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Post by Eric Williams on May 10, 2012 at 7:27 am with 66 Comments »
May 10, 2012 7:29 am
Seattle Seahawks defensive end Red Bryant. (Joe Barrentine/The News Tribune)

Dave Boling of The News Tribune offers some observations from Wednesday’s workout which includes one overarching theme – the Seahawks looked fit and trim early in the team’s offseason conditioning program.

Boling also gives us his impressions on two new players, defensive lineman Jason Jones and offensive lineman Deuce Lutui.

Boling: Two of the new free agents, for instance, are obviously eager to make impressions.

Defensive lineman Jason Jones, at 6-5, 276 pounds, is all angles and levers. If slapping your way through a series of blocking dummies in a hurry is any indication, Jones seems to be a perfect fit as an interior rusher on passing downs.

And the new No. 72 is the surprisingly svelte guard Deuce Lutui, whom you may recall from the days when he was stretching out Arizona Cardinals jerseys. Lutui failed the physical last year with Cincinnati and returned to Arizona as a backup.

Although said to have been topping out in the 400-pound range, he’s listed at a believable 338 now, having slimmed down by adopting some vegan concepts in his diet.”

Here’s my story from Wednesday’s practice on Red Bryant which includes this tidbit – Bryant’s a news junkie who follows CNN, FOX and all of the cable news channels to keep up on current events. “I’m a country boy,” Bryant said. “There ain’t much to watch but the news in the country.”

ESPN’s Mike Sando reports that Deuce Lutui is not a vegan after all – he eats chicken and fish on his new diet, but no meat and dairy products while incorporating vegan principles in his diet.

Clare Farnsworth of gives us a little more on Seattle’s new offensive guard J.R. Sweezy and why the Seahawks are trying to convert him from a defensive tackle at North Carolina State to an offensive lineman in the NFL.

Brock Huard and Mike Salk of ESPN 710 Seattle talks with offensive line coach Tom Cable in this audio link. Some interesting comments here on why Seattle selected Robert Turbin as more a slasher/change-of-pace back to Marshawn Lynch, similar to the Darren McFadden/Michael Bush combination Cable had in Oakland.

Huard and Salk also talked with Pete Carroll after Wednesday’s workout in this audio link.

Dave Mahler of KJR-AM 950 talks with Wisconsin head coach Bret Bielema about new Seattle quarterback Russell Wilson in this audio link.

Greg Gabriel of the National Football Post believes the Seahawks drafted players that have specific skill sets that fit the team’s scheme on offense and defense.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated believes the real quarterback competition in Seattle is between Tarvaris Jackson and Russell Wilson for the No. 2 job.

Here’s an interesting Q&A with new Seahawks defensive tackle Jaye Howard.

Alex Marvez of Fox Sports reports that the league is at an impasse in negotiations with the current officials and has begun the process of looking for replacement officials for this season.

ESPN’s Mel Kiper Jr. has USC quarterback Matt Barkley atop his big board for 2013 college prospects for next year’s draft. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

Mike Freeman of CBS Sports offers 10 ways to make the NFL game safer with all the talk about concussion issues of late.

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  1. JMSeaTown says:

    If J.Jones can get some pressure up the middle on passing downs with Irvin & Clemons coming off the edge, there could be some serious disruption in the backfield.

  2. wabubba67 says:

    Jason Jones will be the best defensive free agent signing of the season for the entire league (including Williams)….he popped out on the screen to me every time I watched the Titans play…and we got him on the cheap (at least for one year).

  3. RDPoulsbo says:

    I really don’t get why the league just doesn’t make their officials full time. The quoted $70-$140k salary is a drop in the bucket giving them a little more and making it a full time job would go a long way to helping the league’s credibility on officiating.

    The Sweezy move will be interesting to watch. It really shows the coaching staff is not afraid to think outside the box. Cable saying the 1 guy he’d want to have his back in a back alley fight is Breno is pretty funny. Sounds like he’s high on him though, which might mean he’ll be the starter for the long haul. Perhaps more to add to Carp moving to LT when he’s healthy?

  4. Love all the talent that Schneider has brought to Seattle. I’m confident that several of the draft picks will have an impact — unlike in past years. The Seahawks should be a playoff contender this year and a Super Bowl contender next year — as long as either Flynn or Wilson is legit.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    So, Lutui eats fish and chicken (but no meat…?)and incorporates vegan principles? What the hell does that even mean? lol. Sounds like Carroll’s convoluted “4-3 with 3-4 principles…?” It can mean whatever you want it to it fit your narrative.

