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Report: Forsett agrees to terms with Texans

Post by Eric Williams on June 2, 2012 at 2:06 pm with 31 Comments »
June 2, 2012 2:07 pm
Seattle Seahawks running back Justin Forsett (AP file photo)

Former Seattle Seahawks running back Justin Forsett is headed back to Texas.

After working out with Houston Texans last week, the Arlington, Texas native agreed to terms with the team according to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

Forsett, 27, will join Houston running backs Arian Foster and Ben Tate to give the Texans more versatility in the backfield, and is a good fit because of his time spent in Seattle’s zone blocking scheme.

The Texans are one of the best zone running teams in the league.

Forsett also could be used in third down situations by Houston. Seattle decided not to bring back the Cal product after drafting Utah State product Robert Turbin in the fourth round of this year’s draft, along with adding Kregg Lumpkin and Tyrell Sutton in free agency.

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  1. J-Force = 1st Class

    Good luck and best wishes in Houston!

  2. MattandCindy says:

    Glad to see it was true…not the him leaving part, just the story itself. He’ll give them a good change of pace back.

  3. Hawks85 says:

    Happy to see Forsett back home, and in a team that he actually has a really good spot on.

  4. Yes. May the Force be with him!

  5. SandpointHawk says:

    Good for the Force indeed

  6. JRocket says:

    Was always glad we got him back after we lost him to Indy. A class act, and I hope he does well in Texas.

  7. raymaines says:

    I’m sure JF is a nice man and all of that, but I don’t care if he ever plays another game in his long and happy life. He’s not a SeaHawk. I sure don’t wish him any harm, but I’m just not the least bit interested in what he does next year or any other year. I hope he makes, or has made, enough money to pay his bills and live well for the rest of his life, but he’s not a SeaHawk. My best wishes to Bobby Turbin.

  8. raymaines says:

    and maybe I just haven’t been reading the news, but what’s all this about him being a class act? He didn’t beat his wife, steal donuts, drive drunk, get high, or run his mouth in public, but is that enough to be a “class act”? What did he do that was actually classy? How low is the bar?

  9. He agreed to a Seahawks Insider chat where losers like us could ask him questions.

    He helped organize off-season workouts last season when others weren’t taking a leadership role on the team.

    If you pay attention, I have asked on live chats about who Eric, Ryan, etc. have thought are the “good” guys with respect to giving good, sincere interviews, not thinking they are better than other people, etc. and J-Force is ALWAYS one of the guys they mention are first “class” acts.

    If you look at the money J-Force has made, he’s certainly not set for life. Is it more than I make in a long time? Yes. But does it set you up for decades? No way!

    Why piss on someone when he’s gone or leaves (wasn’t wanted back)? Especially when it’s a guy that didn’t necessarily want to leave AND who nobody I know of (teammates, press, etc.) has ever said a bad word about?

  10. The way he showed me he was a class act was his involvement in recruiting Lynch, who he knew would not be job security for himself.

  11. JazBadAzz says:

    Bobby got a point, but I don’t care about players that’s not in our locker room at this point! We all knew he wasn’t coming back, sooooo, Good for Justin real cool dude! This would be a good story if we could get some reaction from players on the team that was really close to Justin, but this is a mute point!

  12. raymaines says:

    Going out of his way to be nice to fans and the media works for me! Yeah, JF: class act!

    OK, moving on, he’s a Texan. Go Turbin.

    I know this sounds so crass, but I cheer for laundry. I don’t wish anybody any kind of bad luck and I never root against anybody, but I really don’t care who was here last year. Geoux Seahawks.

  13. Psychman says:

    I wish him the best and hope he tears it up in Houston.

  14. Southendzone says:

    I dunno Ray, If a player served well as a Seahawk, I tend to hope for them to have success in the future.

    2 examples:

    Matt H: He was such a team guy, got the feeling he REALLY wanted to win with the hawks as much as us fans did. I hope he does well wherever he goes.

    Shaun A: I feel like he was out for himself and individual achievements, and also that he signed his big contract knowing he was injured and never gave us great effort after that. I never had any hopes that he would go on and succeed elsewhere cause he screwed us.

    Those are the extremes, to me JF lies somewhere in the middle, but on the good half of the middle.

