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Jackson works with starters in mock game, but Carroll says QB job is still up for grabs

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 5, 2012 at 5:55 pm with 53 Comments »
August 5, 2012 6:09 pm

If you’re looking for clarity in the Seattle Seahawks three-way quarterback competition, you’re going to have to wait for at least another two days.

After the team’s mock scrimmage this afternoon, Seattle head coach Pete Carroll declined to name a frontrunner, saying instead he wants to watch the film and evaluate each player’s performance before making a decision.

So once again, Carroll was coy on who is ahead in the three-way battle for the starting quarterback job.

“I’m really anxious to see the film and see what it tells me,” Carroll said. “The plan that we set in motion is right on course right now. It’s going just right. I would like to figure this out as soon as possible. I have thought that the whole time, but I felt like it was going to take awhile.

“And so we have a big day today and tomorrow evaluating it. And then we’ll come back on Tuesday and set it in motion. We start the game week on Wednesday. And we’ll let you know how that goes when we get there.”

However, Carroll did say that it means something that incumbent starter Tarvaris Jackson worked with the starters today.

Asked who he planned to start against Tennessee on Saturday, here’s what Carroll had to say.

“You’ll find out next week what’s going on,” he said. “I don’t think we’ve told you any of those things in advance to this point, so we’re starting now.”

Jackson was okay in the scrimmage, finishing 4 of 12 for 22 yards, no interceptions, no touchdowns and two sacks. Jackson did run for a 5-yard touchdown on a scramble up the middle of the defense after finding no one open, the starting unit’s only touchdown of the day.

Of course, Jackson did not have to do a whole lot with Marshawn Lynch in the backfield. Beast Mode looked ready for the regular season, finishing with 125 yards on nine carries, including a 70-yard run where rookie Bruce Irvin ran him down.

The starting unit also scored on a 19-yard Carson Wiggs field goal.

Jackson said he felt good about how the starting offense performed today, but he knows that he can get better.

“We did some good things,” Jackson said. “We pretty much ran the ball well today, so I didn’t have to do too much.”

The three quarterbacks had five drives each.

Working with the second unit, Matt Flynn finished 9 of 20 for 118 yards, one touchdown pass on a 17-yard out route that tight end Cooper Helfet turned up the field for a score.

Flynn also had one interception. On fourth and goal from the 1-yard line Flynn had his pass tipped by defensive end Cordarro Law, and linebacker Mike Morgan came down the ball intended for tight end Sean McGrath.

Flynn was sacked twice.

Working with the third unit, Russell Wilson finished 9 of 15 for 116 yards, no touchdowns and no interceptions.

Some tidbits

* Rookie seventh-round choice J.R. Sweezy started at right guard with the first unit offense, and held his own against Seattle’s starting defense. The Seahawks have been using Sweezy there because John Moffitt has been playing center with the second unit.

And Sweezy, who never has played a down at offensive line in his football career before showing up in Seattle, continues to impress both the coaching staff and his teammates.

“This is a remarkable accomplishment for him to get to this point,” Carroll said. “And we’re all kind of blown away that he’s handling it as well as he is.”

Said Jackson: “I get a kick out of seeing him do well, especially with the older guys when he blocks them up and they get angry at him a little bit, not expecting him to be able to block them. He’s doing a great job.”

* Defensive end Pierre Allen and Corderro Law looked good today. Allen finished with two sacks and a pressure. And Law had the tipped pass that led to an interception, and also a few pressures. Defensive tackle Pep Levingston also bull-rushed center Max Unger into Jackson for a sack.

* WR Kris Durham had a nice, 38-yard reception on a deep pass from Flynn against defensive back Byron Maxwell. However, Durham suffered a hip injury on the play and had to be attended to on the field. Durham did not return to action.

* Ricardo Lockette had another drop on a pretty, back-shoulder throw from Flynn. Lockette did not play the rest of the way because of a sore hamstring.

* Rookie receiver Phillip Bates had a good day, finishing as the team’s leading receiver with four catches for 51 yards.

* Rookie receiver Lavasier Tuinei grabbed a 34-yard reception on deep pass from Wilson against Donny Lisowski.

