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Morning links: Hawthorne returning to Hawks?

Post by Eric Williams on March 31, 2012 at 7:37 am with 163 Comments »
March 31, 2012 7:37 am

ESPN’s John Clayton is reporting that he expects Seattle Seahawks free agent linebacker David Hawthorne to re-sign with the team.

Hawthorne visited New Orleans, but the Saints signed Atlanta free agent linebacker Curtis Lofton. And Hawthorne was on his way to Detroit before the team re-signed Stephen Tulloch, so it makes sense that he would remain in Seattle.

An his regular afternoon appearance with ESPN 710 Seattle’s Kevin Calabro and Jim Moore, Clayton said negotiations are intensifying and a deal could be reached soon.

Jason La Canfora of the NFL Network reports that the Seahawks have 18.9 million in cap space, third-most in the league.

Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. give the Seahawks an A grade for their moves in free agency. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this. Williamson: “This is an up-and-coming football team. While I am not the biggest Flynn believer, he is a clear improvement at the most important position on the field — so I can’t argue with that acquisition, especially at the price. Seattle is betting on Flynn, but they aren’t betting the farm. Keeping Lynch in the fold should ensure that Flynn’s transition to his new team is smoother. Bringing back Bryant, the massive run-stuffer, was huge for this young defense, as was adding an exceptional complement to Bryant in Jones, who is one of the better pure interior pass-rushers in the NFL. There are some big names on Seattle’s key-losses list, but in reality, this group’s value doesn’t compare to its name recognition. The Seahawks are on the rise.”

Doug Haller of the Arizona Republic says that ASU quarterback Brock Osweiler was impressive in his pro day workout on Friday. Seattle head coach Pete Carroll, general manager John Schneider and offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell were on hand for the workout.

Rob Rang of writes that Utah State linebacker Bobby Wagner put on a show at his pro day.

Former NFL quarterback Ryan Leaf was arrested again on burglary, theft and drug charges in his hometown of Great Falls, Mont.

Pat Kirwan of CBS Sports discusses the new NFL rule, adding defenseless players on crack back blocks delivering a blow to the head or neck area. I think this adds yet another shade of gray to the game and will create more problems, instead of lessening injuries. Of course, as a receiver who had many pancakes on crack back blocks, I’m biased.

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  1. wabubba67 says:

    Good news on Hawthorne….I suppose this more than likely puts an end to the thought of drafting Kuechly (who I liked). I’ve never been a proponent of moving an adequate player (Hawthorne) while attempting to draft a younger player (Kuechly) at the same position….seems like spinning your wheels to me and wasting assets.

    I guess Leaf is dealing with drugs again. Some people never grow up even when they are given countless opportunities to make their lives better. He’ll have to hit complete rock bottom on his own…with no one to assist him for awhile, to have any hope at all. Too bad.

  2. Soggybuc says:

    Even if Heater comes back, which is a good thing I could still see them snagging a LB early. Hightower intrigues me. Alabama is no Wake Forest and when your a play maker on a defense full of play makers that saying sumtin!

  3. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    even better hightower will probably make it to the second.
    its been a couple of day so i will say it again i want decastro in the first!

  4. hawks4life says:

    From everything i have read on here these words stand out the most…Seattle is betting on Flynn, but they aren’t betting the farm

  5. hawks4life says:

    I really want Melvin Ingram in the first and Mychal Kendricks, ILB, California in the second watcha guys think?

  6. Dukeshire says:

    Who are the key losses Williamson says Seattle has lost?

    Very glad Heater is returning. His ability to play Mike and Will in this defense makes him valuable here. And I too would still expect them to target a LB fairly early.

  7. I don’t think this puts an end to the possibility they may draft Kuechly at 12. If Kuechly becomes what some scouts predict, then he could be a team leader at MLB for the next 8 years or so. Hawthorne at only 26 was having some knee trouble and we all know how fast a LBs body can break down. If the team was really confident about Hawthorne’s future they would have re-signed him to a long-term deal by now. They haven’t, so they are likely open to an upgrade at LB.

    Hawthorne can play well at OLB. He and KJ can both play inside or outside. Kuechly at MLB could be an upgrade for this D. Even though I’d like to see more of a pass rusher drafted in the first round, if they see Kuechly as BPA they should probably draft him.

  8. yes, what ‘key losses’ have we had? The one loss I’m concerned about is Atari Bigby. I thought he was a great addition last year. We have a lot of good CBs on our roster, but few Safeties. They need to make a move here to add depth, don’t they?

  9. Hmm, once again, Duke, you and I were posting the same thoughts at the same time. Great minds thinking alike? Ha, or maybe I’m flattering myself there.

  10. Dukeshire says:

    Williamson is a dumbbell.

  11. Maybe they literally lost their keys? Who knows.

    I agree with wabubba67 on all points.

  12. Aside from Carlson, who didn’t play a snap last season, I can’t think of anyone of value that was lost.

  13. “There are some big names on Seattle’s key-losses list, but in reality, this group’s value doesn’t compare to its name recognition. The Seahawks are on the rise.”

    He basically is saying we don’t have any key losses. I should have read it before chiming in. Not sure why he is being called a “dumbbell” for giving us an A grade.

    Robert Gallery, John Carlson and Marcus Trufant are guys whose production doesn’t match their name recognition, exactly like the “dumbbell” says.

    He refers to it as key-losses because each team being given a grade has a “key-losses and key additions” section – pretty standard formatting this time of year on

  14. “Hmm, once again, Duke, you and I were posting the same thoughts at the same time. Great minds thinking alike? Ha, or maybe I’m flattering myself there.” – stevos

    This is funny on so many levels.

  15. Mr. Happy wants to get faster at LB. It’s not going to happen at SAM, as the same player is coming back (Wright).

    It’s not going to happen in the middle when Heater resigns (of course, a healthy knee will make him quicker/faster, but you get the idea).

    That means it’s coming from WILL. Will it be Smith? Or a draft pick like David (who plays faster than his 40-time)?

    Getting Heater back should get some people to back in from the ledge with respect to wanting linebackers. I’d say Wright, Heater, and Smith are a group that I’m very happy with, although the depth is lacking and needed (and perhaps Smith will [get it, "will"] will end up as depth if someone drafted in the 2nd, 3rd, or 4th round beats him out.

    Personally, I’m fine with drafting a LB, I am just not okay with it coming from the #12 pick.

  16. I would pass on Melvin Ingram. I don’t know where he would play on a 4-3 defence. Hes too slow and lacks explosiveness to be an NFL pass rusher. Did you see him on NFL network? They are forecasting him to play inside LB in a 3-4.

    Whitney Mercilus is the best pick at 1(12). He replaces Raheem Brock for 2012 and provides insurance for Chris Clemons who is in the last year of his contract.

    Kendricks is a good choice in round 2.

    Another good choice in round 2 is Bobby Wagner. He can play inside or outside linebacker. Interesting to think if we had Hawthorne, Wright and Wagner, all three can play all three LB spots. Thats flexibility.

