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Morning links: Clemons expected at minicamp

Post by Eric Williams on June 7, 2012 at 7:45 am with 28 Comments »
June 7, 2012 7:45 am
Seattle Seahawks defensive end Chris Clemons (91) pursues Arizona Cardinals quarterback John Skelton during the first half of an football game Sunday, Jan. 1, 2012, in Tempe, Ariz. (AP Photo/Paul Connors)

In an interview with Jim Moore and Steve Sandmeyer of ESPN 710 Seattle, Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said that defensive end Chris Clemons is expected to be at the team’s mandatory minicamp next week.

Clemons, who’s in the final year of his contract that will pay him a base salary of $4 million in 2012, is thought to be frustrated that Seattle has not offered to extend his contract, along with drafting Bruce Irvin with the team’s No. 15 overall pick in the draft to serve as his eventual replacement.

“It’s a personal situation for Chris. It’s his decision not participate at this time,” Carroll said. “We have talked to the agent (Donal Henderson). We’ve done some serious talks, but not to the point where he’s ready to jump back in yet.

“I’ve talked to Chris. He’s in good spirits. He’s working out real hard. So it’s something he feels he needs to do at this time. He’ll be in for the minicamp. He told me he’ll be in here, and it’s a mandatory minicamp. So it’s great to get him back in here with the fellas.”

Clemons was not seen by reporters at the team’s voluntary OTAs that were opened up to the media the past two weeks. The University of Georgia product has led the Seahawks the past two seasons with 11 sacks in 2010 and 2011. Clemons turns 31 on Oct. 30

Carroll also said he does not expect the elimination of two OTA days by the league and the NFL Players Association because of too much contact during practices to affect the team’s three-way quarterback competition.

Carrroll said that Tavaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson have had almost the same amount of reps over the eight days of practice, and no player has jumped out and seized control of the competition.

“They almost have the same numbers as they’ve gone through, so no one has made a move on anybody,” Carroll said.

Dave Mahler of KJR-AM also talked with Carroll, including the circumstances in which the league ended up taking away two OTA practices for violations because of too much contact. Carroll said a report about a fight during practice triggered a closer look at how the team was practicing. Listen to the audio link here.

Brian Banks, recently exonerated on rape and kidnapping charges, was interviewed by Jay Leno of The Tonight show yesterday, which you can check out in the video below. Banks, a former prep standout linebacker recruited by Carroll at USC and other colleges, is expected to tryout for the Seahawks this morning. Banks is scheduled to be made available to reporters after the workout.

You can watch the first part of Banks’ interview with Leno where he talks about the circumstances of his conviction here.

Banks also is putting together a documentary on his story, and you can find out more information about that here.

Carroll talks about Banks coming in for a workout in this video link.

Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby of ESPN 710 Seattle talk with Seattle offensive line coach Tom Cable in this audio link.

Clare Farnsworth of checks in with sixth round pick cornerback Jeremy Lane.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports takes a look at the frequency of penalties on the secondary in 2011. Not surprisingly, Seattle was among the top five most penalized units in 2011.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I hope Banks lights up his workout. And it’s cool that he’ll be available to reporters, after. I look forward to reading Eric’s take on him.

  2. torinaga says:

    If I had been put in jail for that long for something I didn’t do I am not sure that I would yet be able to smile. Good on him, I wish him the best.

  3. cititravis says:

    For knowing nothing about his football ability at this point, I can not believe how excited I am about the possibility of him joining the Seahawks! After hearing many interviews, it astonishes me that he looks like he has let go of the bitterness that would consume most people. This is the type of player that would be truly enjoyable to root for on Sunday’s.

  4. Why don’t players add this to their contracts:

    “If I feel like I outperform my contract before it expires, I have the right to get pissed. But if I suck and you ask me to take a paycut, I have the right to get mad about that, too. Also, if you draft anyone that I view as a potential threat to my current job, then I can get mad some more.”

    Maybe I don’t have much sympathy for Clem b/c of how Ryan would talk on chats about him being one of the biggest asses on the team with respect to interviews and treating them (another reason to love Hasselbeck, Forsett, etc.). Maybe Clem gambled it all away in Atlantic City when he was banging hoes and his future ex-wife was back home? I don’t know.

  5. Bring on Bruce Irvin!

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Well, let’s also consider that he’s 30 and coming into his final year. This is likely going to be his last (multi-year) contract, so I don’t really blame the guy for wanting to try and and get a new deal now, rather than becoming a FA.

  7. HeinieHunter says:

    Banks on Leno was impressive. Cool, collected, extremely well spoken. Even if he does not make it as a player someone should snap him up as an employee. He looks like a keeper to me.

  8. chuck_easton says:

    Ok, aside from that Bobby, how do you really feel about Clem’s situation?

    Clem is going to have to accept that he was labeled a bust in Philly. They basically gave him away.

    He came to Seattle and walked into the perfect scenario. The team needed a LEO and he is a good LEO. Both parties benefitted.

    Problem is the guy is 31 years old. While that makes him young enough to be my child (if I had my kid in my late teens) it makes him as old as dirt on this defence.

    I know, Clem, why don’t you come into camp and prove you are still better than the young lion the team just drafted to be your eventual replacement? That’s how it works in the animal kingdom. You get to be king of the pride until some younger, bigger, faster, stronger lion takes the throne away from you.

    So, Clem, go off and pout or show up and put up. The team might re-work your deal for another year or so if you actually show up and do your job.

  9. correct me if I am wrong but Banks would have to be in a supplemental draft.

    then he probably will be stashed on the practice squad where we can lose him to another team. – after they are cut they can sign with any teams practice squad correct?

    sooo . . . if you put in a 7th rounder on him and say that another team gets him with a better slot – then do you go after him and try and get him on your practice squad

  10. chuck_easton says:


    As he never attended college he doesn’t have to make himself available for the draft.

