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Wilson flashes, but is inconsistent with first unit

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 3, 2012 at 2:39 pm with 45 Comments »
August 3, 2012 4:07 pm

The highlight throws were there today for Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson.

Specifically, Wilson hit receiver Golden Tate on a pretty deep ball for a chunk pla in team drills, and also twice connected with Ben Obomanu for big gains on the final drive of practice – his best drive of the day.

However, in between Wilson missed high a lot and took a couple unnecessary sacks that led to an uneven performance with the starting unit.

Wilson understands that he has a long ways to go, but overall was pleased with his performance.

“I thought we did a great job on offense today,” Wilson said. “The defense did a good job, too. It was a good day because we got to change the ball and move the field a little bit more than normal. We got to play more football, and real live type practicing.”

Part of Wilson’s growth process is the meticulous notes he takes off the field chronicling his play. Along with the iPad the each player receives with a playbook loaded onto it, Wilson said he has three notebooks that he pours through daily and uses as a study guide away from the practice field – one each for pass plays, run plays and protections.

“My goal is to have great attention to detail every single time I step onto the field,” Wilson said. “And also have great attention to detail in the film room. And so I’m taking tons and tons of notes – I’ve always taken a lot of notes, but I’m doing that even more now playing in the National Football League.”

After Matt Flynn took the majority of the snaps during practice on Thursday, Wilson took the majority of the snaps today, while Tarvaris Jackson worked with the second unit and Flynn worked with the third group.

I thought Jackson looked solid today, leading them to a field goal during two-minute drills. He was more decisive in where he was going with the football and more accurate than he has been in days past.

And Flynn was impressive with the third group, leading them to two scoring drives, including touchdown passes to tight end Sean McGrath and rookie receiver Lavasier Tuinei.

Flynn also did a nice job of coaxing the defense offside with a hard cadence during the two-minute drill.

Overall, it’s another training camp day in the books in this three-way quarterback competition that doesn’t appear to be heading toward a conclusion any time soon.

Jackson is expected to work with the first unit again on Saturday, and the Seahawks have a controlled scrimmage scheduled for Sunday.

Some tidbits

— Rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner (quad) did not practice today, so veteran Barrett Ruud got his first opportunity to work with the first unit. Ruud move well and looked more athletic than anticipated.

— TE Kellen Winslow suffered what appeared to be a cramp during practice and did not finish.

— WR Ricardo Lockette had two more drops today and also lined up in the wrong spot during two-minute drill with the first unit.

— WR Kris Durham finally made some plays today.

— WR Braylon Edwards looked better during 1-on-1 drills and showed a good ability to get off press coverage. But he also appears to still be working himself back in shape, breathing heavily in-between plays.

— Along with Wagner, WR Antonio Bryant, LB Matt McCoy (knee), LB Jameson Konz (shoulder), TE Anthony McCoy (hamstring) and WR Doug Baldwin (leg) did not practice today. Deon Butler worked with the first unit in the slot with Baldwin out. CB Walter Thurmond (leg) and OL James Carpenter (knee) remain on the pup list. DL Clinton McDonald had his right hand wrapped in a club but still practiced.

— Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell used the radio to call-in plays today.

Marcus Trufant’s youngest brother, UW product Desmond Trufant, was at practice today.

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  1. Skavage says:

    I would expect this exact thing to be part of Wilson’s growth. Just as similar things would happen to a rookie in real games. Some real highs and some real lows. But I LOVE to hear how hard he is studying.

    I’m also terribly disappointed to hear Lockette’s struggles. I’ve got thi really bad feeling that he doesn’t study enough or has never been taught how to study. Hope I am wrong. We need him to be at the top of his game and make a difference this year game in and game out.

  2. “Flynn looked good today.” I’m shocked (even against the third unit). lol

    You know what, Mr. Happy and Bo know more than most of us combined. That’s their job. They should. However, that doesn’t mean fools like us don’t know more than them sometimes!

    Hey, guys, lets go with T-Jack. He’s only had 9,193,395,992 years develop. He only needs a few more years of seasoning!