  17. I still think Kuelchy is a possibility at 1(12)….. but really wish they would pick Mercilus the pass rushing end.

  18. wabubba67 says:

    Bobby–I agree with you and hope that my last post was not misunderstood. They will draft a LB fairly early, I just don’t see it being with the #12 pick if Hawthorne returns….not if DeCastro or any of the others (Blackmon, Richardson, etc.) falls to us. I am expecting us to trade down into the 16-20 grouping and grab Whitney Mercilus (I know a couple of life long Illini fans that LOVE this guy, though I haven’t seen him play much). Please just stay away from Coples.

    If available, Hightower/Fleener would be EXCELLENT picks in the 2nd round…may even be willing to trade up to get one of them.

  19. I hate to disagree with the ringing masses. But I dot see them drafting a LB early unless they get INCREDIBLE value a the pick….The scheme we seem to employ seems to be geared towards talent heavy DL and talent heavy secondary. With Coachable LBs who are able to fill the gaps, remain disciplined and capitalize on mistakes that the secondary and DL force….

    They have great scouting at LB and even better coaching. KJ wright is the exact definition of Seattles new type of linebacker. Nothing jumps out at you but the player has good size, good speed, and is Coachable.

    The type of LB that can fit in our defense does not have to be found on the first day..

  20. SandpointHawk says:

    I always forget to list Ryan Leaf at the bottom of the “Worst Quarterbacks in Seahawks History List.” Hell I always forget him period…

  21. SandpointHawk says:
  22. Southendzone says:

    No one is talking about L. Hill but I’m really interested in bringing him back. I feel like he had a solid season and he’s about to the point where he should be a Hawk 4 Life.

    He’s a damn tough player and belongs on the Hawks defense for a couple more years.

  23. Macabrevity says:

    Thanks for the video link Sandpoint :)

  24. raymaines says:

    At this point I think Leroy Hill won’t be facing any sort of suspension so, heck yes, bring him back too.

  25. I think Leroy Hill made people around the league forget about him over the past couple of years due to his suspension and injury. Now that he’s 29 and coming off a couple quiet years, the rest of the league may undervalue him, and that’s good for us if we re-sign him at a bargain after the draft. He should have a lot of good football left in him.

    And I agree with those saying Carroll can likely build his defense with kind of LBs that can be drafted in the middle rounds. Still, Kuechly seems special. Makes me stop and think about how much better the Seahawks became in 2005 with Lofa at MLB, or the Bears with Urlacher, or the 49ers with Willis. He looks like a player you grab whenever you can get him. I feel the same way about DeCastro.

  26. tchristensen says:

    Pete Carroll: Is there anything I could do for you to agree with releasing Robert Gallery?
    Tom Cabe: Draft David DeCastro!

  27. Southendzone says:

    Stevos, I’m with you. Sure our greatest need is for pass rushing D lineman, but when you hear the way Keuchly & Decastro are rated, and compare that to all the D. lineman, you get the feeling that Keuchly & Decastro are awesome #1 prospects in any year.

    All the defensive lineman seem to have a bit of a drawback, whether it’s Ingram’s size & arm length, Coples attitude, etc. I want us to draft BPA.

  28. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    or the fact that mercikus is projected as a 3/4 olb

  29. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I’ve changed my mind! I don’t want Keuchly or DeCastro, because they will be gone before we pick if I want them! Lol.

  30. Mercilus is projected as a 4-3 OLB or a 4-3 DE.

    Remember that Clemons was projected as a 4-3 OLB also? Mercilus is very similar in size and style to Clemons. I am not suggesting the Seahawks replace Clemons with Mercilus in 2012, but rather they replace Raheem Brock will Mercilus for 2012. Because Clemons contract expires at the end of this season, having Mercilus is the Chris Clemons protection (injury or leaving next year) we have to have.

  31. Chris Clemons 6’3″ 254 lbs
    Raheem Brock 6’4″ 274 lbs

    Whitney Mercilus 6’4″ 261 lbs

  32. In 2011 Mercilus won the Ted Hendricks award as the best DE in the country.

    You guys really gotta give up the Coples and Ingram talk. Mercilus is the guys we need. We will be lucky if he is there at 1(12).

    I cannot teach if you will not listen…..

  33. Righteous blocis. Mercilus/DeCastro/Keuchly – Any will do. The twins will decide and things will likely change during draft day. The Schneid will impress! I think there are clear cut players who can help at 12. Last year at 25/26 (whatever it was) I think they really wanted to trade out of and when no legit offers surfaced, they tried to solidify the right side with a versatile beast. He was impressive against college kids, but due to being out of shape and no off season program, he got played like a fiddle. Other than that pick, their first round picks the year prior don’t appear to be awful. I think they are licking their chops this year with so much talent in the first 3 rounds. Go twins!

  34. lol blocis. good stuff. though I think a couple dozen people here have been preaching on the wisdom of drafting mercilus for quite awhile now. I for one would be very happy to have him on our team, unless Kuechly or DeCastro fall to us, in which case I am conflicted. Schneider might even be able to trade down and still get Mercilus plus another pick, which would be pretty cool.

  35. Mercilus is becoming the guy I really want too. The more I watch (YouTube “games”) and learn, the more I am starting to get scared that he won’t even be around at #12.

    The Giants had Osi Umenyiora at RDE and Jason Tuck at LDE and there was depth with former #1 pick Mathias Kiwanuka. They had no need for another DE in the 2010 NFL Draft but they took Jason Pierre-Paul in the first round because they know they can’t ever have too many good pass rushers (they weren’t bad at DT either) even though they had holes at other positions.

    You can’t ever have too many good pass rushers and we’ve got people here saying that they don’t want a pass rusher in the 1st round because we already have an older, yet still good, player at one end who is set to be a free agent at the conclusion of the upcoming season and a beast of a run stuffer with no consistent pass rush potential at all at the other end. We currently have a total of one legitimately good pass rusher. What would happen if he had to miss time?

    Just because Pierre-Paul starts over Osi, doesn’t mean the Giants don’t think Osi isn’t important or that they want to get rid of him to fill a hole at a starting position that isn’t a strength. They know that having great pass rushers is better than having one guy who can rush the passer and better players at some other positions in the trade-off it requires.

    We need to add another pass rusher and I hope it’s Mercilus.

  36. Its great to have company on the draft Mercilus train.

    Hey, as a bonus, hes got one of the best last names for a football player ever. I used to really like the name Mack Strong. What a great name for a FB.

  37. am_misfit says:

    Bring back The Heater!

    I’m still surprised that Tampa Bay didn’t get in the mix for his services. After they struck out on Lofton, I thought they’d take a good look at Hawthorne. Glad they (apparently) haven’t.

    Now all those amateur mock-drafters can cross off Kuechly to Seattle. We weren’t taking him at 12, anyway. ;)

  38. Given the choice between adding an all pro DL or an all pro OL to the Seahawks the choice is clear. But if the choice is between an okish DL or an all pro OL then that choice is also clear.

