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Seattle Seahawks select DE/OLB Bruce Irvin

Post by Eric Williams on April 26, 2012 at 6:36 pm with 114 Comments »
April 26, 2012 8:57 pm

After trading down from the No. 12 overall pick down to No. 15, the Seattle Seahawks select West Virginia defensive end/outside linebacker Bruce Irvin.

This is another surprise pick by Seattle, with guys like Quinton Coples and Melvin Ingram stlll available. Irvin was projected to go in the second round, but he was very productive at West Virginia, and he’s considered the best pure passer in the draft, similar to starting defensive end Chris Clemons.

The Seahawks received the Eagles 15th overall pick, along with a fourth round pick (114) and a sixth round pick (172).

Seattle now has eight picks in this year’s draft.

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  1. troger888 says:

    who cares!

  2. I’m going to reserve my judgement until I’ve seen him play, but damn man, this is the exact same situation at last year with the Carimi/Carpenter situation, I just don’t get the guys. At least they can find talent late in the draft…

  3. The guy from Tekken II? I didn’t even realize fictional characters were draftable. I’d have gone with Ryu, or maybe that hedgehog Sonic.

  4. With Ingram, Decastro still on the board – this pick will get us killed in the national media. Obviously, they are looking for Clemons replacement but this smells like a reach…..In Schneider we trust?

  5. Sarcasticus says:

    Asinine…they are so good at second and third round picks that they don’t bother with first round picks. Why not trade down again into the second round? Were they afraid someone was about to swoop in and save them from stupidity?

    Irvin might be a good player, but there is no way to justify passing over all the players they just did.

    It is embarrassing.

  6. Tarcat88 says:

    This feels like a punch to the gut as a fan. This sucks! I never complain about anything Seahawks, but this one just cannot be defended.

  7. Nighthawk3 says:

    This is the worst pick since Lamar King in the 1st, if not Rick Mirer or Dan McGwire. We’re a laughing stock, it’s going to set us back for years, and we still don’t have a left guard. We could have gotten a pass rusher in the 2nd round, someone like Vinny Curry. My God, we are cursed with stupidity in every coach and GM we ever get.

  8. nidhighe says:

    I like this pick, although I would have waited until the 2nd round to make it. He’s the situational pass rusher who can replace Big Red on passing downs. With Clemons and Irvin rushing from opposite sides, we could have a very effective pass rush for the first time in years.

    And, yes, we should fire Schneider and Carroll immediately. Ruskell is out of a job, isn’t he? Let’s hire him again. Maybe we can raid UCLA and get Mora back, too. Yay, fan overreaction!

  9. Tarcat88 says:

    The Lamar King pick came to my mind too. Look how well that one turned out.

  10. PugetHawk says:

    Tight! Irvin is gonna bring the heat and he wouldn’t have been there later or else they would have waited. I’m so glad I’m not Kiper or McShay cause they missed on this one.
    Look at that pass rush against Rutgers! Ridiculous. We needed a pass rusher and we got the best over the past couple years in college football.

  11. princeaden says:

    I want to punch both of them in the mouth. Their “insights” are not better than everyone else s in the world. This MFer better be better than Dumerville. That’s all I have to say !!!!!

  12. shoehawks says:

    BOOOOOOOOOOOH!!!! What the hell…I’m speachless. Way to wreck the weekend right off the bat. They will have to have one hell of a next few days to make up for this. I guess they didn’t have enough of that Koren Robinson attitude in the locker room.

  13. nidhighe says:

    He was picked a round earlier than experts thought, so a bit of a reach, but the way some are reacting, one would think he was projected to be a late round pick or undrafted.

  14. I love it! Had no idea about him, but just youtubed him and he looks awesome. Can really bring.

    In John Schneider we trust!?

    Heck yeah!

  15. Lukeyluke77 says:

    We’ll see, he is fast. Coples sure isnt. Maybe they can trade back down for DeCastro. I sure as hell dont doubt Pete on Defense, and really no one should.

  16. bring it.

    Look at all his sacks in college. Crazy numbers.

  17. dontbesilly says:

    I’m glad to see all of you guys are better talent evaluators than the people in charge. Especially you Night. I remember you from the ESPN boards when I frequented them back in the early 2000s….your friend,


  18. seahawk44 says:

    At least wait until you see the guy play until you place judgement. Mayock says he is the best pure pass rusher in the draft and that’s what the team needed most over anything else. He has red flags because of off field troubles which hopefully Pete Carroll can help correct as he had shown he can do. Those red flags were the only reason that the media hasn’t
    been mentioning his name as a 1st round pick. But the Seahawks probably could have gotten him with their 2nd round pick

  19. nidhighe says:

    I would have preferred DeCastro in the 1st and Irvin in the 2nd, but if Irvin can bring the pass rush like he did in college, I can more than live with this. There’s no guarantee on any player, DeCastro included, and some of the experts praising him thought Curry was the safest pick in the draft a few years ago.

