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Carroll feels the need for speed

Post by Eric Williams on April 28, 2012 at 6:45 pm with 97 Comments »
April 28, 2012 6:45 pm

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll followed through on his wish to add more speed through the draft. The slowest player the Seahawks drafted was defensive tackle turned offensive guard J.R. Sweezy.

“If you look at it, our slowest guy was an offensive lineman at 4.85,” Carroll said. “There’s great speed in this draft for us, and that’s really exciting across the board, and it’s going to help our special teams enormously.”

Schneider addressed the reason for Seattle selecting eight defensive players in this year’s draft, saying most times when Seattle made selection the best players available were on the defensive side of the ball.

In the last three years, 20 of the 28 players Seattle has selected have been defensive players.

“It’s not anything where we don’t like the offensive players,” Schneider said. “It’s just the way the draft has fallen. Every time we’ve been ready to pick we’ve had better defensive players; not all the time, but the majority of it.”

Further, Seattle has addressed a lot of it’s needs offensively through free agency or trade, including quarterbacks Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn, running back Marshawn Lynch, running back Michael Robinson, tight end Zach Miller and receiver Sidney Rice. So the Seahawks have looked to balance that out by selecting defensive players in the draft.

Some tidbits

* Schneider said the teams decided to draft North Carolina defensive tackle J.R. Sweezy and move him to offensive guard instead of drafting an offensive lineman in the seventh round because of his athleticism is better than any offensive line prospect available at that spot.

Seattle offensive line coach Tom Cable went down to North Carolina to work Sweezy out, and came away impressed.

“You get to a point in the draft where there’s a certain level of athleticism,” Schneider said. “There’s a little bit of a cut off all the way through it. And here’s a guy that’s a real tough, aggressive, quick defensive lineman who the staff at N.C. State would tell you out the door, ‘Hey, this guy has a chance to be a really good offensive lineman, too.”

* Schneider said the reason Seattle did not select a receiver this year is because the team felt it was a very average year for the position in the draft. Schneider said Ricardo Lockette and Doug Baldwin were rated in the top of the sixth round in last year’s draft, and would have been rated in the top of fifth round in this year’s draft.

* Schneider called Louisville defensive lineman Greg Scruggs the best value pick by the team at the seventh round because of his upside. At 6-4 and 284 pounds, Scruggs can play 5-tech, but they also see him as a 3-tech in passing situations.

* Florida defensive tackle Jaye Howard will play 3-tech, and Kentucky strong safety Winston Guy will fill the chance to fill a similar role Atari Bigby played for Seattle last year.

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  1. DreadHawks says:

    Eric, when and how will the rest of the draftees be introduced? Great job, lookin forward to tomorrows sunday paper.

  2. Seahawks2620 says:

    When does Training Camp begin?

  3. Soggybuc says:

    I love pete’s comments on Turbin, notice how he sit’s all silent until that pick is mentioned. Tells me right there Turbin was a Carroll pick all the way.

  4. Eric, what is your honest opinion on the Seahawk’s draft?

  5. “I’m not going to let him down, I promise you that.”

    That’s probably my favorite line of the last few days.

    Bruce Irvin on being a Seahawk and Mr. Happy drafting him.

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Carroll feels the need for speed- So did Moffitt! Lol. Hopefully Moffitt can do it without the drugs from here on out.

    Speed is very good, however I can recall many screen plays that took advantage of our speed last year. Hopefully we have drafted players that have not only physical speed but also mental speed.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    Great story on Turbin. guys a class act for sure. I knew nothing about him until i watched him at the combine. I saw a physically impressive guy who put up numbers that a body type like his shouldnt.( check out the guns in the pic from Bobbys link).
    It was after that I went an dug up the highlight reels on this cat. holy crap! I wanted him all along!
    Now to read what a fantastic selfless person he is, I’m a super fan now

  8. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Turbin doesn’t have biceps! they are really footballs! Lol.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Kinda refreshing that for every Knocklehead we draft there is a player like Turbin that makes up for it!

  10. I’m super happy with this draft, happy and the boys keep adding talent. Hawks are going to the playoffs this year! and going deep! Flynn will not win the MVP, but he will win games!

  11. Just got to look at everything and I’m excited to see how it all come together. You can really feel something special picking up momentum here.

    The only pick I was really bummed about was passing up Mike Martin in the third round for Wilson. Thought Martin would solidify that 3-tech spot for a long time to come. Hopefully Jaye Howard does the job. Now that he’s a Hawk here’s to hoping Wilson really does turn out to be great at this level.

    Irvin is just going to bring the house down.

  12. Actually, I hope Wilson was a wasted pick that never plays a down in Seattle. That will have meant that Flynn was all that and a bag of chips.

