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Irvin: From B.J. to Bruce

Post by Eric Williams on April 26, 2012 at 8:55 pm with 76 Comments »
April 26, 2012 8:55 pm
West Virginia's Bruce Irvin, left, sacks Maryland quaterback Jamarr Robinson during an NCAA college football game Saturday, Sept. 18, 2010 in Morgantown, W.Va. (AP Photo Michael Switzer)

Bruce Irvin isn’t ashamed to admit he dabbled in drugs and crime as a teenager.

His mother kicked him out of the house and he dropped out of school.

He only played three games at wide receiver his sophomore year, and was ineligible the next two years at Stockbridge High in Atlanta, Ga.

But Irvin eventually cleaned himself up, earned his GED and made his way to Mt. San Antonio Junior College, where he developed into one of the best pass college pass rushing prospects.

Listen to a snippet of Irvin talking Z0001397here.

“I went through a lot of stuff in my life,” Irvin said. “I’ve seen a lot of stuff. And the average stuff who went through what I went through, they would not be on this phone with you right now.

“I could have went right, but I chose to go left. And when I chose to go left, I told God that I wasn’t going back to what was trying to suck me in. I just surrounded myself with a lot of positive people.”

Like Irvin, Seahawks assistant defensive backs coach Rocky Seto went to Mt. San Antonio junior college before transferring to USC, so Irvin had a connection with Carroll, who tried to recruit him to USC.

“When I seen a (Seattle) Washington number, words couldn’t explain how I felt,” Irvin said. “But I’m just happy they gave me an opportunity, and overlooked all the negative stuff that was said about me.”

But Irvin also said he had no idea how interested Seattle was in him. The Seahawks didn’t have Irvin in for a visit nor work him out at West Virginia. But Carroll did meet with Irvin at the NFL scouting combine.

But Irvin raised eyebrows at the combine a 4.41 40-yard dash at the combine and bench pressing 225 pounds 23 times.

“Me and Pete have a different relationship,” Irvin said. “Me and Pete go way back. … We got more than just a coach/player relationship. I think we’re actually friend. I talked to them at the combine, and they had a serious talk with me. But since the combine I hadn’t heard from them, and that’s what really shocked me because I didn’t think they were really interested in me.”

Irvin also addressed the latest incident he had in March back in Morgantown, West Virginia for disorderly conduct. Irvin said he got the charges dropped on Tuesday.

“I’m not going to get into the details,” Irvin said. “The Lord knew it was all B.S., and he took care of it.”

Irvin also said he has lots of room for improvement at the next level.

“I know y’all heard I’m a one-trick pony,” Irvin said. “But the crazy thing is I got 23 sacks in two years and I’ve never been coached on any of that – that’s all athletic ability. If I get a little coaching in me, just imagine what I can do.”

Bruce said he went by B.J. growing up, but switch to Bruce when he went to Mt. San Antonio Junior College in 2008


“Because B.J. was the one that was getting in trouble,” Irvin said. “That’s two different people man, That’s two different people. And I hate when people say I’ve got character issues. I can see if I was getting in trouble in junior college failing drug tests. But I’ve never been suspended, and I’ve never failed a drug test. … Pete Carroll don’t even know B.J.; he knows Bruce.”

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  1. Is this an Oaktown pick by going off the combine numbers, kinda scary that the Hawks never went to any of his workouts since the combine. Sounds to me like they are being a little to secretive at times, who are they trying to fool. I say stick to the diamonds in the ruff in the later rounds.

  2. I was shocked with the pick, but I love it. I really didn’t know anything about him, as I can’t remember many WV games that I saw the past few years and I hate other people telling me who I should and shouldn’t like (unless I go back and watch stuff on YouTube to kind of see for myself on a play to play basis instead of a highlight reel where everyone looks great) so he was definitely an under the radar guy for me, too. After the Hapster gets ahold of him and puts him in the proper position to suit his skill set, he’s going to be great! You can’t teach/coach things like the burst he has off the LOS, the burst he has to the ball, and that speed. Wow. I should have been looking at him before today. It’s too bad that work/life stuff gets in the way:)

  3. GeorgiaHawk says:

    BobbyK- He only grew up 20-25 miles from where I live and I didn’t know anything about him! I can’t believe it! I feel like a fool for not knowing more about this guy! And I’m pissed that of all teams the Stealers got DeCastro!