  3. bird_spit says:

    I hate to say this, because it sounds like preaching to the choir, but I didnt have to be at the practice to know how it looked for TJ to march the guys down the field and have them kick a field goal. Again, tiring as it must be, we know how well tjack does on the field. We need reps for Flynn and the rook. Far as I’m concerned, if they want TJ as a starter, they should name him, other wise, name Flynn. I’m kind of done with the whole thing. I really hope Flynn can separate him self from these two, so we can move on. They really need to set TJ for the first game, and split the halves between Flynn and Wilson. And do the same 2nd game in reverse. One with the best understanding of the playbook wins.. Playing TJ at this point seems fruitless..
    Wow, stepping back from the edge now..

  4. The thing that sucks is that a “timing” QB (Flynn) needs as many reps as he can with the starters! Or if it’s a rookie like Wilson, he needs as many reps as possible, too! Maybe we should bring Courtney Taylor back so he can steal reps from our young WRs. Yeah. That would make sense (note: sarcasm). Or pay $4 million to someone that is proven to suck (or not suck as bad as most people thought, but still isn’t good). That’d also make sense (more sarcasm).

  5. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    Although the QB competition is beginning to wear on me too, I won’t get completely frustrated with it until the third preseason game. By then Carrol has to name a starter.

    Also, why is nothing ever said about Leroy Hill? How is he holding up? I read something, somewhere else, that said his coverage skills are waning? Is this true? If so, are they just going to try to use him on rushing downs?

    Why was Wagner out? Is he injured? If not, his young butt needs to get all the reps he can. And how is Kearse doing? Has he shown anything yet?

  6. bird_spit says:

    I agree. If I were the fantasy GM of this reality team, the QB decision is simple. I’d cut bait with TJ, as much as I like the guy. I’d name Flynn, and have the rookie learn like a crazy man. I’d be getting much needed reps with the #1 offense for Flynn. I’d have the rookie running the 2s. I’d have Portis getting much needed reps as well.

    This affinity that Pete has for TJack is starting to annoy me. In my world, the worst case is we have one the newbie QBs learning always, and soaking up all of the reps available. Hawks are built as a stout defense, and elite running team. The QB has time to learn the system. My opinion, Portis has a better upside than TJ. Hawks live or die in 2012 with the run game regardless of the QB.

    Good bye, TJ, thanks for the memories. You might be the better QB in this system today, but we are collectively better with out your services.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Skavage – My thoughts as well. To be expected with a young, talented QB.

    Lockette had “two more drops”? I need to read the practice reports more closely because I wasn’t aware he was putting the ball on the ground. Especially from this blog, the vast majority of reports have been positive. Another reason I cannot wait for games.

  8. Soggybuc says:

    Jameson Konz is all but gone with the first cuts. Durham needs to do much more than have a good practice once a week or he’s gone as well

  9. steffonator says:

    I say get the starting quarterback throwing now to our potential starting receivers, this isn’t fantasy football really. Pete your not still at USC. Lets get going, make a decision and stick with it already.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Relax. Decisions are being made. lol. At least wait until the first preseason game before barking for a decision.

  11. DreadHawks says:

    Duke, that’s what I was thinking. I have felt all along that a decision would be made after the 1st pre season game. Not sure who will get the nod but my guess is both Flynn an T Jack will see action with the first team. We will see next week! Lookin forward to seeing our nasty D too!!

  12. bird_spit says:

    Frankly, if I were fantasy GM, I would trade TJ and some WR prospects to the Titans for Hass. The run game is established. Hass has years of getting production out of mediocre WR corps. We could go to a superbowl given this defense, and run game. With Hass, you knew if he had 2 mins, he could score. This team needs a QB that can deliver strikes, and have tempo. I’m not down on Flynn, but I think this team is one solid QB away from the big game. That said, I know its time to find our new franchise QB. I just know it isnt TJ.

