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Morning links: QBs look ragged on Day 1

Post by Eric Williams on July 29, 2012 at 7:40 am with 41 Comments »
July 29, 2012 7:40 am
Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson on the first day of Seattle Seahawks NFL football training camp. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

There’s nowhere to go but up.

That’s the assessment of Dave Boling of The News Tribune on the performance of the quarterbacks in the first day of training camp for the Seattle Seahawks.

In the three-way battle for the starting quarterback job between Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson, Boling writes that each had their bright moments, but also combined for a collection of overthrows, misreads, tipped balls and interceptions.

And that’s not a good thing, considering that solving the quarterback issue is the No. 1 priority for Seattle head coach Pete Carroll at this year’s training camp.

Boling: With a solid rushing attack and an elite defense already in place, an efficient, upper-half quarterback would be enough to put the Seahawks on the road toward long-term division contention.

“If all three fizzle, well, we’re all familiar with what 7-9 seasons feel like.”

My story today talked a little bit more on Carroll’s decision-making process in determining a starting quarterback, along with the aggressive play of Seattle’s ball-hawking defense. Here’s what Flynn had to say about the QB competition: “In training camp, it’s most important that you not look ahead. Really, you have to take it one day at a time, one slice at a time. Because if you start thinking about the first preseason game or what’s going to happen at the end of training camp, that’s when you start falling into mind traps.”

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that the Seahawks are facing something unfamiliar in Carroll third year as head coach – high expectations.

Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times says the quarterback battle is the great unknown for the Seahawks, but also the key to whether or not this team has a successful season.

Clare Farnsworth of offers this report from practice, which includes the highlight of the day, Richard Sherman’s interception return for a score.

More Farnsworth: He breaks down Day 1 of the quarterback competition.

John Boyle of the Everett Herald writes that Seattle’s three-man quarterback competition should not be an excuse for Carroll if the team struggles this year.

Curtis Crabtree of KJR-AM notes that Marshawn Lynch appeared to be in shape and moving well during the first day of practice.

Liz Mathews of ESPN 710 Seattle talks with receiver Antonio Bryant, who says “I feel like a Corvette.”

The Seattle Times has a nice gallery of photos from Day 1.

Gregg Rosenthal of says that Seattle’s quarterback competition is the No. 1 position battle in the league. Rosenthal likes Flynn to win the job.

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Wow, eleven Seahawks links…Heaven. Thanks.

  2. chuck_easton says:

    Come on QBs. Somebody take the bull by the horns and win the job. Tie goes to the returning starter. I can’t take another season if it’s TJack by default.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Of the 11, 6 are dedicated to the QBs. Lol.

    Deep breath Chuck. That was only day one.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If it turns out to be a tie, my gut feeling would be to go with Wilson. More upside.

  5. The reality is, we are looking at a fairly mediocre group here unless Wilson can develop quickly.

    I’d expect to hear more reports on a regular basis along the lines of “none of the QBs really distinguished themselves today” because that’s how mediocre QBs roll.

    I’d also expect the order the QBs took the snaps yesterday to be the order of the depth chart on opening day – Jackson, Flynn and then Wilson.

    But how quick will Carroll’s hook be for Jackson when he struggles? Will he pull a Dennis Green and just shuffle between QBs every other week? He hasn’t shown the willingness to do it while with Seattle, but that was with Whitehurst at backup. Now all the options are fairly close with each other.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If this group of qbs are fairly mediocre then that tells me that Wilson, ( being a rookie ), will play better then mediocre down the line.

    Also, ( as I stated in the last thread ) I think the starting qb position will come down to who does better in the two minutes of each half of the pre season. And we all know that Jackson has one of the worst qb ratings of all qbs with two minutes or less.

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Last two minutes of each half.

  8. Jackson’s 2 minute comeback attempts with the Seahawks have all been against playoff caliber defenses. Flynn’s 2 have been against 2 of the worst defenses in the NFL.

    I don’t expect either of these 2 QBs to be successful often in 2 minute comeback attempts against playoff caliber defenses. This is the area I think Russell Wilson will make his mark eventually.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    We have a large enough sample size with Jackson’s 2 minute we can know what to reasonably expect: very little. But we have next to nothing on Flynn and Wilson to know how they’ll perform in these situations. Let alone enough to designate between playoff and non-playoff defenses. Pure conjecture. I for one, cannot wait for actual games to be played so we can begin to dispel some of the guesswork.