    So on to day two!

  4. FleaFlicker says:

    Like 90% of the folks around here, my reaction was “Bruce Who?”. But PC/JS have demonstrated that they have an unconventional approach (Browner) and an eye for talent (Sherman, Baldwin).

    I refuse to second guess until we see Irvin in action.

    Screw all the “experts”. Let’s have some faith in our coach and GM.

  5. freedom_X says:

    No, not an Al Davis pick, because Irvin produces on the field and on film too. Not a workout warrior, though maybe more of an Al Davis pick in that the guy has a checkered past.

    But it doesn’t sound like this was a Carroll/Schneider wildcat pick. Michael Lombardi wrote that a NFL team flew Irvin in for a workout by helicopter and promised Irvin they would draft him in the 1st round.

    If both Carroll and Lombardi are accurate, then it meant another NFL team at least was going to pick Irvin in the 1st. Could that have been Harbaugh in San Francisco? Or yet another team?

  6. Best pure pass rusher in the draft, but nobody was talking about him because of off feild issues, sounds a little suspect. Still feel like this is a Carp pick. Man Okung and Thomas the first year, thought I was rocking a permenant boner, but last year and this, yikes, just went soft. Decastro at 15 would of been a steal. Like GHawk, I’m pissed the Steelers got him. What a weird draft in general. I still hope we can get Curry in the 2nd, Polk in the 3rd, but who knows.

  7. Soggybuc says:

    Shocked as well by this pick. but after watching his highlights you gotta go “DAMN!!”! no doubt in my mind had Carroll been able to get this kid to USC he would have been talked about as the best in the draft as rusher. this guy is a freak!

  8. FleaFlicker, you realize that two of those were undrafted and the other was a 5th, no relivence. Like I said earlier, stick to the diamonds in the ruff in the later rounds, not the 1st.

  9. freedom_X says:

    I’m starting to think DeCastro wasn’t as awesome a prospect as the average fan like myself was led to believe.

    Pro Football Weekly wrote (about the Bengals’ pick of OG Kevin Zeitler) that Zeitler had a bit higher grade than DeCastro from many teams. Unlikely there were two “top 5 overall” or even top 10 talents who happened play the OG position in this (or any) draft…

  10. grizindabox24 says:

    freedom, I believe the other team was Baltimore

  11. Go Hawks, hope I my feeling about this pick is wrong. Sorry for being a negative Nancy.

  12. bsinnitt says:

    Wow, this guy’s video is impressive. Not much of a surprise in that Pete has said he wants players with unique ability. The film shows a very unique quickness and athleticism off the snap. Let’s also not forget the extra 4th and 6th, the last 2 drafts indicate we’ll also end up with another good player out of one of those picks.

  13. Did Holmgrem really pick Weeden, that’s just ridiculous. Now that’s a F- pick.

  14. freedom_X says:

    Maybe that means at least 3 teams were interested in Irvin as a 1st rounder then – Seattle, Baltimore, and perhaps San Francisco, if Carroll is to be believed?

  15. I have seen that many teams felt that DeCastro might be at his ceiling now

  16. The Hawks needed more pass rush and the position in this defense that generates that rush is the “LEO” position. So JS/PC went out a drafted the “BEST” player for that position in “our” defense. Great pick!!!

    When the so called draft experts rank players it is for players that fit the “tradtional” roles in defenses. The Seahawk’s defense is not traditional as shown by having a 325lb+ DE on the other side.

    If Red Bryant was in this draft, he would be ranked no higher than a 6th or 7th round pick as a DE because he would be considered way too big. But in the Seahawk defense he would valued as a 1st round talent!

    Every team is different.

  17. A ceiling of being better than everyone else? Yeah. I’ll take that “ceiling” any day of the week and 16 times on Sunday. History will prove DeCastro goes to many Pro Bowls. Mark my words. I saw enough of him to know better than to let other people talk me into “well, maybe he wasn’t that good” crap. The Steelers are usually pretty good with their 1st rounders and they have continued the trend. Screw the Steelers, but they got a great player and one that will go to more Pro Bowls than most players drafted ahead of him.

    Regardless, I am very happy with Irvin. We needed what he was much, much more and I’m jacked to see him this season.

    If anyone wants to visualize something funny, think of this:

    Imagine Irvin working against James Carpenter in pass protection drills. LMFAO! Irvin would be at the QB before Carp barely got out of his stance.

