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Camp concerns?

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on June 23, 2012 at 9:09 am with 75 Comments »
June 23, 2012 9:09 am

We can expect a little dead time now, but it’s only five weeks until camp starts, and seven weeks until the first preseason game. A great deal remains to be done by the start of the season. You know that Schneider and Carroll consider cut dates around the league as another free-agency period, so there may be some roster tweaking before the first game.

But as it stands now, what are your main areas of concern? The start of another season breeds optimism, of course. That seems warranted in Seattle, and we’ve discussed a number of reasons for it recently.

A list of my questions needing resolution, though, would include:

–Quarterback. Easy one there. The three-person rotation must at least be pared to two quickly. That should be fairly easy if it’s Flynn and Jackson as prime contenders, both being veterans (although Flynn only has two starts). But if Wilson is really in the race, he definitely needs to see a lot of action in preseason games to acclimate himself to the NFL.

–Sidney Rice’s health. If Rice holds up and can return to form, the Hawks have a legit No. 1 receiving threat and that makes everybody else better. There’s a lot of promise in the rest of the guys, but Rice is the one who demands defensive focus.

–Chris Clemons. He’s under contract, and I can’t imagine him just throwing away a year by not showing up at all. If he doesn’t get the deal he wants, I’m not sure that would affect him the way it might some other players … because he seems disgruntled pretty much all the time anyway. He plays as if he’s angry all the time, anyway; that might be what puts the edge in his game. This might make him better than ever.

–Safety depth. They’ve got the best young tandem in the league at starters. But then? Supposedly they’re very keen on rookie Winston Guy, but he’s been wearing a red jersey as he recovers from a shoulder injury. His reputation is as a versatile type … the kind Carroll likes to find ways to exploit.

–The young linebackers. K.J. Wright played like a veteran late in his rookie season, but it’s fair to remember he’s still in just his second year. Rookie Bobby Wagner looks to have the lead at middle linebacker, while fellow rookie Korey Toomer made a number of noticeable plays during OTAs, as well. Vet Leroy Hill looks fit and sound, but the rest of them still need to ripen into an effective unit.


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  1. OregonHawk says:

    Having seen our defense last year, How will opposing offensive co-coordinators attack our defense?

    Dave- I agree with all of those!! Can we find a wily vet receiver that would help? Can we find another Clemons that did not fit the team he was on, but fits here like a glove?

    I am looking for growth from the receivers, Line backers, and how well the offensive line gels together. Will our special teams be okay?

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Typical lame stream media posting Dave! oh sure you dance around all the same questions as every one else while ignoring whats THE MOST IMPORTANT ones!

    How are the Seagals looking?

  3. Dave Boling says:

    Sorry, Soggy, they don’t let us scout SeaGal practices. A wise decision.

  4. Soggybuc says:

    LOL, Indeed. if they did i would imagine it would lead Divish to serving some serious jail time.

  5. SandpointHawk says:

    League cap numbers. Seahawks have 7.47 million available. This is nice to know in light of the Clemons situation.

  6. In addition, I have concerns about left guard (it’s only been over a half decade for this one). McQuistan is a rock star 6th man on the OL, but I have serious questions with him as a rock solid starter at this position. If he’s a back-up playing there, I’d be okay with him, because I think we lessen our expectations for back-ups, but as a starter we have the right to demand a good, solid starter. I don’t think he’s that. I think he’s simply a good solid back-up and there’s a difference. With Carp not being ready, I hope McQuistan can do a somewhat solid job. He’s in a position to succeed, as the left tackle and center around him a good players.

  7. chuck_easton says:


    What do you think of the experiment of moving Lewis to Safety? Possible? It keeps a great ST guy on the roster, fills a need of a solid backup at Safety, and takes him out of the crowded CB race.

  8. Dave Boling says:

    Love the Lewis experiment. The staff really appreciates his versatility and value on special teams, so trying him at safety makes sense. One of the things that doesn’t show up in these off-season workouts that is really important come game time is the way these young, fast linebackers and hungry secondary guys will form the nucleus of wicked coverage units. That’s in addition to the ST vets like Mike Rob, McCoy and Farwell.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Aside from QB, which as Dave says, is an obvious one, my biggest concerns are the WR core in general, the under tackle on D (3-tech), and depth at safety and LB. This group has all the signs of becoming great, and aside from QB, these other concerns are “easily” addressed through the draft.

