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Morning links: Hoping Flynn’s not Charlie Whitehurst

Post by Eric Williams on March 29, 2012 at 7:10 am with 66 Comments »
March 29, 2012 7:12 am
Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll. (AP Photo/Ross D. Franklin)

Clark Judge of CBS Sports talked with Seattle Seahawks head coach Pete Carroll at the NFL Owners meetings in Palm Beach, Florida this week. Judge asked Carroll about the prospects of new quarterback Matt Flynn guiding his team back to the playoffs this year.

But Carroll remained committed to the idea of open competition at the quarterback position, saying Tarvaris Jackson remains the starter right now.

Judge says the Seahawks better hope that Flynn is not another Charlie Whitehurst.
Here’s what Carroll said when asked about the difference between Whitehurst and Flynn.

“I think the familiarity and continuity are much different,” Carroll said. “And the background knowledge from the inside out is maybe what makes us more enthused because John (Seahawks GM John Schneider) knew (Flynn) so well. We knew Charlie from the outside and from his workouts, but John did have insights (on Flynn). We just have more familiarity and a better sense of it.”

Brian Biggane of The Palm Beach Post talks with Carroll about his decision to go after Flynn and how it affected the Miami Dolphins. Biggane believes the Dolphins were not as committed to signing Flynn because Matt Moore is more proven as a future starter than Tarvaris Jackson. I think that’s debatable.

According to Joe Person of the Charlotte Observer, Carroll gushed for five minutes about the impressive play of Cam Newton in his rookie season. Of course, Carroll likely is doing his best Lou Holtz impersonation – the Seahawks travel to Carolina to take on the Panthers in 2012.

Mike Schwartz of offers an interesting Q&A with Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson.

Chris Burke of Sports Illustrated says that former Seahawks center Walter Jones is the best No. 6 overall pick in the modern-day era of the NFL – since the AFL-NFL merger in 1970.

Clare Farnsworth of catches up with former Seahawks center Blair Bush.

Texas A&M quarterback Ryan Tannehill’s pro day is today. And while I believe the Seahawks will not selected him in the first round, don’t be surprised if some team representatives show up for the workout today.

NFL Network’s Charley Casserly believes Tannehill is a top 10 prospect, while his counterpart Bucky Brooks disagrees.

ESPN’s Todd McShay has Seattle selecting North Carolina defensive end Quinton Coples in the first round, and Cal inside linebacker Mychal Kendricks. You must be an ESPN Insider to view this.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    I have nothing to base this on other than a general feeling: I never got the sense Whitehurst is terribly competitive, comparatively speaking. That is, he seems content to be a back up and perhaps doesn’t have that burning desire to lead an NFL team. I could very well be wrong, his passion might manifest itself differently than say, Hasselbeck. But I never felt like it was a matter of life or death with him. Flynn? From everything I’ve read about him and seen of him: the total opposite. And to me, that’s as important as physical tools.

  2. Macabrevity says:

    I don’t see Flynn and Whitehurst as having anything in common whatsoever. Whitehurst wasn’t even a back-up QB, he was 3rd string… Flynn battled his way up to be a trusted replacement for one of the best QB’s in the league, Hurshysquirt couldn’t even beat out Billy Volek (up until this year apparently, maybe Volek retired?). Their style of play, strengths and weaknesses, college careers, everything about them is different. I don’t see any reason to compare them. I can see a few connections to be made in comparing him to Hass, but not Hurshy.

  3. Macabrevity says:

    And for the semnatics police on this forum, by saying he wasn’t even a back-up I hope it’s clear what I meant. :P

  4. I would pass on Coples. Makes much more sense to draft Whitney Mercilius. He is a much more explosive pass rusher (compared to Coples) and Red Bryant will play run downs anyway.

    I am really good with idea of drafting Mychal Kendricks in round #2.

