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Confirmed: Owens agrees to terms with Hawks

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 6, 2012 at 6:32 pm with 91 Comments »
August 6, 2012 7:36 pm

According to Jay Glazer of Fox Sports, the Seattle Seahawks and Terrell Owens have come to terms on a one-year deal for the 38-year-old receiver to join the team.

UPDATE: The Seahawks announced they have agreed to terms with Owens this evening.

Owens worked out for Seattle this morning, reportedly running below 4.5 seconds in the 40-yard dash just over a year after having ACL knee surgery.

Impressed with Owens’ workout, the Seahawks brass moved to add Owens to the competition at receiver.

No word yet on what number Owens will wear. But No. 81 already is taken by Golden Tate, so perhaps he’ll have to settle for the No. 84 left vacant when Antonio Bryant was released.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eric- Do you think Tate will give up his Number?

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Eric, please tell me that John and Pete got a hold of some Acid over the weekend and that when the sober in a couple day’s they will be ” WE signed who?, oh man that was some really good stuff, quick lets fix this before game time”

  3. FleaFlicker says:

    For all the angst this signing has generated – let’s have a little faith. Does anybody doubt that PC/JS will send T.O. packing if he can’t cut it? Either T.O. is a diamond in the rough or a fleeting moment of insanity to make this traning camp all the more interesting.

    120 hours until kickoff…

  4. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    So disappointed by this. It means that Lockette, Durham, Butler, etc., didn’t step up enough. Moreover, how long before the T.O. shenanigans begin? He’s not stupid enough (or is he) to start his antics during the preseason. But if he makes the 53 man roster and we lose a close, heart breaker, against, say, Greenbay he’ll probably begin to infect the locker room by saying that we would have won if he had gotten the ball more. Pete Carrol, what are you doing?

  5. Soggybuc says:

    In all seriousness. I have never been a T.O. fan and have always thought the guy was a class A jerk. one of the most talented players to ever take the field, as good if not better than Jerry, but still a Jerk.
    Maybe he really has been humbled and realizes that he might get one, maybe two more seasons if he’s lucky and then he will sit out the season for rest of his life.
    I truly hope that’s the case and he can finally be a positive for a team help us win some games and end his career on solid citizen basis to help mitigate some of his BS from earlier years.

  6. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Who is going to get released to make room for T.O.?

  7. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Largent, Rice (Jerry), and Owens. . . the ‘Hawks sure have had their fair share of HoF receivers. LOL

  8. Sparky12 says:

    Relax Seahawks faithful ! Pretty sure Pete and John know where TO is coming from. If he has indeed turned his less than perfect teammate ways around, he could be a steal and bring a boat load of excitement with him. Anyhow, it brings a bit more excitement to camp!

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    rynehawk- funny!

  10. pabuwal says:

    Let’s not kid ourselves here. The Seahawks WRs this past weekend without Rice and Baldwin were awful. Durham could be out for the year or a substantial amount of time after landing on his hip when he went up for that Flynn duck.

    Owens will come in and start alongside Rice (I hope he is healthy) and elevate the trio of Rice, Owens and Baldwin to among the top few trios in the NFL. This is a position of strength now. I am excited for this position now. I despised it just a few days ago.

    The Seahawks no longer have to count on stiffs like Tate, Durham, Butler, Obomanu. All 3 QBs looked weak this past weekend and Carroll knows it was the WRs at fault.

    Carroll is smart, almost Belichick-like. He never leaves a position of weakness untouched for too long.

  11. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    Ryne , that’s how i felt earlier after about 4-5 shots of good scotch life is ok again.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs- The Seahawks #1 secondary had nothing to do with making the WRs look bad?
    Owens may be a good quick fix, however I would rather see a player like Bates emerge from the pack and be a long time contributor.

  13. Soggybuc says:

    Well, did we not lament the lack of anything of football relevance to discuss concerning our beloved Hawks? careful what you wish for.
    Elizabeth! I’m coming honey! very funny. I still catch a Sanford and son re run here and there. still as good as the day it was made.

