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Seahawks select Wisconsin QB Russell Wilson in 3rd Rd

Post by Eric Williams on April 27, 2012 at 6:58 pm with 181 Comments »
April 27, 2012 6:58 pm

The Seattle Seahawks select a developmental quarterback to compete for the No. 3 job with Josh Portis by drafting Russell Wilson with the No. 75 overall pick in the third round.

Wilson is the first quarterback Seattle head coach Pete Carroll has selected since he’s been with the team, and the first quarterback Seattle has selected since taking Rutgers quarterback Mike Teel in the sixth round of the 2009.

Seattle is done for today unless they trade back up in the end of the third round.

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  1. raymaines says:

    Brock will be happy

  2. Im happy, even though its two rounds earlier than most geeks thought, and a full round earlier than I had him going to us…

  3. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Josh Portis is history…

  4. JazBadAzz says:

    I gues T.Jack will be getting paid to sit at home… SMH

  5. Welcome to the Seahawks, Mr. Wilson. You’re going to be a very strong backup QB for our team. GO SEAHAWKS!

  6. Number 2 QB on the depth chart in 2013. Love this pick, hes got the biggest hands in the draft for a QB and has a great arm. So what if hes a couple inches shorter than average, so is Drew Brees….

  7. I’d like to see us grab a RB to back up Marshawn w/one of those 4th round picks.

  8. raymaines says:

    Essentially the ‘Hawks are saying there is no (as in NONE) players in the graduating class of 2012 that are any better than any player on the current roster, except for a 5’11” QB who might be better than Josh Portis. BobbyK is happy, but I’m very sad.

    Welcome to Seattle Mr. Wilson, goodbye Mr. Portis. Honestly, couldn’t we have drafted Chris Polk or somebody/anybody better than a third team QB?

  9. Bold move. I didn’t think they would draft a QB, but how could Pete pass up Wilson? He couldn’t. The kid has Everything you want in a QB except height. Love him.

    Our QB of the future?

  10. It would be nice to see Turbin drop to 4/106. Would fill a need.

  11. Will Portis or Jackson be gone because of this pick?

  12. I would love to see the rest of our picks be:

    Turbin and any potential offensive difference makers – OL, TE, WR unless we can get some hidden Gem CB, DL for depth

  13. I don’t get this pick at all. Unless TJ is getting released (which wouldn’t break my heart), is this guy really better than Portis? Is this really an area of need? Definite no to the area of need, & I doubt that he’s better than Portis.

    WEIRD draft.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I like this pick! Now we need a WR and RB.

  15. He’s gonna push TJack and Flynn and Portis and could well compete for starter before we know it. He’s got really good command and sees and understands what’s happening on the field. Great arm. Decisive. A very good runner. There are plenty of big quarterbacks that never go anywhere. This guy’s going somewhere. You heard it here first.

  16. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Have you guys seen Wilson throw? He is accurate on the run and has a huge arm. Very similar to TJack, yes, but doesn’t hold onto the ball incessantly long. If he was 3 or 4 inches taller he would be a 1st round pick.

  17. Nighthawk3 says:

    This pick sucks. Another wasted draft pick. On a position that wasn’t a need. A midget quarterback. That’s it, Pete Carroll has officially destroyed our 2012 draft. A 3-4 rush linebacker that was a best a 3rd round “talent” at 15th overall who’s too small to be a defensive end (oh wait, he’s a “situational pass rusher”–that’s what I want our 1st round pick to be used on–not a 3 down player), passing twice on the best guard in the draft who would be an every down player for the next dozen years when our two biggest needs are left guard and middle linebacker. Then Trader Pete trades down in the second round so we miss out on Mychal Kendricks, a much better player, and take Wagner, another 3rd round projection. And finally, a dwarf quarterback who’s a halfback taking snaps. Yeah, there’s an A+ draft. We could have had: 1st Dennis DeCastro, 2nd Vinny Curry (a real pass rushing DE) and 3rd Alfonzo Dennard, a fine cornerback. Instead, we got warmed over dog crap. If there isn’t a website, I’m going to start one. He’s screwed this franchise over and set us back for years.

  18. Not a pick I would have made there, but one I won’t/can’t complain about. I like all of the extra picks we’re getting, too.

    I’m sad about not getting Curry (maybe we have too many pass rushers), but I’m cool with Wagner.

    Looking forward to tomorrow…

  19. He’s just so good, they had to have him. They will let the QB’s compete, and see who wins.

    ANd, if Portis show something but gets beaten out by Wilson, no shame: he might pass through waivers and land on the Practice Squad. I could see ALL the qb’s making the team that way. Besides, if Wilson looks even okay in preseason, he wont clear waivers and make the practice squad: so Portis is the Pawn. I hope we keep both and T-Jack gets cut, myself.

  20. SteelBlueLime says:
  21. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    72.8 completion % i watched film since the pick he can make every throw has a nice touch aswell as a rifle when needed. makes great choices in his throws. this was a little early maybe but i liked this guy.

    raymaines ,no what theyre saying is this is the guy we want we dont believe he will be there later in the draft. i don’t care who they take as long as he fills a need and the need this fills is a guy to back flynn up when tjack is gone or sooner if he is better than tjack which wouldnt be hard. maybe in 2-3 years he is good enough to be the starter. maybe not. but i am willing to take these picks on faith that these two know what theyre doing.

  22. chuck_easton says:

    I think I’ll start a website. I guarantee mine will get more hits than yours, nighthawk

  23. SteelBlueLime says:

    I haven’t commented in quite some time…I like the pick.
    Great accuracy, smart, and adjusts quickly to the defense.
    Portis is likely the odd man out!
    Third QB this year, 2nd next…then??

  24. I thought all along that we’d draft a QB early on. I am surprised that we chose this one though.

    What a weird seeming draft! Lots of players falling and lots of players drafted way before people assumed they’d be picked. Cur-azy.

    Annoying to listen to the audience boo every single pick and Goodel. Give it a rest.

  25. Hey naysayers: the guy had 33 tds to 4 ints last season and a 193 qb rating, playing behind one of the tallest lines in college football, playing a Big Ten schedule.

  26. EyeAmBaldman says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma, I agree Wilson is going to be Flynn’s backup after T-Jack is gone. I think TJack will stick this year and play out his contract and Wilson will be #3. Portis is either going to be on the PS or cut. I like this pick. Completely surprised with all the picks, and that’s the way I like it.

  27. Lukeyluke77 says:

    Please keep Portis, Tjack is a solid backup but we have seen his upside.

