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Morning links: Who’s ahead at QB? Ask Pete

Post by Eric Williams on June 15, 2012 at 7:53 am with 55 Comments »
June 15, 2012 7:53 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, right, passes as fellow quarterbacks, from left, Matt Flynn, Josh Portis, and Tavaris Jackson, look on, during a NFL football practice, Thursday, June 14, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

My story today wraps up the quarterback competition from this week’s minicamp. Of course, we asked head coach Pete Carroll about a 100 different ways when he’ll start narrowing down the three-way battle for the quarterback job.

This isn’t Carroll’s first rodeo, so as you can imagine he’s not giving up who he thinks is ahead. Carroll said the team will go with the same format of rotating incumbent Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson with the first unit during the opening days of training camp.

So some folks have asked me to give them my opinion of who’s ahead at the end of the offseason work. My answer? Ask Pete.

But seriously, the Seahawks used the OTAs and minicamps to gather as much information as they can on each player and install the base plays of the offense. I’m sure the coaching staff will grind through the practice film and try to glean as much information as they can on the three quarterbacks leading up to training camp in late July.

But I don’t think you can fairly evaluate where they are at until you’ve seen them in live gave situations.

For now, all three players showed their strengths over the course of the training camp.

Tarvaris Jackson – He probably has the strongest arm of the three in my opinion, throws the deep ball well and can stick a throw in a tight window. He also has the best command of the offense because of his experience with offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell over the past seven years, and is a good leader.

Matt Flynn – He plays with good anticipation, gets the ball out quick and in my opinion looked the best in two-minute situations. He has a good command of the huddle and seems to play loose with a bounce in his step.

Russell Wilson – I think he throws the most accurate deep ball of the bunch, throws a very catchable ball and perhaps is the most dynamic leader of the three. Very athletic and throws well on the run.

Clare Farnsworth of notes that undrafted rookie free agent Donny Lisowski had an impressive interception on Thursday, and former Seahawks safety Lawyer Milloy showed up for practice.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers his thoughts on Seattle’s final day of minicamp.

Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore of ESPN 710 Seattle talk with fullback Michael Robinson in this audio link. Robinson also says that Russell Wilson throws a very catchable ball.

Brock Huard and Mike Salk of ESPN 710 Seattle talk with offensive lineman Breno Giacomini in this audio link. Giacomini says that Marshawn Lynch call him “The Big Russian”, even though his parents are from Brazil. Giacomini also says if he needs some backup heading into a dark alley he’s taking Mel with him, which is the alter ego of Lemuel Jeanpierre. It’s a pretty good listen if you have some time this morning.

Gary Horton of Scouts Inc. lists running back Leon Washington as one of the top 10 versatile players in the NFC. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

According to KOMO News, for Seahawks safety and USC product Kevin Ellison, currently playing for the Spokane Shock, was arrested on federal arson charges after starting a blaze at his apartment by setting his bed on fire. According to the report, Ellison said that God told him to do it.

Zac Jackson of Fox Sports Ohio talks to Cincinnati cornerback Adam “Pacman” Jones, and the guy known for “making it rain” said he volunteered to speak about his past transgressions at the NFL’s rookie symposium later this month.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post takes a closer look at the prep work players will do the next six weeks to make sure they are in shape for training camp.

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  1. FleaFlicker says:

    Regular season can’t get here fast enough

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, You’re offering about as much insight as Carroll regarding who may be “in the lead” at this point… In all seriousness though, I totally agree that until we see them (Flynn and Wilson primarily) in live game action, we won’t know much.

    And for those who were / are in favor of only a 2 game preseason, imagine this particular scenario sorting itself out in only 2 games.

  3. So, Eric, you have to pretend you are Pete Carroll. Who’s in the lead for you, or would you rather not say just b/c you don’t want to hurt any of their feelings since you’ll have to interview them and you don’t want to step on any toes (which is understandable)?

    For a team that wants to run the ball and play good defense, you’d think Flynn and looking “the best in two minute situations” would be pretty appealing. There comes a time in close games when you need a QB to make plays and if he can simply be a game manager for 58 minutes and then actually help the team win games late in a tie game or behind, then that seems the way to go. Of course, I have been biased towards Flynn for close to a year.

