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Flynn runs with starters; offense struggles in red zone

Post by Eric Williams on Aug. 2, 2012 at 2:28 pm with 61 Comments »
August 2, 2012 2:28 pm

One thing that probably has not been talked about enough regarding the Seattle Seahawks’ three-way quarterback competition is the involvement of the team’s suffocating defense.

And that was very evident today with Matt Flynn back working with the first unit. Seattle head coach Pete Carroll had the offense working in the red zone today, and all three quarterbacks really struggled to get their units into the end zone.

That’s not a surprise when you consider the type of length Seattle’s defense can run out there, with 6-4 Brandon Browner and 6-3 Richard Sherman on the corners, 6-3 Kam Chancellor at safety, 6-4 K.J. Wright at linebacker, 6-5 defensive lineman J.J. Jones and 6-6 defensive tackle Alan Branch eating up space and raising his long arms up the middle.

Flynn, Russell Wilson and Tarvaris Jackson had to throw through some tight windows in a compacted amount of space, so there were a lot of deflections and tips, a couple interceptions, a few drops and a lot of balls being thrown away.

“It’s not easy for them at all,” Carroll said. “We’re not making it easy on the quarterbacks – we’re making it as hard as we can for them. And so I think if they can move the ball on us and make plays on us, that’s a good sign.

“I talked to the defense today, and told them to dial up and make it as hard as we can make it on those guys for just those very reasons, for comparisons and getting some good information. So we’re going to continue to do that, and continue to make it hard. … We’re going to stress them as much as possible.”

I think the drill also placed an emphasis on one of Flynn’s weaknesses – arm strength. In the red zone a quarterback with superior arm strength has an advantage because they can gun a pass into a tight window, and Flynn struggled at times with that today.

Flynn threw an interception on a pass intended for Ben Obomanu where cornerback Brandon Browner jumped the route and grabbed it for a turnover. Flynn also had another pass intended for Charly Martin on a slant route tipped by K.J. Wright and intercepted by Browner.

During team drills in the middle of the field, Flynn also missed a wide open Zach Miller on a play-action pass down the seam that was knocked down by Wright, who was beaten badly and chasing the play. Flynn needed to throw a balloon instead of a dart.

But Flynn didn’t have a lot of help either, as the receiving group probably had its worst day of training camp. Tate uncharacteristically dropped a TD on a slant route on a Flynn offering. And Ricardo Lockette also dropped a touchdown on a slant route from Flynn.

Lockette also showed a lack of maturity when he failed to hold onto a ball on a go route thrown by Wilson against cornerback Jeremy Lane, slamming his helmet to the ground with the ear pads popping out.

Overall, as a group the receivers struggled to win one-on-one matchups today, which had been a concern of the team heading into the season with such a young group and Sidney Rice not fully healthy.

However, Flynn had his moments. He did a nice job of looking off the defense and firing a bullet to Deon Butler down the middle of the field in a tight window for a nice gain.

And Flynn’s best play of the day was when he showed good pocket awareness by scrambling to his right to avoid pressure from Red Bryant, and then connecting with Tate on a comeback route down the sideline.

Carroll said he plans to continue to rotate all three quarterbacks with the first unit for the foreseeable future.

“We’re still on it,” Carroll said. “This is the fifth day of practice. There’s not much reason to alter anything we’re doing right now. We’re jus going to keep getting reps and gathering information.”

Some tidbits

— Wilson worked mostly with the second unit, and really showed off his improvisational skills in the red zone today. On one play, he got outside the pocket moving to his left, faked a pass outside to Kellen Winslow and flicked a dart to rookie Lavasier Tuinei.

— Browner had by far his best day today, finishing with two interceptions and two pass deflections. Said Carroll about the knock-kneed Browner: “Not only does he have this length, but he’s got savvy that makes him special. He knows how to play the spot. He understands all of what is going on. He anticipates and sees things kind of before they happen, and that gives him a chance to be special if he can just hold up physically.

“I mean you look at those legs and that body, and there’s like no way you could ever say that you could do it. I mean it’s a sad sight now. You wonder if they’re arms – it’s that bad.”

— With Matt McCoy and Barrett Ruud still nursing knee injuries, special teams standout Heath Farwell has been running at middle linebacker with the second unit, and he’s done a solid job in the run game.