  28. Chuck–I dont wanna ban Nighthawk, he’s necessary. Crazy–and I mean Batshit–but necessary.

    But he definitely overvalues run-stuffing MLB’s. And he’s like the Draftniks, pissed because his fav’s didnt get drafted high enough…

    Wagner will be a fine OLB, and if need be Wright can play MLB on run downs, with Ruud on passing downs. Its gonna be fine. I wish we’d got Curry in the third, and Wilson in the fourth, but they obviously felt they couldnt let this guy get away, so its fine if they drafted him a round or two high; they like him.

    Now they have no pressure, and can draft high upside projects, which is fantastic.

    I still want Turbin…or Polk…and Iloka..

  29. Russell is intriguing and if Gruden is on board so am I. CAW CAW CAW! Great draft Hawks, great draft.

  30. chrisj122 says:

    Don’t like this pick at all. There are just too many other needs to be taking a backup QB in the 3rd round. He looks good against college players but he is just to short and will be nothing more than a backup.

  31. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    damn nighthawk, could you be anymore negitive? decastro will probably be great but he dropped to 24 which means a lot of teams did nt see him as that big of an upgrade over other G avialable later in draft. irvin is a pure pass rusher someone if you set him up right could easily get you 12 sacks a year.curry goes 11 spots past the hawks in the second rd well after other DE that should have been picked later. i guess that makes all those Gms stupid too. i will agree wilson a little early but again if he is who you want you get him. this FO has found quality players thru out the drafts over the last 2 years taking this D from one of the worst to one of the best while completely rebuilding. so a little faith mite be in order. i would hardly call that setting a club back.

  32. nidhighe says:

    Nighthawk3, quit with the “Carroll has set us back by years” nonsense. We got the best pure pass rusher in the draft and a QB with tons of potential. And a speedy linebacker, too.

    How can people be down on these picks before they’ve even played a single down in the pros, yet alone had time to develop in Carroll’s system? Just because they or some self-appointed media expert think another player was better?

  33. I’m actually very down on this draft. First, there’s nothing saying he’s the best “pure pass rusher” in the draft (except for Carroll himself). Second, there’s quite a few more needs this team has than a 4th qb to battle for the 3rd string backup job with an undrafted free agent who was signed but never got a chance.

  34. Soggybuc says:

    Kids got an arm for sure. gonna love to watch him this pre-season

  35. 3 picks maybe no starters? Hmmm.

  36. Soggybuc says:

    Relax people, they have 7 more picks tomorrow. that means they can draft a RB and WR 2 more DE 2 OL and another LB.
    Considering late picks is where they make their money this could end up a stellar draft for us.

  37. chuck_easton says:

    It’s being said that Wilson could be the steal of the draft. If Flynn doesn’t pan out like we hope Wilson could very well be our starting QB by 2013.

    I sense this means Jackson might be traded to a QB needy team before the end of camp. That or they try to sneak Portis on to the PS.

  38. Both of tonight’s pick are going to be interesting to watch as they develop and I like both them…they’re leaders. when they announced Russell I was shocked and happy. That kid has talent. Watch his release when he has time and also when he is under pressure plus he gets the ball out fast. We have QBs again!!!

    Still scratching my head about last night’s 1st round pick but I’m not a coach or a GM so I can only assume they see something special about Irvin. Looking forward to seeing him get some sacks this year and making our D #1 in the league.

    Go Seahawks!!!

  39. BEASTmode24 says:

    So many people predicting the future its crazy, every pick has been super productive in college, just some lack “measurables” that are ideal, he was my favorite qb outside of top 2, and has ability to overcome his height disadvantage, I think his ceiling is highest of any qb on the roster based on arm and athleticism. Now like every rookie he must live up to potential.

  40. bsinnitt says:

    So where are we at for picks tomorrow now? Two 4ths, one 5th, two 6ths and two 7ths?

  41. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – I agree 100% about Wilson. If they weren’t sold on Flynn, they shouldn’t have signed him. This team is no where near ready to spend a third on a developmental QB with so many other gaping holes to fill (RB, WR, 3-tech) and without an established starter under center all ready. And while I believe Wilson is vastly overrated as a potential NFL franchise QB, my real issue is with a wasted opportunity to improve this team now. As I said in the live chat, if I’m wrong about him, I’ll gladly eat my words. But until then, this was a completely wasted pick, IMO.

  42. Soggybuc says:

    Agree with PDX, RW looks like he is making a short flick pass and the ball sails 35-40 yards on a line.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    QBs with rocket arms are a dime a dozen, albeit impressive.

  44. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – You’re giving Flynn just one year?

  45. Soggybuc says:

    yea, but rocket and accurate? I think the assesment that if he was 6’3″ he would have gone in the first the truth

  46. bayareahawkfan says:

    Lots to respond to, but Radeon, you draw the short straw: Irvin has been called “the best pure pass rusher in the draft” by several draftniks (Mayock, Wes Bunting, et al), and he has been rumored to be among the top 15 rated players in the draft by 7 teams, according to PFT.

    The Ravens flew Irvin out for a workout and promised to draft him if available, the Niners were purported to be lusting after him, and Pete Carroll suggested they had very specific information that the Jets were sitting on him at 16.

    His stock was depressed because of off-the-field issues, but with Pete’s history having tried to recruit Irvin, Searttle knew all they needed to know.

    Certainly a risk, but given how incredibly well Pete & Co have assembled this D so far, they fully deserve the benefit of the doubt, IMHO.

  47. Interesting pick – like our first rounder, seems like an upside pick, swinging big.

    Not an area of need after we signed Flynn, so it’s a little bit of a strange one to me, but I guess they felt he was too good, and worth the chance.

    I’d like to see some a RB and TE added to the mix tomorrow.

  48. shoehawks says:

    Wagner and Wilson are awesome picks. Russell Wilson was one of the best quarterbacks in the NCAA statistically. How can you ignore that? He posted amazing stats despite playing behind a massive Wisconsin offensive line. I don’t see how being short hurt him there. He is, at worst, the second best quarterback currently on the team. Wagner is going to start at MIDDLE linebacker for the ‘Hawks…bet on it.

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  50. Also like his scrambling abilities as well.

  51. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – What the hell is that? lol

    Soggy – But he’s not. And more importantly, if height were all that was missing from his game, he’d likely have been taken much higher, like Drew Brees. IMO, this is not a pick that does anything for a team that has yet to break .500 entering year 3 of the rebuild. Not after the Flynn signing.

  52. yeah who’s the last scrambling quarterback who won a super bowl?