  14. HawkyHann says:

    Good stuff. Pack your bags project boys. Time for a proven vet to show you how it’s done.

  15. First Ichiro. Now this? Is there a line forming to jump off the Space Needle yet? I assume they would charge you a toll to jump off the Narrows.

  16. pabuwal says:

    This is a very good secondary but its not like they are all-time great. As much as we love to say how good they are, they allowed Rex Grossman, Alex Smith and John Skelton to put together late 4th quarter game winning drives against them. And of those, both Grossman and Smith had terrible WRs to throw to.

    And if Mike Williams couldn’t make this roster, how will he make any roster ever again?

  17. crunchmeister says:

    Hey guys… read this blog alot, but never post. I always enjoy your converstion…

    It sure seems that Pete and his crew don’t think they have what they need in the young recievers, at least not at X. Funny that they go young almost every other chance they get. I wonder if in their scheme they really need something ‘veteran’ out of that spot.

  18. HawkyHann says:

    Michael Lombardi reports, Seattle’s WR core has been established. Those making the team include: Baldwin, Tate, Butler, Owens, Edwards, and Rice( who has two new shoulders , hip, and leg).

  19. Anybody still think Pete Carroll’s job isn’t on the line this year? It certainly may not be — who knows how patient Paul Allen will be? — but Pete knows that if he has another losing record, there are no guarantees that he keeps his job. He’s been fired twice before from the NFL and doesn’t want to be fired again.

  20. bird_spit says:

    Crunchmeister – they need Rice, Baldwin, and Tate to step up..then what? Personally I hope the waiver wire provides some gems.. Maybe Butler ignites..

  21. Southendzone says:

    WOW, totally shocked by this move. I was expecting T.O. never to play another down in the NFL. I still don’t think he will be on the opening day roster.

    I hope he makes enough from his brief stint that he doesn’t have to dress up on weekends in clown costumes for little kid birthday parties.

  22. crunchmeister says:

    I’m no T.O. fan, but who knows, maybe he puts a solid year together. If nothing else, it sure seems like the recievers are getting pushed pretty hard.

    Broken record… I too am tiring of these QB shenanigans. I’m hoping that the competition is going to enter a new stage this week… where we get to see alot of Flynn.

  23. JMSeaTown says:

    Keenan Allen, Cal WR next year… Or trade some picks and get Robert Woods. It’s clear that the Hawks need a true healthy no. 1 at wideout… If TO can truly be humble, this could be a huge pickup. Lots of ‘ifs’ and ‘coulds’… But ya never know

  24. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t see how TO makes this a position of strength, now. If he turns back the clock. If Rice gets and stays healthy. If Baldwin builds on last year. Etc… This group is just as big a question mark as it was 24 plus hours ago. TO nkw has the honor of becoming my leasr favorite Seahawk since Brian Russell. However, I will be hoping he plays well and his attitude is right, for the team in general. And then perhaps this unit will become a strength. But strengths don’t have question marks surrounding it, as this does at present.

  25. yellaman says:

    Ok let’s look at this move based on talent at the WR position. Rice is another injury away from not being available, Lockette/Durham/Tate can’t be trusted Baldwin/Butler are slot WR’s and Obomanu is a special teamer not starting material. Hawks signed then cut Bryant. Edwards is a vet for insurance so that 9 guys who we can’t realky count on this season so TO I think is an insurance for these guys we really can’t count on. I don’t think he makes it out of preseason but it doesn’t hurt to give a humbled but still talent guy like TO a chance so Seattle do you got ur popcorn ready?”

  26. bird_spit says:

    I’m afraid QB, then WR …both are weak, and so very important..

