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Hawks 2012 Draft class

Post by Eric Williams on April 28, 2012 at 4:26 pm with 69 Comments »
April 28, 2012 4:26 pm

Here’s the Seattle Seahawks draft class for this year. We’ll get you the undrafted free agent list as soon as it becomes available.

Round 1/15 – Bruce Irvin, DE, 6-3, 248, West Virginia
Round 2/47 – Bobby Wagner, MLB, 6-0, 241, Utah State
Round 3/75 – Russell Wilson, QB, 5-11, 206, Washington
Round 4/106 – Robert Turbin, RB, 5-10, 222, Utah State
Round 4/114 – Jaye Howard, DT, 6-3, 301, Florida
Round 5/154 – Korey Toomer, OLB, 6-2, 234, Idaho
Round 6/172 – Jeremy Lane, CB, 6-0, 190, Northwestern State
Round 6/181 – Winston Guy, SS, 6-2, 218, Kentucky
Round 7/225 – J.R. Sweezy, DT, 6-4, 298, N.C. State
Round 7/232 – Greg Scruggs, DE, 6-3, 284, Louisville

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  1. It could be terrible. It could be great. We’ll know a lot more this fall and should have a definite answer after the 2014 season. As of now, I’m an optimistic fan.

  2. One thing for sure, this will be an awesome training camp to watch if you like to watch defensive players compete!

    I hope Schneider is on the phone right now trying to sign some free agent wide receivers. Our WR group needs more competition, especially at SE.
    How about:
    WR Dale Moss, South Dakota
    WR Dwight Jones, North Carolina
    WR Jarrett Boykin, Virginia Tech

  3. ruminator1 says:

    good choices stevos

  4. If I were a FA WR there’s no way I’d sign with Seattle.

  5. ruminator1 says:

    why bobby? worked well for baldwin and we sure do have reciever needs and current problem areas, at least potentially

  6. I think our defense will be much improved this year with more depth and a good selection of tools in the toolbox. It will be tailored to disrupt the SF offense and put Alex Smith back on the ground where he belongs.

  7. bigsmooth says:

    Just got “Least Impressive Draft” honor from Casserley.

  8. I sure he means no UDFA will beat out all the guys we have on our squad who are coming back–especially those that were IR’d last season…

  9. I give Casserly “Least Impressive Toupee”…

  10. JC’s first call needs to be to Chris Polk! That would be the steal of the draft for us!!!

    I am SHOCKED he was not drafted. Reminds me of a certain stud RB in Houston named Foster that was undrafted and runs with a chip on his shoulder every carry!

  11. Opps meant JS/PC…

  12. Seattle got a great kid in Greg Scruggs.

  13. Irvin and Wilson make it probably our most intriguing draft in years.

    Wagner and Turbin seem like solid, need picks.

    In my mind, anyone picked after the 4th round who makes a contribution outside of special teams, is a bonus. And none of the experts can deny that PC/JS have found some nice players in the late rounds, that nobody else thought to pick. So we’ll see.

    Now comes the looooong wait until the pre-season.

  14. Dukeshire says:

    The biggest surprise to me was how heavy they went on defense. I’d be interested to know if that was by design or just the way the grades broke?

    Dale Moss is is freak athlete and a definite project. But I’d live to have him on the PS. Absolutely.

  15. NWPoseidon says:

    I didnt realize that Russel Wilson was masquerading as Keith Price last year… hmmm… I wonder how the real Keith Price will do…

  16. HawkfaninMT says:

    When can they start signing UDFAs?

  17. Southendzone says:

    I’ve talked myself off the ledge I was on after the 1st round, but it’s gonna take some good performance from these guys for me to be happy with this draft. I would have liked to see more emphasis on offensive players.

    Feel like we missed out on a big opportunity with DeCastro and Stephen Hill. I was excited about both those players. Maybe Hill is the same player as Lockette and by developing him we didn’t have a need for Hill.

  18. Legarette Blount wasn’t drafted last year also and now he is first rate starter. Polk still has a good chance of getting his shot.

  19. IMO, a majority of WRs really ramp up their game in year #3. That’s when you get that production you crave and where results match the potential you had seen the previous couple of years.

    With that being said, we have one guy who is entering that season (Tate). I have been so looking forward to seeing what Tate can do this year ever since he was drafted. It’s time to put up or shut up.

