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Morning links: Thurmond suffers a setback

Post by Eric Williams on April 11, 2012 at 7:23 am with 30 Comments »
April 11, 2012 7:23 am

In this audio interview with Dave Mahler of KJR-AM radio, Seattle Seahawks general manager confirms that cornerback Walter Thurmond has suffered a setback in his rehab from a broken leg suffered last season at Cleveland.

Thurmond recently had a second surgery, which means he could start out on the Physically Unable to Perform (PUP) list at the beginning of training camp, and is likely one of the reasons Seattle looked to bring Marcus Trufant back in the fold.

“We’ll see how he rehabs here,” Schneider said about Thurmond. “He had a little setback along the way. And we’ll just see how he progresses. He’s been a quick healer.”

Schneider also said that Trufant will get an opportunity to compete for the nickel defensive back job, but also gives Seattle depth as a veteran corner behind Richard Sherman and Brandon Browner. Recent addition Barrett Ruud is penciled in as the starting middle linebacker job for the time being, Schneider said, but that doesn’t mean Seattle won’t draft a middle linebacker in the first round.

Marcus Trufant tells Ian Furness of KJR-AM in this audio link that his decision came down to Denver or remaining in Seattle.

Jason LaCanfora of the NFL Network reports that defensive tackle Aubrayo Franklin visited Seattle on Tuesday.

First reported by Curtis Crabtree of KJR-AM, according to NFLPA records defensive tackle Clinton McDonald has signed his exclusive rights deal for a base salary of $540,000 in 2012.

Clare Farnsworth of talks to Ricardo Lockette, who has high expectations for his second season.

Rob Rang of has Seattle selecting North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples in his latest mock draft, while his counterpart Dane Brugler has the Seahawks selecting USC defensive end Nick Perry.

Joe Fortenbaugh of the National Football Post takes a closer look at the death of the workhorse running back, which is interesting because Seattle’s Marshawn Lynch is bucking the trend with 285 carries last year.

Former NFL safety Corey Chavous talks to Mike Florio of about the “testing” of injuries and the realities of pro football.

Tyler Dunne of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel talks with former NFL defensive lineman Chidi Ahanotu, who says his former defensive coach in Buffalo Gregg Williams of the bounty scandal “was softest coach I’ve been around.”

This article from Smart Football points to the growing trend of no-huddle football, and wonders with the latest technology of radio headsets in quarterback helmets why teams huddle at all. If run efficiently, no-huddle offenses can be effective, but there are also times teams want to slow down the tempo with the huddle, particularly if you’re a running team like Seattle.

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  1. HawkfaninMT says:

    Why aren’t the Hawks in on this? Wonder what the cost is?

    According to the Newark Star-Ledger, there may be “fire behind the smoke” on rumors of the Giants discussing a trade for Bengals OLB Keith Rivers.
    Giants beat writer Mike Garafolo advised Twitter followers to “sit tight” while Bengals beat writer Joe Reedy confirms the “wheels are turning.” Rotoworld’s Evan Silva had been predicting a Rivers trade entering the final year of his rookie contract, but the 2008 first-rounder is no lock to pass a physical after missing all of last season due to wrist surgery. GM Jerry Reese recently hinted that Michael Boley could be moved to middle linebacker, leaving a vacancy on the weak side. Related: GiantsSource: Newark Star-Ledger Apr 11 – 8:18 AM

    Per Newark Star-Ledger via Rotoworld

  2. Palerydr says:

    Seahawk44 I posted that link in previous thread at 7:26 am how bout a little credit?

  3. Dukeshire says:

    That’s a shame about Thurmond. He hasn’t been 100% healthy since tearing up his knee in ’09. He’s a tough kid though, playing on that knee his rookie season. Remember the brace he had on that thing? You don’t see that from corners too often.

    I don’t have an issue with no-huddle offenses. But the up tempo no-huddle, like Seattle tried to run early last season, is rarely effective for any length of time, if at all. That said, huddling isn’t just about getting the plays in, it’s about communicating beyond that, as well. A veteran offense that has played a lot together, like the Manning Colts, can be very effective with a no-huddle, keeping defenses out of sub packages. But a young team will need a QB to help with protections and what he sees the defense doing, maybe communicating a variation of a route to a particular receiver, or just settling everyone down.

  4. Dukeshire says:

    seahawk44 – That is a good read from a well know lecture Carroll gave a few years back at a Nike coaches clinic. Problem is, despite Carroll saying in that lecture, he’s never run anything else but an “under”, Seattle ran an “over” front almost exclusively last season. It was a dramatic shift for him, and there is no “Elephant” or “Leo” (Same position), in an over. How Seattle drafts and approach the RDE position will give us a very clear indication if they will remain in the over or will revery back to the under.

  5. seahawk44 says:

    Palerydr….not trying to steal any credit….I did not see it posted.

    Dukeshire….I appreciate your knowledge & insight.

  6. Just throwing it out there:

    Say we trade our #12 to a team in the late-teens and pick-up an extra 3rd round pick (provided someone is willing to do that).

