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Morning links: Big drummer boy

Post by Eric Williams on May 2, 2012 at 10:43 am with 84 Comments »
May 2, 2012 10:43 am

Check out this video above on Seattle Seahawks seventh round draft choice Greg Scruggs.

The University of Louisville product only started playing football his senior year in high school at St. Xavier High in Cincinnati, Ohio. Scruggs first love was basketball and playing drums in his school’s marching band. But he finally played football his senior year, and earned several scholarship offers, including Miami of Ohio and Tennessee.

Clare Farnsworth of checks in with cornerback Brandon Browner, who wants to build off of last year’s impressive production in his first year in the NFL.

More Farnsworth: Seattle players are moving into phase two of the team’s offseason conditioning program.

Dave Mahler of KJR-AM radio interviews Seahawks GM John Schneider in this audio link. Schneider tells Mahler that Bruce Irvin, Luke Kuechly and safety Mark Barron were the team’s highest rated players on the board, and that the team was somewhat uncomfortable no one was talking about Irvin.

Peter King of Sports Illustrated rates Russell Wilson No. 6 among rookie quarterback that could have an impact in 2012. King: “How about GM John Schneider telling me Wilson was one of the three best players he scouted in 2011? That, plus the fact that neither Matt Flynn nor Tarvaris Jackson have a stranglehold on the starting job, tells me Wilson will have a fair chance to win the job at some point this season.”

Dave Wyman of ESPN 710 Seattle writes that there’s a lot to like about Irvin.

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  1. seahawk44 says:

    Does anyone know when the alternative grey Nike Seahawks jerseys will be available to purchase?

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Once again a good read by Wyman. love his stuff. If he’s some Rufus in Bruce that bodes well. I think we might see BI play on the left side some. the good RT’s might play him neutral but I see him taking some of them to task.
    Either way just having his speed on the field will help open it up for others.

  3. mach1na says:

    @seahawk44 I read a tweet from the Seahawks that the wolf greys were coming out in late Summer.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    So John Schneider says that the three highest rated players on their board were Bruce Irvin, Luke Kuechly, and Mark Barron, yet King claims Schneider told him that Wilson was one of the three best players he scouted all year? I absolutely do not believe that for one minute. They clearly think a lot of him, they took him in the third. But King’s level of hyperbole borders on delusion. Over the past three Carroll / Schneider drafts, he’s made wild claims and predictions and not one (to my knowledge) has been accurate. I genuinely don’t understand Peter King’s popularity, or how he’s developed such a network.

  5. pabuwal says:

    King is not a liar. How do you know that the Seahawks Draft Board does not combine how they rate the players with where they think they could be drafted by the rest of the league?

    This Junior Seau suicide is a sad story and is why Goodell needs to continue to take the violence to the head out of the game. I don’t want to read this same story about Kam Chancellor in 20 years. And yes, I am making an assumption on why Seau did this. I may very well be wrong on the why.

  6. SandpointHawk says:

    Great player,better man, RIP Jr.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    I didn’t call him a liar. I said he was prone to hyperbole and that I don’t believe him. Very different. If I thought he was lying about Schneider and had conjured the statement completely, I would have said exactly that.

  8. HawkfaninMT says:

    So what was Hyperbole about King’s comment? That Schnieder told him RW was a top 3 player he scouted, or that Schnieder reportedly said Barron, Kuechly, and Irvin were the hawks top 3 rated players? Either way I don’t see how either statement is hyperbole as you linked

  9. HawkyHann says:

    Will Russell Wilson start this year? Would not surprise me…PC and JS are fired up about him. Just listened to the softy audio link.

  10. HawkyHann says:

    JS quote”And if we didn’t come out of the draft with Bruce Irvin and Russell Wilson, we would not have felt good as a group,” Schneider said. “Those are the two guys that really stood out, sure.”

  11. So, maybe the Hawks would have drafted Barron had he been available! Thats pretty interesting (if true). We will never know, but it would be interesting to know if there would have been more WTF?! comments from selecting Barron than there were for selecting Irvin.

