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Offseason rewind: Can T-Jack be a closer?

Post by Eric Williams on July 16, 2012 at 1:29 pm with 46 Comments »
July 16, 2012 1:29 pm
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Tarvaris Jackson fumbles on a hit by San Francisco 49ers' Larry Grant in the second half of an NFL football game in Seattle Saturday, Dec. 24, 2011. The 49ers won 19-17. (AP Photo/John Froschauer)

It’s only appropriate that our first post of this year’s Offseason Rewind series begins at the quarterback position.

And sorry to create some emotional anxiety with that nice weather outside, but we’ll focus on a couple plays that caused some agony during the regular season

Needing a field goal to win the game late against San Francisco, Seattle quarterback Tarvaris Jackson scrambled to his right and looked like he had enough to pick up a first down. But 49ers linebacker Larry Grant stripped him of the ball from behind and safety Donte Whitner recovered the ball to seal the game for San Francisco.

And you probably remember this one, right? Down 20-17 to Washington with just over two minutes left on fourth down, Jackson failed to get the ball out knowing the blitz was coming, taking an all-too-familiar, momentum-sapping sack in an eventual 23-17 loss to the Redskins.

Seattle Seahawks' Tarvaris Jackson in action against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

It’s no secret that quarterback Tarvaris Jackson struggled in late-game situations last year. While Jackson finished 7-7 as a starter in his first year in Seattle, gutting out most the year with a torn pectoral muscle on the throwing side of his shoulder, he failed to lead Seattle to a game-winning score on final drives against Atlanta, Washington, San Francisco and Arizona.

Jackson’s numbers in the final two minutes of halves during 2011 tell the story.


And in fact, a closer look at Jackson’s career numbers during the two-minute drill show a real struggle in the final minutes of a half.


While the sample size is smaller, here’s Matt Flynn’s stats in the final two minutes of halves in his only two career starts.


So what do you think? Can a quarterback develop a closer’s mentality and learn how to move a team to within scoring position late in a contest with a game on the line?

It ain’t gonna happen

The prevailing opinion in Jackson’s case would be no. Detractors would point to Jackson’s six years spent in offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell’s offense and the fact that Jackson still holds onto the ball too long, a sure sign that it takes him too long to read defenses and find the open man.

They will point to the fact that a player who’s supposed to have good athletic ability took 42 sacks last year, that Seattle has a young, inexperienced receiving unit led by a No. 1 receiver in Sidney Rice who has struggled to stay healthy, and protected by an inexperienced offensive line also plagued by injuries.

So you’re saying there’s a chance?

But there’s also room for hope if you believe that Seattle head coach Pete Carroll is being honest when he says that money will not factor into the decision on who earns the starting quarterback job Week 1.

For one, Jackson still fits the mold as the type of quarterback Carroll would like to lead his team — a tough, gritty leader with a rifle arm who doesn’t turn the ball over, can move outside the pocket and push the ball down the field.

Despite his struggles in late-game situations and on third downs (65.6 passer rating, No. 27 overall), Jackson was efficient in the red zone, throwing for nine touchdowns and just one interception, and posting a 90.1 passer rating.

Jackson can also look to someone like former Tampa Bay quarterback Brad Johnson for inspiration. While with Washington, Johnson posted a 27.3 passer rating during 2-minute situations for the Redskins in 2000. But during Tampa Bay’s Super Bowl season, while running a similar, run-based offense that leaned on a strong defense, Johnson finished with an 81.2 passer rating during 2-minute situations.

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  1. GeorgiaHawk says:

    No!!! Not a closer.

    That’s the biggest reason why we need a change this year!

  2. freedom_X says:

    No, I don’t think Jackson’s going to develop this trait. His maximum upside is perhaps what Alex Smith did last year, and that’s only if the rest of the team is strong (i.e. the offensive line.)

    More familiarity and continuity might give him a bit more pocket awareness and cut down sacks a bit, but Jackson won’t get a whole lot better there either. But to be clear, 70% of those huge sack numbers were the fault of the offensive line.