    However, I don’t think leadership can be overstated and if Wilson has “it” this early in his career, that’s pretty impressive.

  4. The way it sounds to me, there is no benefit long-term of starting TJack over Russell Wilson. I really think TJack should be the No. 2 guy and the competition for No. 1 should be between Wilson and Flynn. No, I’m not trying to bash TJack. I just don’t think he’s going to help the Seahawks win a Super Bowl — unless the defense is great (like the Ravens of 2000 or Bears of ’85).

  5. If team as great as the Green Bay Packers were confident in Matt Flynn as their back-up QB, I’m not sure why in the world the Seattle Seahawks shouldn’t be fine with Flynn as their back-up. Ultimately, if it’s Wilson for the Seahawks and Flynn as his back-up, I would not keep a $4 million third string QB. That’s a waste of payrol.

    If the team goes with Flynn and doesn’t believe that Wilson is ready to be the back-up, then by all means, keep Jackson around for this season and let him play out the final year of his contract. One thing that would suck for Wilson and his development in this scnenario is limited reps though as the third stringer.

  6. It doesn’t seem that we’ll be getting Eric’s opinion on QB’s which is fine and understandable, would it be plausible to hear what you think about the 1st unit offensive line and the cohesiveness that we’re all hoping and looking for? Is there anyone on the 2nd or 3rd unit that is just mashing people and in general holding their own?

  7. Can’t spell today!

  8. I take Carroll at this word when he says he has plenty more evaluation to go before sorting it out. But if the season were to start today (which it clearly doesn’t), he probably has the depth chart the same way he orders who takes the reps – Jackson, Flynn and Wilson.

    But this order fits the very definition of writing something in pencil – it can change based on many factors as time goes on.

  9. bbnate420 says:

    pabuwal, I wouldn’t read anything into how the order of reps is right now. Even if Carroll thought that RW or Flynn was ahead of TJack I don’t think he would change the order of who takes reps because, the fans and media would read something into that and he obviously doesn’t want to commit to ANY of them as the starter yet. It’s hard to be patient but, I think it has become obvious that this race won’t be decided until after a couple of preseason games.

  10. chuck_easton says:

    We can guess, opine, debate, argue, condescend to each other all we want.

    Truth is this very well is coming down to pre-season game #3. That is the game where teams traditionally play their starters through the first three quarters or so. They then give the starters the 4th game off to have them rested and healthy for the season.

    So, whichever QB starts game #3 and plays the majority of the snaps in THAT game can pretty much be penciled in as the starter.

    For anyone asking, the 3rd pre-season game is Friday August 24 at KC Chiefs.

    That’s ten LOOOONGGG weeks from today. Sit back and strap in. It’s going to get bumpy around here.

  11. And 10 weeks of all of us saying the same thing over and over again!

  12. Dukeshire says:

    My favorite comment regarding the QB competition so far, has been “Someone is going to win the starting job.”. lol.

  13. mindnbrad says:

    That Giacomini clip was hilarious! Marshawn is nutty. He calls Flynn Antonio?? Another hilarious thing is his reaction to MikeRob trying to videotape him for his show. My boys and I also consistently go back and watch his “Charlie Pops” clip

    Go Mel!

  14. hawkfan777 says:

    I think Carroll is holding this decision off until Wilson and Flynn know the offense better. Clearly, Jackson has the best grasp of the offense at this point and it would probably be difficult for Carroll to justify going with one of the other two guys at this point even if that is the direction he wants to go.

  15. Sando’s latest on Flynn—Jaws rates Flynn as Seattle’s No. 1, but 27th in the league.

  16. pabs – You’re so right! lol

  17. Q: So, Eric, what do you think of the weather today?

    A: Well, I woke up feeling a little tired.

    Q: Is the temperature okay out for you?

    A: I could really go for a hot dog right now.

    Q: But what about the rain, sun, or wind? Anything related to the weather today?

    A: LeBron really clutched up on those free throws last night. He plays for the Heat.

