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TNT 2012 draft preview: OL-TEs to consider

Post by Eric Williams on April 24, 2012 at 5:20 pm with 24 Comments »
April 24, 2012 5:21 pm
Missouri tight end Michael Egnew (82) runs the ball after a reception past Kansas State linebackers Arthur Brown (4) and Tre Walker (50) in the second quarter of an NCAA college football game in Manhattan, Kan., Saturday, Oct. 8, 2011. (AP Photo/Jeff Tuttle)

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll said the tight end position group is solid overall for his team, but he still would like to add a playmaker to improve the explosiveness of the position.

“I think we’re back—really Cam [Morrah] being healthy going into camp is a boost to us,” Carroll said during his pre-draft press conference on Monday. “We think he’s a really up-and-coming player. Zach (Miller) is solid as a rock. We’d like to give him the football more but he did a fantastic job of blocking for us and he’s a tough guy that is one of those guys that we acquired that is a leader and is a real factor on our club.

“Anthony (McCoy) has got some real aspects in his game that are unique and his blocking ability. It’s a good, solid position for us but again, playmakers and guys that can score touchdowns at that spot might find a way into helping us.”

New England tight end Rob Gronkowski’s record-setting season in 2011 has raised expectations for the position.
Gronkowski set NFL records for receiving yards and touchdowns by a tight end last season, finishing with 90 receptions for 1,327 yards and 17 touchdowns.

Gronkowski was the shining star of a banner statistical year for his position.

Among tight ends around the league in 2011, Houston’s Owen Daniels, the Cowboys’ Jason Witten, Jimmy Graham of New Orleans and Jacksonville’s Marcedes Lewis all led their teams in receiving yards.

Stanford tight end Coby Fleener is considered in the same mode of Graham as a big, speedy tight end who can work the middle of the field and is a good red zone threat. But there also are some athletic tight ends that could be available later in the draft.

Rob Rang, senior draft analyst with and, reviews players the Seattle Seahawks might select in each round of this year’s NFL draft.

First round, 12th pick: David DeCastro, OG, 6-5, 316, Stanford
Rob’s rationale: Often compared to former All-Pros Steve Hutchinson and Steve Wisniewski, the Bellevue High graduate would be a popular addition to Seattle’s line.

Second round, 43rd pick: Bobby Massie, OT, 6-6, 316, Mississippi
Rob’s rationale: Big, strong, athletic and a three-year starter at right tackle, Massie would provide depth as James Carpenter recovers from a serious knee injury.

Third round, 75th pick: Jeff Allen, OL, 6-4, 307, Illinois
Rob’s rationale: A swing tackle in college who some believe projects best inside at guard, Allen’s versatility would be put to great use by Hawks offensive line coach Tom Cable.

Fourth round, 106th pick: Michael Egnew, TE, 6-5, 252, Missouri
Rob’s rationale: Often split out wide with the Tigers, Egnew has the size, hands and speed scouts look for as a potential mismatch at tight end – but won’t provide much as a blocker.

Sixth round, 181st pick: Rhett Ellison, TE, 6-5, 251, Southern California
Rob’s rationale: Considered such a leader, he had the leadership award re-named after him at USC. Tight end’s high-effort, versatility could pique interest of his former coach, Pete Carroll.

Seventh round, 225th pick: Jeff Adams, OT, 6-6, 306, Columbia
Rob’s rationale: An athletic small school left tackle scouts are quietly talking about, Adams is the type of late round developmental prospect teams love to take late in draft.

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  1. chrisj122 says:

    1st pick: DeCastro please

    I don’t care if this will be the third straight year of drating an O.L. in the first round. I want a solid OL that can grow/work together over the course of the next decade or more.

  2. You know I’ve been saying we need to go LB or Pass Rushing DE. But I couldn’t complain if we got a stud OL. Either a right tackle and slide Carp over whenhe heals up, or a left guard. That said, I do think the draft is deep enough to get an excellent OL in the second or even third round, but it scares the hell out of me with Carp still out and not scheduled to be back until late summer.

    Maybe the answer is DL round 1 and OL/LB in Rounds 2 and 3.

  3. HawkfaninMT says:

    I wouldn’t hate on Egnew in the 4th… But I like Allen a lot more… Unfortunately he would probably caost our 2nd. Maybe a trade down in the 2nd for a teams 2nd and 3rd?

