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Morning links: No compensatory picks for Hawks

Post by Eric Williams on March 27, 2012 at 6:53 am with 86 Comments »
March 27, 2012 6:53 am

The NFL released the list of teams awarded compensatory picks on Monday afternoon, and the Seahawks were not one of 15 teams awarded 32 picks.

According to the league’s collective bargaining agreement, a team losing more or better compensatory free agents than acquired in the previous year is eligible to receive compensatory draft picks.

Usually, the number of picks a team receives equals the net loss of compensatory free agents up to a maximum of four.

So Seattle likely did not receive a compensatory pick this year because of the free agent signings of Sidney Rice, Zach Miller, Tavaris Jackson and Robert Gallery.

The Seahawks received a seventh round compensatory pick last year.

Officially, Seattle has six picks in this year’s draft – one in the first (12th overall), second (43), third (75), fourth (106), sixth (181) and seventh (from Oakland) (225). Check out the seven-round draft order here.

The Seahawks gave up their fifth round pick to Buffalo in the Marshawn Lynch trade and a seventh rounder to Detroit in a 2010 trade for Tyler Polumbus, but got back a seventh rounder from Oakland in the Aaron Curry trade.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll tells Steve Wyche of the NFL Network that Tarvaris Jackson will take the first-team reps and Matt Flynn will be behind him when the team begins its off-season work in this video clip.

Clare Farnsworth of takes a look at the ball distribution in terms of targets for Seattle receivers last year.

Danny O’Neil of the Seattle Times writes that Matt Flynn showed his toughness and tenacity by winning the starting quarterback job his junior year in high school to the same guy he lost out to as a sophomore.

KING 5 TV reports that Marshawn Lynch will appear in a movie being filmed in Seattle called “Matt’s Chance,” which co-stars Six-Million Dollar Man Lee Majors.

Pat Kirwin of CBS Sports ranks linebacker David Hawthorne among his top 10 players still left in free agency.

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  1. chrisj122 says:

    Getting a 7th round pick for Aaron Curry is much better than the bag of peanuts he’s worth.

  2. Dukeshire says:

    Interesting piece by Farnsworth. I’m surprised to learn that Tate was targeted 58 times.

    For what it’s worth, here’s a kid I’d love Seattle to select in the third…

  3. chrisj122 says:

    Beast Mode goes glam and glitz. Lol….

    They should edit a clip of Lynch scoring a touchdown (the infamous TD against the Saints in the playoffs) with the old school bionic sound effects. Bionic Beast Mode! Lol….

  4. NYHawkFan says:

    Didn’t know Lynch was into acting. Nice he’s getting some props, but it sounds like a B-list movie, as Lee Majors hasn’t been doing much other than bit parts on TV in recent years. Maybe Major’s making comeback!

  5. Eric has got to be happy, as now his Raiders actually get to make some picks this year!

  6. RDPoulsbo says:

    This throws a monkeywrench in Oakland’s plans. With the recession, it seems they were trying to save some coin on hotel accommodations by condensing their draft to the last day. Now they have to show up on the Friday.

  7. chrisj122 says:

    Lee Majors was the MAN back in the day, back in is prime:

    Hit TV show – the orginal 6 Million Dollar Man which created a spin-off series 6 Million Dollar Woman. Later they even had Max, the Bionic Dog. The success of these shows started the merchandising of toys, school lunch boxes, ect. Yes I had the orginal 6 million dollar man action figure, which came with a car engine that he could lift with his bionic arm and a bionic eye that you could look through the back his head. Not to mention the fake rubber skin on his arm that could roll up and show his bionics (just sounds kinda weird now).

    His Wife – Faraha Fawcett, at the time was the hottest model, actress on TV.

    2nd hit TV show – The Fall Guy, which also spured its own merchandise line. I think there was even a Fall Guy video game back in the mid 80’s.

    Sorry, I know all this rambling has nothing to do with the Seahawks but the name Lee Majors just released my inner geek.

  8. OCHawkFan says:

    Nice find Duke. That dude looks like a Beast Mode clone! Except he can run routes and catch too. Would love to see him in a Hawks uniform!

  9. ryanryan says:

    that danny o’neil article was really cool, i admit i didn’t know much about him, that article was enough to have me on board.

  10. ryanryan says:

    Well I’m not the kind to kiss and tell, but I’ve been seen with Farrah. I’m never seen with anything less than a nine, so fine!

