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Monday Morning QB live chat replay

Post by Eric Williams on June 4, 2012 at 7:42 am with 45 Comments »
June 4, 2012 11:37 am

Bring your off-season workout questions and answer them as best I can at 10:30 a.m.

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  1. Hey Eric.

    I’d love to know what you’re thoughts are on the WR competition as well as the LB competition. Also, how do you see the rotation happening on the defensive line and any word on Clem?



  2. How is Okung?

  3. Also, which late round or undrafted FA is really/still flashing some potential? Anyone that could crack the starting line-up some where. The kid that plays OL UFA sounds intriguing, but I don’t know a lick about him.


  4. NFL Network has something called ‘Fans Choice’ where you can vote on the best rivalry games that they ultimately will air.
    Of course none of the Hawks games are available..
    But what are some of the best rivalry games from the 80’s?
    I’m trying to fill out my dvd collection & want to know which ones to go after 1st? I have most of the playoff games & a couple of games that NFL network has re-aired. Does anybody here have games on disc?

  5. Nice to hear that Irvin is playing well. Would love to see him prove all the naysayers wrong.

    Rishaw Johnson and Josh Portis went to the same university and were both previously involved in credit card fraud? Hmmmmm … hope Pete is keeping them apart.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    mocarob – Any Seattle vs. Denver / Raider games were awesome rivalries.

  7. Southendzone says:

    There are a couple classic Hawks/KC games from that era as well. I think there’s one where Derrick Thomas sacks Dave kreig about 19 times in one game. That may or may not be the game that Kreig fumbles the ball about 6 times also.

    There’s another one a bit later on (90’s) where there is such a huge storm in KC that water is pouring down the aisleways like little rivers. I think Warren Moon is QBing in that one. Also this might not be a hawks game and just a bad memory on my part.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Southendzone – I remember both those games very well. Thomas sacked Kreig 7 times in that one particular game (all-time single game record). He had him in his grasp for the 8th but Krieg got loose to throw the game winning TD. That was an amazing win for the ‘Hawks.

  9. mocarob says:

    That KC game with 6 sacks was in 1990. NFL network re-aried it a few yrs ago. Got it. There’s another KC game in 1983 that i’m looking for. It was a win 51-48.

  10. Some great Bronco games in the 80s. We usually beat Elway in Seattle, and usually lost to him in Denver. Great teams though.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    7 sacks.

  12. I remember the Krieg/KC game well. Kreig did an amazing escape move, ducking out from under Thomas. Then he steps up in the pocket, and drills a 25 yard TD to Paul Skansi, one of the most underrated, and underused, posession recievers ever. Skansi was all alone in a sea of red jerseys, and Kreig threw it where he had to jump like three feet to get it. And he caught it. It was awesome, and Skansi to this day says its his best memory in all of football. I think it was Skansi’s last year too. What a swan song, eh?!

  13. If you lived in MN, you never saw the Kreig/Skansi game (except for the highlight that broke into the game that you were watching – late). I love having DirctTV these days!

  14. Singularitarian says:

    I remember one game in the early 90’s I was at, the entire stadium was chanting “ElllllllllWayyyyy” and he was just getting tore up. One of my favorite Seahawk moments ever

  15. I loved any game in which the Seahawks obliterated the Raiders, particularly the 37-0 shellacking from 1986.

    The comeback victory from being 20-0 down at Denver was also great:

  16. pabuwal says:

    Watching the replay of the 1990 Chiefs game had me shocked to see John L Williams matched up on Thomas most of the time along with the Seahawks refusal to provide a double team or any help whatsoever.

  17. mocarob says:

    Canfan, Good call on that Denver game. Overcoming a 20pt deficit with John Friesz as the QB? Have to get that one.

  18. There was a MNF game in the mid-80s that was a classic (if we can’t count play-off games). Easley hyperextended a knee (still played the next week, I believe) and they won a close one in the Kingdome against the Raiders (back when they never hardly lost of MNF). Great stuff.

