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Morning links: Spotlight on Russell Wilson

Post by Eric Williams on May 15, 2012 at 7:37 am with 61 Comments »
May 15, 2012 7:37 am
Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson passes during NFL football rookie minicamp, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune provides an overview of some of the rookies who flashed at last weekend’s minicamp, including his thoughts on the much-talked about elevation of Russell Wilson to the starting quarterback competition.

Boling: The ball leaves his hand in a hurry and gets to where it needs to be quickly. Of some 500 plays over the weekend, the Seahawks only had to re-rack the offense one time to get the right play processed. So he has a surprising command of the huddle already.

He completed balls deep and wide, and as impressive, he has the touch and accuracy to find flaring backs in perfect stride.

He had a few balls tipped at the line on Friday, but fewer as the weekend progressed. Questions of durability and adaptation and performance against big-time defenders remain, but coach Pete Carroll said he’s already shown enough to be tossed into competition for the starting job.

That is a significant accomplishment in just three practices in shorts – for a quarterback of any size.

Clare Farnsworth of reports the rookies have joined the veterans for Seattle’s offseason workout program.

Brock Huard of ESPN 710 Seattle offers his thoughts on Russell Wilson stepping into the quarterback competition. Huard was at Seattle’s rookie minicamp over the weekend.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post takes a closer look at the prospects of Russell Wilson winning a starting job as a rookie.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post ranks Seattle 11th overall in terms of home field advantage in the league.

ESPN’s Mike Sando discusses what went right and what went wrong for the Seahawks this offseason.

Fritz Neighbor of The Missoulian reports that tryout guy Donny Lisowski signed a three-year deal with the Seahawks after playing well over the weekend.

Dave Mahler of KJR-AM talks with defensive coordinator Gus Bradley in this audio link. Bradley mentions sixth-round pick Jeremy Lane as a player who stood out over the weekend.

I talked with Dave Mahler of KJR-AM radio about Russell Wilson and some players who stood out at Seattle’s rookie minicamp in this audio link.

Here’s the latest addition of Michael Robinson’s Real Rob Report from Seattle’s locker room in the video below.

The Seahawks rank No. 19 overall in this offseason power ranking by

Daniel Jeremiah of writes that the Seahawks have the worst quarterback in the NFC West in Matt Flynn.

Former Seahawk Owen Schmitt has a tryout with Oakland, where ex-Seattle offensive coordinator Greg Knapp serves as the Raiders offensive coordinator.

The Jaguars have sign former Seahawks kicker Brandon Coutu.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    As sky high as everyone is on Wilson right now, I’m reminded of the reports regarding Julius Jones after his first 3 day OTA in ’08. The praise he was showered with was obscene. Then the games started. So, in any case, it will be a fun summer, that’s for sure.

    I love how Daniel Jeremiah (whoever that is) has Flynn rated at the bottom of NFC West (presumed) starters, even though he cannot determine who will be starting in Arizona.

    The Jags ought to keep Coutu on the 53 man roster but not activate him for a whole season. The ‘Hawks had fun doing that…

  2. Audible says:

    “I love how Daniel Jeremiah (whoever that is) has Flynn rated at the bottom of NFC West (presumed) starters”

    That seems reasonable at this point because we really don’t know what we have in Flynn.

  3. jchawks08 says:

    Sorry but who is Daniel Jeremiah? Any list where Alex Smith is rated #1 has to be taken with a grain of salt. I was seeing red though for a moment.
    Hawks ranked anywhere from 19th to 27th in offseason power polls. Ho-Hum. No respect as per the norm.
    We are definately making some national headlines with our offseason that is for sure. So looking forward to training camp to get this thing started!

  4. I wouldn’t survive long in that locker room, some of those people are crazy, lol.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Audible – Um, Josh Skelton…? But even if Flynn is a mostly an unknown, then he ought to have said that, IMO. Not some vague breakdown of his skills as being “average at best”. But, whatever. Lists like that have no bearing on anything of consequence.

