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Morning links: T-Jack still in the hunt as starter?

Post by Eric Williams on March 25, 2012 at 9:25 am with 100 Comments »
March 25, 2012 9:25 am
Seattle Seahawks' Tarvaris Jackson in action against the Cincinnati Bengals in the first half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 30, 2011, in Seattle. (AP Photo/Elaine Thompson)

While head coach Pete Carroll and general manager John Schneider have both said it will be an open competition between Tarvaris Jackson and Matt Flynn for the starting quarterback job, most league observers believe Flynn ultimately will win out because of the financial commitment the Seahawks have made.

But the Seahawks are doing a good job of getting the word out to the national media that the quarterback competition is legit.

In fact, according to his sources, Dan Pompei of the National Football Post says it would not be a surprise if Jackson won the starting job because of his solid play in the second half of the season.

Pompei: The Seahawks were the right place for Matt Flynn for a couple reasons. He isn’t being counted on to play like he did in the regular season finale for the Packers. In fact, he might not even be counted on to start. My Seahawks sources wouldn’t be surprised if Tarvaris Jackson beat him out, given that Jackson played pretty well the second half of the season. And the Seahawks still are looking at QBs in the draft. The other factor is Seahawks general manager John Schneider had special insight into Flynn. He was part of the Packers crew that drafted him, and he also is one of Mike McCarthy’s best friends in the business. After visiting with Flynn, Schneider told associates he was impressed with how Flynn had matured and how his leadership and confidence had grown since they were last together two years ago.”

With the NFL owners meeting set to begin on Monday in Palm Beach, Fla. Brian McIntyre has a nice breakdown of some of the issues that will be discussed. The meeting runs through Wednesday, and likely will include the announcement of compensatory picks.

Mike Triplett of the New Orleans Times-Picayune reports the Saints have signed Atlanta free agent linebacker Curtis Lofton to a five-year deal, leaving one less landing spot for David Hawthorne in free agency and increasing the chances he returns to Seattle.

Vinnie Iyer of the Sporting News counts the Seahawks among his winners this offseason so far.

Russ Lande of the Sporting News has the Seahawks selecting Luke Kuechly at No. 12 in his latest mock draft.

Scouting service has Seattle selecting USC defensive end Nick Perry at No. 12 overall.

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  1. Interesting. I’m glad that Tarvaris will get a fair shake – may the best Seahawk win.

    My sincere hope is that pick #12 goes to Whitney Mercilus – not a QB.

  2. GeorgiaHawk says:

    If Jackson gives Flynn a run for his money it will only make that position better.

    I wonder though if Pompei saw the last two games of the season that Jackson played in?

    Top 3 wish list for our #12 first round pick.

    1.- Kuechly

    2.- DeCastro

    3.- Upshaw

  3. SeahawkFan12 says:

    GeorgiaHawk, I like your Top 3. For my wish list I’d add Doug Marting in the 2nd round, mostly because he’s a bad ass but also because I have less faith in Lumpkin.

  4. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    blocis, isnt merculis a 3/4 outside linebacker? we need a true DE

  5. I hope our 1st pick is used on anyone who will have the best chance at double-digit sacks as a rookie. I don’t know who that is, but I hope we pick whoever that turns out to be.

  6. We need pass rush – from the end or OLB. Mercilus is (my opinion) the best pass rushing prospect in the draft. I admit, in a 4-3 defence he is abit of a tweener right now. My thought is that Clemons and Bryant will play DE on run downs but Clemons and Mercilus would play DE on passing downs. Thinking long term, Mercilus is tomorrows Chris Clemmons.

    I like Fletcher Cox as a push rusher insider, but I am not certain they would go there after acquiring Jones.

    I am good with most of the picks other folks mention at #12, Mercilus is just my preference.

  7. I think the thinking should be not that we need a full time DE, but because we resigned Red Bryant, we need a situational pass rushing DE.

  8. Bruce Irvin would be a good prospect as a situational pass rusher. Hes not nearly as complete a football player as Mercilus is.

