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Marcus Trufant re-signs with Seahawks

Post by Eric Williams on April 9, 2012 at 3:03 pm with 73 Comments »
April 9, 2012 3:03 pm

Veteran cornerback Marcus Trufant apparently decided the grass was not greener elsewhere, agreeing to a one-year deal to return to the Seattle Seahawks.

Trufant and the Seahawks amicably parted ways just before the beginning of free agency in March, and the Tacoma native visited Denver during free agency.

But ultimately Trufant returns to Seattle to add depth and experience to a young secondary.

Trufant, 31, was placed on the season-ending injured reserve with a bruised sacrum after four games last season, and has fought back issues since 2009.

Apparently Trufant is healthy and ready to play, as the Seahawks currently have no plans to announce his retirement.

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  1. Seahawks2620 says:

    I honestly couldn’t be happier about this. He obviously won’t be the starter, at least I would imagine that would not be the case, but he would be an above average nickel package sort of guy.

  2. jarred767 says:

    Odd and interesting…

  3. Dukeshire says:

    I agree that if they use him as a nickel corner, he can still be productive.

  4. chuck_easton says:

    So, we can now difinitavely cross CB of any Mock draft at least for rounds 1-3.

  5. HawkfaninMT says:

    Absolutely he can be productive… His biggest troubles came against deep threats with length. Covering the slot will allow him to have a size advantage (although minimal in some cases) and use his veteran savvy over athleticism. Covering the slot will also, the limited snaps could keep him healthier, although I am not positive his injury last year came from overuse

  6. chuck_easton says:

    Pass rusher, Pass rusher, oh and PASS RUSHER in the 1st round. Don’t care if it’s a pass rushing LB or a DL. That sets the D to be one of the better D’s in the NFL this season.

  7. Marcus Trufant is easily the best cover corner on our team. Don’t be surprised if Trufant takes te starting role away in many situations… His only concerns are durability. When healthy he is easily the best corner on the team and I say that with no reserves.

  8. Seahawks2620 says:

    I don’t quite agree that he is the best corner on the team, even if healthy. He has lost a step, and it has shown over the last couple of seasons (when healthy). Now, he is definitely one of the best corner backs in the history of our team, but is currently not. I am not trying to set up an argument either, because I respect everyone’s opinion. It is just my own feeling. He definitely started off pretty well last season, but was over matched by bigger and faster receivers quite frequently.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    I actually disagree with that. Even after just on season, I’ll take Sherman as a cover man, over Trufant. I’ve never been overly impressed with Tru’s coverage ability. Certainly quite capable and can, at times, be very good. But his best play comes in zone schemes, not man coverage.

  10. I love it,Trufant,Sherman,Browner,Thurman,Lewis,Maxwell, As Carroll say’s COMPETE!

  11. I am glad to see Trufant come back, at least for a shot at making the team. He’s gonna have to earn it. He’s a leader, a great guy, and still has talent and skill. Though he’s lost a step, he’s still a good player to have on your team. Im sure he can help mentor the young guys, he seems like the type, and he surely has the knowledge and skills.

    Dont bet on the Seahawks not taking a corner if a good one’s available–they dont care who they have, any chance on an upgrade will not be passed up. Though this takes some pressure off.

    I really cannot believe the Pats werent interested in Tru. Thier secondary is awful. Well, Bellicheat hasnt exactly been a genius when it comes to his defense over the last decade.

  12. I’ve got a good idea… maybe we should draft someone to rush the passer with the 12th pick?


  13. Sorry not best corner… But cover corner i still believe so. Browner and Sherman can actually press and recover better but as far as pure coverage I still see Tru…

    I have no allegiance to him whatsoever being a hometown guy. I’ve watched our three starters compete for the starting job last year and the only guy who could hold his cookies on Rice was Trufant by a mile… I base my observations off the last time ive seen him play and like someone else said Tru was playing very strong to start. Granted Sherman and Browner have had almost a full season of gained experience, and Sherman has a phenomenally high ceiling. I wouldn’t cheat my help off either consistantly like you can with Trufant, which is how every D-Coordinator who has passéd through has used Trufant…

    It’s so easy to say Trufant has lost a step. Unlike most … I won’t say it until I see it for myself.