    A QB with more pocket presence would have thrown the ball away more, but that’s still getting nothing on the down. Only an elite QB would have taken some of those bad protections and made something good happen.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Great breakdown, Eric. 1 TD, 15 picks, and 25 sacks in 243 pass attempts during 2 minute? My god, that is simply deplorable.

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    It’s only fair to the rest of this young, talented, and upcoming team to find the right guy that can lead this team to the playoffs, and help them win the needed 3 or 4 games in a row that will get them a ring.

    T-Jack doesn’t have it! Sure he can put together an impressive game or two, however, ( imo ), it would be almost impossible for him to help us win the needed 3 to 4 games in the playoffs against good and great competition. He would need the great Ravens defense of the past to do that!

    I would take my chances with Wilson, Flynn, or even as a last resort Portis before I would let Jackson lead us to a losing record again!

  5. How any coach at the professional level could watch the sack TJAX takes against WASH and still run him out there as a starter is beyond me. No awareness, no intelligence, no chance.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Eric, or anyone else. Do you know what Hasselbecks stats in the final two minutes of halves were last year?

    And I would be curious to know what Wilson and Flynns College stats were in the final two minutes of the halves?

  7. RDPoulsbo says:

    For one, Jackson still fits the mold as the type of quarterback Carroll would like to lead his team — a tough, gritty leader with a rifle arm who doesn’t turn the ball over, can move outside the pocket and push the ball down the field.

    I’d hardly call 7.7% of your total passing attempts in the 2 minute offense resulting in INTs last year as “doesn’t turn the ball over.” I’d also say he takes a lot of sacks for being considered a mobile QB. So yeah, even his best attributes are rather average at best.

    I don’t mind him finishing out his contract as a backup. He’s good enough to keep the ship steady should Flynn get injured, but that’s the best you’re going to get out of him. By then, Wilson should learn enough to be trusted with more responsibilities.

    I know, I’ve broken my self imposed ban on posting about the QB situation, but it is the topic at hand. Now back to that ban since nothing I posted above is any different from the many other times I said something about the QBs since FA started. Still nothing new has changed the situation, nor will it until TC starts.

  8. RDPoulsbo says:


    It’s in the By Close section of his splits. Yes, Matt was significantly better.

  9. Autenpus says:

    Prediction: T-Jack will never earn a superbowl ring as a starter. I’m no Nostradamus, but I’m pretty sure on this one.

  10. NO, NO, NO…enough said! T-Jack needs to be gone! He had his chance and it really stunk up the place. I don’t hold grudges, but with Flynn and Wilson fighting for the starting spot…it could be very a worth while battle. I don’t believe that having a three dog fight will benefit the Seahawks. A decision needs to be made and you press on!

  11. GeorgiaHawk says:

    RDPoulsbo- Thanks!

    I broke my ban too, however I feel this qb debate is about the only thing keeping this blog alive right now.

    Man! We are almost just around the corner to another season of Seahawk football!

    I need to get that 20 foot pole so I can get the NFL ticket this year!

    If anything our defense will be fun to watch!

    Time to take back our divison!

  12. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BTW- Hasselbeck has one of the highest foreheads I have ever seen!

    He could have had a gig on Saturday night live as a cone head. Lol.

  13. Mauihawk777 says:

    Let’s see. T-Jack had a torn peck, his #1 receiver had two bad shoulders, his number 2 receiver was hurt as well and slow, and his TE was pulled in to help a young, injury riddled O-line block.

    …and all of you people think that T-Jack cannot be a closer based on his performances last year. We missed the playoffs and we have to blame some, so… ALL ABOARD! The T-Jack sucks train is leaving the station!

    T-Jack is a vet in his prime, a warrior, and a leader. He was put in just about as bad a situation as he could have been last year and still went 7-7 as a starter. They traded Hass for a more mobile guy because they KNEW the O-line was going to be a work in progress for crying out loud.

    This is a TEAM GAME people. Tom freaking Brady would have struggled in the passing game with this offense last year. OBO and Tate? Are you serious?!?!?!?

    The truth is we have no idea what Jackson can do with weapons around him, and won’t know until we see it. Based on how he handled last year I think he could go 10-6 or better with the O-line fixed and some healthy receivers.