  13. Wilson can be great backing up the ELITE Mr. Flynn.

  14. Macabrevity says:

    I really appreciate Pete’s explanations of all the picks. Very happy with the draft, which kind of feels more like a college recruitment than an NFL draft with the way he and JS seem to completely ignore the ‘expert’ big boards, and instead grab the players they covet.

  15. Looks like poor Josh Brown is getting kicked out of St. Louis. Maybe he can “kick” in another Super Bowl for another team and miss 2 out of 3 FGs to screw them over, too. I heard he was a jerk at Nebraska and never liked him. He ain’t no Turbin, that fo sho.

  16. I think Wilson will be a vital part of the O. If Flynn is out for a few plays or games if he can step in and play at the same level then we are greatly improved. Think of some of the great backups that saved games or even the season for other clubs. Kubiak for Denver when Elway was out, Flynn for Rogers, Brady for Bledsoe er forget that one. Young for Montana oops.

  17. LOL strangely I understand your logic there Bobby, but if RW has to jump in at some point I highly doubt it will be a CBJ type a thang. and good lord man please do not tell me you feel OK with TJ off the bench, if thats so it doesnt matter because 2012 is really the end of the world when BobbyK is happy with TJ on the roster.

  18. I’d feel better with T-Jack and Portis off the roster. :)

    I just don’t understand how you can be willing to pay someone $4 million dollars to suck for you? Or sit on the bench when you wouldn’t give that kind of money to Heater to actually be a good starter.

    Granted, I think T-Jack performed better last year than I thought he would, but that’s not saying much.

    Now, if T-Jack knew he lost the job to Flynn and that Wilson was going to potentially be 2nd string (if T-Jack) if he were canned, I’d be perfectly fine w/T-Jack as 2nd string this upcoming season at a million bucks. But that’s it.

  19. And, really, what other team in the NFL would be dumb enough to give T-Jack a million dollars, let alone $4 million? Maybe some team that has Bevell, but the last time I looked, he was in Seattle.

  20. Oh, wait, there were people yesterday saying we could “trade” T-Jack (so the new team could pay him $4 million to suck for them).


    I love that. Thinking someone would give up something so they could overpay for a player like that.

    Funny stuff, dat fo sho.

  21. Al Davis loved drafting fast players, look at how good oakland turned out.

  22. Draft is in the books and i like the direction this team is heading i liked the added speed to team at lb i liked the added depth to dt, de and the drafting of a backup qb(potential starter) and a backup rb all picks show promise as being player who make this team better also cant forget b irvin pick as the best pass rusher available

  23. ‘a player like that’? you mean the player who played his heart out for the Seahawks, while injured? nice job of back-stabbing there… praising a player’s character on one post and stabbing him in the back on the next. That’s called displaying a lack of character.

  24. Macabrevity says:

    As much as some of you guys hate T-Jack, if a team w/o a solid backup suddenly lost their starter, I really think there would be interest. I’m not claiming we would net huge dividends, but it’s quite possible that a team would want him. Either that or make a clean cut.

    Some teams I think that could easily add a T-Jack early or mid-season and see an improvement;

    Jacksonville (once they give up on Gabbs)
    Houston (if Schaub goes down)
    Rams (if Bradford goes down)
    Plenty of teams out there… not saying they’d be willing to give up much, but picking up his contract to avoid losing your job isn’t out of the question.

    I honestly don’t think it’s that ridiculous. He is/has been a starting QB in the NFL. That alone makes him a commodity to some extent.

  25. Best honest non-canned quote in the interview,,,JS “Ouch!”

  26. DreadHawks says:

    I met Josh Brown at a Seahawks training camp in Cheney and had the opportunity to chat with him at some length. I thought he was a pretty cool and down to earth dude. I certainly didn’t like the way he left the Hawks but from a personal standpoint he was ok guy in my book. @RADEoN Al Davis liked fast receivers ala Cliff Branch. The rest of his guys were picked on meaness toughness and criminal records.

  27. DreadHawks says:

    Are there any descent unsigned FA’s still out there on the offensive side of the ball? I wonder if the Hawks are looking at any?

  28. The Seahawks went one from average QB (Jackson) to another (Flynn) and everyone thinks the Seahawks went from trash to a diamond. What happens if Flynn starts and he plays average? Will everyone treat him like a Kolb like Lepper? Kolb played like an average QB last year which certainly isn’t terrible, but the hype was too much to overcome. You guys have built Flynn to the same level of hype.