  53. bsinnitt says:

    I definately didn’t like seeing the 9ers get LaMichael James. He’s going to be a headache on 3rd down and the return game. Hopefully added speed at linebacker will help the Hawks minimize his in pact against us.

  54. chuck_easton says:


    I’m hoping Flynn is the real deal. But we only have to look at the Kolb fiasco in Arizona to know the team can’t put all its eggs in one basket. If Flynn has a Kolb like coming out party at least there is another QB behind him that can push him.

    If Flynn is more of a Tom Brady type of start then Seattle has a very capable backup and potential future trade bait.

    I’m not sold on Flynn until he shows it on the field. I hope he is everything we imagine him to be, but I’m not ready to anoint him to franchise QB status just yet.

    We know what we have in Jackson and I see him as being out the door either ths year if both Flynn and Wilson outplay him or next year when his contract is up.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    After a “rocket arm”, is there anything more overrated in evaluating a QB than “scrambling ability”? Not to me there isn’t.

  56. Duke, just a random thing. And I agree. Wilson sitting on the bench until his eventual release from the team will not help win any games. I liked the Bobby Wagner pick, but this Wilson pick makes me a little angry. Not saying I’m not gonna cheer the guy on if/when the time comes, but really, there’s depth needed at other positions, and Flynn hasn’t even gotten his crack at it yet. Maybe they can trade him for a pick tomorrow.

  57. chrisj122 says:

    Wilson is damn short and will never be anything more then backup. Wasted 3rd pick.

    In the meantime our OL is still a question mark with both carp and moffit out with serious knee injuries. Besides our OL was garbage until those two guys were out.

  58. Chuck, with Zona’s stout defense, they went 7-2 in the final 9 games, even with the Kolb/Skelton fiasco.

  59. boucherm says:

    I was hoping for Kirk Cousins with that 3rd round pick, and I believe he’s the better QB in the NFL

    I’m good with the Wagner pick, was hoping it would’ve been Lavonte David or Zach Brown, but what do I know? It was tough trading ourselves out of Mychael Kendricks.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    Chuck – Do you believe that was worth a 3rd round pick? And if so, knowing the Cousins and others were on the board, Wilson was the best “insurance” choice? I do not, personally.

  61. Dukeshire–Well, its obvious the guys making BUTTLOADS of money running the Hawks totally disagree with you.

    While youre a very knowledgeable fan, youre just that–a fan. And not employed by an NFL team. Remember that, and have some occasional humility.

    While many NFL teams blow picks, they dont get hired (except Matt Millen) unless the prove themselves many times over with thier butts on the line. None of us fans make any choices with anything but pride on the line.

    I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the performance of Seattle’s picks in this draft, and find that even if Russell Wilson doesnt work out, it was worth the risk.’

    I think its obvious that NFL teams this year held their opinions closer to the vest, to the consternation of all the draftnik idiots and YouTube generation fans. Personally, I think its hilarious, and I cant wait to track the performance of the picks–both NFL teams, and the Draftnik Mock draft selections.

    How much you wanna bet the fan/Draftnik picks do far worse than the NFL teams actual picks this year?!

  62. And I just now realized… Kirk Cousins is still on the draft board.

  63. raymaines says:

    Wilson throws with a high arm movement and didn’t have any trouble getting the ball over the 4th biggest O-Line in all of football last year. I don’t worry about his height, but wonder if there wasn’t a greater need for this team? Like maybe a backup running back or a little depth on defense, or something, anything?

    A freaking third team QB in the third round? Really? PC can make dirty poop sound like desert, but if Wilson is all that great why did we spend a bunch of money on Matt Flynn? $hit! Who’s the #2 running back? The entire O-line has injury history…….. I’m glad I don’t live near a bridge or tall building.

  64. Yes he is. Low upside, though he will at least make a good backup. I like him, but its kinda obvious he’ll not go to Seattle, but to a team like the Jets or Ravens or Giants.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    RADEoN – Same boat… I’ll root my ass of for him, if he ever plays. But for now, I hate the pick (not the person).

  66. STTBM, it’s easy to say that, because our asses aren’t on the line, but when duke and myself are in agreement on something, it’s gotta be the truth. There’s no need for humility here, as he’s hit the nail on the head. Unless this unconventional drafting severely pays off, I don’t see Carroll being here much longer. He’s proven he can’t be trusted with the 1st round pick 2 years in a row.

  67. Seriously, Seneca Wallace is expected to be released… Why not resign him and save the 3rd rounder? That makes more sense than this mess.

  68. Duke–Wilson wasnt picked as a safe pick, but as a boom or bust risk; and he’s worth the risk. Since Seattle plugged two holes early in the draft and gained some picks, now they can draft backups and projects with high ceilings. Perfect situation, though I wanted a RB like Polk or Turbin. Hell, the way this drafts going, perhaps we’ll get Turbin or Polk AND Lioka or whatever his name is–God I hate Fonts that cant distinguish between L and I!!–and then everything else is gravy.

    I think this draft is great.

  69. bayareahawkfan says:

    I am probably on an island here, but I like Hugh Millen. I respect his focus and approach to evaluation.

    That said, man, he is one sour mf when it comes to grading anything Pete Carroll has done. The best thing he has ever said about the regime came through clenched teeth, and sounded like he was talking while trying not to smell a nasty fart.

    I know he was close with Mora, Jr. at UW, but it sure seems like he’s peeing all over any move made by the Seahawks brain trust since Lil Mora was shown the door.

    In the immortal words of GOB Bluth, “Come on!”.

  70. Dukeshire says:

    raymaines – Yes. There were several more pressing needs (as you well know).

    Okay, I’m done killing the pick now. Bashing and bashing is silly. I expect the worst but hope for the best…

    Turbin (and other solid RBs) still on the board, and Seattle picks 2nd tomorrow. They have a ton of picks left. Here we go…

  71. So which 4th rounder is used on Nick Toon?

  72. they’re probably gonna trade the rest of the picks to players that are about to be cut by their current team, or will be cut once they get here, I.E LenDale White style

  73. You guys are just whining because you sense Seattle isnt sold on Flynn, your boy-hero: well, DUH! They have thier butts on the line, they arent putting all their eggs in one baskett. Thats all. How many games has Flynn played since HS?! Less than one full NFL season over the last 6 or 8 years! Now thats a scary stat!

    Wilson is worth the risk, and Seattle will find quality players later in the draft, not least because our coaches run unconventional systems and will adapt.

    Im okay with this draft, and Im excited to see whats next. Chill!

  74. Dukeshire says:

    Worth the risk? Perhaps. Just not at 3. No way.