  11. Nice Duke. That guy looks like a beast and runs like one too. Good hands, and seems humble and hungry. Thanks for sharing that video

  12. Macabrevity says:

    “Getting a 7th round pick for Aaron Curry is much better than the bag of peanuts he’s worth.” – chrisj122

    Couldn’t agree more…

  13. JazBadAzz says:

    Doug Martin and Robert Turbin are two guys I was talking about a few months ago. I kinda changed my tone to the following player because of the home run threat. Lamar Miller great 3rd down back and could carry the load if needed.

    I’m on my mobil, wish I could elaborate but I will later or I’ll just find my previous post and copy and paste it here.

  14. Macabrevity says:

    Robert Turbin is a stud. We don’t have a college team where I live, so we get whatever game they decide to show, and for some reason we got quite a few Utah St. games last season, despite not living anywhere near Utah.

  15. JazBadAzz says:

    Injuries should be considered in conpensortory picks, and suck while playing should also. We would have gotten a 3rd and 4th for Gallery and Rice.

  16. Soggybuc says:

    Turbin was a guy who impressed the hell out of me at the combine. speed, strength and looked good on cuts and footwork in the drill’s. dude’s going to be a good back at the next level.
    Chrisj, I remember that action figure well, the bionic eye was the best part.

  17. Dukeshire says:

    I had that too! Lol. Oh man, hadn’t thought about that action figure in years.

  18. EyeAmBaldman says:

    Turbin is huge. I really like his potential.

  19. HawkfaninMT says:

    An RB that interests me a lot is Edwin baker from Michigan St. Could be had later than some being mentioned here, and if he bulks up a bit without losing speed he could be a major find…

    Looking at him in the 4th-5th would be great value IMO

  20. JazBadAzz says:

    HawkfaninMT- the only knock about the MSU guys is, they use 2 and 3 back rotation. He’s got talent, and that’s a great find, I respect your knowledge for pointing him out!

    In other news…the Jets are ruining there team LOL everybody going to be out of a job this time next year! When was the last time a team won anything running the wildcat? This is what happens when the FO panic and really don’t have a clue what their idenity is!

  21. bird_spit says:

    The 6M dollar man conversation is proof positive you guys are younger than me. Farrah was hot.

    I am very concerned about the LB position. It must be that Schnide has a plan, or knows a thing or two about the LB market. I will be happy once I hear Heater is back on the team.

    round #1 pass rushing specialist – DE support (the ultimate leo)
    round #2 OL (RT or LG)
    round #3 TE
    round #4 -#7 the front office gets to pick..they are better than all of us. One of those picks should be a QB

  22. Dukeshire says:

    SandpointHawk – Crazy. Thanks for passing that along.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Man, the blog has really quieted down since the Flynn signing. lol

  24. Farrah was IT man! Guys from 7 – 70 years old wanted a piece of that nip in the poster. Beast will be working with a legend!

  25. Macabrevity says:

    What kind of maroon (working in a Seattle bank?) would just assume some random voice on the phone was Paul Allen ordering another debit card. I’m guessing that call went to an outsourced calling center in India.

  26. Matt Flynn = Happy bobbyk

  27. HawkfaninMT says:

    Duke you make it seem like you own these boards and talk down to everybody.

    Bobby, your blind hatred for T-Jack is insane. he isn’t that bad.

    NightHawk… your a hater.

    The rest of you just go along with whatever these guys say.

    I don’t remember who it was… but someone is racist.

    There ya go Duke, we will get these boards going again!

  28. SandpointHawk says:

    HawkfaninMT… you forgot Pabs :)

  29. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    hey montana if you don’t like whatt they say tell them theyre full of sh** and let it go man, lifes to short. this is board to talk about the hawks good bad and indeferent. take what you want leave the rest.

  30. HawkfaninMT–You forgot me too, man! Im a Troll, and Im the same person as JIRISH! I jut blog comment under two names to be doubly-annoying!

    I was gonna say something sarcastically bad about Eric, but that would be Heresy. He’s been a great blogger and an even-handed mediator. And I didnt figure out for a long time that the Seahawks arent even his favorite NFL team. Thats how good he is.

    On Pabs–Aside from demonstrating his extreme insanity/defectiveness by bashing Hasselbeck at every opportunity, he’s usually pretty good. I just hope he gets a flat tire someday, and Hass is the one who picks him up!

