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Morning links: Hawks a surprise team in 2012 ?

Post by Eric Williams on April 15, 2012 at 7:44 am with 81 Comments »
April 15, 2012 9:04 am

ESPN’s Chris Mortensen, Mel Kiper and Trent Dilfer list the Seattle Seahawks among their surprise teams heading into the 2012 season in this video looking forward to this year’s draft.
Dilfer has this to say about the prospects of the Seahawks making an run at an NFC West title in the upcoming season.

Dilfer: “I know the 49ers are the dominant team in the division, but their schedule is brutal. And I really like one thing the Seattle Seahawks can do that not a lot of teams can do, and that’s cover you.

“This young secondary can glove you. And I like that they can glove you in sub groups, which are those nickel substitution groups where they spread you out, because Kam Chancellor and Earl Thomas not only are great safeties, but they can come down and cover in the slot.”

Dan Pompei of the National Football Post writes that the Seahawks could be interested in offensive guard Eric Steinbach. The former Cleveland Browns guard missed the 2011 season after having surgery to remove a disc fragment from his spinal nerve and was cut earlier this offseason. Steinbach is expected to be ready to work out for teams in about a month or so.

ESPN’s Mike Sando writes that Seattle has the 11th toughest strength of schedule heading in to the 2012 season.

Steve Kelly of the Seattle Times writes about Seahawks general manager John Schneider and his efforts to start a charity called Ben’s Fund, in honor of his 10-year-old son who has Autism.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports says this year’s draft is thin at pass rusher.

Frank Cooney of takes a look at the top running backs and tight ends in the draft.

Dave Boling of The News Tribune pens a nice, meaty profile on new Washington State head coach Mike Leach.

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  1. DreadHawks says:

    Couldn’t agree more with Trent. I expect another strong draft from JS/PC and expect the Hakws to have a big year. I don’t think I’ve ever been so ready for the season to begin. As for #12. Only DeCastro and Richardson excite me, neither is a true need. Trade down scenario works best for me.

  2. mike98541 says:

    I agree. Trade down is the best option unless someone falls to number 12 that we dont expect to be there.

  3. Dukeshire says:

    Trade down is fine, but who will be at 12 that another team desires enough to move up? Floyd, perhaps, but few others.

  4. If teams are smart, neither Richardson or DeCastro will be available at #12.

    That means we get what we should get (even if we can’t trade down)… a pass rusher.

    Personally, I wouldn’t pass on DeCastro. I’d take him. However, I want him gone. We’re not going to have the type of season we want to have if we don’t get pass rush help.

    Come on, Buffalo or KC, don’t be stoopid. Take BPA for a position of need on your teams and be rewarded with a bunch of Pro Bowls for your pick. Leave the pass rushers to us!

  5. JazBadAzz says:

    This is hilarious!

  6. Bobbyk–Getting any of the pass rushers available in the first this year likely translates to very little production. Its a long shot to think any DE picked this year will do much of anything to help our pass rush. Instant improvement is more likely to come from Davis, Konz, or Wilkerson than it is our first round pick at DE.

    If we want to get someone who will instantly upgrade our team’s performance, that person is DeCastro. And looking at McQ at LG, I would say LG is a huge need. Carpenter is not to be counted on for anything this year, and perhaps never. There are no gurantee’s with him and Seattle cannot afford to consider him the answer to any question on the line. He’s just competition in 2013 as of now.

    I’ll support whoever they choose, but I dont see taking a first round DE as doing much to help our pass rush this year.

  7. Sarcasticus says:

    I really hope the Seahawks take the best player available at 12 regardless of need. Most folks on the boards are so focused on the glaring weakness of a pass rush that they are willing to skip over some really good players to draft a mediocre pass rusher in the draft. That is daft. Plus, I am not sold on the Seahawks’ run defense being all that stout.

    This draft is weak and that is why every day there is a new mock with Seattle taking a different player. No one has a clue how the first 10 picks are going to go, outside of the first two.

    Seattle, hopefully, will not draft this high again for a good long while. So, I hope they get a really good young player, regardless of position.

  8. JazBadAzz says:

    BPA always wins…drafting for need never works. No one knows which player is a bust or HOF’er regardless what scouts or anybody say!