    We also have three guys entering their second seasons. This means they are talented, but they still aren’t as good as they are going to be. However, we have a weird freak of nature in Baldwin, where he’s already a “veteran” in terms of being dependable.

    But the other two guys still need to develop. One has crazy good potential (Lockette) and the other was thought of highly in terms of drafting relatively early in the 4th round last year.

    Sidney Rice is the only guy we can say is in his prime. As Tate needs to live up to his potential THIS year, Rice MUST stay healthy THIS year.

    Obo is the type of dependable guy that you want to keep around. He’s a great player on special teams, so I think he needs to stick around. Plus, his veteran type of experience is really needed when you’ve got kids on your unit like Tate, Durham, and Lockette (technically, Baldwin is young too).

    This is an opinion, but unless someone gets injured, I’d consider BMW and Butler on the outside looking in.

    I think we’ll open the season with:
    1. Rice
    2. Baldwin
    3. Tate
    4. Obo

    (with one of these guys usually inactive on Sundays)

    5. Durham
    6. Lockette

    With all of that youth, I’m glad they didn’t draft anyone. There comes a time when you’ve got talent and need to let them develop and that time is now.

    The same applies to our OL (with that one exception that we went over many times) early in the draft. Really, all of the projected starters are young. They simply need to play/develop without throwing more greenhorns into the equation. I envision a line of Okung, Carp, Unger, Moffitt, and Breno. That means that Breno is the old man as a 4 year veteran. That’s crazy. Two of them have 1 season under their belt; 1 w/2 years experience; another w/3 years; and Breno at 4 years experience as we head into the new season.

    *I know McQuistan will start at LG to start the season, but I see his position belonging to Carp.

    I’m thrilled that we didn’t add anymore young receivers or OL. Let the kids play. That side of the ball is the one that needs continuity moreso than the defensive unit where you can pin your ears back (responsibly) a little more. I’m glad to see all the young defensive talent coming in. I think there’s enough of a mix of still young ages on defense where we’re going to see improvement on defense in 2012. We may stay as the 9th ranked defense, but I’ll expect them to be better, if that makes any sense (since they will face better QBs and competition).

  20. Charliey Casserly, who called Aaron Curry “the best LB prospect I’ve seen in 10 years”. I’m honored to see that Casserly is completely mystified by the work of young (and employed) GMs like John Schneider.

    Casserly’s record as GM, Houston Texans, 2002-2006:

    Nice job, Charley. Quite the judge of talent.

  21. “Sidney Rice is the only guy we can say is in his prime. As Tate needs to live up to his potential THIS year, Rice MUST stay healthy THIS year.”

    Right, that’s dead-on — and honestly, I feel like the chances of both happening are 50/50 at best. Hopefully, having better QB play helps the whole area. And hopefully Zach Miller returns to the production he’s had in the past. I wish we had picked a TE somewhere, but so it goes.

  22. I’m very concerned about this draft. I hope PC & JS know what they are doing. This was not at all what I expected.

  23. If you were a FA WR, would you sign with at team that bad WRs on their roster or with a team that would be really hard to make it on the roster b/c their WRs were really good? Just curious.

    And when Baldwin signed with Seattle, they hadn’t signed Sidney Rice yet. There were more openings for him to make the team, which he obviously did (and he got a bigger signing bonus than he was offered by anyone else).

    Baldwin is a freak b/c WRs like him never come in as a rookie, start, lead the team in a bunch of categories. Name someone else that has done that in the last few generations. It doesn’t happen (it does, but playing the lottery and spending your winnings before you win isn’t exactly a smart thing to do).

  24. “I think we’ll open the season with:
    1. Rice
    2. Baldwin
    3. Tate
    4. Obo”

    I agree w/that too – and unless we get the 2009 version of Rice, really, it’s a very average group. Maybe Tate busts out this year, I hope so.

  25. HawkfaninMT says:

    Fieldgulls has a thread running for UDFAs…

  26. bbnate420 says:

    As Stevos mentioned, Casserly is near senile and was a BAD GM when he actually had his faculties. He’s almost as clueless as that Helmet-Haired Moron that gets paid to flap his gums on ESPN. I think that at least half of these talking heads don’t have a clue what systems teams run when they evaluate their picks.