  14. JazBadAzz says:

    Tru is the best cover corner when he was healthy, and he could win that starting corner spot this offseason! I didn’t see any steps being lost like a couple of guys pointed out! He was playing at a very high level before the injury and I was mad he got hurt but felt a little at ease when Sherman stepped up after Thurman went down!

    We could see some exotic stuff this season if all those boys stay healthy…3-1-7? 5-1-5? 4-7? Hey never know with Pete!!! Does anyone remember the bears game with 7 db’s on the field getting all those sacks? Lol loving this signing!

  15. SeahawkFan12 says:

    I know this is against most people’s opinions, and has yet to be discussed, but I think we should draft a pass rusher with the 12th pick…LOL, total (respectful) sarcasm and humor! Glad to see Tru back…

  16. “Marcus Trufant is easily the best cover corner on our team.”

    I don’t agree with that anymore, not with Sherman around, but I think he can still contribute. And certainly adds good depth. We’ve all seen how injuries can come in bunches in the secondary. I also wonder if Tru could learn how to play some back-up safety in a pinch? He’s always been a very solid tackler.

    Glad to see him back.

  17. HawkyHann says:

    if no other team signed him, then saying he’s the best corner on this team is ridiculous. he might make the team, maybe. dont forget the past 5 years. watching him get owned time and time again got really old.

    This coming from a guy who is a huge fan of Tru’s from his Wilson High School days and owns his jersey. He’s just not good anymore.

  18. Two years ago the Eagles traded up from the 24th pick to the 13th pick. In exchange for moving down to the 24th pick, the Eagles also traded a pair of 3rd round picks (ironically, one of them was high in the 3rd with our pick in the Deon Butler/Ruskell trade). The Eagles gave up a pick early in the 3rd and another 3rd that was later in the round.

    I’d love if a scenario like this plays itself out. I’d rather draft in the mid-20s AND have a couple of extra 3rd round picks.

  19. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby, decastro decastro decastro=2000 yards rushing. i still believe we can get a situational pass rusher in the second or third. if the blocking on the o-line gets real good you wont have d-lines pinning there ears back on 3rd and 8 if there is a 50/50 chance you will run for it and get it. lynch is a beast emagine what he can do with a good line. that also makes it easier for whatever QB we have not to spend all there time on their backs.

    i have said this before whatever the FO decides is fine by me. not even with holmy did i feel this good going into a draft. more often than not they get a player that can contribute.

  20. Hey, I love DeCastro too. I think he’s so good that he may end up in Canton if he stays healthy (there are no indications that he’s a health risk either). There are not many players I’ve ever felt that strongly about.

    The worst part of DeCastro is that he’s a guard. It’s not that I don’t value guards (I do! – think of my man-crush on Hutch). I like Moffitt. That is one guard. Sure, I don’t think he’s as good as DeCastro, but I like him and think he’s going to be good/solid. The second reason is Carp. I have always thought Carp should be our LG. If we draft DeCastro, then I think that means that Carp stays at RT, which I don’t think is best for him or the team either.

    It’s kind of like the Lions drafting WRs one after another. Of couse, if they would have passed on their 3rd #1 pick WR, then they wouldn’t have ended up with Calvin Johnson either and we all know he was worth it even though it was redundant for them to keep drafting WRs.

    What does that mean? I don’t know!

    It’s stupid for us to take another offensive lineman in the 1st round when we’re pretty good on paper moving forward with this mostly young line and we have a glaring need for a pass rusher.

    However, at the same time, it’s also pretty stupid to pass on a guy who is available who might very well end up in the Pro Football Hall of Fame, too. Man, I’m torn on this one. I hope DeCastro is gone when we pick so we don’t have to rehash this one over and over in the coming years if we end up picking a bust and DeCastro is going to Pro Bowls.