* Carson Wiggs was 3-for-3 on field goals from 19, 37 and 45 yards. Carroll said the team brought Wiggs back to rest starter Steven Hauschka.

* Ben Obomanu and rookie cornerback Jeremy Lane got into again when the rookie did not like the veteran receiver aggressively stalk blocking him after the whistle. A minor scuffle ensued once Lane was on his back. Golden Tate pulled Lane aggressively pulled Lane out of the pile, which he did not like, throwing a punch at Tate as he got up. Lane was escorted off the field and told to go to the locker room afterward.

* LB Bobby Wagner (quad), WR Doug Baldwin (hamstring), LB Alan Bradford (groin), LB Matt McCoy (knee), DE Red Bryant (knee), TE Anthony McCoy (hamstring) and LB Jameson Konz (shoulder) did not practice today. CB Walter Thurmond (leg) and OL James Carpenter (knee) remain on the physically unable to perform (PUP) list.

Here are the full stats from today’s scrimmage, compiled by myself and KJR’s Curtis Crabtree

Tarvaris Jackson 4 of 12 for 22 yards, 0 TD, 0 INT, 1 rushing TD of 5 yards. 2 sacks for -13 yards.
Matt Flynn 9 of 20 for 118 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT. 2 sacks for -12 yards.
Russell Wilson 9 of 15 for 116 yards, 0 TD, O TD. No sacks

Marshawn Lynch 9 carries for 125 yards
Leon Washington 4 carries for 10 yards
Robert Turbin 3 carries for 11 yards
Tyrell Sutton 4 carries for 12 yards
Kregg Lumpkin 2 carries for 4 yards
Ben Obomanu 1carry for 5 yards
Russell Wilson 1 carry for 4 yards
Matt Flynn 2 carries for 21 yards
Tarvaris Jackson 1 carry for 5 yards and a touchdown

Phillip Bates 4 receptions for 51 yards
Kris Durahm 1 reception for 38 yards
Lavasier Tuinei 1 reception for 34 yards
Cooper Helfet 2 receptions for 32 yards and a touchdown
Charly Martin 2 receptions for 31 yards
Kellen Winslow 3 receptions for 26 yards
Kregg Lumpkin 2 receptions for 22 yards
Sean McGrath 1 reception for 19 yards
Golden Tate 1 reception for 11 yards
Robert Turbin 2 receptions for 7 yards
Deon Butler 1 reception for 4 yards
Tyrell Sutton 1 reception for 2 yards

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  1. gramsci says:

    4 of 12 is okay? Really?

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    GO Bates !!!

  3. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    no doubt, if thats ok were in trouble. i hope flynn starts next week we already know jackson lets see what he can do.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    4 of 12… Yikes. And Sweezy starting for Moffitt, eh. He must really be transitioning well. And I really like to see Turbin with a couple catches to go with his runs.

    Eric- Who started a Mike, Ruud, with Wagner and McCoy out?

  5. Palerydr says:

    Pete isn’t going to name his starter until at least after the 1st preseason game and more likely not till after the second. Disappointed in Durham getting dinged it seems he’s just not built solidly enough. he’s listed at 216 he needs to add another 12-15 lbs of muscle to take the pounding unfortunately he needs that now not later.

    What exactly does Pete say here?

    “I’m really anxious to see the film and see what it tells me,” Carroll said. “The plan that we set in motion is right on course right now. It’s going just right. I would like to figure this out as soon as possible. I have thought that the whole time, but I felt like it was going to take awhile.

    Pretty much nothing except to keep us guessing. If he actually read any of these blogs he’d be laughing his ace off at the rampant speculation just like myself.

