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Winslow ready to make an impact

Post by Eric Williams on May 24, 2012 at 2:59 pm with 64 Comments »
May 24, 2012 2:59 pm

Tight end Kellen Winslow said he’s ready for a fresh start after the trade from Tampa Bay, as he practiced with his new team this week at the VMAC.

Winslow talked to Seattle-area reporters for the first time this afternoon after practice, saying there should be no issue getting on the same page with fellow tight end Zach Miller and the rest of his new offense.

“Zach Miller is a proven veteran here,” Winslow said. “Hopefully we’ll be able to do something like the Patriots are doing, with (Rob) Gronkowski and (Aaron) Hernandez. We kind of fit that mold, so I’m sure we’ll be fine.”

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said the team is aware of Winslow’s knee issues, and the team will manage the situation as best they can.

“He’s got some health issues that we’re going to deal with to make sure we monitor them really well, so he can play his best,” Carroll said. “We’re absolutely tuned into it, and we know a lot about the history. We’ll learn a lot more.

“But we think it’s such a fantastic addition because he can make things happen. He can make plays. He should be a big factor on third down and in the red zone.”

Winslow said the offense he worked in at Tampa Bay was similar to what they are doing in Seattle, which has helped ease the transition. Winslow didn’t get a lot of reps, but he looked fine moving around the field today, and the Seahawks used him in several different alignments, both on the line of scrimmage and as a movement guy.

Receiver Golden Tate, rookie defensive end Bruce Irvin and Chris Clemons were among the players not practicing today.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said Tate fell on his hand on Wednesday and that it’s in a cast. Carroll said he does not know how bad Tate’s injury is. Irvin was excused to attend the funeral of former West Virginia head coach Bill Stewart. And Carroll said that Clemons was just “not here,” so you can take that for what you will. They are called voluntary OTAs for a reason.

Dexter Davis, Jameson Konz, Winston Guy, Byron Maxwell, Walter Thurmond, Charly Martin, Mike Williams and Barrett Ruud were on hand but did not practice because of injuries.

* Carroll said the quarterbacks split reps evenly, with Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Flynn and Russell Wilson taking about a third each with the first unit, and Josh Portis mostly watching from the sidelines.

Each quarterback had a few bright spots.

Wilson made a couple impressive throws, including a frozen rope to Jermaine Kearse on a comeback route while rolling to his right. But Wilson also was baited into an interception by Kam Chancellor on a flat route intended for Doug Baldwin, and overthrew a couple open receivers that could have been big gains down the sideline.

Flynn made a nice touch pass to Deon Butler on a corner route, but also showed limited arm strength on a backside throw down the seam to Cameron Morrah that the Cal tight end had to come back for.

Jackson showed impressive arm strength on some throws down the middle of the defense, including a long completion to tight end John Nalbone. But he also threw a pick to rookie linebacker Robert Wagner intended for Butler on 7-on-7, and had a tipped pass at the line of scrimmage by defensive tackle Alan Branch.

Overall, none of the three really stood out from the other at the 90-minute practice.

“The first day was T-Jack’s day,” Carroll said. “The second day was Matt’s day. And Russell got more shots with them today. And we’ll continue to just rotate it like that.

“Again, it’s to present the competition as balanced as we can. And we need to see them with all the guys.”

Carroll would not put a time table on when he will make a decision on who will be the starting quarterback, but he did say it will likely take preseason games to make a determination.

“I know we’re going to need the games to see stuff,” Carroll said. “These guys are going to do really well. They’re not making a lot of mistakes. They’re not way off base on any of the things that they’re doing. Everybody is making good, solid progress, and I think it’s going to continue to look like that. So it’s likely going to go to games.”

* Carroll said that offensive tackle James Carpenter ran for the first time today, and continues to show progress while rehabbing from an ACL injury.

* Things got a little chippy when veteran receiver Ben Obomanu locked up with rookie cornerback Jeremy Lane down the field after the whistle blew. The two had to be separated, and safety Earl Thomas came to the defense of Lane, taking a swing at Obomanu as he walked off, which led to Doug Baldwin and Mike Williams coming to the defense of Obomanu.