  21. raymaines says:

    There have been some pretty bad defensive teams that have gone deep into the playoffs in the last few years so I say take DeCastro to make the offence better.

    16 days & 22.33 hours to go

  22. Wilson High is going to have to wait to start up the rivaly with Jon Kitna over at Lincoln. I’m all for it if he’s healthy, and like that idea of depth at safety… would be fun to see Earl Thomas play a little monsterous closer to the line and have Tru covering a deep third zone.

  23. Decastro gets 56% of the fan mock vote!

  24. The idea of two extra 3rd round picks!that would be incredible!Big time score

  25. Dukeshire says:

    TremR – Thats the last thing I want to see. Thomas is such a willing hitter, they need to protect him, actually. At his size, he could easily become a Bob Sandrers type. That is, his body cannot withstand playing at the line. Kam is the one that needs to continue crowding the line while Thomas in the cover 1 (in base).

  26. IwillPay says:

    Hope they get him on the cheap!..Tru will retire a Seahawk..And maybe we can get his brother!

  27. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby , i agree as ar as taking another lineman in the first bothers me to do that. however how do you pass on a guy that could make a huge impact. i dont see another pick at 12 that makes that much sense. now if we can trade down to 24-26 and get an extra 2nd and 3rd by all means i think there will be a DE that fits the need at spot.if were stuck at 12 decastro or the best tackle even makes better sense, admit carp isnt what they thought at tackle and draft a replacement. line is set with bookend tackles and carp moves to LG now we have a good line with good debth.

  28. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I Think Pete and John got it covered!
    I think Coples is gonna fall into our lap
    Pete and the coaches will light a fire under his butt!

  29. Welcome back Tru!

    My top 3 @ 12 have been Brockers, DeCastro & Perry. DeCastro is my favorite player in this draft. Due to recent action (Lutui) that pick, were he available, seems less and less likely to take place. As much as it pains me to due so, I ca*pit*u*late (whew, that’s 4 syllables) and replace him in the “3”. I’ve made a case for each of these guys in the past and will skip that here.

    I now believe that if one of Brockers, Perry or Coples is available at 12 that they will be the Seahawks selection. Each of them has question marks or in Coples case red flags but if they didn’t they would be off the board by the time we pick(and they still could be). Our base DL pressure package could become Perry/Coples(closed end), Mebane, Jones and Clemons or Jones(closed end), Mebane, Brockers and Clemons. If we are drafting for our greatest need, in this case it requires the greatest risk. In our fan world of instant gratification there is a good chance of a snap judgement of bust on these guys(especially Brockers). With some patience and luck though, one of these guys added to our mix could develop to become the difference maker moving our pass rush from anemic toward something opponents fear.

    If we move out of the #12 spot all bets are off as there are plenty of guys out there who could help.

  30. GeorgiaHawk says:

    psoundpowerhouse – If Pete and the coaches can indeed light a fire under Coples butt, he would without a doubt be my first choice for the #12 pick.
    Hopefully though if we do pick him at 12 he will light his own fire.

    Good to see Trufant back in a limited role. Good leader too.

  31. PostalBob says:

    Another Tacoma Athlete Makes it back to the NFL. He is talented and when healthy, he can hold his own. Where he starts or plays nickel, he WILL defend his territory. Our D will be one of the top five this year and with the addition of what I believe to be a starting quarterback with knowledge and the ability to make throws into tight situations, WATCH OUT!

    Go Hawks with your bad a@# uniforms.

    Bob R

    Make It A Great Day!