  31. (I dont really think Pabs is defective or insane, just playing along for the sake of starting a!)

  32. I was kinda hoping Tollefson would sign with Seattle. Looks like he’s shopping his boot-ay around still. I doubt there will be huge money for a guy with only 5 sacks, but he did do that in very little playing time. I thought he brought impressive pressure against Seattle last year. I liked what I saw from him, and Lord knows we need help with our pass-rush.

    Damn, it seems its difficult to get FA’s to sign here without overpaying like Al Davis when he see’s a fast kid.

  33. The only real contributions I make are during OTA’s and writing up what I see. Since I live in Renton I get the privilege to see more than most…

    The rest of the year I pretty much just lurk and troll.

  34. “..lurk and troll..” would make a great bumper sticker!

  35. CDHawkFan says:

    Another bumper sticker… ‘Al Davis is dead’

  36. Dukeshire says:

    HawksKD – Your reports last year were awesome! Look forward to them again.

    HawkfaninMT – Not sure if you’re trying to be funny or that’s just odd sniper fire. In either case, you forgot to capitalize the “H” in He, and it’s “you’re” a hater, for Nighthawk. Not “your”…

    Lol (I’m only kidding…)

  37. Hasselbeck stinks. He ranks just above Stan Gelbaugh and Dan McGwire on the Seahawks QB list.

  38. gonefishin69690 says:

    Ummm, yes, Farrah was HOT. And the show was “The Bionic Woman” with Lindsay Wagner, @chrisj122, and I had forgotten all about Max though.

  39. gonefishin69690 says:

    And I know this forum is about football, but Farrah could make just about any man forget about football.

  40. lol! this board is degenerating.. this offseason can’t end soon enough for me… ;-)

  41. chrisj122 says:

    gonefishin: you are correct, it was “The Bionic Woman”. I don’t know were I was coming from with 6m dollar woman, brain slip I guess.
    But who remembers Steve Austin’s boss Oscar?

    We do need some real football news before my geekness gets me blocked from this board.

  42. No Stevos you just need to fast forward 4 weeks. The DRAFT for cripes sake!!! More nonsense will be puked up then at any other point in the football year. Every member of this board, myself included, will become a self proclaimed scouting expert very soon. Don’t cheat yourself out of good times.

    Does anyone remember an episode of the 6 Million-$-Man where a space probe in the form of a robotic tank didn’t make orbit and landed back on Earth where it drove around collecting stuff and causing havok? Scared the piss out of me at the time. I’m ok now though.

  43. Soggybuc says:

    Hopefully we can get a FA signing soon or we will degenerate into talking about “The greatest American hero” or my personal favorite “The Rockford files”

  44. This is about as confused as I’ve ever been going into a draft. I want a pass rusher more than anything, I’m not at all confused about that, but I really don’t know which pass rushers are going to do anything in the NFL. I mean, I could see guys like Coples, Mercilus, Ingram, Perry, or Upshaw really kill it in the NFL and, yet at the same time, I can see Coples as an unmotivated slob that lets his skills only ever be referred to as “potential” that’s never achieved; Mercilus as being too stiff/slow; Upshaw being too slow (i.e. lack of burst) to be a great pass rusher; Ingram as being an athlete that gets blocked too easily by NFL tackles; basically, it’s one of those things where if they have a great rookie year we’ll say “I knew they had it in them” or if they suck it’ll be like “I knew there wasn’t something quite right.”

    I’m mad that we don’t need a guard b/c DeCastro is one of the few guys that I think is a guaranteed slam dunk, as in he’s going to multiple Pro Bowls and has Hall of Fame potential if he ends up with the right team/situation and stays healthy. In addition to DeCastro, I think Luck and Richardson are guaranteeds greats, too. I never saw much of RGIII in college so I didn’t count him and since I knew there’s no way the ‘Hawks would have a chance at him I never bothered to watch much YouTube stuff on him for that reason (never be a Hawk, so why care?).

  45. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    bobby you always wanted hutch back. Decastro= a better hutch.

  46. chrisj122 says:

    @Galena – I don’t recall that specific episode but I’m glad to hear you are ok now. But I do remember the episode when the 6M $ man fought Bigfoot. That episode scared the piss out me and I haven’t been the same since. Lol………

    Bobby thats an awesome Christmas gift, I would have been jealous back in the day.

