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Seahawks Insider mock draft final results

Post by Eric Williams on April 21, 2012 at 2:10 pm with 37 Comments »
April 21, 2012 2:10 pm

Here’s the final result of our Seahawks Insider live chat mock draft this afternoon.

No. 1 Colts – QB Andrew Luck, Stanford

No. 2 Redskins – QB Robert Griffin III, Baylor

No. 3 Vikings – G David DeCastro, Stanford

No. 4 Browns – RB Trent Richardson, Alabama

No. 5 Buccaneers – CB Morris Claiborne, LSU

No. 6 Rams – WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State

No. 7 Jaguars – DT Flether Cox, Mississippi State

No. 8 Dolphins – QB Ryan Tannehill, Texas A&M

No. 9 Panthers – OT Matt Kalil, USC

No. 10 Bills – WR Michael Floyd, Notre Dame

No. 11 Chiefs – DT Dontari Poe, Memphis

No. 12 Seahawks – DE/OLB Melvin Ingram, South Carolina

No. 13 Cardinals – OT Riley Reiff, Iowa

No. 14 Cowboys – SS Mark Barron, Alabama

No. 15 Eagles – DE Quinton Coples, North Carolina

No. 16 Jets – TE Coby Fleener, Stanford

No. 17 Bengals – CB Stephon Gilmore, South Carolina

No. 18 Chargers – OLB Shea McClellin, Boise State

No. 19 Bears – OT Jonathan Martin, Stanford

No. 20 Titans – DE/OLB Whitney Mercilus, Illinois

No. 21 Bengals – C Peter Konz, Wisconsin

No. 22 Browns – OT Cordy Glenn, Georgia

No. 23 Lions – CB Dre Kirkpatrick, Alabama

No. 24 Steelers – LB Don’t’a Hightower, Alabama

No. 25 Broncos – DT Michael Brockers, LSU

No. 26 Texans – WR Kendall Wright, Baylor

No. 27 Patriots – DT Kendall Reyes, UConn

No. 28 Packers – OLB Courtney Upshaw, Alabama

No. 29 Ravens – WR Stephen Hill, Georgia Tech

No. 30 49ers – OG Kevin Zeitler, Wisconsin

No. 31 Patriots – LB Luke Kuechly, Boston College

No. 32 Giants – DE Nick Perry, USC

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  1. SandpointHawk says:

    Eric I look forward to your mock tomorrow, I know it will be better than this malarkey…

  2. michael_shaw says:

    Well, you got the first two right….

  3. Dukeshire says:

    A guard at 3 is simply absurd. Sorry Georgia.

  4. I’m good with that. Go get Kendricks in the 2nd, BPA RB in the 3rd, OL later.

  5. Duke, agreed, but it will probably be an OL either way and I think it mosly matters what the Jags do since the have some of the same needs as us–DE or WR Micheal Floyd if he’s there. I can almost guarantee PC would pounce on him if he was there, then go with someone like Vinny Curry in the 2nd. As it is, I don’t think Floyd would fall since he’s actually has more upside at WR than Blackmon. Curry may go early too…

  6. I really need to proofread…

  7. No way in hell DeCastro goes before Kalil. Really, people…

    I dont think the Chiefs take Poe either. They are reported to love DeCastro as well.

    I love the Fleener to Jets call! F’n Hilarious! Thats just the kind of stupid-ass thing theyre famous for in the first round. And they already have a good receiving TE in Dustin Keller–and he cant block either.

    And Shea McClellin that high?! Dont make me laugh! There are many other LB/DE prospects far better, AND the Chargers take bigger hard hitting LB’s and DE’s. Very funny! Somebody loves an underdog a bit much and watches too many Boise State re-runs!

    Fun stuff though!