    The date, Oct. 30th 2010. The place, Husky Stadium. I witnessed a game where such a beating was given that it didn’t even hurt in Stanford’s 41-0 pummeling of the Huskies. Was like getting your neck broken early on in a fight and wondering why all these people kicking the crap out of you don’t register in your body as pain. Shouldn’t this hurt? Every time I have seen DeCastro play he has been absolutely dominant. A pure beast. Would I love to add him to the Seahawks? YES!!! Would I rather add that elusive pro bowl pass rusher? YES!!! But if that guy is available, who is he? Will the brass find him? So here are/were my best instinctive guesses as to who we take(I was told to always go with your 1st instinct when looking for answers). Then I hope to pull away from the computer for a little while. (Fat chance)

    Michael Brockers, DT, LSU, 6’6″, 322 lbs. Could he become that elusive interior pass rusher that 2nd only to the “franchise qb” is the hardest position to find? Most likely he wouldn’t make an immediate impact but 2 or 3 years down the road he could be that 3 tech force that everyone dreams about. Risky? Sure, but I feel good about the dude.

    David DeCasto, G, Stanford, 6’5″, 312 lbs. Why take a guard? Because he’s that big a difference maker to the team. If our identity is to pound the football down the other teams’ throats, setting up our shiny new QB to dissect you for trying to stop or ground game AND giving that QB half the day to throw while keeping the defense fresh and off the field then DeCastro is your man. Miller might even be freed up to join the passing game. Does this cause a log jam at G? Maybe. Given our injury history though I doubt there will be any playing time issues. Moffitt can play or back up at LG (college), C (10+ starts in college) & RG. DDC can play either LG or RG (college position). Carp hopefully heals up an can start or backup LG or RT preferably. Giacomini, McQ, and Jeanpierre round out our top reserves.

    Nick Perry, DE, USC, 6’3″, 271 lbs. Long, tall and fast. Pete Carroll knows this guy so if we play or pass that’s fine by me.

    Those were the guys my initial instinct said yes to early on even though Brockers was a late arrival due to announcing late. But there are several guys on defense that are also intriguing that many of us have mentioned.

    Whitney Mercilus obviously stands out for his college production and size.

    Melvin Ingram is hard to write off.

    Luke Kuechly looks to be the real deal but his size frightens me a bit.

    There are others.

    A future great will be available when we pick. Here’s to the brass finding that guy! Cheers.

  39. am_misfit says:

    I like DeCastro well enough to consider him over Upshaw or Ingram. I see no need to draft a DT in round 1. Mebane, Branch, and newly-signed Jason Jones have it locked down. Kuechly will get run over in the pros. I’d like to see Michael Floyd if he makes it to 12. Impact talent who can play outside (unlike Baldwin or Tate) and also ensures we have a #1 WR to go to even when Sid Rice is hurt (and he will miss time, won’t he?).

  40. Dukeshire says:

    Kuechly’s size frightens you? How does 6’3″ 242 scare you?

  41. I am not sold on Floyd! = to be honest, not sure why – he just doesn’t give me the feeling that he will be a Great Receiver!

    What do we have left 3 weeks! Can it get here sooner.

    On a side note – sorry guys – my one lotto ticket didnt win, I was going to have a Seahawks insider get together opening day – in a luxury box! Now wouldn’t that be fun!!!!

  42. I don’t know about you Duke but if someone 6’3″ 242 lbs coming your way doesn’t scare you than you are tougher than me. lol.

    Yes that sounds silly, I have an irrational worry that he will follow Tatupu’s trajectory because of their similar size. Immediate results followed by durability issues. No reason for feeling that way. Out of the defenders we’ve talked about he’s probably got the best chance of making the pro bowl right out of the gate(on our team).

  43. Unfortunately LB – and RB’s will have short lifespans in the NFL – they take a beating each and every game. I think that the guys like Ray Lewis will be few and far between from here on out.

    You will need to Draft guys just about every year to keep them healthy and moving forward

  44. I don’t know if it resonates with anyone else, but Arizona picks 13th and if we pass on DeCastro then they will happlity select him considering the condition of their OL. He will then proceed to kick our butts for a decade.

  45. Great news on Hawthorne. Hopefully Hill is next.

    PC seems to be doing everything right this off season. Now if the twins can just learn how to select quality 1st & 2nd round picks…….!

  46. You’ve all been seeing me pushing Kuechly in the first, but if we keep Heater, which I’ve said all along, I’d prefer Mercilus or Ingram in the first, followed by Kendricks or whatever BPA OLB is still there. From there, playmakers and depth.

    Please no Coples, but luckily, I think he’s gone by then anyway.

    With the magic JS/PC have pulled out on bringing in talent from all over and late into the drafts, I’m so excited to see what they can do when there aren’t as many holes as in the past.

    Duke, I watched the footage on Turbin again this morning. That guy looks like Beast Mode 2.0., even has that side-to-side style of running that makes (them) harder to bring down.

  47. Kingpear says:

    May I just remind everyone…. with the 25th pick in the Draft the Seattle Seahawks select James Carpenter. Who?

    Even Saban was shocked. I’m not saying that he will be a bust, or that he cannot play, but bigger names with more potential were still on the board. (Carimi, Sherrod)

    I think they can get good value at 12, and I think PC/JS will get a value player no matter where they go.

    Bringing Hawthorne back does not preclude them from selecting Kuechly. (Especially now with the rookie cap structure) Give the heater a 2 year deal, and rotate players in based on the situation. You are all learned enough fans to get that the NFL is all about matchups. There are no more 4 down players in the NFL.

    I actually like this Lavonte David kid in the 2nd round, and I think you can always get value at LB later in the draft (see KJ Wright)

  48. PostalBob says:

    Good Day All:

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    Over the year or two I have been reading this blog I have learned some of you really know what you are talking about. You are insightful and have taken the time to research your comments. While others are just plan stupid. I do not mean “you” are stupid, just your comments make no since.

    Sometimes you all argue over petty issues even though we are all entitled to our own options.

    I will admit, I do learn a lot from you all so keep it up – stupid or not!

    I believe the Hawks should either trade their number 12 for more picks later in the draft or take the best player available, offense or defense!

    We are up and coming with the addition of Flynn for no picks and very little money, smart move by the minds that Mr. Allen put in place.

    Playoffs this year, Super Bowl Next!

    You read it here! Postal….

  49. Welcome fellow kind-of namesake…

    I hope that DeCastro goes to Buffalo. Their OL is horrible and they could use him. I know they need tackle too, but he’s the best OL they will have to choose from, that way we don’t have to take him and we won’t pass on him so the Cardinals can draft him to play against us a couple of times per year.

  50. Dukeshire says:

    Galena – I’m confused. You made it sound as though you are concerned he isn’t big enough. My point is that he has great size and will likely continue to fill out. He and Lola’s frame have little in common.