    I’m starting to fret like my grandma used too (or is it BobbyK), so come on already and axe TJ so I can start having hope for the season.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    Why would the Titans want TJack? That’s my first issue with your fantasy scenario. If Hass isn’t the starter for the Titans it’s because Locker beat him out. Why would the Titans not want Hass around for one more year as Locker’s backup and mentor? Hass has something to teach Locker. What does TJack offer them that Hass doesn’t?

    The second problem with your idea is if the team didn’t want Hass last year, why would they want him back this year?

    I love what Haaselbeck did for the Seahawks as well but that ship has sailed.

  14. chuck_easton says:

    If the dream trade ( at least the dream of many here ) were to come true, I think a better option would be Jax. Gabbert doesn’t look ready for prime time and TJack might actually start there this year while Gabbert has another year to learn.

  15. bird_spit says:

    Right now I’d trade TJ for one of those Forsett shower pills.

    Have a good seafair weekend is excellent, the water is pristine, and the beer is cold.

  16. freedom_X says:

    Is Konz practicing poorly, or not coming back from injury well? Someone asked on a different thread why Konz was even around – the answer being that Konz is the same type of crazy athlete Bruce Irvin is, though lacking the pass rush knack and power Irvin has.

    I believe the Seattle staff really wants to find a way to tap into that unique athletic ability, and Konz showed flashes last year. But his injury may have scuttled his chances, especially if he’s not back to what he was.

    It may be a sign of vastly improved pass-rush depth that they’ve moved him around again to LB – Konz had potential but was not a natural pass rusher like Irvin. But last year, pass rush was where Konz could have had the most impact if he had continued to develop. That was the greatest need.

    Now that they’re fortified along the line, but thinner at LB, it might be a better place for Konz to contribute (again assuming he’s back to 100%.) Also, don’t forget that special teams can make the difference – if a raw player does well on special teams it justifies keeping him around as a project.

  17. I wonder if the Mariners are going to throw King Felix one inning at a time next Spring Training and then expect him to throw complete games once the season starts?

  18. freedom_X says:

    If Cam Newton and Andy Dalton can figure things out in a lockout season, with shortened camps and no off-season – why can’t the Seattle QB’s figure it out, with more overall camp time, and a whole off-season?

  19. streamhawk says:

    Ok I get; you preach competition, Pete. But it’s now-time and this team needs a quarterback. All signs point to Flynn, so this 3-way battle must end now. Our offense was too inconsistent the past several years to toy with its quarterback. You signed him good money, so it’s his time to earn it!

  20. Soggybuc says:

    You need to keep in mind that Pete is not looking for a practice QB he’s looking for a gamer! TJ showed last year that he lack’s that something when things go live and Flynn has shown that when given a game to play he finds another gear. same with Wilson, height be damned. from kick off to the gun all he did was win games at Wisc.
    That’s whats going to decide this competition.

    Feedom I too was in love with the whole Konz concept but the guy just can’t seem to stay healthy for a full camp much less lock down a position. the roster is full of talent so are they going to keep the experiment going another year at the expense of a Corderro Law?

  21. Hammajamma says:

    I see no reason to hurry this along, especially if they plan on keeping all three. Remember that PC told us this will go into game phase, which will likely tip the scales for all to see. Personally, I’d like to see them each play well against TN, then name a front runner when Rice is ready to go full out. My guess is they use the game at Denver to confirm their leanings. After that we’ll have our man. But if no one separates clearly from TJ, this could go on for another week. It’s a long season. Let the dough rise.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby- Terrible analogy. Lol. Come on now…

    Settle down everyone. Carroll will name a starter within 2 weeks, or so. *Then* we can all really let the griping begin.

  23. HawkyHann says:

    When you go after sloppy seconds, what do you realisticaly expect. Wilson might be a legit number one but if Flynn and TJack are not separating, its going to be a long season.

  24. twocolorcrayon says:

    I’m not really convinced as some people are that Flynn should be the clear cut starter. Wilson, to me, rookie and all, seems like the best fit for the type of offense Carroll wants to run. And is clearly the most naturally talented QB on the roster.

  25. HawkyHann says:

    Where is Donovan McNabb, I know he’s better than Jackson. Why hasn’t he been invited to compete?