    I watched some more Bruuuuuuuce highlights today – I’m glad we got him.

  12. PC/JS were pretty happy about drafting Golden Tate not that long ago…… I am assuming its unlikely Wilson starts this year.

    My un-informed guess is Flynn starts, Jackson provides experienced back-up, Wilson is 3rd string and we try and hide Portis on the practice squad.

  13. Blocis – I believe it has been stated that Portis has no Practice squad eligibility

  14. I personally don’t see the importance of Portis. He has had an opportunity, he either needs to put up or get cut.

    If he performs so well that they are willing to go into the season with Portis/Wilson then great. But if not then let him go.

    I have heard lots of players gush about Tjack/Flynn or excitement over Wilson, but I have not heard a single player gush about Portis. If they aren’t excited that he is there then let him go.

    Sorry just my thoughts

  15. Here is a way to compare Kiper and other commentators with NFL GMs:

    Look for major disagreements between where Kiper projected the person to be drafted and where the player was actually drafted. Two things to look for:

    1. A player that Kiper said should have been drafted earlier, which Kiper calls a “steal.” If this player has great career, Kiper was right and GM was wrong. If this player does not have good career, the GMs that passed this guy were correct and Kiper was wrong.

    2. A player drafted early that Kiper calls a “reach.” If this player does not have good career, kiper was right and GM was wrong. If this player has great career, the GM was right and Kiper was wrong.

    No point in looking at players where Kiper was accurate in the projection, since both were correct or both were wrong.

    This would show that GMs know more than Kiper.

  16. Dukeshire says:

    I believe King is exaggerating, as usual. And the hyperbole comment was in context of the past three Seahawk’s draft, which includes his comments about Wilson’s “fair shot” to start. Honestly, I don’t care enough to get back into it. I feel as though my comments were straight forward and clear. You may not agree with me, and that’s cool, but King is generally ill-informed, considering his access to the decision makers, IMO.

  17. ryanryan says:

    i said this before and i will mention it again – there are quite a lot of bodies at the qb position and limited snaps…it’ll be interesting to see how they are spread around.

    @blocis – my guess is the same as yours, all this talk about tjack not making the roster is hyperbole (see what i did there). he will play out his contract. russel starting this year? probably not, they will give flynn a chance to see what he can do; rw’s chance to win the job will be next offseason.

  18. blocis says:

    @xcman – I could be mistaken, but since Portis was declared the 3rd QB for every game last year he was not on the active roster for any game and did not ‘accrue a season’. This leaves him practice squad eligeable.

  19. blocis says:

    I think there is very little chance that Jackson gets cut. Better chance he is the starter than he gets cut. People are drinking too much post draft kool-aid about Wilson.

  20. wabubba67 says:

    Duke–I get what you are writing about King, but I wonder if it was just an honest miscommunication. Schneider could have been telling the truth in both instances. That the three players (Kuechly, Irvin, and Barron) were the highest rated on his board and that Wilson was among the top three players that he (personally) scouted.

    I kind of like King…he’s personable, easy to read (like another King that I enjoy) and gives a fairly good overview of the entire NFL and the personalities behind the scenes with each of the teams.

  21. HawkyHann says:

    I know Gruden just raved about Wilson and he’s a great coach so that does influence my new found excitement on the little guy. Looking forward to seeing him in preseason. I don’t know much about Flynn, so can’t say if he’s really the guy or not. I do know that TJack does not excite me.

  22. chrisj122 says:

    RIP Jr. Seau. Great MLB!

  23. Soggybuc says:

    I could be wrong but did they not also declare Robinson as the emergency QB? or was that just during the 2010 season.
    People are still excited for Portis based on what was some very nice play during the preseason last year and that was with the shortened off season. I’m wanting to see what he can do with a full off season program. I haveno doubt all 4 will get shots during the preseason and the weakest link will be cut and TJ could be one of them. both wilson and Portis can be paid for with savings left over if he’s cut.