  9. JazBadAzz says:

    Trent Dilfer is always an idiot until he says something good about our team! lol

  10. Macabrevity says:

    With no clear-cut top pass rusher available, I like our chances of hitting the jackpot in the 2nd round. There are some intriguing names who could be available, but all come with a question mark and are clear hit or miss guys;

    Vinny Curry? I love the suggestion by someone else on this forum (forgot who) that we draft him, and give him Aaaron Curry’s number, so fans can keep their jerseys.

    Andre Branch? Guy looks good on paper, but Clemson DE’s tend to disappear in the bigs.

    Chandler Jones? Mayock loves this guy… I don’t. He looks about as coordinated as an octopus on dry land.

    Cam Johnson? Kind of a poor man’s Coples imo.

    There are some intriguing names at OLB that would fit the bill too, as long as we can get someone to get to the QB.

    Who do you guys like if we don’t go rusher in round #1? I’d like to give Curry a shot myself… bad combine, but sure looks good in the highlight reels.

  11. JazBadAzz says:

    Chandler Jones brother is Jon Bones Jones the ufc phenom! Arthur Jones plays for the Ravens. i like him before I found this stuff out, he just needs to be a situational pass rusher and with red and the other guys it could work here!

  12. grizindabox24 says:

    I personally do not believe Konz is first round talent.

  13. ljarllrajl says:

    BPA almost always factors in need. With that said I think the BPA when we pick at #12 IS best pass rusher in the draft. But is listed at DT and not DE, and that’s Fletcher Cox.

    I’m not sure where he gets drafted but he seems to be moving up the board in mock drafts lately so I don’t know if he’ll be there when we pick. My guess is he won’t be but I’ll try and be happy with whomever we select.

  14. I’m a DeCastro lover too. But saying that a 1st round DE isn’t going to be ready to help this year so we should wait is like saying we never should get a pass rusher with a high pick (where most of them are found) because they will never be able to contibute “right away.” At some point, we must have one (at least). The sooner, the better. I’m on the DeCastro train, as he is the only non-pass rusher that I’d be happy with us drafting. But if he’s gone, we need a pass rusher first and foremost, IMO.

  15. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ljar, fletcher cox won’t be there at 12 neither will ingram so who then. you talk like this O-line is set 1 starter gone 3 others comming back from season ending injuries.

  16. Agreed that the best pass rusher could be a DT or a DE. Not all of these guys will be available at 12 and most of them will take time to develop. If I could tell you which players were going to pan out then I’ve got the wrong job.

    DT: Fletcher Cox, Michael Brockers

    DE: Nick Perry, Whitney Mercilus, Quinton Coples, Melvin Ingram

    If immediate results is our primary goal, my guess is that Mercilus provides the most direct shot in the arm short term as a pure situational pass rusher. Being that I see our window only starting to open, the best long term guy is who we want and that might be him but just as easily is one of those others.

    The draft usually proves out that pass rushers were available to everyone beyond the 1st round and that the real challenge is the identification process. If we could do that we could have our cake and eat it too.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    Jaz – I certainly wouldn’t agree with that. Need has to define how one approaches the draft. Of course, the earlier a team selects (in the first) the easier it is to defend BPA, simply because they likely have so many holes. But generally speaking, selecting th so-called BPA, regardless of need, is a chaotic philosophy that allows others to determin you team’s direction. No, sound drafting teams approach it with a clear direction, that the vagaries of other teams’ selections have no affect on. I would agree that one has to select the BPA for their given need, philosophy, direction, etc… But need has to be the ones first consideration. Targeted players are going to be taken, so teams have plan B, C, D, and so on. That’s where all the effort into the draft goes.

  18. ljarllrajl says:

    We don’t know for sure who’ll be available when we pick. But I think you could make a case for all the guys Galena just listed.

    The O-line isn’t in a desperate state yet. Okung and Moffit are projected to be ready for camp. You could effectively address guard at a point in the draft where you can’t effectively address pass rusher.

  19. tchristensen says:

    Carpenter is not to be counted on for anything this year, and perhaps never.”

    My one wish is that James Carpenter becomes an all-pro so that STTBM will ease up on the guy. Seriously, the kid plays half a season with no off season conditioning program and you’re writing him off?