    I will also always remember the game in the Kingdome when the Seahawks beat the Giants (I think 17-12 or something like that). Mike Tice lined up over LT most of the game and pretty much neutralized him (it was on in MN!). It was a hard fought win. The ‘Hawks were the only team in the NFL to beat both teams that played in the Super Bowl that year (Denver-NYG).

  19. I think it was the Raider Busters game (t-shirts). Something like 17-14 or 13-10. Close. I don’t remember for sure the exact score.

  20. raymaines says:

    For what it’s worth, Derrick Thomas was listed at 6’3″ tall and 255 lbs. and our guy Bruce Irvin is listed at 6’3″ and 248 lbs. with room to put on a little weight. The one man crime wave AKA Lawrence Taylor, was also 6’3″ but was a slender 237 lbs.

    It won’t be size or bulk that holds Irvin back.

  21. seahawk44 says:

    One of my favorite games from the AFC West days was the last game of the 1988 season. The AFC West was pretty poor that season, and the Seahawks at 8-7 went to Los Angeles to play the Raiders at 7-8. The winner of that game would win the division. All 3 other teams had worse records as I recall. I was lucky enough to attend this awesome, high scoring game, although I had to withhold my excitement and hide my jersey under a black jacket thanks to the thugs in the crowd. It was a great game that Seattle won 43-37, and featured a huge game by John L Williams and Dave Krieg, and an exciting trick flea flicker involving Largent. I have always wanted to see that game again. It was the game that got the Seahawks their 1st division title. Unfortunately they lost the playoff game to the Bengals (who went to the superbowl) Who remembers this game? Does anyone have it?

    First downs 20 22
    Rush-yards-TDs 30-101-0 28-111-1
    Comp-Att-Yd-TD-INT 19-32-410-4-1 22-49-354-3-1
    Sacked-yards 3-21 3-23
    Net pass yards 389 331
    Total yards 490 442
    Fumbles-lost 2-2 1-0
    Turnovers 3 1
    Penalties-yards 1-10 5-24

  22. pabuwal says:

    I watched that 1988 Raiders game and recorded the game but lost the tape.

    I remember the Raiders throwing something like 3 straight hail mary passes into the endzone to end the game.

  23. I remember that Raiders game to win the division. Even though it was cool, it was realistically at the end of our better teams (even though that team won a division, we all know the earlier teams were better and had a better chance at advancing in the play-offs). I remember John L. has a long screen pass and then did it again the next season. It was cool though, no doubt. I actually still have the cover of the “Seahawks Insider” where they FINALLY won the division tucked away in a suitcase somewhere.

  24. Skavage says:

    How ’bout the Hawks vs Denver in the playoffs on Christmas Eve? What was it…about 1983? I forget exactly but I remember the game well. My dad and I had seats on about the 15 yard line, 2nd row of the 300 level. Inside and we still had a thermos of coffee nudges to stay “warm”. :)

  25. “I was lucky enough to attend this awesome, high scoring game”

    Indeed you were lucky. Great game. Lucky for us, someone uploaded the entire game on YouTube (in two parts):

  26. Canfan – Thank you. I’m going to watch that (again) if I get some free time tonight.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Yes. Awesome, thanks.

  28. seahawk44 says:

    Canfan …. that is great … I had no idea that game was on youtube.

  29. chrisj122 says:

    You all have mentioned some classic games and moments, I loved watching th Seahawks back then. You knew they came to play every game but you really never knew what to expect in a divisional game. That K.C. game in 90 goes down as one of the best ever!

    And yes, I have agree Paul Skansi is one the most under rated receivers ever!

  30. For those of you too young to remember — this team was maddening:

    They were definitely “consistent!”

    The team the next year, by the end of the season (IMO) was the best Seahawks team we ever had (including ’05 – I think that was the 2nd best team ever) and yet they didn’t even make the play-offs! However, overall, the ’05 team would have had them beat. But, darn, they were HOT at the end of the season and I guarantee that NOBODY wanted to play them!!! Unless Bill Leavy was in the yellow and black “officiating” uniforms.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    Paul Skansi took some of the hardest hits, over the middle, I’ve ever seen. I don’t know that he was fearless so much, as he just had a knack for finding the spot in the underneath zone that lined up right in the defenders cross-hairs. But he nearly always held on. He was one of my favorite Huskies, as a kid.