A lot of woofing between the receiver and defensive backs group ensued, but nothing more

“We’re asking these guys to work really hard, and it really matters to them and they really care,” Carroll said. “And they want to make their plays and their statements, and I don’t blame them one bit.

“But there is a line that you can cross, and that’s what we talked about afterward. We want to be able to take it as far as you can, and demonstrate the poise when you need to most.”

* A couple plays later, rookie safety DeShawn Shead almost took Baldwin’s head off while coming up hard to knock down a ball over the middle.

* Offensive guard John Moffitt is full go and working at right guard with the first unit. Russell Okung is close to being cleared, but Frank Omiyale worked at left tackle with the first unit. Carroll said that he hopes receiver Kris Durham is ready to go full speed next week, as well as rookie safety Winston Guy.

Notes from practice
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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, I’m sure you have a sense of Clem’s personality a bit, now. Do you think Seattle drafting Irvin has him missing time? Is he wired that way, or would that be reading too much into it? Also, how deep was the back-side toss that Flynn made? Thanks!

    ET took a swing at Obo…? Love the fire, but settle down. That can’t happen from a leader.

    Moffitt full go? Hell yes. (And happy to read Carp jogging now. Good.)

  2. pabuwal says:

    “Overall, none of the three really stood out from the other at the 90-minute practice.”

    It wouldn’t surprise me if this is what its like until the preseason starts.

  3. chuck_easton says:

    All the while poor Josh Portis stood off on the sidelines hoping and praying to hear his number called. Alas, it didn’t happen.

    At that point Josh pulled out is smartphone and sent himself a note “Don’t make any long term leases…”

  4. Flynn showed limited arm strength? That was the knock on him coming out of Green Bay–that was supposedly why Miami passed…is this cause for concern?

  5. tchristensen says:

    Percy Allen of the Seattle Times state Matt Flynn did really well today. DIfferent perceptions apparently.

  6. All of our QBs have weaknesses:

    Flynn = limited arm strength (and experience).

    Jackson = sucks (pocket “awareness” and “it”).

    Wilson = too short.

    But, yes, going back to Flynn, it IS a concern. However, it’s something that can be overcome with guys like Winslow, Miller, a running game, etc. I am/was high on him. However, if we had a good QB in place (like all of them sucking), I would not have been as high on him. In the grand scheme of things, I am still thrilled he’s a Seahawk!

  7. tchristensen says:

    It’s good to hear Allen Branch is out there, and although the OTA’s are voluntary, you know the coaches keep track of who’s not there, Mr. Clemons.

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    Brock mentioned that Browner was practically manhandling WRs out there, especially the rookies and they didn’t know what to make of it. I’m not sure that’s a good thing or a bad thing. He was clearly impressed by the secondary and how their attitude permeated to the LBs and D-line. The offense looked good, but the defense was clearly impressive to him.

    Arm strength has always been the knock on Flynn. Just remember that T-Jack easily has the strongest arm on the team, but it doesn’t mean it improves his accuracy or decision making. Brock is in the tank on Flynn, so take it for what it’s worth, but he basically said while Flynn doesn’t have the intimidating arm, he was the most accurate of all the QBs. T-Jack looked good, but also had some inexplicable miscues. Wilson had a bunch of misreads now that the playbook is fully opened and not going with simple college stuff from the rookie camp.

  9. pabuwal says:

    Flynn has very poor pocket awareness himself, similar to Kevin Kolb. He takes a lot of unnecessary sacks but part of it may be an unwillingess to make “tight window” throws due to lack of arm strength. Kolb has better physical abilities than Flynn, but Flynn seems to really excel with the pre-snap reads.

  10. Seahawks2620 says:

    I wouldn’t say that Flynn has phenomenal pocket awareness or presence, however he is not poor at either. He is actually a bit above average if you ask me.

  11. pabuwal says:

    “Very poor” is probably an overstatement, I should have omitted the term “very.”

