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Russell Wilson the perfectionist

Post by Eric Williams on June 14, 2012 at 3:39 pm with 35 Comments »
June 14, 2012 5:43 pm

He only missed completing the pass by a couple inches in today’s practice, but Seattle Seahawks rookie quarterback Russell Wilson didn’t forget.

And he didn’t wait long to correct the mistake, making that throw over and over to the corner of the end zone, with quarterback coach Carl Smith standing by his side.

“I always believe to try and fix right then and there,” he said. “And just focus on it. So that way when you walk off the field I feel like I really accomplished that throw today. I don’t want to be going home and thinking, ‘Aw, I really missed that throw today.’ Now I feel a little bit better about it. I made the completion, whatever it is.”

Wilson repeated that scene each day after practice this week at minicamp. He’s a player constantly looking to perfect his craft.

Seattle Seahawks lineman Deuce Lutui attempts a field goal after practice at VMAC in Renton on Thursday, June 14, 2012. ( Lui Kit Wong/Staff Photographer)

Wilson looked more comfortable working with the first unit offense today. He made a couple impressive throws, but missed on others, including a diving interception by Richard Sherman, who went up high to pull down the ball on a go-route over the outstretched arms of Kris Durham.

Wilson also appeared in control, sometimes correcting veteran receivers like Kellen Winslow if he didn’t feel the route was run correctly, something you seldom see a rookie quarterback do.

“Playing quarterback you have to be able to help everybody else out and facilitate the offense,” Wilson said. “So if somebody’s in the wrong spot, or if I’m not seeing that guy, I’m trying to ask him, ‘Hey, what are you thinking here?’ So that’s the main thing.”

Other than a short trip back home to Richmond, Virginia to run a football camp for a few days, Wilson says he plans on staying in Seattle during his off time and continuing to perfect his craft.

“I’m really excited to just get in here on my own,” Wilson said. “Watch my film. Really criticize myself, and figure out the things I’m doing really well, figure out the things I could do better and keep growing from it.”

Here’s what Seattle head coach Pete Carroll had to say about the quarterback competition heading into training camp.

“It’s going to take us until we start playing games to see something happen I think,” Carroll said. “At this point, they’re doing everything they can do with the opportunities. And they look good.

“I can’t tell you that there’s anything that has happened other than we’ll stay with the same format going into camp, I don’t think that will change. T-Jack will go first, and away we go. Other than that, let the games begin”

Some tidbits

* Carroll said linebacker Brian Banks looked better today than he did yesterday, and that he exceeded expectations in his performance on the field. Carroll said the team has not made a decision on whether to add Banks to the 90-man roster.

“He looked much more comfortable than I thought he would,” Carroll said. “And he’s not in good shape yet. … But I was really, really surprised that he fit it as well as he did.

“Size-wise, strength-wise and all that kind of stuff, he’s in the right kind of profile, so he did a good job. We’ve got to look at the film, see what’s going on with that. But I was real proud of him today.”

* With the exception of offensive lineman James Carpenter and cornerback Walter Thurmond, Carroll expects all of the injured players who sat out during minicamp to be ready for training camp in late July.

* The offense and defense had a field goal competition to decide the winner at the end of practice. Defensive end Bruce Irvin drilled a 20-yard field goal through the up rights, while offensive lineman Duece Lutui was wide right on his attempt, which you can see in the photo above.

Notes from practice
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  1. JazBadAzz says:

    Deuce looks fit and trim…even if that’s a weird camera angle!

    I think we Russel needs to take a back seat and let the other two guys really battle it out…no sense in wasting reps! He’s not gonna start seriously!

  2. Dukeshire says:

    On the injury front; great news.

    And Wilson sure does seem to be a natural leader. I’m really excited for the preseason now, to see the three for myself. I’m excited.

    Okay Eric, you’ve avoided this question long enough: the off-season program is over, which of the three QBs impressed you the most, overall?

