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Morning links: Old man Seahawk

Post by Eric Williams on June 2, 2012 at 8:47 am with 16 Comments »
June 2, 2012 8:47 am
Seattle Seahawks' Marcus Trufant, right, defends as Jermaine Kearse, left, looks for a pass during an NFL football organized team activity, Thursday, May 24, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Here’s my story from today, focusing on the return of cornerback Marcus Trufant for a 10th season as a Seattle Seahawk.

Trufant, 31, signed a one-year, $1 million deal in free agency to stay in Seattle after the team released him in March.

He visited Denver, but ultimately decided to stay in Seattle to compete for the third cornerback spot. But Trufant should see the field a good bit as the team’s nickel cornerback in passing situations, a position that’s he looked good making the adjustment to so far.

“You’ve got to see a little bit more,” Trufant said. “You’re not as focused on the wide receiver – you have to see the quarterback, you have to see the running back and you have to see the receiver. So you have a little bigger window.

“But I’m learning it, and it’s fun. You get to show on the line and do a little bit of blitzing, so it’s a good look.”

Clare Farnsworth of also writes about Trufant’s transition to playing nickel cornerback.

More Farnsworth: Doug Baldwin stood out during OTAs on Friday, making a one-handed catch down the middle of the defense.

Seattle defensive coordinator Gus Bradley talks with ESPN 710 Seattle’s Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby in this audio link.

Rivers McCown and Danny Tuccitto of Football Outsiders take a closer look at the NFC West. They believe offensive line growth is the top post-draft concern for Seattle.

ESPN’s K.C. Joyner lists Tampa Bay’s Vincent Jackson at the top of his list of matchup-busting wide receivers. No Seahawk makes the list. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

ESPN’s Jeffri Chadiha writes about the struggles players are dealing with in transitioning to life after football.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post takes a look at the slant-flat route combination and its effectiveness against Cover 2.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated believes the Arizona Cardinals can compete for the NFC West crown with better quarterback play.

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  1. Hawks85 says:

    Was glad to see Trufant resigned, and loved watching him play but lets face it with his bad back his career pretty much is over. I doubt theres anything that can really fix his back, and If you can’t turn as a CB, yikes! I have a gut feeling Roy Lewis going to be our nickle corner unless, maybe Thurmond can get healthy.

    I agree to a point with Seattle’s offensive line being a major concern after the draft. I’m not going to lie, we have three starters coming off fairly major injuries, and I wanted DeCastro. I still don’t have faith in our offensive line to stay healthy, despite the addition of Lutui, and the SWEEZY. It still gets me worried that it’s going to be a patch work O-Line again.

    Our WR’s, LB’s are kinda a major concern as well due to injury concerns and lack of experience, but PC/JS seems to like having the young guys play, and see who steps up.

  2. Hawks85 – I agree. I would still rather have gotten who I wanted (DeCastro/Curry 1-2) instead of what we ended up with (Irvin/Wagner 1-2). However, I’m jacked about Irvin/Wagner and am excited about them moving forward. Ultimately, what we got in Irvin is more important (Leo) than drafting a (great) guard. It’s not that DeCastro was a great prospect, a big part of the reason is because of his “I’ll kill you if you screw up” attitude that would have benefited a Mr. Happy coached team, as his history of coaching in the NFL at three stops has proven that he’s not above average with respect to penalties. Still, hoping Carp is a LG and w/Moffitt at RG – another guard really wasn’t a priority though. But in the end, I bet DeCastro plays in more Pro Bowls than AT LEAST 90% of everyone drafted just over a month ago. Time will tell…

  3. JMSeaTown says:

    Short term, Irvin will make a bigger impact than DeCastro would have. I’d be more concerned about our O-Line if there wasn’t a Cable holdin it together.

  4. I like Tru, always have and I’m glad he is still a ‘Hawk. Moving into a new position may just be the ticket for him. I hope so and that he excels and gets a second wind in his career with our wonder team. We have a lot of young guys on D so having a solid vet on the squad can only be a good thing in my mind.

    I wonder if Lutui can take his game to the next level. The article listed above only mentioned him as a Cardinals Washout. He seems to be a capable player and we seem to have added some needed depth with him but I have no idea how he will play. Eric, if you’re reading, any thoughts on this big guy?

  5. Eric – I have a question:

    Last year, I saw Bevell do a pretty good job at playing to the strengths of Jackson (or rather not playing to his weaknesses, such as knowing he’s not good in the middle of the field so not calling a whole lot of plays in these areas). This limited the team in terms of what it could always do, IMO.

    I guess my question is… in terms of watching the plays being called in practices, are they asking T-Jack to make all of the throws (like the ones he’s not good at in actual games)? If so, how are those throws going?

    I realize it’s not real and the QBs know they aren’t going to get pounded, but was just curious.

    I would think they would want all of the QBs to make all of the throws. I know Flynn doesn’t have a cannon, but I’d imagine they want to see him wing it to see what they’ve got before games actually count.