— Jackson worked with the third unit and took the least amount of reps of the three quarterbacks in the competition. But he got some work in after practice, throwing routes with Winslow, Lockette and Jermaine Kearse, along with Josh Portis and Wilson. Joked Jackson about the limited reps: “My arm’s not going to get tired out here, I’ll tell you that.”

— WR Jermaine Kearse came off the PUP list and practiced today, and defensive end Jason Jones returned to practice after sitting out two days with a knee issue.

LB Matt McCoy, LB Jameson Konz, CB Walter Thurmond, OL James Carpenter, TE Anthony McCoy and CB Ron Parker did not practice today.

Max Unger has really come a long way since his rookie season. In his first year defensive tackle Brandon Mebane owned Unger in one-on-one pass rush, but now the University of Oregon product can hold his own against one of the better nose tackles in the league.

— On the flip side, right guard John Moffitt struggled to contain Red Bryant.

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  1. Nice to hear about Jones being able to practice again.

    It’s also nice to have a talented defense that the offense struggles against, to a degree, because they are becoming great. It’s such a nice change from about 4-5 years ago when the DBs would make fun of the WRs in practice (camp) and then when they got to the games the WRs still sucked but the DBs almost sucked worse. Anyone remember that? lol

  2. Palerydr says:

    Posted this in last thread
    My random observations from todays practice

    Pete throws a nice tight spiral

    Winslow is really quick

    Thomas’ jersey seems to be the most popular

    The team only spent about 15 mns on tackling that’s a concern for myself

    In warmups Wilson was throwing the ball high a lot

    Norton runs like he’s crippled but you can definetly hear him on the field

    Lynch/Washington/Turban all run through arm tackles

    The defense flows to the ball well as a unit on run plays

    Lockette made a nice catch from Flynn in the corner of the endzone got some applause from the crowd then hammed it up for the fans. He really likes the attention

    Tate had a really nice grab from Wilson I think but he was out of bounds still he got some really nice air to make the grab.

    Deon Butler got the corner for a really nice gain on a reverse

    Lumpkin made a nice grab from Wilson on an outlet pass for a nice gain

    The Defense stuffed the Offense in redzone drills I don’t remember a single score

    I had to leave before practice was over but these were some of the things I saw. Hard to focus on one thing as stuff is happening at both ends of the field at the same time.

    I watched Flynn as much as I could and he seemed to throw the ball as well as or better than Wilson. Jackson does have some giddyup on his ball but not as accurate. I looked for you Eric and I think I saw you on the sidelines by the lake. As practice was on the farside of the field that looked like a nice place to watch.

  3. princeaden says:

    What the Hell is Carroll talking about, when he’s talking about Browners arms and legs ? Wierd..

  4. pabuwal says:

    You’d figure if the QBs mediocre performance was due to a “superior defense”, the QBs would look better against the second and third units. After Rice, the WRs are fairly equal so there isn’t much drop off there. But it doesn’t seem like the QBs look that much better away from a “superior defense.”

    And while Wilson is behind the other 2, he really doesn’t seem that far behind them. If I was Carroll, I’d think of naming him the starter, hope he improves over the next 5-8 weeks taking all the first team Reps and if he doesn’t call on Jackson to start the rest of the year.

    How does one of three mediocre QBs pull away, unless one is a Rookie who should only get dramatically better with more Reps?

  5. If they are equal, I think you have to go with the rookie.

    But if Jackson isn’t better than Flynn, why the hell would you go with the guy with about 35 NFL starts over the one with 2 starts (and those two starts are better than almost all of Jacksons). One of those two have upside to get better, the other has already shown you what he’s got. It’s mind boggling that you would go with the “proven” one that is playing equal to the guy that has room to get better with experience.

  6. pabuwal says:

    I don’t think Flynn will get better with experience and I think Carroll feels the same – otherwise why is he even competing with Jackson and Wilson?

    He is what he is – a Matt Cassell / Matt Moore type of QB.

    Jackson can come off the bench and give the team a solid but not spectacular performance that Carroll can run his conservative game plan around. And no Jackson, won’t come from behind against elite defenses like SF or even playoff caliber defenses like Washington, Cincinnati or Atlanta. Only top end QBs do that, which Jackson is not.

  7. Hammajamma says:

    Who starts against the Titans?

  8. pabuwal says:

    At this rate, Jackson.