  8. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    decastro at 3 makes huge sense since they lost hutch although kalil still make more sense unless they rate decastro as better. i don’t care if it’s number 3 if you believe he is the next hutch you take him. my point is this if you can pick hutch or walter jones you pick walt , if the choice is hutch or okung you take hutch as i think hutch is better. sorry rambled that out i am tired.

    i hope decastro makes it to the hawks if he does you have a trade partner in cinci at 22 for that pick a 2nd and a 5th grab perry and call it a day. you get your DE and 2 mid 2nd rounders. that would be a great start to the draft.

  9. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Dukeshire- we were put in a tough position with regards to this mock draft by not having trades.

    I really think that there will be a good chance of some crazy A$$ qb hungry team trading up. Like Miami.
    So thats why I, ( as a GM of the Vikings ), chose DeCastro. Thinking that they will be drafting at eight after trading with Miami.

    You should be happy about that considering how much you don’t want the Seahawks to draft him! Lol.

  10. GeorgiaHawk says:

    STTBM- I wanted Poe for the Jets pick, however homer GM Eric Williams beat me to it! Lol.

    Fleener was just a best Stanford available pick.

    I had fun! Especially with the DeCastro pick! I just hope he is available at 12 when the real draft is here.

  11. Palerydr says:

    I’ve been spending some time looking at draft trade scenario’s before today and swapping our #12(1200) for the Bengals pick at #21(800), #63(2nd 276) and #156(5th 29) would be a great deal for the Bengals not so much for us. A possible trade partner for us might be Miami if they draft Tannehill most teams try and grab a player to match up with their newly aquired QB. If Floyd were available then I wouldn’t be shocked to see them offer us their second and both 3rds but that also falls short on the trade values so possibly a player as well to make it work. I like Sean Smith who fits Pete’s quals for a CB/S 6′ 3″ 215 which he plays both. Would be great ins for us as well can’t have enough CB depth.

  12. Southendzone says:

    Is there any chance Stephen Hill is around when we pick 2nd round? He’s got impressive physical attributes & seems to do a good job pulling the ball in even when covered.

    If he came in and performed, & at the same time Sidney Rice had a decent to good come-back season we would have a wicked pair of WR’s plus Baldwin running wild underneath.

    Plus after we get DeCastro at #12, our running game will be even better than before, we will finish the league #1 in offense because no one will be able to cover all our threats.

    Then on the day we win the Superbowl, I will win the mega-millions jackpot, and People mag will put me on the top of their most beautiful people list.


  13. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Southendzone- If we are lucky enough to just get DeCastro I will be happy!
    However if we also get Hill at #2 I will be doing front flips and back flips and that will not be easy at the age of 51! Lol.

  14. ryanryan says:

    I’m just so tired of waiting.

  15. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Seahawks trade with Jacksonville and draft Tannehill, assuming Cleveland passes on him.

    If I did a mock draft and had the Seahawks drafting DE Nick Reed with the number 12 pick, would it be more realistic than this one?

  16. Actually reading the mock more closely, it looks pretty decent – except for a few notable picks.

  17. ryanryan says:

    If they were going to trade up to get tannehill they would not have signed Flynn…should he “fall” to 12 that’s another story.

    IMO of course

  18. Sucks that this was obviously not taken seriously. It would have been fun to see a real mock draft out of this group.

  19. Does anyone remember 2010 when the Jags took Tyson Alaula? That was the DeCastro pick above. It happens most years when there’s a WTF pick. Why should this draft be any different or would you rather a generic mock draft where everyone here takes what the “experts” say they should? If that’s the case, why even have a mock? Anyone here knows that Georgia absolutely loves DeCastro. He didn’t pick him to screw anyone over, he took who is in his opinion the best player available and you can’t ask for anything more than that. I would have taken Kalil in that spot, but if DeCastro turns into a 5-8 time Pro Bowlwer, who are we to say he took the wrong player?