  9. I don’t think we need a stereotypical DE. Clem is only 250-255 lbs. I’m fine with another guy like him, who is really kind of like a tweener, but who can get to the QB. When you’ve got run stuffers like Mebane, Big Red, and to a lesser degree, Branch (all equal not much pass rush ability), then you need to make sure you have guys who can get after the QB, too.

  10. I am correct that we only have 5 picks in this draft? I can’t find an official list online, but I know we are losing our 5th for Lynch and our (probably) 7th for Polumbus.

    That leaves us with our first, second, third, fourth, and sixth.

    Expect some major movement on draft day so we can hit the fifth and 7th rounds.

  11. We don’t have any LB’s You talk about DE’s .If the Heater comes back that fine ,but we still need more LB.s

  12. Tennhawkfan says:

    The 12th pick looking like a LB, unless they start signing some (LB)

  13. According to we have 7 picks. No 5th rounder but 2 7th rounders.

    Any guess on a compensatory pick for Hass? Here’s hoping it’s at least a 4th rounder.

    My “funzies” top 3 wish list for our #12 first round pick.




    Really I just hope we get the right guy and if we do I don’t care who it actually is. Good chance we trade down.

  14. Southendzone says:

    I’m most excited about picking up DeCastro with #12. None of the defenders seem to be extraordinary talents but DeCastro is getting high marks from everyone.

    Not only that but for what the Hawks have been building which is to have a strong running game it would continue to push that identity to the front and take pressure off whoever wins the QB job.

  15. Don’t go for Perry – Mercilus is way better. If you don’t want to believe me, believe the National Football Post.

  16. Mercilus IS the answer to the pass rush question – short term he would fill Raheem Brocks role, long term he would replace Chris Clemons.

    No – I am not Mercilus’s agent!

  17. I am ok with us taking DeCastro at #12, but pass rushers always go fast in the draft….. we need to get Mercilus while we can.

    There are other quality OG options available in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  18. If we don’t take Mercilus in the first, here is (my opinion) the next best pass rusher available

  19. Solid play the second half of the season?! Whaaaat?! You mean where he had four chances to lead a game-winning fourth quarter comeback drive, and FAILED each and every single time?! Yeah, solid…Whatever.

    I stood up for Jackson most of the year, but when his injury healed and I expected his play to improve, and it got worse, I knew the anti-T-Jack crowd was right. He is what we thought he is–a never-was.

    He doesnt make good decisions, he cant cycle through his reciever options, he isnt accurate enough to throw to WR’s back shoulder to fit balls into tight windows, and on third and long, he’s simply awful.

    It does no good to know they system if you cant execute it at a high level. Otherwise, I could study the playbook and become a starting qb. And my arm makes Dave Kreig look like Randall Cunningham.

    BobbyK–I agree, Seattle taking the best pass-rusher at 12 is likely and a fine idea. We need a pass-rushing DE badly. I dont really care who we get, long as they become an impact player for us–so DeCastro, Ingram, Mercilus, Poe, Still, Coples, Floyd, all those guys would be great.

    Back on T-Jack, he may win the starting job, but he’ll lose it by week 8 because he just isnt a good qb. Flynn will only have to play slightly above mediocre on third downs to be a better option.

    I think Seneca Wallace would have been far better in this offense than Jackson. At least he could hit his second and third options, and fit the ball into tight windows downfield. And no T-Jack Jump Passes. Ugh!

  20. 2 years, $13.25 million is NOT a financial commitment that locks a QB into a starting job. I have no idea why I keep reading this.

    The more I look at Flynn, the more I think my Matt Cassell analogy before FA started was right on the mark. We have 2 QBs who backed up #1 overall picks in college and were both taken in the late rounds and sat behind a future HoF QB. Both QBs looked pretty good in their original teams system, when surrounded by superior coaching and playing talent. Both have limited physical abilities, which prevent them from making “tight window” throws. The lack of physical ability to make tight window throws means either the system or the surrounding players must create the open target via mismatches. Both QBs take a large number of sacks due to this limitation. The end result isn’t that much different than Jackson last year, even though Jackson has the ability to make tight window throws. I believe Jackson was coached not to make these throws last year.