    Pete Carroll thinks he found his QB of the Future in Russell Wilson. Has he ever said he thinks any QB he has had on the Seahawks roster has the potential to be great? He’s been lukewarm on everyone, including Hasselbeck, Flynn and Jackson. He and Schneider are practically an open book.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    The difference between a typical Al Davis pick and this group, is that Davis would simply draft the speed without much in the way of tape to justify it. This group by the ‘Hawks are all accomplished football players first. That’s an important distinction.

  30. Stevos – Plenty of players have played their hearts out while not at 100%, were good guys, and given it all they had and still sucked. Why does T-Jack get special treatment for sucking?

  31. Maybe we should overpay for all of our players and only draft choir boys so they can all be like T-Jack?

    Sounds like Stevos wants Ruskell back.

  32. Jackson lost his number 1 WR (who you feel is one of the best in the NFL, I think hes good also), most of his starting OL and still performed like an average QB? How is that “sucking”?

  33. The first sentence I wrote should have been a statement and not a question. The second was a question.

  34. The OL improved when the starters (not Okung) got hurt and the run game became almost dominant. Poor guy for having a dominant run game, soft schedule of playing QBs almost as bad as him, etc. Good thing he’s stellar in the clutch though. lol.

  35. Look. He’s making $4 million to be a (probable) back-up. And you just drafted a QB in the 3rd round. Unless you’re irresponsible with your finances, you don’t pay someone that kind of money to ride the pine. They are giving him more money than they could have some good starters. Fine. Overpay every player on your team like that. That would be smart.

  36. Give him a million bucks or $1.5 million and I’d be happy/fine with him. Why do all of you guys complain about so-and-so wanting too much and hurting the cap situation (oh, we can’t pay him that much, lol) but when T-Jack gets overpaid vs. who he his he’s somehow entitled to be overpaid b/c he’s a good guy who played hurt (the only player in the history of the NFL to play hurt, by the way, lol)? The blow jobs some of you fantasize about giving him are incredible.

  37. They did what they said they would do. Improve the pass rush, get faster at LB, Have a Qb competition (ie controversy). The only thing left to do is TD makers (assumedly on “O”).

    However Pete and John may view Wilson and Turbin as the TD makers. Hardly reasonable since most see them as back-ups. JS viewed the WR class as average and may be looking at phase two and three for that venue for TD maker’s. TD’s should come with a better passing game behind a dominant run game.

  38. Maybe I don’t understand the definition of a player “sucking” and I don’t mean the type BobbyK described in his last post.

  39. JazBadAzz says:

    Thgis has to be the most whiniest fans in the league…you chumps will cry a bout anything! Grow a pair and cheer for your team! Matter of fact, if you dont have something good to say then stop commenting…Im sick of seeing the same people bitching about the same stuff! Im going to start ripping people a new one for coming in here downing my team!

  40. JazBadAzz says:

    This has to be the most whiniest fans in the league…you chumps will cry a bout anything! Grow a pair and cheer for your team! Matter of fact, if you dont have something good to say then stop commenting…Im sick of seeing the same people bitching about the same stuff! Im going to start ripping people a new one for coming in here downing my team!

  41. bayareahawkfan says:

    Radeon, I know you’re unhappy with this draft, but let’s keep touch with reality.

    Al Davis took guys who were fast or strong primarily, on the premise he could teach them to have football instincts.

    Honey Badger is taking guys who are fast but have been been proven to be productive in college. That’s a critical difference.

    Saying they’re taking the mantle from Big Al is silly.

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Bottom line to me is the Seahawks are getting better and better! Even without this draft we would be better this year with all the young talent and players back from injuries!

    Sure it would be great to have a team of all high character players but this is football, and besides I would guess that there are more high character players in football than high character politicians in DC running this country. At least the football players give us something good ( entertainment ) in return.

    Unfortunately it’s a neccessary evil to the success of a team, imo. I can except that, however I can’t except giving these knuckleheads like Stevens and Robinson chance after chance just because they were high picks.

  43. Way too much emphasis on QB salaries here. Remember that Schneider helped spend a first rounder on Bret Favre’s back-up. Obviously RW has something special going on. Flutie threw for 15,000 yards and almost never was sacked. This guy is better.

  44. psoundpowerhouse says:

    Big Al won 3 superbowls
    ’nuff said.

  45. Jazz – You mean that nobody can complain about anything? Like drafting a DT that was never good and making him an OL?

    Hey, we’re both Seahawk fans and there will always be something to complain about until we start winning some Super Bowls. However, we’re at an exciting time, as I think both of us will agree, in that things are looking bright. I’d say there are much more comments in support of the direction the team is heading but it’s never going to be 100%.

    Some people even complain about some of the Patriot picks and things of that nature. It’s going to happen. If you what whiners, try Viking fans. They are pretty pathetic. All teams have psych hardcore fans (some more than others), regular fans, bandwagon fans, etc. No team is any different. And, yes, all teams have whiners, too. Name a team that’s never had a fan “whine.”