  20. IwillPay says:

    I am shocked on this pick….bust…

  21. kenstar23 says:

    Disappointing, I think that there was better talent available at the 15th pick and this guy would have probably been there in 2nd round. Plus, this guy has had some fairly serious off-field issues. This guy better perform or Schneider and Carroll will be in for some serious criticism.

  22. #Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll said he’ll use Bruce Irvin similar as he did Clay Matthews at USC. Said he recruited Irvin while at USC.

    “Every day since I’ve been coaching, I’ve been trying to get a guy like this.” – Schneider

    “We thought about moving back again, but he was too special to get cute.” – Schneider

    “He (Bruce Irvin) looks like a carbon copy of Von Miller rushing the passer” – @PeteCarroll on @BIrvin_WVU11

    Collected from Twitter, I really want to believe, the way these guy have put together our defense makes me inclined to, but man, this is one high risk, high reward pick! I don’t give a shit about being mocked in the media, if this guy plays nearly as good as the guys think he will, they will eat those words soon enough.

  23. seahawk44 says:

    By no means will this pick set the franchise back years. That is laughable. Even if he is a bust they picked up 2 extra draft picks in the deal.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    In that highlight, he plays on the strong and weak side. Runs around tackles and through them. Love what I see.

    Nighthawk3 – PLease crawl back under you father’s umbrella. You’re not ready yet, son.

  25. Clay Mathews clone u frickin morons! Steal of draft just screwed frisco big time!u guys don’t know your but from hole in the ground!

  26. nidhighe says:

    Also, as I said the other day, it’s clear the LG spot is being kept ready for Carpenter when he’s healthy, so we already have a 1st round choice invested in that position.

  27. Who knows if he is a bust or not at this point. If his speed from the edge gets us 5 sacks and multiple holding calls it will be a good pick. But all this mock draft stuff is obviously crap.

  28. I really like this pick!

  29. If you hate the pick — give him a chance.

    If you want to call everyone else and idiot for not liking the pick — let everyone have their say.

    We’re all Seahawk fans.

    I wanted DeCastro, but I love this consolation prize. Mr. Happy is really going to work magic w/this kid. I can feel it.

  30. So many haters. Let the dude play before placing judgement. just because he isn’t the most talked about name, it’s a terrible pick?…SMH

  31. EyeAmBaldman says:

    All you guys bashing this pick…seriously? How many NFL teams have you been the GM of? How many years have you spent scouting talent to the FIT YOUR SCHEME. This guy, while a surprise, is exactly what we needed. This guy can get after the QB. That’s what we needed.

  32. Lukeyluke77 says:

    The Steelers got DeCastro. funny how they like to pound it. Just sayin.

  33. EyeAmBaldman says:

    BobbyK, absolutely agree. Pete knows defensive talent and this kid has got it.

  34. BobbyK your enthusiasm is infectious.

  35. Hopefully he can stay out of jail. Can’t lie and say I’m not just a little disappointed. Really had my figures crossed for DeCastro. JS & PC must have been really worried he wouldn’t be there when we picked in the 2nd.

  36. Your right Bobby I shouldn’t be so harsh can’t help it I’m really fired up today!

  37. Went against the grain for sure. Full on head-scratcher for some. The guy has a sick motor though. If all goes well chants of BRUUUUUUUCE will echo throughout the Hawk’s Nest! He’s got no issues that Big Red can’t stamp out. All you haters better not cheer when he gets his first sack!

  38. Rated the number one pass rusher in the draft, and just because he had some off field issues, most of you are dissing the pick??? Really??

    He’s what the FO wanted, and were very happy with the pick. Are you true fans?? Can’t wait to see how he develops, and makes you all eat your words.

    Nighthawk3, you should be fired immediately, for such a dumb comment, as well as others that made similar comments.


  39. ryanryan says:

    i remember looking at him for the 2nd round and thinking i liked his motor. i would bet they use him as an OLB at times with a sub package. his speed alone will make the defense better and will make most RT’s quake in their shoes before the snap. a little early? yep, but a good pick on sheer pass rushing talent. LOVE THE MOTOR, its what i’m most interested, just give me your best and we’ll scheme our way to success.

  40. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    first off i did not understand the pick , a little research later it makes perfect sense. you now have a guy to put Qb’s on their backs.

    to the haters when pete and john took over this D was a joke, now we are number 9 in the league and my guess a top 5 this comming year. his speed will give smith,bradford and whoever plays QB for the tards headaches.

    i still think decastro was a better pick but if he was why did he make it to pitt? and the other DE’s slid too what does that say about them? chandler jones went ahead of most. there is a reason pete and john are where they are at.

    in the end they got theyre man and that is good enough for me.