    The best thing about drafing Irvin (besides adding a pass rusher, which IMO was priority #1) is that w/o DeCastro he’s free to go back to where he should have been, IMO, in the first place (which is LG).

    Welcome, Bruce Irvin! This fan is thrilled to have you!

  18. For everyone who is so “surprised” at this pick, I think everybody needs to take a step back and realize that the real surprise is that any of us actually believe the b.s. published by sportswriters who pretend they are qualified to rate 200 college players as well as pro scouts do.

    Sure we all have our favorite players we watched through college, but the other 200 guys in the draft aren’t guys we “know” anything about, we just watched clips read opinions written by sports writers who mostly just copied what each other wrote. The Seahawks employ 9 scouts, those are the guys qualified to rate 200 college players, and they don’t write mock drafts for us to read. Even those of us here who have played and coached can’t watch a bunch of 21 year olds play and honestly say how good or bad each might be after a few years of pro coaching. So I don’t know how anyone can be “surprised” that you didn’t know Bruce Irvin was coveted by a bunch of NFL coaches. Why would they tell anyone?

    All I know about Irvin is that his highlights are absolutely sick. And his production throughout college was sicker. 38.5 sacks in 3 years is not a “reach”, not a “diamond in the rough”, not a “combine guy”. This is the most consistently productive pass rusher in major college football since 2009.

    The fact that Irvin wasn’t rated higher just shows that most of the mock drafts and amateur scouting written by sports writers is really a bunch of crap.

  19. I’m with you Stevos. I understand character flaws, but his productivity is off the charts. I’m soooooooo glad that Ruskell wasn’t here to not make this pick. I know time will tell, but this is the kind of athlete that doesn’t come along too often. I love it and am kind of happy I didn’t know about him sooner.

    The ability to keep things quiet like JS/PC is incredible. I can’t wait for tomorrow!


  20. seahawk44 says:

    For those of you that are so disappointed that the Seahawks did not draft DeCastro, there is one very very good guard waiting to be drafted:

  21. VicHawk, good point. Carroll drafted Irvin for his schemes specifically.

    This is the same reason I coveted Melvin Ingram, I had convinced myself that Carroll could use him in schemes, and I believe he could have but he wanted Irvin more. Meanwhile, he called Quinton Coples a “prototypical DE”, and now I see what he meant; Carroll meant “that’s not the kind od DE I want”.

    Red Bryant was rated as a 3rd or 4th round prospect in his draft, by the way, but everyone was looking at him as a DT/NT. Nobody saw Red as a DE until Bradley and Carroll did. As for Irvin, the amateur scouts like Rang called Irvin an OLB since he’s not a prototypical DE-sized.

    But Carroll doesn’t want prototypical DEs. He wants unusually big long DEs and unusually fast elusive DEs. He doesn’t doesn’t want prototypical Safeties either, or Cornerbacks. When looking at who Pete Carroll values for his defense, its best to just throw out all the mock drafts and comparisons to prototypes. He is not interested in building an old fashioned prototypical defense.

  22. Stevos – I agree with most of what you say, but I’m not a pro scout and I guarantee that DeCastro will go to more Pro Bowls than most players drafted in front of him. I’ll even say “book it.” I also guarantee my reputation (what little there is of it) that he’s going to be great, even if those other idiot GMs that passed on him to select a crappier player weren’t smart enough (and all their scouts) to rank him higher (they get paid – I don’t). Yes. I do think/know I’m “smarter” than the guys who get paid to do this sometimes and this is one example. I won’t back down from this argument and this is a good copy/paste for future references. If I’m wrong, I’ll eat crow, but I know that there’s no way I’m eating crow either.

    With that being said, I keep watching “games” of Irvin and can’t help but think about what Mr. Happy is going to do with him. He’s going to make more of an impact that DeCastro would have (yes, I said that) for the ‘Hawks if he keeps his head screwed on straight. I can’t believe the speed, burst, quickness, etc… and how I’d never paid attention to him (although I do have a history of not caring about players that are at-risk).

    Really, I know I’ve said it before tonight, but I love this pick. Mr. Happy is going to have so much fun with this little toy! I’m jacked! It’s almost like trading down to get Von Miller! :)

  23. “For those of you that are so disappointed that the Seahawks did not draft DeCastro, there is one very very good guard waiting to be drafted:”

    We don’t need a guard. It’s just that when one so great (with the intangibles) stares you in the face (Hutch, Part II), you have to want him. But, really, guard is the least of this teams worries if Carp goes to where he should have gone from day one last year (LG).