    Just messin’ with ya, Eric. :)

  18. wabubba67 says:

    I hate it when God tells me to burn my mattress and apartment complex to the ground…so much paperwork and attorney’s fees afterwards.

  19. That Breno piece is pretty funny!

  20. jchawks08 says:

    Me thinks that Mr. Erik Williams ain’t going to spill any knowledge regarding the QB situation. Maybe if you all ask him one more time..?

  21. jchawks08 says:

    Eric.. Sorry..
    In all seriousness, I can’t wait to debate this QB subject for the next 8 weeks which should put us around Preseason game #2, right? Good times ahead.
    Good God I hope there’s other ‘Hawks news to keep this blog interesting.

  22. I am looking forward to see the following through the pre-season:
    (in no particular order)

    1. How is the roster going to shape up – every year there is a surprise add/cut

    2. Who will our LB be and how are they going to be performing as we move into the season

    3. Is our OL truly going to be healthy

    4. Can any of our WR actually catch the ball consistently (implying they will be on the field to do so)

    5. Will Banks get signed by the Hawks

    6. What will our DL rotation look like through the Preseason – I can see some formations keeping other offenses off balance. i.e. Clem on one side and Irvin on the other, Red – Irvin and Clem all at the same time. Clem one down and IRvin the next. etc – you get the idea

    7. Who is going to regularly play on the inside of the DL? We haven’t even talked much about that – does that mean we are all comfortable with our DL now?

    8. Could Thurmond actually have a healthy season? I want to see what he can do – it is getting to the point that I think he may be on his way out the door if he can’t get healthy

    9. Can Turbin compliment Lynch or replace him in a short term situation (see Cleveland game last year)

    10. Last but not least – which NFC west team is going to take a jump down as we move up :)

  23. nidhighe says:

    Flynn “gets the ball out quick and…looked the best in two-minute situations”. That’s why he should be the Week 1 starter. He’s strong in the areas T-Jack’s weak. T-Jack’s stronger arm doesn’t make up for that.


  24. Dukeshire says:

    Hasn’t his “attitude” always been an issue? That is, basically two years out of football and he doesn’t prepare himself appropriately for a real shot to return?! The injuries that must occur in order for Seattle to sign him boggle the mind to such a degree, it makes my stomache turn.

  25. bbnate420 says:

    Bryant isn’t going to be signed. : )

    Wabubba67, be nice. The guy is obviously mentally ill. Hopefully he’ll get some help.

  26. GeorgiaHawk says:

    nidhighe – I agree! It’s not about arm strength, it’s about brain strength!

  27. “PC says Antonio Bryant is out of shape…”

    Yes, but what about Antonio Flynn? That’s the only Antonio I care about.

    On another note, I wonder if Brian Banks’ agent is asking for a significant signing bonus and that’s keeping teams from adding him to the roster.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve got to believe Banks will sign with the first team to offer him a deal. Honestly, how strong can the market be for him to where teams are bidding against one another?

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Well, we all knew he had other workouts scheduled, so I don’t think that is a surprise.

  30. Just give Flynn the nod already. Release Mr throw it out of bounds on the last play of the season. Let’s get a real Head coach. Pete isn’t anything more then a Cheerleading Socialworker at best. He too should at least compette for the head coaching job eith the other assistants. There is somthing wrong with a coach that insists on being the face of the franchise. Go back to LA and carry on your win forever ways in the streets.

  31. Heading for training camp this is our currant 90 man Roster/Depth Chart.

  32. LOL! I can’t believe I forgot all about that “throw it out of bounds” play!

  33. montanamike2 says:

    BigBlew are you a 49’rs fan?

  34. Soggybuc says:

    In an effort to remain inside by the fan, since San Jose is expecting 100 degree temps today. I re watched some of the more recent RealRob reports and 2 things stood out.

    1. Lockette is not really that arrogant. he is more a comedian.
    2. you guys realize that the planet now has a combination of Jacob Green’s DNA that has been mixed with Red Bryant’s DNA! In about 21 or 22 years from now the NFL will welcome into the fold the greatest defensive lineman in history! and if he is not a Hawk that would be a travesty.