  9. “I don’t think Flynn will get better with experience…”
    Pabs, if by not getting better you mean throwing 7 TDs in a game as opposed to only 6 TDs than I agree with you. I know you have Jackson as your odds on favorite to win the starting job and I’d be willing to take your pony against mine.

    Bobby I have to go back to the Carimi vs. Carp type. To me the choice for Seattle was whoever vs. Dalton and now with Flynn on board that one is put to rest for me. The tape I saw on Carimi at Wisconsin looked as though he was holding an awful lot of the time on the clips I saw. Getting injured in week 2 last season doesn’t leave much to go on as far as which player is/was better. It will be several years before that gets answered. I just hope Carp gets and stays healthy so we can debate this with a body of work to go on! 2013?

  10. Hammajamma says:

    So Flynn and Wilson are getting a few more reps because TJ is a known commodity, is that the consensus? So far we think that Flynn can’t throw into tight spaces but has good pocket awareness. TJ has the red zone arm but not the vision. Wilson has the red zone playmaking ability but not the experience.

    It’s simple: TJ on First Down. Flynn on Second Down. Wilson on Third.

  11. I wonder if there’s a chance Winslow becomes the #1 TE on the team, and not just a guy coming in on two TE sets. Seems like the notes form writers and other observers on him so far are pretty positive.

  12. chuck_easton says:


    Not gonna happen for one major reason. Miller is a great blocking TE who can also catch passes. Winslow is a great pass catching TE who may or may not be a good inside blocker (he’s never been asked to do that).

    So, if the team is going be mainly a smashmouth running team which TE would likely be in on the majority of 1 TE sets?

  13. Every QB in the history of the NFL will tell you they are better and feel more comfortable in their 36th start versus their 3rd start. You get better with experience. Period. How is that not crystal clear?

    I don’t expect Flynn to ever have another game like he had at Detroit in his 2nd start, even when he’s on start #36, but he, or anyone, would tell you they are more comfortable/better with more experience but I guarantee he’ll be better in starts 35-45 than he will in starts 3-13. I don’t know how this could be doubted.

  14. lshenfield says:

    Why is Jameson Konz on our team? He seems to be always hurt and always moving to a different position: LB, TE, DE. Cut bait!

  15. Red zone O is sounding frustrating, maybe it’s the play calling if all QB’s not doing well, unless the D is just that good.
    No mention of Fades in the endzone, just slants slants and more slants and oh a seam(slant).
    Having a good D will help the O in the red zone in the long run

  16. Palerydr says:

    I saw a couple of fades but both were overthrown

  17. HawkyHann says:

    Flynn to win or Rus Will do it. Trade TJack when a QB gets hurt in preseason game or just cut him but don’t keep him.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    “I don’t think Flynn will get better with experience and I think Carroll feels the same – otherwise why is he even competing with Jackson and Wilson?”

    Get better? That’s cool. If he plays at the level he has in his only two starts, he’ll be one of the best QBs in the league. You’re dislike of Flynn is bordering on the irrational.

  19. FACT – people were raving about Carimi last training camp at how well he was playing and people here were reading about how Carp was getting beat especially in pass protection regularly (from our DEs who couldn’t, aside from Clem, rush the passer last year).

    Now, I call BS on my thinking Carimi is going to be a better pro than Carp. I do not. I think Carp may be a better pro than Carimi (when both are healthy). My whole belief is that Carp is a guard. Carimi is a RT. However, if both played at RT — I’d take Carimi in a heartbeat and I’d still be mad about the Carp selection (which I am not, now knowing he’s moving to guard). I also think Obo will make a better WR than Okung, even though, if used properly (LT), Okung is the better player (overexaggerated example, I hope you get it).

  20. chrisj122 says:

    Said it before I will say it again. The real QB competition is at the backup position. Flynn will be the starting QB, its just a matter of time. The sooner the better!

    The real question will be is TJ gonna be on the team at begining of the regular season.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I agree 100% about Flynn. Maybe I’m wrong, time will tell, but by every report, he’s sounded head and shoulders better than the other two. Of course, until games are played, we won’t know.

  22. bird_spit says:

    By the 5th practice, why does anyone expect offensive greatness? The WR are working on routes and timing. The QBs, some still learning the speed of the game and the playbook. By end of game #2 we will know who the starter will be. With this D, I hope its not the rookie. We need to win now.