    My main frustration here is the Heater treatment. He played hurt last year and couldn’t even practice all the time. He played his guts out every bit as much as our QB but nobody gives him any props, yet for some reason, our QB gets the royal treatment for playing hurt. When Heater (or Lofa – who also played hurt) try making about what T-Jack makes, some fans complain they want too much but, somehow, Jackson is entitled to his overpriced contract vs. his production.

  46. JazBadAzz says:

    I think us real fans should jump on all these fake fans that comes to our blog and down our team and coaches! We must protect this house!!!

  47. Okay, deep breath… the season is still a long way aways. I’m going to quit bashing my whipping boy (Jackson).

    But if someone provokes it, then the truce is cancelled and it’s more ranting about the same crap.

  48. Hot damn I cannot wait to see Irvin explode off the edge to take down Rodgers on GB’s first 3rd down. BRUUUUUUUUUCE!!!! Seattle is so under the radar right now I love it! As a Hawk fan in NYC, the upcoming schedule couldn’t be better! HAAAAAAWWWWWKKKSSSS!

  49. What is good about being a Seahawks fan:

    We have signed a QB with potential as a FA. We also drafted someone with all the skills, minus a few inches. The position was given a much needed infusion of talent.

    The Turbinator. How can’t you love this guy backing up Beast?

    Tom Cable – The coach (not the man, lol).

    Mebane and Big Red eating RBs.

    Clem and Bruuuce eating QBs.

    The SPEED at LB.

    The best secondary in the NFL.

    Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy.

    The logo.

    What sucks about being a Seahawks fan? Inexperience at QB. Too many penalties. Still an, overall, inexperienced OL.

  50. DreadHawks says:

    I don’t want to win a super bowl, that just makes us another Super bowl winner. Then we STILL have to listen to multiple winners say ya but we got 3,4,5 you guys only have one. I want to be the 1st team to 3 pete. Nobody has done it and I want to be the first. Call me greedy and call me a dreamer but that’s where I want us to go!

  51. I must have been misunderstood, I never commented on TJack’s salary or said I want choir boys on the team. Everyone knows that last year TJack outplayed QBs paid more than he is. I only commented on inappropriate and repetitious sliming of Jackson, laughing at him after he played his heart out for us last year while injured. I happen to think Jackson deserves a lot of respect from Seahawks fans. We might have been 3-13 last year if jackson had packed it in after getting injured and let timid Charlie Whiteworst try to lead the team.

    As for Jackson’s career in Seattle, he might get a few starts this year, and Carroll might feel he needs Tjack this year, but Jackson would be wasting his time here. I hope Schneider can engineer a trade of him to another team that doesn’t have a backlog of QB talent. Some team is likely to have QB injuries before the mid-season trade deadline and will value a tough QB with leadership qualities like TJack. I’d like to see him get that chance somewhere. He’s worked to earn it.

    Flynn will be given every chance to start in 2012 because of how much they are paying (overpaying?) him. Give Wilson two or three years and he should be ready to outcompete Flynn for the starting job. He’s the future QB now.

  52. Great list, Bobby K.

    So here we are…
    a talented, big, fast, playmaking Defense, and a conservative rushing offense with inexperienced QBs,,,

    I’m sitting here trying to think what other teams in the past this reminds me of… the Ravens maybe? Who?

  53. BobbyK–The reality is LB is now considered a fungible position, like RB, and so many players are paid far less than less-talented and hardworking players at other positions. Also, a premium is placed on the qb position, and even backups are earning 4 million a year.

    So T-Jacks pay is not all that out of line. Plus, Carrol and Schneider have made it clear they will pay a really good wage to qb’s; until they decide to go in another direction. They want to motivate the qb with positive reinforcement. Another reason for the pay is that Jackson was brought in to be the starter until someone was found who could beat him out, and since they are going to be fair and have an open competition for the starting qb job, there’s still a chance he could end up winning the starting job, and so be worth the money. They can always force a restructure of his contract, but I doubt that happens.

    If Flynn gets hurt or turns out to be Kolb 2.0, do you really want to see Portis or Wilson starting?! I sure as hell dont! And I happen to really like both as players. Jackson is a good backup, and I expect him to play better this year–just not enough to be a long-term answer. And his pay is fair for where he’s at right now. Next year, he’ll be making less or he’ll be cut.

    I agree they should perhaps have shown more loyalty to guys like Heater, and it galls me to see some underachieving players get overpaid, while guys like Heater, Hill, Jean-Pierre, Baldwin, Chancellor, Sherman, and Browner are still making peanuts. But they are waiting to rework contracts until guys perform at a high level for more than one year. They’ve proven they will reward consistent overachieving–just not after one year.