  12. Seahawks2620 says:

    Pabuwal- Agreed. If anything, he is definitely better than Jackson when it comes to not holding on to the ball for an extended period of time.

  13. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think the other thing we have to take into account is these are still just OTAs. It’s a far cry from training camp.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    Exactly. Looking good in shirts and shells is a far cry from actual contact.

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    I go back a long time with the NFL and I can’t seem to remember a three QB camp competition….just saying…

  16. Ewalters7354 says:

    I’m pleased with the report in practice.Love the intensity and willingness to stand up for each other and not back down from anybody!

    I don’t think Flynn needs to throw 70 yards down field just as long as he can get the ball in the hands of the play makers we’ll be fine.

    Lastly,Flynn does not have bad pocket presence from what I have seen.A play I loved is against Detroit with the pocket collapsing he stood tall and found Jordy Nelson for a 58 yard TD.He is better than Jackson and that’s all we need.

  17. bird_spit says:

    I think it will come down to preseason games. I’d make a deal with the opposing coach to use first team D at the start of every quarter, and rotate our QBs in. It will become obvious, quickly, the pecking order. The big question will be, can tjack be the backup, or does he want to try free agency. I doubt, if all things are equal, that t-jack starts another real game here – unless Flynn goes down.

    Portis needs to pack up. Its over buddy.

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seems to me,
    You don’t want to talk about it.
    Seems to me,
    You just turn your pretty head and
    Walk Away! Lols

    Lets just wait and see how the pre-season games go.

  19. Soggybuc says:

    Duke, I’m shocked that you of all people are getting all paranoid about Clem missing an early OTA that is not MANDATORY!
    Clems a vet who knows there is always some kid coming to the team looking to take your job so I’d doubt he would be all insulted about Irving. and lets not forget that it was the Hawks who gave Clem the chance to have his best years as a player so I would imagine there has to be some loyalty there.
    Let’s wait to see if he starts missing time when the real OTA’s start to get all worried.

  20. RDPoulsbo says:

    Speaking of Portis, seriously, why do people keep thinking he’s going to win a roster spot over T-Jack? He has barely had any snaps since he got here. I may not like T-Jack, but there are a lot of people who seem to be blindingly against him that they’ve suddenly fallen for PC’s constant rah rah for everyone on the roster, including Portis that he’s suddenly become a potential starter.

    Salary cap is not a problem, so T-Jack will be on this team, probably as a #2 and keeping Portis as a #4 means nothing more than a dead roster spot for what otherwise could go to a player who could potentially contribute on ST, all for a guy who’s talent could be found in a 6th or 7th round pick in next year’s draft…when T-Jack’s contract is up and they’ll be looking for a guy to replace him.

  21. Who is “Irving?” I follow the Seahawks pretty closely, and I don’t know who that is.

    The salary cap wasn’t a problem last year or the year before but that didn’t stop this regime from restructuring some contracts (of players that weren’t overly good to more ‘reasonable’ contracts).

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Soggy – Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Stop the clock. I’m not paranoid at all. It just seems odd to me that he’s not there, considering how tight this young team is. My question really is / was genuine. And the fact that I too think there is loyality on his part, makes it even more strange to me. There could be any number of reasons why he’s not there. It was simply a passing thought this morning.

    Georgia – What is, The James Gang, for a hundred.

  23. This regime has a track record of not overpaying (unless it’s giving $7 million per year to a blocking TE) so I wouldn’t be too hard on them…

    That’s why I find it hard to believe that they would pay $4 million to a QB that sucks and NOBODY in the NFL (other than the Seahawks) would give half that amount to…

  24. Ewalters7354 says:

    Clem was given a 1.5 million dollar raise for this upcoming year so I don’t think it’s anything serious.