  10. CaliSeahawker says:

    Ahhh feels good to be back. I hope everyone here is doing well. Looking forward to seeing if Flynn can indeed seperate himself from the pack. You don’t give a backup the kind of money Flynn is making. Hoping we have a future top 5 QB on our roster!

  11. Anyone know what is happening with Portis during all the ‘starter’ competition? Gotta guess he’s not the happiest of players in camp….

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    That settles it then! Wilson will be the starter for 2012. No need to waste anymore reps. Just hand this kid the ball and get out of his way!

    Lol. If it was only that easy.

  13. It’s not conjecture to say the majority of Jackson’s comeback attempts have been against playoff caliber defenses (SF x 2, Cinn, Atlanta). The 2 other defenses were Washington and Dallas which both ranked in the Top 14. The other team was the Cardinals which ranked number 18.

    Duke, I’ll make you a bet – that Flynn does NOT win the starting job in 2012 which means I would win if Wilson or Jackson wins the starting job. You feel very confident that Flynn will be the answer this year, so I will gladly offer this bet.

  14. What evidence exists that the FO knows what they are doing at the Qb position? If the NCAA drafted players to colleges then you could point to USC for Pete. OK, John was part of the GBay juggernaut and he should have picked up something there but has he ever been tagged with the responsibility for a Qb’s development? Bevell?

    We have three maybes and a what if stable. If they are “to close to call”, two weeks ahead of preseason, the “heat on Pete” should and deservedly so, be turned up. No matter what his or Johns spin might be, conventional wisdom says this is not good. Two and a half seasons in and the number one position in all of football, trending toward even more passing, is not determined yet alone proven successful.

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    Two to one odds for Pabs….

  16. They should have kept Hasselbeck!

  17. jawpeace says:

    No surprise the Defense is ahead of the offense. It will be good for the offense to face one of the best D everyday. I remember the learning experience Russel Wilson had back in mini camps when Sherman went up and snagged a ball for an INT. Wilson was surprised and said something like nobody in college could do that.
    It is always a good news/bad news in training camp. If channel 83 catches a long TD from Wilson. It means the D got burned. If ET gets an INT it means Flynn had a bad throw or the WR ran the wrong route.
    Those are the days of camp mistakes will be made, learning from them is what will determine starting, back ups, and unemployed.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    Pab – reread my post. I said the expectations regarding Flynn and Wilson were conjecture. And they are. Please point to the post where I said Flynn is the “answer” for this season. I like him and do think he’ll earn the starting job, but I have stated time and time again that the preseason games will clear this all up. That said, I believe I tried to make a bet like this with you before, and you begged out due to some other bet with Bobby. Any bet between us will require a number of clarifications and contingencies in order for me to be comfortable that the bet will not hinge on an undiscissed element.

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Funny thing though, even with a qb position not determind or even not successful,( unless you count Carrolls first year with Hasselbeck ) we are still very capable of winning the NFC west, where elite qbs don’t exist.

  20. raymaines says:

    Antonio Bryant says “I feel like a Corvette.” Does AB understand Corvettes have plastic bodies and that he’ll be in a figure 8 demo derby race against monster trucks? Best of luck AB.

    I’m still betting on Flynn to start, and separately, that he’ll have great passer rating numbers – mostly because he’ll be passing in high % situations. Sometime in the middle of the season at the end of a game when things aren’t going well, we’ll figure out if he’s actually a good QB or not, but he’ll have great numbers.

    And one more thing that I think I think: Rice won’t be asked to run very many stupid slant routes and will tend to stay healthier because of it. The middle of the field is meant for people who are either really big or expendable. Rice isn’t either.

  21. Sparky12 says:

    New here. Have been following this column for a long time.

    My 2 cents on the QB situation. I also think Flynn wins the job. He seems to have the smarts, confidence, and a decent enough arm to be an upgrade from TJ, and likely can make better decisions on the 2 minute drills. Jackson has the arm and legs, but has shown he lacks the quick decision making needed on many reads, especially on the hurry-up offense. Wilson needs a year to learn the NFL. But next year, watch out for Wilson taking over the QB spot from Flynn, ( unless Matt delivers us to the playoffs ).

  22. Hammajamma says:

    What are people going to say after a solid but unspectacular preseason from Flynn, leaving him virtually even with TJ, while Wilson lights it up against second half scrubs?

    I expect RW to look more dynamic in the ragged world of NFL preseason. Will people howl if it still goes to Flynn?

  23. yellaman says:

    Tjack is a NFL backup qb at best and if the hawks want to kid themselves and think they can win a superbowl with Tjack then i say PC & JS have a year left at the helm of the franchise. I don’t see qb’s become elite after 6 yrs of playing the position. Tjack is who he claims to be the numbers don’t lie

  24. bbnate420 says:

    Good point, Hamma.