  24. Yeah Bobby, I agree that DeCastro looks like a man among boys and will probably be a great one. Every year there are a few guys in the draft that are simply on a different level, and DeCastro looks like one of those few this year.

    That said, we only had one first round pick and we had a huge huge need for a speedy pass rusher. Carroll chose what he needed most right now, so I can’t be upset at all that DeCastro isn’t coming here.

  25. Not trying to be disagreeable, but I think we do need one more OG or OT (depending on where Carpenter eventually plays) since neither McQuistan nor Giacomini will be long-term starters on this team. We won’t have a great line until Carp and Moffit mature and we fill one more hole. Just because we can’t draft DeCastro is no reason not to find one more great O lineman. There are more great ones out there.

  26. Rang had Irvin going to Baltimore at 29. Those who say we could have gotten him in the second have no proof that we could. I would have loved to have DeCastro, but we could have won more than a couple of extra games last year if we’d been able to get pressure on opposing QBs in the fourth quarter. We needed pass rush.

    SF’s first round pick, was projected at one point as a fifth rounder by one commentator, and more recently as a second rounder. SF fans were originally unhappy too. Should SF fire their coach and front office?

    Would we really have wanted Coples, just because the sports writers have been talking about him for the last four months? The nice thing about Bradford and Smith is they’re both fragile and scareable. Irvin gets there fast and hits hard. GO HAWKS!

  27. I understand where you’re coming from, but we’re so young right now, that I’m okay with waiting a draft to scoop up another OL (or at least until Saturday, when it’s probably more practice squad stuff). Obviously, I had one exception to the rule, as all situations are different.

    I like Okung at LT.
    I like McQuistan keeping LG warm for Carp.
    I like Unger at C.
    I like Moffit at RG. I like the interior depth of Jeanpierre (or Deuce).
    I like Breno okay enough. I also like the depth of Omiyale or McQuistan if Carp gets/takes his job; when healthy).

    Moving into 2012, I like our OL and our depth. With Breno set to become a FA after next year, I’d be okay w/a early/mid round pick on a RT. But, for now, I like our OL and don’t think they need any reinforcements tomorrow.

    I want who Mr. Happy and the Duke Boy think is the BPA on the front seven with their 2nd round pick tomorrow.

    Actually, I like our offense moving forward, as they simply need more time to grow, but I’d like to see them get faster (even more) on the front seven. I’d be thrilled with two more front seven guys tomorrow.

  28. freedom_X says:

    The talk about Seattle’s scheme and players who fit it made me think of today’s KJR broadcast with Hugh Millen. At the time of the Irvin pick, Millen really took an axe to it, reamed it.

    Recalling the sports talk show thread, I like listening to Millen due to his insights, but one negative with him is that when he sees something he disagrees with, he almost takes it personally.

    For example, when KJR played the Mayock sound bite on Irvin being the most explosive pass rusher in the draft, Millen said something to the effect “Carroll is Mayock’s friend, and Mayock is just covering up for Carroll.” Honest, that’s what Millen was saying, if not an exact quote.

    And, after the Carroll press conference on the Irvin pick, where Carroll mentioned the Leo position, etc. Millen said that there’s nothing special or unique about Pete Carroll’s defense. The idea that Irvin is a special fit for a unique Pete Carroll defensive concept or position is hogwash. (not a exact quote of course, but that’s what Millen was saying.)

    I suppose we now know what Carroll and Schneider meant when they said there were some interesting LB prospects in this year’s draft? Or more surprises to come? (LB in the 2nd round, and if so, likely to be one the average fan pans as a reach, I’m guessing.)

  29. The only bad thing about next year is that both Ram games won’t be free. Also, we won’t (unless there’s injuries again, which we can’t predict) be able to face an unusually high amount of crappy back-up QBs. I know we like to play the “woe is me” card (Trent Cole crap), but we did get lucky too, and I know that nobody likes to admit this. Since we’re going to face such better offenses (thanks to QB) next year, it was imperative that we get a guy like Irvin to get to opposing defenses.