    The one area I’m not as concerned about is the pass rush, in general, presuming Irvin is a genuine contributor. Toward the end of last season, we saw what I think, are indications of a very solid rush; the way Carroll began to use Wright, and weak side blitzes. In addition, Bryant has improved each season and I see no reason he can’t improve in this area as well. Even a modicum of pressure from him will dramatically improve their defense as a whole.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Dave, has Lewis been working at FS or SS?

  11. Interesting thoughts Dave. The biggest question mark for me is how do we improve offensively? Last year we were 9th in total defense and 28th in total offense. We added players on defense but not much on offense, Kellen Winslow and Robert Turbin do not look like huge upgrades to me. It doesn’t look like improved QB play is going to make that big a difference, but we’ll see. We need some of these young players to develop: Tate, Lockette, Baldwin, Durham. We also need the vets to step up: Zach Miller, BMW, Rice. I think we could have a top five defense, but the offense needs the same players to play better this year than they did last year.

  12. Young, talented teams take their lumps. I liken this to the Seahawks offense. Rice and Flynn are the biggest keys for me, but if they are fine, I think they are going to have a very, very good offense (top 15 for sure, perhaps top 10). They just need experience. They are so young at so many spots. However, I think they are going to turn the corner and impress some people if Cable can work his magic on the OL again, especially with a healthy Okung for 16 games (like Rice, another “if,” but a “if” with huge upside “if” he’s healthy all year).

  13. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Dave, how has Jeron Johnson looked at safety? Is he progressing toward a game-day safety or is he still solely a special teams warrior?

  14. My concerns?

    1) Darrel Bevell’s Red Zone so-called offense. Last year, it was hideously inept and predictable. It was actually worse than Greg Knapps Seattle Red Zone offense, which I thought utterly impossible. Hopefully Bevell can open up the offense overall as well. The man is as conservative as the Bush family.

    2) QB. Who will start? Will they be good? Where does T-Joke fit in?

    3) The offensive line. Will Okung ever make it through an entire season? Who will play LG and will they suck? Will Moffitt play well at RG? Will they ever learn to gel and become a real consistent o-line?

    4) The defensive line/LB’s, as in Will There Be A Pass Rush?! The 30 million dollar question.

    5) WR’s. Can Rice stay healthy and produce? Will his stupid huge dreads lead to more concussions without contact? Will BMW make the team? How will the rest shake out?

  15. Dukeshire says:

    tompage – I’m curious why you think Turbin isn’t much of an upgrade. As much as I liked Forsett, Turbin to me looks like a *significant* upgrade. Of course we won’t know for sure until games are played, but on the surface it’s not even close.

  16. Ruminator says:

    Agreed, STTBM. Last year’s red zone offense was frustratingly unproductive, and I seem to recall 2010 with Hasselbeck also had issues from time to time. Red zone offense is definitely one of the top items most in need of improvement. The offense seldom had problems moving the chains to the 50-yard line, but then the closer they got to the goal line, the more busted plays that seemed to occur.

    As if all the Seahawks do in training camp is run their offense in wide open situations. Maybe they already do, but if I were coach, I would have them practice an insane number of compressed field plays (30 yards and shorter).

  17. Singularitarian says:

    Duke- My understanding of Bryant is that he can’t really rush the passer because of the cheme. in our version of the 4-3 under he is usually responsible for 2 gaps making him stay at home. Maybe I’m wrong but that’s what I’ve seen. by the time he can get a legitimate read it is too late for real pressure. On pass rush downs they’ll probably switch the cheme for Irvin to be a pure pass rusher from that side. Thoughts?

  18. Singularitarian says:

    scheme, dammit

  19. Singularitarian says:

    The middle linebacker is then put to cover the hole off Tackle on Clem’s side

  20. Dukeshire says:

    Singular – There is something to that, no question. But but when teams do pass, he ought to be able to pressure the pocket, with his size and strength, by walking the RT backward. Thi is all I’m referring to. But you’re right, sealing the edge and maintaining gap integrity is his first responsibility.

  21. I’ll stick with the QB concern as it’s the greatest impact. Before the signing of Flynn, I would say they have devoted inadequate resources to the position. However, starting with Flynn’s signing, I believe they are attacking the problem. It’s nice to have options. And Carroll seems to like a LOT of options. To paraphrase John Clayton, it’s sort of like “if one good player at a position is good, 2 is better, heck I’ll take three, no, give me four”.