  6. JMSeaTown says:

    Can’t remember the last time there was a true QB comp in Seattle… Can’t wait to see how Wilson performs with the vets

  7. chrisj122 says:

    I can’t remember the last time I saw this many people get excited about a backup QB. Although in todays NFL it is important to have A quality backup that can come in and produce without missing a beat.

  8. If we sit back and analyze the situation, it’s clear that Flynn should be the QB. He’s been in the league for 4 years and it’s his time. He’s ready. It’s time to see what he can do.

    And before the “he had so much talent in Green Bay for the Lions game” crowd chimes in, remember, they didn’t have a starting RL, RB, #1/#4 WR in that game. No offense is the same if you take out 4-5 key contributors. The Lions were a play-off team trying to win the game and even though their DBs weren’t great, it’s not like he didn’t know that people like Suh were coming hard after him so he didn’t drop back and read the paper before throwing all game.

    The thing I find funny is that some people don’t seem to like Flynn for having so much talent in Green Bay but they love Tarvaris even though he failed with a bunch of Pro Bowlers in Minnesota. I love the hypocracy in that one!

    Wilson is a rookie. Let me say that again. Wilson is a rookie. I’m high on his kool aid right now, but he’s a rookie (not sure if I mentioned that yet). The best thing for him as a professional is to sit back and absorb things this season so he’s ready to go for next year.

    The tricky part is that I think any QB needs more than 1 full season to develop. Which means Flynn probably won’t find his groove, if he’s like most QBs, until the mid-part of next season (just my best guess). However, if he doesn’t show enough this year to think he’ll get there, then it may be time to switch to Wilson next year.

    One thing I know, even though I don’t know how this is going to play out exactly, and that’s that we have two QBs (Flynn/Wilson) that I feel good about moving forward.

    Whoever starts (probably Flynn) is going to be set-up to succeed with this team. As long as the line can do a good job of run blocking, starting week 1 this year, it’s going to be a fun season, whether it’s Flynn or Wilson under center.

  9. “As sky high as everyone is on Wilson right now, I’m reminded of the reports regarding Julius Jones after his first 3 day OTA in ’08. The praise he was showered with was obscene.”

    Good perspective, Duke. Some of us were pretty excited about Charlie Whitehurst too — especially looking at his college videos. I’m amazed he still gets to make millions.

  10. RDPoulsbo says:

    Can there be anymore of a difference in personality between Baldwin and Lockette? Even so, they seem to get along well.

    Daniel Jeremiah’s article couldn’t be anymore transparent that he’s just mailing it in. It’s nothing more than simplistic judgments that are less thoughtful than most power ranking comments. I really wonder how some of these national media types keep their jobs.

    I’m still skeptical that Wilson will really be in the QB competition this year. Both Flynn and Jackson have too much of a leg up on the playbook. A rookie minicamp has to scale back the playbook to just the very basics to accommodate players who haven’t really seen it. I wouldn’t read too much into it right now.

  11. Macabrevity says:

    I really think Wilson is going to prove that tipped passes right now are more about game speed than his height. I still don’t think he has any chance of being anywhere but #3 when the season starts – barring an unforeseen trade, cut or injury to someone in front of him.

    Duke… thanks for mentioning easily my least favorite RB of all to wear Hawks blue. I was never a JJ fan, and shook my head when they thought JJ and Duck could take over for Shaun. The guy always ran soft and with his eyes closed.

  12. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I think before the season is over, Russell Wilson will be the starter.
    Like Brock is saying, Wilson’s got the “it” factor. I go back to the Gruden interview. Wow.

  13. chuck_easton says:


    I agree. I can’t ever remember a time when so many people were getting so excited about a backup QB. I just hope Flynn does something to warrant the excitement. :)

    I.e. Flynn is still the backup on this team until he is officially named the starter by the team. Not by fan vote. How’d the whole fans get to pick the starting QB work out for Denver last year?

