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Carpenter, Thurmond and Kearse placed on PUP list; Clemons pleased with new deal

Post by Eric Williams on July 28, 2012 at 2:33 pm with 48 Comments »
July 28, 2012 2:34 pm

As you can imagine, we have lots of news to report after the Seattle Seahawks first training camp practice this morning.

The players had a lively, enthusiastic crowd to perform in front of here at the VMAC, which fueled a pretty competitive practice.

But first let’s get to the news. Offensive lineman James Carpenter (knee), receiver Jermaine Kearse (foot) and cornerback Walter Thurmond (leg) were placed on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list to begin training camp.

Initially we were told that receiver Sidney Rice also was on that list, but that was corrected and the South Carolina product did practice today, albeit in a red jersey, which means he cannot be involved in contact.

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, (3) looks on as quarterback Tavaris Jackson, right, passes the ball on Saturday, July 28, 2012, on the first day of NFL football training camp in Ernton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said that he still wants to protect Rice as much as he can coming off the two shoulder surgeries this offseason.

Carroll said Kearse is healthy but needs to improve his conditioning.

And contrary to some reports out there, the Seahawks have not made a decision on whether or not Carpenter will play this season after ACL knee surgery in December.

Carroll said that Carpenter has not suffered a setback, but because of the seriousness of his injury the team is just taking a conservative approach to his rehab, and they will continue to evaluate him through training camp.

Carroll said that it could be another four to six weeks before Thurmond sees the field.

Lynch mum on DUI arrest

Coming off of his recent DUI charge, running back Marshawn Lynch was at practice today, but did not talk to reporters afterward.

Carroll said that he has been in contact with the league, but could not speak specifically about the situation.

“Marshawn and I have been on the topic since the first day of it,” Carroll said. “And we’ve had very good communication about it. There’s a process going on that we really can’t even talk about it. But I’m pleased with the way he’s worked with us, so we understand what’s going on.”

Carroll had this to say about his initial reaction to hearing about Lynch’s situation.

“We’re always concerned and disappointed when anybody gets into any kind of trouble of any kind,” Carroll said. “I didn’t know the facts or anything about it. We talked our way through it and understand it. And I was pleased the way we interacted so that we could be on top of it.

“So we’ll make it through.”

Carroll also said that he believes that rookie running back Robert Turbin can be a 20-carry back if Lynch is not available to begin the year.

For what it’s worth, Lynch appears in shape and looked explosive during team drills.

Carroll sets timetable for QB decision — but won’t say when

Carroll said that he has a rigid schedule to adhere to in making a decision on who will be his starting quarterback this season in the three-way battle between Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson – but he’s not telling anybody.

“We’ve got a big-time formula that we’re unveiling as we go, with the reps and how we do it, and the timing and the patience that it’s going to take to make really good decisions here” Carroll said. “And this is just the first step. We’ve got a lot of things in mind that we want to get done.”

As expected, Jackson got the initial reps with the first unit today, with Flynn working with the second group and Wilson working with the third unit.

All three had positive moments and hiccups today, so from this reporter’s perspective no one jumped ahead this morning.

And Carroll agreed.

“There’s no reason to evaluate today,” Carroll said. “We’ll just go through it, add up some days and when we’ll start figure it out when we start to accumulate some reps.”

Flynn said not knowing a pecking order between the three quarterbacks makes it even more important to just focus on the task at hand each day.

Clemons pleased with new deal

Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons discussed his new contract today, a reported three-year, $21 million deal.

Clemons said he’s happy to have the added security of the contract extension.

“It’s doesn’t secure everything,” Clemons said. “But it makes you feel better about how the team feels about you going into this next season knowing you don’t have to worry about free agency. So I’m pretty happy about that.”

Some tidbits

* Ricardo Lockette, also known as Ch. 83 really showed up today. He had two catches on deep balls, although on the first one he was called for pass interference for pushing off. More important, Lockette made some nice grabs on out routes and comebacks, and appeared to be in the right spot most times today.