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Regarding TO’s attitude, he did can Rosenhaus a few months back, so that’s a positive…

  28. coolguy says:

    DUMB really, really DUMB

  29. Dukeshire says:

    I hope it works out, really. But the first time he lips off, I hope big Red goes “code red” on his ass. Lol

  30. yellaman says:

    Ok let’s look at this move based on talent at the WR position. Rice is another injury away from not being available, Lockette/Durham/Tate can’t be trusted Baldwin/Butler are slot WR’s and Obomanu is a special teamer not starting material. Hawks signed then cut Bryant and Edwards is a season vet for insurance purposes. So that’s 9 guys who can be considered suspect to this WR corp so give TO a chance heck Tjack has gotten numerous attempts to be a starting QB. but TO probably won’t make it out of preseason but I’m rooting for a superbowl by any means necessary

  31. Half of me says that relying on a 38-year old WR to improve our WR corps is wishful thinking…

    and the other half of me can’t wait to watch T.O. at practice tomorrow! A trio of Rice, T.O., and Baldwin could be exciting to watch.

  32. TomlPDX says:

    Scratching my head in wonder…

  33. Palerydr says:

    Stevos in case you or anyone else missed it practice time has changed to 10:30 am

  34. pabuwal says:

    Let’s hope NFLN or carries the entire thing.

  35. freedom_X says:

    Well, to look at this optimistically – the fact Owens signed quickly may indicate he is somewhat grateful for a chance to play in the NFL again and may realize what’s at stake for him – the old Owens would have thought he had proved his value and tried to shop himself.

    The other positive factor is that Owens has a habit of exploiting splits between the front office and the coaching staff to facilitate his behavior (Dallas, Cincinnati, maybe Buffalo.) In Philadephia, he only had his huge contract to parlay. There won’t be a Jerry Jones/Mike Brown enabler here unless Paul Allen is a secret T.O. fanboy, so that should help.

    Overall though, this move has far more potential for downside than upside, so it doesn’t make sense. Believe it or not, there’s a reason why all those other organizations discarded Owens – many of them when Owens was in his All-Pro prime.

  36. bird_spit says:

    From the perspective of the Seahawks organization, signing T.O. Is a home run…just look at the count of comments . The buzz created is huge.. As they say, no such thing as bad PR.

  37. Soggybuc says:

    Duke, Brian Russel may not have been a great NFL safety but at least he wasn’t a complete D-bag like Owens. If Pete and Co. trade for Dockette I swear I’m going to turn into a Bears or Panther fan for 2012! or maybe i’ll just wait for the 2014 Curling competition to heat up.

  38. crunchmeister says:

    I’m thinking about what they got out of BMW for a season. T.O. is exactly the type of guy they want… if he can perform, and not be a jerk.

  39. Time will tell – I can’t say I am a fan – but what do you do – boycott games? I am sorry – NO

  40. In other news, don’t buy the shirseys on I bought a Sidney Rice a couple of months ago and just washed it for a second time and already the Seahawk logo in the front is getting noticeable cracks in it. If you want to buy one and never wash it, it is a good looking shirt and the fabric is really cool. Not trying to be negative though, just trying to help fellow Hawk fans in this situation (nobody, I wouldn’t think, wants a shirt that isn’t going to look good after a few washes).

    Back to the T.O. soap opera…

    pabs – you think Tate is a scrub moving forward? I like your track record of scrubs (Chancellor, Lynch, Browner and Cole more important than Mebane or Big Red), so this makes me even more confident in him moving into year three. FYI – Just giving you a hard time… I won’t bring up those names again (unless provoked). I’ve had my fair share of lemon thoughts/ideas too, as we all have.

  41. bbnate420 says:

    Butler isn’t making this team. I’d also be surprised if they keep Edwards and TO, unless Rice isn’t ready week 1. Obo will make the team for ST play and versatility. Lockette and Durham are fighting for the 6th WR spot.

  42. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, did you wash the shirsey inside out?

  43. Being broke and served some humble pie will serve him well. I think we get the best his 38yo body can provide. Time will tell.