  14. Macabrevity says:

    Who the heck is Daniel Jeremiah? Worst QB in the NFC West? Is he serious? Kolb is a toilet. Alex Smith is hardly better than Trent Dilfer was when he led Baltimore to the SB. And Bradford is a guy everyone seems to love except me. What’s to love about a highly sackable ragdoll with a bad shoulder? Flynn could prove to be nothing more than a Fitzgerald type – effective but limited due to arm strength, but even if that’s the case, he won’t be the worst in the West. This division is NOT known for great QB play at the moment. I’m not a believer in any of the competitions QB’s at the moment. Fisher apparently loves Bradford, and it could prove out, but that remains to be seen. Other than a ‘nice’ rookie season, he hasn’t done anything noteworthy yet. Even Rick Mirer had a nice rookie season.

  15. “If we sit back and analyze the situation, it’s clear that Flynn should be the QB. He’s been in the league for 4 years and it’s his time. He’s ready. It’s time to see what he can do.”

    I agree with this. Jackson has more or less shown what he is as a starter. Not as bad as some say, but not above-average either. I do think that Wilson’s showing, and the buzz around him, will effectively shorten Flynn’s leash, which may not be a good thing. But, either he’ll perform and secure his hold on the job, or Wilson will get his chance.

  16. Macabrevity says:

    chrisj, under PC we’ve been a team that starts backup QB’s, so I guess ya gotta get excited about something :P

  17. HawkfaninMT says:

    How has nobody commented on the sham that we rank 11th as best home field advantage?!?

    While I realize the quality of the team has led to losses at home lately, that does not diminish the fact that our stadium is routinely mentioned as one of the loudest in the league! Rubbish!!

  18. I don’t see the correlation Duke. Jones was a veteran running back when he came over. He had some success in the league and was the starting running back from day one. His lack of success in Seattle had more to do with a crappy offensive line than his own skills.

    That being said, Wilson just went up against rookies and tryout guys. Let’s wait to see what he does against veterans. I like the kid a lot and if it wasn’t for the Flynn signing I’d probably be rooting for him to start.

    It irritates me when people rip Flynn for putting up the stats he did against NE and Detroit. As bad as those defenses might have been, why didn’t more quarterbacks put up those types of numbers against those defenses? I think we’ve got a good one!

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Right now Seattle has two backup QB’s fighting for the right to be named the starter (Flynn, Wilson). We also have a starting QB that has shown he very likely will be the #2 QB or off the roster come September.

    Pete Carroll said when Flynn was signed that Jackson had earned the right to go into camp as the starter, but the QB competition is wide open.

    So, until Flynn or Wilson officially move ahead of Jackson, Jackson is the starter on this team. I think rather than arguing who is the starter we should be starting a pool to pick what day of training camp someone goes ahead of Jackson on the depth chart.

  20. Dukeshire says:

    cgg – The comparison isn’t between Jones and Wilson. They have nothing to do with one another. It’s about favorable reports coming out of a very limited sample size, from little more than a workout type setting. It’s a cautionary tale about not tempering ones enthusiasm before actual play on the field has taken place. That’s all.

  21. bird_spit says:

    “Good perspective, Duke. Some of us were pretty excited about Charlie Whitehurst too — especially looking at his college videos. I’m amazed he still gets to make millions”

    Clipboard Jesus is not a bad quarterback. I dont think he was given a fair chance to develop. That said, we have moved on.

    I only commented so I could use the term “Clipboard Jesus” one last time..I’m going to miss that moniker.

  22. chrisj122 says:

    Chuck I like your last comment about Flynn being the backup, good one!

    But really, just because Pete Carroll says open compition, doesn’t mean he hasn’t already pretty much made up his mind. He has to stick with his compition modo even if it doesn’t really exist.

    This is what we know:
    T-Jack – we know what he is capable and not capable of and we all agree he is not going to take this team to the next level. Basically was what he was in Min. a back up.

