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Morning links: Speed demon

Post by Eric Williams on May 12, 2012 at 7:41 am with 34 Comments »
May 12, 2012 7:43 am
Seattle Seahawks' Bruce Irvin, center, pass-rushes quarterback Russell Wilson, left, as Alex Barron blocks at right during an NFL football rookie minicamp, Friday, May 11, 2012, in Renton, Wash. (AP Photo/Ted S. Warren)

Art Thiel of says Seattle Seahawks defensive end Bruce Irvin passed the speed test on his first day with his new team.

More impressive, Thiel said Irvin seemed to pick things up pretty quickly.

Thiel: Searching for meaning on the first the first day of rookies’ padless football practice against air is barely more productive than looking for life on the moon from one’s porch.

But one thing was plain Friday at Seahawks headquarters, even without a telescope — the scouts weren’t lying: Bruce Irvin is meteor-fast.

It will be an object of much entertainment for Seahawks fans, and help quiet the debate over the most talked-about pick in the NFL draft’s first round last month. More impressive to coach Pete Carroll, who knew about the speed, was Irvin’s quick take on the more cerebral parts of the enterprise.”

Here’s my story from the first day of minicamp, which includes this nugget from UW receiver Jermaine Kearse on quarterback Russell Wilson: “He was putting the ball on the money. He was throwing great passes and putting the ball where it’s supposed to be, so how can you not catch it?”

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that with Seattle’s improved depth starting jobs are harder to come by for rookies.

Clare Farnsworth of offers a comprehensive recap of the first day of practice, which includes a note on the rookies adjusting to the up-tempo nature of a Pete Carroll practice.

More Farnsworth: He provides more information on Russell Wilson’s impressive performance.

Doug Farrar of Yahoo Sports writes that Wilson showed few flaws in his performance on Friday.

Tony Ventrella of give you some highlights and player interviews from practice in this video link.

ESPN’s Mike Sando offers his impressions from Seattle’s minicamp.

The Seahawks make an appearance on this list of best throwback uniforms.

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  1. If the starting OL starts all 16 games together and Sidney Rice makes it through the season healthy… this team could very easily go to the Super Bowl. And win.

    It’s like they are so talented that they are a team that’s too young to win now but they’ll do it anyway b/c they don’t know any better. Come play-off time, with solid QB play, they will run circles around the “win now” veteran teams b/c they won’t be able to compete with the youth/speed, as opposed to getting schooled by the veteran team (which could happen, but I’m drinking the kool aid). I haven’t been this excited for a season in a long time.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    It’s OK Bobboy i’m stocking up on the kool aid myself.

  3. Super Bowl? Come on. I love the Hawks but they went 7-9. It’s clear the Hawks are going to be better this year. Ultimately, success rides on the arm of the quarterback. Matt Flynn is unproven. I like Russell Wilson as the No. 2 guy right now. I am not delusional to think Seattle will suddenly leap over Green Bay and San Francisco and New York in the playoffs. A good rookie minicamp is nice, but it doesn’t equal a Super Bowl run.

  4. Macabrevity says:

    Our O-line was decimated last season and Cable still made it somehow work. Am I on crack for thinking it could be one of the best O-lines in the league? Definitely best in the West, for sure… Flynn is an X-factor, could be great, will probably be good enough. The defense has their work cut out for them, but the pieces are all there. The exciting thing (and some of you have already mentioned) is that most of the league, and especially the media have no idea what’s happening up here.

    Pour me a cup!!!

  5. TomlPDX says:

    Any given Sunday…nice to feel good about our team’s chances this year. I’m not about to predict anything but I have a feeling they are going to be in the thick of every game so never say never!

  6. Dukeshire says:

    What’s really exciting for me, it that this team (especially on defense) is going to be one of the fastest I’ve ever seen here, and extremely violent. This is going to be a lot of fun…

  7. Really nice to hear Russell Wilson looked so good. Im really pulling for the dude. And its great to hear Irvin did better than even the coach expected in run support and learning the plays.

    Alex Barron could be a really interesting pickup. The dude has talent, and isnt old yet. Even if he isnt in game shape yet, he’s worth keeping around as insurance for Okung.

    I find myself rooting for Phil Bates, Jermaine Kearse and Lavasier Tuinei or whatever despite myself. I know that if any of those guys makes the roster, it will mean both BMW and Deion Butler were cut/traded, and I really like both of them. Butler just doesnt fit, as he isnt physical enough to be a starting FL, too small to be a SE, and we already have Tate and Baldwin penciled in the slot. Perhaps we will keep 1 or 2 on our PS. One of our WR’s in camp last year as an UDFA caught on with the Jets and was still on the PS last I heard. Williams or something? He made a nice catch along the sidelines in a preseason game, but had a drop too.

