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Monday Morning QB live chat replay

Post by Eric Williams on March 26, 2012 at 9:37 am with 20 Comments »
March 27, 2012 12:37 pm

There’s plenty to talk about, heading into the third week of free agency and the draft on the horizon. We’ll get started at noon.

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  1. Dukeshire says:

    Eric, (Or if anyone else who might ask for me) I won’t be around for the chat, but I’d like to know what the latest scuttle-butt on Heater’s possible re-signing and what you’ve heard about Moffitt’s and Carp’s rehab and any potential timelines.


  2. Macabrevity says:

    Missed the chat, but thought Eric’s comment on Bevell was interesting. I’m not a big fan myself, but if it’s true that he gels well with Cable, I’d say that’s a pretty good reason to keep him around. With PC and Cable both swinging their weight around, they need a yes-man in there who isn’t a complete numbskull either. I haven’t seen anything mind-bogglingly great from a Bevell offense, but like Eric said, he seems to be the right fit for what the Hawks are doing. You could bring in a Mike Martz-type OC and watch the whole thing go to hell in a handbasket really quick, so they probably are better off with a team player handling the X’s and O’s on offense.

  3. Carp at LG is probalby where he should have been since day one, IMO. If they wanted a RT, they should have drafted Gabe Carimi (Carp projects better as a guard over Carimi though). No way they draft DeCastro if they feel Carp is their LG of the future, not w/drafting Carp/Moffitt with their first 2 picks last year. I wish he had a dominant pass rusher and had a hole at guard so we could draft DeCastro, but that’s not the hand we’ve been dealt. We must rush the passer better.

  4. beavercleaver says:

    I’m interested to know, with many folks including Eric, thinking the Hawks will draft a QB in the mid rounds. Who will get cut? Keeping 4 QB’s is a waste of a roster spot. So who gets cut? Portis or the guy you just drafted? Certainly not TJack or Flynn.

  5. Dukeshire says:

    Since Jackson has the only playing experience in that scenario, behind Flynn, he’s safe. But really, I envision Flynn, Jackson, Portis on the 53 and another developmental guy on the PS. I do think they’ll take a QB, but not until the 3rd day.

  6. No compensatory picks for the Seahawks this year.

  7. Dukeshire says:

    E, thanks!

    I’ll throw this out again as we get closer to the draft, but any of you Portland people want to get together and watch Thursday’s (first) round somewhere. An un-official draft party, as it were? Come on…

  8. Random observation – – just caught the last few minutes of the Pete Carroll “sounds of the nfl” show, and his post-game locker room comments there, along with something I read in the Schneider interview the other day leads me to these thoughts – you can definitely make fun of Carroll’s enthusiasm and gregariousness, but is there any doubt right now that the Seahawks are a together locker-room? Has there ever been a Carroll team that didn’t have a together atmosphere?

    And what Schneider said that resonated w/me, dovetails well with this theme, he said that Carroll, ‘has the innate ability to make you believe you can do something.’

    Those qualities, which are completely separate from whatever X’s and O’s acumen you may think he has (or doesn’t have) are rare, and shouldn’t be underrated in the overall assessment of the guy.

  9. Dukeshire says:

    pdway – Great post and I agree 100%. He fosters a family atmosphere. The narritive that he’s simply a rah rah guy has been disproven. He’s not afraid to break players and coaches off alike, that don’t buy in. He’s done it, and that earns him respect that backs up the talk. Moreover, he is a vastly underrated Xs & Os coach, primarily on defense, than he’s commonly given credit for. I love Carroll and respect his conviction and love for the game and his unwillingness to cut corners: he’s going to do it his way, come hell or high water. This may sound odd, but he reminds me a lot of Chuck Knox in that way. And his players love him for it. Hell yes!

  10. pdway – That’s where “Mr. Happy” comes from. They talked about that very concept on an ESPN segment when they were talking about him taking over (I think it was) the Jets and how the attitude/culture had changed with him from the previous regime. Sure, they didn’t win the Super Bowl or anything, but that’s something he brought with him. People always think I’m trying to be negative when I say that, but that’s not true. It’s just something dumb I remember for some random reason from about a decade and a half ago.

  11. Dukeshire says:

    I think because it stems from that era, where he wasn’t as direct or focused or committed to his own plan as he could have been, it’s read as a bit condesending. Not negative exactly, we all know you dig what he’s doing here.

  12. I would actually call Pete a defensive genius most people aren’t aware of this yet! His defense he runs now is cutting edge for NFL . It is a definite high brid created from his time at USC.he is only a few pieces short of the puzzle to dominate and is almost there!It is fun watching him create the masterpiece !!!

  13. raymaines says:

    PC may be a defensive genius, but I really wish he would figure out when to call times outs, kick FG’s, and throw a red flag. It’s all a learning curve, but I want to see some improvement from him too.

  14. Big time!outstanding point!just like myself and and Pete as well their is plenty of room for improvement!

  15. Dukeshire says:

    Toward the end of last season, he kicked FGs when he had opted for going for it on fourth, in similar situations, prior. A very good sign that he’s not immune to self critique that many NFL HCs are. And anyone who follows this blog at all, knows how hard I’ve been on Carroll his two seasons here, for taking points off the board, an going for it on 4th, when the game hasn’t been on the line. His aggression has been reckless and foolish at times, but just as the team as a whole is evolving, Sonia he, in this regard. I’m so excited for what’s to come with this franchise…

  16. Well said Big D!

  17. wabubba67 says:

    I also think, deep down, that Carroll realized he had a bad team during his first year. When a coach believes that and he finds himself with a 4th and 1 inside the 20, I think he would be much likely to go for it rather than kick the FG (thinking that they are going to need every break in order to win). Coaches get greedy during those situation when they have bad teams simply because they don’t know when (or if) they’ll be in that situation again during the game.

    As the team has improved, Carroll has gradually become a little more conservative. (Previous failure is also a great tool for learning.)

  18. GeorgiaHawk says:

    30 days, 11 hours to the draft!

  19. My own opinion is that if Carrol was going to go for it on fourth and two from the two, he should have thrown a pass into the endzone, not run up the middle with Lynch. I also thought his going for it too much wasnt as bad as some made it out. The line sucked–it was their fault.

    Later in the season, he began always taking the field goal. THAT pissed me off just as much, as there were several times I thought he should have gone for it. Plus, the line was far better, making a fourth and one much more likely of being converted via the run than earlier in the season when that line couldnt block my grandma.

    I hope Carrol becomes less conservative as his team improves. Being conservative doesnt win many Super Bowls. I hope he trusts his O-line mORE as they improve, not less.

    I just hope he figures out WHEN to go for it, and when to kick.

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