  75. And Im not worried one bit about Carrol and Schneiders drafting, its Carrols lack of team discipline and his OC’s Mormon Conservative Stubborn Streak when calling plays and designing game plans that I fear will be this teams achilles heal.

    No one in the NFL wins being conservative. Thats all there is to it. Its innovate or die. At least Seattle is innovative in their search for talent. Have some faith.

  76. Soggybuc says:

    LOL, Duke as you know I’ve been screaming for Turbin in the 3rd for a week now. Wilson wears the Blue and Neon now so i’ll look at the good and cheer the kid on.
    Now if they dont grab Turbin with 106 I might turn into Nighthawk 4/

  77. boucherm says:

    I’ll be really happy with Lamar Miller, who I can’t believe is still undrafted, or Chris Polk early tomorrow.

  78. Dukeshire says:

    STTBM – lol (your previous post)

  79. Brian Brohm was considered a great pick the same year Flynn went in the sixth or seventh. Brohm sucked so bad by game 1 Flynn was ahead of him. Often the experts dont know diddly. Who cares where they are picked if they work out–and who else would you rather have? Cant judge this pick till you hear who else was after Wilson and see what our later round picks contribute, as well as the picks near Wilson for other teams.

    I loved what I saw of Wilson in that game vs Irivin’s WVU. BOth players looked amazing. Im glad both are on the team, and Wagner is as solid as it gets. I think the team did great. But Time Will Tell.

  80. chrisj122 says:

    Height is everything for an NFL QB. QBs have to be able to see down field. In the last 30 yrs how many Successful QBs have been successful?

    What round was Seneca Wallace drafted in, because thats what we got but with less speed.

  81. I know, Duke–Im gonna pay for that one Im sure.

  82. Tomorrow should be interesting. That’s the great thing about being a fan…you never know what our boys in the front office will do next. I’m expecting some OL help for depth, think we’ll get it?

  83. HawkyHann says:

    Russell Wilson, really. Are QB situation is a complete joke. This Flynn guy better be worth a shi..

    49ers get LaMichael James. Now that was a great pick!

  84. Dukeshire says:

    Soggybuc – Lol. I actually think nighthawk3 is his kid. He has one in college, I believe.

  85. With all this talk about WR Nick Toon, does anyone know if he’s the son or nephew of AL Toon, the very good Jets WR who was drafted ahead of Jerry Rice?

  86. Soggybuc says:

    Go big or go home seems to the modus operandi. really AC/DC should be the team mascot because these guys do have the biggest balls of them all.

  87. Wilson isn’t really a scrambling QB but a QB that can make something out of nothing when a play breaks down.

    Seattle was never 100% in on Flynn. Every sign pointed to that and this pick.

  88. Duke–Perhaps thats it! Nighthawk2 freaks out about Marxism and Communism but Nightahwk3 doesnt–I just thought 2 had calmed down and was a little less nutty, but your theory makes sense! I like reading comments from both though, I hope they post more. I bet they only post from public places with cash-rented laptops while wearing hoodies LOL!

  89. Soggybuc says:

    yea it’s Al’s kid and I wouldnt mind adding him to the WR mix. after the draft Turbin that is.

  90. HawkyHann says:

    Nick Toon is Al Toon’s son

  91. Soggybuc says:

    Now we know why he married her! (i’m gonna burn in hell)

  92. chuck_easton says:

    Seattle didn’t need LaMichael James. He’s just another Washington. That’s why we didn’t re-sign Forsett. Redundant.

    What the team needs is another big bruising RB that can give Lynch the occasional breather.

    I would have preferred a RB in the third, but there are still several RBs ( Turbin, Miller…) on the board for tomorrow.

    I can see why the team took Wilson. If Flynn is Kolb 2.0 having Wilson is going to look brilliant. If Flynn is Brady 2.0 then the pick should have been used on something else.

    Remember, Flynn didn’t get money that would indicate he’s the guaranteed starter. Another potentially good QB means the better man wins the starting job. I don’t know where people come up with this question of why did we give Flynn so much money if we wanted to draft another QB. Flynns contract is more ‘ prove it’ money than keys to the executive washroom money.

    The better QB will win the starting job. I just don’t want it to be Jackson.

  93. torinaga says:

    R. Wilson 71 Inches Tall.

    D. Brees 72 Inches Tall.

    Put the pills down and step away from the window.

  94. Wow, Russel F’n Wilson. I was in shock of the 1st pick, only because I didn’t know who he was, but now I’m starting to like the pick, after watching highlights and listening to him on Mitch in the Morning. I know who Wilson is, this is a joke of a pick, really, this is the pressing need on our team that is going to take us to the next level. Cool, a 3rd round pick who has no chance of getting on the feild, awesome. Should of grabbed a RB, WR, or line depth. I would say this was the worst pick, but the Browns grabbed Weeden in the 1st.

  95. How many Brees’s are out there, that doesn’t even make sense. Just cause there’s one short QB out of 32 in the last decade Wilson has a chance, that’s laughable.

  96. Palerydr says:

    NightHawk is the most negative Seahawk fan ever.

    Was funny to me when the Hawks drafted Wilson ESPN had been watching him with a Camera at his home while the Helmut and Gruden were arguing his merits/shortcomings. Gruden was actually pissed and told them Wilson is a legit stater in the league. After the pick I would have loved to be a fly on the wall during the commercial break.

    I figured they were gonna pick another QB in the third I just got the wrong 1. How valuable is a career BU QB? cuz that’s what I see Wilson being.

  97. We got a pass rusher, got a Mike, and got a 3rd string QB (only if he can beat Portis out). 2 out of 3 ain’t bad, but that 3 is an eye sore of a pick.

  98. Sounds like we keep trying to convince ourselves that we’ve had great (value) draft picks so far while suppressing that “Huh???”.

  99. Strategicdust says:

    What a strange draft so far. I’m with Duke and Radeon about Wilson. I enjoyed watching him play but thought we’d address other needs first. By all accounts his makeup and poise seem terrific and he sounds like he has the “room tilter” ability Schieder was looking for. The third round is just too early however.
    This is a team building for a playoff run and it needs depth at some crucial areas other than third string quarterback. Yes, Wilson may turn out to be something in a couple of years but we know we need something better than Lumpkon as a backup running back now. Same with WR, OL and DL. Having quality depth to get through a season is more important and I wonder about all the players we’ve bypassed to trade down for a LB and backup QB. Time will tell.
    That being said, who would you take with the choices left to make this a successful draft?

