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Morning links: Dominating the offseason

Post by Eric Williams on April 20, 2012 at 7:33 am with 75 Comments »
April 20, 2012 7:35 am
Seattle Seahawks receiver Golden Tate. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

Brock Huard of ESPN 710 Seattle identifies Red Bryant, Russell Okung, Golden Tate, Matt Flynn and the Seahawks first and second round picks as players that need to maximize this year’s offseason program.

Here’s what Huard has to say about Tate:

“The light bulb appeared to finally come on for Tate at the end of last season. In fact, 19 of Tate’s 35 receptions came in the last five games of 2011. It’s been an eventful two years with benchings, maple bar trysts and unrealized potential from the former Notre Dame All-American.

The emergence of Doug Baldwin and most assuredly a draft pick at wide receiver next week, an enhanced look at last year’s fourth-rounder Kris Durham and super-freak Ricardo Lockette means it’s sink or swim time for Tate (and possibly Mike Williams). Tate has as much if not more explosion and dynamic ability as any receiver on the roster not named Ricardo.

“Now, he has to prove to Carroll, the offensive staff and his new quarterback that the commitment and ‘want-to’ will consistently align with his talent.

I’ll have more on the receiver group in a blog post later today.

Clare Farnsworth of has more tidbits from the John Schneider press conference.

Pro Football Weekly says the Seahawks are leaning toward starting Barrett Ruud at middle linebacker.

John McGrath of The News Tribune would like to go back to the days when there was not a three-month build up to the NFL draft.

Matt Bowen of the National Football Post diagrams three routes that Stanford tight end Coby Fleener can use to get open in the red zone at the next level.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network takes a look at some possible draft day trade scenarios. Interesting read.

Dennis Dillon of Sports Illustrated profiles Northern Illinois quarterback Chandler Harnish, who reportedly visited Seattle.

Mike Silver of Yahoo Sports gives Seattle linebacker Patrick Willis in his ultimate mock draft, his annual draft process in which every player in the NFL is open game.

Judy Batista of the New York Times gives us a behind-the-scenes look at the art and science that goes into making an NFL schedule.

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  1. As hard is it to beleive, I agree with Huard on Tate, but that’s just common sense. Huard is a goof ball. I hope are OL gets the most out of this offseason and that our D backfeild can even come together even more, if those two things happen, watch out.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    I’m, holding off on my reversal of opinion on Tate until we’re a few games into the ’12 season.

    “Huard is a goof ball” That’s putting it mildly. How does every player on the roster not need to maximize the off-season program?

  3. hawkfan777 says:

    That article from Mike Silver is a complete joke. If the Hawks had their pick of anyone in the NFL would they really pick Patrick Willis? Really?? When you could have your pick of so many great QB’s? According to his draft board guys like Eli Manning and Phillip Rivers are still available at pick 12.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    Mike Silver is another one. I have no idea how he got his position. On the whole, the current state of sports journalism is really, really bad. Across the board. I’m not just pandering, but we’re lucky to have had Sando and now E-Dub here (I’ve chosen to ignore the Hughes era).

  5. Lot a hype on Vinny Curry from LaCanfora, sounds like he might get picked in the 1st, yikes. I think besides the two QB’s, Cox, the SC guy, and Richardson are off the board by 6. Should be interesting to see what the next 6 picks after that will be.

  6. RDPoulsbo says:

    Tate has as much if not more explosion and dynamic ability as any receiver on the roster not named Ricardo.

    Does that include Rice as well? The more I think about it, BMW is the odd man out. Baldwin has taken away his 3rd down value and Obo has shown he’s more versatile. The FO’s push for more pass catching TEs devalues his size. If they get a decent TE in the draft, don’t be surprised to see BMW cut.

  7. I meant Claiborne not Cox.

  8. Soggybuc says:

    Couldn’t agree more on Tate (I did not click the link)this is year 3 and this is the season that will be light bulb or bust for for him.
    Golden admitted that he skated through the ND program on ability alone. for that I will not blame him at all, that was a failing of the ND coaching staff!
    If he fails to get his game to the NFL level, thats another story and on his shoulders alone.
    Duke. Silver is only where he’s at because he is famous for picking up the bar tab.

