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Schneider: Carpenter moving to left guard

Post by Eric Williams on July 30, 2012 at 10:09 am with 45 Comments »
July 30, 2012 10:09 am

Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider had dueling interviews this morning on the rival Seattle-area sports radio stations.

Both sessions produced a couple tidbits of news.

Schneider told Mitch Levy of KJR-AM that offensive lineman James Carpenter, the team’s first-round draft choice in the 2011 draft, will move to left guard once he recovers from an ACL knee injury he suffered in December.

Also, Schneider said despite recent reports that the team has not decided whether or not Carpenter will be shut down in 2012. Seattle placed Carpenter on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list to begin training camp.

Carpenter played right tackle for Seattle’s season opener at San Francisco last year before moving to right tackle once Robert Gallery was healthy.

Carroll confirmed Schneider’s statement in his conversation with Brock Huard and Mike Salk of ESPN 710 Seattle. Carroll also said that rookie Russell Wilson will get the majority of snaps with the first unit in today’s practice.

You can listen to the Schneider conversation here. It starts about six minutes in. And check out Carroll’s interview here.

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  1. am_misfit says:

    Though I’m sad to see Carpenter not making it as a RT and being moved to Guard, it’s clear he was greatly over-matched in his first season at RT. He should be a mauling Guard, though, and hope he locks down the LG spot for years to come.

  2. hawks4life says:

    Oh goody!!!!

  3. Finally common sense prevails! Carp moves to where he should have been in the first place!

  4. I never understood why you draft a RT and take a bad one (Carp) and pass on a good one (Carimi). I hated Carp as a RT (and what I thought his ceiling is for that position) but I really do like him as a LG. I think by playing him there, he’ll be every bit as good as Carimi will be with respect to his play at RT. Now I don’t hate that pick anymore! Yippee!!!

  5. Seahawks2620 says:

    Listening to the national media talk about the Seahawks makes me want to vomit. Talking About, we should dog this season and win only two games with hopes of getting a top pick. Wow, what trash.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo and Bobby (among others) get nods for calling this long ago. But let’s not get too carried away by saying he was a “bad” RT. He struggled in pass pro, but that was such a small sample size (off the hold out) who knows what he may have developed into. No matter, let’s hope for a return to health and a Okung / Carpenter left side for many years to come.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Also, this makes my bet with pabuwal more palatable.

  8. Hammajamma says:

    Takes some pressure off him with the depth they have a Guard right now. Sets him up well to battle for a starting spot in ’13.

    What’s the RT depth chart look like?

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Moffitt and Lutui are 1,2. Eric or Dave would have to answer whose been there after that.

  10. Dukeshire says:


  11. Hammajamma says:

    Is Barron first behind Breno?

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Sorry… In my haste I read that as RG.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    In the Carroll interview, one thing that really stood out was that McCoy came in at 270lbs, and that’s *leaner* than the previous two years. lol

  14. Carlsonkid says:

    C’mon now guys , lets be honest . He was a horrible right tackle and should have been no ones first round draft pick . Those are the kind of mistakes this franchise has GOT to stop making ; different front offices making the choices , but the Chris Spencer / Lawrence Jackson / Kelly Jennings / James Carpenter mid-round talent guys going in the first round have set this team back time and again . I honestly love the way Carroll & Schneider are drafting overall , but that was a Tom Cable pick they should have put the kaboosh on .

    When a guy off of the Packers practice squad out-plays your first round pick , you screwed up .

  15. Ahh, the Bet and the Crystal Ball:

    SEP. 7, 2011 AT 6:44 PM
    LT – Okung
    LG – Carpenter
    C – Unger
    RG – Moffitt
    RT – Giacomini

    Gentlemen, this might be your Seahawks starting 5 OL for the next several years.

    SEP. 7, 2011 AT 6:47 PM
    seriously, pabuwal? You think you can predict the seahawks starting O line more than a week in advance? Not likely. lol.

  16. I think Carp will be a legit and potential Pro Bowl LG. I hated him as a RT. I think we’ll look back on that pick and say it was a good use of 1st round pick on a really good LG. Had they left him at RT, it was my opinion that we could talk about him like we do with Spencer and Jackson, but I think he’s going to be fine (now).

  17. pabs – What were you saying about Chancellor, Browner, and Lynch around that same time? lol

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    Carp was a head scratcher to me, more so than the Irvin pick and I’m one of the Hawk fans that still can’t figure out the logic behind it along with the Clemons contract extension. Teams don’t draft RTs in the 1st round. You build strong depth where one can emerge as your starter rather than throw big money at that position.

    As PC said at the time, it was a statement that they wanted to run the ball. It seems they overcorrected with that pick and what they gained in the running game, they lost more in protection against the pass. It looks like it’s going to work out though. Breno was that depth that emerged as a starter. So far, Carp can’t exactly ask for big money when his contract is up. It’ll be 2 years of poor play that will be hard to make up for during the rest of his contract.

  19. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    carlsonkid, the change with this front office is they hit consitantly in the later rounds so missing on a first is a little easier to take.

