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Hawks officially announce new uniforms

Post by Eric Williams on April 3, 2012 at 10:02 am with 30 Comments »
April 3, 2012 10:02 am
Seattle Seahawks linebacker Jameson Konz models his team's new uniform. (Courtesy of Seattle Seahawks)

Here’s a press release from the Seattle Seahawks officially announcing the team’s new uniforms, which includes a description of the changes.

It’s worth a look.

Highlights of New Seahawks Jerseys

*Colors: College Navy, Action Green, Wolf Grey

*Modified color scheme mirrors colors of the Pacific Northwest wilderness

*Jersey incorporates graphics inspired by northwest coastal Indian art

*Broad chest graphic outlining the shoulders echoes the stance of a Thunderbird totem.

*The Seahawks mark above the heart honors the team.

*Feather-pattern graphic on helmet, in numbers and on pants represents natural elements of the Pacific Northwest, again inspired by the coastal Indian art

*The 12 feathers on the pant leg stripe represent the 12th Man. 12 feathers are also featured on each side of the neckline and the 12th Man logo is sewn on the inside back collar of the jersey.

*The Seahawks logo on helmet is bigger and bolder, connecting at a point in the back of the helmet.

*Jerseys are now made with a hydrophobic material that repels water, maintaining the jerseys “clean” look, making them lighter and not bogged down with water weight, resulting in better performance.

*Nike uniform is 20% lighter, 50% stronger and provides more of a shrink-wrap fit than previous models.

*Jerseys will go on sale on April 26, first day of NFL Draft, at the Pro Shop and on

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  1. Marketing 101, don’t make major changes if you get a 60/40 response.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    The feathers down the leg may be the dumbest part of the uniform.

  3. Natural and Native American, didn’t realize Predator’s blood was a natural color in the NW or the Native Americans rolled around in reflective vests. Interesting.

  4. What other team shows respect for the fans on their uniforms.

  5. Wish I had four hands so I can give them four thumbs down. Oh well, maybe enough people will complain that they will change them up next year, I hope.

  6. Turn a totem pole upside down and it’s a middle finger with a swoosh.

  7. chrisj122 says:

    One word “CRAPTACULAR”!

  8. HarbaughsMother says:

    If they got rid of the whale tail er- feathers, I wouldn’t mind the rest.

    The whale tail gots to go.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    It is a whale tail. Good call.

  10. It’s like the old Hartford Whalers logo (NHL).

  11. Yeah, I don’t really care for the whale tail on the legs either. But the gray uniforms are badassery.

  12. JazBadAzz says:

    No wonder fans around the league have a negative impression of Seahawk fans, most of y’all talk more crap about ourselves than you do to other teams! No proud, not buying in to the program and constant bitching!…SMFH!

    I treat the team like I do my kids, no one will ever get away with disrespecting them and I keep all my negative scoldings to private because the enemy will always try to use what we say against us! Wake Up 12th man!

  13. If I had to pick I’d go with the Grey uni White is ok and Blue is last choice for me. Blue uni with white pants looks like SanDiego
    Like the new wrap around emblem on the helmet.
    Prefer like most having the Seahawk emblem on sleeves
    Dont like the Mazda symbol/Tulip/feather/whale tail/whatever it is.
    My guess is they kept it simple so it could be mass produced in china
    Nike emblem way too framed/gaudy especially on the Blue uni
    Like the idea of the 12 symbols on the pants for the fans, just prefer a better symbol choice, why not put little 12’s in uni instead of the cheeze symbol
    Looks like the Seahawks are really the only team that made huge changes, Carolina tweeked the panther but most stayed pretty close to what they had.
    Like it or not Boys and Girls its what we have until a new shoe company wins the NFL contract

  14. HarbaughsMother says:

    Don’t forget though, there are 12 whale tails, so when we go to play the Giants, all of their fans are going to count how many whale tails are on our pants and get really jealous that Nike represented all of us with 12 whale tails.

  15. From what I see here, I don’t like em at all. The explanation of symbols etc. with the exception of the 12th man, is dripping with Northwest self infatuation goo goo. It would be one thing if the uniforms looked good. They look like a 5 year old boy’s pajamas. Maybe I’ll get used to them. But they are definitely not cool. They also look a little like the San Diego Chargers uniforms. Barf.

