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Hawks select DT J.R. Sweezy, but he’ll play O-line

Post by Eric Williams on April 28, 2012 at 3:24 pm with 27 Comments »
April 28, 2012 3:44 pm
North Carolina State defensive lineman J.R. Sweezy runs a drill at the NFL football scouting combine in Indianapolis on Monday, Feb. 27, 2012. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Seattle Seahawks have selected a seventh defensive tackle J.R. Sweezy out of North Carolina State in the seventh round with the team’s No. 225 pick overall.

At 6-4 and 298 pounds, Sweezy finished with 16 tackles and two sacks his senior year. But the Seahawks will be converting Sweezy to offensive guard.

Also, Sweezy appears to have had his share of off-the-field issues, including being arrested for having pot in his house, and for getting into an altercation with a 65-year-old bus driver.

NFL Draft
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  1. seahawk44 says:

    Total 2012 Draft summary by position:

    Defense = 8 / Offense = 2

    DE = 2 (-1 if Sweezy is converted to OG)
    DT = 2
    LB = 2
    CB = 1
    S = 1

    QB = 1
    RB = 1
    OL = 0 (+1 if Sweezy is converted from DE)
    TE = 0
    WR = 0

  2. ruminator1 says:

    interesting stuff on this guy. quality wrestler, did well at combine, has had background issues but these seem to be behind him.

  3. SandpointHawk says:

    Greg Scruggs
    Seattle adds another defensive lineman with Scruggs from Louisville. There won’t be enough room on the roster for all these guys, and going in the seventh round isn’t a good sign for Scruggs.

  4. JazBadAzz says:

    How in the hell did they figure to put a defensive player that wasn’t even good at his own position, then move him to a position that he doesn’t even play and expect him to be good. I need more background on this guy as a player because this pick doesn’t add up.

  5. SandpointHawk says:

    They are now on the phone with the undrafted….

  6. Altercation with a 65-year old bus driver? Wow, this guy sounds like a class act, Scruggs also have a rap sheet being arrested for driving under the influence..

  7. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Perhaps Cable saw some similarities in Sweezy? Lol.

  8. TwarkMain says:

    OK then.

  9. In fairness, I myself have been in a few altercations with bus drivers.

  10. thursday says:

    from his profile, maybe he /would/ be better as a blocker vs a tackler. at least as a backup.

  11. ruminator1 says:

    he was not a bad player. was injured for 5 games as a senior. has some speed and is good in pursuit, has some attitude. what he was not is first rank. but he is strong and as a former high level wrestler he should contribute, maybe he even has a few more subtle holding techniques.

  12. NWPoseidon says:

    7th rounders. Perfect time to take a risk on a few guys that may or may not pan out. Looks like Cable went for the biggest, meanest guys that were left

  13. Ha! I kinda like it. Big athletic potential “dirt bag” in Sweezy. 7th round is the place for high risk gambles like this. Why not? Many 7th rounders never make the team unless they are on special teams. Cable must have a plan for this guy.? Should be fun to see if it works. We need some long term O-line development. I wish they would have addressed a guard earlier but I’m sure they probably felt the players wasn’t worth the pick. I like this Sweezy pick. My expectations for 7th rounders are extremely low and it’s the right place for things like this. Free agent would be better of course though ha ha.

  14. Lukeyluke77 says:

    I like it too. Almost everyone they have brought in has a chip on the shoulder or so. They do need long term O line development. Something that had been badly lacking since Holmgren lost control.

  15. Jazz – Chris Dielman sucked on the DL but became a dang good OL. It happens.

    They must look at it as a high upside pick in a round where you usually draft guys who usually don’t turn into anything much. If his troubles aren’t behind him, who cares and get rid of him. It’s not like you used a high pick on him and paid him a bunch of money.

  16. Maybe Cable wants a guy to coach from scratch, kind of a frankengaurd that he can mold in his own likeness. Could be interesting.

  17. ruminator1 says: click on the videos in this site and you will get a different sense.

    also:Greg Scruggs, DE, Louisville. Fluid, smooth defensive lineman with excellent movement skills. Plays with a good degree of quickness, keeps his pads low to the ground and easily changes direction. Keeps his feet moving up the field, displays the ability to get outside the box and makes plays laterally. Lacks bulk and strength on the inside. Does not always play with a sense of urgency.
    Source: Sports Illustrated

  18. Considering the bonafide talent that was left on the board, they could have gotten a real offensive lineman, not some yahoo with a questionable talent at his own position.

    Mike, don’t bring up dirt bags…I’ve blocked that period of time in Seahawk history from my memory and hope to keep it that way!!! :) The only D bag from that era was the coach.

  19. Playing guard vs. defensive tackle, IMO, is very different. I think you can suck at one and be good at the other. I like this out of the box thinking (new term of the weekend).

  20. Our current starting ROT was a college TE who was moved to OT as a college Junior, I think. That’s one reason why Breno Giacomini has taken until his 4th year in the NFL to get a chance to start at OT. (its also why has has such great feet for a OT)

    Its not unheard of to make a move in position like this upon entering the NFL, but its a stretch, and it usually takes a few years to make the shift. He’ll be an interesting story to watch while he’s here.

  21. Andy Heck!

  22. Manny Wrotto played DT in college before moving to OL.

  23. ruminator1 says:

    tom i think you misread these last picks. look at the videos on scruggs above for example. sweezy was a pretty good performer, made some mistakes but those are behind him. he works hard, is fast. not a great player but not a bad one either. the descriptions of his skills suggest to me that he could function well as a pro guard, probably better than he could as a tackle

  24. If Breno has such good feet at RT then why is he below average in pass protection? I’m not disagreeing. He’s kind of a weird guy, for having been a TE. You’d expect a former TE to be real good in pass pro and not overly good/physical in the running game. Breno is the opposite.

  25. Breno looks like an All-Pro in pass coverage compared with Carpenter. Im just sayin’…

    The Patriots have had success converting guys who never even played football but were wrestlers to G. The guy will take a few years to develop but thats what the practice squad is for.

  26. I cant believe David Molk, the C was still on the board in the seventh round…ridiculous!

  27. bird_spit says:

    This guy will be starting against the eagles, assuming we face them in the playoffs. This is the Trent Cole neutralizer.

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