  44. kurtthekraut says:

    Dont buy Jersey’s from either. My buddy plopped down just over 900 dollars for 3 Authentic Jerseys,…they took the money out of the account months ago. ( Shortly after the new Jersey was revealed ). We are still waiting and hoping they arrive.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    Soggy – True that. Lol

  46. kurtthekraut says:

    Oh and the T.O. move seems like a very low-risk move with the slight possibility of a decent return. Pete and John have already demonstrated numerous times in their short-time here that any problems in the locker-room are quickly ushered out. We are getting a big reciever with hopefully a little big-play left in him somehwhere for cheap. To say he will somehow ruin this team with his attitude just isnt accurate. Little science experiment with Paul Allen’s money. Let’s hope for big-play Frankenstein that is currently still running a sub 4.5.

  47. Of all the WR #’s available, it seems that the only choice for TO is #84 (Bryant’s number) unless the Bronze Fry gives up his #81

  48. pabuwal says:

    Tate’s average at best. And I never called Chancellor a scrub, just a bad open field tackler on shifty running backs. Lynch proved me wrong by becoming a smart runner under Cable last year. I hope he doesn’t take the money and go back to his old ways. As far as Browner, if he plays like he did last year in 2012, he won’t be a starter next year. Boom and Bust CBs dont fly with Carroll – just ask Josh Wilson.

    But Owens will make Jackson look decent this year. I expect that tomorrow Carroll will name Jackson the starter against Tennessee and start shifting him the bulk of the 1st team reps sometime next week. I don’t think Carroll is a huge fan of Flynn’s range of passes. He basically has 2 types he throws, the 5 yard check down or the deep wobbling duck.

  49. Soggybuc says:

    And just because we need some positive things to dwell upon.

    1. How about those Uber Geeks at Nasa and JPL! Talk about a long bomb for the score! way to go team NASA!

    2. Once again the American girls will be playing for the Gold! come on ladies, you got them this time!

  50. Josh Wilson got cut for size issues – not the size that PC wants or the style – press coverage – that he wants either. They got a deal for him and took it.

    I definitely have my guys that I like to pick on but I think you are off on Browner – I think he is playing EXACTLY the way the Carroll wants him to play – other wise he would not be put out there all the time.

    Time will tell with TO and Tjack – time will tell

  51. nidhighe says:

    ” I don’t think Carroll is a huge fan of Flynn’s range of passes. He basically has 2 types he throws, the 5 yard check down or the deep wobbling duck.”

    Either is an improvement on holding on to the ball until you get sacked.


  52. nidhighe says:

    I think the first time T.O. scores a TD, fans should pelt him with Sharpies.


  53. Soggybuc says:

    LOL Nidhighe, I think Marshawn would get a huge kick out of that.

  54. bird_spit says:

    Hmm..nice idea…I hope there are plenty of opportunities..

  55. klthompson says:

    A simple question. Why? TO has been a disruptive influence everywhere he has played.

  56. If TO just gives the ball to the ref after his first score, I’ll begin to feel relieved about this pickup. It will mean he has learned some much needed life lessons from hitting rock bottom and is dead serious about staying in the league this time.

  57. kurtthekraut says:

    Alot of talking going on. My guess is….that if T.O. started catching alot of TD’s half these posters flaming him…would be sportin his Jersey by season’s end. unless they attempted to buy them from of course. ;)

  58. Flynn also got sacked to end the game on a fourth and one causing his team to lose 27-31 to NE. A game in which he threw a pick sick, at least 5 dropped interceptions, and was sacked 7 times.

  59. check your stats – wasn’t sacked 7 times and isn’t that the season that Rodgers was sacked like 58 times or something for the season?

    not that any of it matters

    Some of us like Flynn – others Wilson – and a few that support TJack

    None of it matters to PC

  60. Really Pete, really? I don’t care if he ran a 3.5! This is wrong and embarrassing. Again, hawks management applies another aged bandage – a bandage with infection included that is. The character red flags alone should deter any team from even considering Owens. Oh wait, the whole league did that last year. Go back to college ball Carroll. There you can overlook character & chemistry for flash as you did in la. Tragic.

