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Two winners in 2012 mock draft contest

Post by Eric Williams on May 1, 2012 at 10:18 am with 50 Comments »
May 1, 2012 10:18 am

We had a record 68 participants in this year’s mock draft contest, so thanks for the participation.

And while many were surprised with the selection of Bruce Irvin by Seattle, eight of our participants had Irvin being selected, but none in the first round.

STTM and Bbnate420 took home the title, with each predicting three correct. I gave participants credit for selecting the player, regardless if you had the player in the right round.

STTM had Bobby Wagner going in the second round, Robert Turbin in the third and Russell Wilson in the fourth.

Bbnate420 had Bruce Irvin in the third round, Robert Turbin in the fourth and Russell Wilson in the sixth round.

I should have said this earlier, but trades are not allowed in the predictions, so if you had more than six selections I took your top six. None of the players I left out on anyone’s entries were selected by the Seahawks, so it did not affect the overall results.

In my mock draft I had Wagner and Wilson correct.

Also, Robert Turbin is the name that appeared in most mock drafts – 19 total – While Chris Polk was a close second at 18.

Irvin, Wagner, Turbin, Wilson, Jaye Howard and Korey Toomer all appeared in one of the mock draft entries.

Check out the final results here Hawks 7-round draft, and STTM and Bbnate420 hit me up at with a mailing address and I’ll send you a TNT price package.

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  1. rgbuckl says:

    Great job guys–especially this year as they shocked the world, you were all over it! Later rounds are almost impossible to predict because no one knows who’ll be left by 6th & 7th…

  2. Kudos, dudes, and anyone who predicted Irvin being drafted by the Seahawks. Stroke of genius. I can’t wait for his first sack at the Clink.

  3. RDPoulsbo says:

    Congrats guys…I’m one of those that came up with a big fat zero on every one of my picks. Especially after trades happen in the draft, it becomes next to impossible to actually predict these selection.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Good job, indeed. Picking 3 of their first 4 picks? That’s really impressive.

  5. Mock drafts a great fun, but only time will tell. The right time to start judging NFL players is after their second or third season, IMO. With that in mind, I went back and looked at the 2010 draft in which Jason Pierre-Paul was the first pass rusher chosen (at 1/15, just like this year’s Bruce Irvin). After two years, Pierre-Paul has been the best pass rusher from that draft. Here’s a look back.

    Mel Kiper’s 2010 list of top pass rushers from his 2010 mock draft:
    1. Derrick Morgan
    2. Jason Pierre-Paul (Kiper: “raw”; “question marks surrounding his intelligence and lack of experience”, “high risk selection”)
    3. Brandon Graham
    4. Sergio Kindle
    5. Everson Griffen
    6. Jared Odrick
    7 Carlos Dunlap

    Stats after two years:

    1. Jason Pierre-Paul DE
    2010 24 tackles 4.5 sacks
    2011 65 tackles 16.5 sacks

    2, Geno Atkins DT
    2010 10 tackles 3 sacks
    2011 26 tackles 7.5 sacks

    3. Jared Odrick, DE
    2010 injured
    2011 20 tackles 6 sacks

    4. Carlos Dunlap DE (Cincinnati)
    2010 19 tackles 9.5 sacks
    2011 11 tackles 4.5 sacks

    5. Rolando McClain ILB
    2010 59 tackles 0.5 sacks
    2011 77 tackles 5 sacks

    6. Everson Griffen, DE
    2010 11 tackles 0 sacks
    2011 15 tackles 4 sacks

    7. Derrick Morgan, DE
    2010 injured
    2011 22 tackles 2.5 sacks

    8. Brandon Graham
    2010 12 tackles 3 sacks
    2011 injured

    9. Sergio Kindle
    2010 injured
    2011 injured

  6. RDPoulsbo says:

    I have to wonder if Kiper has blackmail material on the ESPN execs that allows him to keep his job.

    I see Irvin’s production to be much like Pierre-Paul. Fairly pedestrian this year, but he’ll explode year 2 when he takes over the Leo spot.

  7. chrisj122 says:

    This just goes to show that the media guys who rate the draft and put out the mock draft picks didn’t evaluate Irvin the same as most NFL teams.