  3. JazBadAzz says:

    Atleast our secondary got their teeth showing already! That bodes well in a pass first league and some of the elite on the schedule.

    I want to here more about the line backers, I think this area can hurt us…

    Glad to hear Clemons and JS trying to work out an extension, should give him the “Osi”.

  4. This is exactly why I hitched my wagon to Russell Wilson before the Seahawks drafted him.

    I think Russell Wilson is the opening day starter IF he performs at 80% of the level of the other 2 QBs AND shows a rapid developmental progression. I’m not saying that will happen, but I do expect him to vastly improve every month he is with the team. For a Rookie like him, its the ongoing improvement he shows that is more important than his absolute level of performance.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    So, there’s a 30% chance he’ll perform at 80% of either Flynn or Jackson? ;)

  6. You got it.

  7. Actually, on further thought and to make it more complicated, I think there is a 60% chance that Wilson performs at 80% of the level of Flynn/Jackson and a 50% chance that Carroll agrees with my thought that Wilson should be the starter after performing at a lower level than the more experienced QBs.

    How’s that for some complexity?

  8. I’m with Duke, I want to read Eric’s comments regarding the QB’s.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    “How’s that for some complexity?” Sounds more like something klm008 would appreciate than I.

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    Good deal. This overall raises the level at QB even though I still think he’ll be the #3 this year. It forces the vets to be better, and they will be. Wilson is still a rookie that will make rookie mistakes as Eric hints at, but he’s pushing to correct them. The other guys will have to do the same. Let him work his way through his rookie year and if it’s close next year, he’ll be better prepared for what’s expected of a starting NFL QB.

    If they can’t give Banks an 90 man roster spot after a workout and 2 days of minicamp, my guess is he isn’t going to be offered one.

    …and here’s to hoping Hauschka/Wiggs stay healthy throughout the season. 20 yard FGs…that’s college extra point distance.

  11. Strategicdust says:

    I really, really like this about Wilson. Showing great leadership as a rookie and (presumably) having the veterans listen is a very good sign. Working on his game, trying to perfect it is another great sign, leading by example. I really hope this works out both for Russell and the Seahawks. This pre season is going to be fascinating!

  12. raymaines says:

    I’d be OK with RW as the opening day starter. My worst case scenario is that T-Jack starts, other than that I don’t really care. If #7 starts, the Seahawks will not have improved themselves. Bummer. I’m not writing checks so I don’t care if MF or RW proves to be the better QB. I’m very happy that PC doesn’t seem to care who has the bigger paycheck either. Let the best man win, just please don’t let the the best man be T-Jack.

  13. raymaines says:

    RW says: “I always believe to try and fix right then and there,” he said. “And just focus on it. So that way when you walk off the field I feel like I really accomplished that throw today. I don’t want to be going home and thinking, ‘Aw, I really missed that throw today.’ Now I feel a little bit better about it. I made the completion, whatever it is.”

    That’s great from a practice session, but please tell me he doesn’t want to call a time out and have a conversation with his coach after every missed pass in a game. Having a “short memory” is a cliche, but the clock only stops for 40 seconds.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    On the flip side, are we to presume then, that Flynn (and Jackson for that matter) aren’t putting in extra time, to correct their mistakes? It’s great to hear about Wilson of course, but quite honestly, I would expect that from any player. I’m encouraged mostly that he has command enough to correct other players, at this early stage.

  15. Hard not to like just about everything about Wilson. Can’t imagine he gets the starting nod this year – just seems like it’s Flynn’s time to get a shot. But it does seem like RW will get his chance at some point, somewhere in this league.

    And if Wilson does beat out Flynn this year? That means he was too good to sit on the bench, even as a rookie, and that is only good for our hopes too.

  16. If Wilson is close to Flynn/T-Jack, I’m perfectly okay with him getting the nod, even if he doesn’t give us the best chance to win in 2012 (long term thinking is needed at this position).