    Oh, wait, you all want Flynn. Yeah, he was great. Remember those TWO GAMES he had throwing to Greg-freaking-Jennings, Donald-freaking-Driver, Etc-freaking-etc on the team with the most wide receiver talent in the league?!?!? All he had to do was throw the ball as far as he could!

  14. yellaman says:

    Ok here is a question- If Tjack is such a good fit at QB then why is Flynn here? The answer is Tjack is a backup QB in this league. He has had numerous years to prove he can be the guy and as we all saw last year. (The team went 7-7 despite Tjack) The hawks need a QB who can make the right reads, who gets rid of the ball to his weapons and not a QB who holds the ball to long. I want a QB who can’t make the clutch throw to win a game.(Let’s not forget @AZ he over threw Lockette that would have won the game. I gave Tjack a chance as a fan last year and he didn’t show me anything to warrant another chance to be the guy. I believe that Flynn should start and get all the 1st team reps and Tjack should back him up until Wilson is ready to go. If Wilson is ready to play this year then let Tjack walk and let Flynn and Wilson battle for playing time. Tjack was in Minnesota with Bevell and he hasn’t proven anything in 7 years now. So why does Tjack keep getting so many chances? What is the fascination with this guy who plays like a deer in headlights with his decision making. My seahawk QB doesn’t have to be the fastest, strongest arm, or a seasoned vet in the system but he does have to have a good feel for the game(know the in game situations), throw the ball with anticipation, and who can make split second reads of coverages. Tjack may have all the measurables to play QB but do we really think he is got the rest of the tools to be a championship QB. That’s what I want for the hawks a championship quality QB who I know can win any game he plays in. I remember many of games last year where I didn’t see that in Tjack. I give PC & JS til next year to make me a believer in their philosophy of competition at the QB position (I’m being kind in letting them have till 2013) and if we don’t have the QB situation figured out by then I say we need to start looking for a new coach & GM tandem.

  15. He had his chance to make a few plays in the final 2 minutes a few times. Sadly enough he wasn’t able to do that. He has 7 year’s to to prove he can be a starting qb. That’s longer than some get. It’s time to give someone else a chance.

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Mauihawk777- T Jack had no weapons with the Vikings? He had a top ten defense last year in a weak division and failed to get us to the playoffs. What a surprise when you open your eyes and see the big picture.

    BTW- Hasselbeck would have got us in the playoffs last year!

  17. Mauihawk777 says:

    “He had his chance to make a few plays in the final 2 minutes a few times.”

    not “The Seahawks had their chanceto make a few plays in the final 2 minutes a few times.”

    Interesting. I’ll bet he could have found Gregg Jennings. I’ll bet he could have let fly to the endzone and Donald Driver would have found a way to get it. Just sayin.

    And to argue that they went out and got a four year backup in this league because Jackson is a backup is hilarious!

    There are many in minnie who thought T-Jack should have stayed the starter instead of bringing in “he who is too often named”. That guy screwed up 2 of his seasons, and he showed promise leading the Vikes to the playoffs before that. To judge him now on a team that was in year 2 of a COMPLETE overhaul is just silly. We do we keep being silly?

    A deer in the headlights must not have a #1 or #2 receiver or a TE to throw to either.

    Yellaman, you say you want a qb who can get the ball to his weapons?
    WHAT WEAPONS DID T-JACK HAVE besides a slot receiver that was getting honed in on because he was the only guy on the field the defense had to worry about? Possession guys move the chains; they don’t make the big play with under 2 minutes to go. Rice hurt, Williams hurt… was there some marquee receiver open that I don’t know about? T-Jack held the ball because HE HAD NOWHERE TO THROW IT.

  18. bbnate420 says:

    Greg Jennings didn’t play versus the Lions last year!

    The only thing more tired and pointless than arguing who the starting QB will be in 2012 without any additional information is arguing about what Hasselbeck would’ve done here last year. This is something you cannot and WILL NOT ever know. My guess, he would’ve been on the IR by week 5.