  8. JazBadAzz says:

    Congrats guys, Nice job researching and applying your knowledge, or way to get lucky! LOL

  9. “Irvin, Wagner, Turbin, Wilson, Jaye Howard and Korey Toomer all appeared in one of the mock draft entries.”

    Wow, someone got six right!

    Okay, I know what you meant to say. The “one of” was confusing.

    “Bbnate420 had Bruce Irvin in the third round, Robert Turbin in the fourth and Russell Wilson in the sixth round.”

    Bbnate420 must think that Irvin and Wilson were reaches. Irvin does seem like a second rounder, but only time will tell.

    Good post, Stevos! Looks like JPP is the only pass rusher who lived up to his billing. He was a high risk selection and so was Irvin.

  10. BobbyK says:

    Three picks correct is impressive. Good job.

    This is a big year for Morgan. He tore his ACL his rookie year so he hasn’t exactly been at full strength. His situation was similar to Carp last year where he didn’t play the year and tore it enough into the season where the following season would be wasted (which was last year for Morgan and this year for Carp). Morgan’s situation is much different than some guys who have been in the league for two years, sucked, and were healthy the entire time.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    With so many people on this blog that defend mock drafts, I’m surprised no one has posted a 2013 mock yet. Georgia…?

  12. Seahawks2620 says:

    Anyone interested in taking a flyer on Jacoby Jones?

  13. Palerydr says:

    Congrats to STTBM and BBNate420. Nice post Stevos.

  14. HawkfaninMT says:

    There ya go Duke! I don’t know if many people here “defend” mock draft as much as they just talk about them because there isn’t much else going on in Seahawk World during March.

    by the way the Hawks drafted Top 10 and took a WR from Cal

  15. Dukeshire says:

    … and apparently the Giants beat the Pats in the Super Bowl again, and for the third time.

  16. BobbyK says:

    We’re picking 32nd next year and it’s not because we traded down!

  17. TomlPDX says:

    Now that’s the right attitude!

  18. Cornutt says:

    Good job on the mock draft, all. I didn’t even sniff getting ONE right. Impressive, those who got 3!!!

  19. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Congratulations Bbnate420 and STTM !

  20. From Walter Football – Take some big shots at the seahawks – so you talked to ONE official……

    “The Seahawks are now impossible to predict because they don’t believe in a big board. They’ll take Day 2 prospects in the top 15 on a whim. Great job by the PR department though, leaking a bogus story to Pro Football Talk that seven general managers had Bruce Irvin in the first round. Nice try. I spoke to a high-ranking official on an NFC team who told me that they had Irvin as a second-round prospect.

    Seattle’s receiving corps is a big question mark. Sidney Rice can’t stay healthy; Mike Williams can’t control his weight; Doug Baldwin is just a slot receiver; Deon Butler also has injury problems; and Golden Tate hasn’t lived up to expectations yet. If this group disappoints in 2012, the Seahawks will strongly consider a wideout if they are drafting this high. ”

    ….. Williams didn’t have weight issues last year….

  21. jchawks08 says:

    Seriously impressive guys. To nail 3 picks? Maybe not in the correct rounds, but so what. Freakin’ well done.

  22. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Just for you Dukeshire! And bleacherreports will be coming fast and furious too! Because we all know that you secretly like this stuff. Lol.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    I finally put Bleacher Report on my blocked email list a couple years back.

  24. Thank you, Thank you very much…(Elvis voice)…

    I done got lucky. I still think I should have won, cause I had three picks closer to thier actual round…tie breaker, baby…

    But then again, I didnt have Irvin, and BBnate did, so he gets bonus points for that…so I guess Im lucky Eric is a cool dude and didnt anoint Bb the winner on that pick in the tie breaker.

    Somebody had Toomer, thats awesome! Bonus points there!

    Walter football is crap, total sour grapes, as the Irvin love came from multiple reports and the Jets and Ravens and Niners really were gonna pick Irvin. Walter Football just cant stand to be the fools they know they are…They should have just taken thier lumps and shut up..NFL teams are leaking this kind of info because the scouting dept guys are tired of lesser talent asshats like Kiper, McShay, et al getting so much credit when they dont know jack, cant get hired by an NFl team, and have nothing on the line…NFL teams are keeping stuff more secret these days, so less inside info is leaking to the Draft Gurus..and guess what? The draft gurus are sucking at predictions cause they suck at talent evaluation…and they are getting desperate..thus asswhipes like Walter Football.