    The situation will be a lot clearer two weeks from now, after the 1st preseason game. It’s all really conjecture until then. I just wish Hasselbeck was here so we’d have a 4th QB to kvetch about. ;-)

    TJack’s numbers in the crunch haven’t been good his WHOLE career. I doubt he was facing great defenses every time. I am not nearly the TJack hater that a number of people here are, but numbers are numbers.

  25. bbnate420 says:

    Also to your point Hamma, you could reasonably argue that Portis looked the best of the QBs in preseason games last year. That doesn’t mean he would’ve played the best in the regular season. It’s important to remember what units they are playing with and against when evaluating the QBs.

    Some people here love to criticize PC/JS for not having a sure fire Franchise QB by the start of their third season. Tell me this. Which Franchise QB did they not go after or intentionally miss out on? The only one that has been available is Manning, and they went after him as hard as they could. Franchise QBs don’t grow on trees. If it was as simple as wanting one, then every team would have one. The only QBs they missed/passed on are Kolb, most people here seem to think he is a bum, and Dalton. Dalton is still not a shoe in to be a Franchise QB, and he wouldn’t have had the same success if he was here last year IMO. He could’ve been successful at the end of the year possibly, but would’ve been a deer in headlights behind our O-line at the beginning of the year.

  26. raymaines says:

    I know Matt Flynn’s luster has faded a little, but he was the one guy in free agency outside of PM, or that would be available to us in the draft that looked like a franchise QB, and the Seahawks got him. Lets not give up on him or the brain trust quite so soon.

  27. Seahawks2620 says:

    One thing to keep in mind, and this is not an excuse for the QBs, but there are A few things that we should take into consideration when judging the QB competition:

    1. It was the first day of camp.

    2. Although professionals, we have three QBs in unique and stressful situations.

    – One who is fighting for his career in the league. (Jackson)
    – One who is fighting for a starting gig for the first time in his NFL career, in a new
    environment, with big expectations after a rather large financial commitment.
    – And one who has been thrust into an NFL starting competition as a rookie, albeit
    having a sturdy and confident head on his shoulders. (Wilson)

    3. They are practicing against the number nine defense in the league, and one that
    sent three pro bowlers, out of the secondary alone. I doubt even Tom Brady would
    Consistently slicing and dicing this secondary.

    Again, I understand that one could state that every QB in the league has to face these adversaries at one point or another in their respective careers. However, that point is moot, because the out come is just the same. They are going to be nervous, under this not so ideal situation.

    We should sit back and see how this race progresses. At the end I the day, my money is on Flynn. The kid simply has more poise.

  28. Seahawks2620 says:

    I apologize for the construction of my post. Not quite sure how to do it on this iPhone.
    As for the word “adversaries” it should be “adversities”.

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hamma- I hope that RW has a chance to play against 1st stringers in the preseason.

    This is the way I would like to see it played out. Wilson takes charge and wins the qb competition. Flynn finishes second, however does very well also. So now we finally have a good backup to go with our future franchise qb.
    Jackson also does well. Not well enough to land a job here, however well enough to possibly be traded to another team that is desperate for a backup qb.
    Because of injuries in camp and preseason, chances are good that some teams will be qb thin by the time the regular season rolls around. So if this all plays out right we may just recoup that 3rd round pick we lost for Whitehurst, and save 4 mil.

    I know dream on. Lol.

  30. It’s Flynn’s job to lose. The timing is just right for him to get a shot at the starter’s role. Jackson has had his, and been just serviceable.

    If Wilson blows everyone away, and wins the job, I guess that’s fine, but I’d be pretty surprised to see it.

    If Flynn doesn’t win the starting gig, it’s a big disappointment to me, and my expectations for this season take a real hit.

  31. I’m hoping Flynn or Wilson can take the job. If it’s close, I believe they go with the kid due to his longer term upside. But, man, I wish we still had Hasselbeck! With him with actual talent around him, the run game of the Beast, and that defense — I would honestly think we could go to the Super Bowl, instead of hoping someone can get the job and maybe bring us to the play-offs. I think, aside from the QB position, that this team is, overall, more talented/better than the ’05 group.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “I study a lot of football,” Sherman said. “You get to the point where if you show me something once, the second time you show me I’m going to make the play. They showed it to me twice. That’s all that was.”

    Richard Sherman talking about his int.