  25. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- As long as Joe Walsh can stay sober the james gang is happening! Lol.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Consider it insurance against season ending injury from whomever becomes the starter. Because, as you’ve noted, Jackson is a capable back up. A $4 million back up? Well, for at least one season he will be.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – So… There is no more Jame Gang, is what you’re saying. Lol

  28. RDPoulsbo says:

    Well, they did overpay for CBJ who was much more worthless than T-Jack. The real difference in the restructured deals is they did that with the contracts signed under Ruskill, not with their own players. 4 mil/year really isn’t over the top for a backup QB nowadays. He’s a guy who can come in and steady the ship in case Flynn gets injured. Until Wilson gets a year of seasoning, that’s not a bad thing.

  29. Name a bunch of back-up QBs that make $4 million/season to suck?

  30. RDPoulsbo says:

    Name a bunch of back-up QBs that make $4 million/season to suck?

    How about Seneca Wallace, Tyler Thigpen, and David Gerrard?

  31. RDPoulsbo says:

    Oh, and I should add…Kevin Kolb

    hahaha…I’m calling it now.

  32. Please provide the links where Wallace, Thigpen, or Gerrard are scheduled to make that much in 2012.

    Since they do not, you will not find them (I’ll save you the work).

  33. RDPoulsbo says:

    They’re not $4mil, but they’re close enough.

    I think T-Jack is overpaid, but not insanely so. I’d say especially those guys are even more overpaid though considering they either drafted 1st round QBs or already have entrenched starters. It maybe Flynn’s job to lose, but he’s by no means the undisputed starter.

  34. Dude. Please look up the ‘law’ of common sense. You’re saying that the Rapist in ‘burgh is going to be the third highest paid QB there this year? Even though he’s “won” multiple Super Bowls and Batch/Fat Albert (last name starts w/a “L”) have won a combined zero?

  35. jboard1 says:

    Saw this on twitter….

    Earl Thomas ‏@Earl_Thomas
    It’s all fun and games till you get sent

    Earl Thomas ‏@Earl_Thomas
    Hope I sleep good on this flight tonight…

    Did ET get put on timeout for throwing a punch?

  36. Maybe Reggie Bush got put in the same timeout at USC?

    Oh, wait, he took a paycut to go to the NFL! LMFAO!

  37. RDPoulsbo says:

    That’s just base salaries, for easy comparison (not including bonuses). If you want the details, including bonuses that push them up further or even over $4 mil. here they are:

    Come on, you’re better than this. You’re taking issue over $4 mil on a team without cap issues and no entrenched starting QB while arguing to keep a guy who had only 24 preseason passing attempts instead.

  38. BobbyK being obnoxious again?

  39. Hammajamma says:

    Clemons actually gets a $2.2m raise for ’12 and is a $5.3m cap hit. Probably his last year here.

  40. If Tavaris Jackson is overpaid, then Matt Flynn is grossly overpaid unless he can demonstrate he’s twice as good at TJack. I don’t think either is overpaid.

    Was there a better QB than Tarvaris last year making less than $4M? I doubt it.

    Was there any QB stuck playing behind a worse O line than Tarvaris started last season with? No. This year’s line will make all our QBs look better.

    Flynn can’t prove his worth until he gets his facemask driven into the turf a couple of times, wipes the blood off, and then we’ll find out what he’s got. Judging a guy wearing a red jersey on the practice field is just guesswork. Heck, even Golden Tatertots looks amazing on the practice field with no one hitting him.

  41. Who needs Hard Knocks when we have The Real Rob Report?

    Love Earl Thomas’ attitude.

  42. Wouldn’t want Matt Flynn playing with almost double digit Pro Bowlers like T-Jack got to do in Minnesota (still sucked and got benched) going into his third NFL start like Flynn will do in a few months.

    Oh, wait, I forgot, Flynn played with all of those Pro Bowlers in Green Bay. What? You mean all those Pro Bowlers were benched or didn’t play when Flynn got to play with them? Huh?

  43. Carson – LOL! Some of my criticism is genuine… some of what I say is to get a rise out of people if things are slow (good call)… but there’s no hiding my hatred for T-Jack the QB. If he were a regular dude that wanted to come home to meet me (“The Parents”), fine. But don’t ask to play QB for my favorite team or I’ll go off the deep end!

