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Morning links: Fox sports analyst lukewarm on Hawks

Post by Eric Williams on July 16, 2012 at 8:32 am with 19 Comments »
July 16, 2012 8:32 am
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, right, watches as Jermaine Kearse catch a ball during NFL football rookie mini camp, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Peter Schrager of Fox Sports checks in with this offseason report on the Seattle Seahawks.

Schrager doesn’t like the idea of a three-person quarterback competiton, and predicts Seattle will finish out of the playoffs this season, and in third place in the NFC West.

“There really is a lot to like about the Seahawks — their star-studded defensive backfield, the running attack, the home-field advantage with the 12th man — but in the end, I’m still not sold they have the talent in the front seven of their defense or the passing game necessary to compete for the playoffs,” Schrager said. “Flynn has looked good the two times — yes, two times — we’ve seen him in NFL regular-season games, but he hasn’t seen anything like that 49ers or Cardinals defenses. The NFC West is always wide open, and there’s a chance Seattle clicks this year. But I see them more as a six- or seven-win team than a nine- or 10-win one.”

The Seahawks check in at No. 22 in’s preseason power rankings.

According to Pro Football Focus, Marshawn Lynch finished in the top 10 in pass blocking efficiency over the last three years.

Former Seahawks center Grant Feasel passed away at the age of 52.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post explains why defensive backs get beat deep.

A few of the local sports talk radio hosts show up on this list, with ESPN 710 Seattle’s Kevin Calabro ranking the highest at No. 19 on the top 100 Sports Talk radio hosts in America.

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  1. Ewalters7354 says:

    Things like that really aggravates the HELL out of me!Since when did the Tards become a great defense?Not sold on a front seven that held opponents in check in the run game?Finished 7th in points allowed and good in yards per carry?Idiots like that have no place in the sports world simply because they pay no attention to what’s going on in SeaTown.But the hawks are gonna finish 3rd in the division even though the Tards and 9ers both have issues at Qb as well.Smh….can’t wait for this season to get rolling so ass**** like that can eat his words

  2. HAHA i was just going to say the same thing about the cards defense…dont remember them being close to good. Hell, flynn sees better defense in hawks practice then he will against those turds. Agreed, let’s get this season started.

  3. OCHawkFan says:

    We were a 6 or 7 win team last year. In the offseason, we improved the two weakest areas on the team 1) pass rush 2) QB through free agency and the draft. I miss the logic on how we’re still a 6 or 7 win team next year according to Schrager? I understand they play the games on the field, but still, give this FO some credit!

  4. Ewalters7354 says:

    Exactly.On defense we have 10 starters coming back and a rookie that’s pretty darn good as far as what I see on tape.Also his coach is Ken Norton.This team has brought in two upgrades at Qb and looking back at last season this team could have beaten the 9ers twice had it not been for ST the first game and having a Qb with no awareness of when to tuck the ball when scrambling the second game.They also could have swept the Tards the second game had Obo caught those two passes and if you really look closely Pete was throwing guys on that game to see what they can bring into this season and still went in OT and should have won!

  5. I’m not that surprised at these rankings/predictions – we are unsettled at the most important position on the field. Until that sorts out, it’s very tough to peg where we’ll be this year – as I’ve said/thought a few times, I really think this season turns on what we get from Flynn. It’s not Wilson’s time yet, and we know what we’ll get from Jackson if it turns out that he’s the starter over Flynn (which will be a clear disappointment).

    I’m back from 2 weeks out of the country . . have to say, even though it’s off-season, I missed catching up w/the Hawks news. . .

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I’m sorry to hear about Feasel, I always liked him. I’m curious what he died from, however. In two articles I read there was no mention.

    Love the passion guy, but remember these two words before getting riled up: power rankings. Worth less than the effort it took to type it. lol

  7. Carlsonkid says:

    Really sorry to hear about Feasel , I remember him from years ago …

    If our O-line doesn’t learn to pass block any better than last year , we may well be a 7-8 win team . If – on the other hand – they can protect the QB better than they did last year for T-Jack , we might risk using the P-word for the first time in years .

  8. Hammajamma says:

    Getting worked up over another of the endless preseason rankings?

    I need someone to rank to rank 3rd down efficiency for divisional road games wearing alternate or throw back unis.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    That would actually be based in fact, actually.

  10. Hammajamma says:

    You are correct. My mistake.

  11. freedom_X says:

    RIP Grant Feasel. He was a gritty, feisty player in Seattle – I remember him getting the nickname “Fighting Feasel” because he’d have so many altercations with defensive players in practice.

    If you’re objective – any other team, you can’t rate them highly if they don’t have a proven quality QB. We may be confident one of our QB’s will be a good performer, but to the outsider – it’s completely understandable if someone knocks Seattle down a few notches because of the unsettled situation. I’d do the same thing if I were looking at another team in the same situation.

