton says:

    Let’s hope his contract comes with a personal conduct coach

  94. bbnate420 says:

    Give DeCastro a break. Doesn’t exactly endear himself to the Pitt fans if he says they’re really the Stealers and, the refs f&*king stole the game.

  95. GeorgiaHawk says:

    And let the Circus begin!

    Read the top comment. Funny!

  96. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420 – True! That’s got to be a tough situation for him to be in, and add insult to injury he has to block for Rapistburger. If there was just some way we could have gotten him and Irvin I would be on cloud nine!

  97. bbnate420 says:

    Funny, Georgia.

    xcman, My guess is they keep Rice, TO, Tate, Baldwin, and Obo. Obo plays ST, and the last WR spot goes to whoever plays the best out of Lockette, Durham, and Butler. My guess is Lockette gets it unless he is terrible in preseason and they think they can slide him onto the PS for another year.

    Chuck, I highly doubt the debate stops here! ;-) Also, I doubt they signed him to anything more than the vet min, so I don’t think it really matters if they put personal conduct clauses in. They cut him before game 1, no loss. If he becomes a problem during the year, they only lose the prorated portion of his 1 mil salary. Just PA’s money.

  98. FleaFlicker says:

    Only somebody as notorious as T.O. could prompt 100+ comments in less than 12 hours…PC/JS: we are trusting you on this one!!!!

  99. VNHLNFAN says:

    I’d like to see that first practice when TO has to face our secondary.

  100. Hawks85 says:

    I wouldn’t laugh at the 49ers for looking at TO. I didn’t laugh when they signed Moss, and Moss has been known to alligator arms for years(2001 NFC Championship Vikings vs Giants). What has TO ever really done bad? Did he run over a meter maid?

    TO last season with the Bengals(72 rec, 983 yards and 9 TDs) would have been the best season a Seahawk had since Bobby Engram in 2007 ( 94/1147/6). In comparison

    Doug Baldwin last year 51/788/4
    Rice last TWO years 49/764/4
    Obo last Two years 67/930/6
    Braylon Edwards last TWO years 68/1085/7
    Tate last TWO years 56/609/3
    Butler last THREE years 57/611/4

  101. chuck – I think every Seahawks contract comes with a personal conduct coach. His name is Carroll and he has no patience for guys who don’t compete.

    xcman – Lockette is “a year or 2 ahead of Durham” (?) I’d be surprised if that’s true. I’ve seen Durham make difficult catches in both practice and games. I think he has great hands; though he lacks great speed and cuts. Both guys may be projects at this point, which is why T.O. started looking attractive.

    Eric — any word on Durham’s hip injury? Minor or major?

  102. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bird spit as i said i watched them with my father inlaw who has been a dallas fan from day one, his house is a shrine to all that is cowboys. i did convert his daughter to a hawks fan thou.

    bbnate a big game is a close game that the drop he made could have kept a drive going and may have led to a game winning score. i dont care about a touchdown in a 42 to 0 game with 2 minutes left that game is over. i want a receiver or QB that can win a close game in the forth. and sorry got stats wrong was 08-09 that he had 1100 yards.

    as far as the poisoning watch the games watch his behavior in the huddle watch how he plays. romo’s bad year was brought on by him and his behavior in large part. i found it funny as hell as i watch the cowboys implode over all the drama and bs.

    i love this team and i personally think the risk /reward is too big to make it worth it.however none of that matters because now he is a hawk. so like it or not i will support even cheer him on.

  103. freedom_X says:

    I don’t see why Turbin and Tate couldn’t contribute on special teams. Turbin on coverage, and really I think Tate could potentially be a better choice on punt returns than Leon Washington. It may be forgotten that Tate did have some nice returns his rookie year.

    I fully expect Lockette to be playing special teams if he’s on the roster. I believe he was on the coverage units last year (though I remember being unimpressed with his playing speed in the preseason, on the coverage unit.)

    Fortunately, Seattle doesn’t appear to have a young WR who has diva-like, entitled tendencies and would take Owens as a “do as I do, not as I say” example.

    Golden Tate would be closest, but I think he knows the score now and Tate was never an off-the-field problem as far as know outside the donut incident. Whereas, if Seattle had a Dez Bryant or Michael Crabtree, then you’re asking for real trouble. Koren Robinson is the closest Seattle player I can think of who might have been infected with the Owens attitude.

  104. GeorgiaHawk says:

    VNHLNFAN- I too! When Kam zeros in what will he do? My guess is retire and start an acting career.

  105. bbnate420 says:

    I’m not super high on TO. I do believe he could potentially be pretty valuable in 2012, and his is very low risk. I think he’s a good player for our young WRs to learn from on-the-field. He has a history with QBs, no doubt, but he will gone faster than you can say bankrupt if he starts smack talking the QBs.

  106. bbnate420 says:

    And I know what a big game is. I think, maybe, playoff games count as big games. And for the majority of his career, TO had great numbers in the playoffs. Not really in Dallas, but Romo sucked in big games while TO was there and has SUCKED in them ever since he left.

  107. bird_spit says:

    I think romo sucks in every I doubt TO was the cause of romo’s issues.

  108. Also remember in philly’s super bowl loss TO came back from a leg injury and gutted it out, actually played well.
    It was actually mcnabb who said he was nauseous and had to throw up in the fourth quarter, big time choke job.

  109. jchawks08 says:

    CCVI, Yup and T.O. though tactlessly called him out on it. Which I guess wasn’t good for his future relationship with McNabb and the Eagles. haha
    That was several years ago. It’s 2012. Either he’ll produce and make the team or he won’t. It’s not like he’s been penciled in as the #1 receiver. Let’s see how this plays out.

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