    Now, we take that pick and trade it for Dwight Freeney (who Indy made clear is available, but not a lot of interest b/c of his cap #, but we’re 3rd best in the NFL at being under it to absorb it – if PA is serious about winning, which I know he is) and then we use the 1st rounder on Mercilus or Perry, whichever pass rusher is still available.

    Talk about going from one pass rusher to an abundance of them ala the New Jersey Giants!

    I don’t care if we’d supposedly have too many RDEs either. Players would be fresh and we’d have depth so we could afford any injuries. How pathetic would our pass “rush” be if Clem got hurt and we didn’t get another pass rusher in the 1st round?

    That’s my ideal scenario!

  7. mindnbrad says:

    Eric, any chance you can give us a post on ALL of the current injuries and their progress (the O-Line, etc.). Are all of them (other than Thurmond) expected to be at 100% on opening day of training camp? Thanks.

  8. Macabrevity says:

    Bobby, your scenario is quite a bit better than grabbing a DE at #12 when it’s not clear who the top guy is. They’re all sort of muddled together and all have their blemishes, so to get one later and bring in Freeney as well would sure look nice. Maybe our FA knows who their top pass rusher is, in which case I’ll be on board and hope they made the right call, but your diversification scenario gives us pretty good odds of improving on last years non-existent pass rush.

  9. Would love to get Freeney – his numbers are still very respectable – he’d be a great addition. Adding him and a pass-rusher in the draft would really change the team.

  10. BobbyK–IMO, Freeney is damn near done. He’s got maybe one year left, at a far-reduced effectiveness level. He had eight sacks last year, and its obvious he has lost a step or two. I realize sacks arent the whole story, he still provided decent pressure, but C’mon! Plus, he’s making a TON of money; this matters because Seattle likely is hoping to stay under the cap, and roll it over to next year or the year after, since they couldnt get a few of the top-tier and second-tier guys they targeted. We’re far from a finished product, and we will need a couple decent FA each year, and the money to do that will come from rollovers or not at all.

    Especially since many of our players are vastly underpaid and in a year or two will be getting far bigger contracts. Guys like Baldwin, Chancellor, our rookie linemen, and any of our backup TE’s or WR’s who step up (Tate, Lockette, Durham, Morrah, McCoy) will be in line for new contracts or extensions, and they arent gonna come cheap.

    Seattle is not going to max the cap out every year like under Timmay! Numbskull. They will hold some back and roll it over for the lean times and when ready to really make a Super Bowl run. That time is certainly not next year.

    I’m not in favor of signing Freeney. I dont think he’s even close to being worth the cost, neither in money/cap nor in draft picks. I wouldnt trade a fourth rounder for him. Im looking forward to seeing what Dexter Davis, Jameson Konz, and whoever we draft at DE can do. Plus, theres Jimmy Wilkerson, whos as snake-bit by the injury bug as Walter Thurmond. He’s missed most of the last three years to injury, but he looked very good in the preseason before his injury. If you want an aging DE who can bring it, he’s a lot cheaper and a far better option in my book.

  11. Freeney and Mercilus would catapult us into a top 5 defense, perhaps higher.

  12. That came off a little grumpy. I’ve surely been wrong before, and perhaps Freeney has more gas left in his tank. And its likely Wilkerson is done due to all his injuries. I just dont see Freeney being worth the risk at all. But hey, thats up to our FO to decide, and of course if they get him I’ll be cheering hard for him.

  13. I am just re-posting this, very awsome video…

    Midnight Lights – Stadiums Dubstep | 1080 | HD

  14. Freeney had 8.5 sacks last year, and 10 the year before that – you wouldn’t take that production in ’12? We got good production out of Raheem Brock, and he’s older and nowhere near the player Freeney has been. Waiting on guys like Dexter Davis and Konz is just wishful thinking imo.

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Where are people envisioning Freeney playing here? If we’re talking about him as a situational player, taking Brock’s role, then he’s not the guy. Brock played primarily LDE, Freeney is a RDE. So that means he either takes over for Clem or brought in to still be a situational player at his RDE, which would be redundant to Clem. IN addition to that, there is his age to consider. He’s be 33 by the time he hits FA, or is everyone planning on trading for him. Sorry fellas, I’m afraid to say that the Freeney talk hasn’t been terribly well thought out, here.

  16. Duke – Is it not possible for either of Freeney or Clem to play some RDE? And then also to split the snaps at LDE?

  17. pdway–Brock flat out sucked last year. He was nearly worthless. Year before he was a nice surpise, but that one good year is all we’re gonna get out of him.

    As for Freeney, dropping from 10 to 8.5 sacks over the last two years pretty much tells the story. I would bet he drops to 6 sacks this year and out of football after that. I dont see that being worth a third round pick and a truckload of cash.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – But you’d have to trade to get Freeney here and be sure to re-work his deal, because they’re very unlikely to pay his $14 mil he’s due in ’12 to be a part time player. But presuming those things can happen, I simply don;t see where he and Clem, sharing time at RDE is of a benefit to this defense. As for either playing LDE: no. I mean to say, of course it’s possible. But Clem is simply too light and not nearly strong enough to man the strong side with any level of effectiveness, and Freeney has been a weak-side player himself. We’re talking about moving a 32 year old guy (Freeney) to the strong side after a career spent at RDE. I just don’t see the net gain.