  6. Seahawks2620 says:

    I really hope that Pete doesn’t fall back on his “security blanket” in Jackson, and announce him the starter because he is afraid to give the keys, so to speak, to Flynn. I know it sounds out landish, but it appears to be the case. To be honest with you, my patience is running really thin with carroll right now. This is getting to be ridiculous. “We have this while thing mapped out” crap is already getting old. The competition aspect or mentality that Pete is trying to infuse in his three man QB race, clearly isn’t making them perform better. Flynn almost insinuated as much the other day, when he stated that it was important not to make mistakes, seeing as how reps are so scarce between the three. This is getting very tiresome, and I for one have had enough of Jackson. He has been in the system for more than five years now, goes 4 for 12 in a mock game and Pete is ok with that, as is Jackson. That is absurd, as is this process. I know that people are going to say I need to step away from the edge, bu it’s time to give someone else a chance for the season. Flynn was brought in at the current financial agreement, because he had poise and has solid potential. Let him be the guy you brought him here to be, if he fails then so be it, but the man needs to be given every opportunity.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    He said he’d name a starter for the Tenn game, on Wednesday. Take a deep breath all…

  8. Dukeshire: That’s correct. Wagner is working at the Mike with the starters, and Heath Farwell is working at Mike with the second unit. A player to watch is Kyle Knox. He keeps making plays. He’s been working at WILL with the second and third unit. K.J. Wright continues to move to Mike in nickel.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Interesting. What about Smith? How long has Knox been with the second unit? Thanks!

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    I was referring to the full time starter for the season. As for the Tennessee game, I would be pretty amazed if he didn’t anoint Jackson the starter.

  11. Agree on 4-12 and two sacks being pathetic and typical Jackson.

    I think one of the three needs to be eliminated, (I would hope its Jackson, but I havent been watching practice). The starter needs to be named prior to the second preseason game. I’m ok with this plan, for now, but we need to widdle it down soon.

  12. JazBadAzz says:

    22yds? I thought that was a misprint…
    Tate and Ben should stop beating up on the rookie, its only right to fight back. I wouldn’t want it no other way.
    I like that Bruce ran down beastmode after 70 yards :)
    JR.Sweezy needs to chill, if he dont we are not going to be able to hide him on the practice squad this year! Great job however!

  13. Dukeshire says:

    2620 – I know (or figured), but one thing at a time. I think it’s fair to give him until after the second preseason game to decide. We’re all anxious…

  14. I thought Smith was working with the 2nd unit at Will?

  15. Wouldn’t you think that if the Beast had 9 carries for 125 yards that that would make it easier to complete passes, rather than 4-12 for 22 yards?

  16. I think we’re all so nit-picky and antsy about this QB competition, but aside from the pass from Flynn to Lockette that was dropped… did any of the three QBs have any good passes that were dropped?

    Interesting that the least mobile of the three QBs is the one that ran for the most yards.

  17. Skavage says:

    Please let that film tell him it’s time to move on from Jackson…please. I still think we should seriously take a look at packaging Butler, Jackson (as a backup candidate) and a mid round pick for Pittsburgh’s Wallace. Imagine Rice, Wallace, and Baldwin as starters backed up by Edwards, Obomanu, and Lockette or Durham (whoever can hold onto the damn ball.)

  18. bird_spit says: issue, I was there the other day. Then the obvious struck me.. Pete Carrol has seen this rodeo a few more times than I. I, at least for now, this moment, will put my trust in Bobby’s “Mr Happy”.

  19. If you were Pittsburgh, would you really trade a stud WR for Butler, Jackson, and a mid-round pick? Those are trades that destroy your talent level and get you fired.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I’m a bit confused with the second team Will position, as well. We’ll know a lot more after Tenn game.

  21. “I still think we should seriously take a look at packaging Butler, Jackson (as a backup candidate) and a mid round pick for Pittsburgh’s Wallace.”

    No GM in their right mind would even consider that trade for a second. A mid round pick, a bad qb, and an unproven small WR for a premier NFL gamebreaker. Solid move.

  22. Hawks85 says:

    I’l take 4 for 12(33%) with no interceptions, A FG and a rushing TD against our starting D over 9-20(45%), TD, and a Pick against our second string D. Also Flynn had two sacks, same number as TJ? Where’s the point in bringing it up? I kinda think this has been way over blown.

    The Flynn’s supposed to separate when game time starts, but if he doesn’t show up, Flynn fans are going to blame the split reps in this competition. It’s ridiculous because they have had months to get ready. If Flynn doesn’t show up during these pre season games he’ll be riding the bench, reading Charlie “TD Jesus” Whitehurst was here.