  51. bayareahawkfan says:

    Galena –

    Kuechly: 6’3″, 242 lbs
    Tatupu: 6’0″, 250 lbs

    Kuechly is the opposite of Tats, size-wise. Where Tatupu was undersized, bulked up a ton after coming into the league to help offset that deficiency, and then broke down acne cause of the combined wear and tear of playing above his natural weight and having to throw himself around, Kuechly is theoretically special precisely because he has Lofa’s instincts, combined with above average size and athleticism for the position.

    He’ll bulk up too, but hos frame can hold it better. The only concern with Kuechly isn’t a Lofa-like tail off, it’s that maybe his stats were inflated due to the weaker competition he faced.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    We’re getting a lot of new posters. That’s cool. Welcome, Postal.

  53. bayareahawkfan says:

    “acne cause”? Thanks iPhone autocorrect :)!

  54. blocis–who?!

    BobbyK–I kinda hope we get DeCastro, and leave Carpenter to fit in where he will, when he will. There’s no guarantee he will be a better G than RT, and after 6 years of awful O-line, I personally would pay any price to see a decent one in Seattle. Even the 12th pick on a G.

    That said, I havent watched enough film on any player in the draft to get too worked up this year.

    I think there are a couple LB’s with upside just as high or higher than Kuechly, and they will be drafted in the second/third round (Bobby Wagner, etc). I would rather see a Devon Still/Dontari Poe (Poe’s underachievement in actual games not withstanding), or Ingram/Mercilus/Coples pick at 12. I also like Michael Floyd, as I have said, and Im sure he’ll be the second WR taken, even if he doesnt have 4.40 speed. He’s fast enough, and the most NFL-ready WR in the draft: He’s the real deal, an almost guaranteed Pro Bowl WR for years.

    I think Seattle looks at DT/DE in the first, since Tannehill and Richardson will be gone, and LB/TE/WR in the second, in that order.

    You cant always fill the positional need you want in the draft slot you’d choose: BPA trumps all if a guy is rated a lot higher, and JS and Carrol wont stray from that. However, if they arent thrilled with thier choices, a trade down is always an option, though I hate it this year. I think this year its time to get an impact player at 12, regardless of position.

    I dont really have a clue this year, and I admit it. Im just putting my faith in Seattle’s Brain Trust and hoping we get an impact player. We cannot afford another Curry/Carpenter debacle.

  55. blocis–Ron Brooks is a CB from LSU, 5′-10″ tall and 190 lbs. On the low end of JS/Carrols CB size class, but he ran a 4.29 and a 4.49 40, averaged at 4.37. He “only” managed 12 reps at 225 lbs, but that means that perhaps he can be bulked up without losing much speed. Perhaps a nickel back/FS prospect?

    Michael Brockers is an interesting prospect as well. Saw him play a couple games, and he was impressive. He’d look good in Seahawk Blue.

  56. seahawk44 says:

    Please do not limp Carpenter with Curry. Curry was given many chances while Carp has really yet to have a fair chance (off-season program).

  57. Macabrevity says:

    Carpenter is the limp, Curry was more of a gimp.


  58. Macabrevity says:

    If we go DE at #12, what pick would make you guys want to throw up the most? I personally don’t like Coples just based on production, but I understand there were other factors, like him getting moved around.

    Brockers is the pick that would kill me though. The guy had it way too easy on a D-line that was just beating the holy crud out of people. I know combine/workout numbers don’t tell the whole story, but in his case they do. His poor showing indicates to me he’s a bit of a coaster, riding on natural talent and athleticism. He’s going to get manhandled by faster stronger O-linemen. LSU tends to produce dominant collegiate defensive lines, without producing dominant NFL defensive linemen, at least if my memory of recent history serves me correct.

    Now, off to watch some youtape to see if I’m way off on this assessment.

  59. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i would rather take a WR at 12(floyd) then a LB(kuechly) that said i still like decastro better the mercilus here’s why this OL isnt set regaurdless of how many draft picks we have spent on OL.flynn does us no good if he spends half his time on his back. even if mercilus is still there decastro is a higher rated -playerand will provide a more emmidiate impact.
    that said if you spend a 12 on mercilus you are drafting him to plug into clems spot and make clem the situational rusher. we have too many holes to waste a twelve on a situational player when there are every down difference makers on the board.if the FO thinks mercilus is the man to do that then so be it draft him. in that situation mercilus makes sense although almost ever draft board i see has him as a 3/4 olb. i do believe clem would be better in the situational role thou and would probably be a beast comming in fresh like that.
    i n the end all the speculation is fun and it would suprise me a bit if they took someone ahead of these choices.

  60. hawkfaninoklahoma says:


  61. “Luke Kuechly looks to be the real deal but his size frightens me a bit.”–me

    “That was one of the big things coming in (to the Combine), I had to prove I was a sufficient size,” he said.–Kuechly

    Well apparently he has done that. So my comment should read:

    “Luke Kuechly looks to be the real deal.”–revised me

  62. Thanks STTBM.

    I looked him up too, and agree, he is at the low end of the PC/JS size scale.

  63. Dukeshire says:

    I think Floyd is really underrated. Along with terrific size and speed, he’s a reall polished route runner. Especially with the underneath and intermediate routes. While he’s not my ideal choice for Seattle at 12, I could understand it.

  64. Underrated by who?

    Several have Floyd projected as a top 10 pick and the vast majority have him projected in the top 20.

  65. I’m not sure what I’m most excited for… the new logo colors/team uniform adjustments on Tuesday or the draft!

    I hope our uniforms are cool in a more traditional way, as opposed to the ugly USFL circus league crap that some teams like the Broncos have adopted. I’m actually kind of nervous about it.

    I hope that it’s not so ugly that I’ll refuse to buy the new Flynn Seahawks jersey.

    Drafting DeCastro is kind of like marrying the girl next door that you are best friends with, even if the thought of her doesn’t give you the tingles. She’s safe and you know your life is going to turn out fine as long as you don’t do anything dumb to screw it up.

    A questionable pass rusher is like the girl you’re ga-ga over and want to spend the rest of your life with (what you think you need/want). There’s a chance she could be “the one” that has that added something extra that you never had with the girl next door, but there’s an even greater chance you’re going to end up divorced, which would suck.

    We’re not winning the Super Bowl next year without taking a chance at the girl of your dreams, but going with the safest one consistently is what’s best for the long-term as well (as long as you don’t do something dumb like take a QB in the 1st round when you already have Aaron Rogers or Eli Manning).

    What to do? I have enjoyed reading all the comments of what we should do and why.

  66. raymaines says:

    “Ron Brooks …“only” managed 12 reps at 225 lbs, but that means that perhaps he can be bulked up without losing much speed”

    It could also mean he has long arms and would be just fine @ CB.

  67. That’s funny stuff BobbyK.

    I’ve drafted plenty of pass rush busts and now at long last one of them panned out. Of course, that only happens when you basically surrender and accept whatever life has in store for you. I’m excited to see who we get and there are so many intriguing options that I wish we had 8 1st round picks.