    Wilson – A rookie QB, who has a lot to learn. Regardless of how good he looks in camp he’s a not going to start. I still say he is to short to have a successfull NFL career as a starter but should be a good backup and belive that was the main reason for drafting him.

    Flynn – This is who the F.O. went out and signed. They went and got him for a reason, to start. They know T-Jack is not that guy and if they did believe in T-Jack why sign Flynn. He is as ready as he ever will be, they have to see what they truely have in Flynn. He will be given every opportunity to prove himself more than the other QB’s.

    The real QB compition is at backup.

  23. If nothing else comes out of this season, and IMOHO, I believe it will, resolving our QB position will solidify this team a huge step forward. The positive comments about Wilson from all that have seen him are way better than I was expecting to hear. I would definatly not want to be in TJ’s shoes….

  24. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’d put money on Flynn being the starter, but you can’t discount that Jackson has the respect of the locker room and knows the playbook better than any of the other QBs going into TC. He’s not as bad as people think he is. There’s no question the lockout and injury kept him from playing better. Even if you don’t believe that, at worse he’s a steady player that can keep the ship afloat with his consistency. That’s plenty of reason to have Jackson as the #2 over Wilson this year.

    I believe Wilson can start in this league, but he has a lot to learn. He has to make up for his height with great anticipation. That means he’s going to need to catch up to the speed of the pro game so he can be ahead of the play as it develops so he knows when to hit those tight windows. That’s not going to happen at the same time you’re trying to learn the playbook.

  25. That Jones analogy is a poor analogy.

    In the Wilson case, we have a Coach who has not been “sky high” on any QB since coming to Seattle and he’s the one pumping up a Rookie 3rd Round QB like he just found his long-term solution.

    I don’t recall Holmgren pumping up Jones ever, so it must have been the fans on this board doing the pumping. And over the years they have pumped a lot of players that didn’t pan out.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    I think Lo-Jack is the only guy PC has NOT pumped up. Hell, he’s pumping players at the same time he’s kicking them out the door.

  27. Holmy didn’t pump anyone up

  28. WiscCory says:

    Some of you folks need to take the homer hat off, and realize that Alex Smith is the best QB in the NFC West. He is not the same QB that was drafted 6 years ago. Last year, he matured incredibly, taking a step that made him borderline pro-bowler. He didn’t turn the ball over, proved to be tough as nails, and led his team to the NFC Championship.

    Seattle has alot of questionmarks at QB. Jackson is okay, however nobody outside of the NW understands how he fought thru the peck issue last year. Also, a very telling stat is that he couldn’t lead the team to a single come-from-behind victory in 2011.

    In the NW, some see Flynn as the savior. Those are the people that saw his W17 game last year, and calculate 6 TDs in that game as 96 TDs this upcoming season. (BTW, I’m pretty sure that would be an NFL record). Time will tell, however for now has done nothing to justify being rated higher than Smith, Bradford, or Cobb. In fact, we know so little about Flynn that a rookie is coming in, based on 3 days of padless practice, and will compete for the starting job.

    So, for those that ask who is Daniel Jeremiah? Apparently he’s a guy that understands how to rate QBs based on facts, not emotion.

  29. owenbytheway says:

    While everybody on here seems to be concerned only with slamming Mr. Jeremiah was a Bullfrog – all of you have more knowledge and manage better keystrokes than that croaker, just anotehr wannabe – take a took at those UFDA names in Farnsworth’s referemced column and see a couple surprises.

    I thought Lisoski was supposed to be out there yesterday.

    And, Ima tellin’ ya, Wiggs has a huge shot at beating out Hauschka at kicker.

  30. The NFC West has a bunch of QBs who on their best day can play like the 2010 version of Matt Cassell.

  31. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – You’ve completely missed the point. It has nothing to do with Jones or Wilson (as I said) or Carroll or combination thereof. It has to do with unreasonable expectations coming out of a 3 day mini-camp, based on overwhelmingly positive reports.

  32. Hawksince77 says:

    It has become so obvious I am surprised more people don’t get it.