  30. Im loving the 1st pick and can’t wait till Friday & Saturdays picks getting 2 more picks by moving 2places bsck was awesome. Pc and js have done whst i asked for from them and it is a top rank defense with a young talented team and i think they are close just need to find another lb, te, ol help, wr, backup rb

  31. bbnate420 says:

    Millen is pretty good at evaluating QB play but that IS IT!!! He’s mostly a loudmouth neverwas! I put as much stock into his opinion of pass rushers as I put into Rick Santorum’s favorite colleges!

  32. DeCastro might go to 10 probowls… BUT as you saw with the Giants this year when they won the Superbowl, if you can consistently pressure the QB you can beat the best QB’s in the league!

    Playoff wins against the Packers (Aaron Rogers) and the Patriots (Ton Brady) shows that a great pass rush can offset a great QB.

    Seriouly, 3rd down with the speed of Clemons and Irvin speed rushing at each side is exciting! What side do you put the TE to “chip” the rusher?

    Offense wins games BUT Defense wins CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!

  33. I was pretty shocked at this pick as there was all the DE’s still on the board but with his athletic ability and in the right situation, I can see this guy being a beast for us. You can’t teach 4.43 speed at 6’3″ 245lbs. Like Bruce Irvin said himself once he gets some coaching on how to be a better football player the sky is the limit for this guy. I wonder what Mel Kiper and company will say if Bruce Irvin has 8+ sacks this year?

  34. Macabrevity says:

    Talking heads call this a huge reach, but just compare it to another pick that got the stamp of approval at #11, and that’s Dontari Poe to K.C. I’m not comparing the players, but the pick values…

    Dominant Combine/Physical Beast?
    Poe – check
    Irvin – check

    Game tape/productivity?
    Poe – uhhh…
    Irvin – check

    High value position?
    Run Stuffer – uhhh…
    Pass Rusher – check

    OK… so why is Poe a sound pick, and Irvin a huge reach? Because the talking heads didn’t sniff this one out, and want to punish any FO that makes them look bad.

    Al Davis was always the butt of all their jokes, but the Raiders were always relevant. Sure they made some bad picks, but everyone does. I would hate to have a GM/HC who was so worried about job security that he took the expected player instead of the guy he knew was best.

    Oh, and how about Arizona letting Fitz run their draft. Hahaha! Did you guys hear Floyd speak? He’s almost unintelligible. What was that he said about “bubba guts?”

  35. Sarcasticus says:

    Based on most of the posts here, it was unrealistic to demand a starter picked in the first half of the first round.

    Irvin looks to be a great one trick pony and that trick (getting to the passer) is what most folks wanted. So, those who wanted a starter and are disappointed that a situational player was taken so early are left wanting.

    Irvin looks to be a fine player and will get a wonderfully nice 1st round paycheck to ride the pine most of the game. I will be ecstatic when he gets to the quarterback, but the end result will in no way make me stop questioning the process. The Seahawks came out of the first round without a starter.

    Of course, all this will be moot if he beats out Clemons or they move Wright inside and give Irvin one of the OLB positions. I don’t see that happening. Can he play the run? Can he cover backs out of the backfield? Does he understand zone coverages? Is he always going to be a 12-15 play a game guy?

    Again for those of you challenged by the written word or nuance, I am not against Irvin the player. I am against using a high first round pick on a non-starter.

  36. I know there isn’t much depth to this comparison, but has anyone else thought about Irvin’s build being VERY similar to Julian Peterson? Almost identical. And I’ve only seen YouTube highlights of Irvin’s game tape, but his quickness off the edge and athleticism seem similar as well. Hopefully he’s able to generate pass rush and sacks like Peterson during his time in Seattle. He’ll be well worth the pick if so. Anyway, just a thought…

    I do wish they would have been able to trade back once more, but no problems otherwise with them taking someone they really like. Even if it is “early.”

  37. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Seems like they could have at least moved down another 5-10 picks and still got their Man, but who knows maybe they tried or felt it was too much of a risk.
    Either way I’m glad we have him, ( if he can stay out of trouble ), and hope that he will continue to work hard and become something special!

  38. Ewalters7354 says:

    top hat,you absolutely read my mind bro.I was thinking the exact same thing.He is indeed very similar to JP.Explosive,strong,and can get after the passer.This is a guy that allows Gus Bradley to be very creative.I look forward to the continuation of the draft.Hopefully we can add either Zach Brown or Bobby Wagner in the 2nd.Now that we have addressed pass rush from the interior(Jason Jones)and outside with Bruce we are just in need of LB’s and depth throughout the rest of the draft.Oh btw I don’t see Barrett Ruddbeo depended on to man the middle.He is too timid for my liking.Only reason he is on the team is because of Gus being his former coach.