    I just wish we could’ve gotten a few more linebackers and defensive lineman! But seriously, I’m stoked that we got Turbin and, the only thing I could really question from day 3 is that I think we probably should’ve taken a chance on Orson Charles in the 4th rather than taking Howard.

  27. I am really intrigued and excited about the competition that will happen between Flynn and Wilson. I believe it can only improve our offense and we are going to see some pin point accuracy developing in the passing game. We will find out fairly quickly what receivers we should keep and those that just are not up to it. Could be some surprises there.

  28. NWPoseidon says:

    We filled our two glaring weaknesses on the offense. 1. QB. We got Flynn, we drafted Russel and Portis has 1 year of development under his belt. Somewhere in that mix we should find a quality QB, if not a great QB. 2. RB behind Lynch. A major issue that often gets overlooked for some reason. Turbin should be more than an adequate backup for the Beast (I mean he is the Hulk after all).

    With that said, I am glad the majority of our picks were on defense. You can never have enough play makers on D. The QB Eater should drastically help out the coverage by getting more pressure on the QB and we now have ridiculous speed at linebacker, something PC has always wanted.

    I think our draft class served our needs pretty well and only time will tell if it was truly a great draft or not.

  29. I could care less what some of these moronic talent evaluators think of the Seahawks draft. I love the 1st round pick and really like the 2nd rounder, too. Both are going to come in and play (and play well). Irvin is EXACTLY what the doctor ordered for this defense even if most national media people are too stoopid to understand this.

    I would have gone with DeCastro and Curry 1-2 so it will be fun to see/compare these four players as we advance into the future. I’d still rather have DeCastro/Curry over Irvin/Wagner, but now is the time to be happy and be optimistic about the guys we now have. If I didn’t like Irivin/Wagner, I’d probably feel differently. It’s nice having some faith in your leadership (Mr. Happy) again though. They have it going on and I appreciate it.

  30. Good post Bobby, good points, but I still think every one of our WRs needs more competition.

    Rice is a stud, no doubt, who will make any QB better. IF he can stay healthy and play 16 games. IF. Which means we need someone on the bench ready to start in his place. Didn’t have that player last year and it hurt.

    The only serious competition we have at WR is between Baldwin and Tate for the slot. Both have great potential but Tate hasn’t shown the discipline of a pro. Baldwin was a phenom early in the season, but after Rice and BMW were injured and defenses focused on Baldwin, he got shut down in the final few games. But I feel good about those two guys competing for the slot position.

    Big Mike Williams was a good project back in 2010, but I think that savvy old pro Matt Hasselbeck made BMW look better than he will ever look again. He’s much too easy to cover and is a liability, IMO. Chris Durham has the same height and is much quicker and more elusive than BMW, but he was used mostly on inside routes as a rookie and hasn’t shown any durability yet, getting injured early. Obo is a disciplined and dependable receiver, but will never dominate. Lockette might have the greatest potential of this group, but its all wishful thinking until he shows he can execute routes well. He has two catches in his “career”, and the two games he was on the field our 3rd-down efficiency was 21% and 18%. He wasn’t ready to help his QB complete third downs.

    If we go into the season with all these guys healthy and at the top of their game, then I feel okay about our WR corps. If one or two go down injured (especially Rice or Baldwin) then Matt Flynn might have a crappy first season in Seattle.

  31. I don’t think BMW or Butler will go down without a fight, but I think those other guys will be okay. I’d rather have them (Durham/Lockette) as second year guys than a new rookie. And I think either Durham or Lockette will be inactive most Sundays.

    I think Tate needs to play on the outside. Baldwin is so much better in the slot. And Tate running precise routes isn’t exactly a specialty of his (when you really need to be more precise in the slot, too). Not that you ever want anyone that runs sloppy routes, but I’d rather the sloppier route runner be on the outside more than the inside. How much he improves in this area is going to be important this season. I don’t expect him to be Largent like, but do expect real improvement.

  32. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, I definitely agree with the spirit of your comment but, I don’t need to go back any generations to name one. Just to last year! Victor Cruz was an UFA and had MUCH better numbers than Baldwin.

    In the interest of fairness, I should mention that Casserly was smart enough to draft Mario Williams #1 in 2006 when everyone else was criticizing the pick.

    I feel really bad for Chris Polk. The medical red flags must be real. I cannot imagine him not getting drafted if they were not. Just look at some of the RB’s that DID get drafted! Don’t think the Hawks have a place for him but, he should catch on somewhere else. Hopefully can play a good 3-5 years at least.