    Carroll used this approach with QBs at USC. He said he could have just as easily started Matt Cassell over Sanchez. Neither are “elite” Qbs. But both probably could have won the championship. They fit the team/system and were good enough to get the job done. I feel he has 2 QBs on the roster that appear to have the potential to get the job done. I’m referring to Flynn and Wilson. Portis is an unknown at this point. Jackson’s ceiling is known and IMO he cannot get the job done.

    So while the concern is the QB, if you look at how Carroll achieved his success in the past, an “adequate” QB could get the job done. Carroll’s thinking was most obvious to me when looking at his decisions on 4th and 1 or 4th and goal. He always wanted to just power it in there. Not relying on the QB to have to win it, but instead rely on the strength of the team. They have been dumping LOTs of resources into the O-line IMO. I’m VERY glad about that. Look at past years, “as the O-line goes, so go the Seahawks”. BY resources I mean starting with seeking the best Coaches: Gibbs and Cable (If Cable leaves I bet they’ll try to lure away Howard Mudd) then of course the high draft picks.

    So while QB is the concern, it’s not as big as it appears because of the way this team is built. You hear idiotic knee-jerk reactions from East coast media who seem to only look at the QB situation as the “state of the team”. It’s not built like that. Carroll’s system is a bit unusual(defensive side of the ball is also unusual as is Schneider’s approach) in a copycat league. Helmet-hair Kiper and friends cannot figure out why you would do something that doesn’t fit the often-copied blueprint. So the questions/concern about QB is real, but it probably isn’t as critical as the east-coast media is implying. Sanchez/Cassell gives us a case in point. For the record, I think Wilson would win at least one more game than Jackson as a backup QB this year. I hope we have Flynn, Wilson, and Portis as our QBs.

  22. There’s some good stuff on here today. Thanks.

  23. We play a west coast offense. Every thing I’ve read about Matt2 is that he knows how to play within a west coast scheme and do it effectively. He is accurate and anticipates and hits his guys. The west coast requires touch and M2 has it. So does RW. The O line has to give him time to check down and I think we have that O line strength and depth to make it happen. Turbin is beast2 as well and I think he will be a lot of fun to watch this year when he gets into the game to spell the big man.

    So here’s my question for you Dave…is TJack willing to play 2nd fiddle? If so, let him be our strong backup, put RW on ice for a year as #3 and get him ready for next year’s real battle for QB. Why, exactly, is Portis taking a spot on the 53? If they send him to the PS will he be gone?

    BTW, Dave, I enjoyed you filling in for Eric this week. thanks for the interactions with this motley crew and participating in the conversations.

  24. seahawk44 says:

    My only real concern is the injury bug. If it stays away, and the Seahawks can field a mostly healthy roster all season, there is no reason this team cannot go on a deep play-off run.
    Another concern would be bad officiating leading to losses.
    I do not have the player production concerns that most seem to have because I believe in what this coaching staff can accomplish with a full off season.
    #drinkingthecoolaid :)

  25. “Kellen Winslow and Robert Turbin do not look like huge upgrades to me.” – Tompage

    This is confusing to me.

    Since the team still has McCoy and Morrah, Winslow is replacing John Carlson on the roster. Carlson spent the last season on IR, so I’m not sure how this wouldn’t be an upgrade. If that’s too literal for you, and we assume he displaced McCoy or Morrah on the active roster, well I’m still not sure how you don’t view that as an upgrade seeing as how McCoy led the team in drops last year even though he only had a couple dozen passes thrown to him and Morrah was a non-factor.

    As far as Turbin is concerned, I trust our scouting department – and having not seen him play yet, that is all we can do at this point. He looks the part, and he is definitely a different style runner than Forsett. I believe that is important because Forsett was redundant with Leon Washington also on the roster. Turbin looks to be a hybrid between Lynch and Washington – big & bruising but with breakaway speed.

    Further, I think we need to look at how these two additions affect the players around them. Winslows addition should have a huge positive impact on Zach Miller for obvious reasons. Turbins addition should have a positive impact on both Washington and Lynch. Lynch will benefit because as Turbin comes in, he still wears out defenders and his size should allow him to take a few more carries away, keeping Lynch fresher as the season goes on.

