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Morning links: Inside the triangle

Post by Eric Williams on May 30, 2012 at 7:27 am with 29 Comments »
May 30, 2012 8:08 am
Seattle Seahawks linebacker David Hawthorne (DOUG PENSINGER/GETTY IMAGES).

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports takes an interesting look at the key to success for run defenses on first and second down – the inside triangle.

Kirwan describes the inside triangle as the two defensive tackles and the middle linebacker in a 4-3 defensive front, and the two middle linebackers and the nose guard in a 3-4 alignment.

Kirwan notes that Seattle is one of the few teams making a change in personnel with the team’s inside alignment, with rookie Bobby Wagner looking to fill the huge shoes left by the departure of middle linebacker David Hawthorne.

Kirwan: First-down problems as well as second and 4- to 6-yard issues can be attributed to the quality of an inside triangle. In 2011, six teams limited opponents to fewer than 4 yards a carry on first down (Pittsburgh, Baltimore, San Francisco, Jacksonville, Seattle and Minnesota) and for the most part have very good inside groups.

Andrea Torres of the Miami Herald has a nice feature on Kennard Cox, who has created a foundation to help kids in South Miami. Cox, a free agent, said he’s still negotiating a deal to return to Seattle.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post breaks down the zone blitz concept.

Clare Farnsworth of provides a recap of last week’s OTAs.

More Farnsworth: The Seahawks released Central Washington University receiver Justin Hewege and signed former University of Oklahoma product Cameron Kenney.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll held a town hall meeting with season ticket holders last night.

ESPN’s Mike Sando recaps network analysts Tim Hasselbeck and Teddy Bruschi breaking down the NFC West. Bruschi actually picks Seattle to overtake San Francisco for the NFC West title, and says running back Marshawn Lynch will be the division’s MVP.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times points out that the Seahawks have two of the top 10 most productive tight ends over the last five seasons with Zach Miller and Kellen Winslow in the fold.

Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post reports that former Seahawks offensive tackle Ray Willis has signed as free agent deal with the Jets.

Sam Monson of Pro Football Focus takes a closer look at prototypical linebackers for 4-3 and 3-4 defensive alignments.

Morning links
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  1. stantak says:

    This has nothing to do with the Hawks, but Fox Sports has an article about Terrell Owens being cut by an Indoor Football League team:

  2. Sarcasticus says:

    Farnsworth mentions Lewis at safety. Is this new? Perhaps with the re-signing of Trufant to play the slot, Lewis is being looked at to back up both safety spots?

    The link to the town hall meeting went to the previous link about Hewege being released. Here is a link to the bleacherreport’s coverage of the town hall meeting.

  3. Sarcasticus: Thanks. The link has been fixed.

  4. HeinieHunter says:

    Interesting story breaking about Brian Banks, who was jailed at 16 for rape for ten years, until last week when the women recanted. He was a major blue chip prospect until this happened. He is going to work out with the Hawks, and others. Nice to see he’s getting a break, regardless of how it goes. A great story.

  5. Yeah, HeinieHunter, its a very weird story. One write-up I read said the gal wanted to come forward a year or more ago, but didnt because she wanted to make sure she wouldnt have to pay back the $1.5 million settlement she “won” in court by suing the school system for a rap that never happened…

    Man, thats one messed up girl. And her lawyer. She should get 20 years PLUS restitution and payback of the settlement.

    I hadnt heard he was gonna try out with Seattle, thats cool. I hope he sticks somewhere. Gonna be rough not having played college ball and being incarcerated so long.

  6. HeinieHunter says:

    Another note on Banks is that he is just so happy to be out. Not angry or wanting vengeance. Not sure I could be that open minded if it were me. I read that he was to get a free ride scholarship to USC before this all happened. PC was coach then so maybe that’s why he’s getting a shot. Huge long shot, but how can you not root for the guy?

  7. Sign him up! He says he is in the best shape of his life – been lifting and getting in shape however he can!

    Gotta root for the guy – looks like the Hawks aren’t the only team interested.

  8. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s a link to the story. Thanks for bringing this up, guys. I was totally unaware of it. Wow.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I’ve read a few different articles about this case now, and hell yes get him in for a workout. Carroll liked him enough to give him a full ride to SC. A huge long shot, obviously, but you know you’ll get everything he’s capable of. Man, what a f’ed up woman.

  10. Just curious: At what age are you allowed to skip college and go straight to the NFL?

    If Banks has the athletic ability, we could find a spot for him on the practice squad.

  11. Soggybuc says:

    I think it’s 21 YO to be able to join the league. College has never been a requisite.
    If nothing else I would hope they could find a spot on the coaching staff for this kid as he deserves a break in life.

  12. chuck_easton says:

    The actual rule is you can’t petition the NFL until the class you should have been in has completed their Junior year. Which is why you can have a player (Amobe Okoye) who finished University at 19 years old drafted and other players not drafted until they are 28 (Weeden).