  32. PostalBob says:

    Whether he starts – I meant

  33. Palerydr says:

    I love how guys just spit out “hey if we want we can trade back NP”. You have to have a trade partner to do that it’s not so automatic and easy as a lot of posters make that out to be. If we are looking to trade back then the player we want to be available is Reilly Reiff. Several teams have expressed interest in him that pick after we do. The Cardinals could be very interested in drafting Reiff so it makes sense teams will want to deal with us to jump them. Philly just lost their LT for the season and maybe more, SD, Chicago, Cleveland, NE and Baltimore are all teams that might consider trading up with us IMO.

    For all you mock drafters check out Walter Football they have compiled links to 457 yup that’s 457 mock draft links enjoy.

  34. bird_spit says:

    Geez, Tru for depth? This Pete C team defense, playing the best players available, is going to be something to watch this year. Wow, hats off to Pete and Schneid. Hats off to Tru for doing the unusual, and having some loyalty. Tru has always been one of my favorite to watch for his ability to run defend. I know, wierd comment, but true. The guy has some of the best open field tackles. Effortless while he puts you on your ass. Happy day for the hawks..let the CB competition begin. Sherman only gets better with this move.

  35. Love the signing, I wanted him to stay as Nickle from the get go, hopefully it will push Roy Lewis’s game up too. Now if we can only get Hill back.

  36. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Funny, Palerydr. I was just checking out some of the mock drafts on Walter Football Database.

    I even thought about posting a link to Walter Footballs 2013 mock draft just for Dukeshire, but I think I should wait at least until the day after this years draft. Lol.

    I know he’s another o-lineman, and God forbid us taking one with our first pick this year, however what does anyone think ,( if we are able to move down), of Cordy Glenn ? That is if we can some how make a trade for a pass rusher.

  37. Also, on board with sticking with a pass rusher with our first pick.

  38. The Seattle times says Walter Thurmond has suffered a setback to his broken leg (from Game 6 last year) and likely will start the season on the PUP. That is not good news at all, especially for Thurmond. How many times can a guy come back from injury?! This guy is the most snake-bit athlete since Chris Snelling with the Mariners. He’s got it worse than Marcus Tubbs.

    At this point, Thurmond ever playing a full season is a longshot. But I sure am rooting for the guy–he’s got all the talent in the world and if it wasnt for bad luck, dude would have no luck at all.

  39. As for the draft, yes we need a pass rushing DE, but those guys usually dont contribute much for a year or two, so it isnt like Seattle MUST take one this year to field a good defense this year. In fact, taking a DE in the first will hurt the defense in the short term; history shows we’d be better off taking a LB or DT for short-term benefit. Im not advocating that, Im just saying that our DE need could be filled next offseason in FA just as easy as in the first round this year. Plus, a first round pick this year is likely to contribute little to this years team. (might as well wait for the second round for DE if no DE stands out as a must-take at 12)

    If Seattle thinks there are better players at other positions at 12, I dont want them taking a DE. That can wait for round two, when guys like Perry will likely be available. In the first round, I believe its important to take the best guy available at a position of need. It would be stupid to draft a qb there this year, or a Safety, other than that its open, in my mind.

    Plus, Carrol has shown he can get a lot of production with cast-offs like Clemens and never-were’s like Browner, UDFA’s like Baldwin, and late round picks like Chancellor and Sherman. So dont bet against them getting some pass rush out of guys like Konz or Davis. Not that I think they are willing to count on those guys–who would?–just that I think Carrol and Schneider will do a good job regardless of what position gets filled in the first round.

    And God, I hope Im right. I would hate another year with no pass rush.

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s the thing though, by not investing in a DE this season (presuming there’s one they like at 12) all you’ve done is delay his learning curve. And quality DEs don’t often make it to FA. No, I think if there’s a DE that again, they are high on, I simply don’t see how they can pass him up. It’s not simply about 2012, it’s about the present and future of this franchise.

  41. HawkfaninMT says:

    @Duke: I think that is what he is saying… He is saying if there is one there that fits the need and they like, they should take him. But they should not reach for a DE over another player at another position that they could have rated higher. Don’t take a DE simply because we need pass rush. Further i don’t think the FO would do that. They needed a QB last year, but they had Carp rated higher so that is the direction they went even though Dalton was available.