    Cassell struggled his first year with the Chiefs but played well with a strong running game, OL and WR talent in his second year. I see Flynn moving along the same arc. I don’t think that Flynn has the physical abilities to immediately step in and play at an above average level and I think it will take at least a year to master the system and the coaches and the surrounding players. Given Jackson’s improvement in the second half of last year, his second year with these same players and coaches, I don’t even see this being a close battle early on. Barring injury, I don’t see Flynn taking the starting job this year. I also see Carroll allowing Jackson to make more tight window throws which will allow Jackson to improve his game.

    I think Flynn’s best chance will be between years 1 and 2 to beat out Jackson and prove the hype on this board right. An extra year will give him a chance to continue his physical progression as well as master the system, the coaches and the surrounding players.

    And before the ripping begins, keep in mind that before FA started, I said that Flynn was a Matt Cassell type and Caroll would value that as $20m over 3 years. Not only was that right, but Mike Holmgren and Joe Philbin assigned even a lower value than that. So far, the analysis has proven correct.

  21. After I finished writing that, I realized a lot of that also applied to Matt Hasselbeck (especially the poor play in year 1 and the year 2 breakout), so that’s not such a bad thing.

  22. This draft is going to be hard to predict as the Hawks can go in roughly 4 directions, an edge rusher, ILB, WR or OG. If it’s an edge rusher then I am warming to the idea of Mercilus besides all the obvious nicknames he seems like the most instinctive pass rusher, I also like the 9 fumbles forced. Upshaw just seems less explosive than Mercilus. I wouldn’t touch Coples even if another team paid his salary he typifies to me the spoiled entitled athlete who is more harmful than helpful. I agree with Blocis that in time Mercilus would switch sides and become the full time Leo. Perry seems to me the typical combine wonder boy however his game tape tells a different story. Pete of course should know him as well as anyone so I would trust his judgement here he did pass on Mayes and that seems to have worked out.

    ILB would be Kuechly who I like a ton unless they resign Heater.

    WR IMO would be Michael Floyd as he is a bigger WR which Pete has recruited since his days at USC.

    OG of course would be Decastro but what to do with Carpenter? I’m not willing to call him a bust at this point not even close for me. I’m pretty sure they will put him on the PUP list to start the season as his inj was so late in the season there’s little chance he recovers for the start. Who knows maybe we will need him due to another inj by that time. When Carpenter came out he was touted as being versatile that could come in handy by week 5 of next season.

  23. Dukeshire says:

    Again, one doesn’t commit $20 million in guarantees to a QB to have him sit. The only way Jackson is the opening day starter, barring injury, is if Flynn tanks terribly. That is, it Flynn’s job to lose, as I see it.

  24. Dukeshire says:

    er, $10 mil rather.

  25. The contract has a value of $13.25 million over 2 years if Flynn doesn’t pan out.

    I have no idea how you even come up with $20 million in guarantees. I have looked over the annual base salaries, the upfront money and the incentive money. I can say for sure you have not.

  26. ok, correction noted. Scratch my last response then. You have indeed looked at the contract!

  27. Totally agree with those saying the competition between Flynn and TJack will make both of them better.

    In any case, TJack will walk into camp prepared to be a better QB than he has ever been, fully healed and now practiced up with his improving receivers and linemen. I see TJack this year ready to win 10 games. Last year, the horrible performance of the O line lost one or two games early in the season, TJack’s injury cost us another game around midseason, and our depleted WR corps cost the final game or two that we should have won. Using the same personnel from last year, now healthy, I see TJack ready to deliver 3 more wins than last year. Give him better personnel, and he’s ready to win more.

