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Morning links: OTAs begin at VMAC

Post by Eric Williams on May 23, 2012 at 7:21 am with 58 Comments »
May 23, 2012 7:21 am
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll, right, watches as Jermaine Kearse catch a ball during NFL football rookie mini camp, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Clare Farnsworth of provides an update on the beginning of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) at the VMAC this week.

OTAs began on Tuesday, but the practice will not be open to reporters not employed by the team until Thursday.

Farnsworth notes that this is the first time the offense and defense can go against each other in a practice setting.

“The first one, it’s still a rush,” Seattle linebacker Leroy Hill said. “It was good to put on the helmets and get out and go against an offense.”

More Farnsworth: The Seahawks released tight end Cooper Helfet to make room for Kellen Winslow.

Howard Balzer reports that Seattle offensive lineman Allen Barbre has been suspended for the first four games of the season according to a league source.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports likes Seattle’s trade for Kellen Winslow, pointing to the tight end’s impact in critical moments of the game – 68 receptions on third downs, 74 receptions and six touchdowns in the fourth quarter in three seasons with the Bucs.

Bob Stelton and Dave Grosby of ESPN 710 Seattle talk with Roy Cummings of the Tampa Tribune about Winslow in this audio link.

KJR’s Ian Furness talks with Seattle offensive line coach Tom Cable about the addition of Winslow in this audio link.

Kellen Winslow Sr. believes his son heading to Seattle is a good move.

Former NFL scout Greg Gabriel writing for the National Football Post has a nice breakdown on looking past the stats to evaluate the quarterback position.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post looks at what makes the bootleg game effective and how to stop it.

The NFL has made thigh and knee pads mandatory for players in 2013.

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  1. Are a majority of teams like the Seahawks in terms of keeping non-team reporters away here and there?

    I like getting info on but sometimes it sucks because nothing is objective. It’s only rah-rah stuff that they want you to think.

    The funniest is after losses, even a lopsided one; they have this wonderful spin on the writing that makes you think they almost won or that more good than bad could have come from it.

  2. The last time the Seahawks signed a tall pass catcher who previously played for Tampa Bay was 2005. Joe Jurevicius had 10 touchdowns with 694 receiving yards during the Super Bowl run. K2 is capable of similar numbers.

    JS has built a team with good depth — and K2 only solidifies that.

  3. Jusjamn says:

    Ya know, I really wasn’t sure about Cable when he first came to the Seahawks because of past incidents. But he sure comes accross as down to earth and pretty sharp. Either he learned some important life lessons or there is way more to the story in Oakland. Perhaps both. Nice interview with him posted above. Glad he’s a Seahawk!

  4. On the other hand, BobbyK, you have to respect Clare Farnsworth, even if he’s shilling for the team.

  5. raymaines says:

    BobbyK: So true. The QB’s throw great passes – no mention of who the DB’s might have been. The DB’s make an interception – no mention of the QB. Everything is wonderful all the time.

  6. raymaines says:

    and we can use this bit of audio from KJR to balance against the Bob & Groz interview. This is Mitch’s Daily Schnoz interview with a different guy in Tampa, starting at the 6:50 mark and running for four minutes:

  7. Dukeshire says:

    Yes, Farnsworth is great. And while he may now work for the Seahawks and that limits his objectivity, he’s a very solid writer and does a hell of a job passing relevant information along.

    Can’t wait to read how the snaps are divided between Flynn / Jackson / Wilson.

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I don’t see anywhere that this team will not improve upon last year! Whether it’s through new talent, and/or continued growth from existing young talent, we are on the verge of doing some good things in the NFL, imo.
    Injuries ( like it seems every year ), and penalties/mistakes will be the key to success this year.
    There is no reason why we can’t take back this division and go deep in the playoffs!

  9. Dukeshire says:

    Ah, the optimism of spring. Lol.

  10. bird_spit says:

    It will improve mainly because there is an offseason. Last year, camp broke about mid-october. We had a rookie right OL. This year, we get to see what happens after the second PCarrol offseason/camp. I would think every decision was colored by the lack reps in the offseason.

  11. It seems pretty clear to me that we’ll be improved in general – we’ve re-signed our key FA’s, made some good additions through free agency, and have drafted guys that seem to be good need fits (i guess they all look good at this point). So again, to me, the step forward for this team is all about the QB. Very curious to see what Flynn’s got once we get going. If he’s an above-average guy, I think we have a legit shot at 10-6.

  12. Just because somebody hits people doesn’t make them stupid or not down to earth. Of course, just because somebody gets hit doesn’t automatically absolve them of responsibility. Sometimes a knucklehead needs a thump.


  13. Dukeshire says:

    There’s no question QB is a major factor. I too, would also say that the defense will have to take a step forward, overall, for this team to realize some of these expectations, this season.

