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  1. E. J. Wilson? WTF? I’m okay he was a 4th round nothing (after the studs they have drafted). The reason I bring this up is b/c it was a piece like this two years ago where people (including Rang) were talking about what a “steal” Wilson was in the draft. He even said himself that Wilson should have been rated higher about a week or so into camp (when he looked good and before he got cut). Was he cut due to being a moron, simply not good enough, or what? He’s not exactly a stud starter now, even though he had “potential” at the time. Just curious.

  2. Eric –

    After the “alleged” incident… is there any chance that we could get a different photo for the website, at least for a few weeks???

    I think it’s appropriate that Tez gets the “Insider” honor, at least through training camp… Call me sentimental, but I think it’s legit (especially to those of us who suffered through those terrible teams, are proud about it, and still love this team).

    A HOFer handing the torch to the TEAM we all hope eventually wins it all!!!

  3. Palerydr says:

    Eric/Dave and all those who gave their observations thx. I’m really interested in the LB’s who was running as the #1’s? Who was making the calls? Did anyone stand out? I read Bowens article about tackling what do the Hawks do in regard to practicing tackling? I agree with Bowen that tackling is the most important skill a defensive player should have.

  4. Of the people in the above photo… the one on the far left (if you’re looking at the computer) is a Bronco (former Saint), Lynch is Lynch, and Carslon (right) is a Viking.

    Sorry to be picky, but a Seahawk doesn’t get inducted into Canton everyday and I firmly believe that Tez should be honored for at least a month with the Insider before we get to the regular season…

  5. You are not sorry to be picky – you live for it!!

    But – I totally agree with you- it would be AWESOME to have Tez on the banner until HOF day!!

  6. raymaines says:

    I’ve been reading blogs, listening to podcasts, and watching video all day long and I’m higher than a kite. This stuff is better than sniffing glue.

    I’m absolutely convinced everything is going to work out perfectly for the Seahawks this year. Nobody will get hurt, all the draft picks and FA’s will be awesome, the referees will only see the good stuff, and the 49ers will fall in a hole. I’m looking for 16-0 & a 30 point Superbowl win!

    Tomorrow I have to clean the kitchen and bathrooms, and mow the lawn, but everything is perfect today. Geoux Seahawks!!

  7. raymaines, it could very well happen. Not 16-0, but certainly 11-5 and a Super Bowl win. Just imagine if Irvin is legit and the Seahawks have a consistent pass rush. With the secondary they have, the defense could move to Top Five. Then the QB would not need to do much, just make a few plays here and there, and hand the ball to Marshawn the rest of the time.

  8. Well hand the ball to Marshawn when he is actually available to be on the field!!

    The offense is going to have to be MUCH better over the course of the year to finish with a Plus .500 record

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks for all the camp reports Eric and Dave!
    And thanks for all the camp reports by the fans also!

    So much good stuff!!!

    I’m going out on a limb and say that Bates will make it on this team. I think he will be a feel good story much like Baldwin was last year.

    Also, I think the starting qb position will come down to who does better in the two minutes of each half of the pre season. That’s what I think the coaching staff will value the most. At least I hope they do.

    And I’m going to reserve judgment on Carp until I see what kind of shape he comes in for the 2013 season. And like many here, I see him moving over to LG. Especially if he remains out of shape.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:


  11. DreadHawks says:

    @ GeorgiaHawk, While Flynn certainly wasn’t stellar yesterday most of his missed passes were very close and some catchable. Adjustments and better accuracy will come in time as he gets used to routes and players. I think he is going to be a surgeon when it come to short to intermediate passes. His few long balls really hung up there. this is where receiver heighth and speed will make the difference…..I believe.

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks DreadHawks! So much more hope this year regarding the qb position!

  13. Dread, that’s what I’m hoping M2 does also…surgical airstrikes that decimate the competition and move the chains to the end zone. If he shows poise and intelligence under pressure I think he wins this competition hands down.

    I’m hearing nothing of my sleeper WRs Deon B…is he going to make the team or not…and how about Tuinei? Does he have what it takes to make it to the bigs? He has the size (6’5″, 220) but does he have the moves and the smarts?

  14. bbnate420 says:

    From what little I saw of the QBs on, granted it wasn’t much and they were just drills, Flynn seemed to be more accurate than either RW or TJack. He was hitting the receivers in stride on a number of slant routes, ala his pass to Driver versus Det last year. RW and TJack seemed to be putting the ball too high or behind them. My 2 cents.

  15. DreadHawks says:

    @TomlPDX Deon was involved yesterday and made a couple of nice catches and also was on the almost receiving end of a Flynn pass. He dove and almost made a great catch. In regular season he catches that ball. I think he makes the team.Saw Tuinei make A catch he’s big but raw. I like him too, maybe practice squad.

    @bbnate420,I thought Wilson looked like a rookie but I’m high on him and he will certainly get better. He has a presence out there. Doesn’t look lost at all,just raw.It’s early tho. Pete jumped on him at one point on a play he didn’t execute. Glad PC is on him it can only help.

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