  20. JazBadAzz says:

    Duke- great drafting teams draft BPA and tend not to have draft bust every year. If we are picking 1st rd or 2nd rd, team needs can be meet but not always a necessity to reach for that player. If you take the BPA and its a cb then so bet it, I bet PC and JS won’t pass on Morris Claiborne if he’s there at 12! If its Decastro thats rated 97 and Coples thats rated 95, do you take Coples and pass on Decastro if that’s the way the board is set up? Take Coples because he’s rated slightly below and he fills an immediate need which would make sense. But if Coples was rated 88 compared to 97 then you have to take Decastro. If Tannehill is there at 12 and rated 91 on the draft board, do you take him? Hundreds of variables but taking BPA= lets likely drafting a bust, it just creates more flexibility in roster moves for the future. (and capital for future trades)

  21. Jerry Reese, the fantastic NY Giants GM, is all about taking Best Player Available which is how he ended up with a Jason Pierre-Paul.

    Whenever Holmgren drafted for need, he struck out huge (King, McIntosh, Robinson, Stevens) and when he drafted BPA he came up gold (Alexander, Hutchinson, Trufant – I know Ferguson was the GM Technically for Trufant).

  22. JazBadAzz says:

    Seriously, the kid plays half a season with no off season conditioning program and you’re writing him off?

    True story! he was high on a lot of people draft boards, he will be good!

  23. JazBadAzz says:

    Great example pabuwal

  24. Dukeshire says:

    Great example, except he fails to mention the Giants had a need at RDE. Osi started only 11 games the previous season and had already show a pattern of injury, at that point. They drafted the BPA for a position of need, and that’s the point.

  25. JazBadAzz says:

    Not exactly, they had enough depth at that position. The rotation they use is a luxury. Almost all of their Dt are also DE, and some of the LB’s drop to DE on passing downs. Osi was possibly going to be traded but they were asking to much in return. The need for them was DB, and LB and it still is. They drafted the kid from BC and no one knew what type of player he would be or even make the final roster but they gave him a chance and he proved well.

  26. To a degree, I agree with both sides on this one.

    If we had Aaron Rogers and we drafted #12 this year and we had Tannenhill ranked way, way higher than any other player on our board, there’s no way we should go with the BPA. I think everyone here will agree with that, so in a way, you will agree that it’s not always about BPA.

    However, if there’s a prospect like DeCastro who is going to be ranked, in my world, way higher than any pass rusher available at #12, then I have to rethink my priorities if I’m the organization on this one.

    Personally, I’d go with DeCastro and if it makes any sense, I disagree with myself. If I’m the person doing the drafting and my reputation is on the line, I’d go safe and take the guard (which we really don’t need in comparison to the pass rusher). But looking at it from afar, they really need to take the pass rusher because that’s what’s best for the overall team this year.

    It’s a real tricky situation where I see, and agree with, both points of view.

  27. Pete Kendall walked in the FA period just before we drafted Hutchinson in 2001 so there was a need at OG. Hutch also was a all-pro to come. Great pick all around. Koren Dropinson at #9 is a different story.

  28. Grizindabox–I meant Jameson Konz. The other Konz plays C. If we ever get anything from Jameson it will be a miracle, but stranger things have happened.

    tchristensen–Im not writing him off, but I refuse to count on him doing anything, especially not this year. His injury is serious, and it came so late last season that he likely wont be full strength till after the eighth game of the season. So expecting anything from him this year would be utter folly.

    The fact he was drafted two full rounds ahead of where he expected to go, then showed up a fatass and out of shape REALLY pisses me off. I could care less that he didnt have an offseason–what, does he need someone to wipe his butt for him too?! C’mon, if youre a professional, act like it! Put the fork down, go running, and lift some damn weights! It isnt rocket science! But regardless of him being a lazy fatass, he wasnt a good RT at all, and in his one game at LG, he sucked there too. While he improved as the season wore on, he still was miles from being good.

    Angry at him or not, I have not given up on him. He is built to be a HOF guard. Perhaps he can up his footspeed and become a solid RT. I doubt it, but I still hope it happens and its way too early to give up on him. But, if a player of DeCastro’s caliber is available, it would be insanity to bank on Carpenter and pass on DeCastro for a lesser talent at DE.

    And after six years of horrid offensive line, arent you ready to buy a half-way decent line at any cost?! I know I am!