    I think that running the 2 minute drill and performance in pressure situations can be developed to a SMALL degree through repetition but, I think it is primarily something that is innate. I doubt TJack would suddenly be good in the 2 minute offense last year. That sack he took on 4th down against Washington was just terrible and INEXCUSABLE! He had NOTHING to lose by just forcing the ball to someone. Total lack of awareness.

  19. bbnate420 says:

    Maui, you make some decent points.

    Welcome to NFL football, the QB gets more credit and more blame than they deserve. Been that way for years.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    If Jackson didn’t have a similar pattern of inept 2 minute, with twice as many pass attempts, in Minn., then I would agree judging him on last year’s performance would be short sighted. But the fact is there is a large enough sample size after 7 years to have formed a legitimate opinion about his so-called closing ability: it’s awful. Over the course of his career he as 1 TD against 15 picks, in two minute. There simply aren’t enough excuses available to rationalize those numbers away, for me.

  21. Mauihawk777 says:

    True that, lol.

    I don’t know why anyone would ban themselves talking about this, it is one of the most interesting Hawk topics in recent memory. This qb competition could be the thing that finally blows up in PC and JS’s faces… or it could continue their trend of looking brilliant while going completely against conventional wisdom. They built a badd@ZZ D in two years, now its time to focus on the offense.

    I just wish fans and media would give Jackson a fair chance in the competition; not that it really matters in the end because they are not the ones making the decision. I honestly don’t care who ends up being the qb, but am going to follow the competition with an open mind and enjoy every minute of it. It’s mid-July and I’m excited about football! :D

  22. My complaints about Tjack were not affected by his Torn Peck (not the only player to play through an owie) or lack of WR’s

    Key things – NO pocket presence – he scrambled INTO pressure more at least as many times as he scrambled away from it. Some of the sacks he took could have been avoided by a “mobile” QB – oh wait – isn’t he supposed to be that?

    also, he didn’t often use the whole field – even when he had time.

    IMO – He is a Great guy – and a NFL caliber QB who can occasionally get you into the play-offs but you will win 0-1 play-off games. I want the guy who can get us an extra win each year. I want to be regularly expecting to get to the conference championship game or beyond. Clearly that won’t happen every year but I want that realistic expectation for my team

  23. Soggybuc says:

    Georgia you might want to look up your local Cable/phone construction contractors. they might have a stub pole sitting around the yard and be willing to make you a deal and put in for you somewhat cheap.

  24. RDPoulsbo says:

    Maul, it’s more like everyone has been repeating themselves since March. Hell, the whole Flynn vs. T-Jax debate has been in just about every blog posting since before Flynn was even signed. Simple fact is no one has changed their opinions after 5 months and nothing will until TC starts at the earliest. I’ve simply stopped because there’s no point rehashing my opinion 3 or 4 times a day, every day for months on end.

    I seem to reluctantly defend T-Jax to a point because I think he should be the #2 and shouldn’t even be considered for being cut. The #1 rule is you don’t back up an unproven starter with a rookie QB. You can gamble, but more often, it’s a result so bad that FOs get cleaned out. I’ll take a .500 win QB as the #2 given the quality of the average backup around the league.

    I never wanted him in Seattle to begin with, but even so I couldn’t place blame on him in the early weeks last year. The line protecting him was horrid and he never had a chance to get used to his WRs with the lockout. As the season went on however, everyone on the offense, including the line and running game continued to improve but T-Jax always stayed at the same level. It certainly didn’t give me much confidence in him actually starting this coming season.

  25. Palerydr says:

    No on Jackson. Flynn starts Jackson backs up and Wilson is the #3. Because Portis was on the active roster all year I think they try and slide him through waivers and onto the practice squad. They might keep 4 QB’s but not very likely.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Portis doesn’t have any PS eligibility left (unless there is a provision in the new CBA).

  27. JMSeaTown says:

    TJack. Ugh Take a pay cut, be a solid backup. Flynn step up and keep the seat warm for Wilson.

  28. It’ll be Wilson. I’ve watched him play here in Raleigh. The kid’s got amazing talent. Talent enough to carry him, and succeed at this level. We’ll be singing his praises come this Fall. GO PACK, GO SEAHAWKS!