  41. KelsoHawk says:

    We needed a pass rusher. We got one. Stop complaining. When he 4.50, 40’s past some lumbering RT and plants the QB, you will be cheering.

  42. I lean towards agreeing with Nighthawk3, I would have liked to see DeCastro in Seattle.

  43. agfishburne says:

    Rufus Porter for the young folks.

  44. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i can see him putting on a little weight aand beating out clem in a year. consistanly speed rushinh right past most tackle with speed like that. and yes very much like rufus porter.

  45. gonesailin06 says:

    Surprised….Yes. Excited to see him play….Yes! All of you haters need to watch some tape. This guy ROCKS!!

  46. jawpeace says:

    I was a little stunned just because I have been media fed Coples, Ingram, Decastro. Doing more research on Bruce I am optimistic about him. The only thing I question is could the Hawks not trade down a few more slots and still get their man? We will never know if another team had him targeted and the Hawks would have lost their man.

  47. Lukeyluke77 says:

    The dude is FAST. I dont doubt Pete on D!!!

  48. Palerydr says:

    This guy is Von Miller when it comes to rushing the passer. I can already see the false starts especially at home with double digits in sacks. He looks like a “Quick Twitch” type of player.

  49. jawpeace says:

    One thing I liked was the Rams lost out on Blackmon and Floyd. Though the Cards did get Floyd and he will be teaming with Larry and that can be scary. But not as fearsome as our defensive backfield will be.

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The point is we could have got him 10 picks back! However I would rather pick a pass rusher that has something to prove than one who may think he has nothing to prove! Like Coples.

    It just eats me up that a talent like DeCastro falls to the Stealers and we lose out on him when we possibly could have had both Decastro and Irvin.

  51. chuck_easton says:

    PFT says at least 7 teams had Irvin as 1st round talent. One unnamed team ( rumored to be the Ravens) flew Irvin in and promised him they were taking him in round 1. But obviously everyone on here thinks they are better than JS/PC.

  52. Southendzone says:

    This is a tough one to swallow. I was so excited when Tannehill was off the board and breathed a sigh of relief, then things are setting up perfectly for them even with the trade down. Saw this name come across my mobile phone and had to search my ass off to even have a clue who he is.

    DeCastro or Floyd was the obvious pick back at #12, then Decastro was teh SUPER OBVIOUS pick at 15.

    I hope I’m wrong but got a feeling this guy is going to be a bigger bust then Aaron Curry multiplied by that Cincy player who fell off a truck and died. This guy is going to make Ryan Leaf look like a MFn boy scout. This guy won’t get caught for dog fighting, he will get caught for running an underground human fighting ring like the hunger games.

    Still an outside chance I will wake up and this is a horrible dream.

  53. I thought Rufus immediately too! Well at least he pancaked a left tackle that will not play in the NFL. At least we got that! Seriously though, I hope the kid works out. Kills me that the rotten ass Stealers got DeCastro. Seahawk fans will be counting the pro bowls that cat goes to. Best O luck Petey. Guess we could have predicted this after the Carp pick. Jury is still out (a little), but Carp did not have a good first year. Guess Petey likes being outside the box.

  54. Kiper is calling it “mind boggling”!

    Clayton feels that after the Carpenter/Dalton mistake it’s essential for Irvin to succeed immediately. Clayton also doesn’t sound real sold on the pick.

    The other ESPN folks seem to think we could have gotten Irvin in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  55. DreadHawks says:

    we are so inclined to listen to the Talking heads, the experts so to speak that we get pissed when someone goes against the grain. JS/PC are redifining how a draft is done. I like the pick and I like how they got there. Big red Clem and others will keep him in line….believe that!

  56. raymaines says:

    I’m thinking every one of us 0 for 1 in the mock draft so far.

    I only wish there were a way to know where he would have been picked if the ‘Hawks hadn’t grabbed him at 15. I would have loved to get DeCastro at 15 and Irvin in the second round.

    Speaking of the 2nd round: We are only 10 picks away from Courtney Upshaw as we speak.

  57. Exactly – 7 teams had him rated top-15, w/all the pundits talking, it’s hard not to get caught up in their hype. The pundits are wrong all the freaking time – if they could be working inside an NFL organization pulling the strings on draft day, they would be.

    I don’t doubt DeCastro will be a good pro, but we needed pass rush help much more than another O-lineman. Sounds like this kid will be very loyal to Pete, and try to justify the faith he’s shown in him.

    Let’s give him a chance.

    And let’s not forget that we’ve already signed Flynn (who is the real key in seeing if we go from 7 to 10 wins this year), and re-signed Marshawn and Red this off-season. Now we’ve got a couple more picks to play with as well. I continue to think our team is in good hands.

  58. They were definately sly in showing their interest for this guy. Possibly could have traded down, but they obviously wanted this guy over all others and didn’t want to risk missing out on him.