* As far as the young receivers, undrafted free agents Phil Bates made a couple nice grabs on comebacks.

* Third-year receiver Golden Tate also looked good today, making a nice grab on a deep ball from Tarvaris Jackson against Brandon Browner. Tate played a lot of split end today, and could be vying for the starting job opposite Sidney Rice.

* Seattle starting offensive line was Russell Okung at left tackle, Paul McQuistan at left guard, Max Unger at center, John Moffit at right guard and Breno Giacomini at right tackle. The second unit consisted of Frank Omiyale at right tackle, J.R. Sweezy at left guard, Lemuel Jeanpierre at center, Deuce Lutui at right guard and Paul Fanaika at right tackle.

* Seattle’s first nickel unit consists of Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons at defensive ends, Jason Jones and Clinton McDonald at defensive tackles. K.J. Wright shifted to middle linebacker, with Leroy Hill at WLB and Roy Lewis at nickel back. And the secondary remained the same, with Brandon Browner and Richard Sherman at the corners, and Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas at the safety spots.

* Carroll said that Barrett Ruud has been cleared to play and is slowly working his way back on the field. The same goes for cornerback Byron Maxwell. Carroll said that trainers thought that Maxwell had a stress fracture on his leg, but he’s apparently been cleared to play and is working to get back into game shape.

* Offensive tackle Allen Barbre was an excused absence today in order to tend to a family issue.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, who did Lockette catch his deep passes from?

    And interesting about Tate at SE. We’ve been talking about that this morning / afternoon.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Also, McDonald at the nose in nickel? Huh…

  3. seahawk44 says:

    Thanks, Eric. It is so nice to get some real football news. I look forward to hearing your further reports on the position battles and new player progress reports.

  4. Looks like Bryant and Mebane come out on passing downs.

  5. Dukeshire: Ricardo caught the first one on Ron Parker. I didn’t catch the number of the cornerback on other completion. McDonald played some nose in nickel situations last year.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Eric – Thanks, but I only meant from whom, which QB… And you’re right about McDonald at NT. I do recall that (any you having your Memphis boy’s back. lol)

  7. bbnate420 says:

    How did Turbin and Wagner look?

  8. Dukeshire: Sorry, Flynn on the first one to Ricardo. I don’t know who threw the second one.

    Bbnate420: Both Turbin and Wagner looked fine today. Nothing flashy, but for the most part they appeared assignment correct.

  9. FleaFlicker says:

    That first nickel unit sounds fearsome. God knows that 3rd and long was a frustrating down for our defense last year. Irvin and Clem on the ends, some big kids in the middle, and KJ backing them up….love it.

  10. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Seahawks live on the Network!

  11. Soggybuc says:

    I saw a nice grab by GT on an out where he toed the line, stayed in bound and turned up field, could be the year we have been waiting for as the talent meets football smarts.
    Nice to hear BI showing up even if it is only Omiyale.

  12. Sounds like Tate, and Lockett were the most impressive WRs so far. Any LB, or second team defensiive player impress?

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks, Eric!

  14. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks Eric.

    Only took until 3:15 for the NFL Network to mention the Hawks. I didn’t know that Cleveland and the Tards were so popular nationally!

  15. Excellent update. Thanks for hitting the highlights on the competitive positions, Eric.

  16. DreadHawks says:

    For those interested, here are my thoughts from this mornings camp visit.

    The T in T Jack stand for telegraph, as in passes. However as stated above none of the QBs stood out.

    Lockette looked very good as did Bates and Tate. Tate is alot bigger than I thought.

    Kam chancellor is HUGE and it’s all muscle…..I mean dang I wouldn’t wanna be hit by this guy. Glad he’s on our side.

    Irvin is wicked quick and I have really high hopes for this kid. He could become a very special player.