    Regardless, I love to hear that in general, they all look to be in good shape, in May.

  6. Dukeshire says:

    I don’t understand the official thing either. The NFL is the only major sports league that doesn’t hire full-time officials. And they’re the biggest, by the way. It makes absolutely no sense to me.

  7. SeahawkFan12 says:

    Deuce Litui will be a great asset to this team. A colleague works with him, and any person who is this dedicated to themselves excels in all areas of life. Check out this video to see his story (kinda long but worth it):

    Psyched to hear the team looks fit and ready for the season!

  8. Southendzone says:

    Really like the Lutui article by Sando. You get the feeling this guy is going to play really hard for the Hawks. I wouldn’t want to be run-blocked by a 340 lb Tongan.

  9. JazBadAzz says:

    I would love to see beastmode jump cutting and exploding through the line with that mask on! Lol that sounds awesome just thinking about it!

    The officials work 16-20 times a yr. No way they should be paid that much and still screw bunches of calls up a week. They would still work their other jobs. What I see is “what about me” syndrome, they are just like everyone else with their hands out. Paying them more will not make them do their job better because they should be doing it as best they can already! Fire all of them and get a new batch of dummies so we can gripe about!

  10. Watching Wilson’s highlights, it’s hard to imagine PC not putting him on the field at all this year. He’s got too much talent — great mobility and throws the ball effortlessly. Makes me ALMOST wish the Seahawks hadn’t signed Matt Flynn. I’d love to see what Wilson can do in the NFL — but I’m also excited about Flynn. We might just have a QB controversy on our hands.

  11. RDPoulsbo says:

    Jaz: They also spend a great deal of time working with players in training camp working with teams on rule changes and emphasis. They also have to spend significant time with film study so they know how to interpret rules themselves along with staying in shape. It’s a whole lot more than the 16-20 times a year you see on the football field. This is a multi-billion dollar industry and proper officiating is a key to maintaining it’s very legitimacy. Making it a full time job also brings along a whole lot more expectations to get the calls right. This is not Pop Warner football with some parent having some free time on the weekends to volunteer to ref a game.

    The Lutui articles are making me feel better about the signing. If anything, it sounds like he understands PC’s expectations and is more than willing to live up to them. Cable’s interview seems to give the idea that he needs to make some adjustments to play the scheme, but hopefully that shouldn’t take long.

  12. JazBadAzz says:

    They get paid for the training camp visits, and the film study is part of your job. They get paid well enough as it is. Like I said, everybody got their hand out. I would rather the league pay the retired players and get the health benefits than spend that kind of money for an official to screw up games. Right now, they are probably slamming brews or smoking a rollie talking about, “we about to get paid”!

    Other sports are full time because they play a ton more games than the nfl. Nfl refs have it the easiest, most of the calls are able to be replayed but somehow they still screw that up! Not to many calls they have to make on judgement that can’t be overturned by replay. The other stuff is obvious but they mess that up too!

    The networks need to stop giving them facetime during games. They get bit by the famous bug and want to be celebrities. The refs should do they job and not be seen or have an impact on the game.

  13. pabuwal says:

    The NFL really doesn’t need full-time officials, they just need to have Bill Leavy stop working high profile games.

    At Carroll’s end of season conference –

    “Carroll said the development and play of young quarterbacks coming out of college, including Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton has changed his opinion on young quarterbacks having success right out of college.”

    He drafted Russell Wilson to compete for the starting job immediately.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    “Making it a full time job also brings along a whole lot more expectations to get the calls right.”

    I believe this is at the heart of it. Their responsibility is now marginalized by the fact these men have careers and NFL referee is a “hobby”, as it were. We all want the calls on the field to be correct (and non-calls as well), and in order to get the very best officials we can on the field, it must be a full-time job. The players only play 16 (plus pre-season and post-season) games a year, yet we demand they work year ’round. (Not a perfect comparison, but I’m sure my point’s made.) Increase pay and increase responsibility and (should be) increased performance.

  15. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’d argue officiating is the weakest link in maintaining the league’s legitimacy. The league doesn’t need anymore embarrassing games they have to explain away like SB40 or SB43. Make it a full time job with increased expectations and teeth to back up those expectations. Testaverde helmet TDs and phantom 42 seconds in 2 minute drives are not excusable. This is the stuff that causes more controversy than anything else around the league and instant replay only goes so far.