    But he won’t get the chance. Let’s get real about the “competition” thing. TJack is being paid $4M/1 yr. Flynn is owed $10M guaranteed. If TJack were to start opening day, then Schneider would have egg all over his face. They won’t let that happen. It doesn’t matter how well TJack plays in preseason, Flynn will be given extra opportunities to be named starter in September. TJack won’t get his first start unless Flynn goes down injured or has a meltdown.

    But this competition is bound to give us two very good QBs ready to rumble.

  28. HeinieHunter says:

    Only way I see TJack even being a factor is if he hits some deep bombs to Lockette in the pre season. Big arm but indecisiveness and lack of accuracy will doom him.

  29. Dukeshire says:

    A I see it, the fact they gave Jackson a $1.5 mill signing bonus and Flynn a $6 mill, says a lot about their respective commitment to each player, albeit given under different circumstances.

  30. HeinieHunter says:

    Pete’s mantra seems to be: Bigger, Faster, Younger. Who can argue?

  31. I was looking at the signing bonus discrepancy more because there was little to no market for Jackson and there was at least 1 other team interested in Flynn. I am still very surprised Holmgren didn’t step in for Flynn.

    Even if Flynn’s upside is Cassell, this represents a tremendous signing for the Seahawks – given that the Seahawks only risked a fraction of the Cassell/Kolb contracts.

  32. Dukeshire says:

    On that, we can agree.

  33. tribfan1 says:

    Stupid analysis by Pompei. The ONLY way TJ wins the job is injury. Flynn is the complete package and the Hawks know it.

  34. ryanryan says:

    should either one of them actually step up into the role the team needs, the hawks aren’t giving up too much to dump the other…minimize risk, maximize reward – love the FO. imagine being stuck with kolb right now praying he lives up to his contract rather than hoping one of our guys comes through and earns a big contract.

  35. Whatever the expectations (yours, mine, PC, JS), I think its true that Jackson and Flynn both get to compete for the starting job. Thats good. May the best Seahawk win.

  36. Macabrevity says:

    This won’t be T-Jacks first opportunity to ‘break out’ in this offense, after having either bided his time on the bench, or struggled with roster deficiencies/injuries…

    I like T-Jack as a stop-gap QB, but am really hoping Flynn will be more, and asap.

    I have this feeling Flynn is going to have some unbelievably great games, followed by some pretty poor ones. With his physical limitations (arm strength – 6’2″ with low-ish release) there are certain defenses that will probably make him look pretty bad, while others he’ll pick apart wholesale. Overall, I really like what we’ve seen from him (especially the N.E. game) and really can’t see T-Jack beating him out in pre-season. They (the FO) will be as excited as the fans are to see their new toy in action. Nobody wants to wait. McCarthy said it best; his time is now.

    As for some of your draft wishes… let’s keep Brockers off the list at #12, just for my mental sanity. A one year wonder without the measurables seems a bit dodgy at #12 to me. I’d prefer Mercilus (stellar season+++) or Ingram (senior bowl+++) both with great measurables to back it up. Brockers is soft and slow it would seem…

  37. “Flynn is the complete package and the Hawks know it.”

    Recent events point to a different conclusion.

    The Seahawks offered Flynn minimal starter money of $10M guaranteed and 3 years. When you see a QB who is the complete package, you offer him a 5-year deal, but instead they bet that Miami would not make him a better offer.

    Joe Philbin coached Flynn for four years in Green Bay. He could have signed him. He has no other QB option other than picking Tannehill in the draft. He let Flynn be signed by Seattle instead. Joe Philbin doesn’t consider Flynn the complete package.

    Before we get so high on Flynn’s potential, remember that the pros so far don’t agree on that. Flynn has started about 15 football games since he was in high school. He has never taken sacks in successive games in his NFL career. He has never played hurt. I hope he’s as tough and disciplined as he looks, but no one knows. That’s why I’m glad TJack is ready if Flynn fails.