    There is one more person who both these guys, but especially Winslow, will affect – the QB. Winslow provides sure hands over the middle and somewhat of a security blanket. Turbin isn’t a liability in pass pro and should help to keep defenses honest.

    Personally, I view Winslow and Turbin as the two most significant upgrades on our offense. I guess it remains to be seen which of us is right.

  26. TomIPDX – I like nicknames. I haven’t seen anyone refer to Flynn as M2 yet. I like it and I’d like to use it from here on out, if you don’t mind?

    44 – If Flynn is legit, yes, I believe an abnormal amount of injuries is the only thing stopping this team from having a very fun season. Sure, I think we must expect a few of our current starters to get hurt and miss the year, as the case with almost every team in the NFL, but we need to keep them, hopefully, at a minimum (as every team hopes that, too).

    Dave – I’d like to echo the appreciation of keeping things running for the week. I really appreciate the answering of specific questions. You’ve been a first rate fill-in. The next time I meet up with Eric before a Vikings home game (who knows when that will be but in many years they flip flop home games during the pre-season), I’d like to take the both of you out for lunch/dinner. My treat.

  27. One of the hardest things for RBs to do these days is pass block effectively in the NFL. I’m not ready to annoint Turbin a good pass blocker until I see him. Sure, he looks the part, but that doesn’t always translate the way we want it to.

  28. Dave Boling says:

    Okay … is TJack ready to play second fiddle? He won’t have much choice if that’s the way it works out. He’s been in this situation before, of course. I think he earned a lot of respect in the past by being a team-first guy, filling his role and keeping his mouth shut. This guy is a real competitor and a very, very tough cookie. He had some obvious issues as a starter last season, and I think he’s been at it long enough that we’ve probably got a pretty good idea where his ceiling is. But if he’s the back-up, you’re in pretty good shape. The youth and promise of Wilson complicates the whole issue.

    Let’s see … what else … Turbin as a pass blocker. We didn’t get any chance to see him block live at full speed so there’s no way to really tell if he can or not. He certainly has the upper body strength for it. Pass blocking for backs is really a function of want-to, and this kid seems to be highly motivated.

    And sorry, I can’t for the life of me remember if they were using Roy Lewis as FS or SS.

  29. And anyway, the way Seattle has been moving thier safeties around, terms like SS and FS dont really apply…

    Lewis could be the second coming of Jordan Babineaux…less flash and big plays, but less mistakes…big shoes to fill. I find it interesting that Babs has become a very good SS for the Titans, after failing to develop adequately as a FS here….I always thought he had gotten too slow to play FS…but perhaps our coaches just werent as good as Tennessee’s? Seriously, dude sucks for two years at FS, then goes to Tennessee and is immediately a pretty good SS…Kinda like Mariners pitchers finding success after leaving Seattle…

  30. The QB issue.

    WR if Rice isn’t 150% healthy


  31. Dukeshire says:

    I too thank you Dave, for your work here this week. Don’t be a stranger. I dig your perspective.

  32. montanamike2 says:

    I think the Jason Jones signing is under the radar, same as drafting Irvin and Wagner, but that will change once we play games and our pass rush will be devastating. I also think Bryant will step it up more consistantly. I remember the Rob report in which Clemmons wouldn’t look at the camera or acknowledge him at first. He seems like a me first kind of guy, maybe even a bit a head case.

  33. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – I don’t know that I agree with you; Carroll’s FS and SS have clearly defined roles and aren’t interchangeable, as it were. Granted, they each may rotate to the top of his beloved Cover 1, but underneath, they will each have different responsibilities. So the terms do matter.

  34. If Matt Flynn is M2, then Russell Wilson is “mini RGIII”

    In 2011 Wilson had a better pass %, better TD to int ratio, better rushing average, better passer rating than RGIII. Most of the other stats are pretty close as well (except for total passing yards). Intangibles are a push with RGIII.?

  35. SandpointHawk says:

    Dave, stop in anytime. I too enjoy your perspective….

  36. confucious says:

    If Carroll knows what he has in Tjack, a servicable backup. Then, judging by the three way competition, he must not see any glaring upside to the other two. If M2 (thanks MikePDX) is that much better than Tjack then he should take the majority of the snaps from the beginning of camp. My concern is that this is not a clear cut decision for Carroll. (I think mini3 should be #3 for a year to climatize)

  37. Bobby, go for it! M2 it is!

    Let me echo Duke’s and SPHawk’s request to not be a stranger.