  26. Sparky12 says:

    On the QB debate, remember that the defense is always way ahead of the offense at this point in camp. Pretty hard to get a good felling on the QB performance when the “D” is swarming and collapsing the pocket, especially a very good unit like ours. Pete said early on that it would likely take at least a preseason game to figure things out. There will still be time to work-in our starting QB, and to be damn sure the right decision was made. Take a deep breath and enjoy the show!

  27. bbnate420 says:

    HawkyHann, weren’t you clamoring for Clipboard Busto last year?

  28. Soggybuc says:

    No way Sparky! Fans are important and If Pete wants to keep his job he had better begin to read the Blogs and follow the insight and wisdom.
    Just like any coach that pulls a player and ruins fantasy points has no business coaching in the NFL!

  29. Dukeshire says:

    “swarming and collapsing the pocket”, without an risk of contact, of course. I’m not sure where this narrative of the defense is always ahead of the offense this time of year, comes from. In this particular case, that may be true simply because the D returns 10 starters. But as a blanket statement, as has been made here multiple times, is false. Look back to the 07 camp: the defense was *dominating* the offense all through the summer. Well when the games started we discovered the offense was inept (and injury riddled). I’m not suggesting that is the case here, but after mini-camps and OTAs, into early August, I find it hard to excuse wrong routes, dropped passes, poor timing, etc… That is, the offense needs to be responsible for their own poor play. Yes, Seattle has a very good defense, but that “excuse” carries water only so far for poor play. And that time, especially regarding 2 minute and red zone, has passed, regardless who’s under center.

  30. Sparky12 says:

    Soggybuc, I feel your pain, lol!

  31. bbnate420 says:

    Duke, I’m guessing you meant 2008. If not, I don’t know what you were watching.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, ’08. And thank you for not being too sarcastic.

  33. mocarob says:

    You guys can’t even make it thru practice #6 without wigging out about the QB competition. They don’t even have their 1st scrimmage until Sunday.

  34. I think people are going a bit overboard fretting about the QB competition. Coach Carroll will roll his starting QB out to start preseason game #3. Up until then, competition is a good thing. There is plenty of time for both Flynn and TJack to both be ready.

    As for Flynn needing more reps? He’s been practicing in the NFL for FOUR SEASONS. He’s no rookie. Unless Flynn can demonstrate that he is the worthy starter, TJack needs reps with the new guys – Lockette, Edwards, Bryant, Winslow – just as much as Flynn does.

    If any QB should be given less reps, its Wilson. He is likely the future starter, but for now he’s just a rookie, and no rookie should be counted on to start in the NFL.

    I think the QB situation will become clear after preseason game 3. Either Flynn starts that game and shines, or he starts that game and flops, in which case Coach Carroll will be glad that he got TJack ready to lead.

  35. Duke, from what I’ve seen in camp, I’d agree that “wrong routes, dropped passes, poor timing” and the like are the real problems at this stage. The D hasn’t put on full pads or gone full contact yet and the QBs have all day to throw without fear. If the D seems “ahead” its mostly because Sherman, Browner, and Trufant are more than ready to cover Tate, Baldwin, and Lockette… and that won’t have changed any by end of camp.

    What’s lacking at this point is mostly coordination between the QBs and inexperienced players like Lockette, Durham, and Bates, and newcomers like Bryant and Edwards. No surprise there. Its early still. They all need a lot of reps before the coaches will know which of these guys might be the 5th or 6th WRs.

    Its early…

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It will be interesting to see which qb can handle it best when the contact does start. I put my money on Wilson, but certanly not ruling out Flynn.

    The only WR last year that was really consistent and dependable all year for us was Baldwin. That’s got to change if any of the qbs are going to be successful, imo.

    BTW- I think it really isn’t a fair competition if one of the qbs have had over a years experience with the team. That’s why I think that Jackson would have to more than slightly win this thing to continue being the starter.
    And I just don’t see that happening.

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Of course I didn’t see Whitehurst or Jackson coming here to begin with either so what do I know? Not much when it comes to reading the minds of the FO! Lol.