    The only pick I really disagree with is Jacksonville. They need a pass rush or weapons for their inept offense. I would have given them Kalil, although Floyd is probably a better fit for what they need. I know they have Monroe, but he’s not overly good, but doesn’t suck either. He’d make a very good RT and that’s where he should move after they take Kalil. That would do wonders for keeping their young QB upright and then focus on pass rusher or receiver in the second round. I thought Buffalo should have taken a tackle (Reiff) since they don’t have any and their receivers don’t need to be good if their QB doesn’t have time to get them the ball. Still, in the end, if Poe (Jax) or Floyd (Buf) turn out to be good/great, then those were great picks and no differing opinions really matter.

  20. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    paleryder, i doubt we would get full point value however 1050 vs 1200 would not be bad to get the hawks an extra 2nd and the fifth we dont have now worked for me. there should be several players at 22 on the hawks board as a great value. not to mention 43 and i believe 48 you get LB/RB/QB/ECT.

  21. Palerydr says:

    Agree with the logic however I would ask for their 3rd if they are asking us. If we were asking them then I would offer 4th and work up or down accordingly in each scenario. More picks is what we need but hey every team can say that the FO has said they would pull the trigger on a deal if the right 1 comes along.

  22. If we were to trade up, I keep hearing Jacksonville as a possible partner. What about Miami as a trade partner if the Browns pass on Tannehill? Not sure who we’d value that much to move up but one of our receivers might be of value to them too.

  23. If any of you had the #12 pick and had to make the pick for the Seahawks…

    Who are your 12 players that you’d take for the Seahawks, in order, if it was ***YOU*** who ***HAD*** to make the pick? And EVERYONE happened to be available… No trades allowed!!!

    1. Luck — I don’t care if Flynn was signed, I want this guy!

    2. RGIII — I make this pick b/c the “experts” say I should. I never saw this guy much when he played in college. However, I love his interviews and things we have heard of him as a person. That’s the reason I take him here. The QB, as I’ve said many times, is held to a higher standard than any other position on the team (I don’t care if the rest of the team is comprised of idiots) and he seems legit. I could go and look at all of his YouTube clips to know for sure if I like him, but why should I? That’d be stoopid. He’s not going to be a Seahawk anyway so why should I waste my time?

    3. Kalil — I think DeCastro is an overall better player, but Kalil is darn good at a more important position. You move Okung to RT and be happy knowing you have the best tackle situation in the NFL and that Carp is guaranteed to become a guard (where he should be, IMO) when he recovers from his ACL injury. If Kalil struggles more than you expect in camp, you keep Okung at LT, put Kalil at RT, and are still fine moving forward (w/Kalil as the Okung back-up at LT).

    4. DeCastro — With each passing day, I find myself more and more on the GeorgiaHawk train of badly wanting this guy. Honestly, I don’t know if I can ever think of a better player at what he does enter a draft, besides Ndamukong Suh two years ago (who I thought was better than DeCastro now). I really liked Joe Thomas and Calvin Johnson in ’07, but not more than what I think DeCastro can become now.

    5. Perry — This pick only comes with the stamp of approval from Mr. Happy. If he believes in him, then I want him. Badly. If he doesn’t want him in the first round, then I, personally, don’t want him even with a 4th round pick. This is where I put my faith in the Hapster.

    5A. Richardson — Too good of a talent to pass up (even though I want to).

    7. Ingram — Stevo picked him. I think he’s a so-so player in certain systems, but I know Mr. Happy would get the best out of him (by putting him in the best possible position to succeed). If he gets drafted by certain teams and gets put in a bad position, then I think he’ll suck. The Hapster will make him a playmaker though.

    8. Mercilus — Pass rusher/fumbler machine needed.

    9. Reiff — See Kalil comment (except Reiff at RT).

    10. Tannenhill — I like Flynn, but I can’t pass on a QB w/this much potential. Even if Flynn works out, then Tannenhill could be traded in the future (and might/probably will be worth more w/actual NFL experience). I’m not proud of this pick, but I’m not too ‘stoopid’ to realize that this position is that important.