  23. bird_spit says:

    When the coach calls you out for having skinny legs, man is it not time to work on it or what. That was absolutely funny as hell. I never thought I’d hear that at the NFL level.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    “I mean it’s a sad sight now. You wonder if they’re arms – it’s that bad.” LOL!

  25. Dukeshire says:

    I’m anxious to hear about Wilson looking good in the pocket, not just when he rolls out or is flushed. Of course that will take time, but when we do read / see that, IMO it will be a sign of progress.

  26. bbnate420 says:


  27. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right on the money bird_spit. Everyone take a deep breath. The defense is almost always going to be ahead of the offense at the beginning of camp. Doesn’t take as much timing and synchronization to play defense. All this hemming and hawing is pointless until we at least play the first preseason game or PC makes some kind of a decision, whichever comes first.

  28. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, I think people challenge you about Carimi because you still seem to insinuate that he was clearly the better pick than Carp, even at RT. I saw Carimi play in one of his preseason games and also watched the replay of the Bears first game. He didn’t look all that great to me. He looked better than Carp did in the preseason and beginning of the year, but I think Carp was playing better than Carimi at the time of his injury. Granted, Carimi was injured earlier and has less time to develop. I just think there’sno way to know yet who was the better pick. Will take until the end of 2013 at the earliest IMO. Not sure who would’ve made the better RT for sure, but I have more faith in Carp making the pro bowl at LG than I do Carimi at RT.

  29. pabuwal says:

    Somehow the folks on this board are a better evaluator of Flynn’s skills than Joe Philbin, Carroll and Mike Holmgren.

    Flynn can’t even pull ahead of the “worst QB in the world.” His Pro Coach didn’t even want him. He’s been compared to Colt McCoy and Matt Moore.

    I remember countless conversations last year about how Whitehurst was having a good preseason because he threw 5 yard passes on his first read. That’s no different than Flynn’s “decisiveness.”

    He’s yet another average QB in a long line of average QBs for the Seattle Seahawks.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    Pabs, you can keep repeating that Philbin didn’t want Flynn, but that still doesn’t make it accurate. It’s just your guess. Philbin doesn’t control personnel decisions in Mia, Ireland does. Carroll hasn’t made any decision yet. How can you say that he’s already evaluated and given up on Flynn? You’ll look pretty stupid if Flynn’s starting week 1.

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t recall CBJ EVER throwing for 480 yards and 6 TDs. Or anywhere close to it. Now, I don’t know if Flynn will pan out or not. I’m not arrogant enough to dismiss him already like you though.

  31. pabuwal says:

    Somehow calling the Savior “average” makes me a “hater.”

    And before he was signed I said that Carroll viewed him as a 3 year, $20 million guy who would have to compete with Jackson and I was a “hater” then.

  32. raymaines says:

    I think the Defensive unit and the guys on the blog are totally ready for the first preseason game. Now we need to bring the Offense and Special Teams up to speed.

    I’ve got a question if you all don’t mind. I’ve got expanded basic Comcast cable and I wonder if I can see the first pre-season game later on that evening? Like maybe “On Demand” or something? I’ll be at a wedding when the game is live.

    Geoux ‘Hawks!

  33. pabuwal says:

    My guess is you will need to DVR it. It will also be live on NFLN for those outside of Seattle.

  34. Who thinks Hasselbeck will carve up our elite defense first game?I think there is a very good chance of it.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal is clearly reading different practice reports than I, when he compares Flynn to CW. The games will sort all this out.

  36. HawkyHann says:

    Give me Seneca Wallace over T Jack anyday of the week. Start Flynn and/or Wilson, and use Senecat package from time-time.

  37. No. I think people who think Carp could have been as good of a RT as Carimi are idiots (see T-Jack interview – any of them, “you know”). Is that direct enough? Maybe he could have been good (all cases equal = meaning they’d all remain healthy = the NOT Chris MacIntosh picks)… That’s simply ***MY*** opinion (and I liked the Branch trade)…

    Since Carp is now “just a guard,” I don’t care. I value a good/great guard just as much as a good/great RT.

  38. pabuwal says:

    And Duke thinks today was a positive for Flynn that puts him ahead of Jackson? When will Carroll sound the least bit excited about Flynn?