    All that being said. I disagree with the idea that a DE can’t come in and be effective right away. Coples has the talent to dominate RTs in a pass rushing role. Many of the prosepects (Ingram/Upshaw) can come in and fill DE/LB roles for this team and situationally rush the passer. I would agree that a rookie DE will seldom get voted to a Pro Bowl. But to say they can’t be effective because they are rookies is a bit over the top IMO.

  42. HawkyHann says:

    Kitna vs Trufant, Battle of Tacoma…that’s what I’m rooting for

  43. Georgia – I imagine you’d know more about Glenn than most of us, but I really have no interest in an OL in the 1st round if it’s not DeCastro (Kalil will go 3rd and Reiff in the top 10). I have no interest in an OL in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round either. The thing I’m going to hate about DeCastro is that he’s probably going to be so much better than any other player we have to choose from and yet the pass rush must be addressed. The only way I can see having the best of both worlds is DeCastro at #12 and trading our 3rd rounder to Indy for Dwight Freeney (and trying to trade down in the 2nd round to recoup the lost 3rd rounder). I don’t know. We all admit we need a pass rusher. Ideally, it’d be a young guy too. It just sucks thinking that we could pass on a talent like DeCastro as well (and then see him in AZ).

    Duke – check out that 2013 mock draft and let me know what you think about it:)

  44. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’m really at the point where it almost doesn’t matter who they take in the first round. I just lied!
    I don’t think this team will change that much either way with who they choose or if they contribute much this year. I just lied again!

    I know one thing and that is whoever I always want in the first round we never get. That’s the truth. Lol.

    It’s funny how there is so much more to the draft than the first round, however it seems like every year I spend most of my thoughts on the first pick. I’m a sucker for it every year!

  45. HawkfaninMT says:

    Agreed Georgia… So many players i think can make an impact in the 1st that I can understand the argument for just about any pick they take.

    Later on I am eyeing Bruce Irvin in the 3rd, Danny Trevathan in the 6th and Edwin Baker in the 7th.

    1st, 2nd, and 4th is up in the air in my opinion. Maybe Floyd, Hendricks, and Bergestrom? Could be Coples, Allen, and Oswieller? How about Upshaw, Sanu, and Egnew?

    So many combos!

  46. Macabrevity says:

    You guys keep talking about Edwin Baker in the 7th… anyone care to get me up to speed on this guy?

  47. HawkfaninMT says:

    I think I am the only one talking him up and he may be nothing… He had a breakout season in 2010 with over 1200 yds rushing, and 13 tds. 2011 was stunted a bit because Michigan St used 3 backs instead of Baker as a primary. The Spartans run a prostyle offense so the transition to the pro blocking systems won’t be too big of problem for him. He reminds me of Ray Rice in his build and running style. Doesn;t have the history of receptions like Rice. But running style and size seem similar to me in just watching them play.

    I want to reiterate that he may just be another guy. But he seems to me like a guy that could be taken in the 6th or 7th round, that if given the chance could become a 3 down player. Just someone I am hoping for in the late rounds. Take it for what it’s worth!

  48. JazBadAzz says:

    Somebody asked me how to find Greg Cosell draft analysis online because they didn’t use twitter, well go to he just put on some very good material and its worth a read.

  49. I’d like to bring in Franklin.

  50. Seahawks2620 says:

    I am fully aware of the fact that this is a Seahawks thread, but I just needed to say……the Mariners are terrible.

  51. bayareahawkfan says:

    Seahawks2620: the Mariners aren’t good yet, per se, but they’re not terrible. It’s just that the Rangers are *that* good.

    I just threw up in my mouth.

    Hate the Rangers almost as much as I hate the Niners.

  52. Seahawks2620 says:

    When your team is down by one run the entire game, and you have no faith that your lineup can even tie the damn game, you know your team is pretty bad. Olivo in particular is trash. Now i will stop talking about the Mariners on a Seahawks thread.