    2 more days!

  4. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I think that DeCastro will be better than Hutch! But why would we want to draft a sure fire all pro hall of famer over a perceived more important need? Especially when the two or three best pass rushers have aleady been picked!
    If the FO is Stoooooopid enough to by-pass DeCastro,(if he is there), at 12 for a reach-need pick than it will be two years in a row that we wasted our first round pick, imo.

  5. Quite a few fans wanted Carimi over Carpenter last year. Even if Carp hadn’t gotten hurt, if those two players could re-enter the draft this year, I think most, if not all, would choose Carimi. I know I’d love to trade Carp straight up for Carmimi right now but there’s no way the Bears would do it (even if Carp hadn’t gotten hurt).

    We aren’t smarter than people who do this for a living, but we had good reasons for wanting Carimi and I believe we were right and they were wrong.

    I think history is going to prove that DeCastro will be better than anyone else we could take at #12 on Thursday. That would make the second year in a row where the majority of fans beat out the people who get paid to make these decisions (again, we won’t know for sure for awhile though). I don’t want that to happen.

    Come on, DeCastro/Curry, 1-2!!!

  6. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Thank goodness the FO has been doing well with the middle to later round picks the past two years!

  7. Dukeshire says:

    There has never been a sure fire all pro, hall of famer, entering the draft Let’s get controll of ourselves. Lol. Thankfully we’re inside 48 hours, and the hyperbole can begin to subside.

  8. Palerydr says:

    Got to agree with Duke as I have stated the same thing many times myself. I wouldn’t be disappointed with Decastro but we will need to address the pass rush with at least 2 picks in the draft as I feel they will be lesser talents and more likely to not succeed. Vinny Curry won’t fix the rush all by himself.

  9. Macabrevity says:

    Just my personal opinion, but after the top 5 (which includes DeCastro) I think this is a draft that could very easily bomb out at a lot of positions for a lot of teams – more so than other years. I see a lot of guys who, pre-draft, are being hyped up to be studs, but may very well find themselves fighting to make a team roster in a few seasons. Just going over past draft magazines, and there are up years and down years at every position, then there are drafts that end up stinking top to bottom. This one imo has stanker potential. The top guys at their position (leaving QB out of this argument) are good but don’t compare to top guys from previous drafts – other than Decastro at guard. I guess what I’m saying, is when all is said and done, we could look back at this draft and see that after those 2 QB’s, there was DeCastro and a bunch of hopefuls.

  10. The Carpenter vs. Carimi question will remain just that for many years to come. They each injured their respective ways out of last season. Making a judgement based on what they’ve each done on the NFL field so far seems a touch incomplete.

    How about the Carpenter vs. Dalton question? With Flynn on board that one seems laid to rest for the most part. Sure there are some who would rather have Dalton. I still like Carpenter and just hope that he gets healthy.

    DeCastro isn’t a sure fire all pro, hall of famer as Duke states. I will say that based on what I’ve seen, the only things that will stop him from becoming a fixture in the Pro Bowl are either injury, WWIII, a global economic depression crippling the NFL or a massive earth upheaval that destroys the area where he happens to be. In other words, he’s damn good.

  11. DeCastro isn’t Hutch, as much as people would like to make him Hutch. Hutch was simply a more powerful player.

    I don’t put anything past this FO, but I’d be very surprised if they take DeCastro at #12.

    Pass rush, or trade down, and then pass rush….

  12. Macabrevity says:

    I personally don’t think we need to follow the NE TE trend just yet. Zach needs a chance to shine with Flynn, and Morrah and McCoy are adequate in sub-packages in my opinion.

    Needs-wise (in order of importance) I see it like this…
    #1 Pass rush!! (high priority)
    #2 MLB (med priority)
    #3 Healthy Rice or a replacement (draft or in-house)
    #4 Back-up Beast
    #5 OL insurance (who knows how those guys will hold up)
    #6 Trustworthy 3rd safety
    #7 Possible CB Depth

    DeCastro is still #1 on my wish list though, just based on his potential to really push the O-Line into the next tier.