    And if Seattle really like Coples or Ingram or Mercilus or Cox and takes them over DeCastro, I will have to accept it. But its not like they’d admit they reached for a positional need over a guy they had ranked higher, now would they?

  29. Careful Duke, that “pattern of injury” argument could be used against you in a court of draft day law in that our entire O Line has shown a pattern of injury. Being positions of need, DeCastro now becomes the BPA at a position of need. Just not at the position of our most glaring need.

    Just messing with you.

  30. For the record, I am not calling Carpenter a bust, nor advocating for him to be cut/traded/whatever. But neither can I condone waiting till next year to ensure a decent line. And Im not buying that McQ is a viable starter at LG. Puke!

    Carpenter will enter 2013 camp the hopeful heir apparent to the RT position, but he will be competing from the backup position, trying to beat out Giacomini. Meanwhile, we do have a need at G. Now, its quite possible Seattle can find a starting G in round 3 or 4, but DeCastro isnt just a starting caliber G, he’s a potential HOF’er, according to many with far more football acumen than I possess.

    I think I’d even take DeCastro over Michael Floyd, and Floyd is likely to be the best player who has a chance of being there at 12, next to DeCastro.

    There are plenty of other players with potential who should be available, so it should work out fine. And if Seattle takes a DE with potential in the first two rounds, finds a good G, and a RB who can backup Lynch, I will be thrilled. Even if its Floyd or Cox or Mercilus or Ingram or Perry or whoever at 12. I will be pissed as hell if Seattle takes Dont’a Hightower at 12, because he isnt fast enough or a good enough talent to reach at 12. If we were picking 23rd, fine, but we’re not. We are picking several slots higher than the pick that got us Earl Thomas, so the bar is high.

    If somehow Tannehill slides to 12, which he wont, I would laugh my butt off if Seattle took him. Seriously, how screwy would that be?!

  31. “Two full rounds” Doubt that. GBay had him as their first rounder but had to settle for another OT since we took him. We were not the only two interested that high either. Anybody that had him as a third rounder was a skim mocker.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Jaz – There were only 7 teams with fewer sacks than the Giants in ’09. How can you argue that a pass rush end, especially on the weak side where they had an injured player, for a team that rarley blitzes, wasn’t a need? They have the luxury of rotating linemen now, but not nearly so before JPP was drafted. He wasn’t a luxury. He filled a need and was the BPA to do so.

  33. Who does everyone want if every defensive lineman/pass rusher is available at #12 (and the player you may really want, like DeCastro, is gone)?

    What’s the pecking order for everyone with names like Ingram, Coples, Perry, Mercilus, etc. in the mix (and assuming we can’t trade down)?

  34. woofoo–Carpenter had a third round grade–from multiple GM’s and coaches–right up to the draft. And its only hearsay that GB was gonna take him. It wouldnt surprise me if it was a plant. And it wouldnt surprise me to see Seattle float GB as a potential suitor to deflect all the blame for reaching badly to satisfy Cable.

    Dukeshire–The Giants drafting of JPP when they had so many DE/DT’s who could rush the passer is the same reason Seattle should consider taking DeCastro. We appear to have the future of our O-line settled, but Carpenter is gonna miss half the year at least with major knee surgery, and impressed no one last year. Moffit is also coming off a major injury, and tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. Will he be a good player without the dope? A question. And McQ at LG?! Our offensive line is in worse shape than the Giants D-line was, and so it makes perfect sense to take DeCastro this year if we can get him. Let Carpenter have Osi’s role, light a fire under his privileged fat ass and see if he has what it takes to win the RT job!

    BobbyK–I admit I havent watched enough tape to warrant a really informed opinion, but my picks–depending heavily on whether or not Seattle reverts to the Under or stays with a more traditional 4-3. Coples, Mercilus, Ingram, Perry. Thats with an over. If they wanna revert to under, Mercilus, Ingram, Perry, Coples. Then again, if Floyd is there he’s better than all of them, talent-wise, except perhaps Coples. He’s so good I wouldnt mind him either. He would sort the chaff from the wheat at WR.

    Kuechly–no. Flat no. Not another non-athlete at 12, no matter what his stats are–it was BC after all, half their games were against patsies. Kuechly will be a benchwarmer in less than 6 years. Not worth a high pick.