  16. SandpointHawk says:

    (Satire font)

    Well I’ll defer to Whale Tail because I don’t want to labeled ‘the tulips’.
    However I want to know if the players get Whale Tail stickers for their helmets after great plays, pick 6’s, killer sacks.

    Can Beast wear his skittle shoes now? Would anyone even notice them? They are Nike’s after all….

  17. psoundpowerhouse says:

    I hate the oregon ducks!
    Having a hard time looking at these uniforms and not be reminded of that.
    Shoulda gotten rid of the “chicago bear” blue helmet and went with a
    “wolf-grey” helmet.
    c’mon man get it right!!!

  18. “…didn’t realize Predator’s blood was a natural color in the NW…”

    Might be radioactive moss(Fukushima fallout?) or brand-spankin-new fir needles. Old man’s beard, aka Usnia?

    I’ll give them this, they are THE BOLDEST unis in the league now. No question there. I’m ok with them (got that Jaz?). If the team is looking for fan input on a future revision then toning down or eliminating/replacing that green would be one suggestion. Featuring our league best emblem more would be another. Doesn’t have to be on the shoulder even, maybe down the leg?

    As much as I hate the Oregon “sold their soul to lucifer” Ducks their combination of top flight(Phil Knight) facilities and new(Nike sponsored) uniforms every other week seem to draw in talent. Ultimately I want that Superbowl victory and if these somehow help accomplish that then good.

    Is this going to hurt our reputation with the talking heads around the league? How can it get any worse? We are the only team in history to have the Superbowl rigged against us. Won’t get any worse than that.

    I’ll still be wearing my #51 away jersey but I’m on board. Let’s go out and kick some ass!

  19. JazBadAzz says:

    Bam Bam looks awesome in it…Just think how it will look when he knocking guys silly in it!!/Kam_Chancellor/status/187247633524473856/photo/1

    I hear you Galena.

  20. ohiohawkfan says:

    Now…on to what really matters….So what changes (if any) have been made to the Sea Gals uniforms?

  21. SandpointHawk says:

    Feather-pattern graphic on helmet, in numbers and on pants represents natural elements of the Pacific Northwest, again inspired by the coastal Indian art

    They are wings not feathers…..The New York Times no less told me, so it must be true….No matter how we out west label the design the Times has spoken and they are wings forevermore…

  22. chuck_easton says:

    Just as long as the new Seagals uniforms are also 20% lighter, x% smaller, and 50% stronger then I’m good.

  23. JazBadAzz says:

    Great point Sandpoint, its represents something far deeper than just a design! Its the only team uni that’s embracing the fans culture and its regions heritage on a stage where the NFL says no one is more important than the shield! I realize what this means and thankful Nike picked us to be at the forefront!

  24. Heater rummored to have signed with the Saints, bummer. The new Hawks unis still ridiculously ugly, double bummer.

  25. It’s showing no one is above the Nike swoosh. Just look at what stands out the most on the unis.

  26. ryanryan says:

    some random thoughts:

    * i really dislike the charger blue…

    * i am now a fan of the all white away uni’s, whereas before I didn’t like that combo one bit.

    * LOVE the helmets – the wings look really cool there but not so much on the legs.

    * bringing back the silver pants and adding silver jerseys makes for some pretty cool combo’s, but they should have kept the pacific blue.

    * my 8 year old son loves them and wants a jersey, now he’ll wear a seahawk jersey rather than the michael turner #33 he lives in…i suppose i owe nike a thanks for that – he was SERIOUSLY losing interest.

    * my wife now thinks we have the best looking uniforms in the nfl…i think the world may be ending.

    * how much better does marshawn look in those things than konz? why is konz not playing tightend again? his speed is retarded for the position.

    @jazz – you are pumped up about these things buddy…you’re starting to make me love them too!

  27. ryanryan says:

    as far as the nike swoosh goes…who cares – i was upset a long time ago when it became ‘The Tostido’s Fiesta Bowl’ or when Quest took over the naming rights of the stadium, but now am over it. i just want to watch the seahawks play football.

  28. Ugly! With a capital F.

  29. you guys just like the grey cuz it matches the weather.
    blah. grey is ugly.

  30. and hate Oregon uni’s cuz they kick the huskies ass every year.

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