    My ideal first two rounds go
    1(12) Whitney Mercilus and 2(43) Mychal Kendricks or
    1(12) Luke Kuelchy and 2(43) Vinny Curry

  5. ryanryan says:

    duke – remember how marc bulger ho-hummed his way through his career. he’d throw a td and walk off the field like it didn’t matter at all. i remember seeing this during a broadcast – they showed the difference between hass and bulger after they threw td passes…hass would pump his fist and yell. bulger would just trot off the field like he didn’t have a care in the world.

    i prefer a qb to show an emotional interest in the game too.

  6. Soggybuc says:

    I would rather see us trade a few spots grab more picks and target Donta Hightower. going with any of these DE’s and hoping they turn out to be an elite pass rusher is a huge risk as there is no guarantee any of these cats is going to be a 12 to 15 sack a year player.
    not that they won’t be good players but it’s like drafting a RB thinking he will have Arian Foster home run skills. better to grab a few bodies lower down and find that diamond.

  7. I love the emotion that Tom Brady shows. He never lets it get the best of him when he’s on the field but it’s clear he’s driven like a madman. This is something that can’t be measured at the combine, yet it is so much more important than many of the stupid drills they do to determine the supposed success of a QB.

  8. RDPoulsbo says:

    I’ve never felt CBJ was ever going to come close to panning out. As it has been pointed out, he was a 3rd string QB, who spends more time with the DC so he can help defense prepare for Sunday than anything else. Anyone better than David Greene can do that. Still, I had no problem with the move because fans were clamoring for a new QB with the new regime at the time and the move gave them leeway to use their 1st round pick to pick Okung and begin rebuilding an o-line anchored by Locklear. PC/JS may get heat for it, but CBJ and Flynn are not even in the same ballpark here.

  9. flynn is going to give everybody the final ruling on pc/js’s ability to scout QBs. so far, we have whitehurst: a horrendous failure, a complete bust – and TJAX: still the below average starting QB he was in minnesota, showing no sign of developing further.

    i’d say that 0 for 2 for landing seattle’s franchise qb.

    and here comes flynn. if he fails, the coach and GM really need to re-evaluate their scouting process because it’s obviously failing them. if flynn starts for 2+ years and can provide 20+ TDs a year, i’d consider him a roaring success story.

  10. Charlie, TJ and now Flynn are all in the same 5-10 million yr over a couple of years with opt outs attached bracket, which to me looks like the going rate for trying out a potential starter. It is a nice way to attract good enough candidates while not being stuck with a long term contract on a “maybe guy”.

    Once you find “the guy” you lock him up long term.

    A new coach with a rebuild in front of him ( like in our case), had no Luck options and giving it all away to get it was not how they wanted to do it.

    Who’s right? We’ll see.

  11. chrisj122 says:

    Comparing Flynn to Whitehurst is ridonckoulous.

    Flynn – #2 backup from Green Bay, which in the last 2 decades have produced some of the NFL’s best QB’s (you know them). Green Bay is known for having a good scout and developmental program for QB’s

    Whitehurst – #3 backup from San Diego known for drafting high potential QB’s and letting them flounder. San Diego over the last 2 decades has had QB’s who became mentally unstable or just didn’t live up to their potential, some of which flourished after leaving San Diego. This why the Manning family did not want Eli drafted by San Diego in fear his NFL career would be squandered away with organinzation that is unable to groom him into an elite NFL QB.

    The one and only thing they have in common was P.C. went and signed both of these guys, however Whitehurst was pre J.S. who we all now has some insight into Flynn.

  12. Whether Carroll wants to admit it or not, signing Flynn is just a calculated gamble — just as trading for Whitehurst and signing Jackson were. Nobody really knows if Flynn is going to turn into Matt Hasselbeck or become Matt Leinert. But when you don’t give up a draft pick for a guy who excelled in his two NFL games, it’s certainly a worthy gamble. Truth is, even if you draft a QB in the first round, there’s a 50 percent chance he’ll be a bust. And the Seahawks have had no luck with first rounders: Stouffer (in a trade), McGwire and Mirer were all terrible. I believe that Flynn has as much chance of being a solid NFL QB as RGIII does, even if his upside isn’t as great. He’s been tutored well in Green Bay, has poise in the pocket and is accurate and smart. Miami will be kicking themselves this fall, just as they did when they chose Daunte Culpepper over Drew Brees.