    I have never been all that impressed with RGIII but I am a bit tainted seeing he came from Baylor (I’m an Aggie and yes, I’m glad we DIDN’T get Tannehill)

    frankly, I really hope M2 starts, TJack is #2 and RW gets a chance to learn.

    I still don’t get the whole love affair with Portis. What am I missing?

  38. TJack to Packers for James Jones?

  39. The Packers would not be dumb enough to trade a thousandth round draft pick in the year 9390 for T-Jack. Jackson has absolutely no trade value to any GM with a brain in their heads who does not have Bevell as its offensive coordinator. Paying $4 million for bad players (which is what he’d be again in a different system) does not make sense.

  40. I just can’t be that down on TJack. He has his moments and I was glad we at least had him instead of CBJ last year as our starter. Think about it, with the shortened off-season, a new O Coach and the state of the OL, we needed someone that could come in with previous knowledge of the system and give us a fighting chance. He made mistakes but he also made some good plays too. If he stays as our backup I would expect him to come in and win games (only if needed, knock on wood).

  41. piperfeltcher says:

    Without TJack the Hawks would have been in trouble last year. The game he missed against the Browns showed that. I think Flynn is the starter when the season starts but I think Tjack deserves a chance to compete as he played hurt last year and had a bad line and rotating receivers.

  42. Good list of concerns, Dave.

    I’m not that concerned about QB. I think there is a good possibility the Flynn and TJack battle back and forth, with both having some quality starts and some struggles this year. But they can both win, and there is a young talent pushing them who may end up being the future starter. Not bad problems to have.

    The LB situation, like our O line situation, is simply a situation of watching talented young players grow up together. Again, not bad problems to have!

    Two things I remain concerned about
    – If Kellen Winslow goes down injured, can we run a 2-TE offense?
    – And if Rice goes down injured, is the rest of our WR Corps less dependable than we think?

    When I look back at game tape from late last season, I still see a lot of TJack’s struggles caused by a lack of WRs and TEs getting open. If Winslow and Rice both stay healthy, those two can change the prospects of their QB having great games, whomever that QB may be.

  43. Once again BK, your attitude towards Tjack is abhorrent. Whereas I appreciate about 70% of your input, your hatred for Tjack is annoying. There are a few others here as well (that share your same hatred), but not to the level that you do. It’s old, we get it, you don’t like the guy. Talk about something else. No one in our front office will make a decision based on your repeated hatred for him here.

    I want the best QB to emerge whoever the coaching staff feels that to be. IF it is Tjack, I can only hope you’ll take your ranting elsewhere. It’s the obsessiveness that’s just kinda ridiculous. No one argues your hatred and yet you perpetually feel to share it every chance you get (which is almost daily). Get over it. Try something more constructive to say. Just try it. I promise…it won’t hurt you and I doubt it’ll offend any of the other bloggers.


  44. Seriously, though, who the hell would trade for him and pay him that kind of money to sit on their bench? I wouldn’t have said anything if anything that crazy had not been proposed. Maybe next time I should simply say, “No way, we can for sure get a first rounder for him somewhere else!”

  45. SandpointHawk says:

    OK you want crazy….how about we trade TJack straight up for Percy Harvin?

  46. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, I doubt anyone would trade for him to be their backup but, injuries happen! Someone’s starter goes down and you never know. Someone traded TWO draft picks for Aaron Curry! Remember that? Someone traded a first and a second for Palmer. Yes, I know they were both the Raiders but, there is a chance someone would part with a 7th or 6th if they needed a QB badly.

    STTBM, open mouth, insert foot. Although you are correct that the red zone offense (TD percentage) has not been good either of the last 2 years, you are DEAD WRONG about it being worse than Knapp’s. 47.83 % in 2011 for a 22nd ranking. 45.61 % in 2010 for 26th ranking. 39.58 % in 2009, year with Knapp, for 30th in the league. Might want to fact check next time.

    When people mention that we were 28th in offense and 9th in defense it’s important to remember that those rankings only reflect yardage! If you evaluate an offense or defense only based on that then you are missing the majority of the picture.