    A full time job would keep them from treating it as a side job and force them to have real financial penalties for screwing up too often.

  16. A reason many of the refs don’t want to be full time is because they have very lucrative careers as doctors and lawyers outside of football. I wouldn’t want to quit my moonlight lawyer job either…

    That said, the NFL needs to hire full time refs and whatever it costs to get reliable consistent officiating, they need to pay.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Flacco, Ryan, and Dalton: Two firsts and an early second. Wilson, third. Who was the last third round pick to step in and start immediately?

  18. JazBadAzz says:

    They should take pride in their work like anyone else. Pay should have no baring on if the guy is blocking in the back or a guy is offsides…

    If they are doing it for the money then they are doing the wrong job!

    I should not know their name, they want fortune and fame(some of them). Look at Ed wearing the extra medium shirts to show off the guns, we all know they got x-large shirts that fit him. Some refs get more tv time than some players!

  19. RDPoulsbo says:

    If the team really wants to compete for the playoffs this year, a QB group with a combined 2 regular season games isn’t the way to do it. If Flynn is pedestrian and Wilson develops a great deal this year, then he’ll be part of the mix in 2013. As for this year, even PC has said he’s going to need some time to develop before he’s ready for the real deal. That’s not a bad thing either. Impatience probably plays a big part in why you see so many QBs fail as starters in today’s NFL.

  20. Somehow, I don’t think Carroll cares that he “over drafted” Wilson in the third when he characterized he and Irvin as the 2 guys “they had to have.”

  21. Meaning Wilson and Irvin were the 2 guys they had to have.

  22. I’m happy we have Wilson to back-up Flynn (and be waiting to take over if Flynn doesn’t pan out) but with as many pro-Wilson comments as we’ve gotten lately, I wonder why so many people weren’t in love with him prior to the draft if they now think he’s so good?

  23. We have a lot of people here who figure because Carroll drafted Wilson, he must be good.

    At least the Senecca Wallace comparisons have stopped.

  24. JazBadAzz says:

    T.Jack will win the starting job! He has been working out with the wr’s all offseason. We wasted money on Flynn, I told y”all we didn’t need him.

  25. RDPoulsbo says:

    You get what you pay for and right now, they’re getting for poor officiating. It sounds like you have a lot of strange ideas about how they spend their off time or their dress code without any arguments about what actually matters: the quality of officiating. Right now, it’s so crazily uneven between crews or even the same crews from game to game, that the league needs to step in and ensure time is spent to keep calls as uniform as they can.

  26. Dukeshire says:

    Perhaps they should, and I presume most do. But hiring them full-time also also increases their preparation along with the additional expectation of *being* more prepared. I can’t think of another industry where such a critical element of the product, with so much money at stake, is handled on a part-time basis, as a second job.

  27. Dukeshire says:

    Comparing Seneca to Wilson has stopped? Where? I still read and hear it quite a bit.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    The ref post was directed to Jaz…

  29. On this board, in reference to BobbyK’s comment about why so many people like Wilson on this board now.

  30. JazBadAzz says:

    I look around and still see a lot of problems with officials that are full time. Look at the bad calls in every single game, baseball, basketball, and even hockey. They’re full time so why do they still screw up? Paying them more and making them full time will just make them more complacent with making bad calls and comfortable with the lvl of performance they ref each game with. Don’t make them full time…all you’ll get is fulltime d-bags!

  31. I’ll buy that. I thought Wilson was okay (but short) but didn’t necessarily want him (especially in the third), but will admit that I am higher on him now b/c of Mr. Happy and Bo wanting and taking him where they did. I also like that he’s smart, well spoken, hasn’t been arrested for anything stupid, etc., whereas I don’t care about these attributes as much from a non-QB. He’s the type guy you want as the QB/face of your franchise. If Flynn doesn’t work out, I’m fine with Wilson and am glad to have him as a solid insurance policy.

  32. boycie99 says:

    More people like Wilson because now he is a Hawk they have taken time to watch film highlights on him and given his numbers realise he has a real shot to make it as QB of the future for this team. Add to that PC taking him what was perceived as early in the draft and it gives people enough to believe he could be the real deal.

    I think PC and JS have played a great hand here at QB. Theye taken a punt on Flynn which given the luke warm response in free agency towards him, even from his former HC is clearly that a punt and if it works out great, but in the meantime theyve drafted Wilson with in my opinion to him being our QB of the future….
    Then on top of that they have Jackson sitting there to step in if needed.