    I think our D will be a great one this year. I loved how they were talking trash out high fiving everyone on D. Thomas and Sherman were on the field either playing or they were cheering on the 2nd and 3rd units or talking trash to the O. My guess is the latter.

    Go Hawks!!

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks, Dread.

  18. I have like Thurmond but I think his days are limited – he has not had anything close to a healthy season yet, and with the addition of soo many good guys over the last few years I think he roster position is getting to be pretty hot.

  19. The career of Thurmond is over, but T-Jack gets 444 years to “prove” his “worth.” lol

  20. That’s a good one Bobby.

  21. Dukeshire says:

    I feel for Thurmond. He’s a tough, hard working, talented kid whose body (legs) simply won’t cooperate. I’m hoping Seattle remains patient with him, for now.

  22. j/k on Thurmond being “done” ///

  23. bbnate420 says:

    Don’t forget about Carp, BobbyK. His career is apparently over as well as Thurmond’s.

  24. Seahawks2620 says:

    I know that Lockette still has a few things to learn, but the more and more I read about him, the more excited I become.

  25. No reason to rush Thurmond back. I’m more worried about Trufant twisting the wrong way, and ending up on IR. We got a healthy Roy Lewis back, and a few new potential DB breakouts like Donny “The Big” Lisoswki, and Jeremy Lane. so I think we’ll be fine at DB.

  26. bbnate420 says:

    Eric or Dave, could you give us a quick update on Malcolm Smith tomorrow? Is he healthy, where’s he playing, etc.. He seems to have been forgotten on this blog.

  27. Soggybuc says:

    When Tony Ventrella, (is that Italian for ass kisser?) showed what little they did on the live stream I watched Ch. 83 as closely as I could and the kid looked fast! not just straight line fast but fast in cuts ,breaks, turning to the ball, etc… small sample but keep that up and you will see the field kid.

  28. Hammajamma says:

    Scanning the various reports, the best news of the day could be the development of Lockette. Sounds like he is running good routes and caught everything today. Very encouraging.

  29. “God knows that 3rd and long was a frustrating down for our defense last year. Irvin and Clem on the ends, some big kids in the middle, and KJ backing them up….love it.”

    My thoughts exactly . . . can’t wait to see how it goes this year with Irvin and Clemons on the field at the same time.

    It’s obviously real early, but I guess it’s no surprise to any of us that all the questions/issues this year are going to be about our offense. Really hoping Flynn separates himself from the pack and leads us.

  30. I knew what you were talkin bout Bobby. It’s kinda hard to prepare for a broken leg. I just hope he can recover and be a vital part of the defense. Cause when he is healthy he did a pretty good job IMO.

  31. Dave Boling says:

    A few answers:

    –Turbin. I saw in an early team session that I thought was interesting. In OTAs, we saw that he makes himself small in the hole, he runs pretty low so it’s just pads and helmet coming at people. But in one play today, when he got to the second level, he gave a little stutter-step that froze a linebacker. That was the first time I saw that he has a little wiggle in his game, too. Thought that was an eye-opener.

    –Thurmond. I think it’s absolutely fair to wonder about his career at this point. Pete talked about how much they like him and what a promising talent he was. But evidence is piling up against him.

    –Lockette. I think he picked up where he left off, showing a lot of promise late. He’s not only supersonic, but he makes a good move to the ball in the air.

    –My column tomorrow is about the quarterbacks. I think their play in the next month, and the decision Pete makes on who it will be, will have a serious impact on the future of the franchise. It surely could be the most important decision Carroll has to make. I thought none distinguished himself on Saturday. All had some bad to go with good. Wilson had a couple bobbles (what about those huge, adhesive hands we heard about?) and Flynn had a couple knocked down at the line (I thought that was going to be Wilson’s problem?)

  32. hambone08 says:


    I think Lockette’s second deep ball came from Tavaris. Tate’s deep ball against Browner came from Tavaris as well.