    I’m on record as being more excited about the draft than the uniforms. My #51 away jersey won’t be replaced anytime soon. Too many dollar bills.

  68. DreadHawks says:

    @BobbyK. There are a couple of leaked photos on the net of the new uiiforms. One I like and one I don’t like. Rumor has it that there will be a 3rd Jersey for the Hawks that is grey. BMW tweeted that he would put that one up against any team in the NFL. We will see very soon tho. Neither has the silver helmet I was hoping would comeback.

  69. I’m ready for the official stuff. If the logo that Danny O. had at the times is the new one, I do like it quite a bit!

  70. Dukeshire says:

    Galena – The majority of posters on this blog, who have commented on him.

  71. Dukeshire says:

    I’m excited about the draft. I’m anxious about the uniforms, because I fear they (Seahawks / Nike) will make them worse. I like simple, classic, and solid.

  72. I also like simple, classic, and solid. That’s why I hated the ones we have now so bad in comparison to the ones we had when I first became a fan.

  73. maddog12 says:

    Bobby you know that I respect you but to say the Seahawks have Eli or Aaron Rogers in the person of Matt Flynn is going overboard. Two games is not a large enough body of work to come to that conclusion.

    However, I hope you are right and I will certainly route that way, but we are not there yet in terms of performance.

    I don’t really care if the uniforms are all pink if we win a Superbowl. I don’t think that Nike is going to come out with a tame design. They didn’t get to be Nike by being timid. I am expecting a heavy dose of green.

  74. Up until now – I pretty much HATE Nike uniforms! They designed the Broncos, and most of the UO combinations are HIDEOUS – although there are a few that I think are decent!

    We will see soon – very soon.

    Are they going to make an announcement at the VMAC or the Team store or a general NFL announcement?

  75. Random question for Eric:

    When the team travels – do they have a special charter? Was wondering if the big boys actually fit in a normal sized plane – well at least comfortably.

    How many people travel with the team between players/coaches/support staff/ Media (are you on the plane with them?)

    Just curious

  76. Dukeshire–Glad to see someone thinks Floyd is the real deal besides me. Ive kinda been hoping fate would place him in Seattle for two years. While we need DE, TE, and G more, Floyd looks to be a solid rookie contributor, and a possible starter, and likely Pro Bowler by his second or third year. None of our WR’s currently have that. While we have talent, its so far unfulfilled.

    It all depends on who’s there at 12. If Richardson/Mercilus/Coples/DeCastro/Ingram/Tannehill are gone, why not take Floyd? Then we’re totally overloaded at WR, and maybe we can swing a late round pick for one or two of our guys, like Butler or BMW. I’d like to see BMW end up back with Hass in Tennessee if he isnt gonna be used here.

    Floyd will be good right off the bat, and a longterm stud better than the other three WR’s expected to have a shot at being drafted in the first. Stephen Hill and the other two guys, while faster, arent as polished or talented. Nor as tough. I just hope Chicago doesnt get him.

  77. I think we have a bunch of guys on our roster in different areas, who in themselves, aren’t worth a pick. But packaged with a pick will allow us to move up 6-7 spots if needed. For example trade pick in 4th and Butler (just an example) for a late 3rd round pick to a team that needs a little WR help.

    Just sayin – and this is how they have made some moves and picked up some good guys in the process.

    Time will tell

  78. bird_spit says:

    I say the obvious.. Pick the bpa because hawks won’t pick this early for a very long time.

  79. maddog – You could not have misunderstood what I said more… I meant that if you’re the Packers or Giants, there’s no way you should take a QB even if he’s the BPA.

    Kind of like the Seahawks now taking a safety in the 1st round (#12 overall), as it would make no sense since there are no openings for him, probably no matter how good he is, on their active starting line-up.
    Or the Steelers drafting a Center in the 1st round (and making him their back-up and not letting him start at guard).

    The reason for being okay w/DeCastro is that I think he’s going to be a stud and there’s no way I see McQuistan as a stud starter (I sure as heck like him as OL #6 though, in a utility role).

    If we had Hutch in his prime and Bryan Millard in his prime too, then I think it’d be stupid to draft a guard (DeCastro). While our current guard situation certainly isn’t a weakness, it could improve too (unless Carp is locked in at LG of the future). While I think/hope that we draft a pass rusher at #12, I certainly won’t be mad if DeCastro is the pick.

  80. Kingpear says:

    What if they surprise everyone and draft a Right Tackle?

    Looks more and more like they will (at least in the short term) move Carp to LG. I like McQuistan, but he is not Pro Bowl caliber. You don’t have to have a stud at all the OL positions, but I think the front office knows that Carp is not ready for prime time edge rushers.

    As far as Floyd is concerned, if he can run crisp routes, I am in! Otherwise we have another Deon Butler/Ricardo Lockette/Golden Tate.

  81. You mean Zack Miller wouldn’t have to be a $7 million per year glorified blocker?

  82. So with Osweiller getting an invite to the draft means someone is saying they are going to take him in round 1.

    Oh God I hope it is not us at 12!!!!!!!!! My worst nightmare

  83. raymaines says:

    I think some of us don’t understand that the ‘Hawks can’t make another team trade with them. Honestly guys, what player is going to be available at #12 that would compel the number 20-25 team to give up a draft pick to trade up?

    I want to puke when Jim from Sequim calls Softy and says the ‘Hawks should trade two guys from the practice squad to N.E. for Tom Brady and a third round pick.

  84. Yo Bobby. I just don’t know what to do with that girlfriend analogy. The chick I grew up with next door was hot. Of course I screwed that one up. I’ll tell you one thing though, now with a little age and learning my lesson a few too many times, you take that sure thing DeCastro and dominate on the left side of the line. Okung will only get better next to that beast. The other chicks on defense will take all your money while you’re all gaga about them. The defense is good and the twins will make it better in the second half of the draft. Give Flynn protection and let’s see what he and the beast can do!

  85. oscar_contender says:

    Bobby K, nice to see you coming around on Levonte David :) I really think he fits the scheme at will and with this news I hope the Kuechley, or whatever his name is, is put to rest. Perry or Mercilus look good in the 1st to me. Get that other pass rusher and future LEO. Let’s go Hawks!

  86. I still say I want the player who is going to make the best impact – now and on going!

  87. SandpointHawk says:

    Check out the NFL shop Nike Apparel and New Era hats for 31 teams, yes nothing for Seattle Seahawks…

  88. Hill makes no sense. Heater is versatile, if the wheels are ok again. Draft DE and LB with pass rush and coverage abilities. More O-line later for depth. Young stud RB to back up Lynch, replacing JF. Relax and enjoy the fun. Draft is coming soon

  89. Macabrevity says:

    As far as Notre Dame receivers go… was Floyd honestly better than Golden Tate? I can’t see us going WR at 12 tbh.

    Jusjamn – totally get what you’re saying about DeCastro, and agree 100%.

  90. Macabrevity says:

    One thing I think we can all agree on with DeCastro, is we don’t want him going to Arizona at #13.