    Russell Wilson is the best QB in camp. He has several months (not weeks) to master the playbook and develop himself enough to be the day one starter. He perfectly fits what PC is looking for in a QB. PC has already indicated that he will seriously consider RW as the starter. PC has started rookies in the past (Barkley specifically). PC has also allowed that in today’s world, it has become common for rookies to start.

    Flynn was signed as a plan B. He doesn’t fit PC’s prototypical NFL QB. By game 3 of the regular season, RW will have more real-game NFL experience than Flynn. Flynn will provide Seattle with one of the best, if not THE best, backup QB in the league.

    Portis has a future, TJack does not. Portis will be the 3rd string QB when the final cuts are made.

    TJack will not be a Seahawk come September. Those of you who believe he is a good ‘back-up QB’ miss the obvious: he is not a ‘good’ NFL QB, and if I am right, Seattle will have a ‘good’ NFL QB to take the back-up QB roster spot. In fact, unless somebody like Childress picks TJack up, TJack will likely be out of the league next year.

    The process has to play out. Players have to stay healthy (Flynn, RW, Portis). Nothing has been decided yet, or declared, but the path before us is clear: PC drafted RW to be his QB, and barring something really strange, that is what will happen come September.

  33. I definitely think that a decision on the QB position needs to made fairly soon. Pete loves competition, maybe from his recent college background, where you graduate players every couple of years. But this is the NFL. The QB position is too important to mess around with. You pick a starter and you ride him until you can’t anymore. One bad game, you don’t bring in the back up. We have one proven NFL starter, one backup, a practice team player, and a rookie. All the fans and prognosticators have opinions. The only folks that count are the coaches and the players on the field. There is a reason that Flynn wasn’t signed for big money. Why did his Offensive Coordinator turned head football coach at the Dolphins not sign him? He has seen him every day for four years. What does he know that we don’t? What about T-Jack? We have seen him as an injured tough guy that the team rallies around. Portis? There were actually guys last year that were wondering why this guy wasn’t starting. And now Russell Wilson. With the right team, the right coaching, the right defense, any of these guys will do.
    Just pick one and lets get on with it.

  34. Hawksince77 says:

    My certaintly about Russell Wilson is not based on this latest camp, or PC’s comments about an open QB competition. That was expected. The reason RW will win the competition is because of who RW is.

    It’s understandble to be skeptical about a third round rookie starting in the NFL, as it so rarely happens. But once you understand that RW was drafted in the third round because of one thing – his height – and that everything in his past and his ability points to first round talent, you can see how him starting is so much less remarkable.

    For those of you who haven’t studied Russell Wilson, you should before finalizing your opinion. If Seattle had an established pro-bowler the position (Rodgers, Brees, Philips, Newton, Vick, Schaub, for instance) it would be different. But they don’t.

    Had Wilson been drafted by Carolina, for example, it would have been a real shame, because he’d never see the field. But he didn’t. He was drafted by a team with sub-standard performance at the position who signed a FA QB that has been nothing more than a back-up himself, for most of his college and pro career.

    This will become increasingly evident as the summer wears on, so get yourselves ready to see the best QB Seattle has ever had lead the offense.

    And make no mistake: PC/JS have built the perfect team for Wilson to succeed in. He won’t have to carry the team, what with a crushing rushing game and a young, fast and aggresive defense. Russell Wilson will shine on this team, as he is exactly the kind of talent PC has been building towards, and has stated numerous times what he wanted at the position.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    “And make no mistake: PC/JS have built the perfect team for Wilson to succeed in. He won’t have to carry the team, what with a crushing rushing game and a young, fast and aggressive defense.”

    To play devil’s advocate: why can that not too apply to Flynn?

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    True pabs! That’s what really is holding this division back from being one of the best right now, imo. Crappy qb play. Hopefully that will all change soon!

  37. chuck_easton says:

    Or to play advocate to the devel’s advocate, why can’t that apply to Jackson? He’s the only QB on the roster with double digit starts and double digit wins. He already knows the offense, the players love him?