  24. wabubba67 says:

    Robinson was the emergency QB last year (he played QB at Penn State), because Portis was on the inactive roster for much, if not all, of the year. Meant having more flexibility with other players…particularly for special teams and injuries that come up during a game.

  25. JazBadAzz says:

    I also believe T.Jack will get cut, not because of the obvious but because his ceiling is tapped out and they want to “develope” their on players and give them room to grow. I seen them eat 4 million before and it paid off. Could happen again.

  26. BobbyK says:

    Except they don’t owe T-Jack the $4 million. It’s not guaranteed.

  27. Seahawks2620 says:

    I don’t know why, but it surprise me that Golden Tate is still only 23 years old. I have really high hopes for him in 2012. He is my break out player for this season, I think he is going to do some great things.

  28. Skavage says:

    Wow…great video. Really makes you want to pull for the kid. And best of all if he doesn’t make the team, or if he has a short NFL career, yu gotta feel pretty good about his chances of making a good life away from the game. Good for him!

  29. BobbyK says:

    Tate has been my 2012 breakout player since they drafted him in 2010. This is the year I’ve been pointing to. Make us all happy!

  30. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    I would really be suprised if Tjack makes the final roster. he is gone in a year anyway he is dead weight. every snap he take steals one from a QB with more patential. if flynn shows any upside over Tjack they cut Tjack and let wilson develope this season and fight to start next year. although i think flynn will do just fine wilson has way more upside and in a couple to 3 years will beat out flynn.

  31. Soggybuc says:

    Concerning Tate I have to wonder about Notre Dames coaching staff. that team has so much talent every year and yet seems to always underachieve. it seems that players from ND tend to struggle in the NFL because they receive little to no coaching and are left to just play on their talents alone.
    Say what you will about Harbaugh but he was pumping out guys at Stanford that are ready to produce in the nfl. luck, baldwin, sherman, decastro etc.
    ND did tate a diservice not coaching him well. talented? god yes, but it was more like drafting a High School senior than a polished college player.

  32. HawkfaninMT says:

    @BobbyK: I had asked this just after the draft but since you alluded to it earlier…

    What portion of TJacks contract is guaranteed for the year? I had seen 2.5M, but that was at a random blog… Any guesses?

  33. Dukeshire says:

    For what it’s worth, just saw the authentic Seahawk uniform in person. They look better than I expected. The blue is really cool. But, the white stripe across the front of the shoulder on the jersey is so out of place. And the absence of the Seahawk logo on the sleeve is an even more noticeable omission. If they were to fix those two things, they’d be pretty cool. The “stripe” down the leg isn’t as bad as it appeared in pictures. Like I said, for what it’s worth…

  34. HawkfaninMT says:

    Agreed with thop portion anyways Duke. I bought my daughter’s Blue Rice 18 jersey yesterday. The stripe seems odd (don’t hate it but don’t love it) and I really don’t like that the logo is not on the sleeve.

    One thing I did like, is on the inside of the collar (as if anyone would know it if you weren’t wearing it)there is a 12. Simple little surprise, but I liked it.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    As I recall, only 2 of the 8 mil deal to Jackson was guaranteed. That’s made up of his 1.5 signing bonus and an immediate $500,000 roster bonus, both I which he received last year.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    HawkFan – I did see that. Cool.

  37. BobbyK says:

    What Duke said (about the T-Jack contract for this year – nothing guaranteed for ’12 if he’s not on the opening day roster).

    Tim Brown is the last great ND WR I can think of. Jeff S. (I can’t spell his last name) could have been a good NFL WR but we’ll never know. He’s pitching for the Cubs instead. I think the Rocket was simply too small to be good in the NFL rather than the fact that he played at ND.

    I don’t think we can always look at a college though to determine if a player is going to be great (at a specific position). If that’s the case, why is anyone high on Wilson as our developmental QB? No Wisconsin QB I can think of has been any good in the NFL in recent memory.

    Or why be excited about Turbin backing up Lynch? I can’t think of any good Utah State RB being good in the NFL.