  23. I am completely blown away that Sweezy can get time with the starting O line, and is actually blocking starting D linemen. This is the story of camp right now. 100 times more meaningful than the QB practice.

  24. The worst thing Carroll could do is hand the starting snaps to Flynn before Flynn has stepped up and fully proven he is head and shoulders above the other QBs. Absolute worst thing he could do.

    [See: Kevin Kolb, Cardinals, AZ]

  25. HawkyHann says:

    Bevell is getting his way again with Tarvaris.

  26. Why doesn’t Flynn simply demonstrate he’s the better QB. Problem solved.

  27. chuck_easton says:


    Let’s be honest here. You want Carroll to hurry up and name Flynn the starter because that’s who you really want to win the QB competition.

    So the question is if the choice is the team waits until after the second Pre-season game when there is plenty of game film to look at or the other choice is the team names Jackson the starter right now because there isn’t anything to look at on Flynn which would you choose?

    Careful what you wish for. Without game film of all the QBs in this offense Jackson gets the job by default.

  28. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Any truth to this article from bleecerreport? It basically asserts that Carrol has given Flynn more snaps, which indicates he secretly leaning towards naming Flynn the starter.

  29. HawkyHann says:

    Eric, way to be persistent with Pete today. Just watched the press conference. Please continue. Would you mind asking him what he thinks the weakest area of our team is?

  30. jchawks08 says:

    Argh! So frustrating that Flynn hasn’t apparently stepped up enough to be named outright starter. Nice game, T-Jack. 1.83 PYA. Granted Flynn’s not much better statistically today. But still. Good Gawd I hope that tape Pete watches later tells him something along the lines of, “Whelp, Tarvaris sure as $hit ain’t our starter.”
    Wilson had the best day on paper. Vs 3rd stringers however. Sigghh… I’m fully prepared for 1 last T-Jack start. This Saturday. After that, this whole thing should get a lot more clear. Also, it would appear we need to pray to the NFL Front Office Gods that they don’t suspend Marshawn.

  31. TomlPDX says:

    What Stevos said

  32. chuck_easton says:

    On a more serious note, it’s being reported T.O. Is on his way to Seattle for a visit with the Seahawks.

    Now we REALLY have something to worry about that makes this whole QB issue seem minor.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    Dear god, help us. The only good thing about this report is that it comes from Softy. He’s about as unreliable as it gets. I hope that holds true here…

  34. Skavage says:

    Totally agree Duke. T.O.’s attitude will not be good for this young team, especially the young receivers. I’m getting a bad feeling that Pet and John are getting a bit desperate for another big tall receiver. Someone currently on the team NEEDS to step up!

  35. Soggybuc says:

    What Duke said, the day “Softy” breaks a national news story will be the day of the Apocalypse.

  36. osoviejo says:

    I suspect there are two different “rotations” at work here. The regular practice rotation, which had Jackson with the 1’s on Saturday, and the game-like rotation that had Jackson with the 1’s today.

    If this guess is correct, then we should see Flynn with the 1’s on Tuesday, and Flynn with the 1’s on Saturday, with Wilson starting the second preseason game.

    Then the depth chart is set within a day or two following that game, and it becomes a ‘normal’ camp from there on out, with the winner starting the third preseason game.

    That’s my WAG.

  37. bbnate420 says:

    Eric, thanks for compiling the stats for us.

    I thought that Flynn and Wilson played better from what I saw on, and the stats seem to reinforce that. Albeit versus lesser competition, but they are also surrounded by lesser players. Not sure exactly how that translates.

    A couple of notes about Flynn. He could’ve been better, but there were a couple of things that affected his stats. The Lockette drop, along with another ball that seemed pretty catchable to me. Cannot remember who the WR was. Might have been Martin. Also, the throw that led to the INT was one that he had to make. Granted it was tipped, but he wouldn’t have had an easy completion regardless. He rolled out on a 4th and goal at the 1 yard line. He got to where pressure was bearing down. On 4th and goal from the 1 there is no downside to throwing it up and hoping for a receiver to come down with it. Unless someone takes the INT all the way back, but that would’ve been next to impossible on the play he threw the INT on. A good decision that looks bad in the stats. TJack probably would’ve just ate the ball.