  91. Dukeshire says:

    xcman – Nike also does Alabama and Penn St. As simple as a uniform gets. But more importantly, it’s up to the team (or school) to approve the design. Nike can’t doesn’t dictate what teams wear. Also, Carroll worked with Nike when he got to USC to redesign their uniforms, back to a more traditional look. In short: there’s hope!

  92. Dukeshire says:

    Floyd is significantly better than Tate, IMO. He’s a better route runner, bigger, and is at least as fast.

  93. Dukeshire says:

    SandpointHawk – Thanks for passing those links along. Man, they’re getting a pretty penny for those t-shirts. Damn…

  94. piperfeltcher says:

    Players from ND are always so overhyped with all the press and TV coverage they get.

  95. I believe Tate is faster–and quicker–than Floyd. But Floyd is a legit high 4.4-4.5 runner, and is bigger, stronger, and far more polished than Tate was coming out of college.

    Tate had only played WR for two seasons, having signed with ND as a running back. Floyd has been a WR for at least a year longer–not sure agbout HS.

    Tate is a slot reciever who may someday work his way to FL. Floyd is ready to play FL, and could be the starting SE if needed, since Sidney Rice is made of porecelain.

    Whoever we draft, they better be damn good. I cant stand another disappointment like Carp (so far) or outright FAIL like LoJack or K. Jennings.

  96. porcelain. Der!

  97. ryanryan says:

    i want decastro – giacomini and mcquistan are depth guys only. jury is still out on carpenter, we could really use a plug-in starter on the line.

    rice is porcelain? EXACTLY.

  98. ryanryan says:

    adding defenders to the defenseless list erasing crackback blocks is SURELY what put hines ward over the edge to retirement…lol

  99. Dukeshire says:

    Indeed, Tate clocked in at .10 faster in the 40 at his combine. Corrected. Regardless, Floyd is a legitimate NFL starting receiver. I question whether Tate will ever be a contributor on a consistent basis.

  100. ryanryan says:

    floyd may be a much better receiver than tate – now and forever, but there is absolutely no way we draft a receiver in the first round.

  101. slicktoxic says:

    We NEED a pass rushing DE or LB somewhere, somehow……it could turn our secondary into a turnover machine……but I’d be quite happy with DeCastro

  102. Dukeshire says:

    ryanryan – I’m not advocating for Floyd. But it’s not out of the realm. Floyd is a possibility there, for good or ill.

  103. “Drafting DeCastro is kind of like marrying the girl next door that you are best friends with, even if the thought of her doesn’t give you the tingles”

    If DeCastro is as good as Hutch, I’ll get tingles watching Marshawn run through those gaping holes. But unless he projects as a future all-pro, I’d rather they draft a pass-rusher at that spot.

  104. tchristensen says:

    Where’s Eric today?

  105. 1st rd – pass rusher
    2nd rd – wr or rb (if heater and hill are projected to re-sign)
    3rd rd – rb or wr
    4th rd – qb
    5th rds and up – lb, s, and line debth

    Thats how I think it should go

  106. Well as of today.

  107. Macabrevity says:

    I would be happier with a Mohamed Sanu in the 2nd, than Floyd in the 1st, although I’d feel even better if we skipped that position til day 3 tbh. We have some decent targets for Flynn, Miller should hopefully be used as per his skill set, and between Baldwin, Tate and BMW (who I think will benefit from Flynn the most) there are some decent hands who will find Flynn passes pretty easy to catch compared to the butter bullets Hass used to throw. I don’t know if this is the year to ‘chase down a true #1 WR’ but if Floyd is that guy, maybe it makes sense. Bring in a potential franchise QB, he’ll need the 2nd half of the combo to get it done. All the greats have always had a go-to guy. Will it be Floyd? I’m doubtful, and still don’t see him as an elite NFL WR, but I could be wrong. WR is a position that I don’t couch-scout well… goes back to the days when I was clamoring for J.J.Stokes and the Seahawks went and picked Joey Galloway. Boy was I bummed for about 4 months…

  108. Macabrevity says:

    tbh I wouldn’t be happy with the Sanu pick in the 2nd either, but if he slipped to the 3rd round, then definitely. Just saying I like him quite a bit, and am not all that high on Floyd…….. yet anyway.

  109. Dukeshire says:

    I like Sanu as well. Great hands, tough as nails, and IMO, plays faster than his 40 time would indicate. The only thing about him, is that I question if he would be able to be really effective outside the numbers. Perhaps as a split-end. He so strong over the middle though.

  110. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ok if there in the first i want decastro i want to lynch run for 2000+ yards i want to see defenses cringe when they see lynch come on the field. i want the left side of the line to be set for the better part of the decade. i don’t care who they pick the rest of the draft i want decastro. we have the right side of the line comming back from knee surgeries. i think we can put a good right side together with what we have. we can have a great left side with decastro okung. i know i preach this almost every day but i see hutch everytime i watch this guys film.

  111. …….. “What if they surprise everyone and draft a Right Tackle? Looks more and more like they will (at least in the short term) move Carp to LG. I like McQuistan, but he is not Pro Bowl caliber. You don’t have to have a stud at all the OL positions, but I think the front office knows that Carp is not ready for prime time edge rushers. As far as Floyd is concerned, if he can run crisp routes, I am in! Otherwise we have another Deon Butler/Ricardo Lockette/Golden Tate.” – KINGPEAR ……………

    How does it look more and more like they will move Carp to LG? More people speculating on something does not constitute evidence.

    Also, is it fair to put Lockette in the same category as Golden Tate and Deon Butler? Lockette was an udfa last year and looked good when called upon the last two games. He is an athletic freak and he is a completely different body type than either of those two with a much higher ceiling (Think poor man’s Mike Wallace, short term). Obomanu might have been a better name to put in there, but he actually does run crisps routes so it would have also flown in the face of what you were saying.

    – This may not be my final answer, but the idea of having an all Stanford (DeCastro & Fleener) first two rounds sounds awesome to me for a few reasons.

    1. DeCastro is an elite left guard prospect, and we don’t have an elite left guard at the moment. Fleener is arguably the best Tight End prospect, and we would be getting him in the 2nd. He probably won’t be available so this is a best case scenario.
    2. Fleener, with the addition of DeCastro, opens up the offense for Flynn with two tight-end sets and really makes us explosive.
    3. Our offense is more traditional, west-coast, and similar to other teams so we will always fight them for all available talent. In contrast, our defense is much more scheme specific, allowing us to cherry pick guys in udfa and later rounds all over the field who can be effective within it. We can take starting linebackers late and they will thrive. We did it last year at cornerback. We will continue to do it. Pass rushers might be harder, but remember most of us were luke-warm on Chris Clemons to begin with.
    4. Maybe most importantly, Pete Carroll would really be giving it to Harbaugh hard and fast by selecting and beating him with players he coached up. Sherman, Baldwin, DeCastro & Fleener all playing key roles on the team would taste so great on Sundays. “What’s your deal?”