  38. Soggybuc says:

    I dont want to bash TJ in any way. the man is one tough, resilient SOB! takes a tough man to get knocked in the chin as much as he has and get back up.
    That said, Flynn has one thing TJ doesn’t have and thats BALLS! really huge one’s! I mean BALLS the size of Hasselbecks head! BALLS so big that even Farve would go “damn boy!”
    How big a set does one have to have to look at Miss Louisiana and think to themselves “no problem! i got this!”
    That’s why Flynn will be the starter opening day!

  39. The really good pass rushers usually come from the top half of the first round. Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, but if we want one, that’s the best place to address this issue. LBs are more of a dime a dozen. I know people are freakin’ out about our LBs as they are right now and for good reason, but a good one or two can be added in the 2nd, 3rd, and/or 4th rounds, whereas you don’t get big time pass rushers, usually, with these picks (especially to have a pass rushing impact as rookies). Just b/c I want a pass rusher so badly, doesn’t mean that we’re not blinded by the need for LB. Also, there are no pass rushers available in free agency and there are still a handful of LBs still available that we can sign to come in and contribute. That’s why I don’t think LB is as big of a need as a pass rusher at the moment. There’s still a good chance we get Heater back, too. And, yeah, that DeCastro guy has a bunch of Pro Bowls written all over him.

  40. tchristensen says:

    Round One: Whitney Merciilus
    Round Two: Coby Fleener (He probably won’t last that long)
    Round Three: Kevin Zeitler (Offensive guard-Wisconsin)
    Round Four: Bobby Wagner LB Utah STate

  41. Soggybuc — LMAO! ya got a point there. ;-)

    For what its worth (Absolutely Nothing)
    My Mock Draft
    (AKA wildass guess):

    1 IND – QB Luck
    2 WASH – QB Griffin
    3 MN – OT Kalil
    4 CLE – WR Blackmon
    5 TB – CB Claiborne
    6 STL – WR Floyd
    7 JAX – DE Coples
    8 MIA – QB Tannehill
    9 CAR – DT Poe
    10 BUF – OG DeCastro
    11 KC – OT Martin
    12 SEA – LB Kuechly

    or JAX, CAR or KC takes Kuechly
    and SEA trades down
    16-20ish SEA takes DE Mercilus or Upshaw

  42. BobbyK–I agree. Unless they think Kuechly is the second coming of Dick Butkus, I’d rather have a pass rushing DE. And you get those in the first round.

    But if Coples and Engram are gone, Mercilus might go too. We’ll have to wait and see. Unless they think Perry will fall into the second…or the same with Vinnie Curry.

    Normally Im all worked up advocating a dude in the first–I really liked Earl Thomas but thought we wouldnt go S at 16, I wanted Crabtree or Curry if he fell (Crabtree actually would have been better in hindsight, but “better” is a relative term), I hated Claussen and Sanchez…I was sick when we took LoJack. But this year, we’re bound to get a very fine football player at a position of need, so Im just crossing my fingers that JS and Carrol dont mess this pick up. No more Carpenters…

    DeCastro, Mercilus, Coples, Ingram, Richardson, Floyd, Still, Poe, I dont care.

    In the third, if he falls that far, the kid from Montana Trumaine Johnson (?) would be a steal. The kid may be the best cb in the draft, behind Claiborne, and he’s faster and more agile than Claiborne. He isnt a saint, but nothing too awful. He’s got first round talent, for sure. And with Tru leaving and Thurmond’s injury issues, we could use some insurance if Browner or Sherman get hurt or struggle.

  43. Ingram. Bobby retired, cant draft him again.

  44. On T-Jack, I hate to say it, but Tom Waits has a great line in a song on his new album “How many ways can you polish up a turd”. T-Jack will not get better. He is what he is.

  45. I dig Tom Waits.

    And yes, TJack is what he is. He’s a guy who – while rehabbing a torn chest muscle attached to his throwing arm and running an offense staffed by backup O linemen and backup WRs – went 13/16 190 yds 31 points against Philly, 21/32 224 yds 30 points against St Louis, and 19/31 227 yds 38 points at Chicago in successive weeks, with no INTs. That’s one heck of a shiny polish on that turd.