    No comments about any other defensive players? I heard Toomer made a pick, nothing about Wagner, Howard was fast, that was it. What about the secondary guys?

    God, I hope I can watch the preseason games this year. I missed two of them last year as they werent even available in bars where i live, as the hosers are too cheap to buy NFL Sunday Ticket preseason!

    Anybody on here tape the games? If I miss them and could get a copy I would be willing to trade old Hawks swag..

  8. Everyone’s obviously got spring-fever here about the up-tempo, young, impact-looking ROOKIE CAMP Seahawks, in their bright new uniform look. Not a naysayer really at all, and very interested in how it all turns out this year, but let’s do remember that December’s a long way from mid-May. Though you gotta love what Carroll’s doing so far…which is infectious. And hopefully a steady racheting upward this year, come December…and possibly even beyond before too long. But I do think he’s got some real gamers onboard now, which means progress is likely.

  9. Ewalters7354 says:

    I also am excited about this upcoming season.Idk if the Hawks are gonna be a Super Bowl team just yet,but I definitely can see them making some noise this season.I think at worst if this team can stay healthy at key positions they will be at least 10-6

  10. Dukeshire says:

    STRBM – Eric had some comments in yesterday afternoon’s post. Among other things, he said Wagner looked good at MLB.

  11. DreadHawks says:

    How can any fan not love what is going on here?? @Bobbyk, I’m with you but we have alot of depth so I’m thinking with the quality depth we have and are gaining an injury won’t hinder us much.

  12. tchristensen says:

    STTBM, I live in Arizona and have been able to watch all the hawks games on a live stream. Check out The feed is usually a few seconds behind the action,

  13. TomlPDX says:

    I think 10-6 is a reasonable target and who knows, they may do even better than that. I don’t think we will be 7-9 for a long time to come.

    If Butler gets cut there are teams out there that could use him but I sure would hate to see him go…just like what I’ve seen from him when he plays. He doesn’t seem to fit the new Seahawk mold though, does he. I believe Deon has a future somewhere if not in Seattle and he will be a solid member of someone’s (if not ours) receiving corps. I hope he stays with us and Pete figures out how to play to his strengths.

    I was secretly hoping that we would have picked up LaMicheal James but it wasn’t meant to be. Not real happy that we’ll have to deal with him twice a year. We did pick up Tuinei though and he was an integral part of the Ducks offense. He needs to add some more mass to that 6’5″ frame of his though.

  14. SandpointHawk says:

    Good lord, someone’s going to call for a group hug and a round of Kumbaya at any moment.

    Spring Fever has indeed hit the blog…

  15. ruminator1 says:

    tc–that site has been “siezed by the dept of justice”–closed down.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Sandpoint – Lol. All this sunshine that’s cascading us all, here in the PNW, has got us a bit giddy.

  17. Nighthawk3 says:

    Nobody said Irvin wasn’t fast. They (and I) said he’s a one trick pony who’s a 3rd round talent with more baggage than a Sea-Tac claim terminal that was taken waaaaaaaaaaay too high by a front office that is incapable of judging talent. We will long regret passing on David DeCastro and going with the crapola that exists at guard on this team, outside of Moffitt. Vinny Curry offered the same thing in the 2nd round without the baggage. Oh, and that brilliant move of trading down and passing on Mychal Kendricks for Bobby Wagner. Ruskell was an idiot that didn’t value offensive linemen (especially guards); Carroll is an idiot that doesn’t value middle linebackers (or guards). Out of the frying pan and into the broiler.

    BTW, Vegas sees the season the same way I do; 5 or 6 wins. I base it on the crap off season we just had (outside of signing Flynn).–nfl.html

  18. Ewalters7354 says:

    Nighthawk,dude I really hate when people come on here and just start saying things just to be negative.If u were paying attention to the Hawks they have solid guards whether they fit YOUR mode or not.Also the Mike linebacker has not been valued as highly because its all about pass rush and stopping the pass.Heater was a good TACKLER and all but as far as what the FO wants a the linebacker spot he didn’t fit the scheme.Also Wagner has been highly productive the four year at Utah State.Drink the kool aid bro and stop bashing every move the team makes.

  19. chuck_easton says:

    Every silver lining needs a cloud. Every party needs a pooper. Thanks Nighthawks3 for playing your part so well. Now go back into your nuclear fallout bunker and put your tinfoil hat back on. Don’t call us, we’ll call you.

  20. bayareahawkfan says:

    STTBM – re: preseason games, I have lived away from WA for 12 years, and for the last 4, I’ve been pretty happy with the streaming package, which comes with preseason games.

    The regular season games aren’t streamed live, which would be better, but for about 45 dollars, it’s hard to beat. Preseason games *are* streamed live if memory serves…and you can go back and watch them as often as you’d like (as if you had recordings), except you can do it from anywhere with a browser and an Internet connection.