  9. I looked at that mock draft last night with us taking Pat Willis over a franchise QB and I couldn’t believe it. With all due respect to Pat Willis and how great I think he is, how in the hell can he justify the stupidity of not taking a franchise QB to build this team around? What a moron. And Adrian Peterson and his torn up knee going in the first round? And he’s already starting to get old in RB years. Really? I can never take anything seriously that he writes ever again. Not that I thought he was the brightest bulb in the tree to begin with.

    It’s time for Tate to put up or shut up. I was jacked when we picked him (and would have taken him with our original second round pick even if we hadn’t made the deal w/San Diego to move to the end of the round) and said his third year will be his coming out party. It’s time to put up or shut up.

  10. It won’t surprise me to see Tate and/or Williams cut.

    It all depends on what the Seahawks do in the draft and what Durham and Lockette do in training camp.

  11. Hawkzilla says:

    I just had a wild thought… Mike Williams should move to tight end! Then he wouldn’t have to fight his weight and he would be a great hot option…

  12. “Mike Silver is another one. I have no idea how he got his position.”

    He was hired from Sports Illustrated — and he was a very good writer at SI. Unfortunately Yahoo and other web-based outlets are more concerned about how many page views you can get than the quality of your writing, so Silver has to put out meaningless stuff like this.

    I’m with McGrath — I hate the prolonged buildup to the draft.

  13. chuck_easton says:

    There has been talk of moving BMW to tight end pretty much his entire pro career.

    He refuses to consider it. So, either he shows up and earns a WR spot or he’s gone.

    Too bad, because he’d be one heck of a pass catching TE in the Shannon Sharpe mold.

  14. Does anyone remember the Bears play-off game two years ago when BMW got jammed to the moon by much smaller Bear DBs? If he gets his butt kicked against smaller DBs, how bad of a whippin’ is he going to take against LBs if he were at TE? It would be ugly.

  15. ruminator1 says:

    very nervous when i read that they are contemplating Ruud as starting MLB. read one Tennesee Titan’s blog where they called Ruud the worst free agent signing in team history, terrible against the run

  16. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, I remember. Tim Jennings. 5’8″, buck-85 jammed up Williams at the line all. day. long. That was so revealing, regarding Williams’ limitations as a receiver. His inability to play more physically, given his overwhelming size advantage, was as disappointing as it gets. If he was unable to do that, how on earth would he be able to play TE?

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Canfan – Silver was a hack at SI as well. At least his content there was substantive, however (for the most part). But now, he’s simply a garbage writer. Sorry if that harsh. He’s never been what I would consider a quality journalist.

  18. RDPoulsbo says:

    McGrath is right about the prolonged draft buildup and it’s not just the RG3 example. It has been 4 months since anyone has done anything meaningful. This is what makes me especially nervous about late risers. The game film has been there for a long time and the only change since then are your workout warriors trying to impress by their weight lifting or look like they’re trying to make the Olympic track team. Basically nothing that translates to on the field football skills that causes their draft stock to rise.

  19. I’m not saying that Ruud is going to make any of us forget Heater or Lofa, but I’m not too worried about him if he starts. He’ll be fine, IMO, for what he’s making vs. his production. Now, if he were making $5 million for the upcoming season, I’d probably be harsh about this and talk about what a stupid signing it was.

    Give me a pass rusher (or someone named DeCastro) in the first round and I’ll be happy.

  20. Hawkzilla says:

    Yeah but wasn’t he playing hurt… I thought I remembered something like that. Yeah…it was just a thought. It be better than seeing him cut with feels pretty likely given he is returning from injury and wasn’t very productive prior to it.

  21. But even when healthy he’s been outphysicaled (if that’s even a word). There’s a difference b/w using your huge frame to an advantage and outmuscling someone, IMO, and at TE I just don’t think he could handle the “physicality.”

  22. Macabrevity says:

    I for one am fine with the notion of Ruud starting at MLB. As people have been pointing out, it’s not the impact position that will have a huge effect on this D, other than serving as a captain of sorts, and keeping people assignment sound, we’re not looking for splash plays from that position. I love Kuechly as a player, but am more and more convinced as the draft draws near, that we need a stud pass rusher or BPA, which at #12 might be Kuechly, but if it’s a toss up with him and DeCastro, then I’m going guard. I also like a few other LB’s more for their pass rush ability. Sean Spence would be an interesting addition. I’m also getting more and more on the Coples bandwagon.

    One other note, all the talk of Brockers becoming a big commodity in the NFC East – if he slips to #12, that could be our chance to trade down and still grab one of our DE’s. I’d be happy with that if Coples and DeCastro were off the board.