  33. Carroll has built up a lot of goodwill with the fans with his personnel decisions. Anyone remember names like Darryl Tapp and Josh Wilson and the anger when they were “given” away?

  34. RDPoulsbo says:

    I wouldn’t call Flynn a punt by any means. Miami is owned by an idiot that wanted his team to spend more time chasing after Manning. Make no mistake, Joe Philbin has nowhere near the power in Miami that PC has here in Seattle. Not only does he have a meddling owner in the way, he has an egomaniac GM to deal with in Jeff Ireland. There’s a reason for the widespread whispers around the league about veteran players not wanting to play there.

    I don’t have an opinion one way or the other with Wilson. In the PC interview linked above, it sounded like JS was at the Wis/MSU game to scout Cousins but was blown away by Wilson and swayed him his direction. That’s fine with me, but we shouldn’t expect him to be playing anytime soon. Let him have a year or so to develop. They’re not in a situation here that forces him onto the field too early, so it’s really a good thing.

  35. Wilson competing for the starting roll is just wishfull thinking on the parts of Seahawk fans who think since Carrol and Schnieder drafted him, he has to be the next savior. If he was coming into compete for the starting roll, he would have been drafted alot higher than the 3rd round. No team is going to take a chance and gamble on waiting to draft a potential starting QB based on were everyone else has them slated to be drafted, that would be ridiculous. Wilson is a project, staight up.

  36. JazBadAzz says:

    I just remembered I was chatting with some guys about 6 months ago on espn nfc west chat and told them we should pick wilson in the 3rd round. I need to find that post I made because some guy bet me that we wouldn’t. I live in Big Ten country and saw how he took the conferance by storm. He’s good but I don’t want him to be the long term answer.

  37. I still feel that the Wilson trade was utterly stupid. We got a pick for him and that pick sucked and was cut. Wilson is a great nickel DB and I would have loved for him to remain in that role on this team (if you’re a nickel, you don’t need to have the size of Sherman/Browner). Obviously, finances may not have allowed for this though (paying a nickel like a starter).

    But you’re right, when they have the amount of hits that they have, we’re going to give them more free passes on some of their misses. Nobody is perfect and I understand this. But the Wilson trade judged all by itself was still stupid (although in the grand scheme of all their moves – they are doing great!). That’s my opinion.

  38. Soggybuc says:

    Duke, Lutui’s diet makes perfect sense as fish and chicken are good for the protein needed for muscle without the fat that comes from Beef and Pork.
    I’m one who did not know much about Wilson until we drafted him. after watching some tape on the kid I changed my tune rather quickly.
    I doubt it matters if Ref’s are full or part time. the problem is trying to watch 22 of the fastest strongest athletes on the planet run around at full speed. the fact that the bad calls are few is a testament to how well they perform.

  39. boycie99 says:

    I dont believe anyone thinks Wilson will be competing for a starting job this year. thats where I think JS and PC were smart. In Flynn they have an unknown and in TJack they have an insurance policy to let Wilson sit and watch film and learn the job for a year or two.

    With the talent on the team whoever should win the QB comp should be able to produce a winning and credible season for the HAwks and give Wilson some valuable time to adapt to being a pro QB.
    I still believe though that he was drafted by the Hawks to be a bit more than a project but to hopefully become the top a top 5 QB in this league

  40. JazBadAzz says:

    I got a feeling this wilson debate been going on everyday, on every post Eric made. Glad I missed it. I don’t understand why people don’t keep the same conversations on topic. They drag the same debate to each new post…SMH

  41. Dukeshire says:

    JazBadAzz – You can’t eliminate all mistakes. Obviously. As Soggy said, the game is played at such incredible speeds, it’s going to happen. But by your rational, they may as well just yank people out of the stands before the games. I say the league has an obligation, to the players and the fans, to do better than part-time officials. We clearly disagree on this.

    Soggybuc – The entire ethos of a vegan diet is to abstain from *all* animal products. Of course he needs the protein, and fish and chicken are great sources of that. But A; they are both meat. And B: they are animals. Personally, I can’t possibly imagine a professional football player (outside of kickers, perhaps) that could get the nutrition required from a vegan diet (yes, this includes supplements). I’m stoked he’s enjoying a better diet and has gotten into shape, but he’s not a vegan in practice or principle. Hell, he’s not even a vegetarian. lol

  42. JazBadAzz says:

    Pulling them out the stand? Duke seriously man…
    I’m just saying paying them more will not make them want to do a better job, if it does then something is wrong. There will always be mistakes no matter how much a person is paid. Thr training is enough that the officials do a decent job but you can never see it all unless they put more officials on the field and we know that doesn’t need to happen!