  38. RDPoulsbo says:

    Flynn spent 3 years in the most similar system of any other team in the NFL…and the most highly regarded QB coaching staff in the league on top of that. GB’s HC has said he’s ready to start when he had no incentive to say otherwise. Not to mention, he won the national championship his senior year at LSU before coming to the NFL. There’s a ton of upside in Flynn that people seem to have forgotten since they drafted Wilson.

    As for why Philbin didn’t sign him, just remember that it’s Ross and Ireland that call the shots in Miami and they decided to go all in for Manning but were left reaching for Tannehill. I’d say that was the biggest reach in the 1st round, not Irvin. That organization is such a mess, players are on record saying no vet chooses Miami as their 1st choice. Philbin will be out of a job in a couple years, solely because he’s in a no win situation down there.

  39. Hawksince77 says:


    That’s a great question. I think Flynn would do well on this team. But what Flynn can’t do, and RW can do really well, is throw the ball deep, and scramble with genuine NFL speed. Both qualitites PC wants in his QB.

    Having a stronger arm and faster feet in themselves wouldn’t be enough; lots of athletes can throw the ball hard and run really fast. What makes both RW and Flynn special is their ability to play the QB position – accuracy, decisiveness, ability to read defenses, and make the right call at the line. I think both RW and Flynn can do that well. What separates RW from Flynn is his arm-strength and elusiveness, both in the pocket and out.


    It doesn’t matter how many wins Jackson has had in the past; what matters is how many more or less wins he’d have in the future, and based on what we know right now, both Flynn and RW project to win more games, everything else being equal, than TJack. Why? Because both RW and Flynn are better QBs – right now – than TJack.

  40. Hawkeye_33 says:

    Bradford is the worst QB in the NFC West and maybe the NFL considering his passer rating is below 75 and after starting his career 4-4 he is 4-14 over his last 18 games including 1-9 in 10 starts last season. Just for fun compare his numbers to Colt McCoy because they are basically the same and no one says McCoy is a good QB.

  41. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’d say Bradford is the best QB in the division right now. It’s not his fault St. Louis has an o-line that plays like they’re paid off by their opponents and the worst receivers in the league. The guy is actually pretty good when he has more than 2 seconds before he gets hit.

  42. chucko24 says:

    Great debate here. I love the off season banter. Every team has “hope” in the NFL.

    For those defending T-Jack I would suggest you remember how inept he was last season when it counted (fourth quarter).

    He was not, and never will be, a quality starting QB. Nice guy, fine. Good Dad? Go play with your kids.

    Its the NFL, which means Not For Long. T-Jack had a great O line, RB and Defense in Minn and they couldn’t wait for him to leave. We saw the best he has to offer last year. He is mediocre at best.

    Mediocre, my friends, will not win the Superbowl. Pete has finally figured that out, thankfully.

    When will the T-jack defenders see that?

    Here’s to hoping either R Wilson or M Flynn can upgrade the position and give us a chance in the 4th qtr. The way this team is built, and the question marks at WR, that is all you can ask. Go hawks!

  43. “I can’t ever remember a time when so many people were getting so excited about a backup QB. I just hope Flynn does something to warrant the excitement.”

    Must have missed the billboards in Denver last year crying out for them to start Tebow.

  44. jchawks08 says:

    To answer the inquiry above, yes, 96 TD’s would be an NFL record. And for that matter so would the projected 7680 yards. About time a ‘Hawks QB breaks the 4k barrier!!! Can’t wait!

  45. ruminator1 says:

    man what a discussion. truth is, none of us knows for sure. we have opinions and prejudices, not certain knowledge. I like the idea of wilson. i was and remain very excited about flynn. the thing i like most about these two qbs is their accuracy. i thought TJ was a lot better than some others think–he had little protection, relatively a mixed bag at best (aside from baldwin)at reciever, along with the pec injury. some things i like a lot about tj–he has guts, he can zip the ball, he is a gamer. but with weaknesses.

    who should be qb? i prefer to take PC at his word–competition will tell the story. absolutely TJ is the qb starter to begin with. flynn/wilson will have to prove they are better if they are to start and even if one of them does that, there is still the short range question of who is best as backup?