  15. trout_hound says:

    Forsett was my favorite Hawk for a while. While I think he was a bit banged up last year and didn’t quite have the production, no one could forget the effort of some of his epic “mighty mouse” runs, dragging defensive lineman with him for extra yards, the way he shiftily darted around defenders with surprising busts of speed. He also could lay the wood blocking in the backfield and had sure hands catching the ball and turning a screen or two into a thirty yard TD scamper. While Washington is a phenomenal kick returner, I think Forsett was a better running back. And Justin is a class act, a solid Christian guy that set a good example in the locker room, with his tweets, and his hilarious music video. He will be missed, at least by this life long Seattle fan. I’m glad he got signed somewhere though. I hope he steals some carries from Foster in Texas, and makes a name for himself. God bless and God speed, J-Force!

  16. I love the Seahawks just as much as any of you (not saying I love them more than anyone) but a guy like Matt Hasselbeck is still my favorite player in the NFL. I was just telling my wife the other day (again) that it’s really weird having my favorite player NOT being a Seahawk. And, unlike most of you, I still love Hutch. I don’t forget that he was a big part of the only Super Bowl we’ve ever been to and appreciate that. I also know that if any of us were ever disrespected (i.e. lied to) with respect to our job salary that we’d look to get out, too. We could go into that whole thing again, but it’s pointless. If you want to hate him, fine. I won’t change your mind. But you won’t change mine with respect to me liking him either. With Matt and Hutch in Tennessee, you can bet that if the Seahawks can’t win the Super Bowl this year that I sure as heck hope they can do it and that’s in no way a slap in the face of my favorite team. If “we” play Tennessee in the Super Bowl, I hope Flynn outduels Hasselbeck or that ET picks Matt at a key moment (or Mebane beats Hutch on a 4th and goal situation to stuff Johnson to lead to a Hawks win). I’m a Seahawks fan first and foremost, but I don’t forget the guys that I liked and also played for us (and contributed).

  17. Soggybuc says:

    Simply put, hate the colors and logo! but it’s OK to love the person behind them. unless it’s Dockette! that Douche has earned enmity far beyond the pale!

  18. Soggybuc says:

    So now that I’ve got Darnell “douchebag” Dockette in my head, he makes King Joffrey look like a positively nice guy!

  19. I really like Forsett, and I think its sucks that Washington took his spot. Not sure how much longer Washington will be here–take away one run, he did nothing last year. His kick returns can be duplicated by any number of fast guys, like Lockette…

    I think Seattle should have changed things up for Forsett. He’s tough and a better runner than many give him credit for. I think you’ll see that in Houston. They actually have an offensive line that can block, and I think Forsett will surprise a lot of folks with his play there.

    On the other hand, I understand why Seattle let him go, he doesnt fit thier system and didnt do much last year, and we have Turbin now. The Cleveland game last year showed us how desperately we needed a backup to Lynch. I just think Forsett is a valuable commodity if you have a decent O-line, and this year I think we will finally have one of those.

    But he’s better off in Houston, back home, with a team with real hopes of Super Bowl contention. Seattle isnt there yet.

    I wish Forsett the best, he was a fine player and he kinda got the shaft, but thats how it goes. He’s allready beaten the odds to have a longer than average career in the NFL, which is especially awesome considering his lack of size. He’s done good.

    I wonder what he could have done with a REAL offense, with a real offensive line and qb?! We’ll see in Houston.

  20. bbnate420 says:

    STTBM, Leon’s return numbers place him amongst the BEST returners in the HISTORY of the NFL! You cannot replicate that by simply sticking someone with speed out there. If speed was all it took to play football then, the sorry Raiders would be winners every year.

  21. bbnate-Washington’s lifetime stats are that good, but his stats last year were fine, just not great. And he was useless in the offense. Useless. Ulike forsett, Washington cant passblock, cant run between the tackles, and is almost universally tackled by the first guy to contact him.

    He’s a fine returner, but is aging and really didnt accomplish much last season. The year before he was a stud. Now whether he returns to form next year or not I dont know, and I have to say I understand why the staff chose Washington over Forsett. I just feel too much of EGO is involved–ie, Forsett isnt their guy, but Washington is.

  22. bird_spit says:

    Hutch! … Hutch, funkin loser. I never understood ruskill ( buzz-kill ) but the poison pill was swallowed by freakin hutch.