    Duke – we can make our bet simple. The winner is determined by the QB Carroll designates as the starter for opening day. It is possible the designated starter is different than the actual starter if the designated starter gets hurt before opening day (like 2002 when Hasselbeck started for an injured Dilfer). But for this bet, it will be the designated starter.

    You can have Flynn and I will take the Jackson/Wilson/Portis combination. And for those who wonder why I am “get” Wilson in the bet, pre-draft and the night of the draft, Duke ripped me for having a favorable analysis on Wilson, making the call the Seahawks would draft him in the third round that night and providing a positive, detailed scouting report on him. He called it a “wasted pick” after ripping the pick and myself for being in favor of it.

  39. Doesn’t seem like Duke will make another bet with you Pabs without a lawyer present.

    I will bet you Flynn starts game 1 vs. your top QB. Name hime. No stipulations or ambiguous terms. If Flynn starts game 1 I win and if your boy starts game 1 you win. If it’s neither of our choices then it goes to the house.

    In or out?

  40. Bobby I liked our 2nd Branch trade a lot more than the 1st. lol

  41. Dukeshire says:

    I “ripped” you or your analysis? I didn’t like the pick then. I don’t like it now. But as I said the day he was drafted, if I’m wrong, I’ll gladly admit it. I’ll root my ass of for him but I believe he’ll amount to little more than a journeyman / backup. You like Wilson good for you, but you have a habit of taking positions on players you’ve never seen play or have seen play once. That’s fine, but know that it’s a limited view, no matter how hard you try to frame it, as you are now doing with Wilson. The biggest difference between us though, is that I’ll admit when I’m wrong, which is something you have failed to do despite your multiple opportunities, over the years. And as I’ve said before, I’ll let the games sort this all out.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    I’ll bet pabuwal. But something real will have to be at steak. If he’s willing to put up actual dollars, yes, I’ll bet, on my terms of course.

  43. montanamike2 says:

    I’m still waiting for pre-season games before i decide if i like Flynn or Wilson better for our real season. Either way i view it as an upgrade, it’s too soon to bet on this.

  44. Hammajamma says:

    Buddy of mine attended today. Thinks Wilson is a little quick to give up on the pocket with all the arms, legs and tentacles flying around him. Thinks he can’t see well and goes in search of a lane.

    Has anyone noticed any rolling pocket plays specifically designed for RW, or are all three running the same sets?

  45. raymaines says:

    I’m so glad to know I’m not the only ‘Hawk fan drinking on a Thursday night.

  46. bbnate420 says:

    Lol, Ray. I guess a blog like this is for making definitive pronouncements about thing we don’t know. I personally try not to.

    BobbyK, I think it’s a little strong to call people “idiots” if they think Carp could’ve been as good a RT as Carimi, but you’re definitely entitled to your opinion. I wasn’t criticizing that if it’s your opinion, I was just pointing out that you have ZERO hard evidence to back it up. We will never know now if Carp moves to LG. Opinions are like holes.

  47. bbnate420 says:

    raymaines, if I recall correctly, they replay all of the preseason games on the NFL Network. Might be in the middle of the night though. I also believe they used to replay the preseason games on KONG the next day.

  48. The Comcast box has a DVR built into it so you can just record it yourself.

  49. pabs – In your scenario, if Flynn gets named the starter by Mr. Happy and dies of a heart attack 10 minutes before kick-off and then someone else (Jackson, Wilson, or Portis) ends up starting – you’re going to tell Duke that you knew that one of those others would start and that you won the bet because technically Flynn didn’t start. That’s the exact same thing as your Breno-Carp RT Week 1 bet last year.

    nate – Yes. “Idiots” was too strong of a word to use. Usually you get pretty fired up about anything you don’t agree with and come out on a rampage. The restraint was impressive. I’ll try to do the same (but not when it comes to pabs’ bet about Breno-Carp when reality and technically never met each other).

  50. “So, if the team is going be mainly a smashmouth running team which TE would likely be in on the majority of 1 TE sets?”

    Yeah, you may be right – – but if Winslow is the superior receiver, he may also see more time on passing downs, even if he is the lesser blocker. Just speculating. I know Miller has been an effective receiver in the past too.