  47. Duke is the professor at college.

    I’m the daydreamer with a bunch of schemes in mind to make the team better.

    chuckeaston is the voice of reason with respect to technical matters.

    pabs will find every reason in the world to defend Jackson, I’ll do the same for Hasselbeck. We won’t listen to reason when it comes time to stick up for the other though.

    When nighthawk agrees with a move the FO makes, you want to faint. Then you reread the post to make sure you didn’t miss something.

    snydro is MIA. He got angry and pulled a pabs, but, thankfully, pabs came back.

    Stevos is a blind follower of the Hawks. He’ll love them no matter what, even if the team came to his house and burned it down.

    ChrisHolmes wants a good QB.

    GeorgiaHawk secretly has a photo of DeCastro in his wallet and ends all sentences with a “!”

    There’s more, but that’s all I’m stereotyping for now.

  48. raymaines says:

    About five weeks from now ACIB will reinvent himself and be all over one of the draft picks. Sadly, he’ll probably be right this time too.

  49. chrisj122 says:

    ACIB, I miss that guy and all of his positive remarks. Got to give him credit he called it but then again even a broken clock is right 2 times a day.

  50. I forgot all about ACIB. LOL.

  51. vichawkfan says:

    Blown up for Rachael Welch. But when I wind up in the hay, it’s only hay. A hay hay.

  52. Dukeshire says:

    Didn’t ACIB show up only after Curry had a full season + under his belt? As I recal, it’s not as though he was burying him on draft day. If I may, let’s temper our admiration for his foresight. Lol

  53. Only 6 picks?
    Injuries are very key for us… JS/PC have done a pretty decent job ‘backing up’ our starters overall, but we have a plethra of unsigned FA’s (at this point), and only 6 real draft choices to replace them…. err, umm…. and a bundle of folks nursing last years injuries…. Finding “A Baldwin” & “A Browner” outside the draft, SHOULD NOT be expected every year! Not realistic! Not fair! JS/PC are good (I believe better than good), but they haven’t been perfect, and realistically never can be! Example: Carp looks ok, but … “I” would have expected more from a first round pick, … lots of pass coverage troubles early, then injured…. all still a ‘wait and see’ deal…. possibly a guard? (I’m optomistic…. but… I’m a Hawks fan!.) …
    Back to the point….. Injuries seem to bite us as much as the ref’s and the east coast media… brutal mjr negative…. We can only do something about the injuries, and that’s be prepared…. 6 reg draft picks, even if 5 out 6 make the roster & two start, are not enough…. Flynn & Jones are great FA add’s, but we certainly still have position needs…. Not just starters, but perhaps even as important, the injury backups….

  54. GeorgiaHawk says:

    DeCastro at 1!

    Fleener at 2!

    It’s all about driving the 49ers coach crazy this year! Lol.

  55. As far as I’m concerned, Flynn is an added high draft choice. How often can you add a young and potentially legit QB in free agency and not have to pay $10 million per season AND use a high draft choice? What Mr. Happy and Bo were able to do here was special.

    Adding Jones, even if it’s a 1-year deal, is fine by me. If he comes in and does well, they have proven that they will keep their own. And with him coming in and about to spend a season with us, he’ll turn into one of “our own.” If he’s good, which I think he’ll be, he will continue to be a Seahawk. If he fails, which I don’t think is possible if heatlhy, he’ll be off the books in a year and there won’t be any harm done moving forward. It’s win-win.

    Aside from Heater, who IMO doesn’t deserve a crazy high contract, they have kept their own. I think he’s finding this out. The market for ILB/MLB types isn’t what it used to be. Sure, the elites like Pat Willis still get paid mega-bucks, as they should, but they aren’t getting the huge contracts, on average, either.

    From where I sit, this off-season and free agency period has gone about as good as can be expected. Sure, I wish they would have brought Carlson back for a year and piddly stuff like that, but I’m extremely happy with what they have done.

  56. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Imagine how well Flynn will be if we draft DeCastro and Fleener! We would have an offense with attitude! A beast running behind a beast! A qb with a pair of TE’s that can play at a high level!

    Yes I know we need help on the front seven on the defensive end, however if the Patriots and Packers can go very far in the playoffs with the two worst defense’s in the NFL, then why can’t we go far with the defense that we have right now?

    I will not be disappointed at all if the FO chooses a pass rusher in this draft, however I would not be surpised at all if they choose to continue building the offense either!

    Win! Win!