    Also, good as Heater was when healthy vs the run, he flat wasnt good in pass coverage. Carrol and Schneider have said they wanted to get faster at LB, and I think its obvious they want MLB’s who are good in the passing game above run-stuffing thumpers. They had made the decision to change thier scheme and move away from players like Hawthorne, and his age, injuries, and the fungible nature of LB’s just made them more certain that they didnt want to offer him a long-term contract.

    Its cold, harsh, logical, and probably the right thing to do. And its okay, because now he’s in NO where they need him, and he’s back with Will Herring. And Carrol and Bradley now have guys to play MLB the way they want.

    It remains to be seen if Seattle can stop the run with their front four and smaller, faster LB’s. But it surely will improve our pass defense, and give us more blitz options if we have multiple guys who might blitz on any given play. Now we can blitz any of our backers, a safety, even a corner. Opposing teams wont have a clue who’s coming and when on any given play. Last year everyone knew it was the occasional safety blitz or Clemons coming, that was it. And the safety blitzes never worked.

    Jackson was a disappointment at the tail end of last year, but again, that line wasnt anywhere near as good as many make it out to be. The line was pathetically inconsistent right up to the end of the final game. Yes, injuries helped, but that line is still inconsistent and a huge question mark. I think Jackson was a mediocre qb, not horrible. His inability to go downfield and get a game-tying or game winning field goal in the fourth quarter is his biggest failing, but overall he’s an okay qb and a very good insurance policy to Flynn, at least for another year.

    He’s like McQ: I dont want him starting, but if he has to due to injury or whatever, I’ll be glad to have him.

  54. Soggybuc says:

    No matter how you want to look at it this team is doing exciting things. I can never remember feeling this much optimism for the hawks ever.
    even when Holmgren had a winning unit in place I never felt that it was going to be fun watching the team play.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    Hawthorne improved dramatically in pass pro. Regardless, the mike ‘backer position is still a significant question. Ruud’s health will remain an issue until he can actually play again, for an extended time. And Wagner, as much as I like him, is going to play like a rookie.

    Thankfully, rookie mini-camp begins in less than two weeks, and we can then begin to get past the silliness of “real fan” and criticism.

  56. Not every transaction Carrol and Schneider make will turn out well. No one is perfect. But most of them HAVE worked out, and thats a far cry from the previous GM. (Thats putting it mildly).

    In order for the draft to be a success, we dont have to have every pick work out, nor even half of them. If we get two starters and one star, it will be a great draft.

    Same with personnel transactions: not all their decisions will turn out, but so far so good. They’ve done things that I thought were stupid, like trading Rob Sims for nothing when his replacement was worse, and now that we have Cable, Sims would have fit in very well with our scheme. I hate cutting Forsett, but I understand it from a logic point of view. I hated cutting Byrd the TE, and that move cost us dearly due to injuries and the awful play of Morrah and McCoy at TE.

    Overall they’ve done a fine job assembling talent. Now to get cracking on the discipline and proper execution of plays, and the clock mgmt…

  57. Regarding TJACK not one person other than Stevos has made any sort of lucid comment in the past 3 months. I am by no means a TJack apologist but the asinine comments here have gone beyond ridiculous. You may not be bandwagon fans but you all are showing your true Seattle colors as bandwagon bloggers with BOBBY K as your fearless leader.

    Like Stevos said TJACK Played quite admirably through an injury that would have pushed most top tier QBs off the field. He is the only reason that we didn’t have to suffer Charlie whitehurst..always remember that. Overpaid?! Give me a f*cking break. His contract that formed was to be a starter for our team. Just because we have someone who is competing for a starting spot with him doesn’t mean that his contract originally negotiated goes down.. Bring yourself up to reality and understand what contractual obligations are. TJACK has proven that he’s worth that low end money even if it’s as a back up role for a year. Flynn has still yet to do so.

    Cut TJACK? Ha thank god your greasy Cheeto stained fingers are no where near actually running our franchise. God forbid Flynn gets hurt and we have a rookie and a second year DII QB to take care of us. Let me guess? “well at least we’ll be in the running for Barkley” there you go great plan… Then when we draft him you can cry in your damn Cheerios how this chump Matt Flynn is an overpriced injury prone back up.


  58. Thank you also STTBM… Didn’t read your before posting

  59. To be fair, Ive gone back and forth over Jackson since we got him. Im a little cooler and calmer after the FA period and draft, a little more reasonable in my assessment. I understand the frustration with him, but he’s a good leader, a good guy, and a tough player. We were lucky to have him instead of Whitehurst at the helm last year.