    Matt Flynn is a guy who has proven he can go really fast while driving a Porche Carrera downhill.

  46. Southendzone says:

    I disagree STT, I think there’s reasonable chance for TJ to improve next year. Has he ever played as the starter 2 years consecutively with the same system?

    He showed promise last season and while I expect Flynn to win it, I wouldn’t be shocked if TJ won it and had his best season ever.

    Last year he overplayed my expectations and I think he could do it again.

  47. SOGGYBUC. you are money!you nailed it! Case closed!that’s right I’m still alive and kickn unfortunately.

  48. Southendzone and Stevos-Who knows? You might be right. As I said, I fully supported Jackson most of the way through the season. But when he regressed after healing, I lost the faith. I would love to see him improve, as thats great for the Seahawks, and great for him; and he’s a first-rate teammate and an all-around good guy.

    I wasnt all hot and bothered about Flynn either, cautioning BobbyK and others who are ready to anoint him the next Hasselbeck or better that he has proven nothing. But, Im excited we signed him to a reasonable deal, and I think he has a much higher ceiling as a qb than T-Jack.

    I really really dont like Darrell Bevell. Perhaps some of T-Jacks problem is Bevell’s conservative play calling late in the year. When T-Jack was given the chance to throw the ball, he was putting up 300 yard games. Problem is, down by three, needing a field goal to tie or TD to win with 2:00 minutes left, Jackson has utterly and repeatedly failed to drive the team downfield for a score. To me, thats what really differentiate’s a good qb from an also-ran, and T-Jack is the epitome of an also-ran.

    But, as you say, perhaps with an entire training camp and an improving O-Line, Jackson will improve. I think if Carrol and JS will let him run when he needs to, he will be a better qb. So many times I was screaming at the TV, RUN! RUN, YOU STUPID $%%#F!!, and he’d just stand there until getting sacked, or wait to run until he’d telegraphed his intentions for three seconds, giving the MLB time to come up and squash him.

    I hate to say it, but if you want to see the best use of qb running, watch the niners last year. Man, if SMith didnt like what he saw downfield, he didnt waste time; he booked! He got a lot of yards that way. Jackson is bigger, faster, and tougher: so why didnt he have better rushing stats than Alex Smith?! Poor decision making on Bevell and Jacksons part, and a fine job by Harbaugh and SMith making the most of what they had.

    The other thing I’d like to see is Seattle become a team that can adjust if thier game plan isnt working. Some days, giving it to Lynch 25 times just isnt gonna get it done. Then its time to utilize that group of WR’s and TE’s. No one-dimensional team is ever going to be a championship contender for long–certainly not a run-first/defense team. Those days are over. If they can establish the run, then they can take advantage of teams that over commit to stop it.

  49. Sttbm. Good post couldn’t agree more! I’m not a big bevell guy eithe.great insight and thought process!

  50. HawkfaninMT says:

    Info on Trumaine Johnson’s arrest…

    He was having a party at his house and there was drinking and music. The police were called because of a noise complaint. Officers entered his house and he placed his open palm on the officers chest and was tased. Another player was tased and detained as well. They were first charged with assaulting an officer, and it was looking bad. As the story came out more and more, it all ended up being harmless and the charges were reduced. He admitted failt, was supended (a half game if memory serves me) and everyone carried on with their business.

    This is not a redflag at all, and if he is taken by the Hawks in the 3rd I will be absolutely thrilled! I wouldn’t even hate it in the 2nd after a trade down maybe? I feel like he is a better CB than Jimmy Smith was last year coming out. Do not be fooled by his stats. QBs avoided him like the plague last year and partly the year before. Only thing thrown his way were bubble screens and the occasional out that the WR had to tip toe to stay in bounds. He is big, fast, and a sure tackler.

    On a side note though, the UM football program is being rocked by sexual assault allegations involving Student-Athletes. If his name pops up in those investigations, watch out!