  29. If Rice is hurt and Lockette/Durham don’t develop, the Seahawks could easily have one of the worst Top 3 WR crews in the NFL. They were close last year with Rice’s injuries. I also worry about Winslow’s knees – he looked like he lost something last year. Just looking at the probabilities, it is likely that Rice will be hurt and 2 unknowns and unprovens like Lockette/Durham won’t develop.

    And regarding Jackson’s abilities to come back in a 2 minute situation, I don’t believe he can do it against top 10 defenses (which is what he faced in just about all of the situations – no one really mentions this). Give him a bottom 12 defense and I think he can do it just as well as most other QBs.

  30. nidhighe says:

    Beast Mode was arrested on suspicion of DUI. Third brush with the law for him, and previously suspended for 3 games. I hope Turbin is able to step up.

  31. What an idiot. He’s going to be suspended at least 4 weeks for this. And for all the criticism Shaun Alexander took from Seahawks fans, we never had to worry about a run-in with the law (which seems to be Lynch’s specialty).

  32. bbnate420 says:

    Eric, are the 2011 numbers included in the career numbers you listed, Jackson 165 82 49.1 757 1 9 16 41.4?

    I think that’s probably the case Duke so saying he has 1 TD and 15 INT is incorrect I believe. The numbers are bad either way.

    After looking at the new CBA, Portis will not be eligible for the PS. Either TJ gets cut or Portis is gone.

  33. Eegwaybeegway says:

    At the end of last season, Tarvaris was moving the ball quite well and the offense as a whole was clicking. There’s really no dramatic personnel changes in that offense, so I’m of the belief that Pete should continue to go with Tarvaris to pick up with that momentum where it left off.
    The red zone accuracy indicators that you mentioned are really a good example of that once in scoring territory, Tarvaris is quite adept. Many of those drives where the Hawks crumbled in the fourth weren’t solely Tarvaris’ doing. Many times a guy would jump offsides, a holding penalty or downfield penalty would be called or a receiver would just plain make a drop.
    In the finale to Arizona, Tarvaris had moved the offense into easy field goal territory early in the fourth quarter. A gimme kick by Hauschka would have put the Hawks up by 10. But he missed it and Larry Fitgerald could’t be stopped down the stretch giving the Cards the win. It’s these types of things that many on here miss the boat with in trying to give Tarvaris a fair analysis.
    Keep Tarvaris as your starter Pete!

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    I still don’t understand why people are so in love with Portis. You have a guy who lost a QB competition to TEBOW! Let that sink in for a second. Then he transfers and gets caught cheating on tests. Then he transfers again to a DII school. His competition level went down every step of his college career. Now, all he does is take in the scenery on the shores of Lake Washington while the other 3 guys fight it out.

    Um…yeah…and somehow he’s going to be on the 53 man roster.

  35. bbnate420 says:

    Portis won’t be on the roster unless RW proves to be either the starter or a capable backup and they cut TJack.

  36. Hawksince77 says:


    Here is some of Wilson’s college stats:

    “Jackson has been a player in the NFL that is at his best when his team is ahead. Wilson actually improved his play when his team fell behind. His was great when the team was tied (105.5), very good when losing by 1-7 points (102.1) and terrific when trailing by 8-14 points (110.9).”

    And then there is this:

    “Holy red zone, Batman!
    Perfection for an NFL quarterback is 158.3. That’s the absolute highest rating an NFL quarterback can receive. Russell Wilson’s career numbers in the red zone included 72 touchdowns, 6 interceptions and a 158.0 rating. That is not his rating for one game. It is not his rating for one season. That is his rating over his 50 game college career.

    If that 0.3 he blew is bothering you, take some solace in the fact that he turned in a perfect 158.3 rating in his senior season while throwing 24 touchdowns and only 1 interception in the red zone. He was perfect his junior year as well, and his sophomore. It was his paltry 157.2 red zone passer rating as a freshman that dragged his career number below perfection.

    These were not all cheap touchdowns, either. A full 30% of his 72 red zone touchdown passes were 15+ yards.”