    Heater was a good dude, a tough guy, and a leader as well, and like many others here I was sorry to see him go, but perhaps its best for both sides. I dont think either player deserves to be bashed.

  60. I know I don’t comment as much as most here, but I’ve been reading this blog for years, and I am glad to see people finally calling out BobbyK for being an obnoxious idiot.

    It really bothers me that Eric gives BobbyK the opportunity to write “guest columns” over other more polished and savvy contributors. I recall the time Eric met up with Bobby at the game in Minnesota and posted his picture here. In a way, it made some of his rants make sense. It was obvious his experiences with football have all come from his sofa. His skin tone also reminded of someone who posts 50+ times a day on a blog.

    BobbyK lacks a real fundamental understanding of football, is obviously not the brightest guy in the world (he’s a simpleton who gets stuck on a subject and becomes a broken record) and he has never been able to see the big picture with things. He often contradicts himself even within a single post.

    Consider me officially off the BobbyK bandwagon. It’s tiresome.

  61. HawksKD,

    Amen Brother!

  62. Geeze, let’s remember we’re all Seahawks fans here, most of us since day 1. We all know why TJ was brought in last year and he played a heck of a lot better than CBJ. TJ’s not a top tier QB either…and we all know that as well. Personally, I’m looking forward to having a solid, talented QB corps now and it won’t surprise me at all if TJ is part of that squad for at least one more year. I chuckle at the Flynn bashing. We won’t know about MF until the season is well underway…so good luck to all of them and may the best man win.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – Only Stevo? That’s funny, and short sited. But I do understand how frustrating it can be to read and re-read the same essential post.

  64. FailedSave says:

    Carson – That was a pretty asshattish post. I generally don’t comment, but a 3 paragraph rant like that is just begging for a slap-down. See, you violated Wheaton’s Law: “Don’t be a d*ck”. You disagree with Bobby’s opinions, which is fine, but instead of offering any solid criticism, you dropped a school-girl rant about his skin tone. Major Fail. Pathetic, really. Bobby is solid contributor, and even though I don’t agree with him frequently, I respect his opinion.

    But turn around is fair play. Post a link to your own picture and detail, for the board, your own rather staggering depth of football knowledge. Also, please provide examples of your writing style showing your…”polish and savvy”. Fair is fair, and if you want to compare yourself, then be prepared to be raked over the coals.

  65. Bottom line is we have 4 QB’s with some pretty good talent that will compete for the job. If T Jack wins the competition and starts, good for him and the Hawks I say. True, Bobby would not be happy. Too bad. He’s got an issue that goes beyond the field. He was the best we had last year. Now if he doesn’t get traded/dropped, he gets a chance to prove if he’s still the best we got. Compete!

  66. Duke you don’t count….. You’re always lucid and always have been . You know that!

    Yes I over exaggerated but as you said it was the same thing over and over again and all I was seeing is more and more people falling into the same mold. It was getting old and had me looking at other sites to contribute to instead like I used to…. Just can’t get away from this one

  67. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Is this what they call ( post draft withdrawals )? Take a deep breath, it will be OK! Relax, and have a beer on me.

  68. Gentlemen, we all have our opinions and some of us (including myself) may like to focus on specific areas with various rants. A comments board like this allows us to rant like the drunks at the corner bar used to back in the day.

    At the end of the day, it should never get personal. I don’t see anyone here making mom jokes that should bring it down to the personal level. Although, I’m sure some of you guys have some good mom jokes to dispense if need be.

  69. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- Have you ever had a Lucid dream?

  70. SandpointHawk says:

    A mom, a nun, and a Seahawk fan walks into a corner bar….

  71. Attention! You guys that are calling others idiots be aware that you WILL be an idiot sometime. It’s guaranteed. We all will, including me. When we throw out an opinion and it is either wrong now or proven wrong in the future, we could be called idiots. Who cares!!! Give your opinion and be respectful of other’s opinions.

    None of us have exclusive ownership and knowledge of the truth. Rather we should all be looking for the truth and welcome it whenever we see it. This is not about “i’m right and your wrong”. It’s about “here is my idea/opinion, let’s see if it’s really correct or not”.

    Check your ego at the door and seek the truth. Listen to others respectfully. Honestly I feel some guys on here get it right more often than the front office in some areas. That tells you that the combined ideas/thoughts/opinions of people on this blog are valuable. Even if the idea is contrary to what you think right now.

    Bottom line, post with respect or leave.

  72. There’s a BobbyK bandwagon???

    And BTW,,,,Doritos give Cheetohs a bad name!