  100. Can we try and grab Polk in the 4th, that would be a steal and make me forget about Wilson.

  101. slicktoxic says:

    I am definitely intrigued with our first three picks. Seems like we’ve got three guys with a lot of upside….but a few question marks as well.
    It could turn out to be a fantastic draft…..especially with the extra picks we’ve picked up….only time will tell, but as others have said…I think we owe the benefit of the doubt to John and Pete.

  102. Strategicdust says:

    Oh and nighhawk3, you forgot to add the Pete Carroll burning in hell comment to this post. Just want to keep you consistent…

  103. chuck_easton says:

    On the brighter side we still have 7 picks tomorrow. Look forward to plenty of depth picks including a RB, OL, and another LB

  104. slicktoxic says:

    I was kind of thinking they might trade their third (or 4th) for Freeney or Usi……and use their other picks for Decastro, or a couple of others that ended up being gone by their 12th pick.

  105. hawks4life says:

    Before today, I knew nothing about Russell Wilson, besides what I’ve heard about him from the draft. I heard that he was too short to be an NFL QB, but people had a lot of good things to say about him. I had to find out for myself. After watching all of his highlights and his appearance on the Gruden show, I knew he was something special. It is very rare that you see this kind of talent, where you know he will definately be a star player one day. All I can say is, “Wow”! I can’t believe he is a SeaHawk! I’m glad say that our search for a SeaHawk QB is over.

  106. vichawkfan says:

    Eagles take Folk. Reid says it was down to Wilson or Folk. Then again, wtf does Andy Reid know about QB’s. 7 picks left, time to load up on depth.

  107. mrchubbs says:

    The varying opinions on Wilson here is amusing and frustrating…

    to… HE’S AWESOME!

    I don’t think they drafted Wilson thinking “developmental”… I think they drafted him thinking he’s going to be their 2nd string guy behind Flynn and Jackson is on his way out of town.

    Whether their *thinking* is right or not remains to be seen. The good thing this does is ratchet up the competition at the QB position and in the end the Seahawks are going to have a better starting QB for having made this pick.

    I grew up in MD and am a Maryland Football fan… I recall watching Wilson (while at NC State) play against Maryland thinking… wow… I wish that guy was on my team…

    Now he is.

    7 more picks coming up…

  108. Assuming that Portis would get claimed from practice squad, having made this questionable pick my vote it to cut or trade TJ. We no TJ has no upside, Portis may.

    I like the trading down; I don’t like our 1st & 3rd round picks & really wish we would have picked up DeCastro in the first round. Teaming him with a (HOPEFULLY) healthy Okung might not be Hutchinson & Jones, but it would be along those lines.

  109. HeinieHunter says:

    Jeez, first everyone bitches that we never draft a QB, then the front office drafts one and now everyone’s got a knot in their knickers over it! He’s not prototype tall so there’s no way he’ll be any good. I remember that the consensus was that Steve Largent was to slow for a WR. There are exceptions to every situation.

  110. Soggybuc says:

    Wilson was going to be drafted by someone, Hawks just trumped them all. every year there are players that teams covet but play the lets see how far they slide game.
    Irving was going to go as soon as 16 (Ryan has big balls too) no later than 26. trading down again would have been like hitting on a 17 in blackjack.

  111. IwillPay says:

    This is nutts!! I am not impressed so far with our draft.

  112. Who in the hell is going to trade for Tarvaris Jackson? I don’t care how needy a team is at QB (especially w/o having Bevell as an OC), nobody is going to offer something AND pay him $4 million to suck for them. Put the shoe on the other foot. If your team sucked at QB and you were GM, would you trade something for him?

    I could care less if you’re a teacher, lawyer, janitor, clerk, etc. You do your job and you do it better than anyone else could/would b/c that’s what you do (if you have any pride in your work).

    However, just because someone is an “expert” in their field doesn’t mean they are always better/smarter than you in every instance. You can’t tell me that someone can go into a teachers classroom and offer something of value to students, even if they aren’t trained professionals. You can’t tell me that someone “dumb” can’t give you a clue as to something you perhaps haven’t thought of if you’re in a different field.

    If I want to criticize something that “experts” say is right, I’ll damn well do it. I don’t have any reason to right now, but any person on this blog deserves to say they “hate” a pick if they want without the righteous saying they “hate” the team if they don’t blindlessly follow what they are supposed to follow.

    I have wanted players that sucked and the team has picked good players instead. I have wanted good players and the team has taken busts. Either way, we’re allowed an opinion or why the hell is there a blog if everyone is going to be a mindless zombie that accepts everything the organization does as truth – especially an organization that has never won a Super Bowl?

  113. So how many reps are there to go around in practice. Who’s the QB that can actually come in and keep the boat afloat, T. Jack. So, we are going to cut Jackson and roll into the season with three unproven comodities, that makes perfect sense. I think Flynn is in, I think he is the future. T. Jack is a capible back-up, and proven, not that he’s going to win, but he can hang in there. So basically we used a third for a 3rd string competion, nice. Kinda a getting Whitehurst flashbacks.

  114. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    I’m just thinking of … 3rd round pick that we will never see play. If we went 13-3 last year we could do that. But we haven’t been over .500 in 5 years now, and we were on the decline before that. I think this really hurts. Dude if BruceMode doesn’t work out really well, this will run a really high risk of becoming a total junk draft. And it had so much potential. Man it hurts seeing really good players land elsewhere when we haven’t landed anybody I’m in love with. It’s just disappointing.

  115. The notion that Wilson is just going to ride the bench for the rest of his Seahawk days is absurd. QBs get hurt. Look at Skelton and Yates. Look at Cassel.

    And by the way, referring to his size by calling him a midget is denigrating to some of the readers here.

  116. Nice post Bobby

  117. Umm, T. Jack will come in if Flynn gets hurt, so yeah, it’s going to be a Portis Wilson battle for the pine

  118. Portis is gone which should make Bobby happy. RW will sit at 3 to get a year to learn and then take over the 2 behind Flynn.
    RW got to Wisconsin picked up the offense and led them to Rosebowl while setting records with one off season. learning an NFL playbook will not be a problem for this kid.

  119. The mystery to me is how does Carroll expect this competition to play out? Does he really plan for all four QBs to compete through August? That could easily mean Portis gets cut even though they like Portis. Do they have plans to trade Jackson? Does he have any trade value now that teams have addressed their QB needs? Who is the odd man out, Jackson or Portis?

    I hope interviews with Carroll tomorrow shed some light on this. As with the Irving pick today, Carroll usually loves to share what he’s thinking and its great to hear him spell it out. Don’t get me wrong, I really happen to like Russell Wilson, and I think QB height is over-rated. But I like Portis and Jackson too. What is Pete thinking?