    Stay Classy, Walter Football…y’all dodge your failings like Rush Limbaugh..never admit fault or failure, thats it…

  25. Dukeshire says:

    At least Art Rooney is a good man, think what we will about the Steelers. He could have gone to Dallas. Now that would have been a travesty.

  26. I love the idea of doing draft grades after the draft – BUT they should

    1. give gut reactions to this years draft and then
    2. Grade the draft from 3-4 years ago! Still would be readers in maybe even MORE readers!

  27. finman22 says:

    @xcman Great job by the PR department though, leaking a bogus story to Pro Football Talk that seven general managers had Bruce Irvin in the first round. Nice try. I spoke to a high-ranking official on an NFC team who told me that they had Irvin as a second-round prospect.

    Well. I think I am intelligent enough to do simple math. 7 GM’s had him in the first, and you talk to ONE high ranking official (who may not even be a GM) and that team had him as a second round pick.

    First, how do you KNOW that the story is bogus??? Off of the comments of one guy? What if that team had him as a second, and the other 7 really did have him in the first? It would seem to me that if the story was bogus, a bunch of teams would be refuting the story. The 49ers supposedly had him in for a tryout? Were they one of the teams? Do we really know? So far, there has been NOTHING from any other team that would counteract the claims by the Seahawks front office that others would have jumped on him.

    Second, how do we know your source is legit? For all we know, your source is the assistant to the assistant deputy assistant VP of Public Relations. Just to say a “high ranking source” does not tell me anything and even if was legit, you have no proof the story was bogus, only that your “source” said that his team would have taken him in the second, which does not refute the fact that others had him ranked higher.

  28. bbnate420 says:

    Thanks for all the congrats. It was MOSTLY luck I would have to say. Just be glad that I switched my 2nd round pick at the last second from Wagner to David, STTBM! It was a toss up between the 2 of them in the second to me. Should’ve stayed with Wagner since he can play Mike as well. My 2nd round pick was the one I was most confident in and I got it wrong. I researched Irvin a fair amount the night before I picked and began to like him a lot. I was thinking that I might pick him for the 2nd but, I figured that the Hawks wouldn’t pick him in the 1st and that they would pick a different pass rusher there. I figured they needed a LB, there were a lot of talented ones in the 2nd, and so they wouldn’t pick a pass rusher with the 1st and 2nd. That’s why I put Irvin in the 3rd with the hopes he would fall there. Turbin was just a wish pick. I actually didn’t really think he would make it to our pick in the 4th. I picked Wilson because I had read that the Hawks were pretty high on him and I didn’t really research enough to pick a better name for the 6th.

    What do I win? A million dollars!!!!!!!!!!

  29. Macabrevity says:

    I just deleted Walterfootball from my bookmarks. Claiming the Hawks faked other teams’ interest in Irvin is pretty ridiculous. I hope he was joking, even if I didn’t find it all that humorous.

  30. bbnate420 says:

    I’m still holding out hope for Carpenter this year, as long as they move him to G. I would be shocked if he doesn’t start the year on the PUP list but, I think that he could still start or at the very least provide depth at G by the end of the year. If he comes back after our bye, with our first game after being exactly one day after the 1 year anniversary of his surgery, then he could start the last 6 games of the year and get into playing shape for the playoffs, hopefully!

    I think that Irvin will provide more than just a moderate impact this year. I don’t think it’s out of the question that he could get in the range of 8-9 sacks, what we got out of Brock on 2010. And I’m all for bringing Clemons back after next year as well. Irvin probably will take his starting leo position from him but, he would still be valuable as another pass rusher. This is assuming that nobody offers Clemons a huge contract, and at his age I doubt anyone will.

  31. bbnate420 says:

    Actually, I would favor bringing in Osi instead of Clemons if we could get him without guaranteeing a ton of money. He has more size and experience in rushing from the strong side.

