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Carroll on NFL Total Access

Post by Dave Boling / The News Tribune on June 18, 2012 at 8:01 pm with 27 Comments »
June 18, 2012 8:01 pm


Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll appeared for an interview on NFL Network’s NFL Total Access tonight. Here is a transcript of Carroll’s interview with NFL Network’s Lindsay Rhodes:


On where the Seahawks stand right now with their quarterback situation:


“We don’t know yet. We’re going to stay with Tarvaris [Jackson] as number one; he maintained that through the OTAs. But Matt [Flynn] is really ready to go, and so is Russell [Wilson]. They performed very well in our camps, their numbers were really close. They just deserve the chance to keep battling. We’ll figure it out in time. I keep telling our people up there that I’m going to be patient so you better be patient or it’s going to be hard on you.”


On if the Seahawks need to make the decision on who their starting quarterback is if either Matt Flynn or Russell Wilson win the job to give the offense time to gel:


“It would help us to make it sooner just to get things together, but I have to wait until we can figure it out. We’re doing everything we can to even out the reps and we’re going to have to get into the preseason to know anything about some games. We’ll try to go from there. We’ll do it when we can.”


On if Russell Wilson’s height is a situation:


“We’ll find out if it is. Everybody assumes that it is. We haven’t seen any evidence of that so far in the camps that we’ve had. He’s got extraordinary film from his college days, he can do everything that you need a guy to do. He’s a very exciting young man, a very exciting young player and he’s going to get a heck of a shot here.”


On what it was like to give Brian Banks a call:


“First of all, I called him to talk to him. I wanted to see what he was like and where he was coming from after all of this. I was so impressed with him that he just made me feel like he deserved a second chance to do this…It was really exciting the day to see him on our practice field when he was working out. What was really cool is when he took the field for the first time in our minicamp and he jumped out there and called the huddle as a middle linebacker and he broke the huddle, he was playing in the NFL. He had his name on his jersey and it was just really exciting. I know he appreciates the heck out of it. Where it goes, we don’t know yet but he’s done everything he can up to this point.”


On extending running back Marshawn Lynch’s contract:


“He’s an extraordinary part of our whole team and he’s a big part of the club. We felt like the leadership that he brings, the toughness that he brings was so emblematic of what we stand for that we wanted to recognize that. He’s still a young guy; he’s not old, he still has plenty of years left and he’s physically very fit and does a great job taking care of himself. All of that adds up and we just think the world of him. We wanted to reward him as we did and hopefully he’s going to have a great year in response to that.”


On what a successful season would be for the Seahawks:


“We’re going after this division. That’s the only way we know. We’re trying to own this NFC West. It was great to get it the first year, we fell off this next year; the Niners did a great job but we’re going right back after it again. Our young guys are not as young this time around and they’re growing up and they’re growing up fast. We’ll still be one of the youngest teams in the NFL, but we like that, particularly now that they’ve gained a lot of experience and a lot of playing time. I really do like this team. I’ve been telling them the whole time we’re counting on them to come through and make things happen. We’re going to make a little bit of noise up there.”


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  1. Dukeshire says:

    First off, someone needs to take this down before BobbyK reads that first paragraph. Seriously…

    Second, you can feel Carroll’s energy, even through the transcript.

    Back to QB: no matter the reps or what anyone says, I’ve got to believe Carroll wants to make this decision only once. That is, stating who’s “I’m the lead” now, vs. last OTA, etc… Is unstable. Jackson ended las season as the starter and will remain so until he declares otherwise (which, as he eluded to here, will not come until preseason games have been played). That said, I still believe it will be Flynn.

    Great interview.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    By first paragraph, I mean Carroll’s first.

  3. That’s a good point on whether Carroll will provide running updates on the situation. But I think if/when he feels that either Flynn or Wilson is starting to take the position over, he will let us know in some way and the final decision won’t be a total surprise.

    But there really was no new information in this interview. Everything he said has been said before. If the season were to start today, Jackson would be the starter.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Agreed. I suspect that when a particular QB taking first team snaps, first in the rotation (so to speak) two days in a row… three, four etc… we’ll know what’s up, as you said.

  5. Or maybe he keeps the rotation the same but he starts discussing the players differently than he has.

    Listening to him speak the past few months, he has spoken with the most excitement about Wilson, simply called Jackson the de facto number 1 but wants to give the other 2 as much time possible to unseat him and doesn’t seem too jacked up about Flynn. If any of this changes, we can figure out how this is going.

  6. Duke, I suspect you’re right on all counts at QB, but I would like to also make sure Flynn does get enough reps to click with the O. I fully expect Flynn to be the starter also.

  7. bbnate420 says:

    PC usually keeps his cards pretty close to the vest so, I think Duke’s probably right and that we won’t really get any concrete indication until one starts to take the majority of the first team reps 2 or more days in a row. There is no benefit for PC to handicap the competition IMO until he has made his decision. If he says that Flynn is the leader now and then ends up starting TJack week one, can you imagine the hemming and hawing and potential backlash he sets up. He probably will still have some of that regardless if he decides to start TJack but, I believe it will be worse if he gives the impression that Flynn will start and then changes course. He doesn’t want to set up more ignorant booing of TJack like he faced at the beginning of the Falcons game last year.