  14. pabuwal says:

    Duke – you nailed the relevant part of Farnsworth’s recap on todays OTA – the division of QB snaps.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    pab – Where did you see that? Am I missing that on I need info…! lol

  16. MikePDX says:

    Feels strange to see someone else wearing #8 in that photo

  17. No Hard Knocks for the Hawks!?

    Good idea. I’d hate to be psycho analyzed even more by the any media outside the NW. We can have our competition flying quietly below the radar.


  18. Dukeshire says:

    I agree. As much as I’d love the “access”, they don’t need that type of unnecessary attention and scrutiny. Let teams like the Jets and Cowboys be the show ponies.

  19. bird_spit says:

    When does K2 report? Is he in the building?

  20. freedom_X says:

    It would be a great sign for the better if Kellen Winslow Jr. did show up for OTA’s. If he doesn’t, chances are it’s same old, same old.

  21. Macabrevity says:

    Hey JoSCh… Are you the same JoSCh on GLB?

  22. Lets say that you just got traded from your job that you currently work at in or near Seattle on Monday. Would you be at work in Tampa today? Or would you need a little bit of time to get situated/moved? I know rich athletes have people help them with this stuff, but he didn’t get traded until Monday night and it’s only Wednesday. I give him a free pass for not being there (if he doesn’t show) this week.

  23. Macabrevity says:

    Loved the Cable interview, guy was really huffin and puffin into the phone/mic… classic case of a guy I really disliked as a Raider, now I fear the day that he moves on to another HC job. I really feel confident with him running the OL and being the #2 as far as game philosophy…

  24. Yeah. Cable is the guy you hate and say bad things about when he’s on the opposing team. When he comes to you, you love what he can get done on the field.

    A generic example of a player would be Santonio Holmes. If he got traded to the Whiners, we’d all talk about what a cancer he is for a team and how he’ll suck because of it (and the team for taking him on). But if that same player (Sanantonio Holmes) were traded to the Hawks, all we’d read about is how he was misunderstood in Pittsburgh and New Jersey and how he’ll be a great addition to this team and how now we’ve got almost the best pair of starting WRs in the NFL.

    Funny stuff.

  25. bird_spit says:

    BK – If I was ready to work in say Boston Monday, but my boss said show up in San Diego (I’m living near Seattle) instead..then yeah, I’d be in San Diego..the commute is a no brainer to San Diego from here.

    I’d say K2 needs to worry about getting to the least show up, and meeting the team mates.

  26. Soggybuc says:

    Considering the rest of the coaching staff, the Raider FO, the league and the local law enforcement all declined to press the issue my guess is as someone pointed a case of somebody asking for and deserving a good punch in the mouth.

  27. bird_spit says:

    And on the flip of that…If I just traded a 7th / 6th rounder and was going to pay a dude 3mill to be my game changer, I’d offer him a ride on my $40000/ trip lear to get his butt to work. I’d also offer it to his beautiful wife, so they could be in Seattle to check out the digs. My guess is that Seattle has made that offer…and presumably K2 and wife are on their way.

  28. bird_spit says:

    If somebody offers me a 3 mill/ year gig to play 18 games (I have hawks winning the division, and winning the first playoff game, just to loose to the giants in the second one), I’d board a greyhound bus in Tampa and come to soggy seattle.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    I have to be honest: if I were “transferred” to Tampa on a Monday, and the first company “meeting” was the following Wednesday, I’d be there.

  30. RDPoulsbo says:

    Remember that you still have to deal with basic airline logistics here. Same day plane tickets when airlines are already overbooking flights, etc. Unless you’re footing the bill to charter him up to Seattle, then he at least gets a couple days just to get everything together.

  31. Jusjamn says:

    For the amount of money an NFL head coach gets, I’m not punching anybody. At least not when there’s witnesses. Life lessons.

  32. Autenpus says:

    Are we still seriously talking about an accusation on Cable from years ago? Move on. These are football coaches and football players, success is measured in win/loss ratios.

  33. Unless you’re someone like Rae Carruth.

  34. Autenpus says:

    Fair enough, but it’s tough to win NFL football games from prison.

  35. IBGoofy says:

    I believe Farnsworth commented that K2 was not expected today, but was expected later in the week…. Like our success this season, I believe ‘his’ success will be the QB situation… proof is in the puddin’ on that…

  36. HawksKD says:

    And already Winslow is gettin bad pub about trashing a 9K a month condo……..

    Hope he doesn’t come in with the same mentality as mr Jeremy Stevens.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Winslow is in Seattle. As he should be.

    I really don’t think that Field Gulls article is terribly insightful. For one, despite what Cable says, until the ‘Hawks begin lining up a TE in the backfield *and* put one into the formation, I find it very difficult to believe they will use TEs the way the Pats do. Especially considering how aggressive Seattle is in running the ball. Time will tell of course, but I don’t see that at all. What the Pats do with TEs is unique, even in this golden age of TE play.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – Do you have a link to that story? How long ago did this happen?