  6. Ewalters7354 says:

    I believe as long as Tru is healthy he will be the nickel back.He still has the smooth hips to cover I think it’s more of a contact thing more than anything else.Roy Lewis is absolutely pathetic as a nickel back(great special team guy).Decastro is good but we have a o line coach that has that in control.Also,the hawks are solid and young at the guard spot so I don’t see why you add another…

  7. The problem is when was the last time Trufant was healthy? Thurmond can’t get healthy either. Lewis is one of our better options at nickle because he’s good at press man coverage and it’s more than likely going to be Lewis when Trufant twists his back the wrong way. I hope I’m wrong, but a bad back is a death curse on a corner from jumping, turning, jamming the WR, even back peddling and pretty much everything a corner has to do.

    We lose at least 3/5 of our starting offensive line for most of the season, and it seems that way for the past 5 years. Is Carp even running yet? Mquistan is nothing special, and Lutui has a tendency to get penalties/fat. I’m afraid by week 8 it’s going to be McQuistan, Rishaw, Unger, Moffit, Giacomini. If our offensive line is anything like it was the first part of last year, or late last year Cable better strap on a helmet, or pull a red faced Holmgren rant where he shakes a player to his core.

  8. McQuistan is a guy that is a stud in a pinch. But he’s not a guy you want to write in pen that he’s a starter. I’m okay with him, simply because I think he’s keeping that position (LG) warm until Carp takes it from him.

  9. I looked up Lutui’s penalty stats from Doesn’t seem to be a lot of penalties to me once he got control of it after 2008. (hope this table displays ok)

    Season G Pen Yds FS Hold SA Yds
    2006 15 2 30 0 0 3.50 22.00
    2007 15 8 70 3 4 4.00 28.00
    2008 16 9 80 2 3 2.25 15.75
    2009 16 4 35 1 3 1.50 8.00
    2010 16 4 35 2 1 2.50 8.50
    2011 15 0 0 0 0 0.50 3.00

    FS=False Starts
    SA=Sacks Allowed

  10. Hawks85 says:

    Good stats, kinda feel owned, but I was just going by what I remember, and it’s that I was kinda happy Rams had Incognito, and Cards had Lutui. It’s good to see he’s got penalties under control, and I can understand PC not wanting to use another high pick on offensive line.

  11. MattandCindy says:

    Justin Forsett has signed with the Texans.

    Its been awhile since I could comment…..OP’s half a mile into the devils asshole canyon make it rough! Back in tacoma for less than 3 days and I hear J-Force is a texan. I know we have capable replacements…but it still is sad.

  12. TomlPDX says:

    Yeah, I like Forsett too. I wish him success in Houston.

  13. TomlPDX says:

    Hawks85, not trying to own anybody…I guess I’m looking for another redemption story from Mr. Pete. I would love to see Lutui be one of those stories…

    One thing I really love about Pete. He gives people second chances. They have to do it and he doesn’t give them any slack if they revert to there old ways (Lendale!)…but he gives the the chance to redeem themselves and pick themselves up and be successful on there own.

    I love that! BMW..are you listening?

  14. JRocket says:

    I think it would be great to have Trufant retire as a Seahawk. Let’s face it, he’s 31, he’s making $1M this year, and he got paid for his prime time years. Just having him on the squad helps out the younger guys. Can he last the season playing 40% of the snaps? We’ll see. I just admire the route the staff is taking on getting value, and not being afraid to let expensive, not as productive players go. It was up to Lofa and Tru to look at the deal on the table and decide whether they were going to take it. As the lineup finalizes, PC will have taken another step in getting the team he thinks will win games.

    After last years OL development, I hope with more time we will see an improved unit, with some depth to weather our increasingly regular losses to injury each season. How many more days to preseason?

  15. boucherm says:

    God forbid Sherman or Browner get hurt, but if they do, I’m super glad we have Tru to step back in. Who else would be capable of playing the outside?
    Also, I disagree that Roy Lewis is a poor nickel corner. 2 years ago he played very well, and he’s shown that he can rush from that spot.
    I’m curious what will happen w/ Thurmond this year–do they pull the plug with Jeremy Lane and Byron Maxwell around? Thurmond is frustrating because it feels like there is just so much unfulfilled potential there.

  16. Hawks85 says:

    TomiPDX, One thing I love about PC is his eye for talent, and the ego to think he can fix troubled, but promising players. Holmgren had it too, and I think a lot of great coaches are like that. I’d love for Lutui to become another redemption story for PC, and provide depth at OL. I still think BMW can get it together, and last year was more the result of having a new QB, no off season, and injuries keeping them from them getting in a rhythm.

    I’d love for Trufant to get healthy this year, and provide much needed leadership. I just can’t see him staying healthy the entire year, but I hope it would work out like this if we keep 6 cb’s. it would end up working out like this Browner, Sherman, Lewis, Trufant Thurmond, and Lane. It could just come down to if anyone gets hurt.

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