  19. “pdway–Brock flat out sucked last year. He was nearly worthless. Year before he was a nice surpise, but that one good year is all we’re gonna get out of him.”

    Yeah, not gonna disagree with that. But that one year was pretty nice, and I especially remember how well he played in the playoff games.

    Not sure Freeney commands a 3rd round pick at this point, I’d say a 4th rounder might get him, and to me, he’s still worth that. And re the cash, since we’re likely to still be well under the cap, that part doesn’t bother me.

  20. tchristensen says:

    I’m hoping on draft day, Cincinatti decides they NEED a player who is still on the board at 12 and they trade us their 17th and 21st picks for our 12th pick and second round pick. Hawks could then draft Mercilus and Fleener. This scenario has possibilities, especially if Richardson should take a tumble.

  21. Freeney is better than Clem. Period. Maybe his sack numbers last year were due to the Colts never having a lead and sucking? I don’t care if poor Clem loses his starting job to someone who is better (and Mr. Happy adjusts accordingly). Freeney won’t have to play every snap like he probably did in Indy, and with Clem filling in for him here and there he will stay fresh. Clem too. Clem can also play every snap at LDE in pass rushing situations. Basically, having Freeney take over at RDE doesn’t mean that Clem won’t play close to starter snaps. He will. And if we’ve got a couple of long-in-the-tooth DEs (which is fine if you have the youngest defense in the NFL), I’d love nothing more than to have a developmental guy like Nick Perry (and banking on his potential over a guy like Konz). I’d rather have too much talent here than not enough (like we have now). There’s also no rule that says you can’t renegotiate the Freeney cap number if he comes here and likes it. Or release him after this year if he sucks so bad so you don’t have to take the cap hit (I’m being sarcastic). I wouldn’t trade a regular 3rd round pick for him either, but I would if we could get it by moving down from #12. I’d rather have Freeney/Perry with a late teens pick than anyone at #12. That’s where I’m coming from there. Nobody can tell me that we wouldn’t be ready to challenge for a Super Bowl now if we got a DL that dominant looking (w/2nd/3rd for LBs and RB in the 4th). That’s “all.” Too much talent at DE is what I want b/c I’d like to be like the Giants and draft a DE in the 1st round even though we already would have a bunch of good/great DL.

  22. Dukeshire says:

    Regarding the money: it would be grossly irresponsible to pay any player $14 mill for one season, and not use / project him as a starter.

    As for his sack totals, going back one year further, he’s declined from 13.5, to 10, to 8.5 last season.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Clem would get swallowed whole on the strong side, pass-situations or no.

  24. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    really? trade a 3rd and pay huge money for 8.5 sacks or 10 for that matter. we get that production from clem. most of you that are advocating this crucified ruskell for this same thing. 33 yearsold which is old a decrepit by any DE standards, have to agree he is done and a wasted draft pick and ton of money.

    also everything i am reading says thier is 5 teams trying to trade out of the top ten. that to me says most teams are not puting as high a value on these players. the cost to trade from late teens to early 20’s i n this draft up to 5 -10 is real high that said we could trade dowm and should by draft value get a 1st and second not third were as a 22 going to8 would be a first second and third in draft value.

    i think if we trade down perry is still there you grab him then you get a LB and a RB second and draft for debth from there out. this also allows the team to not waste a bunch of money on a old man.

  25. Freeney is not better than Clemons. Period. Certainly not 4 times better. Freeney is due to make 4-5 times as much as Clemons. Freeney may be stronger, but he’s slower AND older. I’d take Clemons over Freeney for our defense any day, every day, all day long.

    Now, three years ago who in their right minds would have said that?

  26. “really? trade a 3rd and pay huge money for 8.5 sacks or 10 for that matter. we get that production from clem. most of you that are advocating this crucified ruskell for this same thing. 33 yearsold which is old a decrepit by any DE standards, have to agree he is done and a wasted draft pick and ton of money.”

    He’s 32 (he won’t turn 33 during the ’12 season), and he’s been a pretty special player all his career. I mean for those saying he’s done, and that Clemons is positively a better player, I have to wonder, how many of the 1-15 Colts games did you watch last year? Maybe you watched them more than I did, but I’d be a little surprised. I’ll agree that his salary is an issue, and there may be teams out there willing to pay him more than we are.

  27. HawkyHann says:

    Bobby K, curious if you think Walter Thurmond will still be a starter in this league? Or do you think we should let him go and give his spot to someone who hasn’t broken his knee, fibula, and ankle.

  28. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – If he were a FA, the argument to bring him in might be more easily made, IMO. But Seattle has only 6 picks this year and giving one up for an aging player on the downside of his career, to split time with a player who is arguably his equal, at this stage, is a hard sell, from my perspective.

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