  32. BobbyK says:

    If the Jets would have taken Irvin at #16 and one team had him as a 2nd rounder, how the heck does that mean we would have gotten our man with another trade down if that’s who we wanted? I for one am thrilled about the pick. We get a legit pass rusher NOW and a 3-down player to take over for Clem. That’s exactly what I wanted with our 1st round pick.

    I think that every site/publication should come with a “WARNING” label of how well they predicted their draft class from the year before (when trying to be an “expert” on predicting that next years draft class). For example, if they greatly criticize a pick that pans out well, I think they should have to come with a disclaimer that they are idiots. This way people would know how credible they have been. GMs are held accountable for their drafts by win/loss records, but these moronic blowhards are never held accountable for the stupidity they come up with sometimes.

  33. Southendzone says:

    BBN: Been wondering myself how would Osi fit with the Hawks.

    Hate to bring in a player who is so focused on getting his big $$ contract, I wonder how hard he would play, would he be a Shawn Alexander or a Housh for us, or someone who plays his ass off.

    If everyone’s right about Irvin and he’s only a situational player, Osi could bring a lot to the Hawks.

  34. Palerydr says:

    STTBM and BBNate As a former winner you will both be pleased with the haul of swag Eric will send you.

    Just say no to Osi why do we want a guy who will be effective for 1 or 2 years who is all about getting paid? Typically once they get paid they quit playing especially when it’s their last contract.

    As for Walter Football they are hypocrites as they had Irvin going to the Texans with their pick at 26 in one of their mocks. They also stated that a team had flown Irvin in for a workout and he would be selected in the 1st.

    I don’t think Kiper or McShay get offers from teams because
    1) They make more money at ESPN.
    2) They would actually have to be accountable to someone for all their guesses.

  35. Dukeshire says:

    Being a GM of a football team entails so much more than “simple” talent evaluation. If only the scope of the position were that narrow.

    Clemons plays the weak side, and that’s where Irvin is projected to play looking beyond the ’12 season. Osi would be a rotational player for this defense and for the money he’ll command, he’s simply not worth it.

  36. RDPoulsbo says:

    Walter Football has always hated the Hawks and especially PC. Last year, they predicted Seattle would have the 2nd worst record in the league and could say enough about how much T-Jax and Lynch sucked and Seattle would finish with the 3rd worst record in the league last year. He’s been projecting 4-12 records for Seattle since PC came to town. I wouldn’t put much credibility in their analysis. I’d go back and grade Kiper and McShay, but I wouldn’t pay to read their crap. Remember when it was the mock draft predictors who were graded for their accuracy rather than the mock drafters grading teams based on their mocks?

    As for Osi, hell no. Another offseason, another complaint about his contract. Here’s a thought: If you didn’t like your contract, then why did you sign it? He’d be nothing but a distraction, so I wouldn’t want him in Seattle no matter the price.

  37. chrisj122 says:

    How the hell can these so-called draft experts hand out grades? It seems as if they grade teams based on agreeing with their crap predicitions. If a team drafts someone who these people didn’t expect then it’s a F for them because they didn’t do what I said they should do. WTF!!!!!

    Just like in school, a teacher can only accurately grade a test if the teacher has the answers. None of which these idiots have and if they did they would be making millions upon millions running an NFL team come draft day instead of writing about who teams should draft.

  38. SandpointHawk says:

    If they could coach or be a GM you know they would. Mel Kiper has a net worth of 7 million dollars, he began working in 1984 as an analyst. Not bad for old helmet head, but Pete Carroll has a 5 year contract for 33 million….

  39. Dukeshire says:

    The argument to me, is a non sequitur. It’s a bit like criticizing Roger Ebert for not actually making movies.

  40. Ortingmom says:

    They should get a prize :)

  41. SandpointHawk says:

    Well Ebert was involved with making movies…..

    Ebert co-wrote the screenplay for the 1970 Russ Meyer film Beyond the Valley of the Dolls and likes to joke about being responsible for the film, which was poorly received on its release but is now regarded as a cult classic. Ebert and Meyer also made Beneath the Valley of the Ultra-Vixens, Up!, and others, and were involved in the ill-fated Sex Pistols movie Who Killed Bambi?