  13. Clipboard Jesus was brought in because he was the best fit available for the Vertical Passing offense of Jeremy Bates. Carrol goes out of his way to sign guys that his Coordinators want–Carpenter and Moffit and Gallery and McQ for Cable, Whitehurst and tall WR’s for Bates, Lynch for Cable and Bevell, all the defensive guys brought in to compete at 3-tech and DE.

    Whitehurst is not a good fit for a WCO, and was pretty much doomed due to that change alone. He may have made a passable qb, but it wont be in a WCO. He still may end up being a decent player in SD, but I have my doubts.

  14. piperfeltcher says:

    Whitehurst was paid like a back up QB and that is what he is. Bringing him in was not a bad move as he won a game when needed and got the Hawks into the playoffs. Think if Coples is available at 12 it is a no brainer but do not see him not going in the top 10. He was the most productive DE in college and see no reason why he will not be the most productive player in the pro’s.

  15. The stupid thing about the Dolphins was that the chose Culpepper and to give up a 2nd round pick for him, while the Saints signed Brees and gave up no picks. There’s reason the Dolphins have turned into a laughing stock.

  16. jchawks08 says:

    Yea, to this day, I’m stumped as to why Carroll and team were so interested in CW. Some other teams 3rd Stringer just doesn’t make sense. I have no idea who else was available at that time but I’d have to think there were better candidates for the same price we paid. Anyway.. Glad the CW era is over.
    I’ve got to agree with Neklok above too. This regime is definately 0-2 when it comes to QB’s. I’d maybe put it at 1-3 because T-Jack hasn’t been completey terrible. If Flynn hits, then we’re talking a solid 2-4 with a couple doubles and RBI’s. Wait, what board am I on again?

  17. Yeah. I can’t think of many QBs more different from each other than Flynn and Whitehurst. They both play the position, that’s about the only similarity I can think of.

  18. ChrisHolmes says:

    You’re right neklok. So far, PC’s batting average on QB’s is 0.000

    I, for one, wish he’d stop the whole “competition” at the QB position shtick. It’s old. Tired. You don’t pay a guy $8 million to backup. It’s Flynn’s job to lose.

    Teams need leaders. I can understand “competition” at as many positions as you can create. But when it comes to the QB spot, you need a designated leader.

  19. JazBadAzz says:

    Hey guys is Mark Sanchez, a better QB than T.Jack and Matt Flynn?

    I was wondering what you guys think because I am almost positive the jets will have to play Tebow and let Sanchez go.

  20. NYHawkFan says:

    In a sense all players are a “calculated gamble.” Who can forget Ryan Leaf (drafted #2 overall), Brian Bosworth (highest paid NFL rookie at that time), and, of course, Aaron Curry, super bust. That’s why we hope that Flynn will be the answer and become our franchise QB.

  21. RDPoulsbo says:

    To imply picking QBs as a simple win-loss is nonsensical oversimplification. What were the alternatives at the time decisions were made? Tebow or Clausen over Earl Thomas? Kolb at the contract he got? The only real miss is Dalton, but he is to early to judge. Sanchez looked good before showing how bad he is. The past couple years have not been good for finding a QB. Using a place holder to get beyond the crap that’s been available these past couple years is a win to me.