  33. bbnate: “I just wish we could’ve gotten a few more linebackers and defensive lineman! But seriously…”


  34. HawkfaninMT says:

    Polk to Eagles… Go show em what they missed!

  35. Lots of “ifs” on every team, but if Rice is healthy this season AND if Tate breaks out (not in a Pro Bowl way) the way I expect him to, I think we will have a top 10 offense (as long as Cable can perform the same magic he did last season). Maybe its the kool-aid, but it’s good stuff!

    On paper, the offense will be better in 2013 than it will this upcoming season, but that doesn’t mean we can’t expect big things this year.

  36. In TNT’s mock draft, its seems there was only one guy who got the Bruce Irvin pick right. And he had to draft 6 LBs to do it. LOL…

    Seahawks will need to employ their new 50cent defense that utilizes 10 LBS with this draft:
    1. Luke Kuechly, LB
    2. Zach Brown, LB
    3. Bruce Irvin, LB
    4. Josh Kaddu, LB
    6. Braylon Broughton, LB
    7. Vontaze Burfict, LB

    Looks like STTBM whipped us all with 3 correct picks, by the way.

  37. I’ve always liked Butler, he is a one hundred percent’r. his problem is that he is smaller than the prototypical WR, spend last year on injured reserve and was already here when PC/JS showed up where as Big Mike was their first “real” project of rehab (and successful in the first year of that rehab).

    BMW was soft last year and lost his concentration. I hope he has been studying hard this off-season because he needs every angle he can find. I still like Deon and if he leaves the hawks then I’ll be cheering him on in his new place of residence.

    Another one of my favorite players, Nick Reed, was a 100%’r as well. he had the drive and determination to be a great player for the Seahawks but injuries and his size short-circuited that. He was small for his position but made up for it with determination. I hope he finds a home because he has that intangible quality.

  38. bbnate – I meant that no UFA comes in his rookie year and contributes like that (until Baldwin). Victor Cruz did nothing for the Giants in his rookie season. Cruz played in 3 games as a rookie and had 0 receptions. Baldwin had much better numbers as a rookie. I’m sorry if it wasn’t more clear.

  39. raymaines says:

    I’ve had a few hours to decompress and I’m no longer suicidal. A special thank you to all of my friends for your love and support.

    So, now may I respectfully ask where was the F#(&ing offensive help in the draft? The defense was pretty good to start with! It’s fair to consider the free agent signings as part of the draft so Matt Flynn counts for the offence, but that makes the Russell Wilson pick seem odd.

    If the ‘Hawks win the next ten Super Bowls everything will be OK, my blood pressure will drop, and PC/JS will be deified, but I’m a little worried right now.

    Please, somebody tell me Obo is the next Jerry Rice, PMcQ is the next Steve Hutchinson and all of my worries are unfounded.

    Please SeaHawks, sign a bunch of UDFA’s in offensive’s positions that will turn out as good as Doug Baldwin.

  40. raymaines – read my posts today about wanting the offense to have time to gel without making it even younger. While Carp is never going to make us forget Hutch, I do believe he’s going to be a good, solid guard. Sure, he may never play in a Pro Bowl, but I think he’s going to be an asset. If you had an offense where every player was 22 years old, I really don’t think it would be all that good, even if they were good and you started 5 rookie 1st round picks.

    It’ll be okay. It really will. But I agree about worrying about McQuistan as a starter. I’ll be much happier when Carp takes that job and McQuistan goes back to the back-up at tackle and guard.

  41. Interesting FA signing:

    London Durham, McNeese State
    6’2″ 185
    4.4 speed

    I have no idea if he can play. But he sure looks the part of a Pete Carroll DB.

  42. I like what I’ve seen of Rishaw Johnson, OG Cali PA.

    We picked him up as an udfa.

  43. ruminator1 says:

    If you were a FA WR, would you sign with at team that bad WRs on their roster or with a team that would be really hard to make it on the roster b/c their WRs were really good? Just curious.

    well, bobby, i would want to go to a team where i had the best chance of catching on and a team like seattle, with so many questions about the talent and especially the longevity and productivity would be perfect. how many of our recievers would you rate as elite, as among the very best in the league? how many are coming off big injuries and surgery? how many have dropitis? how many so far have not lived up to their potential? not sure where you got that 3rd yr blossoming argument but surely you can think of lots of guys who did very well their first and second years as well. i am not saying we do not have talent but i am saying we have not had production. i will still bet we sign a few undrafted recievers and maybe take a look at jacoby jones or maybe someone frome CFL.