  8. The other side of the equation is that if Flynn is only a couple % better than TJ, WE’VE GOT A PROBLEM, ground control!

  9. Flynn/RW hasn’t done anything to win the job, and if all three are close after week 2 in the preseason I can see Carrol going witH TJ to start the season. We were a playoff caliber team last year with a offensive line that was just starting to come together, and we could be better if everyone does compete. Flynn has holes in his game that are just as glaring as TJax. PC could have gotten the same QB(McCoy) from Cleveland for a song.

    If Flynn wins the job fine, but because he had two good games against weak secondary’s while having way better WRs doesn’t make him TD Jesus #2. It just reminds me how sick I felt to watch fans publicly throw Hasslebeck under the bus for nobody.

  10. bbnate420 says:

    Here’s an interesting link about the salary cap going forward if anyone is interested. Written by John Clayton. I posted it previously but, I don’t know if anyone is going to go back to that post. Looks like it’s unlikely that the cap will jump to 140 mil or so when the new TV revenue comes in 2014. Another site said the NFL told teams that the cap would be 121 in 2013, 122 in 2014, 125 in 2015, and 130 in 2016. Another suggested that the cap would probably increase around 5-6 mil a year starting in 2014.

  11. “Flynn has holes in his game that are just as glaring as TJax.”

    Are you basing this from the 35 career starts that Flynn has made in the NFL?

  12. bbnate420 says:

    Hawks85, if all 3 are close after week 2 of the preseason then, why would you start TJack over RW? I am not a big TJack hater but, he is 28/29 years old and has had 7 years in the league. I think he is pretty much what he is going to be. IMO he’s never going to give you over a 85 QB rating. So if they’re close, why wouldn’t you start someone with potential? Be that Flynn or RW. I don’t agree with your assessment of Flynn but, you even admit he has only really played 2 games. TJack has had MANY more games to show what he can do.

    BTW, McCoy has never had a game HALF as good as Flynn had the last game of 2011.

  13. And, yes, I was sick to my stomach when “fans” called for Weirdbeard over Matt in that game, too. It reminds me of Detroit.

  14. Has McCoy ever had the talent surrounding him Flynn had during those two games? My reasoning behind starting TJ is PC, Bevell chose him, and Flynn didn’t live up to the hype. Plus he has already has time working with Rice, Baldwin, and his team respects him. RW is the only one with anything to gain from holding a clip board, and I could see him starting this year due to injury, but I’d rather let him learn.

    Flynn’s tape LSU 2007, preseason, and two regular seasons starts led mt to this opinion. He taps the ball waiting to throw, slow to drop back occasionally , throws at a wierd angle, doesn’t work the sidelines well, not a deep ball threat, doesn’t always step into his throws, follows a WR for a bit to long waiting. I’d like nothing more than Flynn to be great, but I can’t imagine it right now.

  15. bird_spit says:

    I think Pete Carroll,talks in circles, and discusses it with a 360 degree view. He has a good head on his shoulders, and is a really smart guy and all. We all need to wait for his decision, and give him time to assess the situation. I think he does this and that, because really he does not want to answer the question, and does not want to lead anyone into having a handle on what he is thinking, and all.

  16. I should have a copy/paste for this, but for everyone who thinks Flynn played with the high octane offense that they think he did against Detroit… consider the facts…

    On offense, Green Bay was without their best player (Rodgers). That’s fine b/c that’s where Flynn played.

    They didn’t have their #1 or #4 WRs in that game. They didn’t play their starting RB either. They also rested their starting RT.

    Okay. The Detroit secondary wasn’t great. Fine. But the QB had better get that ball out early b/c guys like Suh and Avril were coming hard after him.

  17. 85 – I agree that McCoy has been dealt kind of a crappy hand. He’s played and that’s good for him and his experience but you’re right in that he’s played with crappy skill position talent (although the OL is okay, mainly due to a great LT and C). I think he can be good in the right situation, too. Not great though unless his surrounding talent makes up for some of his shortcomings. I think this could happen w/Flynn in the Seattle offense; but not T-Jack. Wilson is the Wild Card. But I hope it’s Flynn and think it should be. For the record, had we traded a late pick for McCoy instead of signed Flynn, I would have been okay w/that as well. Either of those two options, IMO, are head and shoulders better than what we had last year. You give Flynn or McCoy 35 NFL starts and they are almost infinity better than Jackson (of course, so is my neighbors dog – Adam Sandler reference, if anyone got that).

  18. GB still had a fairly high powered offense. Jordy Nelson, or Donald Driver, could be our number 1 WR. Ryan Grant took a 80 yard screen to the house, and he ripped The Hawks a new one few years back. GB also still playef Finley, and got Chad Clifton back that game. If Flynn comes ready to ball, I’m all for it, and will cheer the guy on, but TJ has a very good chance to be the opening day starter.