  23. HawkfaninMT says:

    And today i want DeCastro… Just a revolving door of wants everyday for me!

    Decastro with Curry(2nd) and Irvin (3rd) wold make our lines Beastly… Some playmakers from 4th on would round out the draft nicely. Maybe Marvin Jones in the 4th, Russell Wilson in the 6th, and Edwin Baker in the 7th

  24. HawkfaninMT says:

    As for Ruud starting, it is fine with me. As I understand it he will be a 2 down MLB. Which means on 3rd downs he is replaced by a nickle corner and our LBs would be Wright and Hill… or Wright and an OLB we draft (Upshaw, Ingram) rushing from the strong side, with Kam as an Roving SS with in the box responsibilities depending on down and distance

  25. The player I’m most excited about as we head towards training camp is Malcolm Smith, even moreso than Tate. He’s fast and I expect him to be this years version of Kam Chancellor. Maybe not to the level where he reaches the Pro Bowl like Chancellor did, but a guy who went from learning the ropes in the NFL in his rookie year (even if he was familiar w/the system from USC) to becoming an asset to this defense. He and Ruud make the two non-Wright starting LB positions faster, too (as had been a priority for the Hapster).

    I know there’s a lot of love for Hill in the last year, but I’ll take Smith in a heartbeat moving forward and it’s not even close. I know there have been some injury concerns with him, but has anyone paid any attention to the injuries Hill has gotten all the time through his career? He didn’t even start a full season until last year as a 29 year old and I don’t see that as a trend that will continue into his thirties.

  26. I am sure I am not the only one who has noticed but all of Michel Silver’s articles have no place for comments. My guess is it was in his Yahoo contract to have a no comments provision. Probably did not want to become the Chris Chase of Yahoo; who gets bashed worst than a pinata at a Mexican fiesta. I also thought P. Willis at 12 was retarded.

  27. Anyone who bashes Brock Huard on here is just plain ignorant. Do you actually listen to his radio show with Mike Salk? Huard is the down-to-earth guy who is generally right in line with what everyone on this blog is thinking. He isn’t a sensationalist, he’s a realist and for the most part, I agree with him on just about everything. I don’t like analysts that are overly critical or who don’t see the big picture.

    There is a reason Brock Huard has a radio show, a column, and is the face of ESPN college football now. He’s not a dufus or a hack in any sense. He’s a local guy who worked his tail off to get where he is today.

    It’s amazing how inherently jealous people are.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    I’m looking forward to Smith as well. If Seattle doesn’t select a LB early, I’ll be curious to see if Seattle moves Wright to Mike, Hill to Sam, and plugs Smith in at Will. Not my ideal scenario, but a possibility. That is of course, because my expectations for Ruud are fairly low. Hill, Ruud, and Wright does not make the LBs faster, as Carroll has stated he wants…

  29. Dukeshire says:

    Carson – I’ll agree he’s not a sensationalist or engages in hyperbole. I like that. But I find his analysis (breakdowns) flawed, many times. And when it comes to his “editorials” I rarely agree with him. I’m sure he’s a nice guy and all, I just don’t care for his takes, and I don’t believe it’s a result of my ignorance.

  30. Jealousy for a me strapped, Brock and Salk, woozers. Salk is straight annyoing and pussified. Talk about someone who thinks he’s perfect. Huard I can stand in really small doses, but I prefer Hugh Millan for a husky personality.

  31. RDPoulsbo says:

    Everytime I think of Brock Huard, I can’t help but think of the stories a good friend of mine told of him when they had a couple of the same classes at UW. Let’s just say my friend felt he was very lacking of book smarts and common sense.

  32. I think Smith is going to outperform Hill at Will, win the job, and start with Wright and Ruud.

  33. wabubba67 says:

    Somehow, someway in the later rounds I want to see the Seahawks pick up Robert Turbin…unless Richardson magically falls to us in the first round.

    I think Huard is wrong when he predicts that Seattle will draft a wide receiver at some point next week. I think we already have a log jam there if the coaching staff truly believes at all in Lockette. Would not at all be surprised to see Williams cut…though with Flynn’s accuracy, maybe he gets new life too?

  34. Got me strapped

  35. I don’t think Ruud will start. If he does it won’t last, but I like it for depth

  36. I often really enjoy Brock Huard’s analysis of the Seahawks. Anyone who was coached at QB by Holmgren and then practiced for 2 years next to Peyton Manning is a guy I’ll listen to when he speaks.