  39. yellaman says:

    I don’t care what any experts say the hawks got who they thought was the best pass rusher in the draft sure they would like to have traded back again but who knows if he stlill would have Been available later so they took their guy and as a hawks fan I’m ok with the pick if he’s anything like von miller I’d be estatic

  40. I can’t say that I am surprised.

    I had no idea it would be Irvine in the first, but after last year I knew that PC JS would go off menu again. They seem to relish doing the unexepcted.

    I can hear the Brrrrruuuuuuuuuuuuce! calls from the stands after every sack.

  41. Interesting to see if the Seahawks will use Irvine in the Raheem Brock role (my guess is yes) or if they will use Irvine at OLB on passing downs and look to draft someone like Vinny Curry in round 2 to play DE on passing downs.

    Can you imagine the pass rush with a dline of Clemons, Mebane, Jones, Curry and Irvine at OLB?

  42. blocis – just to expand on your thought about yelling Bruuuuuce! when he attacks. When watching a youtube video of him, he seems to relish the fans appreciation of him in WV. We ALL need to welcome him in true 12th man Fashion and make this guy comfy here in Seattle. He is the type of guy who will fit in perfectly here, and with lots of love from us, it is only going to fuel his motor even more. Welcome Bruuuuce! Go Hawks!

  43. Sarcasticus says:

    I don’t think Irvin or Irvine has played OLB. I could be wrong. I have only seen video of him rushing the qb off the edge. Anyone have first-hand knowledge of him doing anything else? Does he play the run?

  44. Dukeshire says:

    He was a DE only at WV. He would be a weak side LB in a 3-4. He’ll have to play the run, of course, but he’d be out of position as a typical 4-3 end. Leo is ideal for him.

    One important thing this selection symbolizes is a shift back to the under front they used in ’10. Carroll is committed to getting the QB. And with Hill on the weak side they won’t be as vulnerable to th run to that side, as they were in ’10.

  45. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m still not very happy about this pick. I get that he’s going to play Leo and most of the national media are dead wrong about how he’ll be used and even the off field issues. My problem is he’s only a Leo, and isn’t going to be effective on the strong side, especially with the growing use of TEs even on passing downs. Clemons is also undersized to be pass rushing from the strong side as well, so for the most part, if you’re going to use Irvin, you have to take your current best pass rusher off the field. At best, this only marginally improves the pass rush. They didn’t find a replacement for Brock, even for the short term. They just used the 1st round pick to replace the current best pass rusher.

  46. Longtime reader, first time poster. Like everyone else I’m not sure on this pick, but here is an interesting, well written, article.–west-virginia-prospect-bruce-irvin-ditches-burglary–drug-game-for-shot-at-nfl.html

  47. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, you don’t seem to understand reality! You can only MOVE DOWN IF SOMEONE IS WILLING TO TRADE UP! It sounds like they could’ve traded down again BUT, they weren’t sure they could get IRVIN if they did! They chose THEIR man! IF he sucks in a few years THEN you can appropriately criticize the pick!

  48. bbnate420 says:

    I think we all just need to get on board now! If they suck this year, then I will one of the first to put JS/PC on the hot seat. They have this year and next IMO!!!!!!

  49. bbnate420 says:

    Georgia, you CANNOT just say well I think we can get Irvin at 20 so we’ll trade down to that spot! You have to have someone willing to trade within YOUR range!!!!!

  50. After watching more video on Bruce Irvin I am becomming more and more of a fan of this guy. Just think of it this way even if he was just a 3rd down guy which I think he will be more then that. If he can get pressure on the QB and distrupt the play and the other teams has a 3 and out 2-3 more times a game what that does for D to get off the field and our O controlling the game. If you go back and look at 3rd down statistics it is one of the more true stats that can determine a higher win %. If the Hawks can produce 2-3 more 3 and out this year with Bruce it will pay dividends in the win column.