    RW looked decent.

    Wallace trade: Ahhh, it’s been awhile since we had a good, delusional fan trade scenario.

  38. Soggybuc says:

    I think we should package Aaron Curry and a 5th round pick for Drew breese.
    Sure us Hawk fans know we already traded him but considering the level of invisibility that surrounds his Raider career there is good chance the rest of league remains uninformed.

  39. I say trade McQuistan and a 5th rounder for Aaron Rogers. That’d solve the QB problem!

  40. nate – I did not watch it and appreciate that report.

    I agree about the point about if you’re playing with the second stringers (or third) you’re going against easier competiion, but you don’t exactly have Lynch in your backfield running for over 100 yards either.

    You also said: “On 4th and goal from the 1 there is no downside to throwing it up and hoping for a receiver to come down with it. Unless someone takes the INT all the way back, but that would’ve been next to impossible on the play he threw the INT on. A good decision that looks bad in the stats. TJack probably would’ve just ate the ball.”

    This is the prime example of the anti T-Jack against San Fran last year. He gave the team no chance to win the game (no game awareness) when he threw the ball away. The smart play would have been to at least let someone catch it (jump ball to anyone, if nothing else), as miracles do happen sometimes. But the stat sheet sure looked better without that pick (who cares if the Hawks had no chance to win though and, yes, I’m being sarcastic:).

  41. jchawks08 says:

    LMAO at the trade scenarios. But guys we’re giving up 3 players and only getting 1 back. How is this not a good deal?

  42. ljarllrajl says:

    I was at the practice today. None of the QB’s really stood out. But I don’t really think it was all their fault. Our receivers just aren’t very good. Rice and Baldwin were out. It looked like the QB’s were really working the back shoulder throws pretty well, but the receivers just couldn’t haul it in.

    On the bright side, I think were gonna have a really strong running game this year.

  43. How is this for a glass half full report.

    Our 1st round pick from 1 year ago is having to move positions since he isn’t as good as hoped at the position they drafted him to play.

    The next player drafted in that draft is now being replaced by a guy that HAS NEVER PLAYED OFFENSE!!!

    We are becoming the laughing stock of the NFL with our 3 way QB battle –

    Tjack has been in this same offense for like 7 years, and can’t beat establish himself over 1 guy who is learning his 2nd offense (although similar) and a rookie learning his first NFL offense.

    I get worried about Carroll’s over confidence that he knows better than, like, everyone ever in the NFL. He has a career 47-49 record and then 2-3 in the playoff’s. He has NEVER had a season in the NFL where his record was better than the year before. NEVER!!! I am sorry Pete but you need to prove yourself and soon!! You are not, Belicheat, Walsh, Lombardi, Cowher, not even a Holmgren – or many others. I am HOPING and praying that he is going to prove me wrong but right now I am still luke warm on him as a coach until her start getting deep into the playoffs on a REGULAR basis and have a dynamic enough offense so that we aren’t like Baltimore – a team that you have to take somewhat serious but rarely ever considered a huge threat to go all the way – always the dark horse but rarely the favorite.

  44. bbnate420 says:

    Jesus xcman, take a xanax. Carp isn’t being moved because he wasn’t good enough. We don’t know if he would’ve been. Maybe Breno is just 1 of the 5 best we have going forward and Carp can play LG. Sweezy hasn’t replaced Moffitt! He was just getting reps while Moffitt gets time at center. Keep your pants on.

  45. Macabrevity says:

    “Jackson was okay in the scrimmage, finishing 4 of 12 for 22 yards, no interceptions, no touchdowns and two sacks”

    4-12 and 2 sacks is definitely an OK outing for Jackson. We can look forward to more of that hopefully (j/k).

  46. Sparky12 says:

    First, a disclaimer: I am as restless as any here about the QB situation, and I’m counting the hrs, min, & sec’s until Saturdays pre-season game. Really hoping a decision will be made after Saturdays game.