  61. bbnate420 says:

    I love it when people say this young player or that young player is average at best. How do you know what their best is? And yeah, Lynch wasn’t a smart runner until 2011. I guess that’s why he rushed for over 1,000 yards twice in Buffalo. And god, why would we want Browner to have another pro bowl year in 2012? I’m sure he’d get benched for that. ;-)

    Just admit when you were wrong. Defending it this much is just sad!

  62. bbnate420 says:

    bjam6, go back under your bridge, troll!

  63. Thanks Palerydr.

  64. bbnate420 says:

    bjam6, your whole post is devoid of ANY logic. Another “aged bandage”. Really bjam6, really? PC/JS took this team from one of the oldest in the league and declining to one of the youngest and up and coming in just 3 off-seasons, one of which where there was very little movement because there was no CBA. No one signed TO last year because he tore his ACL during the 2011 off-season. We don’t know if he would’ve been signed if healthy.

  65. What’s the difference in Jackson not being able to lead game winning comebacks against good defenses like Washington and SF vs Browner putting him in the position that Jackson is forced to have to make those comebacks? Not to mention Browner was beaten by bad QB-WR combinations.

    Browner is the “Pro Bowler” who in critical situations played just as poorly as Jackson did. Yet, most Seahawks fans think Browner is a “Pro Bowler” while Jackson is the “worst QB in the world.”

  66. Brian Russell was a Pro Bowler also because he racked up a ton of INTs one year.

  67. bbnate420 says:

    I don’t think TJack is the worst QB in the world, far from it. And I’m pretty sure that Browner is a pro bowler because he MADE THE PRO BOWL!

  68. bbnate420 says:

    Brian Russell NEVER made the pro bowl. Try again.

  69. nidhighe says:

    “Flynn also got sacked to end the game on a fourth and one causing his team to lose 27-31 to NE. A game in which he threw a pick sick”

    His first career start. How many games has T-Jack started and he still hasn’t learned?


  70. He was a Pro Bowl Alternate in 2003, the same as Browner was last year.

  71. bbnate 420. Wow, you sound pissed off ! You are clearly content with 7 win seasons. Vegas picked the hawks to win 7 ( over/ under) this year. Based on logic. I was aware of Owens’ knee issue keeping him from being signed. No team would have signed him if healthy. Look as this exchange of blogs.Not healthy. This is what that P.O.S. brings to a fanbase. Keep drinking the p.r. koolade, it’s as nasty as Starbucks.

  72. bbnate420 says:

    How do you know if no team would’ve signed him if he was healthy. I guess you have insight into an alternative universe where he was healthy? Vegas doesn’t set odds based on logic. They set them based on how people bet or they think they will bet. Wrong again. You can believe whatever you want, but you have said at least 4 things that are demonstratively untrue in just 2 posts. Impressive. And it’s PC’s fault that signing TO bring trolls like you from out from under their bridges to post on blogs?

    Pab, TJack taking the sack to end the game was worse than Flynn’s. Not only was it Flynn’s first start, but he was trying to run for the first down. He got caught from behind. TJack just faded back and crumpled down when he could see the pressure getting to him.

  73. bbnate420 says:

    Pabs, feel free to link where Russell made a pro bowl. I’ve looked at many sites and he’s not listed on ANY of them.

  74. MattandCindy says:

    I don’t care if it’s T.O., Obo, or Rambo…as long as it isn’t T-Jack throwing them the ball. Or throwing they’re feet the ball. Or just holding onto it for awhile.

    Anything but him. I’m literally on my knees begging. PLEASE!!!

  75. This makes me sad. The most disgusting on-field behavior is jackasses doing their Superiority Dance after a TD. If he sticks and ever again does this kind of crap, I will be embarrassed for the team.

    Yup, he’s got a lot of class. Unfortunately, it’s all ‘third’.