  120. I will admit, after a very long day, I had a few beers tonight (4). My co-worker didn’t know that Wilson went to the Seahawks. I told him. Well, it turns out his sister works at Wisconsin (and is a student – that’s where their family is from) and he said that she thinks he’s awesome and this wasn’t anything about football. I think she does some tutoring or something (I don’t remember exactly) and Wilson and all athletes come by and some are nice and some aren’t. She said to him that he’s a great guy. He’s always very nice, respectful, etc. And she sees him, I guess, “regularly” where she works. That’s what I want to hear from the QB position! He’s not a cheater stealing credit cards or anything like that. Maybe Portis should try backing up Chancellor? I’d be fine with that. Or maybe T-Jack gets the boot? Why pay someone $4 million for a season not to be good when you can have a back-up to Flynn make a lot less? Personally, I’d rather have T-Jack and be gone w/Portis (again, goes back to character at the position).

  121. (By the way, I know that nighthawk2 sounds like a badass, but he’s actually the guy inside the Seahawks mascot costume.)

  122. How is height overrated, because of Brees, one QB in the entire NFL.

  123. I am tired of hearing the excuse…well if we don’t pick him know he may be gone in a few picks. They need to have more patients, we need an impact starter to play this year…I am pissed…are we going to start scouting the local YMCA next…….

  124. slicktoxic says:

    There are never any guarantees in these drafts…..some are more likely than others to succeed for sure….but I’ve got to say that for all the people that are thinking Wilson will be a career backup and waste of a 3rd round pick, I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised by what smart, athletic, skilled football players can accomplish. Even if they are a couple of inches “too short”.

  125. I am tired of hearing the excuse…well if we don’t pick him know he may be gone in a few picks. They need to have more patients, we need an impact starter to play this year…I am pissed…are we going to start scouting the local YMCA next??

  126. slicktoxic says:

    And just so we don’t spend the next several years spelling it wrong….it’s Irvin, not Irvine or Irving.

  127. desperate teams draft for NOW! good teams draft for now, tomorrow and the day after that.

  128. How about I call him Bruce Almighty

  129. How about his career goes as well as Bruce Smith and Michael Irvin? We’ll take the sacks of Bruce and the rings of Irvin.

  130. Once Carp and Moffit get healthy we’re going to need all these QB’s. They can only take so many direct hits. Who’s going to pass block besides Okung? What if one of OL goes down? McQuustan is NOT nfl caliber.

  131. BobbyK-Excellent post. Im also fine with folks voicing thier frustration with the draft. Its natural and thier right.

    Just tell that to Dukeshire and others who cant stand it when others voice opinions contrary to thier own.

    Personally, I love reading Nighthawk2 and Nighthawk3’s comments (whether they are the same person or different), as well as others that actually have something to say. The ones that just bitch without backing it up with anything annoy me.

    But im still gonna stand up for Wilson and Irvin, two guys I think Seattle did well to get. Regardless of the fact that five teams thought Irvin was top 15 talent, and at least one team (ravens) WAS gonna draft him, getting Irvin, Wagner, and Russell PLUS extra picks makes this a total HAUL of a draft so far. No one will be bitching when Seattle lands their Lynch backup and an extra LB as well as a backup S and a big fast strong CB…thats whats gonna happen.

    I think its even better the rumors are the Niners were gonna take Irvin and were PISSED we snatched him! God, I hope thats true, I’ll bet that prick Harbaugh shat a purple twinkie, and I hope it HURT!! LoL!

  132. I absolutely guarantee Seattle had intel that someone was gonna take Russel Wilson in the fourth, and perhaps higher. Otherwise they wouldnt have gone so high.

    In this draft, odd talents like him are going 1-2 rounds higher than the idiot draftniks and internet scout gurus have projected–we should be used to it by now. Just like Carpenter and Irvin, teams were gonna take Wilson far higher than conventional wisdom suggested, and Seattle decided to jump just ahead and snatch them…a wise move since they obviously coveted these guys.

    Not that every pick will work out, Carrol and company have a few misses. But its okay to reach in the third if you keep finding Chancellors, Shermans, etc in the fourth through sixth rounds, now isnt it?

  133. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    iwillpay, the first two picks will be impact players. if you think you are getting gauranteed impact players afterthat youre nuts. who could they have picked that was a impact player? put wilson’s numbers against lucks and rg3 and he is a top 5 pick if 2 inches taller.
    i will be disapointed if irvin doesnt get atleast 8 sacks i expect him to get 10-12. i think wagner will be a lb he has the speed and the scouting reports on him were better then kendricks.

  134. Purple twinkie? LMAO! add to that the fact that we snagged Baldwin out from under him too it’s even sweeter.

  135. We could of waited till next year and grabbed Keith Price.

  136. WOW! Give it a rest! Go to sleep! Be grateful that we have our seahawks!tomorrow is a new DAY!nighthawk 3 your great but it’s time for u too find a new team! Maybe the arena league that seems like a good fit to me! I think Spokane still has one maybe?I have to go to work I’ll touch base with u fans next year! I’m out.

  137. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    I had another ‘what the hell is he doing’ moment after I saw this pick. I felt the same sense of despondency after hearing this pick as I felt when I initially saw that Carrol drafted Bruce Irvin in the first. But just like the Irvin pick, after doing some reading, I like this pick to. Wilson actually had a better QB rating than Luck, last season. I read his scouting report, and for the first time, it literally said nothing negative about him (other than his size). O.k., he’s a midget, no doubt, but so is Drew Brees. If his scouting report is as good as they, and Jon Gruden, say, he could compete for a starting job in 2012.

    This is a crazy draft, no doubt. But I’m beginning to think that there is a hidden genius behind Carrol’s quasi-insanity.

  138. The only quasi-insanity going on is from these fans on this blog

  139. SeattleBlue says:

    Very interesting draft so far. Taken aback at first by the 1st and 3rd picks but after some research I like them both now.

  140. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    Maybe I’m just drinking a little too much koolade, but I’m more excited about RW that I was when they signed Flynn, and I REALLY wanted them to sign Flynn. Hard not to like a guy with his numbers, and watching his highlights I think he instantly beats out Tarvaris.

    Love the Irvin signing too. I don’t look at it the same as most people do. Many believe a 1st round pick should be an every down player, and in most cases that is true, but 1st round picks are also for filling the biggest area of need. To me our biggest need was a pass rusher to put opposite Clemons on passing downs. We were flat our terrible at getting to the QB last year, and with as solid as our secondary is, I can’t wait to see what Clemons and Irvin can do together.