    Anyway, he could brought the hawks another shot at the big game..screw him.

    Forster, one of the good guys…I wish him well.

  23. bird_spit says:

    Forster? Freakin iPad… Forsett!

  24. STTBM: His kick returns can be duplicated by any number of fast guys, like Lockette…

    This blog has been around this before and I fall on the side that you can’t just put a fast guy out there – otherwise everyone just would! Many teams have a guy that is predominately a returner and doesn’t contribute hugely to offense/defense.

    It is a different breed of guy who can be really successful.

    Also, returns on the whole were down last year due to rule changes on coverage units etc. I still feel that Washington is above average as a returner – he may not be for much longer but he is now.

  25. Southendzone says:

    With the new kick return rules, a return specialist will never have the impact they could in the past. You better be a player that can do more than just return (Like Hester).

    If LW doesn’t find a way to fit into the backfield, I can easily see him not on the team.

  26. You mean his 26 receptions? (Hester) Lynch even had more receptions than he did.

    Now if you want to compare all time – he had one season better than what Baldwin had last year.

    Washington had the longest YPC than anyone on the team last year and the 2nd most carries – don’t see how that is not fitting in the backfield.

    I am not saying he is all world or anything but he is clearly bringing to the team exactly what PC/JS want, or clearly he wouldn’t be here. Forsett and Tate have been given the chance to take his spot (albiet – very limited chance) but they didn’t in the eyes of the coaches

    I don’t always agree with there opinions on players but I am coming to trust them. Still not totally sold on all the decisions they have made on players but they are slowly moving in the right direction

  27. Dukeshire says:

    It’s funny to me that this is still a debate. Forsett and Washington offer redundancy in the backfield while Washington is one of the best returners in the league. This simple fact is that Washington has more value to this team than Forsett did. I loved the Little Big Man, he was one of my favorites, but he really didn’t have a role here any longer, that warrants a roster spot.

  28. rramstad says:

    Here’s my perspective. That and $3 will get you a decent cup of drip coffee.

    It wasn’t long ago when guys that left our team routinely retired! That’s how bad our roster was. We’d have a guy start for us for a few years and he wouldn’t even get a job as a backup!

    I personally take a LOT of pride when Seahawks players these days are coveted free agents, get good deals with other teams (especially AFC teams) and go on to have productive careers.

    It reflects VERY well on our organization, on our roster, our coaches, everything.

    So, unless the player is a real douchebag, or did something that brought disrespect on the organization, or was two faced about the process, or all of the above (Josh Brown?) I’ll always wish them well and success in every endeavor, except for when they play my Hawks.

  29. Dukeshire–I understand why Seattle kept Washington and let Forsett go, and it may indeed turn out to be the right decision. I just dont like it. Im not screaming for the Brass’ head or anything, just saying I feel they undervalued Forsett.

    I also dont think Washington and Forsett are the same guy at all–totally different players. But last year Forsett couldnt get the tough yards, not with our line. And he is a good kick returner, but Washington is far better at it. And so they went in another direction. Like I said, Forsett should do well in Houston, as they have a far better line and indeed, a far better offense.

    Its not really a debate, since it was obvious what was going to happen. I just felt like sticking up for Forsett.

    And I surely do hope Washington kicks butt circa 2010 this year. I also hope Forsett kicks butt in Houston–he’s gonna look great in that uni, especially when he’s gaining YAC.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    That’s cool, and I love Forsett as well. I’ve been in many debates here, defending him, over the past few season. And while Forsett and Washington do indeed have different running styles, they really do (did) fill the same role here, out of the backfield.

    I as a point of clarification, it wasn’t yards after contact that Forsett ranked so high. It was an Elusiveness Rating, in which YAC was a factor (and from 2009, incidentally).

    But no matter, I wish him well in Houston.

  31. I think you guys are missing the bigger picture. I dont want to have to see Justin go cause then who is going to watch Marshawn? Remember not so long ago when Marshawn was in Buffalo and he was 1 infraction away from being suspended indefinitely? Forsett is the only 1 that can keep this guy from doing something stupid. It was Forsett’s wedding (Lynch missed time to fly out to California to be his best man) that got him in trouble! Marshawn will do anything for JForce. Why do you think he has been such a model student?

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