    We are getting a low grade around the league with fans and the pundits. Hopefully just more fuel for the fire. Welcome to Seattle Bruce. I do believe you’ll enjoy having the 12th man on your side on 3rd downs :)

  59. Hahahaha… this thread is hilarious at the top. Chill, nighthawk, chill.

    We needed pass rush. We got pass rush. Watch the clips of Irvin. He’s money. I coveted a few pass rushers in this draft – Ingram, McClellan, Mercilus, Jones – but Bruce Irvin is faster, slicker, better moves and just plain more productive sacking QBs than any of them.

    Pete Carroll compares him to Von Miller as a senior. The kid hasn’t had much coaching yet, and he admits it. He plays like a sky-high effort player, and he talks like a kid chomping at the bit to prove himself. The Seahawks are preparing to take out some QBs on third down next year. I like the pick.

    (and I thought he was a second rounder, but that shows how little we all know after reading Rob Rang of Mike Mayock. There was a big run on pass rushers just after Pete selected Irvin. We got the #1 pass rusher.

  60. Dukeshire–Youre out of line, your highness. Nighthawk has every right to bitch. They could have gotten him later in the round. Every single pass-rushing DE and LB was available, and they take Bruce Irvin?!

    As big a panic reach as Carpenter. I sure hope he doesnt show up fat and outta shape just cause he got picked early. And I hope he doesnt have to be moved to another position because he ends up sucking at the one he’s drafted to play, drafted ahead of several other guys that turn out great at the same position…

    Im just saying, Seattle passed on Coples, Ingram, Perry, Jones, and Hightower…Irvin better goddamn well outplay each and every one of those every single year, or this was a bad pick. Pretty tall order.

    This feels like last year, trying to put chocolate frosting on a turd cake. Man, I sure hope he ends up being a real force at DE/LB.

    While Carpenter still has time to turn out to be a really good RT, I doubt he will: its most definitely NOT a good sign that your coaches are talking about your future being at G after one injury-ruined year. And to think DeCastro went at about the same draft slot this year as Carp went last year REALLY pisses me off!

    This feels like Ruskell-itis all over again: reaching for a safe boring pick that ends up being a mediocre player, just because you think they fit your system. We couldnt have found a Leo/Clemons replacement later in the draft?! Really?!

    And letting the Tardinals get Floyd…thats gonna cost us for 10 years.

    That said, Im really hoping Carrol and Schneider know what they are doing and Irvin becomes a beast. It isnt the end of the world, and its obvious they think he is the one to take over for Clemons, and they got thier replacement a year or two early, which is smart. He can learn for a year behind Clemons and take over in two or three when Clemons looses his spark. Like Aaron Rogers sitting behind Favre.

    Im just kinda surprised they didnt go for Coples or Ingram or Perry. Or even Mercilus. Ingram is so versatile, Coples has immense potential, and Perry is a stud that Carrol coached. Wierd. But Carrol has been after this kid since High School, so it does kinda make sense.

    And Bruce Irvin was being Mocked to go by the 25th pick, so it wasnt a totally heinous reach like some are saying. Still, he was picked far higher than he should have been, and to me thats a sin.

    And that likely means they wont be drafting Bobby Wagner. Whoops, looks like my Hawk Mock is once again a total piece of garbage…ha! Which is why Im not working for an NFL team!

    I do trust Carrol and Schneider to find talent, so I’ll be rooting hard for Irvin. Its just tough to swallow another seeming reach with all those other guys still available. Its not like we’re likely to get much with the fourth and later round picks we got to trade down. Even Schneider and Carrol dont pull rabbits out of hats with every late round pick. Like EJ Wilson, Legree, etc.

    Perhaps the multiple sixth rounders can be used to trade up to get Russel Wilson…

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Correct me if I am wrong, but I don’t recall one thread or one post in the last few months where anyone has said that Irvin is the best pass rushing prospect! Not one!

    Are we that dumb as fans to not at least acknowledge him before this draft?

  62. “we are so inclined to listen to the Talking heads, the experts so to speak that we get pissed when someone goes against the grain.”

    Amen, and there’s so many of them now talking, let’s not forget the difference between professionals, and commentators. When was the last time Mel Kiper coached a pro team?

  63. p.s. Mel Kiper and John Clayton are wrong about lots of players. Often.

  64. raymaines says:

    Just now reading the posts that were put up while I was typing my first post, and it looks like Balt. might have picked Irvin.

  65. “This feels like Ruskell-itis all over again: reaching for a safe boring pick that ends up being a mediocre player.”

    I’d say it’s pretty close to the opposite of a safe, boring pick . . .

  66. StevoS–I heard he was the best pure rusher in the draft too, from multiple places. I sure hope he turns out to be that. Von Miller is a total stud, if Irvin is 3/4 that good, I’ll forgive the Hawks for the reach. Im excited to see him play this preseason, I just had to get some shock and frustration out.