    Or maybe we should compare Bruce Irvin to Renaldo Turnbull who was a 1st round pick (DE) from West Virginia that was a bust? Have there been any/many good/great sack artists from WV? If not, why should Irvin be any different?

    I think we try to compare players of position too often with players that had played at a college before.

  38. grizindabox24 says:

    I believe TJax will be on the opening day roster

  39. BobbyK says:

    There have been plenty of players that Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy have restructured contracts with – or those players wouldn’t have remained on the team. They have done it with Trufant, Babs, Hill, etc. and got rid of Lofa because he wouldn’t do it. These were players under contract but they weren’t producing what they were supposed to earn so they were willing to cut ties.

    With this being said, and after thinking about what the Packers did with Schneider in Green Bay (went into that season with all of their starters having a combined zero NFL starts), I really don’t think they will pay T-Jack $4 million to sit on the bench if he doesn’t win the starting job. And I don’t think he will win it either. Even if the competition is close, you have to go with the player with more potential. Jackson has proven who he is whereas Flynn hasn’t had those 30-some starts to prove it/develop. The two starts he did have would rank up there with the best starts Jackson has had in 30-some (actually, one of those starts ranks up there with the greatest ever). And before anyone talks about the talent Flynn had – remember, in that Lions game, he didn’t have a starting tackle, starting RB, or his #1 and #4 WRs, b/c the Packers were resting them for the play-offs (actually, Jennings was still hurt), whereas T-Jack got plenty of starts with Pro Bowlers like McKinnie (when he was among the best starting LTs in the NFC), Hutch (best G in football), Birk (still Pro Bowl caliber C), and Adrian Peterson (best RB in football). It’s not like he was void of talent when he started in MN either.

  40. While ND coaching staff deserve some blame, the thing is the staff has changed once or twice since Tate was brought in. Also, Tate was a running back in HS and for two years in college, and only played WR for two seasons in college–so its hardly surprising he’s had a hard time learning to run NFL routes. Add in the lack of offseason his second year, and I think its fair to say that even with minimal improvement, he will still be on the team this year.

    I think he’s gonna be a solid contributor off the bench this year. Some WR’s take five-six years to learn to be good in the NFL, especially young ones like Tate. He’s only 23 after all.

    Thats the one thing that gives me hope about Sidney Rice–he’s still ridiculously young at 25. Perhaps he can find a way to stay healthy and productive…

  41. Er, pehaps Tate didnt play two years of RB in college, just was recruited as one and then switched to WR. Get my facts straight, right/ IM tired. let the jeers ensue, my brain is friiiied.

  42. BobbyK says:

    Don’t forget that he never practiced football in the spring, as he was a college baseball player, too. He’s raw.

  43. Soggybuc says:

    Reading to much into it Bobby I was just thinking how ND doesn’t seem to maximism the talent it gets. compare Tate and Baldwin. from a pure talent stand point Tate is better but Baldwin was a better route runner and playbook studier year one only coaching can be the answer.
    It could be that Tate will never get how to play the pro game. we’ll know this year better if it’s one or the other.
    Do Saban and Miles win games on talent alone? or is it talent+good coaching?
    Just strikes me that ND should be a better team and in stronger contention every year like they used to be. instead they get bowl games now because of TV ratings.

  44. Soggybuc says:

    I’ll admit ignorance of ND as I view them on par with the Cowboys and refuse to ever watch or pay any attention to them.

  45. BobbyK says:

    Notre Dame doesn’t win nearly like they used to. That tells me they don’t have the talent they used to either. Sure, they will have a guy here and there drafted pretty high (this year was the first time in almost 20 years they have had a couple of #1 picks) but the talent isn’t nearly like it is at Alabama either. Although I do think Saban is a great coach as well.

  46. bsinnitt says:

    Soggybuc – I think the point being missed and why there are doubts about Tate is that all the big college programs have good coaches (ND included). The difference between Baldwin and Tate is competitive edge which is a personality trait. Takin’ it back to Rocky, it’s the eye of the tiger man.

  47. tchristensen says:

    I only cared about Notre Dame when Rudy was on the team.