  35. JazBadAzz says:

    I like Ingram ability to play any of the front seven. He can twist, stunt and/or blitz makes him extremely effective at getting after the passer! he can also play the run as well! Interchangeable player can wreck havoc on opposing offenses trying to prepare for what we will throw at them from week to week! Match-ups will constantly be in our favor!

  36. JazBadAzz says:

    I also like Upshaw for some of the same reasons, but he cannot play all 7 positions. He would be a very strong player, just not as versatile.

  37. Dukeshire says:

    Kuechly a non-athlete? Lol. The culmination of the anti-draft hype personified.

  38. Dukeshire says:

    Ingram is interesting to me too. I’d imagine they’d plug him at Sam and move Wright to middle, although maybe move Hill to Sam… Interesting. But he is certainly scheme versatile.

  39. RDPoulsbo says:

    It sure sounds like people are trying to find reasons not to draft a DE. Yes, this is a weak class of DEs. There aren’t many to choose from after the 1st round.

    Seattle’s gaping hole on defense last year was the pass rush and 1/3 of the sack production left town this offseason and another 1/3 came from a guy over 30 yars old. As good as the secondary is, they can only cover for so long. Let’s not pretend they can address this area with lesser talent.

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    As for the bust rate of DEs, yes, it’s high. Up there with QBs. But, if they didn’t get Flynn, how many people would have wanted them to not draft a QB high because of the possibility of a bust?

  41. JazBadAzz says:

    My thoughts on drafting a DE this year is that we have 2 that were arguable pro-bowlers. Red should not come off the field on 1st and 2nd down no matter what, except for 2nd and 35! Chris is still and every down player. A DE that will only come in for 3rd downs is not my idea of a smart pick when we could get one of those LB’s with high ceiling and definitely higher draft grades.

    Kuechley could also be the pick, but him being labeled as the cleanest player, is kinda scary! If we could pass on him, which in turn would drop Hightower further, then he would be the player I’d like to draft.

    What if I said draft Vontez Burffet in the 5th? Then say PC could motivate him and get him back on track and becoming the great player everyone thought he would be earlier this year? Sounds crazy right?

    We have solid players all over the field, I think we can go a lot of different ways. I hope Richardson fall to us!

  42. GeorgiaHawk says:

    What’s the panic here on getting a so-called pass rushing D-Lineman?

    Didn’t we have a top ten defense last year? Didn’t we beat the SuperBowl champs on their home field? Didn’t we beat the Ravens?

    Isn’t this a weak pass rushing draft?

    This should be a no brainer, however there seems to be this perception from some that our defense is in worse shape then our offense.

    I say no freakin way is our Defense in worse shape then our Offense!

    Get Flynn a Monster Guard and a big time WR and we will make some noise this year!

  43. If Tannehill slips to 12 and they take him I will be okay with that – I think they may turn right around and trade him since I feel that Cleveland and Miami are interested – they might think he can slip to 22 or the 2nd round.

    I feel like they should take the BPA, unless they are similarly rated.

    i.e on a scale of 100 – if the BPA is at 96.4 and the player of need is at like 93.1 then sure – but if the need is at like 89/88 then go BPA

  44. Jaz–Dude, his name is Vontaze Burfict! If you cannot even get his name right, how are we to give any credit to your position if you dont even know his name? How many games have you watched him play?

    Actually, I wouldnt mind if they drafted him in the sixth or seventh, but the guy has made a bigger stink bomb at the combine and his Pro Days than anyone in history. He cannot control himself, he is stupid and has a terrible attitude, he’s emotionally immature and is fat and slow…his combine stats were awful, his interviews with teams even worse. It was so bad, either the guy can barely tie his shoes, or its a case of anti-hype and piling on…If anyone can motivate that out of shape psycho, its Carrol. So yeah, lets draft him…as long as its with our last pick or so.