    Look I can’t fathom how anybody can pick which Qb will win out at this point. It is going to be a “COMPETITION”. There are some indicators of favorites going in but for all anybody knows it could end up any one of them.

  73. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Pabs- It’s going to get personal from time to time when strong opinions are clashing and perhaps meds, alcohol are in the mix. I’m not above it all when it comes to that. Remember your little rant a few months back when you stomped out on this blog?

    BTW- I’m glad you’re back even though at the time I was glad you left. In fact I was impressed with your insight on the draft!

  74. I hope we end up with this QB pecking order this year (assuming Wilson can learn the offense fast enough):

    1) Flynn
    2) Wilson
    3) Portis

    I’d love to see Flynn have his chance and see what he can do. Now if by some wild miracle Wilson beats out Flynn, Great! What I hope they don’t do is hold onto Tavaris because he is a safety blanket should something happen to the starter. I would understand why they would want to do that but if Wilson picks up the offense in time, the number of wins with Wilson taking over in a backup role may not be much different than Tjack in a backup role. And Wilson would get the second team reps and develop much faster if Tjack is gone.

    Clayton said the team really likes Portis and if that’s true I’d rather have him than Tjack. I don’t know anything about Portis’ intangibles but Wilson has the leadership abilities that Tjack lacks IMO.

    Not trying to belittle TJack, he’s tough and a good guy but the confidence to pull a game out and get more out of the players isn’t there IMO. Wilson has that in spades. Tjack’s reads aren’t that great and everyone in the stadium knows when he is going to run it. There is no “sixth sense” or feel to find that open guy at the last second or the ability to hold the linebackers with a pump fake while he goes for the first down/touchdown with his legs. Again Wilson has that.

  75. As a pasty completely ignorant internet basement troll myself, yea that was very dickish Carson.

  76. chuck_easton says:

    Standpoint hawk,

    Please continue. I like where that joke is going.

    No matter what side of the TJack debate you fall on it is clear his time in Seattle is coming to an end. Even if he stays on the team this year as a backup ( hey we paid Whitebeard the same to be the backup last year), this is the last year of Jackson’s contract. So he’s likely gone next season.

    Don’t mind at all if the plan is to keep Flynn, Jackson, and Wilson and try to sneak Portis on to the PS.

  77. Also, BK lives in Minnesota. I think it’s against the law to have a tan in that state! says the Washingtonian who has witnessed the blinding glare of a spring day at Greenlake when the Sun reflects from the the legs that have not seen the light of day in 8 months.

  78. wabubba67 says:

    “Carson is what we thought he was!”

  79. What I’d like to know is whether or not Bobby Wagner will be able to fill Lofa’s shoes and eventually be the main man on the D. We have an awesome D going into 2012 and the only real thing missing is that standout leader for the crew. Who will step into that position this year?

  80. Dukeshire says:

    Soggy – lol. My skin is so pale now, its nearly translucent.

  81. I think TJ is a great guy. one tough SOB and someone who I would love to have a beer with. the guy has more athletic talent in his pinky than I ever had in my whole body.
    that said, he’s not good enough! the Honey Badgers view no one as good enough and never will. training camp is not a warm up in Seattle it’s a bloodletting and only the strong will survive. Kearse was signed to claw Obo’s throat out. If he fails he will fall off the wagon and be run over with the rest.

  82. Dukeshire says:

    TomlPDX – I think from a leadership perspective, you got to look at guys like Red and Earl. They seem to be naturals there. And looking ahead, Irnin strikes me as someone that too will become a strong leader.

    I’m excited to see Wagner as well. Ruud should be able to help him a ton as far as defensive calls and the Mike position in the NFL. Thankfully he’ll have a full offseason in which to learn.

  83. Weird how Ruud went from being a stud to a dud in one years time.

  84. SandpointHawk says:

    Why you can’t believe all the analyst’s on the internet….
    I do like a guy that can multiple positions but I’ve never heard of this Offensive Linebacker…

    Bobby Wagner, Utah State

    Selected second by the Seahawks, Wagner will be joining the offensive line and could even find himself in a starter position if he gets the offense right away, thanks to the departure of David Hawthorne. He worked the inside and outside for the Utes, and will likely be asked to fill in at both and the middle. It was one of the more pressing needs for Seattle, hopefully Wagner will be a natural fit.–nfl.html

  85. Damn, late for the anger-mgmt-impaired club meeting!

    I happen to like most of BobbyK’s comments, even–and perhaps especially–when I disagree with his position. The only exceptions are when he goes off the deep end with strident negative opinions about players coaches or bloggers with little or no logic to back up his position. But he certainly isnt the only, or the most frequent, commenter to stoop to that level. Lord knows, despite my best efforts, I have said worse when under the influence of stress and or alcohol.