  32. seahawk44 says:

    Bobbyk……that ’86 team went from 5-6 to 10-6,winning 5 in a row including beating up Denver in the final game….and they missed the playoffs! That was maddening. Because every other team in the league knew that Seattle was playing the beat ball. That team beat both teams that went to the superbowl that year. Damn tie breaker scenarios.
    I don’t recall the circumstances that caused a 4 game losing streak right before the winning stretch. Was it a key injury?

  33. “I don’t recall the circumstances that caused a 4 game losing streak right before the winning stretch. Was it a key injury?”

    Dave Krieg was a streaky QB. He was in a slump and Chuck Knox benched him for a couple of games. Gale Gilbert did worse. When Krieg came back, they eked out a win against Philly (thanks partly to Bobby Joe Edmonds’ kick returning), then Krieg got hot.

    When Krieg was hot, the Seahawks could play with the best teams in the NFL. When he was not, they usually lost.

  34. I don’t remember the reason for the losing streak, but I remember how excited I was in the midst of that 5 game winning streak and being heartbroken when they didn’t make the play-offs.

  35. HawkfaninMT says:


    I wikipedia-ed (is that a word?) the 1986 Seahawks. The “Special assignments” caoch that year was current Saints HC Joe Vitt.

    Interesting fact you didn’t know or care about for the day!

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Canfan – Absolutely and well said.

  37. I have both Raider games from 1988 on dvd. The 43-37 one was fun to watch. I tranferred it from my vhs tape so it has it’s limitations.

    To make Eric feel better, Hawks are 24-29 all time vs the Raiders.

    19-34 vs Denver
    18-32 vs KC
    26-23 vs SD
    13-13 vs 69ers
    17-11 vs Rams

  38. The 1986 team’s losing streak occurred during the tough stretch of the schedule and the win stream occurred when the schedule eased up. The Denver game (played on a Saturday) was the exception and the game we all remember.

    But I don’t think the 1986 team would have gone on the road and beaten a team in the playoffs – they didn’t show the ability to do so all season.

  39. Pittsburgh Steelers W 30-0 (6-10)
    Kansas City Chiefs W 23-17 (10-6)
    at New England Patriots W 38-31 (11-5)
    at Washington Redskins L 19-14 (12-4)
    San Diego Chargers W 33-7 (4-12)
    at Los Angeles Raiders L 14-10 (8-8)
    New York Giants W 17-12 (14-2 – SB champs)
    at Denver Broncos L 20-13 (11-5)
    New York Jets L 38-7 (10-6)
    at Kansas City Chiefs L 27-7 (10-6)
    at Cincinnati Bengals L 34-7 (10-6)
    Philadelphia Eagles W 24-20 (5-10-1)
    at Dallas Cowboys W 31-14 (7-9)
    Los Angeles Raiders W 37-0 (8-8)
    at San Diego Chargers W 34-24 (4-12)
    Denver Broncos W 41-16 (11-5)

    The teams they lost to all had winning records – other than the Raiders. They were 3-5 on the road that year so playing on the road would have been a tough job for them

  40. pabuwal says:

    That Patriots game in NE early in the year was a pretty impressive win for them.

  41. seahawk44 says:

    I agree that Dave Krieg was very streaky and when he was on, he was great. The Hawks may have had some struggles on the road in ’86, but they were rolling, and they were hot at the right time. Who knows what would have happened. I just remember being very disappointed that there were 4 teams that finished the season at 10-6, and Seattle was the only one to miss the playoffs.

  42. seahawk44 says:

    5 teams if you count the NFC

  43. seahawk44 says:

    One other thing was that the Jets finished the season with a 5 game losing streak. They went from 10-1 to 10-6 and made the playoffs.

  44. pabuwal says:

    I think Cincinnati was 10-6 and missed the playoffs also.

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