    Besides health, which is paramount for any team, my top four concerns in no particular order are:

    1. Finding the starting QB

    2. Getting another WR or two to step up

    3. Getting our pass rush going

    4. Improving on 3rd down and red zone on both sides of the ball, mostly offense

  47. Because the Vikes would give anything to have T-Jack. :)

  48. bbnate420 says:

    Hawks were 11th, 48.72 %, in red zone defense in 2011. That’s pretty good but, I think it can and should be improved in 2012.

  49. bbnate420 says:

    How about we throw in Carpenter as well for Harvin and Kalil. ;-)

  50. bbnate420 says:

    Not quite sure why some here are already talking about Okung as if he’s injury prone? If he had missed time with the ankle, I would probably agree. He got taken out by a little, dirty punk with a punk move. The punk was mad that he was getting his ass handed to him all game long by Okung. Not really a football injury.

  51. Soggybuc says:

    Agree, you have to take Okungs Pec injury out of any talk about being injury prone.
    talking about arm strength in a qb, Montana may have had a stronger arm than M2 sure, but how did Walsh win games? how many times did Rice catch 60 yard bombs?
    I’ll take accuracy and good anticipation in the zero to 30 yard range any day. of course I love to see a huge downfield pass for a TD. but clock eating first down marker moving offense wins game more than the big strike ones do

  52. BobbyK,

    I didn’t say Turbin will be good at pass pro, I just said he won’t be a liability (albeit that’s still based upon college performance and measurables).

    At the very least I would expect him to stick his face in there or get in the way when he’s asked to.

    On a side note – Come on council members, let’s get this arena deal passed and ready to go. The city needs this and it’s an amazing deal for all parties that doesn’t tax anyone who doesn’t go to the games. As a sports fan, it’s everything we could have hoped for.


  53. I didn’t mean to come off as questioning that he won’t be good. He may very well be good at it, at least we hope so. It’s just that it seems so hard for rookie RBs these days to get PT b/c of being more important in pass protection, it seems, than 20-30 years ago.

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    My four main concerns for this year are-

    1- Health! Enough is enough! we’ve had more than our share of injuries the past few years. It’s time for that to change!

    2- Maturity- Young team, lots of penalties and mistakes last year. Can we cut them down and still be aggressive?

    3- How much will the o-line improve on their pass protection and overall continuity?

    4- Special teams overall regressed last year from the year before. Can some of these notable good College special teams players that we drafted this year help turn that back around?

    Not really concerned with.

    1- Certainly not safety depth!

    2- QB position will be improved over last year imo. How much? who knows. It will be fun to watch though.

    3- Defense overall. If New England can make it to the Superbowl with a bad defense, and Green Bay can make it to a championship game with a bad defense. And we will probably have a better defense than last year! Enough said!

    4- A healthy Rice, Winslow, and the further developement of our young WRs.

    We have the makings of a very good team this year and I am already on pins and needles for that first game.
    The last two years for me was mostly hope, but now the feeling for me is purpose with this team.

    And thanks Dave for your insight and wit. Compared to other blogs out there this one has always been my favorite!

  55. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Some more stuff about Robert Turbin.

    Bob Spain, his coach at Irvington and now at Doughterty Valley in San Ramon, has no doubts Turbin will deliver in the NFL.

    “Someone is going to make a phenomenal pick in this draft and they’re going to get a true steal,” Spain said. “Kids like that, I mean, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime coaching experience.”

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Winston Guy is the first Wildcat to be selected by Seattle since linebacker Dean Wells in 1993. Wells played six years for the Seahawks (1993-98).
    I think between Guy and Johnson we will be fine with safety depth.

  57. bbnate420 says:

    Green Bay didn’t make it to the championship game last year and we don’t have Brady or Rodgers.

  58. GeorgiaHawk says:

    bbnate420- My bad. Greenbay came one game away from the Championship game.
    However it really makes no difference to me because our defense was good enough last year and good enough now to help us make it to the superbowl.
    It would be great to see them in the top five, however it really is going to come down to how our offense developes as to how far our team will go. Imo.
    See- 49ers, Ravens.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Oh, and I agree! We didn’t have Brady or Rodgers, We had T Jack. Enough said.

    Go Wilson! Go Flynn! And go away 4 million wasted bucks!