  22. CW was a need move, Wallace was gone and the only other QB’s we had were practice squad guys (Teel)if you remember that super star Derek Anderson was the hot FA that year and when he signed with AZ that left them no choice but to get CW.
    It was a need move that proved correct because Matt was unable to go 16 games and CW was a compotent (somewhat) guy to hold the fort while Matt was out.
    Last year it was either panic and screw the salary cap for years on Kolb or settle for TJ at a modest investment as a guy who could win you a few games and hold the fort. funny how you guys forget how many wanted them to blow the 25th on Gabbert or Ponder.
    Flynn is really the first QB that the FO is betting on being “the guy” while CW and TJ are nothing more than patient Chess moves.

  23. So far Carroll and Schneider are batting 1000 for QBs? What, you say…has this dude lost his friggin’ mind?! Uh, yeah…nope.

    They signed Whitehurst for back-up money for lack of a better candidate. If they had paid him starter money, he would have been a miss, but you can’t sign players who are not available, so they brought in the best QB who fit what they were trying to do at the time.

    They signed T-Jack for back-up money on a short contract because he was available and familiar with our new offense.

    They signed Flynn for minimal starter money and a short contract, so they’re saying, okay Matt, you look good, you sound good….now prove it.

    So, it’s an error in reasoning to call Whitehurst and T-Jack misses. If Flynn flops, it will be a miss but one where the damage is softened by the short contract and reasonable money.

    These guys know what they’re doing personnel wise on both sides of the ball.

  24. I dont see JS and Carrol as batting 000.0 at all. I think they have been treading water. They are being patient, which given the Not For Long League applies to coaches and FO dudes as well as players, is pretty rare and commendable. Its frustrating for fans, but its better than ending up stuck with a guy like Kolb, as others have said.

    They tried to get others, but settled for Clipboard when no deal happened. They let Hass go, which I ding them for. Then they brought in T-Jack, which neither move may have happened without the fact that Bates got fired and the lockout happened. That forced thier hand.

    Picking Carpenter looks like crap now, and might end up that way. Hard to say. IF he comes back from injury and becomes a good RT or a very good G, that will be okay. And while Dalton had a good year and looks to be the guy we should have taken, its too early to tell.

    Meanwhile, we signed Flynn to a nice deal that leaves us wiggle room, and Coach is handling the situation the right way. While Flynn is getting more money, it isnt huge money. And they are gonna make him earn the starting job, having him start out with the second teamers. That is the correct and fair way to do it. Jackson will have the upper hand, but if he doesnt improve, Flynn will be breathing down his neck as he learns the intracacies of Bevell’s offense and builds rapport with the recievers.

    This way, WHEN Flynn beats out Jackson, whether its in Preseason or after, the whole team will respect and support the decision as Flynn will not get the gig except by injury or earning it outright. And dont think for one minute Seattle isnt keeping thier eyes out for a young qb of franchise material. They are, and will continue to be. These guys arent going to settle for anyone if someone better comes along.

    And there’s always BobbyK’s pal Josh Portis, who really may surprise everyone.

  25. Dukeshire says:

    Jaz – It will be tough for NY to dump Sanchez what with the $20 million in guarantees in the extension he recently signed. With Sporano there, they’ll find creative ways to use Tebow in wildcat packages, 3rd and short, and red zone / goal line situations.

    But as far as Sanchez in general, I see him as a middling to capable QB. And perhaps a bit better if he’s able to dial back the picks. The guy is an interception machine, at this point.

  26. RDPoulsbo says:

    Hargrove just signed with the Packers. Too bad for them because I’m sure he’ll be suspended for the Saints bounty scandal. Doesn’t matter what he says in public. He’s on the hook for his actions on the field.

  27. Hawkzilla says:

    Well for me the CW move was a waste. Not because he sucked because they never played him enough games to show if he could work through mistakes and see if he could do the job. Honestly I don’t know if he sucks. I know he played some sucky games but he also had a decent game against the rams that showed some potential.

    The error is that they paid the money and never gave him the team to see what he could do. I am not by any means saying CW was for sure the answer but at the same time I don’t know how with such limited time we could whether he is was at least a decent QB.