  48. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Hey, does anyone want to play Roger Goodell suspensions board game?

  49. Dukeshire says:

    If I can jump in: of course there are great coaches in college. But comparing Tate to Baldwin isn’t necessarily about coaching. They were asked to do very different things at their respective programs. That is, Baldwin happened to be in a program that better prepared him for early success in Seattle, vs. what was asked of Tate during his college career. And it too isn’t necessarily about the player’s respective competitiveness. We’re talking scheme here. As much as we’d like to think they are, college programs are not designed to prepare the player for the NFL.

  50. bsinnitt says:

    I agree that some college schemes translate better to some NFL offenses but from my point of view, Tate lacks the leadership and gym rat/film/technique perfectionist qualities that Baldwin showed in his rookie year. I would guess Tate makes the roster this year but is wearing a different uniform in the near future.

  51. BobbyK says:

    Then that’s an individual characteristic, rather than college comparison because if we were comparing colleges, I don’t know of too many good Stanford WRs in the NFL other than Baldwin. I have heard the term “gym rat” associated with John Carlson and other Notre Dame players, just not Tate.

  52. bsinnitt says:

    Bobby K – exactly my point, Tate wouldn’t have had a major impact no matter which college program he came from. He’s held back because of his own personal characteristics.

  53. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Don’t be surprised if Tate becomes this years version of Curry! He couldn’t hold Baldwins jock strap, Imo!
    I could care less if he makes the team or not! Baldwin is everything that Tate is not!
    I just hope that next year Carpenter won’t be the 2013 version of Curry!

  54. bsinnitt says:

    There are many top tier college coaching staffs and some put out more NFL prospects than others but I would guess that it’s more often the result of good recruiting than it is a superior ability to mold successful players.

  55. Tate had 19 catches in his last five games. That projects to a 60-catch season, which I think he’ll achieve in 2012. But I’m hoping for 1,000-yard seasons from Rice, Baldwin, BMW and Tate — which will never happen. One of these guys will probably do poorly and won’t return in 2013.

  56. pjmize says:

    as far as golden tate goes, i remember a game versus UW a few years ago where he looked like an NFL receiver… he make the great pull down catches against us, and when the hawks got him i was stoked! here’s to hoping this year can give us some of that in the nFL!

  57. BobbyK says:

    Golden Tate is going to make a lot of doubters look foolish this season. That’s my opinion.

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Recruiting is part of it. But more important than that is scheme. Alabama, on offense and defense, uses a ton of NFL concepts that prepare their players better than other schools. LSU, same thing. That contributes to how successful a player is right out of the gate, his rookie season. Tate’s issue isn’t athleticism, or leadership. It’s discipline to put in the work that’s necessary to learn the route tree and refine the skills necessary to use his talent. He showed flashes in the second half las season.

  59. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Tate’s issue isn’t athleticism, or leadership. It’s discipline to put in the work that’s necessary to learn the route tree and refine the skills necessary to use his talent. He showed flashes in the second half las season.”

    Exactly Dukeshire!

    Hopefully he’s putting the work in this off season. We all know Baldwin is.

  60. ryanryan says:

    in years past, tate has had the benefit of the doubt due to the overally lack of talent at the position. he made the team year one due to draft position, year two was probably a mixture of his potential and butler going down.

    this year however, with baldwin (among others) in the mix there is enough talent on the roster for the hawks to let him go if he doesn’t earn his spot. so he’d better be working on becoming crafty. athleticism has never been an issue (i believe that has been said over and over), its the ability to flat out get open and be where he’s supposed to be when he does get open that has alluded him thus far. fortunately for him, that part of the game can be learned, i’m rooting for him – i like the kid.

  61. BobbyK says:

    How many receivers had more catches in the final five games than Tate? Baldwin didn’t. How is that not improving?

  62. BobbyK- I have to admit that I hope he will break out but if he doesn’t then so long – IMO he, like all things ND, are vastly over rated. But he is a hawk and I hope he brings in 60+ this season.