  43. Dukeshire says:

    I’m saying make them full-time employees, and in order to do that, it will require a pay increase. I’m not suggesting paying them more for the same job. And I would argue that their training isn’t enough. I believe to be fully prepared, the task requires more attention than what is currently being given.

  44. RDPoulsbo says:

    To add to what Duke said, the league has spent a ton of time and effort to protect their brand in areas like personal conduct, injury and drug enhancement testings but have done next to nothing to work on uniform officiating. Crews have almost no time together to communicate and stay on the same page with the league or between crews. The time that could be spent between games to work on this would actually be an advantage other leagues do not have. In the grand scheme of things, the extra costs on this is next to nothing when you think of it as part of protecting their multi-billion dollar brand.

    As for Lutui’s diet, in just the short time he’s been on it, he’s dropped a considerable amount of weight. Now that he’s at his target weight, it makes sense to increase his calorie intake to maintain. Whatever his diet, it’s working for him so far so no reason to critique it. Maybe Mebane and Bryant have a new partner in their sushi outings.

  45. I think the officials should be full time!! train them and continue to evaluate and work with them to be better.

    The NFL IMO does the best job now with trying to be consistent – MLB is s joke and the NBA isn’t far behind that.

  46. Soggybuc says:

    See Deuce is a perfect fit for the Hawk’s! A lineman that has a meat based diet that incorporates vegan principles so he can play on a line that is zone blocking but incorporates man blocking principles for an offence that is a west coast scheme that incorporates vertical principles and has a defense that is a 4-3 but incorporates 3-4 principles.

  47. Macabrevity says:

    Hey Duke… not sure if you’re a Dawgs fan, but if so… you’re forgetting your Huskies lore. Chris Chandler was a 3rd round pick, and I’m pretty sure he started for Indy his first season. I don’t recall the details but there wasn’t much else in the way of a QB on that team. Is that too far back of a reach? :P

  48. Macabrevity says:

    As to the vegan comments… a while back my wife and I did a vegetarian diet for a few years. So many times we found ourselves being offered food, someone cooked for us or whatever, and I said “but we don’t eat meat” the response was often something like “oh, don’t worry, it’s chicken”. Classic stuff, I guess chicken isn’t classified as a meat anymore.

  49. JazBadAzz says:

    If you pay the official, and give them full time employment, and training as much as they can handle, they still will make mistakes! Then what? You guys will call for him to be fired? Fine him? Suspend him for the playoffs? No matter what you do the refs won’t get any better, in fact they will probably get worse, nba and mlb did! Those guys have games almost everyday”live action”, and still screw up! I’m with the league on this one and those guys know that the refs will not get any better with officiating than they already are!!!

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Macabrevity – Not too far back at all. I honestly couldn’t think of one. Nice!

    JazBadAzz – Of course you can’t eliminate all the mistakes. But they can be made better. And how did MLB and NBA refereeing become worse after they were made full time? I don’t follow the logic that additional training and responsibility will cause them to get worse.

  51. chuck_easton says:

    Devil’s advocate here (and professional curtesy to a brother in arms).

    Ed Hochuli is one of, if not THE, best NFL referees out there right now.

    Oh, and he just happens to be a partner in a 80 lawyer firm in Arizona. He specializes in high end civil litigation.

    Trust me, Ed does this whole NFL thing as a hobby because he makes a fortune as a lawyer.

    So, do you lose one of the best refs in the game? Ed is not giving up his law practice to be a full time NFL employee.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – If the NFL was ever serious about full-time refs, I’m sure they would be able to integrate people into the process before their careers led them to become partners at a law firm.

  53. chuck_easton says:


    Does that mean my dream of being an NFL referee is over? Just made partner in January.

  54. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’d agree that Hochuli is a very good ref in the league. The problem is I couldn’t say the same about most of the other refs or even some of Hochuli’s crew like his linesmen. A good way to put it is change the culture in a way so that it’s their primary work focus. There’s a lot more at stake, like the money to pay for the food on your table, when the job is full time. It makes you a lot more accountable to your job. Spend those weekdays with in the NFL office of officiating with the other crews going over the previous week of games so all officials stay on the same page for the next week. More work put in at team TCs so they can be on the same page with them. In the end, it’s in the league’s interest to protect their brand and it costs a lot less than many of their other activities for protecting their brand like their army of lawyers.