    Matty Hass is a prime example. I remember at one point feeling utter disgust for almost every aspect of his game. But with time and on the field experience he got better and became the leader of the team.

    People need to be realistic.It is pretty rare for a QB to come in and start ripping it up from day one. It takes time to develop.

    I’m hoping that Matt Flynn has the chance take the reins and go through the ups and downs of being the starter full time. No matter how much skill and talent you have, there are just some things that have to be learned on the field.

  28. chrisj122 says:

    It was stated that drafting or even signing a unproven QB is a “Caculated Gamble” and I totally agree. However the Caculated part is where you can throw the odds in your favor. So far the F.O. has not made a huge investment in any of the QB’s they have brought in (a bit more for Flynn) making easy to dump anyone of them if they don’t work out. My only issue with the decision making a QB was not resigning Hass, I thought they let him go to soon without having an adequate replacement. Some will and have argued with me about this but it really doesn’t matter much anymore (I’m done with this argument).

    So far Fynn is the biggest gamble they have made at QB and the risk to reward ratio is in favor of reward because the risk is still pretty minimal.

    Sanchez to me was a huge gamble by the Jets. They traded up to get a QB who only started one season in college, while being surrounded by a great team. I’m no scout but I thought it was kinda crazy at the time.

  29. JazBadAzz says:

    Duke- I read that he sign that extension but it wasn’t as good as they made it seem. He was already getting 17.5mil from the rookie deal. 2.5mil was front loaded to massage his ego because of the Manning thing. If he is cut then the team that picks him up will assume his salary. I’m sure someone will. They could also trade him and I’m also sure someone will give something for him…hell Tebow got a 4th and 6th +2.5m in cash.

    I do think he can play a lot better in the right hands. They threw the kid in the fire, NY none the less. Pete told him he wasn’t ready after his freshman year but didn’t listen. Rex and the rest of those big mouths guaranteeing everything every week is a QB nightmare. Now this Tebow circus will be the death of his career.

  30. Dukeshire says:

    Here’s a guy I can see Seattle taking on day 3 (or UDFA): WR Dale Moss. 6’3″ 213 and ran a 4.38 – 4.45 at his pro day. Highlights are pretty scarce (played at South Dakota St), but he’s a crazy athlete and would seem to fit the “Carroll” profile, albeit a project. Anyway, here ya go (got to wade through a few basketball highlights…)

  31. For my two cents, I have never liked Sanchez, and I would rather have T-Jack than him any day, every day, all day. At least Jackson is a good guy, a leader, and tough as nails. I dont think Sanchez is any of those things. He’ll end up as big a bust as Curry.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    Jaz – I’m not as familiar with the contract details as you, so thanks for clarifying. I do know that he also received an $8 mill signing bonus, as well. That’s a heave investment to simply break him off, especially when Tebow is unlikely to be a marked improvement. But you never know, as dysfunctional as the Jets appear to be.

  33. Whats also funny is that Flynn only played/started one year in college. Only he was a senior and only on the bench because Mr. Lethargy Addiction was in front of him. And he did sit on the bench for four years and learn behind Aaron Rodgers in the NFL.

    I’ll take the uncertainly of Flynn any day over the suck-certainty of Sanchez.

  34. Hawkzilla–Like I said, CW was brought in to fit Bates’ offense, then when Bevell came with a different system and totally different approach, the writing was on the wall for Clipboard.

    He must not have shown Carrol and company what they were hoping for in practice, meetings, etc. A waste on one hand, but a third round pick for a couple years of insuracne with a hope of better things sounds allright to me. I’d do a trade like that again in thier shoes.

  35. If anyone thinks this FO is doing a terrible job i invite you to go be a Dolphins fan, ride that Jeff Ireland bandwagon for some real fun or the Jags, ahhh hell I cant be that mean you can go be a Tardnils fan where at least Wisenhunt is doing an OK job despite the cheapest and most incompotent ownerships in the league.

