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Edwards: “You can just see the energy these guys have.”

Post by Eric Williams on July 31, 2012 at 2:53 pm with 33 Comments »
July 31, 2012 2:53 pm

New Seattle Seahawks Braylon Edwards said he landed in Seattle at 2:15 a.m. this morning, just in time to make today’s practice. Edwards said he got the deal done with Seattle on Monday.

He joked about facing cornerback Brandon Browner again. Edwards and Browner had their share of battles last season, when Edwards played for San Francisco.

But those differences have been squashed now that the two are on the same team. The two players talked briefly in between drills.

“You know how it is,” Edwards said. “When you’re on that field, you kind of get into a competition, and that’s just how it goes. We never take anything off the field, even when we were against each other. Now we have a chance to be on the same team, so I’m happy that we can fight together on the same team.”

Edwards said that one of the things that attracted him to Seattle was the energy level in the building.

“I like what they’ve got going on out here,” Edwards said. “Just walking and talking with these guys when I came out and interviewed last week, it’s a highly positive organization just walking around. There’s a lot of positivity, and you can just see the energy these guys have.”

With Edwards wearing the No. 17 and playing split end, some fans may have thought that Mike Williams had returned to Seattle. But Edwards said don’t get it twisted.

“I don’t quite weigh as much as Mike,” Edwards joked. “Mike’s a little bigger than me.”

Asked what he would bring to the table for Seattle, Edwards said size and speed at the receiver position.

Edwards also discussed his knee injury with San Francisco last season, which was one of the reasons the 49ers released him. Edwards said he suffered a torn meniscus while with the Niners, sat out eight weeks and it never really healed.

After he was released by San Francisco, Edwards said he had a second surgery to repair his injured knee. Edwards looked in shape and healthy during practice today.

Edwards, 29, also gave props to the Seahawks for signing Antonio Bryant instead of himself after the two worked out last week. Bryant and Edwards were teammates in Cleveland.

“They lived up to some things they told him,” Edwards said. “So I thought that was very honorable and respectful of Mr. Schneider. So when they doubled back and called me as well, I already was ready to take the offer.”

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said with Sidney Rice limited and Jermaine Kearse injured, Edwards helps to add depth at the position.

Jackson back with the starters

Seattle quarterback Tarvaris Jackson once again worked with the first unit today, and overall did a nice job of managing the offense.

“At this early portion of camp I thought it was really important to find out where T-Jack is, too,” Carroll said. “The last time we were together, he was coming off a terrible injury. And had shown great courage and toughness and all that, but he hadn’t been right. So we needed to get him back out here and see what he looks like.

“What’s exciting is he’s quicker; he’s niftier than he’s been. He’s in great shape. He came in here to win this job, as did the other guys, too. So I’m getting a feeling for where he is, and so that’s important. We’ll weigh that into the discussion as we go forward.”

Carroll said he’ll use the off day Wednesday to further evaluate the position, but that right now he intends to continue rotating all three quarterbacks with the first unit until the teams believes it has enough information to make a decision.

Carroll said the fact that he has seen Jackson play for pretty much an entire season means they may look to get Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson more reps so they could do a better job of evaluating those two in terms of the starting job.

One thing that is noticeable, Jackson, Flynn and Wilson are not giving lip service when they say that the competition has not divided them. A couple times today I saw Jackson and Flynn talking about scheme off to the side when they were not in, and the same with Wilson talking with the other two.

“Right now we’ll stay with the rotation the way it’s going,” Carroll said. “But we haven’t had the evaluation from today, and that means something.”

Some tidbits

* Seattle head coach Pete Carroll pointed to receivers Ricardo Lockette a Golden Tate, rookie linebacker Bobby Wagner as players making good impressions so far in camp.

* Carroll really likes what he sees from Seattle’s nickel pass rusher, including rookie defensive end Bruce Irvin, who chased down a reverse and caused a fumble. With Irvin, Chris Clemons and Jason Jones locked in, Carroll says there’s a heated competition for that fourth rusher, with Clinton McDonald currently holding the position right now.

* Rookie linebacker Kyle Knox had a nice hit on Marshawn Lynch, which got linebackers coach Ken Norton Jr. excited. “How you like that Marshawn?” joked Norton.