  53. Speaking of dream draft scenarios, I stumbled across this gem:

    It likely wouldn’t even be close, but most mocks are far more fun than accurate anyway. And this one is very fun to think about.

    Rnd 1 – Michael Floyd – WR
    Rnd 2 – Whitney Mercilus – DE (No, I don’t believe he will drop this far, but crazier things have happened.)
    Rnd 3 – Sean Spence – OLB (Exactly what Carroll has said he wants in terms of sideline to sideline speed. Watch some YouTube vids of this guy. He’s impressive. I’ve become a big fan.)
    Rnd 4 – Shaun Prater CB (Doesn’t exactly fit the Carroll/Schneider mold, but first 3 picks have me excited enough to overlook this one.)
    Rnd 6 – Chris Galippo (Obligatory USC pick and potentially solid depth. I remember hearing tons of hype about him when he first started at USC.)
    Rnd 7 – Chandler Harnish – QB (Never heard of him. Flip a coin on this one.)


  54. Dukeshire says:

    Seattle needs to do something behind Mebane, th draft not withstanding. Franklin could be serviceable as a rotational player at NT.

  55. Dukeshire says:

    If they ended up with Floyd and Mercilus at 1 and 2, I’d be giddy. However, that does nothing to resolve their hole at MLB (I do not want to move Wright). Also, my pet draft pick this year is Robert Turbin, RB Utah St, in the third. So while on the surface I love the first two selections, I’m afraid it leaves them with more questions than answers.

  56. Macabrevity says:

    Okay, here’s a scenario for you guys.. I’d be jacked if it played out this way…

    1 – Stanford G David DeCastro (could’ve gone Kuechly, but we get a potential stud MLB later.)

    2 – Rutgers WR Mohamed Sanu (guy’s a stud, Curry would be interesting here, but I have a strategy for our DE – and I covet Sanu big time.)

    3 – Utah St. RB Robert Turbin (that’s how Marshawn spells relief.)

    5 – ASU LB Vontaze Burfict (huge value if he were to actually fall this far.)

    6 – WVU DE Julian Miller (guy’s a real sleeper – start the compe….)

    7 – Miami DE Adewale Ojomo (…tition? Worth a flyer in the 7th just for potential, and he definitely has a pass rusher name.)

  57. I could see Vontaze Burfict cleaning up his act for PC.

  58. chuck_easton says:

    Doesn’t it bother all the DeCastro man-love guys on here that not a single (as in NONE) mock draft by ANY expert out there has Seattle taking DeCastro?

    Either everyone on here is better than every person paid to have an opinion or, maybe, you know, the experts all agree that Seattle won’t be using that pick on another 1st round OL for the third year in a row.

  59. Palerydr says:

    Found this while researching possible picks for da Hawks. It’s a detailed breakdown of how Pete Carrol’s defense works. It includes tons of verbage on the 1, 2, 3, and 5 techniques used by the Hawks def. For all you who have wondered here you go be warned you’re gonna need a spare 1/2 hour to read this.

  60. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    first off chuck how many mocks last year got any of the hawk picks right? the last hawk pick they got right was curry and we know how that turned out. on most boards decastro is the 8th player, that said in those same mocks a few teams go strickly for need letting decastro slip to the hawks. now i know some think our o-line is good on paper..
    i am not o ne of those and i say you grab decastro who is considered elite istead of a DE who may become elite. i like decstro 1st /curry 2nd/rb,lb in 3rd debth after that. i would even be happy if OT reiff somehow fell to us and we got him. he could play right or left tackle and give us two great tackles and insurance for okung.

    chuck biggest thing i have learned about these experts is that most of the time they are talking out their ass . the first 5 are so picks are almost close after that its a crap shoot because of the options avialable to each team. i believe the front office is going to evaluate who is there at 12 and take BPA here’s a list of probables

    this just a list i quickly put together showing 7 options the top 3 would be great picks i n my book.