  76. Hawks85 says:

    Flynn is on the opponents 19, clearly going sideways, not looking to run, but pass when he gets blindsided causing a fumble. I know Flynn wasn’t good enough to start over Jamarcus Russel at LSU but even he should know DE are coming on 4th and 1. I mean he did win a National Title.

    Tavaris had no time to throw the ball against the Redskins, at least three people missed a block, and he was at his own twenty. People are treating him like the second coming. If Flynn wins the starting job great I’ll root for him just as hard, but if TJ wins the job the Charlie Chanters Club can Reconvene with a new Idol.

  77. bbnate420 says:

    You need to re-watch those 2 plays on YouTube. Tarvaris had at least 2-3 seconds and would’ve had more time if he had any pocket awareness and had stepped up in the pocket. No excuse. Flynn was actually moving diagonally, after watching it again. They were at the 19, but there was no time in the game left. He had to make a TD. Maybe he should’ve just thrown it into the end zone, but he was trying to buy a little more time for a WR to get open. The guy came from BEHIND him. The guys that sacked TJack were coming from the sides in front of him. He should’ve been able to see that he had to just toss it up or move up in the pocket. JaMarcus Russell was a very good college QB, so saying that Flynn couldn’t beat him out isn’t an insult. He won a national title and Russell didn’t.

    I’m not a big time TJack hater, like some here, and I will root for him if named the starter. I would rather it be Flynn or RW, because I believe they have more potential. I hope the fans give TJack at least a couple of games if named the starter though.

  78. jzulaski says:

    One thing that actually made me feel good was what they’re saying over on one of the 49’ers forums. They’re scared. Suddenly, with the T.O. signing, they’re actually worried where before, they were discounting us completely.

    Let’s give the guy a chance. Pete won’t put up with any B.S. as we’ve already seen with White, Williams, etc.

    We need help at WR. Now we have it.

    Let the season begin. Can’t wait till the first game with the Whiners.

    (evil grin)

  79. GeorgiaRay says:

    bb, I’ll give him every game he starts if named starter…though I won’t think it’s the best we can do….

  80. NYHawkFan says:

    MattandCindy – funny!

  81. Sad state of affairs in the Hawks WR corps. Not a fan of TO but if he comes in to push the youngsters and can instill some of his work ethic in them, it’s a good signing. The brutal reality of this situation is that Hawks brass feels a 39 year old Owens is a potential upgrade for them. Not a huge vote of confidence in Rice either (he’s vastly approaching Deon Branch bust status if he doesn’t play 16 this year).

    Knowing full well that WR would be a place of need, I’m surprised Seattle has waiting so long to do anything about it. Between Bryant, Edwards, and now Owens they’ve been seemingly desperate to add depth they could’ve added earlier in free agency. Jermome Simpson, Mario Manningham, Pierre Garcon, Brandon Lloyd were all out there at one point.

    Wouldn’t put it past Pete to sign TO just so the focus is on him and not the fact that Seattle doesn’t have a starting quarterback yet. The 3-way lovefest has to end soon or this team, and it’s starter, is doomed. The starter, whomever it is, needs reps, reps, and more reps. Wilson seems to be the most electric, Flynn the most cautious, and TJAX the most predictable. I know what I’d want out there.

  82. Seahawks2620 says:

    I know everyone must be tired of hearing it but we need to make a few calls around the league and inquire about a few receivers, if the situation is in fact this dire.

  83. Seahawks became last chance destination?
    Well, it would seem like this is positively T.O.’s last chance at getting his numbers where he might like to see them before he retires(or forced into retirement) for his career. That should be incentive enuff to get him to do the right thing, but we’ll see soon enuff.
    On one hand this locker room could get corrupted or it could end up being a force in this league this season, which will it be?
    Stay tuned, first installment this Saturday at 7pm west coast time.