    Of course its true that 53 players, not just 5, need to maximize their offseason prep for the Seahawks to improve as a team. To Huard’s list of 5 though, I would add Mike Williams who needs to up his game or go to the bench, TJack who needs to push Flynn and be ready to lead should Flynn go down injured, and James Carpenter who needs to rehab before the season is done and step in to claim his starting job. I have the feeling he’ll be greatly needed before the season is done. One more – Ricardo Lockette can be a huge contributor this year and we really need one of these WRs to step up.

  37. “There is a reason Brock Huard has a radio show, a column, and is the face of ESPN college football now…”

    I would say there are “reasons”. One of them being that he was a very underwhelming pro quarterback.

  38. tchristensen says:

    Hopefully the Hawks can trade down in the first, draft Whitney Mercilus, and snag (albeit on a wing and a prayer) Vinny Curry in the second round. You can never have enough defensive ends!

  39. chrisj122 says:

    Here’s my 2 cents:

    Brock Huard: I will listen to him from time to time, he offers a little insight. Brock will try to explain things from the perspective of a coach and what a coach might be thinking when comes to expectations and/or limitations of specific players. I value what he has to say from the perspective of a football player because he has been there done that, but he a way to state the obvious. All and all I don’t always agree with him but I can appreciate his insight, although I give him zero credibility when the topic goes to Payton Manning. Brock has a serious man-crush on Payton Manning.

    Salk: Loud, always has to right and his view point comes from the sole view of the fan. I believe he is an East Coast transplant, short and hairy. Sure he’s loud, annoying, whines but he’s a short, hairy, East Coast guy, what else would you expect. Having said that he can be entertaing.

    Hugh Millen: I like Hugh, he offers incredible insight from the QB position. He often breaks down plays beyond the understanding of the common fan, I like went he dives deep into specific plays and offers insight on what a QB is thinking/looking for. However Hugh can be full of himself sometimes and tends to undervalue other positions on the football field. After Hutch left he said “Gaurds are not important” basically saying he didn’t like losing Hutch but if your gonna lose a player on the O.L. a Guard would be the least noticable.

  40. Galena–Hahaha!

  41. Short and hairy. LMAO. There’s a bunch of reasons why Salk is annoying to me, but those two reasons never got under my skin. Hilarious though.

    Damn, can’t believe draft is almost here…whaa haapenned?

  42. It would be pretty cool to trade down from #12 and get a pass rusher like Mercilus or Perry. And then take the pick or picks received from trading down and add it/them to our 2nd rounder to move back up to take Curry in the late first/early second. A Mercilus/Curry or Perry/Curry 1-2 combination would have me feeling pretty warm and fuzzy inside and feeling great about our pass rush moving into the future. We’d have gone from taking our two worst areas of the team (QB and pass rush) and magically performed a minor miracle in one off-season. We’d be ready to rock on into the future.

  43. jchawks08 says:

    Carson, I couldn’t agree with you more regarding Brock Huard. Man, and I thought I had tendencies to be a hater! Surprising comments coming from unexpected sources on this thread re: Brock.
    I’m sure most on here are more knowledgeable and have more insight then some silly radio/tv personality.. What do we know? I have essentially switched my sports radio from KJR to KIRO because of Brock and Salk. Callabro played a part in my xfer as well. Sorry KJR.
    Bring on the draft because this talk about ficticious drafts (I freakin’ love Silver. Dude is pure hilarity) and people getting bent out of shape is starting to bring out the troll in me. Ingram, Keuchly or Decastro in the 1st rd for me. Go Hawks.

  44. Bobbyk–It would be great to trade down and still get Mercilus/Ingram/Perry, but I cant see Seattle spending thier first two picks on the same position. Now, if they took a LB like David, Wagner, Kendricks, or Brown in the second, I would be pretty damned happy with that outcome.

    As long as they didnt pass on DeCastro.


  45. Soggybuc says:

    Pretty fair break down ChrisJ, as to his man crush on PM I would imagine being a Colt and working with him in practice, film room and meeting rooms he saw him as a pro more intimately than most.
    All I have ever seen is PM on TV and that is damn impressive to watch. I’d imagine watching him tear a D apart on film is just as impressive, that and then watching him take that film study and translate to the field even better field.