  39. Ewalters7354 says:

    Duke,I agree.Hopefully He and Bevell can get creative and play to K2’s strength.People constantly talk about his knee but come game time it’s no problem from what I have seen.The Hawks are loaded on both offense and defense.If Flynn plays solid ball this team will be tough to beat.

  40. JustaHawksGirl says:

    Duke — I know you didn’t ask me but I saw that article earlier today. Here is the link.

  41. piperfeltcher says:

    I doubt Winslow with practice any more in Seattle then he did in TB. He has degenerative knees and said a few years back that if he only has so many reps left in his knees he would rather use them in games then on the practice fields which makes sense. If he can keep himself in shape and show up on Sundays and perform then I could care less if he practices. I hated the way he acted towards his QB last year in TB.

  42. Dukeshire says:

    JustaHawksGirl – Thanks.

    If this is true, (that is, he lived there and when all this damage occurred) then that enforces what most people think of him, as a person. It’s hard to believe the claims a false, as these types of things are very easy to prove / disprove, and pursuing civil litigation would seem idiotic if untrue.

  43. piperfeltcher says:

    The fact that the insurance company is joining suit makes Winslow’s laywers story seem unlikely.

  44. bird_spit says:

    Excellent, thanks for the heads up Duke.

    Ok..far as I am concerned, welcome K2.. Assuming he is working daily..what ever that means (learning the playbook terminology/and working on the strength/health), then I have no issue with all that other stuff. Far as I am concerned, when a receiver wants the ball enough to bitch out his QB, and can prove that on film, then all the better. That communication makes the team better..its the ones that play the game in the public media is what I despise. He can be all over – confident, but prove it on the field. K2 has proven it over and over. But if he becomes the cancer of the team, cut him out.

    This is a good listen: John Schneider about the 8 min mark.

  45. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t know if this has been linked, yet (as I mentioned yesterday, I was out of the loop for a couple days). But this is a more reasonable (and technical) assessment of how Seattle will likely use Miller / Winslow.

  46. HawksKD says:

    Excellent link Duke…. Apologies I’ve been working. I saw the tag about K2 on PFT.. Looks like you were provided a more in depth story than I had thanks hawksgirl

  47. HawksKD says:

    The ACE formation completely plagued our run game and was predominately used in the first half of the season. Granted during this time robinson was healing from an injury and we were without any other true FB, we were left with ACE as our primary power formation with lack of option…

    I’ll say again our run game floundered until we began using I-Formation more. Fortunately K2 is an unheralded blocker in the second level which may allow for more success when running and also obviously when receiving……I hope they don’t lose sight of our successes last year in the I-formation just because we have a new toy.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – 2 TE sets aren’t going away any time soon. And when teams stack the box, you have to run I and power O. Competent play at QB and more experienced play (i.e. better pass pro) from this very young line, will make Ace a very productive running formation, moving forward, IMO.

  49. HawksKD says:

    Duke – I dont mind the “new wrinkle” that’s obviously not so new… The difference is obviously K2 rather than the inept but still learning Morrah and McCoy… I’m just stating I hope they don’t lose sight of what granted us top running honors for the second half of the season which was achieved mostly with marshawn running behind Robinson.

    If it ain’t broke don’t fix it…

  50. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – No one knows what Winslow’s influence will be on this offence, until the games start, should he get that far. We can speculate, but IMO, better o line and QB play have more to do with running the ball effectively than does A TEs contributions. Two TE sets aren’t a “plague” as I see it. They are the future of downfield passing, so long as secondaries can’t consistently match up. Winslow may be a d-bag personally, but he’s a nightmare matchup. That, after online and QB play will keep Seattle running the rock.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    It will be fun to watch though, won’t it?

  52. Oh no, for all of you who wear your James Carpenter jerseys on a regular basis, you’re going to have to get new ones. He changed his number from 75 to 77.

  53. “I don’t know if this has been linked, yet (as I mentioned yesterday, I was out of the loop for a couple days). But this is a more reasonable (and technical) assessment of how Seattle will likely use Miller / Winslow.” – Dukeshire

    Nothing about what Cable said was unreasonable. I’m thinking maybe you didn’t listen to the interview and just read the field gulls link?

    Keep in mind when reading articles that reporters and especially sports talk radio hosts love to use long-winded leading questions to get the right sound bytes.

  54. bbnate420 says:

    piperfeltcher, that is not necessarily true! The insurance company joining the suit just means that there was damage that they had to reimburse the owners for and they want to get their money back from Winslow. Nothing more.

  55. bbnate420 says:

    I personally would have loved to see the Hawks on Hard Knocks from an entertainment point of view. Wouldn’t want it if it was a distraction though. Guess it doesn’t matter now. I don’t think it has necessarily negatively affected the teams that took part as the Bengals had a good year when nobody expected them to and the Jets went to the AFC Championship.

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