  84. wallinator says:

    There is way too much negativity here. Doggin’ on Pete & John for this move, & doggin’ on T.O. before he’s done anything wrong. You haters will be cheering him as he scores TD’s in Seahawk blue! We know T.O. has incredible talent, and Pete & John won’t put up with any shenanigans from him. As The 12th Man, we don’t have any say in what players the team signs or chooses not to. We root for the jersey, the logo at midfied & on the helmet…..regardless of the character of the players. T.O.’s not going away unless he doesn’t have enough in the tank to make the final 53. T.O. is a Seahawk for better or worse. Let’s embrace the future hall of famer until he gives us reason not to! He’ll take one more defender out of the box for Lynch to run free, he’ll take a double team off of Rice. Should T.O. act outlandish then Pete & John will cut ties and show him the door!

  85. I have always loathed TO, and in Dallas it was clear he had lost speed and had hands of stone. He dropped passes that hit him in the hands with no defender near him. And he began to be gun-shy when going across the middle, which negated the whole reason for having a big strong WR.

    However, its obvious Carrol will cut his ass so fast his head will spin if he a) misbehaves or b) doesnt produce consistently. It also appears that Owens has re-dedicated himself to being in shape, and has regained his speed. Its truly amazing that a nearly 39 year old can run like that, so Im kinda excited to see what he can do.

    It is a concern that he has twice made half-assed suicide attempts, including one within the last year. That doesnt bode well for his mental/emotional stability.

    And obviously Carrol and Schneider miscalculated and placed too much trust in our young WR’s; they arent stepping up enough. Carrol and Schnieder are doing the best they can with a bad situation–Rice is made of glass, and the rest of the guys arent as good as we hoped. Make lemondade when handed lemons.

    As of right now, it looks like Durham, Obomanu, and Butler are toast, and Edwards is fighting for a spot with Lockette. I think TO makes the team and starts at FL, with Tate rotating as backup slot WR and backup FL. Bates, Martin, Kearse, and Lavasier Tueinei are duking it out for 2-3 Practice Squad spots. Too bad Kearse missed so much time due to injury, he was generating good reviews.

    As I said, Ive always despised TO, but if we can get even one solid year out of him it will be a very good signing.

  86. Macabrevity says:

    I personally don’t have anything against T.O. the person, which it seems like a lot of football fans do. He’s not a criminal like Rapist-burger, he’s not psychotic like vick (little ‘v’ is on purpose). He has a massive ego which considering the position and talent level, and what he got done on the field, I’d say nobody should be surprised. I’d call it a character flaw. Of course, character flaws are enough to keep you from wanting a guy on your squad, and I DON’T want T.O. in Hawk’s blue, but at the same time I’m not surprised. There’s a feeling that this team could be something really special, and they’re doing everything they can to fill a gaping hole at the moment. If the contract isn’t too big or too guaranteed, I don’t doubt he’ll be cut if/when any problems or bad attitude come up. I’m guessing things will be pretty good early on in terms of chemistry and fit, with him being humble(ish) and trying to mesh. We’ll see how it goes if/when he’s not getting the ball when open and it’s costing us games.

  87. Macabrevity says:

    sharke said “This makes me sad. The most disgusting on-field behavior is jackasses doing their Superiority Dance after a TD. If he sticks and ever again does this kind of crap, I will be embarrassed for the team.”

    I’ve actually always loved TD celebrations, sack dances, the works. No idea why any fans wouldn’t like it. I don’t care for the No Fun League rules that make it so business-like on the field.

  88. orbeavhawk says:

    I, like many, have NEVER cared for TO because of his disruptive egotistical. self-centered personality………thus, NEVER ever wanted to see him in SeaHawk gear…..besides, did not think we had a helmet LARGE enough for him!
    How things change….. with time and with PC and JS at the Seahawk helm I can accept the “new”, “mature” version of TO – – – may he cap off his career with many TD’s and w/o any problems right here in the Great Pacific NW!


  89. bbnate420 says:

    Roethlisberger IS NOT a criminal. You actually have to be CONVICTED of a crime to be a criminal. :-(

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