  46. PEARLJAM23 says:

    I played football and went to Jr. High and High School with Brock. He was always nice and down to earth. He took AP classes and was pretty smart back in the day. He remembered all the names on the team, all the way from the guy who never played to the starters. Sometimes he corrected his dad (he was the football coach) on the formations and plays. He was a good motivater and great team guy. I know that was a long time ago, but I’m sure the foundation of him as a person hasn’t changed that much. I’ve seen him over the years and whenever I see him, he greats me by name and asks how I’m doing and such. Just wanted to throw this out there.

  47. raymaines says:

    Just by the nature of the beast, every guy that rockets up the draft boards to a spot higher than #12, forces someone down. I wish six more QB’s would suddenly be discovered and push six real talents down to the ‘Hawks.

    Yesterday I thought the Seahawks would draft QC, today I think it will be David DeCastro. We’re all going stupid nuts.

    Six days and about four hours until we know.

  48. Dukeshire says:

    That’s really cool. Although, for my part, I never thought he was a dick or anything else but (seemingly) a nice guy. I just don’t often agree with him, or his analysis.

  49. raymaines says:

    And for what it’s worth: I love the Brock and Salk show. It’s the most entertaining three hours on the radio. Wassell and Boy Howdy too. I gotta think Brock really knows his football, but he’s such a space case.

  50. Palerydr says:

    Count me in as A guy who enjoys Huard, Salk not so much. Brock isn’t in your face and sounds like a guy you would like to hang out with. His analysis IMO has insight that I enjoy. I used to listen to KJR all the time but got a little tired of Mitch’s obsession with women. I consider myself to be a homer(UW) but listening to softy makes me want to vomit he’s so over the top knee jerk that I can’t stand him. I also have first hand knowledge of something softy has done, which I won’t mention, that makes me actually hate the guy. Thanks Pearljam appreciate your insight.

  51. freedom_X says:

    Since we’re talking radio hosts and shows…

    Interesting that you disagree with Brock Huard’s opinions a lot, Duke. Huard is pretty mainstream and fairly conservative (seems to base opinions on logic and evidence instead of throwing crazy stuff out.) So for my part, I don’t disagree with him much even though I don’t find myself shouting out in excitement about his commentary, either. He’s pretty middle of the road.

    What happened to KJR in the past couple months? Are they downsizing? They got rid of their local evening show, which was the show I listened to most driving home from work. I liked listening to Elise, because she’s pretty balanced and even-keeled, and I tend to agree with her views a lot. But then they replaced it with national talk show programming, and I prefer ESPN’s national show to what KJR is putting out now.

    Brock and Salk has hit its stride, I find myself switching 50/50 between them and KJR/Mahler now. Especially when it comes to NFL (KJR has to play the Millen card to switch me over when it comes to NFL talk.) Also, I find virtually 0 interest in hearing interviews with high school players and coaches. KJR has a good amount of that. Haven’t heard that much high school stuff on KIRO.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    freedom_X – Again, I appreciate the tenor of his comments, just not the content. Especially his scheme breakdowns.

  53. bayareahawkfan says:

    For what it’s worth I was a huge fan of KJR from 1995 to 2000, when I last lived in Seattle. I listened to them exclusively during that magical M’s run in 95, and during the Sonics’ run to the finals.

    I even streamed KJR from California after I moved for years. In spite of Softy (whom I remember as the intern who got on mic during the M’s surprising run), who I absolutely cannot stand.

    I had stopped by degrees tuning in to the station, partly because of Softy and the general “tabloid” nature of the station – though I still listened as often as possible to Mitch’s “Seahawks Roundtable”.

    Brock and Salk has got me back, and I’m listening most days over the Internet, and downloading Seahawks-related segments I missed to listen to later on.

    While not perfect, I enjoy their schtick, and I also enjoy the discussion, for the most part, around specific football and baseball topics. Salk drives me nuts occasionally, and I’m certain Brock and would disagree on almost anything in the political sphere, but I like their dynamic together, and find their show entertaining.

    It reminds me of the Seattle I remember, even though I haven’t lived there in some time. KJR is just too skeevy. It makes sense that they pick up Fox radio as their national feed.

  54. bayareahawkfan says:

    I should point out I meant Brock and Salk has me back listening to Seattle sports radio again, not KJR. KIRO is my mainstay now, and Calabro and, believe it or not, Groz have shored things up for me. Even Wyman I find entertaining.