  60. montanamike2 says:

    I hope Turbin is as good as hoped. It seems like evey almost every pick was the steal of the draft.

  61. Flynn hasn’t won the starting job, and he’s not going too unless we play the lions crap secondary every week with better weapons than the Seahawks have. Flynn’s always been on a stacked team(Even if GB rested Starks/Jennings), and as a result has looked better than he should. RW is the only one who gains anything holding a clip board, but I’d choose him over Flynnington. He’s just expected to be named starter coming in, and he’s not going to be opening day

    My main worry is LB depth, and WR if Rice goes down again. Trufant could be a good choice at backing up FS since he lines up 20 yards away from his reciever while he was a corner.

  62. SandpointHawk says:

    ESPN’s John Clayton reported on SportsCenter Sunday that Tarvaris Jackson will receive the first quarterback rep when the Seahawks open training camp late next month.
    Jackson is the incumbent, and Clayton says higher-priced Matt Flynn has some work to do to overtake him. “(Flynn) hasn’t wowed anybody in all the offseason program. And because of that, when they start training camp, Tarvaris Jackson will be taking the first snap,” Clayton said. “… It’s still gonna be a three-way competition. Because of that, Flynn’s going to have to pick things up and wow everybody or at least take control of it during camp. He’s not done it yet.” Jun 24 – 3:38 PM

  63. The Lions secondary may have been crap, but its DL was among the best in the league. It’s not like Flynn knew he could drop back, eat a sandwich, and then them pick apart.

    The rotoworld thing was pretty much known by all of us for months. I’m not sure why they think they have something new to offer there.

  64. montanamike2 says:

    I think it’s too early to declare a winner, we’ll have a qb after training camp resumes. PC has everyone compete and then makes a decision.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    Sand – Carroll said Jackson was still the starter, last week. So this is expected.

  66. seahawk44 says:

    It is during this off stretch before training camp, that the new QBs can spend time with their throws and really studying and learning the offense. The QB that is truly dedicated to improving can do so and come to training camp in a much better, knowledgeable position.

  67. I don’t think “getting the first rep” is the same as being “the starter” in this case. He is given the first rep out of respect, for being the starter last season, but I don’t think Jackson is by any stretch “the starter”. You say tomato, I say journeyman QB.

    Something more irritating than BobbyK’s TJack rants are the predictable BobbyK rants following BobbyK’s posts. Stop reading him. There are scripts you can run in chrome or firefox that will block his posts, or even replace them (for the reader), go get them.

  68. SandpointHawk says:

    I was just passing the link along. The only news in the article was Clayton’s claim to “insider information”….

  69. Alphaman06 says:

    Great Article of concerns! Can you go a little further in evaluation of the rookie LBers Korey Toomer and Bobby Wagner and yes Bruce Irvin. How are they doing? Look like the Hawks have added some big pieces to the defensive puzzle.

  70. bbnate420 says:

    I am officially sick of the QB issue UNTIL TC!

  71. I still think BobbyK = ACIB. Same mindset. Find a dead horse and beat the crap out of it.

  72. bbnate420–You got me. Mea Culpa. But I was talking emotionally, not with stats. And I know a good portion of the way through the season last years red zone offense was worse. I also remember Seattle putting up some garbage time points this year so those can skew the stats…then again, we had garbage time points with Knapp too…

    Point is, stats can flat out lie. Lies, damned lies, and stats, right?!

    To me, watching Seattle last year, in most games our red zone offense was worse than Knapps. It appeared more predictable and less innovative, if thats even possible. Sheesh, its like comparing the relative demerits of the two ugliest people on earth…

    A moot point, both SUCKED!

  73. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, I agree that they both sucked! The one thing you could probably give Knapp is that he didn’t have the running game that Bevell had the second half of the season last year. I just want it to improve next year, along with 3rd down offense, and hopefully better QB play will be the difference. I also think that if Rice can be healthy and BMW can bounce back that they both should make a big difference on 3rd down and in the red zone.

    BobbyK=ACIB is an unfair comparison I think. BobbyK contributes many other opinions. I agree that he beats the dead TJack horse too often but, that’s not all he posts about. 99 % of ACIB posts were just him continually whining about Curry.

  74. dunceface says:

    Its actually Matt.2 (or M.2), RW3, and while we’re at it ET is a 3rd so that makes him ETIII….obviously.

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