    Drives me batty when people think building a super bowl winning team is like snapping your finger. go talk to Andy Reid about that. the Steelers have 6 rings but 4 of those came under Chuck Noll’s great 70’s team. they then had a 15 year drought before making it back and losing in 95. 10 more till they got us in 05. thats 25 years between SB wins. look at the Bears one of the most storied franchises ever and they are 1-1 in only two trips to the game. even better Jets fans are staring at 44 years since Namath and I just don’t see that dysfunctional circus making it anytime soon.
    Even our beloved Holmgren has only one ring and two losses to his credit. (yes I know he has a handful of them colored red and gold too)

  36. piperfeltcher says:

    Geez I hope Flynn can suck as much as Sanchez and take the Hawks to 2 straight confrence title games. Considering he was a rookie QB with 1 real year of college in NY I would say he has handled himself well. Last year they were a mess but that is the organizations fault not Sanchezes.

  37. I think Carroll and company are trying to set an offensive system where they don’t need an elite passer to win it all. He wants to have an elite defense and then some key players on offense. He said Lynch is the face of their franchise and running backs are a dime a dozen. If Seattle can become an elite run team while having a solid passer (hopefully Flynn) then they can draft a new RB every 5 years or so and continue the winning.

  38. Macabrevity says:

    People want to justify the Hurshysquirt signing because he made ‘back-up’ money, but don’t forget, in his first season as a Hawk he pulled in close to what Matt made that season…and if I can’t back that up or nobody believes it, well doesn’t matter, because the picks and draft position we gave up for him completely outweigh the couple million Paul Allen saved. I don’t think our owner has ever shied away from signing big checks, so saving a few $$$ really did nothing for this franchise. We’d have been better off without CW. I’d guess plenty of GM’s, especially A.J. Smith were laughing at us for that one.

  39. I’ll never forget the first time I saw Charlie Whiteworst take a hard sack last year. He winced, and came jogging off the field wincing with a pained look on his face. At the sideline, Coach Carroll got in Charlie’s face, yelling at him to stop being so dramatic.

    I also never forget how comfortable Charlie always looked while sitting on the bench in a clean uniform.

    Meanwhile, I don’t know if I’ve seen another QB take as many hits as TJack or play with as severe an injury, and never let it show on his face. And from what’s been reported about Matt Flynn recently (played with a high ankle sprain and other injuries at LSU) we got another tough guy. Attitude-wise, I think these guys are going to relate to one another just fine, and likely respect each other too.

  40. RDPoulsbo says:

    In 2010, Matt was playing the final year of his salary signed before the 2006 CBA when salaries started a big jump. Whitehurst signed his contract toward the end of that CBA. There were a lot of similar situations when comparing salaries signed before and after that CBA, so trying to compare their salaries is apples to oranges. Even so, Matt was making almost 50% more than Whitehurst in 2010. Backup QBs get good money and many times, more than a lot of other starters in other positions. That’s just the way it is.

  41. The Seahawks signing Flynn for 2 years, $13.5m is like us going out and putting $1 on the Mega Millions tomorrow. If it works out, we just got the deal of a lifetime and if it didn’t the financial investment was so minimal it can be quickly forgotten. Although the same statement can’t be made for the emotional investment in both the Mega Millions ticket and Flynn.

    Although its still surprising to me that Holmgren passed on Flynn at such a reasonable price. But then again, he passed on Tom Brady three times in the 6th round in 2000. He made it clear he wasn’t happy with Kitna after 1999 and was looking for a repleacement.

  42. RDPoulsbo says:

    Too bad this blog doesn’t let you edit. I never catch my mistakes until after I post.

    Anyway, you cannot compare contracts signed before and after the 2006 CBA. The salary cap made a huge jump along with salaries with that agreement. Matt was actually playing for a cheap contract compared to contracts signed after 2006.

  43. Dukeshire says:

    Soggybuc – Agree 100%. Well said.