  112. Dukeshire says:

    Carson – It’s not fair to lump Lockette with Tate and Butler. Lockette doesn’t have near enough time on the field to draw any comparisons. But physically (size), he’s superior to either. And speed, he’s their equal.

    Fleener’s not getting out of the 1st, let alone be there when Seattle picks at 43.

  113. Carson – Schneider talked in Indianapolis about the future of Carpenter potentially being at left guard. He’s the one who speculated in that interview and that’s a pretty credible source. I’m sure the interview itself from the week of the combine must be out there somewhere.

  114. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ok so since we are not going to get anything new to read here is a question for everyone.

    top 3 first round prospects.
    keep them to guys that actually have a chance to be there at 12.

    no suprise here i like 1.decastro great talent. down get perry as i do’nt think mercilus gets past 10

    3.i dont want a backer at 12 after curry i am not sure i ever want to see the hawks draft one in the first. if by some chance dontari poe makes it to the hawks i would love to see this guy. my thinking is not only can he play DT but slide out to nred spot on passing downs. he is quick and powerful and i can see him giving OTs a nightmare on game days. just a thought on poe.

  115. Dukeshire says:

    For me, right now, in no particular order: Whitney Mercilus, Michael Floyd, Luke Kuechly.

  116. tchristensen says:

    I’d like to see: 1. David De Castro 2. Whitney Mercilus 3. (Trade Down) Nick Perry?

  117. Dukeshire says:

    Not Seahawk related, but a glimpse at the new Nike uniforms…

  118. DeCastro, Tannenhill, Mercilus

    And before people go psycho and criticize me for this dumb list, I’m not happy with it either! In a perfect world, my top 3 guys would all be pass rushers like Mercilus! I love Flynn, but if you want to ask about that (Tannenhill), just reread what I wrote a couple of days ago (AND I STILL LOVE FLYNN!). I don’t want DeCastro either, but he’s just so darn good/great of a prospect that’s it hard to resist. I have a feeling that when it’s 2020 and we name the top 10 players in the NFL from the 2012 Draft — well I’m pretty positive that the name of DeCastro is going to be on that list. That’s tough to pass up. Personally, I hope DeCastro gets drafted by Buffalo or KC so we don’t have to worry about it! In a perfect world, we can trade down a 2-3-4-5-6 spots and pick up a pick or two AND have Mercilus fall to us. That’s probably asking for too much, but it’d sure be nice!

  119. ryanryan says:

    @duke – sooooo then you are advocating floyd. lol

    an elite line is almost a necessity with our scheme, go decastro and feed the beast for his whole contract.

  120. Dukeshire says:

    Not really. I’m honestly not married to one player at 12. I think he makes some sense, but I’m not going to make a case, or push for him, on here. For me, for this team, those are my top 3 prospects.

  121. I have a feeling that, in my world, McQuistan and T-Jack are the same player.

    I loved McQuistan last year. He was a solid player wherever he was asked to play. Sure, he wasn’t a star, but I didn’t expect him to be. He was simply a guy you could plug in and he’d be okay. Much better than some crappy back-up. If Okung would have played like McQuistan did at LT I’d have been screaming “Bust!” from the mountaintops, but if you take into context that he was a back-up filling in at LT for the starter, then you appreciate that he was better than you’d hoped for (especially at guard).

    However, now that he may be a starter, I have a different set of expectations for him. I expect him to be good, not “good enough” to not be crappy.

    In a way, it’s like T-Jack. If Jackson is our back-up QB this upcoming season, I’m going to like him a lot. If Flynn gets hurt and we have to go w/T-Jack, I’m going to be fine with that. While Jackson is no stud, he’s not the crapola machine I thought he’d be either. He’s a fine, capable back-up. But if we go with him as a starter, then it sucks because of the very reasons I mentioned about McQuistan.

  122. ryanryan says:

    @bobby – i feel the same about breno as well, thats why i want decastro so badly. we are bound to have injuries and those two stepping in for starters is good news. either as a starter doesn’t thrill me one bit.

  123. ryanryan says:

    @duke, i hear you – but am surprised to see floyd as one of the three you would like to see. would i want him, absolutely – before dl/ol/lb, nope.

  124. Dukeshire says:

    Yeah, I’m with you on DL and LB. But for me, OL at 12 is redundant. That is, I don’t feel it’s as big a need as others do here. And that’s not a knock on Decastro, just the need itself.

  125. Not sure if it has been posted yet, but Deuce Lutui is visiting.

  126. I don’t see it, but they could go with Reiff if he falls (I don’t think he will). He’s a RT (he’d switch sides) that can actually block pass rushers from the right side, unlike any of our RTs last year. That would allow Carp to switch to LG, where I think he should be, when his knee gets back to full strength (and McQuistan back to the bench, where he should be). Breno is a good run blocking RT and I like his attitude, but he’s pretty crapola in pass protection (and only signed on for 2 years earlier this off-season). At least having a RT that could pass block would open things up for their current $7 million/year glorified blocking TE so maybe they could come close to getting their moneys worth (or else they should have signed some solid blocker for $6 million less per season). In the end, I don’t see this happening though.

  127. If Heater comes back, I’d rather have a WR over a LB in the 1st round (and I don’t want a WR). But I’d rather have a pass rusher the most.

    After thinking about it, maybe I should change my list to… Mercilus, DeCastro, and Reiff. I can about guarantee that at least one of those will be around at #12.

  128. I say ‘whatever’ to Deuce Lutui, but wouldn’t mind it if the Seahawks had a visit with Larry Grant (free agent LB, 49ers).

  129. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Have I said this before? DeCastro, DeCastro, DeCastro!!!!!

    However we lost that Dam coin flip!!!!

  130. Decastro, only if Mercilus is gone.

    Pass rush, above all else.

  131. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – I too would much rather have Reiff over Decastro. Especially with Carpenter on the roster. A tackle makes so much more sense than a guard, for this roster.

  132. ryanryan says:

    gruden qb camp is on now, (9est) griffin.

  133. Kingpear says:

    BobbyK – Thanks for the defense on the Carpenter thing. Carroll mentioned it in Indy as stated. In addition, every “in the know” football insider has taken that and run with it. I am not saying it is gospel by any means, but with his injury it might be easier for him to work inside for a little while

    Carson – My point about the wideouts on the team is that they S-U-C-K at route running. I like Golden, and Lockette, and I think there is a place for them on any roster. Golden is a good slot receiver, and outlet playmaker (ala Bobby Ingram), and Lockette is a long strider, and uses his speed for separation. I even like Deon Butler, but more as a Wes Welker type slot. We need a more accomplished receiver at using his routes to get open. Largent was not the fastest, or most elusive, but he knew his routes, and was at the right place at the right time.

    As far as 12th, I say they can go many ways. Including BPA. So if that happens to be Decastro, so be it. I think they should take Vinny Curry in the second and give him number 59, so fans don’t have to buy new jerseys…

  134. Kingpear says:

    Oh.. what if Dre Kirkpatrick is available at 12. I know we have a lot of strength in DBs, but this guy is a stud!