  57. Bobby….
    We don’t always agree, but you nailed it on Jones! Nice summary!
    Pretty much on target with Flynn, also! We’re going to have a lot fun with him….. He’s a high draft pick (“now”) with great attitude AND some experience!
    He might have some trouble’s initially with the long tosses, not knowing our rec’rs, but his touch with the short shots will be sooooo fun to watch…..Check the film on this… it’s special… Our offense, if a healthy OL, will have a great time with him!
    We don’t see eye to eye on Heater though, who, IMOHO, has great proven instincts, hurt badly by injuries… I’d love him back , perhaps with some incentives…. That gives us only one LB position to actually “fill” a starter for…. with a faster, younger individual… Of course we’re both speculating, but I want that LB to come only after the OT-BPA at #12, then the pass rusher you are hoping for… ;-)

  58. HawkfaninMT says:

    I was totally joking… Just getting the comment count up a bit! I was trying to think of ways people have criticized others on this board in the last few days…

    No harm meant at all. I promise!

    Its funny someone mentioned a shot a Eric. I had typed up a snide comment about him being a Raider fan, but decided to leave it out!

  59. Dukeshire says:

    I sure hope that if Heater does come back (and I want him too) it’s before the off-season program begins mid-April. I’d like whichever FAs they decide to sign, do so that they’re able to participate in the entire program.

  60. Palerydr says:

    Well me myself and I are pretty hacked that we didn’t get a compensatory pick. None of the guys we signed really did much at all in fact I’d say they were mostly crap.

  61. JoeinKirkland says:

    I’d like to have Hawthorne back and Hill too. Hill should be cheap and the Heater’s options are drying up. Draft another LB and a pass rushing DE. I would love to have DeCastro. I don’t think you can have too many quality linemen and he is something special.

    We do not need to draft another WR high. I’ve been hearing people acting like receiver is a major need. If the QB has enough time, anybody can get open. If the OL can’t protect the QB it doesn’t matter how good your receivers are.

    I think the team has enough balance that PS and JS can draft the best available player at each of their picks. We don’t have any glaring holes. I for one can’t wait for the draft.

  62. JoeinKirkland says:

    By the way, I had a jigsaw puzzle of the classic Farrah poster and you can guess what was always the last piece of the puzzle to go in. You guessed it…the one with the nip pushing through the white shirt. Later though, when Cheryl Ladd joined Charlie’s Angels I cherished the Dynamite and Tiger Beat mags with her on the cover.

  63. CHawkFanIn9erLand says:

    You forgot about Lee Majors being Heath on “The Big Valley”. Dude I really wanted to be a cowboy back then.

  64. Fleener in the first and Turbin in the second!

    Kidding about Fleener but not so much about Turbin. he’s that guy no one is talking about because everyone wants him and it’s not going to take too long before the game of draft chicken gets called and he goes way sooner than projected.


    Looks like NFL coaches and execs consider Andrew Luck a safer pick than RGIII. Every time I hear “safer pick,” I think of Aaron Curry and want to barf. Of course, Luck is no Curry.

  66. If I had control of the first pick in this draft, I’d be taking Griffin, not Luck. They will both be excellent QBs, little question about that, but I think Griffin could become one of the most exciting players ever. And I think Griffin is about to be the lucky one (no pun intended) when he gets drafted by the Redskins instead of those gawdawful Colts.

  67. Macabrevity says:

    @Palerydr – agreed, that’s turning out to be a pretty lousy FA class. Sure looked like it was going to be a great one.

    I didn’t follow the bionic franchise much as a kid, was more into the Hulk – Bill Bixby hitchhiking from town to town, trying to help people, then watch out! Here comes the big green Lou Ferrigno – awesome show, and of course Wonder Woman; had a major crush on Linda Carter at the age of 7 or 8.

  68. SaigonSun says:

    GeorgiaHawk is right. Why not Decastro and (if he is still there ) Fleener? From the limited time I’ve watched games and comments on ESPN I understand there aren’t to many exeptional pass-rushers worthy of #12; and ouside A.Luck and maybe RGIII the rest of the quaterback are a reach to expect to start. I like K.Moore, but that is just my opinion.
    Keep what we have in ‘backers and we’ll be fine for this year.

  69. RDPoulsbo says:

    The Mariners are in 1st place!

  70. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i will keep beating the Decastro drum. our O-line is not set.
    how do you pass on a once in a decade lineman?