  141. guywhothinksheknowsitall says:

    And seriously, when are people going to realize that the huskies are terrible? Bringing their players to the Seahawks will only give us another terrible team in Seattle.

  142. SandpointHawk says:

    After reading 142 of your comments I have just one thing to add…

    I believe STTBM has posted a line worthy of the hall of fame…

    “I’ll bet that prick Harbaugh shat a purple twinkie”

    Thanks that made my day….

  143. Newborough says:

    I’m really warming to this draft, despite being as surprised by Wilson as I was by Irwin earlier. I can see how all our picks factor into the roster this season and beyond and contribute to make us better.

    If you close one eye reading the CBS bio on Wilson, they could be describing Brees. OK, not saying anything till we’ve seen him on the field a bit, but the upside (on an already stellar College performer) is clear : Fast, high release, strong arm, good pocket awareness, good mobility to keeep plays alive, throws receivers open.

    Most of the complaints are about the position they were drafted and who we ‘missed out on’ as a result. I care nothing about draft ratings from the ESPN ego-maniacs and ultimately it’s how the players we actually drafted (rather than who we might have had instead at the same spot)fit the team and perform I’m interested in.

    I’m real interested to see how Pete and JS are going to keep the surprises coming today with the stock-pile of picks they’ve accumuated. Robert Turbin would be a real nice start imo, but hey what do I know?

    GO HAWKS !

  144. bbnate420 says:

    I love all the optimism on this blog! JS/PC have had 2 GREAT drafts in a row yet it seems that they have engendered very little faith. Everybody makes bad picks, and not all of these will be good, but most of their draft picks so far have worked out. They have added 4 additional mid to late round picks! They have a stellar record of finding late round gems. I know everybody on here knew that Chancellor, Baldwin, Wright, Sherman, and Browner were going to be good players, right??????????????????????

    Duke, where did you see us picking 2nd in the 4th? ESPN has us picking 11th and 19th.

    bayareahawk, I could not have said it better to RADEoN! If you read many of his posts you will realize he never lets facts or data get in the way of a rant.

    Nighthawk3, has anything anybody has ever done in the Seahawks organization been intelligent or the right decision?

    I personally wouldn’t have used the 3rd rounder on Wilson but, I can understand their rationale. They are obviously high on him and it could end up being a complete steal. I would’ve rather waited to the 4th but, there is NO guarantee he would still be there. People on here act like mock drafts, a lot of them done by morons, are the end all be all when it comes to draft value. There’s a reason a lot of these people are writing their blogs at home and flapping their gums on the tube and not running a NFL team!

    I am glad that it looks like the Wilson pick won’t stop us from getting 2 of the players I wanted in the 3rd and 4th, before we had a second 4th. We should be able to get one of Turbin/Polk/Ballard for a backup RB with our first pick in the 4th. I really hope Turbin lasts till our pick. With the second pick we should be able to get a good pass catching TE, Charles or Green. Either that or some OL depth.

  145. nidhighe says:

    The Jaguars spent their 3rd round pick on a punter, so quit complaining.

  146. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    nidhighe, ya aperantly nighthawk missed that pick when he said wilson was the worst pick of the draft. i actually like the pickswagner looks to be a really good lb for about 4 years before he breaks down like lofa/heater and i still think with was briought in to compete for the starting job not back up. irvin is the one that will eith be great or bust high risk reward pick . if he ends up being grat youre talking 16 sacksa year or better.

  147. Watch the Quarterback Camp with Gruden (entire thing is on youtube if you haven’t seen it) and then tell me you don’t want a QB like Wilson. I respect if you don’t want him in the 3rd round with Flynn and Jackson on the team, but this is honestly my favorite QB in the draft that were realistic for us to get, so I’m obviously a little “biased”. Flynn isn’t a sure thing, if he sucks or gets hurt this year, or the next, which could certainly be a possibility, would you rather have a young guy, who is a proven winner, behind him who learned, and mastered, the Wisconsin playbook much faster than most athletes would ever have come close to, or Jackson? I like Jackson, I think he would be a great backup, but Wilson, to me, is something special.

  148. GeorgiaHawk says:

    hawkfaninoklahoma- How many beers did you have last night? Lol. I was cut off at 4.

  149. GeorgiaHawk says:

    This pick,(Wilson), signing Flynn, and even making an attempt to go after Manning tells me just how much the FO was not happy with the qb play last year. And that’s great to know because I wasn’t so sure about that a few months ago.
    I thought the FO was doing all the right things last year except for improving the qb play, and it seemed that they were content with what they had. Not so! It turned out, they were not happy at all with Jackson and Whitehurst! These qb moves of late have proved it!

    Talk about a big relief! Imagine going one more year with the Jackson/Whitehurst duo?

  150. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If we just get one more Baldwin type player in this last day of the draft I will be happy!

    Not to be greedy but I would love to get three or four more Baldwin types! ( what I mean by Baldwin types is a player that can come in from the get go and contribute at a high level! a player that just gets it!). Could be any position, not just WR.

    That last part was for Dukeshire so I don’t have to further explain later why I would want three more WRs when we have so many other positions to fill. Just joking Dukeshire. Lol.

  151. DreadHawks says:

    Let me see if I got this straight, Wilson is gonna suck because he has ALL the tools but is short. Yet Osweiller is good because he’s tall and has VERY FEW of the tools. Wilson only had 4 balls batted last year. 4! He played behing the tallest line in the NCAA and taller than most of the NFL teams too.

  152. Good point, DreadHawks.

  153. Dukeshire says:

    Well, let’s get ready to do it all over again!

  154. Dukeshire says:

    I was way off. Not sure why they had the second pick to start round 4.

  155. bbnate420 says:

    Don’t forget Dreadhawks, he also has a strong arm!!!!!!!!! Height and a strong arm is all you need right????

  156. bbnate420 says:

    TJ is here to stay for this year. Either he or Flynn will be gone after the year, which ever loses the competition. Wilson was brought in to be a backup and hopefully develop. It’s not like we have a great, proven starter. The tricky part will be trying to keep Portis as well. Maybe they keep 4 QB’s for a couple of weeks and then try to sneak him on to the practice squad. You should like the Wilson pick BobbyK because, it may spell the end of Portis here! There are still a number of good, bigger running backs left and at least one should be there at our first 4th, I hope!