    More revisionist contract talk, eh? ;)

  44. Dukeshire says:

    To clarify, that was for pabs, not you RD.

  45. Walter Jones was a center?

  46. I have no interest in comparing ourselves to loser franchises.

    I don’t believe that their plan is to get a crappy system QB either. If they believed in having fun w/crap QBs, there’s no way they would have begged for a Peyton Manning meeting the way they did.

  47. Its well documented if things don’t go well for the Seahawks with Flynn, they can cut Flynn lose after just 2 years and $13.25 million.

  48. Stevos-I didnt see that play, and I havent been to a game at Seahwks Stadium (whatever they call it now), so I didnt catch that exchange between CW and Caroll. Interesting–veddy, veddy interesting.

    Piperfeltcher–The jets had a great line, great RB’s, great defense, and decent WR’s the years they went to the NFC Title Game. ANY qb would have taken them there. Even CW or T-Jack. If you remember, Sanchez played badly in the title games.

    People give him credit for a lot of stuff he just barely managed not to screw up. That isnt the same as being a good qb. And as high as he was drafted, Sanchez was expected to be better than good. And so far, he is much less than good.

  49. JazBadAzz says:

    I wish I could win mega millions tomorrow, I would purchase the Seahwaks and hire some of guys to come with me and talk football! I doubt 500mil would come close to what the franchise and stadium is now worth.

  50. JazBadAzz says:

    When a player is a bust, its not always there fault. Remember the scouts are actually the first to get fired. The player doesn’t make you over draft for them. The GM’s and so called expert should be the one to blame, the coaches for not implementing a system that can best fit the players talents. A small percent should be put on a player, and Jamarcus lack of work ethic, and lack of responsibility was all his fault but the organization was shit as well. It all has to mesh. Every year there is a different sort of team that wins the Superbowl, so its not a science, its more like a marriage hitting its stride at the right time. Either team this year could have loss on key plays, but was fortunate to get a few breaks.

  51. Jaz, I’d let you hire me on the cheap.

  52. chrisj122 says:

    I don’t have to be a Dolphins fan or a Jaguar fan to understand how it feels to have absoultely no hope or faith in the ownership of your team. I remember the Ken Berhing years all to well, as I’m sure many other do too. Some NFL franchises gamble wrong or make mistakes, some alot more than others but there is no equal to Ken Berhing.

    Gawd, I hate even thinking about that time.

  53. RDPoulsbo says:

    Well Jaz, according to Forbes, the Mariners are worth $585 mil. That would easily make you the majority owner. Gotta take them while they’re cheap!

    Seahawks are valued at $989 mil, so they would be out of your price range.

  54. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – Yes, we know. But that’s a bit different than claiming that’s the contract. You’re not wrong, it’s just a spin. Revision. (And it’s fun to give you a hard time when you do that. No worries)

  55. Chris–That man should not even be named. Just as I dubbed a certain LG The Ice Fisherman (A Curse that stuck to him for years, making him having nothing to do doing the Playoffs except fish), so we should come up with a nickname for our previous owner, the worst owner in the history of the NFL. I suggest the tROLL. little t on purpose.

    As Dave Wyman said, he was a nice guy (I would beg to differ) and so was his son, but they knew NOTHING about how to run a football team. That man was responsible for ruining huge parts of California with his enormous housing developments, and when he tried to do the same thing in Western WA, they told him no dice. So he got mad, and went back to destroying CA in a huff. Then tried to take the Hawks there.

    Of course, Western WA has become nearly as developed as the Silicon Valley, but at least 5,000 home developments arent everywhere.

    And I hope the tROLL spends eternity in hell; for him, that would probably be in a world without developers, where the Seahawks win the SuperBowl at least twice a decade under Allens ownership.

  56. JazBadAzz says:

    Stevos-you will be right there! :)

    RD I have no clue what to do with baseball, and seeing that the dodgers sold for 2bil, makes it even more unclear!