    Read your comment Duke, went to the next article and it hit me…

  42. Dukeshire says:

    “Read your comment Duke, went to the next article and it hit me…”

    Huh? In any case, scratch Ebert and insert another movie / play / art critic that has never been involved with the creation of said discipline, and that would be my point.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    Oh, you mean the Roger Ebert thing hit you… Got it.

  44. chrisj122 says:

    It’s a bit like criticizing Roger Ebert for not actually making movies.

    I get your point Duke but I think it’s a little bit different. If a film critic has bad things to say about a movie fine, thats his opinion. If a critic says bad things about a movie before seeing it and basing his opinion on the cast and trailer that is ridiculous.

    Judge a team and its players after seeing them take the field, then after a few games the bashing is free game.

  45. bbnate420 says:

    Palerydr, good to hear!

    I don’t have a problem with Osi complaining about money. It would be one thing if this was baseball and the contracts were GUARANTEED. But they are NOT! I’m not a fan of a player wanting a bunch of money after one good year but, if they have outplayed their contract for 2+ years or the guaranteed money is already gone, hence they are for intents and purposes on a string of one year contracts, then I have no problem with them wanting a new contract. The team can dump them if they get hurt so, why shouldn’t they be able renegotiate their contract? As I said before, I wouldn’t sign Osi if it takes a ton of guaranteed money to get him. He is getting older and has had a few major injuries. I’m not so sure he’s going to get a huge deal. John Abraham was pretty much in the same situation this off-season and got a 3 year deal for 7 mil a season.

  46. BBNate-Yep, I admit it was sheer luck for sure! I thought about picking David in the second, but after reading 900 Mocks and remembering Carrols comments I thought a) we wanted a faster guy and b) David would likely be gone by our pick in the second. I almost picked Kendricks, but Wagner was faster and Seattle had him in for a look, so I went with him…

    I wrote three picks (same position) first two rounds, had Turbin for sure at round three and I knew they really liked Wilson. My reasoning was experts said fifth/sixth round, they are ususally wrong about little guys going that low, I thought Seattle would have to get him high in the fourth. Ha! They liked Wilson so much, they nabbed him early then got Turbin by sheer luck after they thought he’d be gone.

    So yeah, it was luck. I probably wont ever get another Seahawk pick right in my life! I had half a mind to strut like a rooster and rub it in about how great my Mock was…I was gonna say Hey Look! Im Cool like BobbyK and Dukeshire now! Cept Im not…So anyway, its fun to win for a change, but I guarantee next year I’ll be hanging in my usual slot of dead last in the MOck contest..HA!

    Nice job BBnate, and everyone else who gave it a shot. I cant believe someone picked Toomer or Howard, thats some serious guesswork!

  47. Dukeshire says:

    Lol. Don’t be so humble, it’s impressive, man.

  48. owenbytheway says:

    Hey, take your darts to Vegas and shoot them at the craps table.

    It is credibly difficult to pick three Seahawks choices even if you had five players selected each round.

    You both did a sensational job … it takes more than luck.

    As for Walter, it is a fine site with scads of information and compilations, which you can’t get in any single place.

    But his mocks are his ego (as is the case with his associates).

    And the Seahawks poke “his knowledge” (also known as stabs) each and every year.

    So he’s just lashing back like the kid in the sandbox who cries when others start throwing sand at him.

    Nonetheless, it remains a good site … just forego the mocks.

    I’d like to see Eric talk the TNT brass (and computers) into setting up the same mocking opportunity next year … letting each contestant select from one to five (it would be up to the contestants).

    With prizes, you betcha’.

    ’til then, we have co-champs who made co-chumps of the rest of us.

    But, please note world: more entrants this year had Robert Turbin than any other single player they thought the Hawks would draft.

    The local sports talking heads didn’t even know who he was. A couple of them said “…nobody’s even heard of this guy.”. Yeah, right.

    And while Rob Rang’s of choices by position groups was well done, I wonder how he would have done with one pick for each round.

    Finally, if you want to see how a whole slew of mockers did this year to to The Huddle Report and check out mock grades. That is on a non-subscriber free portion of the site.

    And thanks, Eric for your exceptional draft coverage (as well as the opportunity to mock).

  49. sallen35 says:

    HI Eric. Will you be hosting a Seahawk Mock Contest for 2013? I’m sooooo ready!

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