  13. What do Eric Curry and Orlando Pace both have in common? I knew that both of them were going to be great in the NFL. I thought Eric Curry was going to be another Lee Roy Selmon. Oops. There’s no such thing as a sure thing, but I’ve been right on many more of the “sure” thing players than wrong by a large margin. I realize DeCastro isn’t 100% fool-proof, but I’d sure love to play those unbalanced percentages with him. Or some team like Buffalo could just be smart enough to take him for themselves and then we could worry about a trade down scenario. That’d be nice b/c I think one of those pass rushers are going to be around well into the twenties.

  14. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I love that “you’re next punk” look!

    Still time to get on the DeCastro bandwagon! Dukeshire, Chuck?

  15. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    georgia,thanks great reading there and just makes the best sense if there at 12.

  16. PostalBob says:

    Nice link to DeCastro! I did not realize – Beast Mode on the OL:-)

  17. I think Moffitt, Unger, Breno, Okung, and Lynch play at a crazy level with respect to intensity. Imagine adding another ditbag like this. It’s salavating. Maybe they go DeCastro, Curry, Crick, and LB in the 4th? That would be investing/winning in the trenches! Of course, all or none of them are going to be available. LOL.

    I can’t wait for tomorrow. Even I’m getting tired of the speculation/hoping. I want “real” answers and tomorrow evening can’t come soon enough.

  18. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not “all in” on DeCastro just yet. I won’t be disappointed if his name is on the card at 12 but I still have a hard time believing that will be the direction the team goes.

    Interesting that DeCastro has gone from a good guard, to the next Hutch, to ‘we have to have him or we will just die’ ( done in my best 14 year old girl voice), to the team will be crazy not to take him, and finally to a ‘sure fire pro bowler and HOFer’.

    If the draft were still a week away he might be a candidate for canonization, sainthood, and / or the second coming on this board.

  19. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – My opinion is the same today as it was 4 months ago: I’m not down on DeCastro. He’s a top 10 player in this draft, at any position. I’m against taking an offensive lineman (a guard no less) at 12 with more pressing needs. I place Kuechly in the same “top 10″ category as DeCastro, and he fills an immediate need. I would so much rather have Cox fall to them at 12 than either one of them… We’ll see.

  20. Carpenter better not roll into camp overweight (again). Time will tell how he pans out but I’m not sold on him. If the front office isn’t, I could see going safe and taking De Castatropho.

    I’m thinking this will be Pete’s draft to get the final say on round 1. Year 1 was a need-based draft. Year 2 was the Cable show. Now it’s Pete’s turn to take who he wants. Obviously that would lead one to believe a playmaker on D or O is coming our way.

    All I know is that you can take pressure of your D (and new QB) with a solid run game and a solid run game relies completely on a sick roster of O-line beasts.


  21. chuck – I never wanted to consider DeCastro because I don’t think is guard is what this teams wants or needs so I tried to block him out. Just like a Packers fan would with Andrew Luck or RGIII. There’s no reason for them to care about a position that’s not a need like that. It’s just that as the time gets closer, it’s tough to not want someone you think is that good (and McQuistan isn’t has good at his position as an Aaron Rogers is at his… although the wild card is wanting Carp at LG and thinking that’s his best position). I’ve thought he was a stud all along (from this past season) but the closer it gets, the more I want the good/great player or “sure” thing.

  22. If they take a pass rusher at #12 and pass on DeCastro, I’m not going to be mad. We need a pass rusher more than anything.

    I think that, mostly, the best way to build a franchise for long-term success is to draft the best players. I don’t see a pass rusher at #12 being better than this guard though.

    But I will criticize the move in a year or two if we get a bust with 1 career sack in his first couple of seasons and DeCastro is going to his first of many Pro Bowls.

  23. raymaines says:

    I think the O-Line is a bigger need than we generally admit. Gallery is gone and Okung, Unger, Moffet and Carpenter all have injury histories. Draft DeCastro, and work out the pass rush some other way.

  24. bird_spit says:

    Look, I have no idea how the FO prioritizes players against each other. For the first pick, I would want the to remove the variable from the prioritization algorithm the I would call “player of need”. The 1st pick for me should be the best athlete available graded against his class, and graded across position. We need what ever rook would be the best of the best of the class. If its a QB or kicker I’d pull the trigger (ok , maybe not kicker). But if its a guard, and he is the best of the best, and I have 5 other guards, I draft him.

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