    Btw, I think flynn didn’t sign with miami because the offense will be different with Sherman as OC. I heard Philbin didn’t run the offense in GB, it was more of McCarthys and he managed it. Just saying he would have to learn either team he choose. We got a better team anyway!

  57. Seahawks2620 says:

    With the Browns “considering” Tannehill in the first, it could mean that Richardson could potentially fall to us at #12. The only team ahead of us that really has a “need” at RB, is Tampa Bay, however I don’t feel that they will go in that direction coming off of the season that they did. Especially with Morris Claiborne sitting there for the taking. The only problem with that theory is that every other team could be thinking the same thing, which is that you can’t pass up Trent Richardson if he is there even if he isn’t a priority.

    As for the Coples/Kendricks 1st and 2nd pick. That sounds great, except for I would prefer Ingram at number 12 instead of Coples. Not that it means much coming from me, but I just have a really strong feeling that Ingram is going to be a serious play maker in the NFL.

  58. HarbaughsMother says:

    Walter Jones played tackle.

  59. Seahawks2620 says:

    I am really really high on this guy Kendricks. He is a great open field tackler, is incredibly fast for a LB and not just because he ran a 4.4 forty. He has great instincts, and is very team oriented. Yeah, you can tell he is frustrated after a win, but who isn’t. He doesn’t go around blaming people for the loss. He is a great leader, from what I saw of him this past season. He is also pretty solid in coverage and can bring a bit of pressure from the MLB position. If he is there in the second round, I don’t see how you pass him up. With Hawthorne yet to be signed, and this kid having all of the traits that Carroll wants out of his LB’s, he could very well be the starting MLB at the start of next season. This kid would look beast in a Seahawks uniform! Well, unless the new Seahawks uniforms look horrid. haha

  60. Dukeshire says:

    He’s a bit undersized, but is a hell of a player. I’m concerned that he’ll not be able to shed blocks or otherwise get swallowed in the wash, with all the traffic in the middle.

  61. Seahawks2620 says:

    That was in fact my only concern as well. In most of the footage that I have seen on him, he seems to get a bit “lost” in all of the commotion every now and then. One positive about his size, is that he is essentially the same size as Hawthorne, but is only 21 and has the potential to grow into his “man body”. haha

  62. Seahawks2620 says:

    Even if only 10 pounds. Just a thought is all.

  63. Seahawks2620 says:

    I am not discrediting what Hawthorne has done for this team over the last few years, but I honestly don’t think it would “ruin” this defense if we were to lose him. The core or strength of this defense is no longer the LB corp, like it once was with Tatupu, Hill, and Peterson. It is no fixated on what the secondary is doing for us. More specifically, Thomas and Chancellor. Hawthorne is rather slow, but was great at being in the right spot at the right time, resulting in a lot of tackles. Bottom line, losing Hawthorne would not cripple this young defense. Wright brings a lot more to this team than many people think. Not necessarily at MLB, but just to the LB corp as a whole. He is pretty athletic for 6’4/246.

  64. “To imply picking QBs as a simple win-loss is nonsensical oversimplification. What were the alternatives at the time decisions were made? Tebow or Clausen over Earl Thomas? Kolb at the contract he got? The only real miss is Dalton, but he is to early to judge. Sanchez looked good before showing how bad he is. The past couple years have not been good for finding a QB. Using a place holder to get beyond the crap that’s been available these past couple years is a win to me.”

    Agree with all that. And I’d take TJack over Sanchez. No faith in Sanchez, and I feel like his career is already in the early stages of its downward arc.

  65. Dukeshire says:

    And he’s only 5’11”, too. For me, if they take a LB at 12, I’m in favor of Luke Kuechly.

  66. chrisj122 says:

    STBBM – Agreed! from this point forward I will no longer use the name of certain previous owner of the Seahawks, I will only refer to him as tROLL.

    I still hate that tROLL bastard!

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