  20. Hammajamma says:

    Carlson, agreed. If not for the injury, however, he could still be starting. I don’t look at it quite like blowing it on an LT. A late 1st for an O lineman isn’t necessarily a mistake if he’s a long term starter. That part is still unanswered.

    Carp has yet to provide the requistite ROI for a first rounder. We can all agree on that.

  21. I never thought he would be a bad RT, I thought he would eventually be a very good RT. He can be potentially a very good LG. This is a unusually athletic and smart 325 lb football player. Eventually, he is going to be awesome. What I thought last year is that he was no where near ready to be an NFL starter at any position. He only played 2 years of major college football and had not OTA program as a rookie. Cable drafted him to be a RT, but last year he just wasn’t ready.

    I think the reason he is moving to G is simple. The Seahawks have 4 (count em 4) starting-quality OTs: Okung, Giac, Barron, and Omiyale. What they have at G is uncertain. Moffitt is coming off an injury. Lutui is returning from a weight problem. McQuistan is a T moved to G. Carpenter, once healthy and given some practice time, can likely come in and take a starting job from any one of these guys who isn’t panning out.

    We have potentially great O line depth for the first time in (ever?) I’ll welcome Carpenter back as a G or T.

  22. Whether Barron and Omiyale are starting-quality OTs remains to be seen. Your overall point about O line depth is valid though.

  23. Let’s see BobbyK –

    Chancellor – he’s not a good tackler in open space. He’s stiff. He’s the last guy I want to see making the TD saving tackle. And fortunately, the Seahawks have Earl Thomas which allows Chancellor to do what he does best and not be exposed. The brilliance of Earl Thomas allows the Seahawks to mask Chanellor’s deficiencies.

    Lynch – makes the wrong reads behind the line and slow to hit the hole when he does see it. During the season, Lynch admitted it was Cable’s coaching that improved his play and taught him to trust the blocking and the scheme.

    Bronwer – a boom and bust CB who is overrated. I still think this. He gave up the long game winning completions against SF and Washington at the end of the year. And he gave them up against terrible QB/WR combinations. Pro Bowl CBs don’t do that. I don’t even want a starter to do that. I predict that if Browner plays like he did last year he won’t be starting in 2013. But I wouldn’t be surprised to see him improve and get better.

  24. ooh, Pabs. Zing! haha. Seriously, I don’t remember anyone here last year doubting that Carp to G was a real possibility. Not a bold prediction as far as this year goes – but 5 YEARS? That hasn’t happened yet. We don’t even know with this year’s staring O line is yet. So let’s check back on your prediction in 5 years.

    As of right now the starting LG is McQuistan, and Deuce Lutui will have something to say about that before long. At RT, Giacomini has to be looking over his shoulder at Barron and Omiyale. Will he really be starting 5 years from now? We’ll see. The competition will make them better at all positions, that’s what matters to me.

  25. On another note, NFLN has given us a good amount of live coverage of the morning Seahawks practice. The QBs looked good except for Portis who had several fumbled snaps. Jackson pushed the ball downfield and made tougher throws more than the other 2.

  26. You’re right Stevos.

  27. Carlsonkid says:

    If Carpenter turns out to be anywhere close to Hutchinson as a LG , then he’s worth a first rounder . Otherwise , that was talent that could have been aquired in a later round . One of the supposed benefits of a zone blocking scheme is you can have smaller , more agile lineman play well without using high draft picks .

    We now have a 1st round pick at LT , another 1st at LG , a 2nd rounder at center , a 3rd round pick at RG and someone off of GB’s trash heap at RT . That’s a large investment of draft picks on the O-line , which is fine by me as long as they can keep my dead grandma from sacking our QB on a passing down .

    Heres hoping ..

  28. jawpeace says:

    Carp started out like crap. Then his play was improving and before going down, he was playing so much better. The lock out really harmed his development and then add the injury. I was never too optimistic about him returning this season. I always thought he would start the year on PUP. Then after week 6 be activated. Work him self back into football shape another 4 weeks. So not until after week 10 will he be ready to contribute. But by then the line is playing well together and you don’t mess with success. I see the rest of the season Carp being a back up unless someone get hurt before him.
    That is not a terrible scenario as that will help him get a complete recovery on the leg and lessen the re-injuring it factor. Which happened when they rushed Marcus Tubbs and it ruined his career. Big men with knee injuries need extra time.

  29. NFLN with a lot of solid coverage of Seahawks training camp today.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    Well, 1 out of 4 ain’t bad, pabs. ;-)

    Flynn made a nice deep throw to Tate while NFL Network was showing practice. Portis fumbled 3-4 snaps in a real short period of time. Not exactly solidifying a position with that.

    I don’t think we saw Carp nearly enough to say he was going to be a bad RT. I am glad to see him moving to LG, as I have said for awhile, as I see him having a higher ceiling there. A Okung/Carpenter left side could be formidable for a long time. Carp did show considerable improvement last year at RT IMO. He came in out of shape and had a steep learning curve. I think he was affected as much as anyone by the lack of an offseason. I didn’t see him ever being a very good pass blocking RT though.