  51. If the Hawks can produce 2-3 more 3 and out per game this year with Bruce it will pay dividends in the win column.

  52. bbnate420 says:

    You’re right on the money with that dacmike! I think a few others on here have expressed the same sentiment! A great pass rusher can make a HUGE impact! Look at Aldon Smith for the 49ers last year. He only really played 3rd downs for the most part and ended up bringing the heat and giving their defense teeth on third down!

  53. JazBadAzz says:

    macabrevity- Its called “bubble guts” its a term when your stomach is turning.

    Bruce Irvin- for anyone that keeps saying he has red flags and character issues, let’s be real, he was a 16/17 old kid when he got in trouble. He had it rough, but he didn’t give up. He got his self together and went to college, and didn’t fail any drug tests or commit any crimes in all of juco and at wvu! That’s at least 3 solid yrs of being on the right track! He is the kind of kid that I try and help everyday. He really cares about changing and making something out of his self! The african american community has tons of horror stories about young guys giving up because the odds are stacked so far against them. People are so quick to right them off with understanding the dynamics of which they came. Bruce did the right thing and I am super proud of him! SALUTE!!!

  54. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m thoroughly satisfied about the off field questions. I have absolutely zero problem with his past. In fact, given Irvin’s past history with PC, I don’t see any chance he’ll slip up in the future. The way both PC and Irvin talked about each other, there’s nothing Irvin won’t do for PC. All that crap should be off the table when talking about this guy.

    But again, my problem is they drafted for pass rush to replace the one guy who actually produces pass rush. They needed a bigger guy who could fight through chip blocks and double teams from TEs on the strong side to replace Brock’s production. He’s not it. Clemons isn’t it either. So you’re taking your best pass rusher off the field to play him. If what you want is depth, then get it in the middle rounds, not the 1st round.

  55. SandpointHawk says:

    Clemons is 31 years old and coming into the last year of his contract. I’m sure you can figure that point out for yourselves…

    Also for those who wanted to trade down Chicago at 19 had shown a lot of interest in Irvin, Jets at 16 took a DE, Chargers at 18 took a DE. Just because the talking heads missed this kid doesn’t mean the coaches missed him.
    Just for fun go back to their mocks and see how those talking heads did…

    He was listed in the top 15 picks on 7 teams boards, that doesn’t sound like a reach to me.

    Oh yeah, this kid is freak and although I was surprised blown away last night after doing some research I’m fine with the pick….

  56. Ewalters7354 says:

    I am glad our FO goes after the guys that fit this team’s system and not drafting guys that these SO CALLED EXPERTS are high on.Tim Dumbskull was known for doing that,smh…

    Also I am starting to become less of a fan of Todd McShay and Mike Mayock.Mel Kiper is also there.These guys just talk and say anything.They said we had the biggest reach when the Chiefs drafted Dontari Poe!Here is a guy that has done absolutely NOTHING.He ran a sub 5.0 in the 40 and now he is this great player?Give me a break.

  57. RDPoulsbo says:

    Clemons also has very low mileage as a seldom used backup until he came to Seattle and started ringing up double-digit sack totals. Given the unique scheme, he has little value for any other team in the league so he can be had cheaply when his contract is up at the end of the season. In the meantime, it’s a contract year so you can expect him to produce and they still don’t have a pass rusher on the other side, even on passing downs.

  58. Sorry, I’m sometimes not clear in my posts.

    When i suggest Irvine at OLB, I don’t really mean OLB in the normal (say Leroy Hill) sort of way. More in the Lawrence Taylor pass rushing OLB kind of mold.

  59. Ewalters7354 says:

    RDPoulsbo,dude what in the world are you saying?Not making any sense to me.The biggest need on our D was clearly pass rush.I actually think they drafted this guy to pair with Clem to wreck havoc on QBs.They also need to get more athletic and physical at Mike.I just don’t think Rudd is gonna cut it.

  60. Dukeshire says:

    While Clemons does end up with impressive sack totals at years’ end, he also disappears for games at a time. They come in bunches. Seattle needs someone who can bring pressure consistently. That’s one of the reasons this is a upgrade (potentially).

  61. bbnate420 says:

    RD, I guarantee both Clemons and Irvin will be on the field come 3rd down! So how does that not address the other side pass rusher???

  62. Sarcasticus says:

    It is both possible to be completely supportive of Irvin and this team and still question or dislike where in the draft the pick was made. Suggesting those who don’t like the pick are no longer fans of the team or supportive of the team is simple-minded at best.