* UW product Jermaine Kearse (foot), who was played on the Physically Unable to Peform (PUP list to begin practice, is expected to practice on Thursday. Kearse worked with quarterback Josh Portis and ran some routes after practice.

* Rookie J.R. Sweezy played right guard today with the first unit. Carroll said that they wanted to see how he would react playing with the starters, and the Seahawks also have been playing John Moffitt a center a lot with the second unit, so that opens a spot at right guard when that happens. However, Carroll said that Moffitt remains the team’s starting right guard

“He’s been very tough,” Carroll said about Sweezy. “He’s really a physical kid, and he’s got great strength.”

* Carroll confirmed that James Carpenter likely will switch to guard when he’s healthy, and that the team has not made a decision on whether or not he’ll play in 2012.

* With Kellen Winslow (knee) sitting out today, Cameron Morrah had a nice day catching the ball, making several big plays in one-on-one and team drills.

* The defense made several big plays today, including interceptions by Bobby Wagner, Marcus Trufant and Phillip Adams. Wilson threw two of those interceptions, while Josh Portis was responsible for the other one.

* Cornerback Ron Parker, defensive lineman Jason Jones (knee) tight end Anthony McCoy (hamstring), Linebackers Barrett Ruud (knee), Jameson Konz (shoulder) and Matt McCoy (knee) did not practice today. Offensive lineman James Carpenter and Walter Thurmond remain on the PUP list.

* Steven Hauschka hit a 57-yard field goal today.

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  1. Carroll sounds somewhat excited about Jackson here. At some point in the next week or 2, he’s going to have to start getting “jacked up” about Flynn as well.

  2. What I saw at the VMAC – 31 July, Tuesday

    11-on-11 and 7-on-7 scrimmages all day in a short practice. Players in shoulder pads and shorts. Limited contact and no hitting below the waist.

    Winners, DB: Byron Maxwell looks very good at CB, playing behind Sherman, let to defense a pass along the sideline. Rookie Guy Winston, at SS, with the 2nd defense, is feisty, jumped a short route over the middle and grabbed an INT. And Marcus Trufant, at nickel, showed his veteran savvy by taking an INT to the house.

    Winners, DE: Pierre Allen had a nice spin move for a would-be sack from LDE. Dexter Davis, at Leo, got into the backfield a couple of times, holding up to avoid hitting a QB with a red jersey on. Cordarro Law was getting a lot of reps at Leo as well.

    Losers, DE: Bruce Irvin was mostly stymied while rushing against Okung. But then, Clemons was mostly stymied by Okung as well.

    Winners, DT: After a swatted ball ricocheted off two defenders, Mebane dove to the ground to grab the INT. Coaches said it hit the ground, and they let the offense keep the ball, but Mebane knew he had snagged one. There was much woofing.

    Losers, the rebabbing: OG James Carpenter was hobbling around in shorts and a jersey with a cuff around his left leg with what looked like an electronic muscle stimulator device. TE Anthony McCoy had the same sort of device on his arm while watching from the sidelines. Kearse was on the sidelines. Kellen Winslow did not seem to be at practice today. Rice practiced in a red jersey.

    Winners, RB: All the RBs looked like all-pros since no tackling below the waist was allowed. Running plays featured lots of broken arm tackles as RBs dancing to daylight. Note to linebackers: don’t bother trying to tackle Marshawn Lynch by his shoulders, its pointless.

    Winners, WR: Lockette and Durham practicing at SE with savvy veterans Antonio Bryant and Braylon Edwards. A lot of experience for the young men to learn from. Bryant looks smooth in his routes and catches.

    Losers, WR: Lockette and Durham and Tate. having to split reps at SE with Antonio Bryant and Braylon Edwards while competing for a roster spot. All three young WRs had less balls thrown their way on Tuesday.

  3. Stevos – did you get a chance to see the Russell Wilson INTs?

  4. pabs, I saw the INTs from various vantage points along the sideline, but at this point I wouldn’t swear to saying who threw which one. I’m sure Eric knows. Of the INTs I saw, I was most impressed by Wagner’s, as it looked like he really stepped in front of it and stole it. As always, with no instant replay on the practice field, I’m sometimes left scratching my head and wondering if I really saw what I thought I saw. lol.

