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Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on June 21, 2012 at 7:55 am with 43 Comments »
June 21, 2012 7:55 am

First a story from’s Clare Farnsworth about an interesting Seahawk experiment, the conversion of draft pick J.R. Sweezy from defensive lineman to guard. The Hawks took Sweezy in the seventh round with the full intention of making him a guard although he never played the position. At 6-5 298, Sweezy will probably work to get some more meat on him. In some of the early workouts we were allowed to see, you could tell he was still figuring out the rudiments — like the snap count. But as OTAs wore on, he developed a nice head-up, butt-down set-up which creates good balance and a powerful stance. More importantly, he has a defender’s mentality, which tends to make O-linemen more aggressive with their blocks. Sweezy has an interesting back-story, too, that we’ll examine in a feature later; he was more than a bit of a rascal for a while, but he claimed it got him turned around and focused.

FoxSports has an interview with linebacker Lofa Tatupu at an Atlanta Falcons minicamp. Seahawks fans would certainly wish him well as he tries to extend his career. Lofa will turn 30 during the season and has been out of the game for a year after being cut by the Hawks. In 2010, he was held out of practice much of the season to protect his ailing knees. David Hawthorne took his place in the middle and left for the Saints via free agency this spring. He, too, had taken a lot of physical punishment. It was hard to watch at times, both these guys being a bit undersized in the middle, playing with unrelenting warrior mentalities, and paying a real toll for it. Lofa looked done at 28. Hawthorne was just 26 last fall when he was limping around. Good luck to both.

A post in Mike Sando’s NFC West blog has a fantasy football angle, but we’ll go with it anyway because it makes some interesting points about Marshawn Lynch. His string of late-season 100-yard rushing games was particularly impressive given the injuries across the offensive line that caused manpower shuffling. But it’s also fair to ask how Lynch will respond after having landed a long-term contract. Some backs don’t run with the same desire after the big payday … as we’ve seen in Seattle before. Lynch doesn’t seem the type to ease back because, well, it just wouldn’t be beastly. advances a story from Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean about Matt Hasselbeck’s response to being linked as a target for the Saints’ bounty program. Hasselbeck said he hasn’t paid much attention to it. The game in question was the brilliant Seahawks win over the Saints in the 2010 playoffs, in which Hasselbeck threw for four touchdowns. If they had a bounty on him, nobody collected.

In the Sporting News, Saints interim head coach Joe Vitt challenges some of the bounty evidence brought forth by the NFL. Vitt told the commissioner he was willing to take a lie-detector test to prove his point.

As you might recall, Vitt was a long-time Seahawks assistant and considered a pretty tough character. The story goes that one time he got sideways with iconic safety Kenny Easley, and it spilled out into the parking lot at the team headquarters. Supposedly, Easley dropped him with one punch. The next day, players took spray paint and fashioned an outline of Vitt’s body on pavement like one of those crime scenes.







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  1. Love the Easley story! That’s good stuff!

    I really wish that guys like Lofa would know when to say when. I’m not saying he won’t have a productive season in Atlanta, I’m just wishing that some of these athletes would consider their lives when they are over 40-50 years old. Sure, I know he’s making better money than he could doing anything else, but I remember a Sandy Koufax interview from his retirement (since I wasn’t born yet, it was obviouly not live) where a reporter asked him about being concerned about all this money he’s leaving and Koufax responded how much he’d pay to have the use of his left arm if that was taken away from him (which may have happened if he had kept pitching). Some of these guys just don’t get it or have any long term thinking. I would take being relatively poor and a healthy body at 40-50 over being a rich cripple any day of the week (and too many of these guys blow all their money anyways and aren’t even rich at 50 anymore).

  2. FleaFlicker says:

    Agree with Bobby on that one. As Nana used to say “your health is your wealth”.

    But I remember being 25. It’s almost impossible to comprehend that your body will slow down one day. So best wishes to Lofa wherever he ends up.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – How did your Easley jersey project come along? Did you ever finish it?

    With Lofa, I’m more concerned about his concussion issues than his knees, after football. (And his knees are a real issue.) One never knows how the brain will react and effect the mind, after being knocked around that hard for that long.

    “Some backs don’t run with the same desire after the big payday … as we’ve seen in Seattle before.” I can’t imagine who Dave is referring to here…

  4. Soggybuc says:

    Couldn’t agree more Bobby. Lofa was always my favorite player from the moment they drafted him but it was ugly to watch him run late in the 2010 season.
    He should really look into coaching. his instinct was what made him such a good player and teaching others on what to look for would be a natural fit for him.

  5. hawkdawg says:

    Messing with Kenny Easley was not advisable, by anybody. A truly fearless dude. Loved to watch him play.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    This is a timely piece, considering OregonHawk’s question’s yesterday. We see this technique used By Seattle (Browner swapping with Thomas), quite a bit (relatively). Especially against the Cardinals and Fitzgerald. Carroll loves Cover 1, and this technique could have come right out of Bradley’s playbook…

  7. Duke – Incomplete (I still have the authentic jersey from the mid-80s though, so it could get done; minus numbers/name). Part of me just doesn’t trust people around here to get the letters and name the EXACT same size as those of the original jerseys. I still have your email from a long time ago with the measurements.

  8. Found this via FGulls. Interesting take on Richard Sherman, and how he compares (favorably) to D Revis.

  9. Soggybuc says:

    Good write up on our Brother Sherman. trust me my Brother there are many good years ahead for my Brother Richard.

  10. bird_spit says:

    Regarding Marshawn, and his new contract, I think his desire for the end zone where he will be showered with skittles is all he is going to need to be motivated.