  44. Marasim says:

    Stevos, i think that Bradford and Kolb will disagree with you about OL

  45. Where was T-Jack’s blood last year? I never saw blood on his jersey. His OL was better than anything “we” had in ’08, ’09, ’10, or ’11, right? Or is it “woe against the world against poor him?”

    I watched the games and my answer is that the line last year (minus the first month) was better than anything “we” had since ’07 (great pass pro – bad run blocking then). And the WRs, as injured as they were, were better than anything since ’07, too. Yeah, sure, Rice was hurt… but nobody was ever as close to as good as Rice in those years… oh, wait, I forgot, we can only complain about the world being unfair to T-Jack (our $4 million per year loser that nobody else in the league is too dumb to give that much to).

  46. boycie99 says:

    BobbyK beating on TJack, now theres a shock.
    Talking of overpaid Bobby I see you bought up your boy Sidney “Made of Glass'” Rice. Now we can start talking about overpaid. I think Mr Rice wins that one hands down. So complaining about Tjack earning $4 mio a year doesnt really cut it.

    So what happens if Tjack beats out Flynn for the starter role, do you get on board or we here constant whining when TJack takes a sack instead of throwing it away or throwing it into trafiic.

    Jees its old and its run its course dude, let it go

  47. RDPoulsbo says:

    Let me put it this way about Portis. He went from a highly recruited HS QB to one who chose to transfer out of Florida to Maryland than fight out a QB competition with Tim Tebow. Tim “I can’t throw” Tebow! Then he gets caught cheating on a test in Maryland and subsequently banished to DII ball and now he’s an undrafted QB who spends more time with Gus Bradley so he can give him the what he needs to prepare the defense as a scout QB. At each step, he’s been on a downward path. I really don’t see any value in keeping him around. This kind of talent can be found late in any draft of any year.

  48. Macabrevity says:

    Honestly guys, does an overpaid back-up QB hurt us in any way right now? We don’t have any cap issues, and if the injury bug bites, we’ll be happy we have the depth. Sometimes an overpaid player can hurt team morale, especially if that guy is a locker room cancer, but TJ has the team’s respect, and Flynn by all accounts should be able to earn it as well. I think we’re fine carrying both. I don’t see any ‘addition by subtraction’ in this one. It’s the most critical position on the team, and it’s unsettled, so it’s expected that we’ll be overpaying guys until we hit on the guy who’s worth a franchise QB salary.

  49. Sarcasticus says:

    Watching that RealRob report has made me a bigger fan of Sherman, and he was already my favorite defensive player after ET. I can just imagine the crap he must give opposing wide-outs. I love it.

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Looking at the overall amount of money that this team has invested in the qb position I think, ( and I haven’t looked up the other teams to compare it), were not really breaking the bank in this regards. And our qbs are relatively young.

  51. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I know it may not be saying much, however I thought Portis had the best qb skills of all our qbs in last years preseason.

  52. Macabrevity, in response to question on an earlier thread, yes I am the JoSCh from GLB. I haven’t been there is a long while though, got a new job and busy with kids so less time for those shenanigans, plus I could no longer justify giving those d-bags money. I do miss the trolling there, it was primo.

    Speaking of, they see Bobby trollin, they hatin’. You’d think half the posters here were Tjacks cousins. Protip, if you don’t want Bobby to go on and on about how much he hates Tavaris, don’t reply defending Tavaris.

  53. bird_spit says:

    BK – TJACK definitely had the worst OL of any NFL team I have followed for the last 40+ years of my arm chair coaching. I’d say that with the caveat of “relevant to the talent of the opposing defenses”. I mean the strike year was an absolute joke and a testament to why they should not expand the league – so it does not count in my data. Why it didnt look as bad as it could have been, was the talent of Tarvaris Jackson. #1 – that QB can take a hit like none other. A more fragile QB, our beloved Hass’ would have ended his career last year.
    As much as I slam t-jack, I am pulling for him — not only because he is a good guy, and gives 150%, but because of all of the BS he has been thrown his way in his career. It would be an awesome story if TJ wins the starting QB position. (That said, my logical side says he has little chance).