    Recently I bagged on Dukeshire more than once for his reaming of Nighthawk3, which I found out of line. Well, I also was out of line, and I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to Dukehshire; while I feel Nighthawk3 and everyone else has the right to tell coaches and FO people to “burn in hell” and call them names, I went overboard calling you out for it, and I was wrong. To your credit, you simply ignored me rather than rub my nose in my trollishness. Touche!

    I also was out of line recently arguing with BobbyK on his hatred of Portis, which I think is illogical and insane. We know how the other thinks, and why, and now we dont discuss it. I think we’re both okay with that. But I respect Bobbyk, and I think he feels the same.

    What is not okay is to namecall fellow blog commenters. Very few folks deserve that, and its trollish to stoop to that level. Namecalling and trashing of coaches and FO folks to me is a little less reprehensible, but C’mon–what if that was your family member being trashed?! Remember, if you namecall, youre likely to get the same in return.

    Its not Bobbyk or Dukeshire’s fault that many frequenters of this blog think highly of thier analysis and like to read thier comments (though it seems to border on hero-worship at times and admittedly makes me barf). While perhaps they may be guilty of enjoying the attention, I cant really blame them. And while I often disagree with them, and occasionally think they are not only full of crap but have failed to backup thier position, overall they are usually level-headed and well informed. And they can usually take criticism without namecalling or snide remarks, though no one is perfect. And thats more than a lot of folks here can claim, myself included.

    I think all of us have at one time or another trolled, or made a strident uniformed illogical opinion statement. We’re all human for good or ill. Lets try to have mutual respect for us humans–without that blog commenting isnt much fun.

    And welcome back Pabs, you cranky Hass-hater! Carson, welcome back to you too but I think you owe BobbyK an apology, not for your opinions but for how you phrased them.

    And by the way, if you are jealous of those writing for Eric on this blog, nothings stopping you from writing something and submitting it to eric for publication.

  86. SandpointHawk says:

    Nice post STTBM…

  87. I keep submitting things to Eric for publication but I guess he just doesn’t appreciate Xenocentric erotica

  88. SPHawk, I saw that post about the offensive linebacker as well and just had to chuckle. What do you expect from a bunch of yahoos!

  89. Soggybuc, Im not even sure what that means…um, eeeww?!

  90. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – No appology necessary, man. I know as well as anyone, we all get carried away from time to time. Regarding NH3, I was guilty of the thing a dislike most, here: devolve criticism into juvanility. Ultately, we all want the same thing: Super Bowl victory.

    Cheers, and no worries.

  91. “I keep submitting things to Eric for publication but I guess he just doesn’t appreciate Xenocentric erotica”

    LOL! You need to make it Seahawkcentric erotica!

  92. “I keep submitting things to Eric for publication but I guess he just doesn’t appreciate Xenocentric erotica” – soggybuc

    That is hilarious.

    Don’t misinterpret my post in that I am jealous and want to write something for Eric – I wasn’t lumping myself in with the savvy and polished guys. I barely post. But jeez, come on, BobbyK is such a broken record and has been for over 5 years. I apologize for the name calling, but we get it, he hates TJack. We’ve also read about Hutchinson a few thousand times. Michael Oher. Holmgren. Knowshon Moreno. Matt Flynn. David DeCastro. Basically 5 posts put several different ways. Maybe post less, as opposed to regurgitating the same post over and over. But I do apologize for calling him an idiot. It’s not so much that I always disagree with him or think he’s stupid, it’s just that he goes on and on and back and forth.

  93. Yes, Carson, BobbyK is sometimes dead wrong. Like about Knowshon Moreno. But he’s not usually a jerk, and he will argue a point ad nauseum. Whearas you dont really back up your arguments with much.

    you are awfully harsh, and not nice. Why? What does it buy you? Im just curious. Let it go.

  94. BobbyK is a serious Seahawks fan who knows his football. We disagree sometimes, but I argue with all my friends, usually with a drink in hand and a smile on my face. Its an Italian thing. Or maybe its just a sports fan thing. Tons of people on this blog offer up lucid commentary as well as wild-eyed rants, both of which I love to read. That’s why I come here. Enough ragging on people.

    So, Sandpoint, do continue…
    A mom, a nun, and a Seahawk fan walk into a corner bar…

  95. I have lots of things I complain about – I have opinions. But even when I complain when we do well I am one of the first ones standing and cheering.

    IF you disagree with me – go take a flying flip. Some of my opinions will be right and others wrong – SO WHAT!

  96. Wholly crap. Living in Hawaii, and 3 hours behind, I’m always late to the table, but I hope you all hugged after all this.

    I figured everyone would be stoked about our draft…

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