  35. chuck_easton says:

    I had stated the other day that seattle had made an offer that Clemons Renected and was shot down by bbnate.

    There it is. Seattle offered him double his salary this season and a two year extension but it wasn’t enough.

    Glad the team is going to fine him the full $60,000.00 for missing last week and withhold his 100k bonus.

    Clemons is the fault here not the team.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Thanks for passing along, Sand. Interesting. Reading into his absence and now this, I guess the answer to my question when he was a no-show for the first day of the first OTA is yes, he is upset by the addition of Irvin. I’m not sure what he thinks his value is, league wide, but I’ve got to believe that he has more value in Seattle, and to their scheme, than he will anywhere else. I guess the good news is that if he’s playing for a contract elsewhere in ’13, he’ll do everything he can to play lights out in ’12. When he decides to show up, that is.

  37. Well it will be interesting to see what he gets at the end of next year. I think 8 mill then 5.5 then 4.5 is a decent offer, we will see what he does.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    From where I sit, if he’s rejecting their offer now, with his heir apparent on the roster, he’s likely not getting an offer at the end of this coming season. That is, take this very fair deal now if you’d like to remain a Seahawk.

  39. If Clemons rejected an offer for 8, 5.5, and 4.5 considering his advanced age, his lack of production before he came to Seattle, and his likely lower value on the open market for other teams, he’s a fool to turn them down. Add to that the fact that he’s–by all indications (his divorce info, treatment of reporters, etc)–an utter ASSHAT, and he’s really stupid not to take thier offer.

    The stats dont lie: its highly unlikely that he produces at this level for more than one more year.

    As long as he plays hard this year, I wont bag on him much. If he loafs it…And really, I could give a rip if he tests free agency next year: we dont need another repeat of half-assed effort and worse performance like we had with Raheem Brock last year, once he got old.

    Clemons is gonna end up costing himself a bundle with his arrogance. Too bad I could care less. Couldnt happen to a more deserving douchebag.

  40. raymaines says:

    I was reading a Tennessee Titans Blog to see how Jake Locker and MH are doing. It seems that Locker made an inaccurate throw, a rookie receiver dove to make the catch, landed a awkwardly, and hurt his shoulder.

    If we all think T-Jack is just what he is and isn’t going to change, I’d offer that Jake Locker, also, is basically the same as he always was and isn’t going to change very much either. I’m happy to have the more accurate Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson and the Titans can keep JL.

    I don’t care one bit about Sidney Rice’s 8′ radius, I want the ball to hit him in the hands right in front of his facemask every single time. I don’t want any Seahawk receiver to reach for a ball and be hit in his exposed ribs or land on a shoulder.

    And FWIW: My current QB thoughts are that Matt Flynn starts for two years and at the end of his current contract the Seahawks let him walk. RW starts for the following 10 years and life is good in S.E. Alaska.

  41. That does seem like a fair offer to Clemons – a lot of $ for a 31 y.o. pass rusher. He should take it. Hope he comes around.

  42. That’s a low-end offer the Seahawks gave Clemons – its not surprising he turned it down.

  43. Nope I love the Seahawks. Season ticket holder. I have become absolutely intollerent of P Carol and this whole T-Jack thing.
    All dressed up in white and stuff. prancing the sidelines.

  44. I don’t think that is a real low ball offer – but it isn’t super high either. I just hope he is pissed and playing for a contract :)

    If he lives up to it he will get his money from Seattle or someone else. I for one would love to see him in a hawks uniform for the next few years, but he has to do what he has to do.

    But if he holds out from camp then I pretty much feel he is a punk!

  45. chuck_easton says:

    Then you are in the minority. PC is the reason this team is turning around. He is the architect of one of the best defenses this team has had in decades.

    Your welcome to your opinion but you won’t see many people agreeing with you.

    And pabuwal how is a raise of double Clem’s salary from 4 to 8 million for this season a lowball offer?

  46. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- You hit the nail on the head when you say- PC is the reason this team is turning around!