    He is a better Browner.

  135. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I want dirtbag type players on this team!!!! Nasty give them their all type players!!!

    DeCastro is that type of player!!!

    Dam KC!!!

  136. ryanryan says:

    other than having a lot of young talent in the secondary, the scouting report on kirkpatrick is that he is better in zone whereas we play man. i think ive read that his ball skills are not that great.

  137. Another nice thing about Reiff, he’d be LT insurance in case Okung gets hurt again.

    Personally, I hope none of this pans out and we draft a pass rusher who turns out to be good.

  138. Dukeshire says:

    Kingpear, did you just compare Tate to Engram? Engram was as precise a route runner as Seattle has ever had. He was Largent good, in this regard. Tate is so far an still, so limited in how they can use him because he’s so undisciplined with his routes. And now with Baldwin here (a significantly better comparison to Engram, IMO) Tate may not make this roster unless he takes a significant step forward, this spring and summer.

  139. With Tate, you never know where he’s going to end up. As much as I dis on T-Jack, there were a few times last year where he’d throw the ball and Tate wouldn’t be looking or something you knew was out of the ordinary in a bad way and T-Jack would look at him like “WTF?” He’s going to improve, but I don’t see where running precise routes is ever going to be a strength.

    The thing that sucks about DeCastro is that, besides safety, we have no need for a guard if Carp transitions to LG. Carp and Moffitt are fine, IMO. Another thing that sucks is that DeCastro is probably going to be, maybe by far, the BPA when we pick. It’s a crappy situation (especially with AZ probably gobbling him up at #13). If we would have just taken Carimi, like we should have last year, then we’d have a RT that could pass and run block and an opening at guard for DeCastro and then that line, after playing together, would have the potential to do what the mid-90s Cowboys line did for E. Smith and the Cowboys.

  140. Kingpear says:

    Ryanryan. Uh, no Kirkpatrick likes to play man. He has size and moderate ball skills. At least that is the last thing I saw. In fact, he tends to be over aggressive which leads to him losing a step.

    Dukeshire Yeah, re-read my post. Came off the wrong way. Engram was a top notch route runner, but also had an uncanny knack for being able to improvise when the play started to break down. Should have made that more clear. I hint Golden has that playmaking ability, but lacks discipline elsewhere in his game. Otherwise he would have been drafted higher than 60

  141. I love to see DeCastro on the team but think he’ll be gone when we pick. What I also like is that somebody will be falling to #12 that somebody else REALLY wants. Maybe it’s even DeCastro. Might be able to get Mercilus in the lower 1st round or go with Cordy Glenn who could be a great G/OT and someone like Hightower (LB) and McClellin (DE/LB) after that.

    It’s going to be fun seeing who’s around at 12. I have my fingers crossed it’s DeCastro or Richardson.


    Looks like the helmets are going to have that crap in the middle, whatever it’s called. The ugly dots or whatever.

  143. ryanryan says:

    kingpear – strange, i just read about 5 different scouting reports on kirkpatrick, half say he will be better suited for zone, half for man…guess i only read the zone report previously. they agree that he likes to hit.

    anyone else apprehensive about the uniforms tomorrow, i’m half cringing due to nike’s reputation.

    the gruden qb camp with griffin was pretty lame imo, it was soft toss.

  144. Dukeshire says:

    Bobby – What are you talking about? What dots? It doesn’t say anything about that in the article and those are just lights in the background. I don’t want to freak out until tomorrow.

    Kingpear – I did misunderstand your point. Thanks for the clarification.

  145. Dukeshire says:

    I’m cringing too. But if the design sucks, it will be the teams fault. They’re the ones who have to approve and sign off on them. I hate uniform changes…

  146. I dont want to sound negative, but I fear the new unis will SUCK! First of all, I like the ones we have. I think they are one of the best in the NFL. I dont get why so many non-hawk fans hate them. Pure East Coast Bias, I guess. Plus, Nike, aside from being child-labor scumbags, make HIDEOUS uni changes. Seriously, since when has Nike done a new design that didnt utterly suck?! I am thoroughly unexcited about new unis…

    Dukeshire-I am off the Kuechly bandwagon. I dont think we need a LB so bad we gotta take one at 12, not unless Still, Mercilus, Coples, Richardson, Floyd, and DeCastro are all gone. We can get a LB in the second or third that will be dynamite. And there are questions about Kuechly being as good in the NFL, and comments about perhaps his tackles being inflated due to mistakes. I dont know, Im not educated enough to really do anything but trust Seattles FO.

  147. Duke – Okay, that front has changed a little (conspiracy!) since I posted that. You can’t see those “dots” anymore. It was like a normal stripe going from the front to the back (couldn’t see the back), except fatter in width. In that “stripe” area, it was a bunch of futuristic “dots.” It’s like they were trying to have an uglier competition with some of the ugly crap the Oregon Ducks would wear (based on some of the weird crap they have worn in recent history). I wouldn’t joke about this. I hope it’s just the way I was looking at the computer screen.

  148. Duke – Your chance to meet Brian Russell! Isn’t he your favorite Seahawk of all time!?!?

  149. Some previews of the Seahawks’ logo and helmet are beginning to leak:

    Looks like the grey accent replacing the light blue in the logo, which I think is promising. And, not sure what the texture mohawk down the middle is, but it’ll be interesting.

  150. That very well could be the helmet I saw. I know those aren’t the “dots” I talked about, as it was pretty blurry, but it was something (not like our normal helmet of all blue besides the logo).

    As long as the grey is actually silver, like it really was back in the day!

  151. “Not sure if it has been posted yet, but Deuce Lutui is visiting.

    I checked to see if the visit was confirmed, and my son sat next to him on a flight back to Arizona tonight, where we now live. We are Seattle fans before anything, but my son had a good conversation with Deuce, and he sounded like the Hawks were going to offer him a contract. He said he loved the facility, and loved the idea of being reunited with Carroll, if it happens.

  152. Dukeshire says:

    Those must be the dots Bobby was talking about. That’s no so bad… at least I hope not. Sigh…

    Bobby- If Russell is half the waiter he was a safety, I promise every order he takes will get botched. He’s probably a lovely man, but I hate him. Lol

  153. Thanks for the insight, doubter.

  154. Dukeshire says:

    Doubter – That’s pretty cool stuff.

  155. Funny how that image on all-of-a-sudden changed and got darker so you could no longer see it!

  156. wabubba67 says:

    Brian Russell a celebrity waiter…makes sense. He served up a lot of first downs while playing.

  157. BobbyK, you’re welcome. Dukeshire, That’s what I thought when I picked up my son from PHX Airport. He sat back and had 4 Jack and Cokes while talking to Deuce, so I’m kind of jealous right now.

  158. Dukeshire says:

    Awesome. So long as Duce wasn’t having the jack and cokes. ;)

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