    Anyway, just one fan’s opinion.

  21. wabubba67 says:

    Gueesing that nighthawks3 is somehow related to nighthawk2 (same person)? Was the latter banned?

  22. Dukeshire says:

    NH3 is a troll. Let’s not feed him.

  23. Thanks for the tips on getting hawks games, Ive tried several streaming sites (illegal ones) and they didnt work.

    Im not sure I can get the NFL.Com streaming cause I have internet through my wifes iPhone through our Mac home computer, and the internet is spotty. They wont give your money back if it doesnt work right, and unless you have perfect internet it seems to have major issues. Still, I think I will try it this year–anythings better than nothing.

    Nighthawk3 HAS to be Nighthawk’s kid. Too bad, Nighthawk usually had interesting stuff to say but this one is all angry negativity. No balance at all, and not even interesting insanity. At least when Nighthawk went all crazy it was still interesting and fun.

    And who cares what Vegas says. They know jack about Seattle.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    I think he’s his kid too.

    The odds is Cegas aren’t set as predictors. They’re set to where they think the betting public will spread equal money to each side. That win total tells you what the rest of the country thinks of Seattle, not the odds makers. If you want to know what real Vegas “insiders” think of Seattle, find where guys like Alan Boston and Billy Walters put their money.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Oops, Vegas… (iPhone…)

  26. raymaines says:

    Well dang, there goes the group hug.

  27. We were 7-9 last year. I know we’re not going to get the two free Ram wins this year and we’ll face better QBs but I don’t think it’s unrealistic to think/hope for 10 wins. Once you have 10 wins (usually), you’re in the dance and, yes, that means you’re a couple of wins from the Super Bowl. Crazy things happen; #1 seeds rarely face each other in the Super Bowl. If you don’t want to dream big and have hope/faith for this season, that’s okay and that’s your perogative, but don’t tell me that I can’t have my dream and hope for it all. Be content in hoping for 9 wins and a first round play-off loss if that’s what you expect, but don’t rain on someone elses parade if they like the thoughts their parade gives them.

  28. chuck_easton says:

    It’s not NH3’s fault. Every kid’s goal in life is to outshine the folks.

    NH2 set that negativity bar pretty high. NH3 has a lot of work to out grouch the old man.

    I really feel sorry for NH4 when he comes along. Just imagine what things he’s going to have to do or say to get noticed.

  29. I don’t care what our record was last year, every year is SO different in the NFL. Who predicted the 49er’s to go 13-3 last year? Not a soul I bet. Teams go from great to gross in no time, and vice versa! I get pretty sensitive to people calling ht 49er’s one of the NFC’s best because they were nothing for so long and just came out of nowhere last year IMO. I can’t deny how good they did last year, but for all you people that think the Hawks have no chance to do the same this upcoming year I think you are too pessimistic.

  30. Skavage says:

    @Duke – What really excites me is not only will this defense be fast, (really fast!) but they are big and they are tall. If our DL stops the rush as well as we have in the past couple years, watch out for those 3rd and longs. We’ll have a pass rush that won’t give the opposing QB time even think about his progressions. :)

  31. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    hey nighthawk.. they make a pill for that.

  32. “If the starting OL starts all 16 games together and Sidney Rice makes it through the season healthy… this team could very easily go to the Super Bowl.”

    Mmm… pass me some of that! Its Happy Hour! :-)

    Of course, the above is true about every team every year. What much more likely to happen (and what our coaches are paid for) is Sydney will miss several games (because he’s forced to carry too much of the passing offense), Okung will miss games (because his ankles suck), Unger will miss games (with another hangnail), and some other O lineman will miss games (because they always do).

    I expect to see plenty of games with Lutui and Omiyale starting in 2012. I expect to see Carpenter urgently needed as soon as he’s able to play. I expect to see the offense forced to depend on BigSlow Mike Williams and Goldenboy Taterhead at some point even though both failed the team miserably last year.

    But heck, this is what coaching staffs are paid to deal with: Win despite injuries and while getting the most out of backups. I know this – our roster was the thinnest in the NFL in 2010, and now in 2012 has some real depth. Super bowl? Maybe, but if so a lot of backups and youngsters will play big roles.

  33. HeinieHunter says:

    I do see the Hawks making the playoffs this year but c’mon the Super Bowl? The jury is still out on the FO, as they took risks this year in the draft. If they pull it off they will be geniuses, if not, last years draft will be considered a fluke. My money is on them being bright guys. Carroll is certainly no idiot.
    If you are looking for idiots focus on our baseball team, from front office to players, they can’t do anything right. They’ll be re-building for the next ten years.

  34. DaddyLove says:

    I looked their schedule over game by game and I came up with 9-7. I think they could take one that they’re not expected to, so my official prediction is 10-6. Loving Bruce Irvin, not liking Russell Wilson enough.

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