    Suggesting that the ‘Hawks could have made a different pick at 12 and then tried to move up from the second round to get Irvin is not crazy.

  63. bbnate420 says:

    Hopefully in the 2nd we pick Kendricks, replacement for the Heater with more athleticism, or we get David or Wagner for the WLB and move K.J. right to MLB and play Leroy at Sam, where he has been successful in the past! I still think Malcolm Smith has a lot of potential at WLB but, he was not able to stay healthy last year and he hasn’t proven anything on the field yet.

  64. SandpointHawk says:

    Pete has already stated the coaching staff has figured out ways to use them both at the same time…

  65. bbnate420 says:

    Sarcasticus, while I agree with your statement regarding support of the team, I disagree with your assessment that we could’ve gotten Irvin much lower! There is NO substantive prove that we could’ve gotten Irvin in the 2nd round! Also, there is NO guarantee we could’ve traded back into the 1st for Irvin! You have to have a partner in order to pull that off! Time will tell but, people like Nighthawk3 who say that Carroll should “burn in hell” should just go away and NEVER come back!!!!!!

  66. Again, this was a great pick! I love the fact that we added a dynamic pass rusher!

    If someone wants to disagree with the pick, that’s fine. I’m sick and tired of reading that some people are “haters” if they don’t buy into the pick. I didn’t realize that any Seahawk fan had a God given right to tell other Seahawk fans that they can’t be Seahawk fans anymore. Irvin is going to prove, IMO, to the “haters” that he’s going to be great and then those “haters” are going to cheer for him (and be happy about it).

    I never bought into the Carp over Carimi pick last year but it didn’t mean I hated my favorite team. And if Carp becomes a good RT, I’ll be happy about it (although I know he’ll be a good LG).

  67. bbnate420 says:

    Regardless of what ANYBODY says, drafts should really be evaluated after 3 years! Both 2010 and 2011 look pretty damn good so far for the Hawks!

  68. bbnate420 says:

    I agree BobbyK, but if people like Nighthawk3 not only disagree with the pick but say that “Carroll should burn in hell” then they are MORE than open to ridicule! I was surprised by the pick but, you should be able to keep a somewhat level head! I have NO problem with other fans calling people like that out when they are PROVEN wrong!

  69. RDPoulsbo says:

    Like I’ve mentioned before, they needed a pass rusher to replace Brock. A bigger guy who will play on the strong side of the ball where he’ll likely face TEs who will chip block or double him up with the RT. Neither Clemons or Irvin are guys like that. Putting both of them on the field at the same time only works when the offense is putting out 4 WR/0 TE sets.

    Yes, they addressed pass rush, but not where they needed to upgrade most.

  70. Stevos–I agree completely. How did so many “experts” and fans miss on Irvin? I remember thinking last week that this guy was gonna go late in the first, but I was hoping he’d fall and we’d get him in the second. Shoot, a few of our commenters had him down as our pick in the second, and a few others had him in the third or fourth. I knew he wasnt gonna be there in the third or fourth, but I never thought we’d take him so high.

    But Im pretty excited now. I remember reading his combine 40 time and pro day times and thinking there was a misprint: how could a guy that big be that fast?!

    The best part is we’re gonna have a choice between a gaggle of really good WR’s, a G or two, and several fine LB’s in the second, and hopefully Turbin or homer-riffic local guy Polk in the third. This could be a fantastic draft! Im really excited for round two!

  71. RD…… I don’t know if I agree with you, but if PC JS agree with you we will see them pick a Vinny Curry like guy in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  72. My vote for round 2 or 3 is Wagner or Kendricks for MLB or Curry for DE.

  73. If we are still shopping for pass rush, how about Jake Bequette or Brandon Lindsey a little later in the draft? Both are pretty decent pass rushers.

  74. RDPoulsbo says:

    If they can get Vinny Curry in the 2nd and Kendricks in the 3rd, I’ll pull back my criticism of picking Irvin. But the bottom line is the reason Brock was productive in 2010 before falling off a cliff last year was he had the size to deal with TEs helping out. Irvin and Clemons are pure Leos, but not so successful when the doubles come their way. Vernon Davis isn’t coming off the field on 3rd downs and neither will the Cards or Rams TEs.

  75. Brock was ineffective last year because a) He’s old B) he’s lost a step. Period.

  76. bbnate – I agree there’s a limit of criticism like the “burn in…” stuff.

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