    Wow, GeorgiaHawk, thats kinda profound. Interesting. Imagine drafting a G high, and a WR. Cause WR’s bust so often, and we can get fine ones from Auburn and Colorado in the sixth and seventh round…just like G’s arent worth anything…fine ones are found in the fourth round and later…thats why for six years we’ve had fabulous WR’s and a great offensive line…

    I know, how rude. But really, as long as whoever they take at 12 is an impact player, how can we complain? Just dont foul this one up…

  45. Georgia – That top 10 defense played arguably one of the most pathetic stretches of QBs the NFL has probably seen in awhile. There’s no way we were a top 10 defense if not for injuries to the QB position of our opponents. We can’t bank on getting that lucky again. Caleb Hanie instead of Cutler. VY instead of Vick. Sam Bradford, twice, on only one leg. Sexy Rexy. I mean, we played more crappy QBs that you can’t expect to play that many of in a season. That’s like saying I’ll have the same batting average if I faced Roy Halladay in every at-bat all season instead of some below average pitcher for 162 games. I don’t mean to knock our guys, but we need to get more pressure on our opponents because, unless we get lucky with opposing injuries again, we’re going to see better QB opponents. Sure, we’re going to get to face Miami and Minnesota (Ponder is going to be good, but not yet this year) and a few others but, overall, the QBs we face are going to be of much better quality like Rogers, Brady, a healthy Bradford, Stafford, Newton, and even the clowns in AZ will be improved due to experience — which means we need more pressure. Sure, we faced Eli and the Rapist last year, but there were many more terrible QBs faced than good ones and as we look at the upcoming schedule, that’s not going to be the case this year. I’m with you on DeCastro. I love him. But the defense needs a pass rusher, too. Clem is on the wrong side of 30 and has had more than 4 sacks in a season only 3 times in his career and Big Red is a two down player (albeit a great one). How terrible would our defense become if we choose not to draft a DE and Clem gets hurt? That would leave us with a total of zero players who we feel good about getting to opposing QBs. The thought of not adding anyone significant to rush the passer is irresponsible, IMO.

  46. OregonHawk says:

    So if Decastro or Coples or Floyd were there at 12 would you be willing to trade down IF there were a trade offered?

  47. JazBadAzz says:

    STTBM= Don’t sit here and call me out about his freakin name…who cares how to spell his name, if he was a better player I would care to look it up. I saw him in person once and on tv twice more. you better never mess up someones name from here on out and I think I will start misspelling everyone’s name just to piss you off!

  48. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’m already down for Coples as my easy 1st choice. If he’s not there, then Mercilus. BobbyK is right that they cannot go into the season with just Clemons. I really don’t care if they come in just on 3rd down. That’s the money down that gets your defense off the field. It’s when you can best force turnovers and make plays.

  49. GeorgiaHawk says:

    OK- I am going to do my best klm008 impression, ( btw- where is klm008),

    Team Sacks Int Give away Total
    Take away

    Giants- 48 20 +7 75

    Patriots-40 23 +17 80

    Packers- 29 31 +24 80

    Stealers-35 11 -13 33

    Falcons- 33 19 +8 60

    Saints- 33 9 -3 39

    49ers – 42 23 +28 83

    Jets -35 20 +7 72

    Eagles-50 15 -14 51

    Ravens-48 15 +2 65

    Vikings-50 8 -3 55

    Seahawks-33 22 +8 63

    What does this all mean? I don’t know! Ask klm008 if he or she ever comes back.Lol.

  50. GeorgiaHawk says:

    The Vikings and Eagles were tied for the most sacks in the NFL last year and didn’t even make the playoffs.

    The Packers had one of the fewest sack totals of last year and almost made it to the SuperBowl.

    I think we can now put to rest the importance of just a pass rush in getting us to a SuperBowl!
    As long as we continue to improve overall we will go far in the playoffs despite how many sacks we get. Imo.

  51. My head just exploded.

  52. *from the KLM question… lol

  53. Let me say this burfict is a great linebacker! Loose frickin cannon but an outstanding football player if any of you think burfict will be available beyond 3rd round your nuts! I know about all his baggage the baggage doesn’t matter with his linebacker instincts other positions most definitely but not backer! He’s a crazy bad ass hitting machine all he needs is a coach like Ken norton who is even more of a bad ass then he is !

  54. One other thing. If you think u don’t need a good pass rush to get to the superbowl your completely Gone LOCO like myself!

  55. Bobby you didn’t answer your previous question. No diplomacy, no politiking. DeCastro is not there at #12, no trades, who is your pick?

    One name. You can change it 413 times between now and D-day but who’s your boy right at this moment?