    11. Clairborne — I hate this pick, but I can’t let him fall any further due to the BPA theory. CBs as good as this allows us to blitz (since we’ll have a bad pass rush) and not having to worry about crappy coverage. It’s the opposite of a great pass rush.

    12. Curry — If you put the heart of Curry into the body of Coples, it’s possible I’d put Coples #1 on my list (since we have Flynn). Since you can’t, an elite talent like Coples is left to go in the teens. I have watched a bunch of Curry “tape” the last week and some Coples stuff in the last few days… This would be a Jeff Lageman pick (for those you young enough to remember this pick) that I’d be okay with making.

    As you can see, there’s a balance b/w “BPA” and “Need.”

    Ideally, a pass rusher will be the BPA when we draft. However, we all know that’s probably not going to happen either. Still, depending the circumstances, I hope a pass rusher is the BPA when we pick on Thursday!

  24. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    paleryder a 1,2,3 would be over the value, i’d buy a 1,2,4 maybe my point in this being even the point total is low the value in an extra 2nd and fifth with this front office is huge.

    here you go bobby.

    1.RG3 , i think in our offense he thrives no need for luck

    2.kalil, i agree dmn nice set of bookends although i think okung is better.

    3.decastro, i have made the case

    4.richardson, no way perry first

    5.ingram, best DE

    6. fletcher cox,best DT

    7.floyd, best receiver

    8.kuechly, best MLB

    9. coples, huge upside DE

    10.brockers huge upside DT

    11. poe, i can imagine when he comes into his game rotating from DT out to DE as Red moves inside. later replacing red

    12.mercilus, 16 sacks 9 forced fumbles. if we could trade down and get him early 20’s it would be a steal.

    bobby i dont like luck think he will be a bust or at best better than average. tannehill isnt a 1sr rounder. RG3 i think would win superbowls in this O.
    i picked the players i did based on how i thought they would impact the team.

  25. I really can’t see any scenario unfolding where Kuechly lasts until the 31st pick that doesn’t involve a scandal of Penn State proportions.

    I think I’ll be happy with Ingram, but I’d rather have Perry and picks if we can trade down. I really like Curry (from Marshall) as well mostly based on what I’ve heard from a combination of sources I respect, like Rang, Mayock and Farrar.

    Here are the players I fear us drafting (in order):

    1. Tannehill
    2. Reiff
    3. Barron
    4. Coples
    5. Floyd
    6. Cox

    It’s not so much that I fear the players, it’s more that I just wouldn’t be as excited about them and I think all of them have varying degrees of bust potential, or in the case of Barron his value just wouldn’t be maximized here.

    I put a tremendous amount of stock in what Mayock says, and if he says stay away from Coples, I’m staying away from Coples. I put Cox on the list because of recent rumors regarding us trading up to get him.

  26. Question for the group:

    Would you be happy or disappointed if we took Shea McClellin at #12?

    What if we traded down and took him at #17?

    How about #22?

    Everybody, and I mean everybody, loves this kid. Greg Cosell compares him to Clay Matthews. I think I’ve really narrowed my two main hopes down to him and DeCastro. I am fairly confident both will be there for us at #12. At that point we would have to decide if we could afford to move down and still get one of the two.

  27. ljarllrajl says:

    I’m don’t think the Vikings would take a guard at #3 because Ruskell let Hutchinson get away.

  28. ljarllrajl says:

    Shea McClellin at #12? Nice player, versatile, but doesn’t have any elite skill sets. Let the Pats have him…not a first rounder IMO.

  29. Macabrevity says:

    Interesting mock, I like mocks that don’t follow the consensus, but they need good reasoning.

    Minnesota can’t pass on Kalil for a guard, the reason Hutch is gone is because they contractually had too much tied into that position, thanks to the poison pill they used to steal him from us with.