    I can’t speak for the quality of the football scheme breakdowns, because I guess I’m still learning, and find all of it really informative.

  55. I like Brock. He’s got a good laugh and a good sense of humor. I don’t always agree with him (Manning to Sea). The guy I find hard to listen to is Softy. I want to like him, but he’s such a blowhard. I listen to both stations, but only for Seahawks. I hate listening to stuff about baseball and basketball. Bleh.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    “freedom_X – Again, I appreciate the tenor of his comments, just not the content. Especially his scheme breakdowns”

    Can you give us an example or two, (for us who have never listened to Brock ), of what you mean by that Dukeshire?

  57. raymaines says:

    Georgia Hawk: Take a few minutes to listen to the second hour of the B&S show this afternoon…

  58. Dukeshire says:

    Georgia – I’d have to go back to his video breakdowns of plays, that Eric has provided the past couple seasons (I’d rather shave my head than listen to sports talk radio). And the fact is, he mis-diagnoses defenses, calls receiver routes the incorrect numerical name, and otherwise is careless, I’ll call it, with his analysis. If I have the energy to create such a detailed post, I will. But I’ve (criticized) corrected his breakdowns on this blog, in the threads they’ve been posted in. Honestly, it’s not so important to me that I feel I need to go back. You know? I’m sure he’ll provide more this season, and I’ll point out what I mean then.

  59. Ignore everything you’ve heard about the draft in the last week. Ignore everything you’ll hear about the draft in the coming week. The scouts and GMs knew who they liked months ago. All draft news at this point is hype generated by GMs to mislead other GMs.

    In other words, the college players you really liked before the combine, they are probably still the guys you should like.

  60. *actually meant they know who they liked *weeks* ago.

    what the heck, have another beer.

  61. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I take your word for it Dukeshire. I just don’t ever listen to Brock!

    Perhaps because he never exceeded the hype that was always around him!

  62. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK raymaines- I did take a few minutes and I came away with Brock being worse than he ever was at qb, and that is not saying much!

  63. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – Truer words have rarely been spoken. Lol

  64. “Huard is a moron. Huard is as dumb as a bag of hammers, if I may.” – Dukeshire (04/18)

    It looks like you’ve started your backpedal, and while you’re no Richard Sherman, you’ve done a fine job.

    Take a listen to the podcasts, especially the Sando segments. If you hate typical sports radio, you’ll like his show for the most part.

    If you’re in the garage or at the range or something, what could be better to listen to?

  65. As far as the WR go – I think Butler is the first out the door – doesn’t fit as well (IMO)

    I am still not sold on Durham or Lockette – I would be more than happy to see them turn out spectacular and have me look bad but I just don’t see it.

    If Flynn is QB then Williams immediately looks better – Tjack didn’t ever look for him – EVER

    Rice is safe for the year –
    Obo is great on ST so has a leg up on the other receivers
    Tate was listed in front of Baldwin at the end of last years depth chart so that shows you where the team has Tate

    Williams was starting before that –

    SOO I guess that goes back to Lockette/Butler/Durham fitting for the bottom of the ladder.

    who knows what happens this time around, as has been proven before – nobody knows what is in store with the twins in charge!

  66. Dukeshire says: “I’d rather shave my head than listen to sports talk radio”

    Hmm, this really sounds like the start of a bet… doesn’t it, guys? lol!

  67. Off Topic Warning–SEATTLE SUPERSONICS

    Sorry boys but I didn’t know where else to post this up. Looks like Aubrey McClendon, CEO of Chesapeake Energy and the big money behind the Sonics’ theft to OKC now finds his fortunes and those of his company diminishing rapidly. Here is a link to the story:

    I will never feel right about what happened to the Seahawks in Superfix XL and ONLY a superbowl victory will bring any form of healing. Similarly, I will not forgive or care about the NBA, unless the Sonics come home and I mean the team currently in OKC. I don’t want any other team and I want it to happen while Durant and Westbrook are still in their prime. Will that take place? Maybe if the sun rises in the West. But while I’m waiting for that to happen it’s kind of funny that:

    “…We believe the best thing for investors would be to replace the board and/or CEO,” Phil Weiss, an analyst at Argus Research, wrote in a research note. Weiss cited not only McClendon’s personal loans as reasons for shareholders to push him out, but Chesapeake’s “use of financial engineering” and “the relatively low quality of its financial data…”

    Well Aubrey, if it’s going to happen to someone it might as well be you. If you need to raise some cash by selling an NBA franchise I know of a good NBA city with an interested buyer.