    With that said, I DO have complete faith in Pete, John, and the rest of the coaching staff to select the right guy. The link provided by DisplacedSeahawkFan to the Bleacher Report is interesting. Perhaps the few more reps handed to Flynn is one of those hidden factors Pete refers to in their evaluation methods. I have watched all the daily vid’s at, and though it is a far cry from being there on the knoll watching, it seems like Flynn has a small edge on the overall play. But perhaps that is my own bias creeping in.

    I’m no fan at all of TJ as our QB, put he did show a lot of grit last year in playing injured and taking a beating most games. Perhaps this is indeed a case of giving the guy a bit of payback and a chance, however small. TJ has the respect of his teammates, a fact not loss on Pete and crew. So maybe a case of giving his due and showing the rest of the team that the “Always Compete” mantra applies to all when you have it your best shot, as TJ did last year.

    My gut tells me this is really just a two man competition – Flynn & Wilson.

  47. Xcman, I don’t think Pete feels he knows better than everyone else, but he knows the way players rally around him is pretty unique, so he feels confident in how much he can get out of a player with some innate talent. I think he just has a singular vision of the types of players that work in his system and makes decisions based on that. Who could have predicted Chis Clemons would have a career revival and produce back to back 11 sack seasons when he was a backup in Philly? PC probably had a strong conviction the move would work with CC at Leo, and it did. And all signs point to Bruce Irvin having a monster rookie year when most draft “experts” were scratching their heads after our pick. Not many DE’s could’ve run the beast down from behind after 55 yards. It shows dogged determination and persistence and I liked seeing that from Irvin. He has all world speed, but combine that with a nonstop motor and BI is on his way to big things.

  48. I totally agree with your assessment Sparky. With tjack playing hurt and gaining the respect of the locker room, there was no way he could’ve handed the starting job over to Flynn without losing credibility in the eyes of his players. Those guys went to war together, and they saw their leader gut it out in the trenches last year. I really like Tjack and think he’s a solid QB, but probably better as a backup, and u know he’s not going to get us deep in the playoffs. I really want Flynn to start, because he gives us the best chance at a ring this year. RW may end up being a better QB, but he’ll have to go through his growing pains first, and I don’t want to risk having us miss the playoffs by a game with how our defense looks. We need to remember that back in 2005, nobody knew we would gel up and get to the superbowl. Just the year before we had lost to the rams at home after winning the division, so u never know when a team will get hot at the right moment and go all the way. But you have to have the right players that have the ability to step up when the moment presents itself, and it has become pretty clear in my eyes that TJack doesn’t have enough clutch in him to deliver when it counts, and the pressure will only ratchet up late in games and the postseason.

  49. richardfg7 says:

    At this point Jackson should look better than Flynn or Wilson. He has years in this offense and a full year starting with these players. I like his arm and ability to throw the long ball. But he just does not have the ability to turn it up a notch when it’s all on the line. That’s what wins championships. If Carroll is happy winning 8 games this year then play it safe and go with Jackson. But to win a championship he’s going to have to gamble. Flynn or Wilson would be just that. A gamble. One that could pay-off huge with a couple Superbowls. Personaly I think It’s the only option.

  50. richardfg7 says:

    What I really think is Coach Carroll wants to start Flynn, but needs him to win the job to stay credible with the team. T.J. is well respected by his team mates and to just hand the job over to Flynn could upset some guys.With the whole “compete” thing going and all. That said…If T.J. was to get the mental part right all of a sudden he could be a great Q.B. for this offense. I just don’t see that (ever) happening.

  51. rmchief50ret says:

    Every other team has a designated starting QB but not us…..every year, we get to the last week of camp and “still up for grabs.” No wonder our Offense is at times ineffective. Did we bring in Flynn so that Rogers wouldn’t have a quality backup anymore, or did we bring him here to be the “quality backup QB” for Jackson? Pretty expensive benchwarmer. Tryouts are over – Name Flynn as starter, get him used to the No. 1 Offense and let’s get rolling!!!!

  52. rmchief50ret says:

    Response to richardfg7: When Flynn signed that big-time contract, it was stated loud and clear what the intentions were. This is professional football. The Seahawks made one huge mistake by letting Hasselbeck go – let’s not make it TWO! The team knows what is up!!!

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