  51. jchawks08 says:

    As a casual poster to this blog, all this is very entertaining to read. I have opinions on all of you regular posters. Prolly best to keep them to myself.
    Pabs however, are you the lawyer? Yea, it shows. Can’t wait till Flynn proves you wrong. I understand there are some guys that you just will never get behind. I never liked Jay Buhner, but every other M’s fan thought he was amazing. So I get that. But when Flynn is named the starter, it’s going to be beautiful and as Duke said, I hope you show some humility.

  52. WiscCory says:

    Pale – I agree with you that tackling is paramount. This new CBA is going to make tackling even worse in the NFL – however it was one of the Hawks strengths last year. I bet Lynch is just drooling at what he can accomplish stat-wise this season.

    Ishenfield – LOL on Jameson Konz. He’s been on the team around 3 years, right? I bet he’s practiced about 10% of the time. How in the hell is he still on the team? Release him already so he can start preparing for the 2014 US bobsled team!

    Pabuwal, I may not agree with some of your Flynn comparisons, however I agree there is still alot of questionmarks with him. That’s exactly why the experts still have this team only in the 7 to 9 win category. You’re barking up the right tree, however might be getting too emotional in making your points. Let’s be honest – Flynn has proven nothing in th eNFL. Starting a game wit the luxury of having the best in the league on the bench is one thing, however being a starter and having Tavaris in the wing is a totally different type of pressure.

    Bobbyk – I’ve been to Ryan Field once – it’s simple yet nice. Evanston seems a little yuppy, but it’s a fun town. My brother graduated from NW around 1990, so I spent some time there in the past. It’ll be interersting to see how a meat and potatoes guy like you fits in with that crowd. I guess I’m assuming that’s the type of guy you are since you’re a fan of the Huskers. So how about the Ahman Green trade!?!

  53. gonefishin69690 says:

    Red Zone offense this year is going to lean heavily on the run game, as it should.

  54. Hawks85 says:

    I’m going to fully support who ever PC chooses to start, and I think it very well could be TJax. I’m going to be continually disgusted by how people anoint the backups for Seattle. It leaves the taste of Seahawk fans chanting when Charlie during Hasslebeck’s last year here. A few decent games doesn’t make a career

    Flynn didn’t play well against the Vikings when Rodgers got injured. Patriots was okay, DET was outstanding but he had better WR, and Oline playing a crappy DET secondary with a front four who continually fall for screens and draws. Flynn probably is more Matt Cassel than Matt Moore, but he needs more talent at WR to be successful. Edwards could possibly provide this.

    The Seahawks could have folded last year, but they didn’t. They were a few bad calls away from the playoffs. TJax has the arm, and reall all the physical tools to be a great QB. Bevell or PC can try to fix some of the mental errors, and practice situations like goalline or two minute drill. He’s not horrible at those either lets remember Seneca Wallace who couldn’t throw the ball away without running out of bounds or getting it picked. If PC wants to just run the ball, take 6-8 shots a game at least passed 20 yards I think TJax starts.

  55. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, If you think my restraint was impressive, then you haven’t been paying attention to my recent posts, I would posit. I don’t think I ever attacked you unfairly or personally, but if I did, I apologize. We can disagree without getting personal, and I don’t recall ever doing that with you. If I see a post I believe to be inaccurate, or bullshit to be real, I will say it. Feel free to do the same to me. Opinions are fine to have, but when people on here misrepresent the facts I will ALWAYS call them on it. You may believe that Carimi is going to be a much better RT than Carp would ever be, obviously. I’m not trying to bully anyone out of their opinion. I just have stated my opinion that you don’t have enough evidence to say Carimi will be a better RT than Carp would’ve been. It REALLY doesn’t seem to matter now. If Carp moves 2 LG when he’s ready to play, we will never know for sure.

  56. bbnate420 says:

    BTW, BobbyK, challenging other peoples’ beliefs is one of the best things about a blog like this IMO. I will NEVER, or at least try to, take any disagreement you have with with me on here personally.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    Not 2 be a bitch, but BobbyK, there’s a saying. Pot, meet kettle.

  58. bbnate420 says:

    These QB arguments are probably nothing compared 2 what the Kavetching will be after week 1

  59. bbnate420 says:

    *of the preseason

  60. bbnate420 says:


  61. “bbnate420 says:
    Aug. 3, 2012 at 1:36 pm Not 2 be a bitch, but BobbyK, there’s a saying. Pot, meet kettle.”


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