    Kalil wouldn’t slip past the Bucs, Rams and Jags imo… or at least shouldn’t.

    I like the Hawks pick, with what was available on the board, although I’m more on the QC bandwagon than ever now.

    I keep hearing Brockers is a hot commodity in Philly… is it a smoke screen?

    I love the Jets blowing their pick, seems like it could easily happen.

    I love San Diego blowing their pick. A.J. has lost his mind and is absolutely incapable of a good draft. He’s sure to blow it. Honestly I’m convinced the Bolts are pulling a ‘Major league’ trying to suck enough to get out of San Diego and into L.A.

  30. Macabrevity says:

    Bobby K here’s my big board;

    I’m assuming you mean we have the 12th pick, and make the selection, and not that we have the #1 overall for Luck, #2 overall for RGIII, etc.

    I’m a big BPA guy, so I’d make the pick at #12 with no hesitation on most of these guys.

    #1 Luck
    #2 RGIII
    #3 T Rich – I would entertain offers
    #4 Kalil – I would entertain offers
    #5 DeCastro
    #6 Claiborne
    #7 Blackmon
    #8 QC
    #9 Ingram
    #10 Cox
    #11 Kuechly
    #12 Brockers – I would entertain offers (struggled to decide who my 12th rated player is – I hate this guy’s combine results, but the clips sure do look good)

    #12 Floyd – (Tate has soured me on ND receivers, so I’m not sure here)

  31. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The good reasoning I used in picking DeCastro, ( not over Kalil ), instead of Kalil is that the Vikings are in good position to deal this pick,( with interest in Tannenhill heating up before the draft ).

    I really think that some team will jump in and make the Vikings an offer for the third pick so cleveland won’t pick him. Or cleveland may do it.
    The question would then be what would it take for the vikings to move out of the #3 pick? It may only take Miami’s #1 plus # 2 in this years draft, or perhaps KC’s #1 and #2.

    So if the Vikings make a trade they will most likely be picking at #8 or #11, imo.
    DeCastro will likely be there at #8 or #11 so it was very reasonable for the Vikings to pick him and also gain a second round pick or more!

    As for Kalil, I would have had the Rams picking him at #5, 3-5 picks ahead of DeCastro.

    I believe the Rams will be shopping their pick so we will see.

  32. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Vikings, not Rams! Although it would be funny if they did.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Also, I could be wrong but I don’t think ,( because of the new changes in rookie contracts ), that DeCastro would be making Hutch like money.

  34. Georgia – Do you have a picture of DeCastro in your bedroom that you spend a lot of time looking at.

  35. Hopefully I’m not too late to get my 12 (coincidence? fate?)…

    #1 – Luck
    #2 – RG3
    #3 – Richardson – run it 60% of the time, long live Ground Chuck!
    #4 – Claiborne – too good to pass up, sorry Brandon (I still love you)
    #5 – Hightower – dominates the Strong-side, adds very good pass rush.
    #6 – Ingram – similar to Hightower, not quite as good.
    #7 – Barron – go with the 3 safety defense, provides insurance.
    #8 – Fleener – freak athlete with exceptional hands, Flynn loves it!
    #9 – Perry – Like Bobby K said, I trust Pete to make the call here.
    #10 – Brockers – Too much untapped potential to disregard so easily.
    #11 – Kalil – Elite LT’s are hard to come by, now we have two.
    #12 – Blackmon – I like him better than Floyd, but expect BMW will bounce back with competent QB play, so receiver is not a big need IMO.

  36. Dukeshire says:

    Carson- I’d be disappointed. If they moved up in the second to get him, I’d be cool with that.

  37. That was very hard… I wanted to find a place for Lamar Miller, but since he isn’t a realistic 1st round pick for us I couldn’t quite fit him in there. Kalil and Blackmon are easily among the best 12 players in this draft, I don’t actually want to draft them – but I’d be an idiot to pass on them with the 12th pick.

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