  67. ON to round 2:

    I could see the hawks taking any of these guys – and therefor none will be taken

    Kendricks – Devon Still – Cousins – Curry

  68. Georgia–It wasnt on this blog, it was on several scouting sites online that I saw references to Irvin going in the 20’s and being the best pure rusher in the draft. Cant remember where, but I saw it and was thinking that the idiots mocking him in the fourth online elsewhere were out of there minds…

    Looks like they were.

  69. Southendzone says:

    STT, your posts are almost always dead on. You’re outspoken but logical, always respect your opinion.

    In this case I totally agree, it looks like a huge need-driven pick which is what sucks value from the team as a whole. Teams that look beyond need and pick for value and BPA will tend to succeed. DeCastro would have been so great for this team as we build our strong running game up even more.

    Also as insurance against what is a very possible bust pick with Carp. Not sure yet but not looking great.

    Tiny consolation, the Browns are having a way s’ier draft than we are. That Weeden pick was pure trash and they could have not moved up. I would be 3 times as pissed right now if I was a CLE fan.

  70. owenbytheway says:

    I don’t think you use a mid=first round pick for a developmental player, and that’s what he is.

    In his conf call interview, he bashed his W Vig coaches who “didn’t teach him nothing”.

    Drew Boylhart of the Huddle Report ranked him as a fourth round talent, who “runs around the field like a chicken with his head cut off”.
    But he also said he has only one speed: Flat Out.

    When asked what he knew about Seattle and the Seahawks his response was “Pete Carroll” … that was it.

    The Seahawks wanted a pass rusher, that’s what they got. That’s all he is as this point.

    Can he be developed into a three down guy? We’ll see.

    But, as has been discussed in here, what the Seahawks needed was a pass rusher, and that’s what they got.

    I’m waiting to see this guy as the gunner on special teams.

    He has claimed he could probably run a 4.2.

    But he comes off as confident, not cocky, and he seems to have a realistic expectation that things will be different in this locker room than in West Virginia.

    Comparisons to Von Miller? I’ll wait and see.

    But PC put his fingers on the chopping block with this pick.

    Hopefully, the axe that got him let that chicken escape with his head still on who is ready to run around.

    I just don’t understand a situational player as a mid=-first rounder.

  71. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I hope it does not play out like this- The rich gets richer- Stealers- DeCastro. And the reach gets reachyer Seattle- Irvin.

  72. 38.5 sacks in 3 years. Who else did that? Not Coples, not Ingram, not Mercilus, Not Jones, not McClellan.

    4.4 speed

    my favorite Irvin quote: “I Love Eating Quarterbacks”

  73. ChuckEaston–Its not that we think we’re better than the teams, but this is pretty shocking. Shows how much info the teams keep hush hush, like the cowboys showing no interest in Claiborne and then pouncing. I hate those guys, but well played, sir, well played…

    Besides, plenty of teams make mind bogglingly stupid picks, some frequently. Hell, even the Patriots have made some pretty bad first and second round picks–but not until they were so good it didnt matter. Its especially important for a team like Seattle to pick a real elite player when drafting this high. I sure hope they did.

  74. freedom_X says:

    No one on the blog said it, probably because fans like us focus on who “experts” say will be the top rated players.

    But looking at the draft profiles from various sources, I’ll be damned but many them indeed say that very thing – “most explosive pass rusher of any in the draft”, “incredible first step”, “can bring 10+ sacks as a nickel rusher.”

    So why was he “rated” to be a 2nd-3rd rounder? It has to be the background – legal troubles and the fact he’s now older than most draftees.

    Here’s where the Carroll angle comes in – Carroll knows Irvin from high school, tried to get him to transfer to USC, and thus has a real background on him vs. a GM trying to dig up the dirt and paint a picture in 3 months.

    If Irvin has been squeaky-clean since he returned to school, I’d feel pretty good about the pick. Phonies tend to have little backsliding incidents. If he’s been totally clean for 3+ years, then he may not be a big worry from a personal standpoint. And it sounds like he’s got football character, and with more coaching, who knows what the limit is?

  75. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    the crdinals have to get a qb to throw to floyd first and with thier line irvin should be able to tear him up.

    my question to the doubters is this, how many sacks first year for you to like the pick?6? 8? 10? let’s say he gets more than any other DE picked in rd 1 is he a great pick then. the same people that were clamering for pass rush got it and still you complain.

  76. The Seahawks #1 need for 2012: Third down pass rush to complement Clemmons.

    The Seahawks #1 need for 2013: replacing Clemmons at Leo.

    If Irvin fills both needs, he’s not a reach.

  77. jawpeace says:

    I wonder if the Bears had Bruce targeted, as their pick of OLB Shea McClellin was along the same lines as the Bruce.