  46. Hammajamma says:

    I don’t have a problem with ranking Flynn fourth. He’s still got some resume’ building to do. But I was struck by the comment that Flynn has an average skill set while ranking ASmith at the top. To me, no one screams average more than Smith. One decent year cutting down on mistakes does not a Pro Bowler make.

  47. ruminator1 says:

    on tebow–i am not a fan but i will say that he has an incredible will to win. he is a dangerous player and i think he was a huge factor in Denver’s success last year. if he ever significantly improved his accuracy, he would be very good imo, a realy threat. maybe this is asking too much, maybe he cannot improve that much, but much as i don’t like the god squad mentality i do think he has talent.

  48. RDPoulsbo says:

    Tebow owed his success to the spread option Denver installed mid-season. Simply put, DCs were not ready to defend against a scheme not seen in the NFL in a very long time. Much like the Wildcat in Miami a couple years ago, it just meant DCs needed to go back to college defenses and prepare their teams properly. He will not see that level of success again. When you’re wildly inaccurate, you don’t succeed in the NFL.

  49. Hammajamma says:

    Tebow’s mechanics will ensure he remains wildly inaccurate. I think the “will to win” aspect is overused and overstated. He’s a playmaker, but how can anyone say he wants it more than the next guy. Performance levels even out over time. I don’t think we’ll be talking about many game winning drives when his career is over. He’s going to be throwing the halfback pass for NYJ.

  50. surelyyoujest says:

    I think the challenge with a 3 QB competition is snaps for each. In thinking this through, I think one of them will be ditched early on….say early/mid August….to make room for the two left standing to get enough snaps to have a body of work that can properly be evaluated. If Wilson and Flynn are doing well, TJ will be released long before cutdowns (which is the way I see it unfolding).

    Two new QB’s to the system (Flynn and Wilson) will need their snaps to get as comfortable as possible for week 1. My bet is TJ is gone after the 1st or 2nd exhibition game, unless one of the other two gets injured.

  51. chrisj122 says:

    No way does Wilson start this year and I will take it a step further and say Wilson won’t start this season or next season.
    If anyone thinks Flynn is plan B they truely have it twisted, Flynn was brought in to the starter and he will be given every opportunity to do so.

    The idea that Wilson is gonna start his rookie season, when the F.O. made a point to sign Flynn is just crazy talk.

  52. NWPoseidon says:

    The only scenario I see in TJack still being kept on the team is that cutting a player like him that the locker room respects so much might undermine Pete in the locker room. T jack seems like a great guy but he cannot carry a team in the 4th and that’s what ultimately separates average and great QBs. If Wilson can ultimately prove that he knows the playbook as well or better than t jack and Flynn is who many of us think he is, then I do not see a justifiable reason to have t jack on the team. However if Portis or Wilson fail to demonstrate comprehension of the playbook then we need t jack. I believe this will shake out by the middle of July.

  53. pabuwal says:

    Yet, with all these Jackson will be cut theories, he is currently the number 1 QB on the Depth Chart.

  54. raymaines says:

    Yeah, and that’s going to last until about the 15 minute mark of the first practice.

    Quit all this silly talk about Flynn only being a backup player. He was behind HoF Aaron Rogers for heavens’ sake. Drew Breese, Philip Rivers or Eli Manning wouldn’t be seeing any meaningful time in GB. I’m not 100% sure Peyton would either.

    I totally understand the Detroit game, who played and what it meant, but there are only a handful of men on earth who have EVER put up those numbers in any game, ever. MF isn’t going to finish the season with 96 TD’s and a 129 QB rating but he’s not just some raggedy ol’ backup player.