  56. Aldon Smith thinks you’re smoking crack if you think a rookie can’t get to the QB.

  57. Was lucky enough to catch a flight back from L.A. with Roy Lewis sitting in front of me. He is so looking forward to this year and we both know that the Seahawks are going to surprise a lot of folks by how much better they are this year and we will go deep in the playoffs. On a side note I learned he went to my rival highschool. What a small workd. Can’t wait for the season to start.

  58. ljarllrajl says:

    This is why I love Seahawks fans. We can have a heated debate over an offensive guard. Any player would love to play for this team. =)

  59. Nobody asked, but I’m passing on Quinton Coples after hearing Mayock rip him and call him undraftable. I’m also not touching Floyd.

    I’d take DeCastro or Keuchly, with my preference being DeCastro. I’d really like to trade back into the late teens, early 20’s, where there will still be good talent and a lot of names that won’t be reaching. I really want offensive line or defensive line in round one, but Keuchly might be a game changer and I wouldn’t be thrilled but I wouldn’t be disappointed.

  60. Georgia – LMAO! Great impression of KLM. I understand perfectly now. He should be here to illuminate us through the draft!

  61. In the scenario with DeCastro off the board but Perry, Mercilus, Coples & Ingram all available my guess is that the Hawks take Coples.

  62. I’m going with Bobby k s theory on that one!

  63. Dukeshire says:

    Thin draft or no at DE, at some point Seattle simply must find a way to generate consistent pressure out of their base 4-3, without pulling men out of coverage, if they want to be a top defense regardless of opponent.

  64. RhewChuryll says:

    I’m thinking DeCastro would be an awesome pick. Solidify the Offensive line for a few years. In the past, we’ve always went to free agency for a Denfensive end, I’m thinking with the current staff, we will probably stay true to that. It may not happen this year, but with the Offensive line set, wouldn’t next year be easier to say the FO might just keep DE as a top priority?

  65. wabubba67 says:

    If DeCastro is still on the board, the Seahawks should draft him and fly him to Renton like they stole him.

    If gone, try to trade down and draft Mercilus (love that name btw). Stay away from Coples…guys with a questionable motor and work ethic coming from an ACC school especially scare me. Ingram intrigues me due to versatility, but the short arms scare me a little bit.

    Leaving in Scottsdale, I’ve had the chance to see Burfict play a few times. He’s slow, doesn’t wrap up, doesn’t shed blockers, doesn’t anticipate well, and has a lousy attitude with body language that is indicitive of a quitter. Other than that, he’s great! I don’t think he’ll ever play one down as a starting LB in the NFL….and will be extremely fortunate to even make a roster or practice squad.

  66. wabubba67 says:

    Ooops…”living in Scottsdale”

    One more. I don’t really like Floyd, either. He was the second best WR on the team when Tate was his teammate, and Tate isn’t exactly lighting it up on this level.

  67. I’m weary of Coples but I don’t think that Carroll is. It’s a gamble but if he’s motivated then there will be pressure from the base 4-3 as Coples is an every down end. He’s also versatile and can shift inside. Teaming with Jones at DT on passing downs & allowing Clem and our other stud pass rushing DE/OLB (our 2nd round pick) to bring heat from the outside could really bring out the funny faces of opposing QBs.

    Chances are Coples won’t be there at #12 but if he is I am rapidly losing my fear of making that pick.

  68. I’m all for more pressure on the QB. The one thing old Al Davis was right about: “The Quarterback Must Go Down.”

    In 2011, Chris Clemons had 11 sacks, Hill 4, Brock 3, Hargrove 3. That aint cutting it.

    That said, expecting any rookie to be an impact pass rusher in his rookie year is unlikely.

    2012 does not appear to be a great draft for pass-rushing DEs. (this might be proven wrong later on.) The 2011 draft WAS considered one of the best in years for DEs. 6 were drafted in the first round. But consider that even among this amazing draft class, only 3 of them had more that 6 sacks as rookies (Aldon Smith, Ryan Kerrigan, Adrian Clayborne).

    This year, the few DEs considered first-round talent — Coples, Upshaw, Perry, Mercilus — all have questions about them. 2012s best rookie pass rushers may well be drafted after round 1.

    The guy I keep going back to and watching clips of is Melvin Ingram. Barely big enough to be a DE, more of an OLB type, but I don’t see a more natural pass rusher in this draft. We may need to just draft him and then figure out how to use him.