    These guys to me are make or break this season or even training camp for some ( in no particular order)

    Thumond (needs to stay healthy)

  63. RDPoulsbo says:

    I don’t see Tate as being on notice as much as BMW. For one thing, Tate has a dirt cheap contract vs. Williams and his $3 mil he’ll make this year. As frustrating as Tate not running proper routes has been, BMW has been much worse and costs much more.

  64. Dukeshire says:

    I would agree with that. The only caveat is that Tate’s not a split end (flanker perhaps) and he and Baldwin would seem to fill the same role here in the slot (essentially). That potential redundancy doesn’t help him any.

  65. ryanryan says:

    thats what i was getting at, HIS spot is the same as baldwin’s. not that you don’t need two slot receivers – but baldwin is better already and that could have been said from the day baldwin walked in to the facility. that said, tate has improved – but it has been a slower process than i think everyone anticipated.

    mw’s spot is there for the taking as well (see durham, lockette, obo)…perhaps he would have already been cut if sidney (peanut brittle) rice could stay on the field. plus we’re pretty young at the position and you need some experience (does his career before seattle count as experience?) at the position which is why i think obo is virtually a lock.

  66. chuck_easton says:


    Good list. I would add the following as the obvious people on notice:


    One to many bodies there.

    The sad part is the only ‘known’ in the group is TJack. We know what he will bring. TJack is the QB version of having Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner. You know it’s not going to be gourmet but you also know it’s almost impossible to be bad. It just is.

  67. Dukeshire says:

    What I find interesting (more of a concern, really) is that aside from Williams (who can be jammed more easily than one would imagine), Seattle doesn’t have a natural split-end on the roster. They need one. Someone like Obomanu can fill in there in a pinch, but that’s not his best position. Durham is a possibility, I suppose. He has the size certainly, but having seen so little of him, I’m curious if he has the strength to get off the line. I will be very interested to see who the run at the X position this preseason.

  68. RDPoulsbo says:

    Obo is as much of a lock as it gets with this group. He’s not flashy, but he can play in any of the WR positions as needed if even any of the other guys should beat him out at flanker.

    Tate’s going to need to get more versatile, but probably needs to first focus on the routes he has. I mention him with BMW primarily because his increased production seemed to coincide with BMW going onto the IR last year. There are better options, but Tate was playing some SE in at least in some plays of those late season games.

    I don’t see it as a make or break year with another year on his contract. I could see him falling further on the depth chart if he doesn’t step up though.

  69. Macabrevity says:

    I’d like to join the ranks of the T-Jack will get cut group… If it’s truly an honest open competition, then T-Jack has to win the job, and play well with Flynn staring down his back. If Flynn wins the job on the other hand, it seems detrimental to keep him on a short leash as a starter. He should be given a chance to make the team ‘his’.

    Seau was a great LB, great human being. I didn’t see much as to cause of death except ‘suspected suicide’ which is really hard to stomach.

  70. “TJack is the QB version of having Kraft Macaroni and Cheese for dinner”

    lol! yes, and who doesn’t like mac n cheese? yet who would admit to wanting it 16 weekends a year?

  71. As far as who is ‘on notice’ they will have to compete to make the Seahawks roster? I think Flynn and Wilson are absolute locks at QB. Flynn was paid the money and will be granted some time to adapt to Bevell’s expectations. Wilson was obviously a coveted player and becomes Pete Carroll’s most important developmental prospect. They are not going anywhere.

    The competition between Flynn and TJack will all about who gets to start opening day. I think Flynn will be given every opportunity and would have to blow the preseason to be on the bench for the opener. Even if that happens he’ll be given a chance to start early in the season. The investment in him is too big for him to sit.

    That leaves TJack battling Portis for the third QB roster slot, and the decision – I believe – will really be all about Portis. Does Carroll decide he is still a great developmental prospect, or does he give up on Portis? That’s what it will be about. TJack is a very capable #2 but he won’t make this team unless Portis fails to make the team.