  38. Macabrevity says:

    Chuck – TJax in Jaxonville actually makes a lot of sense. At least he plays with his eyes open (although sometimes that’s debatable) as opposed to Gabbert.

    Duke – good point, we can’t be overly optimistic about our D shutting down what is yet a very unproven offense.

    Guys, I’m as jacked as all of you for this season, just keep in mind, we have an absolutely brutal start. Let’s not do too much backpedaling until the playoff picture and NFC West standings start to become clear.

  39. with reports of dropped passes, wrong routes and timing issues, no wonder they went after and signed two new wr’s. they’d better get it together sooner than later, games begin next weekend for these Hawks.
    get it together or be gone, there could/should be more roster turnover for wr position if these guys don’t get it together soon.

  40. HawkyHann says:

    Bbbate..yes, I was. That’s because I knew TJack’s past history and we’re still stuck with this guy. In the end, he’ll be remembered for getting rid of Hassebeck for TJackson. Ouch.

  41. HeinieHunter says:

    iMHO it is Flynns job and they are evaluating Wilson to see if he is ready to be the backup. I think they have serious playoff aspirations and realize the their number one could miss some games, so the question is if Wilson is good enough right now to win games if he comes in. If he’s not ready they keep TJ as number 2. It’s a lot to ask of a rookie QB, especially when he’s not getting all the snaps in practice.
    I’m not much of a TJ fan but he honestly didn’t get many breaks last year; no training camp prep time, new team, terrible early season offensive line work, and a very difficult injury. He obviously held the ball too long but may have been hearing PC’s voice in his head about NEVER turn the ball over! I do question his decision making ability. For him to have a shot at staying on the team he needs a big preseason game.
    I can’t wait for next weekend when we get our first peek at the cards we were dealt!

  42. Can we just play some games!!!!!!!

  43. richardfg7 says:

    I love what Carroll has done with the defense. I see them as the NFL’s best. But he is NOT a quarterback guy. At all! Starting with the whole Whitehurst deal. Then he let our 3 time pro-bowl Q.B. walk and brought in Jackson to take his place. Now we have a 3-way thing going that will insure none of them will be ready when the season starts. What I see next is shuffling starters in and out and nobody ever getting comfortable long enough to be a winner. I wish he would let Carl Smith (Q.B. coach) or even Tom Cable deal w/the situation and Carroll just stick to defense.

  44. “That’s because I knew TJack’s past history and we’re still stuck with this guy. In the end, he’ll be remembered for getting rid of Hassebeck for TJackson. Ouch.”

    If I remember correctly PC tried to Resign Hasslebeck, but why would Hasslebeck want to comeback? The 12th man treated him like crap for two years, and was calling for Neck Beard to start games, or were angry we didn’t draft Mark Sanchez. Nobody can blame Hasslebeck for leaving, and going to a better O-line at the time. He wouldn’t have played 8 games behind last years slowly emerging O-line.

    I’m tired of QB talk, Seahawks right now have a log jam at WR. Baldwin has the position locked down, and so does Rice, but I have serious doubts about our depth reciever. Teams know about Baldwin and have more tape to study(Fear the sophomore slump). Butler, and Rice haven’t been durable. Tate hasn’t been consistent, and Durham hasn’t shown up yet. Lockett, Edwards, and Obo have questionable hands. I have high hopes for Lavasier Tuinei

  45. HawkyHann says:

    Hawks85, Matthew wanted 2 or 3 years. We offered one and TJax got 2. I thought it was time for Matt to go but never thought it would be for Tavaris Jackson. The same guy we’ll knew from MN, that decision stunk.

    I do agree with our WR situation. It scares me. I like and trust Baldwin, that’s it. Hopeful Tate, Rice, Butler, and Durham can perform all season long. The other’s, including Lockette, are very suspect. If Sidney gets hurt(which if you look at his career) this is almost a guarantee, things are going to get gross real quick…especially if we see Obomanu starting again. At that point, start the Barkley chants.

    PC used high draft picks on Durham and Golden. Were they worth it?

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