  61. chuck_easton says:


    I’m not against DeCastro by any means. And I agree any one of those you listed would be an excellent choice for our pick at #12.

    I just have this feeling that DeCastro is going to be there at 12 and the team is going to go in another direction. At that point I fully expect posts numbering triple digits complaining about how stupid the FO is and how could they blow this pick.

    Or I could be wrong and Seattle has had DeCastro on their radar all along and that is why they haven’t mentioned him.

    It’s just that nobody including our locals (Eric, Danny at the times, Rang, or even Sando) have even considered DeCastro at that spot.

  62. Macabrevity says:

    If I let the talking heads decide which players I like and don’t like, I could save a lot of time – I wouldn’t have to watch any games at all. Great idea!!!

  63. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Chuck- Did any so-called mock draft and local experts have Carpenter going to the Seahawks in the first round last year? Not many I don’t think.

  64. My favorite expert mock drafters are the ones having us take a defensive back in the 1st round.

  65. I hope DeCastro is gone by the time we pick! I want a pass rusher!

  66. Macabrevity says:

    Plenty of respectable mocks out there with DeCastro going to Seattle. Not sure what constitutes an expert but I’ve seen plenty. Casserly has us taking DeCastro in his mock. Might not be respectable, but NFL network does consider him an expert. I also just watched a video where Baldinger said our O-line is an injury-prone mess and needs help.

    I don’t buy into the thinking that just because we drafted O-line #1 the last 2 years, we can’t go back to it. DeCastro is good enough to warrant consideration by any team without a serious lock at the guard position.

    Cherepinsky’s database has some good mocks, some bad ones too, but they’re out there.

  67. BobbyK wants a DE as badly as he wanted Flynn. The Seahawks better listen to him or I think he might go Postal…

  68. chuck_easton says:

    Georgia, Danny O’Neil made a comment yesterday in which he said Schneider was thrilled that all his inside people kept the interest in Carpenter quiet. Evidently Carpenter was the pick well prior to draft day. It wasn’t a last second “oh, what the heck…let’s give this a try”. That is why I’m saying that the lack of any talk about DeCastro may be a similar situation.

    Macabrevity, I don’t let the talking heads tell me who I should like and who I shouldn’t, but I understand that they have access to information that I do not. If I could do their job I’d be making there money.

    You can like DeCastro all you want. I like him too. I just don’t know if the team likes him. They are the ones that make the final call.

    Just as you make a snide comment about not having to watch games because you can just let the experts tell you what you should like, I can say the same about your position.

    I’m sure the FO reads this blog and is now saying “Wow, why didn’t we think of that? How could we have been so out of touch about our jobs and what we have done our entire careers? Those fans are SOOOOO smart. We should just let them handle the draft for us…”

  69. chuck_easton–Very funny! Great comment and excellent points!

    Though I must say, nerdy fan that I am with no experience past High School Football, my projected roster moves for Seattle during Ruskells final three years would have worked out better than his idiot philosophies. Thats a fact. If he was worth all those millions to suck so bad at his job, then why am I making less than 1% his salary?! Seattle would have done better to quadruple my salary, hire me a statistician and some flunkies and let me build that damn roster.

    Then again, I dont think a brain damaged monkey could have done worse than Ruskell those last few years. What hubris. Glad to see him get his.

  70. Macabrevity says:

    Chuck, can I assume your point is that too much draft conjecture gives you a headache? Just having fun with this… hope you’re doing the same :)

  71. chuck_easton says:


    I’m way beyond headache. I’m into full scale drinking at this point! Yessshhhh beertender…I’ll have another thankyou.

    If the pick is DeCastro the FO did another great stealth job on the nation. Because nothing I’ve read anywhere even hints at an OL draftee.

    At least last year when Carp came out of the blue there were draft mocks that had Seattle taking an OL but his name can’t be mentioned here for fear of sending Bobby off on one of his rants.

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