    TJack – no matter how good he might play – will only have a role on this team for one year. After 2012, the QB position will start to become a contest between Flynn and Wilson.

    For TJack, I think the best scenario for his career would be for Portis to shine in preseason so that TJack can get cut and leave to play for another team where he can get reps and a chance to start. I think he can still win if he’s in the right system, but in Seattle Flynn and Wilson will be sucking all the oxygen out of the QB room for new next few years. Time for TJack to move on again.

  72. MikePDX says:

    Duke, re: “So John Schneider says that the three highest rated players on their board were Bruce Irvin, Luke Kuechly, and Mark Barron, yet King claims Schneider told him that Wilson was one of the three best players he scouted all year?…”

    Schneider says their board is based on the draft prospect relative to the current players at that position. So Wilson may be the third best player overall in the draft let’s say, but they already have Matt Flynn so his position on the board is set relative to that.

    In contrast, let’s say Irvin was the 20th best player overall in Schneider’s opinion. But relative to who they have at the position, Irvin becomes #3 on their board. Just making up those numbers for the sake of example, I have no knowledge of Schneider’s position for anyone. Just saying that the position on the draft board is not the same as the “best player overall” position.

  73. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ve said before T-Jack is a lock on this team and these scenarios of him getting cut are just not based on reality. If it’s a true competition, T-Jack comes out #1 or #2 because he and Flynn have the most experience both in the league and in this version of the WCO. If it’s not, and it’s Flynn’s for the taking and PC isn’t going to want a QB controversy, T-Jack would have been cut yesterday. We know the FO takes care of their own, that means at the very least, giving T-Jack the courtesy of having the time to catch on with TC with another team like Miami.

    Portis has little value in the league no matter what PC/JS say. The best scenario is Flynn starting with T-Jack the veteran backup with Wilson as the scout QB so he can be groomed to be the #2 for 2013. There will be no leadership split with T-Jack on the team. He’s a professional and handled it well in a similar situation in Minnesota.

  74. Dukeshire says:

    MikePDX – Thanks, but I believe I understand that draft concept. That does nothing, however, to help me trust or believe anything Peter King says. (Not trying to be condescending…)

  75. RD, you’re probably right that it will play out that way. My point is that TJack will pretty much be wasting his career potential (or at least wasting his 2012) if he stays here as a #2 with a talented young Wilson tagged as the future-in-waiting.

    But I’d say you’re scenario is the most likely, TJack will be kept to back-up, especially since Carroll has no evidence that Matt Flynn can survive NFL hits to play 16 games.

  76. RDPoulsbo says:

    Stevos: T-Jack will get $4 mil next year, I wouldn’t call that a waste. A lot of people think he’s much worse than he actually is. In reality, he’s just average the quintessential bridge QB much like Jon Kitna. An average QB that can get you through a season. A 27-22 career record in starts, middle of the pack QB rating, just average. He’ll get his contract, go and start for another team for a year or so before moving on from there. I don’t feel sorry for him. In the end, he’ll have made millions as a successful middler bouncing around the league.

  77. Agree w/ u RD, very well said :0).
    How could one not pull for a kid/young man like Scruggs or R. Wilson or Irvin or Wagner, etc.? They all seem like decent people, but one never knows. That being said, I’m willing to bet they are all good peeps.
    R. Wilson had a college QB passer rating of 191.7, sounds promising to me, but time will tell. Looking forwards to pre-season.

  78. I think Tate will be given time to improve. He hasnt even had two NFL training camps yet. And he was improving nicely at the end of last season, making less mistakes and making plays when given the opportunity. He doesnt have to be a 1,000 yard receiver to stick and make an impact. If he gets 600 yards and 6 TD’s with a bunch of big plays I’ll be thrilled. And I think eventually he will be a 1,000 yrd/ 10 TD a year guy. He has ridiculous after-the-catch talent, and that isnt teachable, its speed and agility.

    And someone brought up a really good point. Over the last month or so of the season, Baldwin utterly disappeared at times. As good as Baldwin is, he isnt CONSISTENTLY good. He still makes mistakes, misses his block/runs wrong route etc. And he admits it–one reason I love the kid so much. But he isnt a finished product and has a ways to go.