  11. montanamike2 says:

    I think Marshawn wants a HOF career, plus he’ll want to show up Turbin.

  12. I have already purchased (on hold, of course… note: sarcasm) a Matt Flynn jersey (18 months) for my little guy. However, he’s going to need a 24 months jersey, too. I’m going to let everyone here determine who I get for him. Here’s the deal. I’m going to buy him two and the top two of who all of you say on this thread is going to be who I get for him when they become available. Here are your choices:

    1. ET
    2. Sherman
    3. (another) Flynn
    4. Wilson (only if he’s starting)
    5. Rice
    6. Chancellor
    7. Baldwin
    8. Tate
    9. Irvin
    10. Other (write in vote, Note: *NO* votes for T-Jack allowed, hell will freeze over twice before that’s ever considered)

    My only worry is that they don’t offer everyone above in a little kids jersey, but then I’d get the top two of who is available (I don’t want to spend the extra $ on customizing).

    In other news — I still have some jerseys I’d like to get rid of that I haven’t unloaded yet (like Branch/83). Do any of you in the Pacific NW know of a place I could send (donate) them to? Thanks.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Tate? Ugh… How about Wright, Lynch, or an offensive lineman? (O line on a toddler would be awesome.)

  14. I left the OL off b/c they don’t seem to make many jerseys of them on little guys. So, are Wright and Lynch your “write-ins?” I don’t think they would have Wright on the Seahawks website though.

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    ET, Lynch….

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I wasn’t thinking about pre-made. That makes sense since they likely don’t let you customize the toddler ones. But yes, Lynch is my write-in. What kid would like him as their babbysitter?

  17. BobbyK – Everyone on your list except Tate has a 0% chance of being released this year. I’d stay away from Tate because I think he has a greater than 0% chance of being cut (its low) but I could see it happening.

  18. Since most of these guys are young, hard to pick who is the face of the franchise…………If it can wait until the beginning of pre-season, see who the starting QB is…..probably another Flynn jersey. If not, ET or Lynch.

  19. 1. ET
    2. Sherman
    3. Wright
    4. Baldwin
    5. Chancellor
    6. Irvin If he starts out quickly

  20. wabubba67 says:

    Thomas and Lynch.

  21. Thomas and Lynch.

    And congrats on your little man! We’ve got a 4 week old boy that will be wearing his 2 year old sister’s Seahawks gear (NOT pink) for the next 2 seasons.

  22. Looks like ET and Lynch are in the lead at this point…

  23. MITCHHAWK8 says:

    Bobbyk,,,I have a Kenny Easley jersey you might be interested in?? Original Seahawks Jersey,, the Seahawks made up for when he went on the Ring of Honor. IT is limited addition,and all individually stitched letters and numbers. never worn, old white silver blue with Seahawk tags.Very sharp
    It is a lineman cut jersey,,but if you frame it ,you would never know.
    WE can arrange to talk if you want?? fron Victoria Canada

  24. WiscCory says:

    Thinking of past Seahawk runningbacks, and how they played later in their careers, I have an interesting question. Which RB did you prefer to see in a Seahawk uniform, Ricky Watters or Shaun Alexander?

    The numbers are largely in Alexander’s favor, plus there’s the big TD season, and that’s something we fans can be very proud of, however Watters had a tough running style. A younger Watters, with that 2004 O-line, likley would’ve been able to achieve the same TD record.

    Later career Watters was far better than later career Alexander, IMO. BTW, I’m glad Alexander never played after his Seahawk career. I suspect it would’ve been the Franco Harris story all over again. Just a hunch.

  25. Mitch – What size? I’d like to wear it, too.

    Wisc Cory – Remember when Shaun played for the Redskins? That was kind of like Franco Harris.

  26. WiscCory says:

    LOL. Forgot about that. Wasn’t it line 1 or 2 games tho. The Seahawks were sucker for a whole season.

  27. ET without a doubt

  28. I know this is Seahawks blog but have to say it

    Clay Bennett and all of Oklahoma City
    SUCK IT!!!
    Seattle Curse begins, may the OKC Thunder never win a Championship, maybe get there but never win ala Buffalo Bills
    Suggest Durrant and others who play for that team to find an ethical owner to play for.

  29. OregonHawk says:


  30. montanamike2 says:

    Ex Sonics fan here.
    Thunder lose- Yayy!!!

  31. Dukeshire says:

    An ethical owner…? Lol. Which one is that?

  32. bbnate420 says:

    Baldwin and ET, both are little guys. Irvin if you son likes eating QBs.

  33. bird_spit says:

    Et, lynch

  34. Soggybuc says:

    ET and Lynch,
    And YES (expletive) the Thunder!

  35. Earl Thomas for sure.

    Between Lynch/Baldwin for the second jersey.

    Guaranteed those three will be available without being customized which is nice.

  36. RDPoulsbo says:

    Kam..How can you not want a Bam Bam jersey for a kid?

  37. Dukeshire says:

    I want one for me, and I’m an adult!

  38. ET in the lead, Lynch currently in second…

  39. There is something majestic about having “Chancellor” on the back of a shirt.

  40. seahawk44 says:

    Lynch & a #12

  41. montanamike2 says:

    I’m buying a chancellor jersey for myself.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    I think that’s who I’m getting as well. Him, Thomas, Wright, Turbin, and maybe Moffitt are in consideration, for me.

  43. MITCHHAWK8 says:

    bobbyk,,the jersey is very wearable,,it is made to fit a line man ,its pretty huge,,i`m 6 ft,,215lbs and it goes almost to my knees,,,the material on it is awesome,,i can email you pictures next week when i get back into town,,if you want?

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