  78. Southendzone–Thanks for the kind words, they are few and far between as my analyses arent exactly popular.

    Its a stunning pick for fans and draftniks, but its pretty awesome to see PFT put out that multiple teams had him graded as first round talent and a few had him top 15. I dont feel quite so bad about it.

    I cant stand the fact that the Stealers got DeCastro, and at the same slot we got stuck with Carpenter. No matter how well Carpenter does, he isnt going to be as good a player–even at G–that DeCastro allready is. That hurts. But we needed a speed pass rusher, and we got the guy our coaches wanted. Now its time to pray…lol!

  79. Whatever1214 says:

    Brian Bosworth could not be reached for comment.

  80. Wow, relax ladies. Let this kid lift and run for 4 months and get some snaps before you judge. He’s a one skill DE and should be judged by sacks and hurries. I don’t think Alex, Sam, Aaron, Tom, and Tony are gonna like him much. Caw caw caw

  81. freedom_X says:

    Can it be that DeCastro isn’t actually as good as the draftniks say he is? I certainly believed the consensus opinion and would have been happy with DeCastro at #12 or #15 – but apparently this was not the universal view.

    Even if G is a lower-valued position, can a “top-5″ player really just drop to #24? Or is #24 a closer indication of his true evaluation by NFL teams?

  82. Seahawkgo says:

    Stealers got Decastro then they will win others SB soon

  83. Love the pick! Now get Curry in round 2 and our pass rush will be lights out!!

  84. If you really want an offensive guard, there is still a really good one waiting for us on the draft board tomorrow. Amini Silatolu is a tremendous athlete for an O lineman. I’d be happy if we grabbed him in the second round.

  85. No way this team needs another guard. Not with Carp ready to take over for McQuistan at LG and Moffit at RG. No thank you. There was only one guy who was special enough to change rules for and he’s now a Steeler.

    I’ll be happy with a fast LB and/or Vinny Curry tomorrow.

  86. HeinieHunter says:

    I will give up a first round draft pick for a guy that comes in on third downs and gives QB’s “Happy Feet”…….our secondary will love it. Big Red on first and second downs then this kid revved up on third downs? Well worth the risk. We still have plenty of picks for other positions. I’m tired of giving up yardage on third down!

  87. freddy65 says:

    you haters need 2 chill, john & pete are good to go, we also get a 4th & 6th round pick, they are building for the future. with #9 defence this will only make us better. we will get all the help O&D in the later rounds. just chill.

  88. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Cordy Glenn falls to us in the second round it would be a great pick.

  89. yellaman says:

    Like the pick i and if anybody has learned anything about this new regime it is pete & schneider look for guys with special talents. And this guy has it in rushing the passer. Everybody needs to give B Irvin a chance and quit crying about who they should have drafted Decasto, coples, Ingraham nobody knows if these guys are going to be the right pick yet. If anything B Irvin will help on 3rd down pass rushing when we have him come in for bryant and let clemons and him race to the QB. I don’t believe coples was the guy ( NC D Lineman have a bad history in this league), Ingraham is a 3-4 OLB not suited for the hawks and Decatro is a RT guard and not a high priority need. I mean how many guys on the offensive line do you need to draft in the first round- Okung, carpenter, with a 2nd rd in Unger and a 3rd in Moffitt. WE don’t need another high priced guard on the offensive line. Carpenter is moving to left guard, Moffitt is RT guard and Okung LT, Unger C and Giacomini RT this will be ok for now but we do need a pass rusher on defense and whose to say that B Irvin isn’t the guy. I mean coples didn’t have better numbers than irvin and graham is not suited for our scheme so I’m willing to give the guy a try. Its funny how not to long ago this team was void of talented players and now Pete and JS have at least upgraded this teams talent in under 3 yrs time. Day 2 & 3 should be intereting at best now that we got 2 more picks (total of 7 left)

  90. grizindabox24 says:

    GeorgiaHawk, I do not see OL being a consideration for the Hawks on day 2

  91. I don’t want any OL tomorrow! The big fish is gone, time to get what we need most!

  92. Earlier I wrote this, “The only thing I question is could the Hawks not trade down a few more slots and still get their man? We will never know if another team had him targeted and the Hawks would have lost their man.”
    I also wrote this, “I wonder if the Bears had Bruce targeted, as their pick of OLB Shea McClellin was along the same lines as the Bruce.”
    Reading the article “West Virginia prospect Bruce Irvin ditches burglary, drug game for shot at NFL” Les Carpenter wrote “Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin and the Chicago Bears’ Lovie Smith stood nearby as did several defensive line coaches – a sign of real interest.”
    Based on the Bears pick and this article I would believe the Bears were going to pick Bruce at 19! So the Hawks were not reaching as so many have said they got their man at just the right time.