    Correct me if Im wrong, but I thought Rice played SE when healthy, with BMW at FL. Then they benched BMW and had him playing SE sometimes, though he’s too slow and better off at FL IMO. So Im confused.

    I think Seattle has to get creative, and try Baldwin at FL this year some, and Tate at FL and Slot. Just to see what shakes out, you know; try different combinations. That is, if Tate can handle multiple positions mentally. Lockette is key. If he can step up and be a real deep threat, we will be okay even if BMW fades away and Rice continues to be made of China. But you have to have two fast guys onfield at a time; both baldwin and Tate are very quick, and Rice is too; but if Rice goes down, all we have are Baldwin and Tate unless Durham shows up bigtime, because Obo isnt really that fast, BMW is slow, and thats that.

    Im really excited to see what Flynn and Wilson can do, see if they can utilize BMW like Hass did, and see if they can engender less conservatism in the red zone from our Offensive Coordinator–you know, actually attempt more than ONE skinny post to Rice and ZERO to BMW in a year?! Christ, I cant understand how we never threw Fade routes or posts or skinny posts into the end zone…though I do remember a couple fades to BMW where Jackson threw terrible balls…

    The simple fact is we have a TON of big tall receivers/TE’s and theres no excuse not to attack in the end zone and utilize these guys height/strength: Morrah, Miller, McCoy, Rice, BMW, Durham are ALL over 6′-3″ I believe. Only Baldwin and Tate are under 6′ tall.

  79. Dukeshire says:

    “Correct me if Im wrong, but I thought Rice played SE when healthy, with BMW at FL.”

    Your confusion is understandable. Rice can line up at ANY receiver position and be effective. However, if he and Williams are both healthy, in a Pro (2 WR, 1 TE, 2 RB) or Ace (2 WR, 2 TE, 1 RB) groupings, Rice would be the flanker and Williams the split-end. After that, with 3+ receiver sets, it becomes far more complicated. While generally Rice would still be the flanker, they look to get him mismatched, so that may mean he could be at any of the 3 positions. And in Minn, when they ran our 4 WR sets, Rice was in the slot a ton. So, it really depends on the personnel groupings. Rice is by far the most versatile receiver on the team. Here’s hoping he can stay healthy, because he’s a top 5 in the league when he is.

  80. Dukeshire says:

    ran *out* 4 …

  81. TomlPDX says:

    Deon Butler is 5’10” and sneaky fast. I was really bummed last year when he got hurt because I thought he was going to break out and prove his mettle as a slot receiver. My hope is that this year he will stay healthy and be that go-to guy when we need it and become a fan favorite.

    BMW looked dazed and confused on the field last year…and slow. I hope he recognizes that and does something about it…we’ll see.

  82. TomlPDX says:

    When I read Peter King (which I do every Monday and Tuesday) I understood what he meant. I like him but like any reporter, I take a lot of what he says as his opinion and treat it as such. PK is not for everyone but I enjoy his writing for the most part, along with Don Banks and others. I don’t bother with ESPN and their pay-to-read except for Sando and his NFC West Blog that I read everyday. Those other ESPN yahoos can keep charging for the privilege of reading their junk. Eric does a good job too! :)

  83. Sac_94 says:

    Everyone bailing on BMW already? I think Flynn or Wilson will make him what he is – a first down machine and redzone threat. Rice makes the big plays vertically from the FL, BMW makes drive extending plays at SE, Baldwin does both against the opponent’s #3 CB or LBs. Tate is the real wild card – I’m with Bobby on Tate, I expect a big impact this year from him. I think the top-4 shake out that way assuming health for all of them. I think the development of Durham continues and Lockette has to be the leader in the clubhouse for the 6th WR if we keep that many. But no matter what, BMW should play a pivotal role at WR in 2012 if you want Flynn to succeed. Flynn likes to play aggressive and throw into tight windows – BMW will need to bail him out some.

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