  44. raymanes: “Please, somebody tell me Obo is the next Jerry Rice”

    Its true, raymanes. Obomanu is very much like Jerry Rice, circa 2004.

    You remember, Rice was with the Seahawks that year. Like Obo, he worked hard, showed great discipline, great locker room guy. He had 8 catches that season.

  45. bbnate420 says:

    BobbyK, well I guess I’m an idiot on this one. I had thought that last year was Cruz’s rookie year. Didn’t realize he came out in 2010. He was listed as “playing” 3 games but, he actually didn’t play a snap. They put him on the IR after that. You could argue that he essentially was a rookie since he only got the preseason and 3 games, as he cannot practice after going on IR. I realize he can still study the playbook. Also, I realize that Baldwin didn’t really have any off-season!

  46. Soggybuc says:

    Good stuff on your initial posting there Bobby, you too Stevo. well’p this BS is done an time for OTA’s and then camp! (which is where Duke eats his words and develops a man crush for Wilson)
    Over all good stuff from our FO. this team adds more talent than we have room for!
    Casserly is a washed up tool! he makes Kiper look smart!

  47. Yes I had great hopes when I bought my Seahawks Jerry Rice jersey
    8 catches and it was over – sheeesh

  48. bbnate420 says:

    Very funny Stevos! Give Obo a little more credit. He is good on special teams. I had high hopes for him after his 2010 season but, he did seem to come down with a case of dropitis last year. Hopefully a full off-season will lead to better chemistry between the WR’s and whoever plays QB.

  49. I think Seattle did great in the draft. Getting the first four guys was a coup, as they also got several extra choices. They used the rest of the picks as depth/project selection. I like that.

    Some of these late round guys are intriguing, but will take awhile to make the jump to the NFL. Converting an ex-wrestler DT to G?! Sweet! A couple DB’s with size, a couple DT’s, one of whom can play 5-tech DE or 3-tech DT and can backup two spots, and K. Toomer was a highly regarded player and looks to be a lot like KJ Wright last year–a guy who will be a good pro but ran under the radar. Toomer is faster than Wright as well.

    We got a stud pass rusher, two fast LB’s, a backup to Lynch, and a hot young QB prospect who will be a heck of a lot of fun to watch in preseason, and a lot of DB/DT/DE depth. And one long-term G prospect/project…

    Pretty good haul if you ask me. Ruskell and Holmgren and a lot of other GM’s consider a draft a success if 3 guys contribute to the team longterm. We’re getting spoiled with Carrol/Schneider, expecting 80% to make the team longterm.

  50. I remember Rice catching like 6 or 8 passes in one game, on Monday Night Football vs Dallas; he had over 100 yards, the last time he would reach that pinnacle. We lost after having a big lead. Did he play here in 2003?

  51. seahawk44 says:

    Allright, As a long time fan …. I have always had a hatred for the Raiders. Then in 2005 I developed a hatred for the Steelers. Last season 2 more teams joined my hatred list: the 49ers (Harbaugh) and the Eagles (Trent Cole) …. which is why it pains me to see this:

    The Philadelphia Eagles 2012 Draft picks:

    1.12 Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State
    2.14 Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California
    2.27 Vinny Curry, DE, Marshall
    3.25 Nick Foles, QB, Arizona
    4.28 Brandon Boykin, CB, Georgia
    5.18 Dennis Kelly, OT, Purdue
    6.24 Marvin McNutt, WR, Iowa
    6.30 Brandon Washington, OG, Miami
    7.22 Bryce Brown, RB, Kansas State
    FA Chris Polk, RB, Washington

    It seems like they had a good draft, and the Steelers did too.

  52. Ha, sorry I think I have a case of WiseAssitis at this point. Its been a long weekend. Adios Amigos!

  53. Seahawk44–Many teams appear to have had good drafts, and yes Philly’s looks good. But check back three years from now, plenty of drafts that look great today will turn out to have been not so great. And drafts that were panned will end up looking rosy.