  5. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Stevos! I liked the news you had on Okung! I think he will be a top five LT this year if healthy.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks Stevo. I’ve been wanting to know who’s been behind Sherman at LC. I’m glad it Maxwell and I’m happy to hear he’s looking good.

  7. bird_spit says:

    “Losers, DE: Bruce Irvin was mostly stymied while rushing against Okung. But then, Clemons was mostly stymied by Okung as well.”

    Excellent report again..

    To me, we win. Okung is a worthy #1 rd’er. Love to hear Irvin getting stymied. He better be getting stymied by Okung. This kind of action can only improve Bruce. He needs to develop some moves other than bull rush. Something tells me Walter Jones would of had that smile on his face all day going against Irvin. Okung’s footwork is probably the best Irvin faces, up till now. Okung’s a natural.

    Hopefully Clemons can show Irvin some moves.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK, Now let’s hear a linebacker corps report.

    And does anyone that was or is at camp have seen Bates play?

  9. Seahawks2620 says:

    Not trying to be over dramatic, but should we be concerned about Jason jones. What’s up with his knee? Is it simply a precaution.

  10. Stevos… Thx for the summary… With so much going on, I’m amazed you can observe as well as you do…. Can’t guess that I could do that anywhere as well…. LOL!!! Thx..

  11. DreadHawks says:

    Good stuff Stevos. When Okung is healthy he’s very solid….we need him to stay healthy. I love hearing new players say good things about the team just confirms in my mind we ARE on the verge of something very special.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    2620- I’ve been wondering that same thing.

  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Sorry Dukeshire, however I thought that this was a good bleacherreport! Lol.

    I can’t be at camp so I have to fill in the time until the camp reports start coming in.

  14. Hammajamma says:

    Farnsworth: …Browner…put the capital “P” in press coverage by jamming wide receiver Golden Tate to the turf.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – Oh, I don’t care. But for the record, that wasn’t a practice report lol (of which there are many, right now).

  16. Duke- This was the Jacob Green fumble TD I was talking about in the earlier thread. you can see him want to lateral the pass. Announcers even point it out. vid is good quality.

  17. lateral the *ball* not pass….”A Lineman’s Dream!!!” Now if I could only find video of that punt return vid of Easley Missle play. :)

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- It sucks being on east time zone! It seems like I have to wait forever for the practice reports! Lol.
    No patience I know.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    DFloydd- Cool vid on Green! I always thought he had the numbers to make it to the hall of fame!

  20. Dukeshire says:

    DFloydd – Awesome! Thanks for passing that along. BTW – what the hell is Largent doing on a PAT package? Lol.

    Georgia – I forgot about that. I get antsy out here, can’t imagine how it is for you.

  21. montanamike2 says:

    We just picked up 2 talented wr’s but i’m rooting hardest for Lockette.
    We seem exeptionally deep at pretty much everywhere. I hope Flynn turns out to be at least hasselbeck, i think he’s further along in his progression but just my 2 cents. Sounds like Portis may be the odd man out with his camp not looking so good and Wilson still too raw so that leaves TJ as backup qb which is totally aceptable to me. Portis looked great against scrubs for 5 minutes 2 years ago, he should be further along than this, even Wilson looks better already. Suddenly that backup spot looks somewhat apealing…..Will RW take it?

  22. I think it should be getting pretty clear that Wilson is not up to the other 2 guys – at this time.

    I am getting to the point that I think that PC is starting to hold the team back by not starting to limit this stupid 3 man rotation. Yesterday it was pretty clear to me that Wilson was not as good as the other 2 AND the day that he was supposed to work with the #1’s – he was subbed out early for Portis – twice.

    If they had they hand the job to Tjack he had just better be GREAT this year

    ON the WR front – I hope Edwards and Bryant push them but I am not sure I want either on the team unless they keep 6 WR’s

  23. jawpeace says:

    Thanks Stevos appreciated your input.
    To quote number five…Need more input Stevos Need more input.