  33. Again my biggest problems with Tjack won’t show in camp – but will in games – but who knows if you are going to get anything other than bland defenses in the pre-season!

    I am VERY interested in the 3rd and long defense – It has been a VERY weak point for years.

    When we get a good pass rush we get blasted by the screen play (which we haven’t been able to run it or defend it well for years)

    When we don’t get pressure (most of the time) we get lit up for 3-5 yards longer than they need for a first down.

    I am soo looking forward to seeing creative line ups – maybe 5 DL or 5 DB’s or ?????????? I for one would like to see a line up of Irvin, Clemons, Mebane, Jones, and Bryant all on the field at the same time. That would give the OL some fits – who rushes, who stunts, who drops back – :)

  34. Thanks Dave. I appreciate your observations on Turbin.

    What I really liked about Turbin from watching his college film were his feet. That’s why Turbin reminded me of Lynch every time I watched him – surprisingly agile feet for a runner with such a big body. And yes, those agile feet will show up when he gets in the open field.

    Hoping to see Turbin involved in the 3rd down passing game as well. It would be nice to have a third down back who is a threat for both pass and run.

  35. Hmmm… the QB decistion will be important? Good to know.

  36. Rumor has it the sun will rise (as we see it) in the East and set in the West.

  37. Just having fun… :)

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – You and I are on the same page regarding Turbin.

    Dave and Ham – Thanks for your observations / details.

  39. Yes, Dave, I always (sincerely — really!) appreciate your input!!!

  40. Interesting note from the AP report:

    Carroll said the decision to cut WR Mike Williams earlier this month was made after the team thought it was time to move on. “Mike had topped out what he could do for us at this place. Hopefully he’ll get a chance to do something somewhere else,” Carroll said.

  41. Seahawks2620 says:

    I have heard quite a bit of positive chatter about the Ohio kid Phil Bates. Anyone who was there, care to comment on what they saw from him? Could be something exciting to watch develop during the preseason.

  42. Soggybuc says:

    Good to hear about Turbin, we need a nice counter punch to compliment Lynch. Nice to hear Dave thought CH.83 looked good as well, God knows Dave has watched more Hawks ball than I ever have.
    If Lockette can step and earn a roster spot he makes a nice addition in what his speed brings. dis-respect it and you have an open Fly route, respect it and someone will be open in the underneath routes(Baldwin, Tate). That kind of deep threat is something the hawks have lacked for some time now. think Galloway.

  43. raymaines says:

    Colin and Tom (who?) interviewed Ricardo Lockette today and I think I’m in love. Seriously, this kid said all the right things and none of the wrong things and I’m ready to buy his jersey.

    His part of the interview starts at the 44:35 mark and lasts for 7:00 minutes

  44. bayareahawkfan says:

    I listened to most of the Lockette interview with Colin (Paisley) and Tom (Wassel), producers, respectively, of the Bob and Groz and Brock and Salk shows, respectively, on KIRO 710.

    I wasn’t quite as impressed, but still enjoyed the interview – channel 83 needs to prove it on the field over a period of time, in my book.

    Bigger thing about today to me is that – after what felt like an almost complete lack of Hawks news, we’re suddenly inundated.

    So happy football is back :).

  45. E — Will Ryan be on any of the chats this year? (I hope so!)

  46. Soggybuc says:

    Nice interview, Thanks for the link Ray. I really like Ricardo and hope he can really improve. I think the Arrogance thing is just a shield/deflection, kid knows where he is and what he needs to do. now is time for him to prove it.
    BTW you have to read/listen between the lines for it but he is a very sharp dude.

  47. Eric-Was Trufant getting many reps? With Thurmond in question I figured he’d be looking at the nickel spt over Lewis. Also, any mention of the TE’s? Did they use a lot of 2TE sets or was it too early to tell how they’ll utilize Wislow/Miller together?

  48. mojjonation says:

    If Clemons is so happy about his deal, why was he dropping eff bombs on the crowd and giving fans the finger at times?

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