    I am so proud to tell every football fan around here in the south east that there is a dynasty brewing in the NW !

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Chuck, first off, I don’t think I really “shot you down” about the contract offer. I just stated that none us knew whether or not he had been made an offer as none had EVEN been reported at the time. You didn’t refute this or send me a link to a report so I assume you didn’t disagree. Was I just supposed to assume that he had been offered a contract with zero evidence like you? This article was written today so it HARDLY PROVES that Clemons had been made an offer when we had our exchange. Maybe his hold out pushed the Hawks into making that offer. None of us know that at this time. I don’t necessarily doubt this report but it is just that. A REPORT. Hardly the gospel. And yes they doubled his salary this year but, they only offered 4. 5 and 5.5 the next two years so that is misleading. It didn’t say but, I would guess that 2013 and 2014 aren’t guaranteed either. You should be against this offer anyways since you’re such a big fan of one year contracts, right?

    That said, 18 mil over 3 years for 6 mil a year is probably a decent offer considering what he is likely to get in the open market. John Abraham got 3 years for 21 mil this offseason, I believe. Abraham is a few years older but, has a longer history of production and is a little more scheme diverse. My guess is that Clemons won’t get more than 2-3 years for 8 mil a year from anyone else and I wouldn’t offer him more than that if I was PC/JS. If need be, they should just give him a 2-4 mil raise for 2012 only and then replace him next offseason. I think this team needs Clemons and they have the money to do it.

    STTBM, I wouldn’t pretend that you really know if Clemons is a jerk or not. Divorce papers? I might be going out on a limb here but, I doubt that most people talk glowingly about their spouse in divorce papers. Especially when there is a lot of money involved! Divorce papers is pretty flimsy evidence. Reporters tend to get butt hurt if you’re not nice to them all the time. Please post a link to a story about him being a jerk to a reporter. That said, he may be a giant douche. You might not want to marry or have to report on him but, I’m not sure we know that and I don’t give a shhh if this is the case. I would care if he was a jerk to his teammates and hurt team chemistry. I have never read that. I want him to destroy Qbs, not be my BFF!

  48. bbnate–Clemons acting like a butthead to reporters has been talked about plenty on here, though the majority dont want to hear it–that same tired deal where if a player is a hawk, he’s a saint–and the moment they leave the team, they never were any good. Also, one of the trib writers spoke out about Clemons behavior. I cant remember where the link is, but if youre that determined…Like Dave Barry, I AM NOT MAKING THIS UP! ;p

    Yeah, I’ve been around a few divorces, and I get it. But I think its pretty clear Clemons isnt a fine human being. I dont expect him to be my BFF, just not to be an arrogant scumbag.

    For 11 sacks a year and his age, the Hawks offered him a good contract. Its his right to turn it down, but holding out when he’s under contract isnt the right way to go about it, especially not in Seattle. I think he’s stupid and overvalues himself. He’s 31 this year for God’s sake!

    Abraham is a real DE, not a hybrid, and he’s produced for more than eight years. He’s not really a comparable player to Clemons. And I thought Atlanta was insane to pay him so much at his age, and with his injury history.

    Whatever. Clemons is mostly hurting himself, and Seattle is right that this year will likely be his last at his current level of play, before age robs him of speed and agility.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What do you think we could get in return for Clemons if we traded him?

  50. shorty10 says:

    Are you kidding? Pacman Jones has “volunteered to speak about his past transgressions at the NFL’s rookie symposium later this month.” Has he grown up yet? I don’t think so.

  51. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, Clemons is 30 actually. You can think whatever you want about Clemons, I just like some real evidence before I make harsh judgements about someone. You may not. Like I said, as long as he gets along with most of his teammates and doesn’t negatively affect team chemistry I couldn’t care less about that other BS. You can always watch the Mariners if you like watching a bunch of nice guy LOSERS!

    I basically made the same points about Abraham. Abraham is mostly a rush end like Clemons. He is a little more stout against the run but, is definitely undersized as well. He was 33 and got the deal he did. Clemons will be 31 with 3 good years in a row, this is all assuming he is productive in 2012.

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