  157. bbnate420 says:

    HawkyHann, weren’t you the guy that was clamoring for CBJ last year and promoting that AWFUL CBJ website? If so, I cannot imagine anyone would put much stock into your QB evaluations! We could’ve brought Clipboard Busto back if that would’ve made you happy.

  158. IdahoVandalHawk says:

    Here is the link to Gruden’s QB camp that JacDG is talking about it. My Buddy passed it along to me and it completely changed my mind about picking WIlson in the 3rd.

    I watched a few other Gruden QB camp videos as well (Moore, Whedon, Osweiler) none of them compare to this kid. Kellan Moore is a cool kid (and smart), but he doesn’t have the athletic skills of Wilson.

    3 more inches on this kid and he’s in the same conversation as Luck and RG III.

    Cool pick – he will be fun to watch.

  159. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I really think John and Pete are a few moves ahead of alot of the rest of us. If Bruce has 12 sacks next season was it a poor pick?
    I’m not sold on Flynn just yet. Wilson can play.
    All these Kipers,Mayocks, they are frustrated wanna-be GM’s.
    I wish Schneider would have flipped Mayock the bird yesterday on the draft room cam!

  160. Thanks for the heads up on the youtube video

    Worth watching!

    I’m very happy that the FO is prioritizing the QB position this year. It is overdue, but that doesn’t matter. I’ve said before that the JS/PC regime will be ultimately be judged by the best QB on the roster this year (on the roster, not necessarily starting). I think that is still the case. Having Flynn, Wilson, and Portis gives 3 very interesting possibilities. Gonna be fun to see how they all play out. If Wilson develops fast, perhaps the Seahawks won’t have to keep Jackson as the knowledgeable and capable veteran backup (learn fast Russel please!).

  161. psoundpowerhouse, I wouldn’t put Mayock in the same class as Kiper. Mayock said Irvin was the best pure passer in the draft. He said he loves Wilson and that he could be a starter. I trust Mayock’s opinion much more than big hair man. He doesn’t use traditional judgements but really looks at both the positives and negatives.

    Kiper had Jimmy Clausen as the best QB available. That’s about all you need to know on the QB evaluation front.

  162. How are you not sold on Flynn and you are sold on the Wilson pick? I don’t get it. Maybe it’s Flynn’s lack of NFL experience? I guess that makes sense, seeing as Wilson has many NFL games under his belt.

    Just to play Devil’s advocate on the Wilson and batted balls thing. People realize that he had about the best OL in the country last year, right? That could be a factor.

  163. Soggybuc says:

    Funny, people knock oswieller and Tannehill for lack of starts and a very little sample of success in college yet ignore Wilson’s 50 starts and very impressive numbers because of a couple of inches.

  164. chuck_easton says:


    How bout we say I’m not sold on either? I have high hopes for Flynn. But reality is the only QB on our roster with extensive NFL starts is Jackson and I don’t think we want to go down that road again.

    The team is just covering its bases. One of the two, Flynn or Wilson, will be the starter here for years to come. Flynn has the inside track, but the job isn’t being handed to him.

    I’m just more comfortable knowing the team is keeping the options open.

  165. EyeAmBaldman says:

    I suppose it’s possible the Hawks trade TJack today to a team needing a backup. Regardless of your opinion of TJack he does have value to teams as a backup. I don’t think it will happen because I believe Portis is gone or PS material.

    BTW, Lamar Miller is dropping because he had shoulder surgery recently. I like Turbin, but I’m betting we don’t draft him. Everyone I think we should draft we don’t so we’ll see.

  166. The writing is on the wall for Portis as QB, everyone says he’s a Freak athlete so maybe he changes position to receiver, he has the speed but does he have the hands?
    The Wagner pic, hmm if they drafted him as an ILB then I’m not sure about the pic he’s 240, Lofa was 250 and they said he was small for an inside backer.
    All I know is last year I was soo tired of seeing out LB’s 5 yards behind wide open TE’s and RB’s catching the ball and running away from them.
    Think the Seahawks wanted the kid from Cal but played the trade down game and lost by one pick.
    Hope the picks work out like the Hawks think they will

  167. EyeAmBaldman says:

    I think they liked Wagner. They even worked him about prior to the draft. I also liked Kendricks but he’s actually smaller than Wagner.

  168. I totally understand why people don’t like picking a QB @ 3. But I sort of understand their thinking too–especially if they think Wilson is a really good value at that spot. That’s what you can do when you trade your higher picks and add more in the later rounds. It’s also what you can do when you get to the point where you don’t have any super glaring needs–you get to be more BPA based and build quality depth.

    For what it’s worth, I’m glad we grabbed Wilson, and even though I had them picking Cousins (which ruined my draft!), I’m glad RW’s going to be a ‘Hawk.

    Also, Yeah, he’s short and fast and black. But the Wallace comparisons don’t seem to go beyond that. RW looks like he’s a better passer as well as having an acute knowledge of the game. Plus, based on what I’ve seen, as long as he has the physical tools, the leadership qualities will never be an issue with this dude.

  169. Confusing pick for Wilson but I’m expecting to hear Carroll say that he simply loves the kid’s potential and just could not let the team pass him up. QB prospects are always drafted too high, no exception here. Its always frustrating when the team doesn’t address a current need with a high draft pick, but the Wilson pick was obviously about future potential and future QB depth, its not about 2012.

    The good news for our 2012 fate is that we are about to pick at #11 and #19 in round 4.

    Last year we drafted K.J. Wright in the 4th. This year we should be watching them draft two more starters/contributors for the offensive side of the team… RB, TE, OG?

  170. Today should be a fun day…I’m remembering when we picked up Marshawn…one thing this front office is not afraid of is taking risks.

  171. I hope we will see a RB, whether it be Turbin, Miller or Polk, and then Ladarious Green, seems like a guy Carroll would like. But while I still question this organization and their top round picks, I am 100% in when it comes to after the 4th with the guys they’ve been picking the last few years.

  172. Dukeshire says:

    No live chat today?

  173. Dukeshire says:

    Miller off the board. Got to think Turbin / Polk are the next RB to go.

  174. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    guess not

  175. Dukeshire says:

    That’s too bad. This is going to be a really fun day…

  176. Yeah, I missed the other live chats. Was looking forward to one today. Bummer.

  177. Dukeshire says:

    Picks are coming fast today

  178. chuck_easton says:


    We can now laugh at another team.

    Redskins only have a couple of picks. RGIII in the 1st and now Cousins in the 4th.

  179. Soggybuc says:

    TURBIN!!!!!!, I’m stocked

  180. Wilson just helped to destroy Kansas City last night and his era has probably begun… This is fun to go back and read.

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