  93. I don’t see OL as a strength. I saw a line that attained “barely adequate” by end of last year. Too bad for Flynn cuz he will get creamed early and often. But we’ll have a really good D! I’ve loved the Seahawks since the beginning, but our current OL is not good. Helluva OL coach, but they need help there. Ignore it tomorrow and there’s gonna be a lot of low score games next year. We’ll also see T Jack again WHEN Flynn gets flattened. I sure hope that’s wrong!

  94. Macabrevity says:

    The more I research this, the more I love the pick. We had one serious need, and we got the guy in the draft who was quite possibly the best at it, and that’s pinning the ears back and going after the QB. As for the character issues, I like the story, looks like a young guy who got his life turned around and is motivated. The group of DE’s available in this draft and slated to go earlier were pretty meh anyway, so we got someone who specializes which makes sense.

    Be happy with it people, and don’t worry about where players where ranked. They were high on him, didn’t want to play games and lose the player of their choice, so they had the guts to go against the media consensus, take a beating from the talking heads, and get their guy.

  95. bbnate420 says:

    Come back from the cliff some of you!

    Georgia, I’m pretty sure JS/PC would have liked to trade back another 10 picks and still get Irvin, but you have to have ANOTHER TEAM willing to trade up! You cannot make unilateral trades. This isn’t 100 % but, as Chuck mentioned the Ravens were supposedly going to take him and Michael Lombardi reported that the 49ers were definitely going to draft him at 30! Rob Rang had him mocked 29 to the Ravens. This makes it EXTREMELY unlikely that he would have been there in the second as many on here have claimed! So the issue was whether they should have taken him at 15 or drafted another player. Time will tell. It seems like his off the field issues were in high school and that he has turned a corner.

  96. bbnate420 says:

    By the way, if we drafted based on the McShay/Helmet-Haired Moron rankings every year then we would be lucky to ever win 2 games a year. There’s a reason they flap their gums on ESPN rather than running a team!

  97. ” This is a tough one to swallow. I was so excited when Tannehill was off the board and breathed a sigh of relief, then things are setting up perfectly for them even with the trade down. Saw this name come across my mobile phone and had to search my ass off to even have a clue who he is.
    DeCastro or Floyd was the obvious pick back at #12, then Decastro was teh SUPER OBVIOUS pick at 15.
    I hope I’m wrong but got a feeling this guy is going to be a bigger bust then Aaron Curry multiplied by that Cincy player who fell off a truck and died. This guy is going to make Ryan Leaf look like a MFn boy scout. This guy won’t get caught for dog fighting, he will get caught for running an underground human fighting ring like the hunger games.
    Still an outside chance I will wake up and this is a horrible dream.

    I suggest you stay a sleep, and keep dreaming. A bigger bust than Curry?? Where are you from? Did you even do the research on this guy before making such an ignorant statement?

  98. You can’t keep plugging rookie (or very young) OL into an OL and expect great results (after the rookies got hurt, that’s when the line improved and it wasn’t b/c the talent level went up!). It doesn’t work that way. There’s talent on this unit, now is the time to give them a chance w/o adding more younsters.

    No. I am not backtracking one single bit. DeCastro is that good. That’s why you are forced to consider him (I would have taken him and am still proud to say this). Period. But I don’t want any of these other OL positions either when our front seven still needs more players.

    Again, I could really care less what some of these soon to be fired fools think by passing on him for players that will suck at “more important” positions.

  99. “Again, I could really care less what some of these soon to be fired fools”

    Ok, you got me…who are the soon to be fired fools?

  100. we probably could have got him in the 3rd round what the f–k. It seems like everytime somebody from californica gets involved with this franchise we are screwed. If coach sees something in this guy that no one else in the country sees and he performs like a first round pick I take it back. Nevertheless he threw another pick to the wind in the process. D–n I hate this kind of sabotage. Possibly we crippled our team for a decade. What a contraversal pick. The fix is in. I have just about had it with pro sports altogether. C’mon man. I wanted a first round pick!!!

  101. There will be so much pressure on this guy to perform he’ll buckle. What a waste. Only a miracle can make him worth it. Seahawks just pissed in the wind!!!

  102. I just hope this isn’t a repeat of Holmgren being certain he could “fix” Jerramy Stevens character. Have to admit that didn’t work out so good……….

  103. freedom_X says:

    “Crippled our team for a decade.” Yeah, right. Has the Aaron Curry bust crippled the team for 9 more years?

    There’s solid evidence Baltimore wanted to pick Irvin in the 1st round. Some (Carroll) say the 49ers wanted to pick him too, though that could be Carroll vs. Harbaugh BS.

    I think that Seattle may have been worried Chicago was going to draft Irvin. The Bears took their own “reach” in McClellin, who would fill a similar role as Irvin. McClellin was also rated by most as a 2nd-3rd round pick.