  12. dirtbiker_joey says:

    Devil’s advocate:
    Hawks lost their leading tackler and middle linebacker to free agency. They have a lightly regarded rookie and disgruntled veteran coming off the ends on a defense that couldn’t muster much of a pass rush last season. Why wouldn’t we question the strength of their front seven?
    Also, how do we know either Flynn or RW is an upgrade to TJack? Most of us (me included) are convinced that TJack is the third best QB on the roster, but RW has never taken a snap in the NFL, and Flyyn’s body of work is too small to be sure.

  13. Ewalters7354 says:

    dirtbiker,that’s just how I feel about the situation.Frankly,I don’t feel like David Hawthorne was so great of a player that all of a sudden the front seven is weak.As far as I’m concerned tackles are an overrated stat that doesn’t tell the whole story.Whomever the starting Mike will be has an opportunity to prosper.Heater was a decent player but the FO wanted to get more athletic and faster at that position.
    My feeling about the Qb position is based on what I have seen in the little these guys have shown.We all know T-jack has no pocket awareness at all and is mediocre at best.I’m not saying Flynn or Wilson will be great but I do believe they are better than T-jack.Maybe they will prove me wrong but I don’t wanna hear the 2 starts or never taken a snap crap.From watching Flynn at LSU and Green Bay the guy knows how to prepare and get the job done.Wilson just has a higher ceiling than both IMO

  14. bird_spit says:

    Yawn..pathetic power rankings..1st pre-season game will be the first evaluation for what the hawks have or have not, Ari – have or have not, and 9ers have or have not. This is quite possibly the worst period of the offseason.

    Should we be hearing about last minute camp invites, and signings soon? Please?

  15. I would totally agree with that assessment – Based on PAPER.

    Here is why

    1. Unsettled QB – Tjack doesn’t seem to be liked anywhere outside of the Seattle FO. With Pete regularly saying he is #1 still, shows everyone outside of South Alaska that Flynn might not be the guy.

    REACTION: Until we know for sure that Flynn taking the job we won’t see significant improvement from the QB. (If Wilson starts IMO we are starting him on potential and not current production)

    2. Defensive front 7: Clemons is upset – the rest of the world is not sold on Irvin so a Defense that has consistently NOT provided a pass rush is a HUGE “?” right now. Also, your leading tackler left and Hill is getting old as LB’s go

    REACTION: Clemons will be playing for a contract – Irvin (I am buying the cool aid) will provide a great spark. I am worried that Wagner won’t be ready to step right in – if he can’t we are stuck with Ruud who is WAY past his prime – I think he is a downgrade from Lofa let alone the Heater. Also, NOBODY is talking about Jones (that is the right name correct) and what he will do to the versatility of the DL.

    not listed but we have all talked about it . . .

    3. Passing game: (yes linked to #1) But I don’t care who the QB is – if we can’t pass block OR the WR can’t get open then we are in trouble.

    REACTION: I like Flynn for the following reason – even in only 2 reg season games – he showed more pocket presence than Tjack – and being a little more accurate he won’t need as much time for the WR to get “open” so he can deliver the ball to them. (since he can use a smaller window)
    I am hoping for the following things in the passing game

    1. Rice is Healthy for more than 12 games
    2. Winslow/Miller are used to their strengths and get a bunch of receptions in the 3-8 zone – since both are decent YAC guys
    3. Tate FINALLY becomes a legit threat
    4. Who ever we keep out of Durham, Butler, Lockette – provide a spectacular play or 2 per game and keep defenses honest.

    All in all that is actually a LOT of “?” going into a season – many of them will end of being just fine but since we have NOT really played great the last 3 years – national writers should be down on us. Hopefully 10 weeks in we are the talk of the town for being the surprise team ( of course they will claim – I thought they might be good!)

    I honestly see us as a 6-9 win team this year since it will take some time to “gel” and we will have a great break out season starting in ’13 and stay good for a number of years after that

  16. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I agree too!

    Why would anyone predict the Seahawks a playoff team with Jackson on paper a possible starter?

    And our front seven on defense and the O-Line has more to prove, imo.

  17. Who ever the starter is, I’m hoping for Flynn. I think they should name him sooner instead of later. That way they can get the rep’s in that they need to get their timing down. And hopefully they will gell a little earlier on in the season.

  18. nighthawk2 says:

    At least there’s one person connected to FOX with a brain. They ought to put this guy on at night and get rid of their evening comedy lineup of Hitlerity and O’Goebbels. This 3 QB competition IS stupid. You sign a guy to decent money and a 3 year deal because you see just how much last year’s starter, that couldn’t have started for any other team in the NFL (or CFL, or UFL) blows, and then draft a midget; excuse me, Little Person. Unless you just want a guy to hand off the ball to Marshawn Lynch, oh wait, I mean Justin Forsett, oops, scratch that one, uh, is Ricky Williams available? That’s why Wisconsin brought him in from N.C. State, to give the ball to Montee Ball and then throw deep routes against lame Big-10 defenses. Flynn should have been named the starter the second he signed, Carroll is just TOO big on competition at key positions. Right tackle, yeah, because Carpenter sucks, but name Flynn the starting QB and let the others play in the sandbox.

  19. 10 wins. I really think more, but I’ve been wrong before. I even think 10 if it’s TJack. Just my 2 cents. Que Bobby for the slam.

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