  24. ryanryan says:

    I was at the practice today as well.

    lockette looked good, if he plays in the game the way he practiced today he will be legit. he got popped really hard once and knocked to the ground, everyone ooh’d and ahhh’d and he came up hot as hell in the face of the defender…roy lewis, who looked better than trufant in the nickel. i saw tru get beat down the sideline in one on one’s and the db coach got into his ass about it – he wasn’t looking for the ball but was in decent position.

    durham shouldn’t be on the team, thats why they signed edwards and bryant – both of them looked better than durham. Bates looked better than durham.

    morrah dropped some balls today – i was not impressed, nor was I expecting that eric would report that he played well.

    none of the qb’s looked like all that great, sorry but thats what I saw. wilson held the ball too long a number of times and would have been sacked on at least 2 to 3 occasions. jackson kept double pumping and looked indecisive, flynn floats the ball a bit.

    during the one on ones with the rb’s running routes against the lb’s the lb’s got OWNED 7 out of 10 times, Smith looked the best covering guys out of the backfield. Marshawn caught one down the sideline that was awesome but should have been defended, the defender (can’t remember whom) didn’t know the ball was there. turbin is good out of the backfield, he has a really good juke move and gets into his cut and will be a good receiving rb. washington is lightening quick and looked good.

    winslow was at practice, he was catching balls thrown by a staffer without running routes, catching some with one hand – he’s got really great hands. He was also helping out the receivers and te’s with their release from the LOS, looks like a good teammate.

    the offense stalled quite a bit during the 2 minute drill, settling for field goals – one was that blast from 57 which made it by 2 or so yards (I had a great angle).

    Edwards made a really great bobbling catch up the sideline beating Adams…

    in individual drills the line worked really hard and the reports are true, cable is right in there with the guys coaching and telling the defensive lineman (the other OL that aren’t in the drill) which stunts to do so that the oline has to switch who they are blocking mid play. it was really cool to watch them hand defenders off to each other, they seem to do pretty well. giacomini walled dexter davis and irvin repeatedly then davis put an awesome spin move on him and finally beat him. giacomini looked really tough and huge, i didn’t see irvin beat him once…they would do about 5 reps against each other rapid fire then the other end would challenge the other tackle for the next 5 reps and so on and so forth.

    it was pretty crazy to watch, i tried to see some of all position groups but with so much going on it was hard to keep tabs of a 4 year old, an 8 year old and watch practice…the cool thing was my 8 year old boy spun a wheel and won the priveledge to get 10 seahawk autographs after practice.

    red bryant
    shead (not sure who this is, number 5)

    can’t remember the other three…need sleep

  25. ryanryan says:

    oh also lisowski got burned for a deep ball that put them into the redzone and i think 1st and goal, then intercepted wilson in the end zone…i didn’t see that reported above.

    lynch hustled a bunch and looked good, was strangely wearing a lot more layers than the rest of the guys..

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks, ryanryan!

    Sad to hear Durham is not doing better, however I hope bates makes the team. That goes for Lisowski to.

  27. SandpointHawk says:

    Thanks ryanryan (and stevos too)…

  28. I appreciate all of the practice reports of everyone. Thank you.

    I’m not happy to hear that Durham isn’t looking better. However, guys like Edwards should look better than Durham. He’s a talented vet, whereas Durham is a 2nd year WR who won’t hit full stride until next year (assuming he’s showing enough to stay in the league). At least with Tate, there was visible talent that you knew would translate into games by year three (my very strong opinion – although nothing is guaranteed yet, I realize). I can’t wait to see some of these guys in action myself!

  29. Dukeshire says:

    ryanryan – So cool for your son! And thanks for the report. I love the practice reports here from people that are there. Thanks all!

  30. Palerydr says:

    Thx for the reports guys that’s some really great intel.

  31. MrCarleone says:

    When your being paid millions of dollars, I would expect that you would have sone “energy”.

    Go SeaGirls !

  32. bbnate420 says:

    Edwards is very talented, although his hands have always been suspect. I think he’s just here to keep pressure on the young guys and as insurance if Rice goes down again or Lockette and Tate don’t produce in the games.

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