    Given that Chicago’s coaching staff showed interest in Irvin, it’s very possible they would take him with the #19 pick, and that threat was enough to stop further Seattle tradedowns. The next trade position swap was 21 with New England and the Bengals. Too low if Chicago was a threat, and New England may not have been interested in paying the price to move up to #15. No one else moved up any higher than 21.

  104. Regarding trusting the “pundits”: Clayton (& to a lesser degree Sando) are the ones I do tend to trust. I agree that Kiper is often wrong.

  105. DisplacedSeahawkFan says:

    My first reaction was similar to the other pessimistic ones posted–mainly because he wasn’t even on my radar. After I calmed down a bit, saw his highlights, and got a chance to think about it, he’ll probably work out good in Pete Carrol’s defensive schemes, who knows how many different ways he’ll use him. Moreover, looking back on the comments Carrol made earlier–i.e., we need more speed at linebacker, and there are some interesting LB’s coming out this year, it seems that Carrol had Bruce in mind all along. So I’m cautiously optimistic.

    The draft is far from over, so hopefully Carrol and Schneider will pick up some players to fill the holes we have.

  106. Newborough says:

    I was gobsmacked at first, but after watching him play, I like this pick more and more. With some coaching, to add to that first step, motor and raw speed, he could be a devastating pass rusher by 2013. Even this season he’s going to add a whole new dimension from last season on third down, opposite Clemons.

    He really fills a need for us and those raw skills say no way he lasts to Round 2. I’d have picked De Castro for sure (even more so now the Stealers landed him), but that’s why Pete and John have the jobs they do and I don’t. Now I really want to see who they manage to surprise us with, using those extra 4th and 6th picks JS picked up.

    Let’s reserve judgement and see how he develops and helps our (already good) defense improve still further over this season. And then becomes the truly dominant pass rusher which he has the potential to be in 2013, once he has learned and perfected a few more moves. I’m stunned at the number of posts raking up the couple of (minor) infringements from his (distant) past as a reason not to have drafted him, when all the signs are that he has learned from this, grown up and put all that behind him years ago.

    I can’t wait to hear the “Broooooose” calls echoing round Century Link as the opposing QB gets slowly to his feet after (yet another) 3-and-out. Go Hawks !

  107. Im cool with the pick now, as my later comments indicate. It was sure a shock, but its kinda cool. Now the kid just has to outperform every other pass rusher in the draft…

    On DeCastro/Carpenter and our line: DeCastro being a right G is not a problem, as John Moffit played LG in college and could easily go back to his old spot with DeCastro at RG. Also, if Moffitt can switch sides, DeCastro sure as hell could have. And Carpenter wont be ready until Game 5 at the earliest, and once again will have no offseason/training camp practice. It is unlikely as HELL that Carpenter contributes much of anything this year. And John Moffitt and his Drug Use pissed Seattle off enough, and worried them enough, that they brought in Deuce Lutui to compete with him and said so publicly. If Carrol and Schneider dont trust thier line, we sure as hell shouldnt.

    I wouldnt mind a bit if Silatolu (sp?) was the second round pick, but with the surprise picks in the first, plenty of good guys are falling. Curry and Still and Upshaw are still there, plus a lot of good WR’s and Trumaine Johnson the cb from MT, who is very big and plenty fast enough; a perfect fit for Carrol’s press coverage scheme. And with Thurmond looking like a permanent injury case, we do need another big young corner with mad skills.

    Im hoping Bobby Wagner and Mychal Kendricks/Zach Brown are there in the third, and that we get someone really good in the second. THAT would be a heck of a draft!

    I still would like to see IIoka fall to the third/fourth and get another TE with crazy measurables in the later rounds. And Im kinda hoping for Russel Wilson. As long as he’s relegated to third string, Im cool with a short dude–since he’s got such athleticism and reads defenses well.

  108. Its looking like my Seahawks Mock will be duking it out for worst mock of the contest…LOL! I may not get a single pick right!

    Im AWESOME! (no youre not dude, dont lie…) ;p

  109. Hey Eric,

    Is there a prize for being Mr. Irrelevant on this contest, for being the one fool who doesnt get a single pick right?!

  110. mojjonation says:

    No time to read 111 other comments, so if I repeat a few, so be it.

    I even said yesterday that Seattles biggest need was an edge rusher on obvious passing downs. I just didn’t see him coming midway through the first round from West Virginia. Blazing fast speed, high motor, and probably a large chip on his shoulder to boot. Heard this morning it was the Niners who snuck in and talked to him under the cloak of darkness. Maybe they had the wrong Harbaugh considering everyone here is mentioning the Ravens.

    It’s hard to swallow passing on Decastro, Coples, Ingram, and Hightower. All of them seem to have better pedigrees than Irwin. Although I don’t know if I’d of swung for the fences for Coples who seems to take plays off. As a WR (Moss) you can do that. As a D lineman, you can’t. Only time will tell.

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