  54. Hammajamma says:

    TJack: best arm
    Flynnsanity: best trigger
    Wilson: best Intangibles

  55. Macabrevity says:

    JoSCh – didn’t know you were a Hawks fan, but I DO know exactly what you’re talking about otherwise.

    As for T-Jack, I could never dislike the guy. He truly leaves it all on the field. I wouldn’t be happy going into 2012 with him as the starter, but as part of our depth chart, I have no problems with him, and think he becomes a strength… unlike CBJ who was/is/always will be a complete joke. I don’t mind the dent T-Jack is putting in Mr. Allen’s wallet, but I did mind CBJ’s contract… much more so than is probably healthy.

  56. Mac, I wasn’t talking to you re TJack, at least not directly. I’m pretty apathetic towards TJack and the other QBs to be honest. I was just trying to spin down (or up, either or) the BobbyK haters.

    It’s a small e-world after all!

  57. Oh, and who are you on GLB?

  58. bird_spit says:

    Hammajamma – “TJack:best arm”

    Yeah..considering he had a torn pec, it is incredible that he had any accuracy or strength at all.

    4M for a 1 year backup/ potential starting QB isnt too much to ask. But, dont be surprised that Flynn wins, and TJ takes a pay cut to be a backup. His other option is to go into free agency. JS is probably already preparing the paperwork, but they need to wait long to be sure not to ding his psyche in the case of injury to Flynn before game #1.

  59. bird_spit says:

    JoSCh – I think BobbyK does a great job of defending his self. I too wish BK would stop with the constant hammering home how much he hates TJ as a QB, even though TJ is welcome to date his daughter.
    Who cares if TJ can date his daughter?

  60. I’ll stand behind what I said. The Seahawks O line that started the first games of 2011 was the worst I’ve seen in Seahawks uniforms, and I’ve watched a lot of games and training camps for a lot of years. Look back at your recording of the Steelers game from last season and you’ll see a Seahawks O line that was getting bitch-slapped for 60 minutes.

    Its not that the line wasn’t talented, they weren’t NFL ready. Two rookies and two second year players who hadn’t even started practicing together until August. Tom Cable took a big risk even putting Carpenter and Moffitt on the field on opening day. Yet, that O line finished the season by becoming very good in the run game, and maybe average in pass pro. I think Tom Cable pulled off one of the best O line coaching jobs I’ve ever seen.

    So let’s not pretend the lack of offense through the first half of last year was all Tarvaris Jackson’s fault. Most any QB would have failed behind that line.

    As the offensive line matured late in the season, Jackson had a string of excellent games while healing a major upper body injury. He made a fan of me, so I don’t mind defending him.

  61. Jusjamn says:

    Now it all makes sense! I didn’t know TJack was dating Bobby’s daughter. Go ahead and hate Bobby! But why would you complain about his $4M a year? Don’t you want your little girl to have nice things while getting slammed by a big athlete?

  62. ginnitti says:

    For those of you confused about the salaries/cap hits of quarterbacks/seahawks:

    Top 2012 Quarterback Base Salaries: Many of the superstars (Big Ben, Eli, Brady) have crazy low bases because they restructured this year. The restructures dropped base salary, took the difference and converted it to a Signing Bonus that is spread out over the remaining years on the contract (up to 5). Almost every team is doing this with their huge contracts to save cap space in 2012.

    Top 2012 Quarterback Cap Hits: By toggling the form filters at the top of these rankings you can see the actual Cap Hits. The list should look a lot more “normal”.

    Seattle Seahawks Contracts, Salaries, Bonuses, Cap Hits:
    Go here to view the full active roster by contract, by salaries, by 2012 cap hit. Select a player to view the full breakdown (bonuses and such).

    Hope this helps.
    Mike, Spotrac

  63. Is Clemons at OTA’s at all?

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