    Flynn is still going to have ups, and downs because he’s essentially a rookie QB two games in. He needs to be doing everything possible to get seperation from TJ,and RW, but it isn’t happening yet. Right now Seahawks are TJ’s team, and they respect him after last year. BobbyK I didn’t want to like TJ, but he’s tough, he’s a leader, and should have every right to start if Flynn doesn’t show. If RW really out plays both, PC should give him first crack.

  19. I’d rather have a 2012 version of Matt Hasselbeck than Colt McCoy.

  20. They are going to take as much time as they can so as to let Wilson rule himself in or out. Thats what they want in the end. They will play the best of the three because they have no other choice at the moment. The starter will either solidify the future or they will reload again next year.

    These guys are not known as Qb gurus. Point guard/game manager Qb’s are not elite as viewed by modern day comparisons, they are good, not great. This cautious approach is emblematic of their whole process and philosophy of “run the ball play great defense”.

    ” Don’t it feel great? “

  21. Soggybuc says:

    Despite what he say’s they are already leaning and slotting these guys where they will ultimately end up. what happens in coaches meetings is not what is said in interviews and media sessions.
    I really do wonder if this “competition” is just a brilliant Psycolgy move on PC’s part to bolster who gets the nod. Pete is a master manipulator/motivator.

  22. montanamike2 says:

    I’d like Russel Wilson to be our qbotf but will be happy with Flynn for a year or two. After he has a little time in the system i think he’ll blow by the other two. I think he’ll end up being one of the steals of the draft. I’m not very concerned about his height because he’s that talented, also he’s the same height as me and most people think i’m pretty big, if this was the NBA he’d be too small but football is for guys with a smaller powerful frames.

  23. IMO if any of them are “close” to being the same as TJack then they should get the start over TJack.

    He is what he is. Not terrible but not great either. He has had 7 years to prove himself.

    Flynn and Wilson – both still have room to grow and we are still growing as a team. I don’t believe we are a play-off team without improved QB play and some improved health in some key positions so I am willing to take a chance on MF or RW since both of them IMO have a higher potential ceiling than TJ. IF they are already in the hunt with only OTA’s that says something to me about where TJ really is.

    Sadly, this shows to me that we are still in the “we have an unproven/not great fit/still looking for QBOF mode” :(

  24. bbnate420 says:

    We ALL are just projecting. Maybe Colt McCoy is as good as Flynn, though i don’t think so! We will find out when the time comes. This is all just POINTLESS, if not entertaining, SPECULATION. I admit that McCoy didn’t have good skill players but, he had a VERY good Oline! We will see.

  25. I think the hysteria surrounding Seattle’s merry-go-round at qb is utterly hilarious. People trying to guess which guy is ahead by how excited Carrol has been when discussing them, searching for clues in every line he says in the press…

    Come on, man!

    Firstly, Carrol isnt going to give anything away. Duh. Secondly, its pretty obvious that all three qb’s are very close in performance. Thats not Carrol-speak, its the truth. Carrol isnt lying, or obfuscating, or trying to buy time for Russell: he’s simply seeing three qb’s with differing strengths/weaknesses play at a nearly identical level. Thirdly, its helmets and shorts, no live contact; this aint real football. As so many have said, we wont know anything till all three guys get a chance to play in the preseason. (Unless someone falls apart in Training Camp).

    And fourth, its a GOOD THING that Flynn and Russel are right behind T-Jack–at least for them. Because its not even training camp yet and a 5′-10″ third round rookie and a seventh round pick who’s played 2 NFL games and started less than 15 games since HIGH SCHOOL are allready breathing down the incumbent starters (with SEVEN years in the same system) neck. That right there says Jackson is limited in his ceiling and not a great qb. But its very encouraging–at least to me–that both the other qb’s are close.

    I never expected (though I hoped) that Flynn would be blowing Jackson away this early, and I surely didnt expect Russel to be this good. Im excited. Everyone else should be too, instead of obsessing over wording and looking for signs like some nutjob looking for miracles or omens that the world is ending…

  26. chuck_easton says:

    Ok, here’s what we do. We sacrifice a weasel or some other small rodent. We then read the entrails and we will be able to divine the correct answer to which QB will win the job.

    Hey, it always works in every sorcery movie I ever watched…

  27. Seems like TJ is still the leader, and would be starting if the season started today according to PC. Flynn had decent success at LSU, and one really great game against Detroit, but he was playing on loaded teams. PC so far has given him every shot to pass TJ, and he hasn’t done it. If anything the later it gets into the season before PC names a starter the more it favors TJ since it’s dividing reps giving the edge to the veteran.

    Flynn has very little upside to me, I’d rather have RW start if Seattle is going to risk the season on QB’s with limited experience. I’d rather have Matt Moore, Hasslebeck, Dalton, McCoy, or Jeff Garcia’s manicurist start then just hand Flynn the job based on really one terrific game against a horrible secondary.

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