  69. SttBeee, The info on GBay and Carp came out at the time of the draft. Doubt that they drafted someone and floated disinfo to excuse a pick that had not even played yet. That said mistakes do happen and the Carp story has yet to be fully told. Nice conspiracy though.

    Pete gets a lot of credit for adapting players like “cornbread” to the 5 tech.. I think that if he could he might unadapt that choice if the right guy came along. Getting Qb pressure from both sides of the front 4 is prefered by every team, but Pete works with what he has to work with. Pete and John throw a lot of volume at positions where the competition is not settled and if you just look at that as an indicator then interior pass rush is front and center lately. This tells me they see little value in the current crop of true DE’s in FA.

    A “weak draft” class, as I heard Rang et al on KJR call it, makes a lot of teams want to trade down which in turn makes it that much harder to do. The whole 1st round gets a bit reachy right about the time Seattle starts picking so I suspect Pete will go BPA and adapt after being unable to trade down. Maybe their draft board lists players in order vertically with reason for failure float stories next to each name. Boy these guys are good!

  70. JazBadAzz says:

    Stevos- i like your what your saying, but don’t forget that LB’s, particularly the 3-4 defenses. Von Miller was a beast before the wrist injury. I think we would have taken J.J. Watt even though I wasn’t liking that idea, but he played really well last yr for Houston and made it easier for them to let M.Williams walk

  71. HawkfaninMT says:

    In BobbyK’s scenario above… I would take Upshaw. His versatility allows him to be a 3 down player. Think a faster Lamar Woodley. He would be fun to watch work an OT after that OT has had Big Red leaning on him all game

  72. JazBadAzz says:

    I think Mayock comments on Coples being undraftable is not the same sentiment that most GM’s and scouts have about him. he could be siting right at the top of JS and PC board. When we draft him, plant a big ass sign at his locker of what everyone was saying about him and when Sunday comes, let him Bobby Bushay every QB on the schedule!

    LMAO this guy kinda looks like Mayock!

  73. RDPoulsbo says:

    Ok, so a top 5 talent like Coples could fall to Seattle because NCAA investigations at North Carolina ravaged the defense, then didn’t like being moved to DT and people want to pass on him because he’s a lazy bum? I’m trying to figure out why people want to blame him for being played out of position and last year’s self imposed sanctions hurting the team in general.

  74. Dukeshire says:

    The questions about Coples have nearly nothing to do with NC’s investigation, and almost everything to do with his ’11 tape. Great 2010. Marginal 2011 (primarily).

  75. RDPoulsbo says:

    Coples spent most of 2011 was playing DT. That’s not the position he’s going to play in the NFL. That’s why he could fall to Seattle. If he stayed at DE last year, there’d be no chance he falls to 12.

  76. JazBadAzz says:

    I haven’t watched much tape on Coples from his two yrs that everyone mentions. (2011 and 2012) I know this for a fact, when a player has a break out yr, the next time that team plays him, he is game planned for! If Mercilus would have went back to Illinois, he wouldn’t lead the nation or conference in sacks again. Just something to think about. Coples played DT in 2010 and DE in 2011, maybe he didn’t fill comfortable and put to much thought in whats going on.

    I saw a highly rated player in this yrs draft(not sure which one at the moment maybe Brockers or Cox) say he doesn’t like playing in space but loves the 3 technique. Many teams want him to play 5 technique, basically all Im saying is that its a learning curve for everyone and that could have lead to over thinking and playing slow!

  77. Dukeshire says:

    DE or DT (and he rotated in ’10) it’s lack of consistent effort people point to, that has questions around him, not his ability.

  78. HawkfaninMT says:

    Interesting article since the morning links aren’t up yet. I especially liked the portion where he broke down what positions the Hawks could upgrade the pass rush in.

    Just another angle to look at things

  79. “Aldon Smith thinks you’re smoking crack if you think a rookie can’t get to the QB. ”

    I kept meaning to make that exact point . . .

  80. wabubba67 says:

    If Coples wasn’t supremely motivated in college in order to earn a huge paycheck in the NFL, are people supposing that he’ll become motivated after receiving his multi-million dollar signing bonus?? Doesn’t make sense. Stay away from this guy….some guys have a great work ethic, some guys don’t. Simple as that.

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