    Extracted from the following:

  37. yellaman says:

    The question- Is Tjack the answer to the Hawks making it to a superebowl and the answer is “NO.” Tjack has had 7 years to become a Top level QB and even Hugh Millen ( he played the position) has said that Tjack is a below average QB. So why does he get a pass? Tjack had talent all around him in Minnesota and they brought in old man Farve because he wasn’t the guy. The Hawks brought him here to have a chance to show he was the guy(bevell supported) and he still is playing like a rookie QB. Tjack has had 7 YEARS in this league with the same system and he still can’t look off his first read as QB. He holds the ball to long, his reads are too slow, and its like he plays to not to fail.(play to WIN THE GAME) Now for all you people who say this team doesn’t have WR talent for him to throw to- Why are these guys still on the team then if they are that bad? I mean if guys can’t get open or run precision routes then why are they still here? I can’t blame all of the WR’s on this team for their lack of production. The QB does have to take some of the blame. I mean if the WR’s core is so bad then we should be killing PC & JS for the horrible moves in that department. BMW wasn’t going to out run anybody last year so the QB needs to find ways to get him the ball; for example, back side shoulder throws or high where only he can get. The Hawks currently have OBO, Tate, Baldwin, Durham, Lockette, and hand full of other guys on the roster (let’s not forget Rice) on the roster. Are you telling me these guys suck!!!. If so, we should be mad at JS & PC for giving us these guys and not the QB. But I think the QB has more to blame on this team not the WR’s group so some bloggers want to paint Tjack as a guy who diserves a chance to be an elite QB but I beg to differ What makes a elite QB is not the WR’s but the QB himself. Think about out? of all the top tier QB’s they always stay the same- its the guys they throw to who keep changing. That’s what the hawks need in a QB not an average backup who we think can win if we give him this great WR’s group

  38. Eegwaybeegway says:

    1. Anyone who says they can look into the future and say Tarvaris will not take a team to the Super Bowl should be disregarded. There’s no way to look into the future.
    2. Tarvaris has had 6 years in the NFL. Not 7 as was just mentioned. Breaking that down, he’s started 34 games, which his just over the equivalent of 2 seasons. He sat behind a future Hall of Famer. He’s only 29, so hardly over the hill.
    3. I get all of my pertinent QB info from Hugh Millen ???
    4. If you get off on Troy Williamson and Bobby Wade as the supreme talent Tarvaris had to work with in Minnesota, not to mention a leaky right side of the offensive line, it probably wouldn’t be worth debating you.
    5. Tarvaris did have a nice rapport with Baldwin and later Lockette. Put Baldwin on the map. Get Rice back and we’ll have something good.
    6. I’m not a poster who needs to cut down a member of the Seahawks to make another member look good. So I’m saying if Flynn really impresses Pete, he should by all means be named the starter. If that does happen, though, it’s only sensible to keep the QB with any real game experience as the backup. The backup helps relay plays in on the headphones and fosters communication. Don’t think you’d want the rook in that situation. But I’m still under the impression that Tarvaris should be the starter.

  39. Hawksince77 says:

    “But I’m still under the impression that Tarvaris should be the starter.”


    What do you think PC thinks? I think I understand that you would start TJack based on what you know right now, but what do you think PC will do?

    The only starting position on the offense that PC added to in the draft or FA (until he signed Winslow, anyway, something that simply came their way) was QB, and he did both: signed the second highest profile FA (after Manning) and drafted the QB that was on the top of their board when their first pick came around (RW was third, after RGIII and Luck).

    They didn’t draft or sign (outside of UDFAs) any WRs, TEs, guards (other than a late round guy defensive lineman they are switching to OG) or TEs. They drafted Turbin to back up Lynch (good thing that, huh?).

    Anyway, the point is, PC didn’t bring in two high-profile additions at the position just to stand pat. You may be willing to settle for TJack – I can just about guarantee PC won’t.

  40. Hawksince77 says:


    CamonoJim over at Field Gulls had a nice post summarizing Wilson’s college career:

    Wilson’s college career….

    I don’t understand why everyone thinks Russell Wilson needs to sit for a year or two. If you look at first round draft picks like Tannehill who had a total of what maybe 17 starts as a QB, yes, he’ll likely need a year or two. Matt Flynn was only a one year starter at LSU and he sat for several years at Green Bay.