    And now back to mock draft #742…

  68. Dukeshire says:

    Carson – How is that a backpedal? Granted, that may have been a more pointed comment, but when it comes to his football analysis, I stand by it. And yes, Sando’s good. I like John Clayton. There are exceptions to my sports talk feelings. But on the whole, I really can’t stand it and have listened to enough of it, that I no longer feel like wadin through all the crap for a few moments of good. That’s just me.

  69. Macabrevity says:

    Galena… awesome post!

  70. ruminator1 says:

    Obviously, all of the sports analyists are flawed in some way or other. For me, Levy gives great interviews, asks really pertinent and thought provoking questions. His girlie stuff is idiotic. Gas and Groz now that they are separated produce what they used to provide together–very little. Groz in particular seems to give scant attention to preparation. Sandmeyer seems ok to me and Softy is what he is. If you want a big time homer, there he is. But I rarely hear anything new or surprising from him.
    In comparing Hugh asnd Brock, they both provide good information. I dislike Millen’s intrusive ego, hate his politics, but respect his technical knowledge and the amount of work he puts in. Generally, I would say the same about Huard. He is a close student of the game and he understands offense. He is not as technical as Millen, for the most part, but when he does get into that side of football, he can be good.(and he can be blah and boring) I think he is better as a game commentator. There he really shines. Both Huard and Millen can be very irritating at times. But to say that “Huard is a moron. Huard is as dumb as a bag of hammers” is way off the mark. IMO

    Bobby, I hope you are right about Ruud. But I have run across a few comments now which say he is not a tackler, that he is not good against the run and that his strength seems more in pass coverage. Titan fans are very disparaging and I wonder how Seattle fans will be if they find him lacking.

  71. HeinieHunter says:

    Seattle over the history of the franchise has wasted big draft picks on QB’s and come up dry. You simply can’t take Tannehills over DeCastros at 12 and expect to build a winning team. It’s like buying lotto tickets instead of putting money into a retirement account.
    If Seattle had used the two first round picks we spent on Dan MCGuire, or the second pick of the draft on Rick Mirer, on OL or DL we would have a much better history.

    I council getting the rest of he team ready this year, see if Flynn pans out, and then if not, go after the QB of the future. You have to gamble a little, I get that. I would gamble on RG3 like the Redskins did. Huge upside, not much risk that he will wash out.

    I believe we went to the Super Bowl because of Walt and Hutch, not because of Matt and Shawn.

  72. To chime in, I dont like any of those guys–Brock, Salk, or Hugh Millen. Millen thinks he knows everything but he was a lousy NFL qb, and he’s often not only opinionated in a jerk-like way, but dead wrong.

    Huard says some pretty der-da-der things; he comes across as a laid-back but none-too-bright football fan. He also confuses good play with being a good person in players, and sticks with reputations of coaches rather than carefully analyzing their performance. Personally, I think he’s okay sometimes, but too often either annoying, stupid, wrong, or a combo of all three.

    I know that sounds harsh, probably harsher than I mean it to. He just comes across that way, for all I know he’s really a smart dude. At least he’s rarely a jerk.

    Salk is horrible. Makes me wanna listen to idiots like Jim Rome for chrissake….

    I loved Pete Gross and I really dig Steve Raible. I really dont care to listen to anyone else. I’d rather read the blog comments.

  73. Heine–Dude, we didnt go to the Super Bowl simply due to Hutch and Walt. We went there because we finally had a talented, experienced team with great leaders like Hass, and great players–like Shawn et al–that Holmgren knew he could trust to not only run his complex system like clockwork, but to improvise within that framework and usually succeed.

    We went because we had the most complete team of players, and one of the best coaching staffs, in the NFL. And then Timmay! went and set about destroying it to feed his monstrous ego…

    To say we went because of two fine players not because of two others nearly as fine is not only a drastic oversimplification, but utterly wrong.

  74. No team ever goes to the SB b/c of 1 person. However, some help more than others. I’ll go to my grave knowing that we went to the SB more b/c of Hutch than $haun. Give me a crap guard and $haun wasn’t as good, but give me a crap LG and the RB would still be pretty darn good, even if not as good as $haun.

    Yeah. If that makes sense…

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