    I remember when the Bucs were first awarded their expansion franchise they held open try-outs for anybody who showed up.

  11. “Problem is the guy is 31 years old. While that makes him young enough to be my child (if I had my kid in my late teens) …”

    I’m around your age, Chuck, but thanks to your words, I now feel really old. A 31-year-old guy young enough to be my child? Someone call AARP for me!

    How much does everyone think Clem deserves after back-to-back 11-sack seasons? Certainly at least $5 million per year, I’d say.

  12. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck is right. In addition, you sign a player to the active roster if you’ve signed him off another’s practice squad. They wouldn’t be able to sign him from one teams PS to their own.

  13. I think Clem “Deserves” what he signed to play for. He may have out performed that contract but sorry – that’s the way it is.

    He should play well and sign another front loaded short contract – get a signing bonus and call it good

    I get frustrated when guys hold out cause they don’t feel bad about taking the money to the bank when they are sucking and not playing up to the contract. (I know generalizing – but that is generally how I feel)

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck and Can – Don’t feel bad. Clem won’t be 31 until October…

  15. chuck_easton says:

    Yes Duke, but I’m 49 in October so the math still stinks on my side. :)

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I haven’t gotten the sense Clemons feels he’s “out performed” his contract, so far as I know. (Perhaps I’ve missed something.) And he hasn’t / isn’t holding out. I really get the sense this is about getting a new deal before he becomes a FA. Those are two different issues, from where I sit. Of course, if he fails to show up to camp on time, or otherwise becomes a distraction as the season nears, I may change my view.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – I’m trying to make myself feel better as well. 43 this August… lol

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    Clem is already getting $4.5 mil this year. That would have been way overpaid if he continued in his role in Philly, but now he’s in a role made for him. Instead, he’ll hit the market next year and get a decent 2-3 year salary so he should be thankful of his situation rather than washing out of the league a few years ago.

    The team holds all the cards here. They already have his heir apparent along with a few other guys who are now healthy and can fill in behind Irvin’s projected spot this year in guys like Davis. Any kind of holdout only effects his market value negatively at the end of the season. Really the best scenario for him is to put in the work and earn that significant bank he’s already projected to make and show other teams why he should get more money. He doesn’t have a lot of miles on him for his age, so it’s likely he’ll get another payday.

  19. HawkfaninMT says:

    I believe he would go to the supp draft, and we don’t ahve a 7th. So it would be a 6th for the hawks, or hope no other team even puts a 7th on him, and he comes on just a futures contract

  20. I haven’t heard anyone in the national media mention a supplemental draft for Banks, so I think Chuck’s right — the Seahawks can sign him if they want. That’s why Pete has talked about bringing him to mini-camp if his tryout goes well.

  21. Duke – I was talking about signing him off of the PS to our PS but.. . .

    In camp with team A
    Team A cuts player

    Team B contacts player about signing to team B’s practice squad

    Player now can choose to sign With Team A or Team B.

  22. RDPoulsbo says:

    From PC’s Facebook page: Brian Banks is an extraordinary guy & we invited him back to participate in our minicamp next week… We hope to see him then!

    So that means A: he won’t need to go through a supplemental draft and B: he has decent enough skills to get past a tryout.

    I can’t imagine he’ll make this or any other team. He hasn’t played in a long time and not even at the college level. It’s possible that he could land on a PS somewhere though.

  23. Banks’ story is an amazing one. True perserverance to go through all that and still be such an optimistic, cool-headed dude. I hope he can ball–would love to see him in a ‘Hawks uniform.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    xcman – I thought you were. And teams cannot sign a player from someone’s PS to their own.

  25. wabubba67 says:

    So far, I have no problem with Clemons. He skipped “voluntary” workouts. If he feels secure enough in his own job (or pissed off enough, it doesn’t really matter), that is his decision alone to make. In this case, it just meant more reps for Irvin against the first team O-line.

    If Clemons misses a day of training camp….well, that’s another story.

  26. TomlPDX says:

    Pete said Clem will be there next week for mandatory…let’s hope he shows up and plays his best. He is within his rights to skip voluntary practices and he is making a point. Point made, now get to work and kick some booty!

  27. bbnate420 says:

    I get SO sick of hearing fans WHINE about a player missing VOLUNTARY OTAs or even holding out. It’s THEIR RIGHT! If a player doesn’t live up to a contract and the team cuts them or FORCES them to restructure nobody on here cries about it, ala Trufant and Lofa. Never mind that the Hawks got 3 years of pro bowl play from Lofa while paying him next to nothing, relative to NFL salaries. That didn’t stop them from dumping his butt after 2010! I challenge anyone to logically explain to me why it is fair for the teams to rip up contracts but not ok for the players. No one here would want that for themselves. I would like it if we had 53 pro bowl players that were willing to play for 2 mil a year but, that’s not reality. Don’t let the fact that we want all of our best players here cloud the ability to reason!

    BobbyK, I have noticed that you love to judge/mock players for their personal transgressions. People in glass houses. I don’t know you personally but, I am willing to bet you’re not a saint. Just a thought.

  28. Since I’m sure your employers would gladly unlock the doors for voluntary work this weekend, can I assume you’ll all be at work tomorrow and Sunday? And for free or at a cut rate too, depending on your contact.

    Hold outs are the only way to counter that the teams can terminate the contract at will. The alternative is guaranteed contracts which are far worse for the team in a cap situation than the occasional hold out or :gasp: not showing up for voluntary optional workouts.

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