    I would hope/expect that Flynn takes this job and runs with it and plays so well that Wilson never has a chance to be our QB.

    Personally, I want to see Flynn or Wilson under center come week one and I will want that person to be our starter for a long time. May the best man win, regardless of who it is between those two.

  17. Yes, Eric, of what you have seen from Flynn/Wilson, what would you do going into training camp (as in, who would you start the season with)?

    Flynn should look better than Wilson, since he’s had four years of seasoning, but is it a significant enough amount to want to go with him over Wilson?

    Or do you think it’s too early for a rookie 3rd round pick to take over?

    However, if Flynn takes the job and runs with then Wilson could easily never actually get his chance as a starter in Seattle.


    (What Would Eric Do?)

  18. freedom_X says:

    I would not start Wilson unless he noticeably outperforms the other 2 QB’s. Even though times are changing, I still believe in bringing along QB’s slowly. Wilson can still benefit a lot by being able to observe and play in spots his rookie year.

    Throwing him in (unless he’s the best performer) a bit of a desperation move. If he’s got what it takes, he should be able to show it in practice and preseason. Maybe a veteran can be a “gamer” who plays well in games only, but I don’t see that from a rookie.

    Smart as Wilson is, if he’s the starter the playbook will probably have to be a simplified one. One hopes that a Flynn would be able to use a more complete playbook.

    Since Jackson already has a lot of experience in this system, I don’t see much change there (except that better pass protection could help him do a lot more.)

  19. I would like to see Russell not start unless he is significantly better than the other two – this year and then let the chips fall where they may for the future

    – I want him to continue develop without going through some of the stupid mistakes that many raw rookies make.

  20. That’s great from a practice session, but please tell me he doesn’t want to call a time out and have a conversation with his coach after every missed pass in a game. Having a “short memory” is a cliche, but the clock only stops for 40 seconds. – raymaines

    You should write editorials for the Seattle Times with this backwards “sky is falling” logic.

  21. xcman, I couldn’t agree more.

  22. If Flynn takes the job and runs with it, you realize that Wilson will probably never get a shot in Seattle, right? Bringing him along “slowly” could end up meaning he then never gets a chance.

    I want whichever QB the team thinks will have the best/longest career in Seattle. As much as I like Flynn and have wanted him, I want what’s best for this team in the long-run. I’m still pulling for Flynn, don’t get me wrong, but I want what’s best for this team, too. All I know with certainty is that T-Jack isn’t what’s for the best.

  23. If Flynn takes the job and runs with it, you realize that Wilson will probably never get a shot in Seattle, right? Bringing him along “slowly” could end up meaning he then never gets a chance. – BobbyK

    Yeah, because there’s no room for competition in the future and players rarely get injured in the NFL.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    If Wilson clearly out plays Flynn and Jackson I don’t think Carroll will hesitate to play him. Not after his comments regarding Newton and Dalton, last season. He’ll start whoever plays best. That’s his entire philosophy.

  25. Carson – You’re missing my point. I’m saying that if Flynn takes the job and does well – there’ no way Wilson will take the job from him even if he outperforms Flynn in training camp next year or the year after. What I mean by that, if you have a good, established starter, that means you have a leader and you’re not going to go with an unproven guy, even if you “think” he could be the guy. I don’t know if that makes enough sense for you, as it’s kind of confusing. Sometimes it’s tough to get your exact thoughts in writing.

  26. freedom_X says:

    If Flynn seizes the job and does well – I don’t see any problem. I’d be thrilled to have 1 good QB. I don’t care who it is. If Flynn’s doing a great job, sign him up for 5 more years.

    If all we have is mediocrity at QB (in terms of demonstrated performance) , then it makes sense to try a rookie who *might* get better, vs. a veteran commodity who probably has gone as far as they’re going to go.