    I can’t say enough about Richard Sherman! If Carroll and crew keep finding these hidden gems we just might be talking Superbowl soon!

  33. Yeah. I love Sherman (not in a weird way).

  34. bbnate420 says:

    If Flynn becomes the backup, there’s a decent chance he won’t be here in 2013. At least not under his current deal. If RW wins the job and Flynn backs him up then I could possibly see them keeping Flynn in 2013 at his current salary. He would provide some stability behind RW and his salary wouldn’t be as much of an issue, because RW would still be making peanuts as far as QBs go.

    BTW, I think some people forget that Holmgren didn’t get Hasselbeck until the beginning of his third season here. And wasn’t really sold on him as the QBOTF until the end of his fourth season here.

  35. grizindabox24 says:

    I see no way the RW gets the starting nod unless he is clearly the better option coming out of the preseason. He may eventually get his chance if the combination of Flynn/TJax struggle. As for the Flynn/TJax battle, if it is close, difficult to say who gets the nod. Do they go with the returning starter or validate the move to sign Flynn?

  36. seahawk44 says:

    Bobbyk…..aside from the QB position, this team is more talented/better than the ’05 group????? Are you high? QB, FB, LT, LG, MLB were definitely stronger in ’05 & RB among others too are questionable. I will give you that depth seems better now overall. It would have been interesting to see what Beastmode could have done running behind Strong, Big Walt, & Hutch. Alexander though, had one of the great seasons in NFL history.
    For the record, I too would’ve loved to see what Hasselbeck could accomplish with this team.

  37. Macabrevity says:

    I’ve been looking through some old football rosters, turning right to Minnesota and any comments on the QB situation. It’s funny how each time they just re-printed the same comment on T-Jax as the previous year; “This should be the year Tarvaris finally puts it all together”.

    We’re still singing the same old song – for now at least. I hope it ends soon.

  38. Eegwaybeegway says:

    This whole business about people saying “Tarvaris has had his chance” is riduculous and needs to stop.
    The guy has had 34 starts in the league, which is just the equivalent of just over 2 years. Hardly an abundance of time to prove himself. And even with that time, he’s compiled a .500 (17-17) career record. That’s hardly abysmal.
    It should also be noted that he was idle the 2 years prior to coming to the Hawks, so considering he finished a solid 5-3 as the starter in the second half of the season, he IN FACT has shown that he is a good leader at the position.
    As I’ve said from the beginning, if Flynn has Pete’s jaw dropping with his stellar play, by all means go with him as the starter. But I’d hope that if it’s Tarvaris who hits on all cylinders in the preseason games, that minds around here will become accepting and supportive as him as the starter.

  39. “This whole business about people saying “Tarvaris has had his chance” is riduculous and needs to stop.”

    I’m not a big Tarvaris basher – and think he did what he could last year. But, let me ask you, by your logic, if Tarvaris does get another season of starts this year, you think he’s going to turn into a top 1/2 of the league QB? That, I don’t see happening, and I’d rather take a shot with someone else.

  40. bbnate420 says:

    That’s exactly how I view TJack and the QB situation, pdway.

  41. I still feel that if the play is even then Tjack should NOT be given the job by default – for a number of reasons

    1. He has have 34 starts in the league – MANY of those under this offense – He should be able to totally outshine Flynn and Wilson in practices in that aspect alone.

    2. He has horrible pocket awareness which is why he has terrible 2 minute numbers – and the arguement that they were against “play-off teams” is all the more reason to move on – if he can’t win against play- off teams then he is not the on field leader we need and will NOT lead us deep into the play-offs – because well – those are where you see play off teams

    3. You can say anything you want about the 2 games that Flynn has played in but you in no way say that all that happened was because the offense was sooo good (they didn’t have all the players) or how bad the defenses were – 6 TD’s and 400+ yards HAS NOT BEEN DONE BEFORE – even by the all time greats with great teams – so your point is??

    4. If Wilson plays close to the other 2 I can totally see PC going with him to see if he can lead the team.

    Lastly Flynn was NOT given that big of a contract. Everyone was commenting how low it was when he signed it but now everyone is OMG he got a high contract so they are going to cut him if he doesn’t win.

    My Opinion: I want Flynn to win it, not a rookie but will have growing have growing pains. IF Wilson Out plays him through out the pre season then I will be OK with him winning the job.

    If Tjack wins it he needs to 1. Finish in the top Half of the league in any QB comparison and/pr 2. must get the team into the playoffs and be HIGHLY competitive or win a game. If those don’t happen then he need to be cut AND both PC and JS should be on a VERY hot seat for the future

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