  71. Dukeshire says:

    With gaping holes at 3-tech, edge rusher, LB, and RB, a guard is a “luxury” they can’t afford, regardless how potentially good that player is, as I see it.

  72. I think DeCastro is going to be a terrific player, but i just don’t think it makes sense to go OG at #12.

    We need pass rush help – Whitney Mercilus should be the pick at #12.

  73. Dukeshire says:

    blocis – Had not seen that. Thanks for passing along.

  74. Macabrevity says:

    Going need early instead of BPA, especially when the BPA is a potential game changer, is what holds franchises back.

    I’d personally use later picks in need areas, and at #12, if DeCastro is really the top guy on the board, with a good falloff to the next guy, then you have to go DeCastro if you’re serious. If we let roster deficiencies dictate our draft strategy, chances are those deficiencies will be there next season.

    Fact is, DeCastro actually makes sense for this club. We can’t keep linemen healthy, so even with Carpenter projected at LG, it really isn’t a reason not to draft a guy many believe to be a once-in-a-decade type player at his position. A good LG will also go a long way toward keeping our LT healthy, I don’t know if any of you boys ever played on the O-line, but not having a LG you can trust is a death sentence for a LT, and ironically it’s often the ankles that suffer. You have to move more, compensate for missed assignments, and there’s always a greater risk of someone rolling up on your leg. Hutchinson did a lot to make Walter Jones that much more dominant – no doubt about it. I would get Okung this early Christmas present and see if we can’t re-create the left side that took us to our only Super Bowl.

  75. I want a pass rusher at #12 who will become a double digit sack guy!

    Now, if for some strange reason I became the sole voice in who the Seahawks actually drafted on draft day, I would take DeCastro b/c I think he’s a rare guaranteed performer even though I don’t want a guard.

    I loved McQuistan last year, but I don’t think I’m going to like him as much since I know he’s going to be a starter. I loved him in his reserve role. Plug him in and know he’s going to do a decent job. But I do want more than a starter to be okay and I don’t think he’s going to be more than okay.

    It’s playing it safe, and that’s kind of the pansy way out of it, but that’s what I’d do.

    If they did do that, maybe they could trade for someone who may be available such as Freeney or Osi, although it wouldn’t be fun to trade a 2nd round pick for a 30-something DE. I don’t know. All I know is that we can’t expect to go to the Super Bowl if we don’t do more to upgrade the pass rush either.

    We’re also not getting two free wins against the Rams this year either.

    Personally, I hope the pick is Ingram, Mercilus, Coples, or any pass rusher and that they turn out to be good/great. I really hope that we don’t draft one of them, they bust, and we passed on DeCastro and we have to face him in AZ twice every year. So many variables/scenarios…

    I hope Buffalo or KC takes DeCastro so we don’t find ourselves in that situation. That would also mean one more pass rusher fell to us, too.

  76. Dukeshire says:

    I believe that one has to draft for need and consider who the best player available is to fill that need. Not draft the so-called BPA regardless of position. That’s how teams end up drafting redundant positions without improving the team as a whole.

  77. Yes, I get the BPA argument.

    Having said that, the practical application of BPA involves targeting positions. So if you have a need at DE, OLB etc. you take the BPA at a position of need. Otherwise you end up with 5 1st round centers (for example) when you can only play one.

  78. I am not against drafting a OG, just not at #12.

  79. CD Hawkfan–A great bumper sticker I saw had a picture of Elvis. The caption underneath said “I’m Dead!”. One saying the same thing with Al Davis’ picture would be AWESOME!

  80. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    ok why is everyone like mercilus so much he is a 3/4 outside linebacker?
    mcquistan is a back up nothing more and a better tackle than gaurd. we got rid of gallery carp may never be the same and probably wont be 100% at the start of the season. so that leaves us okung/?/unger/moffitt/g-man how is that in anyway a great line?
    for the sake of argument say you put decastro on the right side you the have given both sides some stability./

  81. hawkfaninoklahoma, Mercilus is 6’4, 260+, and lined up at OLB, DE, and DT in college. The dude is long and strong and quick. Looks like a DE to me.

    Some will think he’s a 3-4 OLB, but the only thing that matters is what Carroll and Bradley see. Chris Clemons was SLB in college, but Carroll looked at him and saw his perfect Leo DE. No one ever saw Red Bryant as anything but a DT or NT, but Carroll and Bradley saw him as a DE. So I’ll be interested in what they see in Mercilus.

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