    BobbyK, not sure why you still talk about Carimi like he was/is clearly the better pick last year. He played less than 100 snaps last year, injured in week 2 and missed the rest of the season. He had 2 surgeries on the knee, though less severe than Carp’s. He should be available to start 2012, which Carp will not, but he has hardly proven anything in the NFL yet. Carp’s versatility was one of the things they played up when they drafted him. If he turns into a pro bowl or near LG then I think the pick was a good one.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    Carlson, would you like to return to the days of Numbskull when they primarily drafted O-lineman late and their line sucked?????

  32. This says more about Breno than it does about Carpenter imo. Let’s give Breno a little credit for seizing his opportunity and not letting go!

  33. Palerydr says:

    Agree with your thoughts on Carimi bbnate420. If we were to apply the short sighted logic that many posters use here for Carpenter then Carimi is an even bigger bust than Carpenter.

  34. Dukeshire says:

    bbnate – 1 out of 4 is 100%, don’t you know? Lol

  35. bbnate420 says:

    Oops, sorry Duke. I’m a little off on my math sometimes. 8)

  36. Carlsonkid says:

    bbnate – did you watch any of the first several games from last year ? Our O-line did in fact ” suck ” . I don’t think it’s coincidence that as soon as Carpenter and Mofitt went down , the line play improved .

    I certainly don’t want to go back to the days of Ruskell and his pathetic draft picks , but I would like to see first round talent drafted in the first round , and Carpenter could have been had in later rounds . Even he himself was surprised to be drafted in the first round and said so on draft day . Hopefully the move to LG will pay off , but you generally don’t draft LG’s in the first round . Unless their last name is Hutchinson .

  37. I agree bbnate about the Carimi infatuation that still persists when the dude went down early and hardly proved himself. Blogs are funny; people just want to be right, correct or great forecasters.

    I have two words for the Carp situation although at the time I was trying to maintain faith in the FO:

    Andy Dalton

    Want a Pro Bowler? Franchise QB? Ask Trent Dilfer how he felt after the (his) Hawks passed on him. I think he had a conniption/meltdown on TV during the draft.

    I seriously doubt he’ll be any where near the caliber that Hutch was however if he’s just decent enough (better than Chris Gray who wasn’t that bad and Hutch), I’d be perfectly content. Hope he comes back and stays healthy and mashes all along the way.

    Many of you were ‘right’ to say he should be moved to LG…congrats! And let’s leave it at this blog entry and please or purdy please, move on!


  38. bbnate420 says:

    Carlson-I wouldn’t agree that “as soon as Carpenter and Moffitt went down, the line play improved”. I agree that the line sucked at the beginning of the year. They were playing a bunch of young/inexperienced players that had not played together and had no offseason together. I think they showed consistent improvement, not just after Carp/Moffitt went down. They played pretty well versus the NYG. The OBVIOUS difference to me is that the lines under Numbskull were older and less talented. “They were what we thought they were”! Locklear, Spencer, Willis, and Wrotto aren’t EVER going to be confused for pro bowlers or even good O-lineman.

  39. bbnate420 says:

    Carlson-You have as much actually proof that Carp would’ve been available in the 2nd round as people have that Irvin would’ve been. Which is none.

    G’s are consistently drafted in the first round, though not a large number of them. 2 were drafted in the 2012 1st round alone!

  40. bbnate420 says:


  41. bbnate420 says:–nfl.html

    That windbag Harbaugh spouting off again. I think it’s presumptuous to call a player a bust before he plays a down but, “Me thinks thou doth protest too much”. And you didn’t go after Manning? Sure, Jim.

  42. HawkyHann says:

    Jackson looked mentally slow and telegraphed his passes today…nothing has changed.I must admit that Flynn looked like a starting QB. I’ve been skeptical of him but he’s our starter day 1. You heard it hear first. Love the promise of Russ Will but he’ll be a good backup.

  43. jawpeace says:

    Carlson- I also disagree with you that “as soon as Carpenter and Moffit went down, the line play improved” They should signs of improvement before that and were just starting to come together and then injury lightening struck. But Cable kept the ship from sinking.
    I also liked the idea of drafting Camari over Carp. The reason being is the Hawks drafted Moffit. As most of you know they played together in college. The familiarity factor would have helped with the growing pains and boy were their a lot of them early in the season.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    That narrative has existed for some time now. What it fails to take into account is that the improvement was happening *before* the injuries, and most likely had to do with the fact that players were finally getting up to “speed” and becoming more familiar with their assignments and scheme later in the season as a result of the hold-out, not the fact Carpenter and Moffitt went down.

  45. satokast says:

    HawkyHann do you honestly think you are the first person to suggest that Flynn will be the opening day starter? You’ve got to stop drinking that light beer! Also, I’m sure you know this but, it’s “here’ not “hear.” There’s that beer again.

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