    Banks would be eligible because the college class he should have been in has already graduated. If he decided to go to University now he’d wouldn’t be eligible for the NFL draft for 3 more years.

  13. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – University… The way you use it is totally Canadian. You need to visit the States more often and become re-Americanized. Lol.

  14. chuck_easton says:


    I’ve been north of the 49th parallel for 12 years now. I even say my son is in grade 9 going into grade 10 as that is the Canadian way.

    University here is done in years as well. You are a 1st year University student, then 2nd, 3rd and such. No such thing as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior and Senior.

  15. freedom_X says:

    I wonder if that’s what Banks should have done – gone to college. If he goes to an NFL tryout, he’s no longer eligible to play at the collegiate level, is he?

    He’d be 28+ assuming he left school early, but he’d be ramped back up to speed. Maybe it would be too late to be a star player but he could get 3-5 years of pro football in. Whereas, if he busts out now because he lacks experience, he might not have any career.

    He would have to be a unbelievable, fanatical special teams player to stick with a roster this year. Perhaps he can do that, as LB’s are the core of kick coverage units.

  16. bird_spit says:

    That pod-cast interview is really moving. Banks, I think if he gets the try out will make a mockery of any other recruits enthusiasm. He is so well spoken, I believe it wont matter if he busts or not. He has one hell of a story. If he makes it, he is my instant favorite.

  17. pabuwal says:

    “According to an ESPN report, Banks was invited to work out for the Seahawks on June 7.”

  18. Dukeshire says:

    I can’t understand why he would take it to trial. Of course, that’s easy to say from where I sit. But Jesus, accepting 6 years in prison for something you *know* didn’t happen… I can’t imagine the fear he must have felt.

  19. This is an incredible story! Banks really got the shaft and he has no regrets over the situation. Me personally, I would be looking for revenge! You ruin my life…you are going to pay…He is quite the man for just letting it settle in and getting over it.

    As for the woman, she needs to go to jail for at least the same amount of time that Banks went for. It was nothing more than a money scam in my opinion. She lied and her family won a huge lawsuit with the college. I hope they go after her and the money!

    I am glad to see PC giving him a chance to shine! PC recruited him, so he must of saw something in his future…he might not make the team…but if he has potential, put him on the practice team and lets see how he does. I wish Banks all the luck in the world and can say that he is more man than I am for having to deal with this mess!

  20. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- To answer my ? a few threads ago can the woman be prosecuted?

    This will be a great story if Banks can make it!

  21. chuck_easton says:


    There is a charge in the California Code for filing a false police report.

    The grey area is she never actually had to take the stand so she technically never lied under oath. She can’t be charged with purgery. She never lied to the Court, he plead out.

    Filing a false police report in California rarely results in jail time.

    The school that she sued would have a better shot at trying to re-coup the money they paid to resolve the case.

  22. raymaines says:

    Not at all the same, but…

    Bruce Irvin was on the radio earlier this afternoon and I’m really liking this guy. He sounds like a perfectly nice young man who had a really slow start in life and it looks to me like all of his “issues” were about 99% economic.

  23. Golden Tate + broken hand = Sucks

  24. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thanks Chuck!
    So she is pretty much got scot-free of owning up to it! Sad! I heard a few days ago that Banks won’t try a civil suit against her.
    I hope he gets something from the state for all this.

    Smart move on Banks part though for recording their conversation!

  25. raymaines says:

    It’s a crappy situation to be sure, but the state wasn’t responsible for any damage and I don’t know why it should be responsible for any payments.

    Just a minute ago John Clayton was on the radio and said Brian Banks would have to go through a Supplemental Draft, and can’t be simply signed off the street. Chances are pretty good JC knows what hes’s talking about, so I ask how that would work?

    Is the supplemental draft a ping pong ball kind of thing or is it based on last years draft order? Maybe a sealed envelope kind of thing? When does the draft pick come due? I assume next year(?).

  26. Dukeshire says:

    raymaines – It most closely resembles a “sealed envelope kind of thing”, of your scenarios. Teams are divided up into three groups: teams with 6 or fewer wins, non-playoff teams (with more than 6 wins), and playoff teams. Each grouping uses a weighted lottery system to determine the order. If a team wants a player, they submit a bid on that player to the commissioner’s office, with which round they would select him, if it were the normal draft. If no other teams bid with a lower pick, the players is theirs (and that team would forfeit that corresponding pick in the following draft).

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Thank you so much for passing that along.

  28. I dont necessarily believe in Karma, but I hope Karma bites that woman in the ass something fierce! Taxpayer dollars paid out to her for a crime that never happened, Banks lost his shot at a free USC education and the chance to be a college and NFL player!

    If theres any justice in the world, her ill gotten gains will end up bringing her tragedy.

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