    Our draft is full of hit/miss guys in the 5th on down, but thats what you should be using those pics for: small school and underachieving guys with high upside, not big school overachiever non-athletes like Ruskell chose.

    ANd personally, I think our first six picks were great; all will be tons of fun to watch this preseason, and all should make the team.

  54. This has been said before, but I think it’s worth repeating: Our offense doesn’t need any more players to come in and mix things up. It needs experience, stability, and in a few cases speedy rehab from injury. We are insanely young on offense. Those guys need time to learn and grow. A full off-season probably won’t hurt either. (Remember, these will be the first real OTAs/mini-camps for the guys we drafted last year too!) So I’m actually pretty happy that 8/10 picks went towards the defense, which was a little old in places and seriously lacking in depth.

  55. Seahawks2620 says:

    Is it just me, or does the ball absolutely explode out of Wilson’s hand? He has an absolute rocket, and throws such a tight spiral. I can’t wait to see what this kid can do, I think he brings a lot to the table.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- Of course your going to say the Seahawks had a great draft. You won the freakin mock draft contest! Lol.

  57. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “Hi, my name is Bruce, and they just cut me loose!”

    “And I am a Freak! But I’m not on the juice!”

    ” I’m bigger than the Beast! And it’s QBs I feast!”

    ” And Now your going down! So I can wipe me down!”

    ” And hear Bruuuuuuuuuuuce!!!!!”

  58. Polk didn’t get drafted for a reason.

  59. bbnate420 says:

    You get the “Pointing out the obvious award” there MarcS!

  60. Georgia–Im not sure how the rules work. I think I got one guy in the proper round, I had Wagner, but I had Turbin ahead of Wilson. Besides, I was Mocking who I thought Seattle would take, not necessarily who I would take in their shoes.

    And I certainly didnt have Irvin, the prize of our draft. Nor did I get a single pick after the fourth round right–most of these guys I never heard of before, but I like ‘em!

  61. GeorgiaHawk, love it!

    Bruce Almighty has spoken. Word!

  62. Seahawks2620, you’re not the only one who sees that. It will be interesting to see what he does with his talent.

  63. STTBM, I kinda like that last guy we got too. I’ll be watching him!

  64. Soggybuc says:

    Bruce Almighty!!! I love it! I had Turbin in 3rd and Wilson in the 4th as well. so I got 2 better than usual.

  65. I was highly worried after round 1. Then I watched/read about Irvin THEN I listened to the guy talk – How can you not LOVE the guy. (other than we are in week 14 next season and he has no sacks)

    I am hoping that the 1st 3 guys contribute next year! and we are hearing their names all season long!

    I am a little concerned that we spent soo much on the Defense when our Offense was the unit that really struggled.

    I also will be interested to see who ends up as MLB. Rudd is the only guy we have that seems to be the “natural” middle LB. Yes, I know they could move Wright in there but they don’t seem to want to move him but we will see.

    Bobbyk – I know you really like Tate and trust he will pop – but I just don’t see it yet. I have not given up on him and will be very happy if he does start playing well – just not expecting it like others.

  66. xcman – When we made the Tate pick, I was jacked. That’s who I would have taken. Actually, I liked Tate so much that that’s who I would have taken with that 2nd rounder before we moved down in the round all those spots with the Chargers in the Weirdbeard deal. With his inexperience, I have also always been pointing to this year as the year he breaks out. Look, I’m not predicting the Pro Bowl, but I am predicting/hoping for a very key guy that is going to consistently make some big plays and be a big part of our offensive success this season. It’s now or never.

  67. There are going to be some 1 catch games for 8 yards or 2 catches for 20 yards, but there’s also going to be some 6 catch games for 120 yards and a TD or two.

    This might be more kool-aid, but I think there’s a chance that Rice, Baldwin and Tate could become a top 5 WR trio this season when you factor in each player.

  68. EyeAmBaldman says:

    xcman, Wagner will be the MLB, but he has the versatility to play outside if Ruud gets healthy and claims the MLB spot.

    I agree with Bobby on Tate, it’s now or never. I’m hoping he gets it figured out this year. I like our WR group a lot, but that’s based on the ugly word “potential.” We’ll see how it goes.

  69. I like your optimism BobbyK. Hope your right, I loved Tate in college and that was probably the pick that excited me the most since Joey Galloway (that only worked out cause we got two firsts for him in trade when we dumped his wimpy butt).

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