    And for all I know he might be the fourth best QB in the NFCWest, but I’d take his girlfriend without even looking at whomever might be hooked up with the other guys. Geoux SeaHawks.

  55. Macabrevity says:

    Hawksince77 “This will become increasingly evident as the summer wears on, so get yourselves ready to see the best QB Seattle has ever had lead the offense.”

    I love the optimism here, and while we haven’t exactly had a legacy of great QB’s, we did have some guys that we’re good enough to never warrant a controversy. I always liked Krieg (started watching football after the Zorn era) although his inconsistency was maddening, and how about when we signed Warren Moon after all the ineptitude that preceded him. That was a breath of fresh air to see someone like him slinging frozen ropes all over the field. Overall though, my fave all-time Hawk is Hass. What’s not to like? The guy got it done with complete yup-yup WR’s. Maybe he ‘lost’ us a couple of really important games (we want the ball, we’re gonna win) and maybe he had a lousy superbowl, but he was the goods. I’d really like to see him in the booth/studio… so much more fun than his bro. Anyway, for RW to have a career like Krieg or Hass is a great dream, but definitely premature. NFL QB is imo the toughest position in all of sports to succeed at.

  56. Cornutt says:

    Sounds like some of you guys are pretty sure who will be our starter. I’m not even sure PC knows for sure. Nothing would shock me…except maybe if TJ was starting again.

    MF certainly has a leg up, at least in terms of study and preparation.

  57. tchristensen says:

    Why isn’t Mike Teel being mentioned in this conversation?

  58. ruminator1 says:

    you guys might be right on tebow but i am not so sure. and the very recent comments of the qb coach of the jets seems to differ as well. he said he was surprised at tebow’s skills lev el and pleased with his work ethic. i do not know why someone could not improve their accuracy, but there must be a limit as to how much they can do so.
    as for his will to win, i agree all good players have that to some degree. but he made things happen last year. he is imaginative and has some skills most other qb’s do not–specifically running. i hate the god squad stuff, but i do think he is a good guy and does present unique problems for defenses. as for whether he will ever replicate last years success, i think to some extent that depends on his status. backup and occasional wildcat player? a set number of plays each game? or starter in the event sanchez is injured or performs poorly. will be interesting to see. i do not think denver let him go because he had no skills. he’s no PM, but he did produce results.

  59. Hawksince77–Nice to see you back commenting. Welcome back! Optimistic and erudite as always.

    I’m excited to see what our four qb’s can do in camp and preseason. I think all will improve over last year, and I see no reason letting Russel Wilson compete would hurt the team. I think the top qb’s will sort themselves out pretty quickly. Carrol wont let the competetition go on so long that it hurts the starters development with the starting unit, and if two guys share reps till the end, both should be ready to go, which helps our chances if and when our eventual starter gets injured.

    It wouldnt surprise me too much if Wilson won the job, but my money is on Flynn. And I expect T-Jack to play better and duke it out with Wilson for the second spot. Portis will really have to show something to beat out Jackson and stick with the team.

    I dont think that the open competition is a sign Carrol is clueless or not committed to the qb situation; on the contrary, it shows that unlike Holmgren, he isnt going to stick with one guy if he isnt the best on any given day, and he certainly isnt going to start a worse player over someone better. The best guy for the job will be starting.

    As I said, I expect Flynn to win the job, and Wilson to battle for backup. Flynn will get hurt at some point, and I think Wilson will be fun to watch. We arent going to have a settled qb picture until the end of next year, but at least we have two exciting prospects and a steady backup in Jackson, plus a raw talent like Portis. This is lots better than where we were before FA began…

  60. Hawksince77 says:


    About cutting TJack – PC won’t hesitate, if the man isn’t good enough to beat out the others. The locker-room will be fine, as long as TJack is treated with respect, and PC does what he says he’ll do: let the guys compete to play.

    PC has cut locker room leaders before, Tatupu in particular. As long as PC is respectful and fair, such moves will strengthan, not weaken, team chemistry.

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