  51. LOL, Soggybuc. Tom Brady has Giselle Bundchen, Matt Flynn has Lacey Minchew. Brady has three Super Bowl rings, surely Flynn’s going to get at least one.

  52. Tjack has had 7 years, 7 YEARS, to improve. WAY more than enough time to “get better. He won’t ever be a great runner unless they call the play for him cause he can feel where the pressure is.

    I can’t count how many times (and I am unwilling to go back and try and find games to watch them) he scrambled INTO pressure and made the tackle EASY for the def.

    I think the reason for the trust is that he does what he is told – they see that as a great QB – but it isn’t going to win us more than 7-9 games. You need a guy who can read, think, improvise – I don’t think Tjack can do that in the amount of time he will get . . .

    Which brings me to my next point – if they think Tjack very well win the job – we absolutely, positively HAVE to draft DeCastro. We will need every second we can give him to find a wide open receiver and not get killed.

    Pre-Season will be interesting if there is truly a competition because the defenses will be sooo generic will you really see what you need to see, to make a truly informed decision.

  53. @tchristensen – I am all over teh Bobby Wagner pick – I have been advocating him for weeks now. Hes a terrific tackler who can play inside or outside backer. A really good pick in round 3 or 4.

    The other linebacker I have been advocating is Mychal Kendricks at ILB in round 2 or 3.

    I really like Kuechly but can’t see spending our first round pick on anything but a pass rushing end or OLB.

  54. I’m backin Bobby k on that one!pass rusher for the 1st unless for some crazy reason the man from Alabama is still available at 12 then you have to take him!no brainer!goinlinebacker trade back for sure.

  55. None of you will be right about anything on draft day. Not a single guy that you want or post links to will be picked. That’s the reality of it, but I’m not discouraging the draftgasms, I enjoy it too.

    My crack research skills have found that we have a total of six picks this year.

    7.18 (Aaron Curry)

    We lost our 5th round pick in the Marshawn Lynch trade. Our pick in the 7th was traded for Tyler Polumbus on Aug. 31, 2010. It was announced as a “late round pick in 2012″ and I’m only assuming it’s the 7th rounder.

  56. Kendricks is a bad man!him and lavonte together= HILL AND LOFA 2.that would be something.

  57. In regards to TJack having seven years to get better…Rich Gannon had twelve mediocre seasons including being out of football for a year, before he before he became an All-Pro & League MVP. Not to say this will happen in this case, but it could. I look forward to the competition and hope the best man wins, even if it is Jackson.

  58. T-Jack is a million (figure of speech) times better now than he was in MN when he was playing with a bunch of Pro Bowlers.

    He got to play with 7 Pro Bowlers in ’07 and then got benched after an 0-2 start with 6 Pro Bowlers on the roster in ’08.

    However, he’s gone from a terrible player I thought was one of the worst I’ve ever seen to play the position to a guy I am happy with as a 2nd stringer. Even with his limitations, he’s a guy I’m confident can lead this team through a month of the season if something happened to Flynn (yes, I know it’s not his job yet).

    I think Bevell did a good job last year. He called plays that helped Jackson, as good coaches do. He knew his strengths/weaknesses better than anyone and many times people would talk bad about Bevell but all he was doing was playing the hand he was dealt. He knows T-Jack has limitations so Bevell did a good job at not asking him to do certain things. While fans were mad that this play or that play wasn’t called, Bevell probably would have called them had a different QB with strengths (as he did w/Favre and that explosive offense he coached in ’09) that suited those other types of calls.

    Lastly, I love Flynn (as most of you know). He’s not a guy who is going to carry a team on his back like the greats (Manning, Brady, etc.). But he’s going to be fine, IMO. I hope he doesn’t need a full year of starter seasoning like many do and maybe with a running game as good he’s going to have and an improving defense, it’ll ease the transition/pain. Every QB can tell you they were oodles better after a full season of starts in comparison to one of their first starts. T-Jack is living proof that a guy with a couple of starts can look a million times better if they have gotten the proper experience.