    The big difference with Wilson is that he started 50 consecutive games (in two different systems at 2 different major colleges) and excelled. In his 4 years as a starter he was 907 of 1409 passing for 11,720 yards and 109-TD’s, 30-Int and added 1421-yds on 441 carries running the ball in his college days. Compare that to Flynn’s, Career total yards (passing/rushing) & total TD’s/INT. = 3436-yards, 36-TD’s, 13-INT. (that’s 13,141 total yds vs: 3436 total yds, 109 TD’s compared to 36).

    Even though Wilson’s stats come from college ball (in major conferences), that’s a lot of experience, a lot of “reads” and a lot of snaps that are probably of more value than sitting on the bench and “learning” from Rogers and a FEW practice reps as a non-starter in Green Bay.

    Wilson set an NCAA record last year for highest QB rating in history, also, he attempted 379 passes between interceptions — the longest streak in NCAA history — over a two year span of 13 games in 2009-10. Obviously, his large hands and high, quick release make up for any height concerns.

    Lack of experience in terms of live, gameday snaps, IMO is more applicable to Flynn.

    Link here:

  41. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Hawksince77 with all your info on Wilson! I have the same feeling about Wilson that I had about Baldwin last year when I first saw him play.

  42. Eegwaybeegway says:


    Pete has said many times over that filling Whitehurt’s vacated spot with Flynn and drafting Wilson is the price the team is willing to make heighten COMPETITION at the position so as to ensure that the QB position will be upgraded.
    In essence, he’s basically wiped the slate clean at the position and is using his guile and evaluation talents he possesses as a coach to determine who will be best at filling the three tiers in the depth chart at the position.
    At this point all three are in the mix. Just speaking of Tarvaris, Pete also saw the progress he made in the second half of the year when the offense grew around him. That’s part of the equation. There’s really not ample evidence out there to judge Flynn and absolutely nothing on the NFL level to judge Wilson. That’s why he’s taking his time. I think it’s a novel approach and I applaud him for it.
    And as I said, I still think Tarvaris comes out as the player most worthy to lead the Hawks to wins from the QB position. If Flynn or Wilson proves me wrong, I’ll figure that’s for the good of the team and I’ll be content with that.

  43. nighthawk2 says:

    A “closer”? This guy isn’t even a middle reliever. And he damn sure isn’t an opener. Jackson sucks. He wouldn’t even be here if we didn’t have an idiot like Pete Carroll as a head coach, who failed to notice how an idiot like Darrell Bevel and his guy T-Joke stunk it up in Minnesota, and hired Bevel who brought his pet junkyard project here to stink it up at Seahawks Stadium. No amount of Fabreze is going to get the smell out of this carpet. Did I mention Jackson sucks? The Vikings begged a 40 year old beat up Brett Favre to get off his Mississippi tractor and play instead of this bum. No team in the league would have signed him, and especially to what Carroll did, unless they couldn’t get Doug Flutie to come out of retirement. Or Y.A. Tittle. Did I mention Jackson sucks?

  44. yellaman says:

    hey Eegwaybeegway you right he’s only been in the league for 6 years (going into his 7th) and he’s played in 51 games. Also, he did play for a championship caliber team in minnesota and what happen? they chose to go get Brett Farve because he couldn’t cut it so don’t act like you know anything about Football. Tjack is an average QB and everybody in Seattle knows he isn’t going to lead us to a championship so why are we wasting our time on this guy. The stats back up what I’m saying so don’t try to act like you think you know about the Hawks chances with Tjack. He’s not going to be the starter baring injury.

  45. yellaman says:

    6. I’m not a poster who needs to cut down a member of the Seahawks to make another member look good. So I’m saying if Flynn really impresses Pete, he should by all means be named the starter. If that does happen, though, it’s only sensible to keep the QB with any real game experience as the backup. The backup helps relay plays in on the headphones and fosters communication. Don’t think you’d want the rook in that situation. But I’m still under the impression that Tarvaris should be the starter.

    Also are you serious about this last comment because it is the dumbest thinbg I have ever heard LOL!!!

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