  55. PHXHawk says:

    Yes Chuck, but does Hochuli get to show his guns in the courtroom and be seen by millions? I bet it would be a difficult choice for him to choose between his vocation and his “hobby”.

  56. Macabrevity says:

    “does Hochuli get to show his guns in the courtroom”

    Chuck, what would happen if you started wearing muscle T’s to work?!?

  57. Audible says:


    Funny…but it kinda makes my head hurt!

  58. Hammajamma says:

    “the task requires more attention than is currently being given.”

    I think it’s hard to know that. I’m sure refs work extremely hard at their vocation, avocation or hobby, whichever it turns out to be. They’re in the film room, in meetings, receive grades and occasional discipline. But since the schedule is seasonal and games occur simultaneosly, individual exposure to actual game situations is limited. That experience and player familiarity is probably where edges truly get sharpened. I just don’t know if more time spent in off-the-field activity is going to tip the scales.

  59. Singularitarian says:

    This game is very hard to ref. I feel like they should make more plays reviewable ie pass interference and holding, and a ref could use some sort of standard as to what an appropriate pass interference call is

  60. Singularitarian says:

    Also I get sick of hearing this “no 3rd round pick quarterback has ever started” or “no successfull qb has ever been under 6 feet”. They are the exact same arguement. Russell Wilson was not drfated in the first round based on height bias only. We all know he’d have gone in the top 15 if he was 6’4. And guess what, that height will not change by sitting on the bench for a couple years. The kid is good, I think he’ll win the job

  61. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – You’re done. (lol)

  62. bbnate420 says:

    Grow up Jaz. Everybody goes to work for the MONEY! You would still go to work if they didn’t pay you? It is fairly logical that officials would get better at their job if they had more time to focus on it. I think the bigger problem is the way in which replay is used. They should have SEPARATE replay officials that are NOT part of the field crew that review plays and make the decisions rather than having one of them run to the sideline to watch it. COMPLETE WASTE OF TIME!!!!

  63. bbnate420 says:

    Well, Brian Griese was a 3rd rounder but, he had to wait for year 2 to start because some horse-face named Elway was there. Out of all of the QBs that were taken in the 2nd or 3rd round from 1992-2010, only Brees and Schaub have met or exceeded expectations. Not a high success rate! It’s a wonder so many fans still like for their team to wait until the 2nd or 3rd to draft a QB.

  64. chuck_easton says:

    Ok, my adopted homeland is coming through here. NHL has replay for goals. If there is a discrepency between the call on the ice a buzzer goes off and the ref skates over to the scorers box.

    Those headsets he puts on go directly to NHL HQ in Toronto where a team of FULL TIME dedicated replay officials watch the play from every angle.

    It is the guys in Toronto that make the call and the on ice official just gets to be the messenger to the crown and the players.

    Would that be a hybrid solution? Have a full time NFL crew (not one guy) in NY that watch each game. If there is a challenge or if they see something not right they press a button and a buzzer goes off on the head referee’s belt. His only job is to tell the crowd what the guys in NY have decided actually happened.

    Problem solved.

  65. JazBadAzz says:

    bbnate420- Grow up? Why, cause Im pointing out the obvious, that the money shouldn’t matter? They were hired to do a job to the best of their abilities, not up to my pay grade. Don’t accept the position if you are not going to give it your all…people lively hood is on the line when they are out there half assing calls because they want a freaking raise. They get payed enough to make ends meet, and anything more would be a waste of time and money! Fire those guys and get some people in there that would do the best job they can. If they did that, maybe it wouldn’t be a problem with giving the guys some more pay/benefits.

    They accepted the job and was once proud to have it. No one is making them do it, cause I bet its a line 6 miles long with guys wanting that position! I agree with the replay thing but no matter how you look at it someone will have a complaint. (replays take to long)

  66. JazBadAzz says:

    Chuck- I like that! Maybe just make the guys the are actually the field judge to be full time, or like you said, a team of guys in a “HQ” place to monitor all games. Fox had the guy(Mike) that use to be Head of officials chime in from time to time to get clarification on rules involving weird plays! Good job Chuck!

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