  27. bbnate420 says:

    If RW is close to the other 2 he should start THIS year. If he’s not ready then fine but, you can only learn so much from sitting. You have to PLAY to really develop. If TJack/Flynn plays only ok, 80 passer rating, we could still make the playoffs because of our defense and running game. Then if RW outplays them in the 2013 off-season and gets the starting nod, the team will probably have to take a small step back or not progress, in terms of record and playoff performance, in 2013. I would rather have RW start in 2012 and finish with a 70-75 QB rating and then be ready to be a very good QB in 2013. This is ALL CONTINGENT on the fact that PC thinks that RW clearly has the highest ceiling and is able to play somewhere close to the same level as the other 2 in 2012. I would rather the starter not be TJack but, I will put my trust in PC and staff. There is a reason they are paid to coach and we are not.

  28. LouieLouie says:

    With all of the guys who like to “eat quarterbacks for lunch” playing on D-Lines all across the league, both Wilson and Flynn will get playing time. I would expect Flynn to start game one, but Wilson will get his shot. It couldn’t hurt to have a couple of guys who can play QB on the team.

    Both Flynn and Wilson are at the beginning part of their learning / playing curve. With T-Jack, its what you see is what you get. If they all play at a similar level this preseason, it will be by-buy T-Jack. His only chance at being on the roster by the end of the season is to take the job by just being better than the other guys.

  29. Someone will win the job. My guess remains that that someone is Flynn. Wilson will make the team without question. What remains to be seen is whether the FO kicks Portis to the curb for one more year of TJack as a capable and proven backup qb? Or does Wilson show them enough that they give him the nod at #2 and keep the development project going, slashing another $4 million of payroll (and possibly shifting some of that money to a recently absent DE?). The real battle in my eyes is for the backup qb spot and if Wilson wins it then TJack is likely gonzo.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Even if Wilson is the back up, he’s a project, and it’s nearly impossible to develop two QBs at the same time. Has Portis taken more than a handful of snaps during this off-season program? From where I sit, I don’t see how they are a better team with Portis on the roster over Jackson.

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    whoever wins this qb competition between Wilson and Flynn, ( and I believe it will go to Wilson if it is close), it is so much better than what us fans had to go through last year with virtually no hope with regards to the qb position.

  32. Ultimately businessmen run the Seahawks. We have been so lucky having Paul Allen as an owner though. But, ultimately, would a businessman rather have $4 million and a 3rd stringer like Portis if they knew that the staff really liked and believed in Flynn and Wilson or Wilson and Flynn? Or would they rather waste the $4 million and have a 3rd stringer that will probably never play? I’ve gotta think the opportunity cost of saving all that cash would outweigh having a good 3rd string QB.

    Having Heater would have made this team better but they felt the need to not spend that money on him and build a different way by going younger and faster, even though it may not be better. Heater wanted about the same as T-Jack is making so I’d have to think the organization views $4 million as more than chump change.

    If I were the owner, in all seriousness, I’d want to win. But if you told me that I could save almost $4 million by cutting a player who was set to be a 3rd stringer, I’d cut him in a heartbeat even if it meant weakening the team. It’s a balancing act. I’d pay for important back-ups, but I don’t know how much fat you can afford on the payroll as 3rd stringers (again, if the staff were truly sold on the top two guys).

  33. psoundpowerhouse says:

    It’s looking like T jack, and Flynn are gonna be in contention to start.
    I think the only way Wilson sees the field this year is if everyone else gets banged up.

  34. kinger12 says:

    Considering we know what Tjack can do with a torn pectoral it will be interesting to see if his game actually does improve if he is healthy this year or is it more of the same. He really needs to step up if he is to keep the role. I see the door very open for Flynn to take it and with the pressure from Wilson, who you just gotta like he knows he has a hill maybe mountain to climb to take the number one job. As we all know it takes 2 hits and he is behind center. Great to have this kind of depth. What a contrast to the last few years.

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