  59. Bobby k I respect your opinion but I’ll agree too disagree with you on the bevell point.bevell drafted TJ with not very good results. He has been his coach for 4 or 5 years now. Brett favre in my opinion didn’t get much coaching from bevell! If anything it was the other way around! I agree with you about TJ I like him and think he could be one if not the best backups in the league.I could change my mind but their is something about bevell that doesn’t work for me. No imagination,way to predictable and without a strong run game his style is in the toilet! Like I said I could be wrong only time will tell!until TJ shows me he can get it done in the clutch he is never goon to work for me.he is tuff as nails and I like his attitude and his team first personality.

  60. Bobby, its good to see you give TJack some props after being so hard on him when he got here, and I agree with everything you said.

    STTBM, you’re one of the people who gets it. TJack was worth rooting for last year. And nobody here is saying TJack will ever be a pro bowl QB, but he hasn’t had a real chance to prove himself since 2008, when he was still young and very raw. Last year he was severely held back by several things that would keep any QB from being successful.

    Carroll and Bevell held Tjack and the offense back because they couldn’t trust most of their offensive players to execute. They opened the season with the worst O Line in the NFL. By the time the O line learned to block, TJack was playing with a torn muscle in his chest.

    And by the time TJack was healed, his WR Corps had turned to crap. He was hesitating and holding the ball with no one to throw to. By the final games, Rice and BMW were injured, Miller was blocking with the backup OTs, Doug Baldwin was discovered and covered, Lockette was thrust onto the field as a clueless rookie, Golden Tate was a clueless veteran, and Ben Obomanu was the only worthy target TJack had.

    I remember one loss that was truly TJack’s fault, to the Redskins. Other than that game, TJack had very little support in the passing game and yet he played a hell of a lot better than people seem to remember. During the only stretch of the season where he played healthy, with decent O line play, and a few healthy WRs, he was 3-0, 53/79 67% 3TD 0 INT.

    And yet people love to rag on him. I don’t know how people can resist rooting for a guy like Jackson. He’s a guy teammates rally around, a guy who plays hurt, a guy who entered the NFL out of Alabama State, totally raw with no coaching and then proceeded to outcompete the scholarship babies and NFL QBs because he worked harder and showed more guts. He is a classic underdog. An all-pro? No way. But definitely a guy I love to root for.

    And so I think its a shame that TJack appears not only ready to win, but the Seahawks appear ready to field a decent O line and some decent receivers to help him win… and once again he’ll be benched in favor of a guy with a clean uniform. Hmph.

  61. Re: Flynnsanity

    I’m feeling the need to be the one curmudgeon on this board who isn’t ready to participate in Flynnsanity. Call it balance.

    I’ll be happy to root for Matt Flynn, provided he can prove that he keeps playing hard after being kicked in the teeth a few games in a row. TJack has already proven that to me.

    Flynn has proven he’s a winner — as long as he’s surrounded by an LSU team built to win the BCS or a Packers team coming off a super bowl. He’s never been thrown into a mess like the Seahawks 2011 offense, and he’s never had to play hurt. How would he do given what TJack had to work with last year?

    There are two NFL coaches who know Matt Flynn very well. One is Mike McCarthy, who didn’t need Flynn and let him walk. The other is Joe Philbin, who could have signed Flynn but didn’t want to pay him starter money.

    So while I enjoy all the happiness surrounding Flynn, at this point all I see is an overpaid guy in a clean uniform.

  62. “And so I think its a shame that TJack appears not only ready to win, but the Seahawks appear ready to field a decent O line and some decent receivers to help him win… and once again he’ll be benched in favor of a guy with a clean uniform. Hmph.”

    I’m equally irate about this situation b/c most people complained about Matt and he never had both a good OL and receivers since the year we went to the Super Bowl.

    I agree that you need the talent around you. And I’m still bitter that we weren’t allowed to see what Hasselbeck could do with that proper supporting cast. The 2007 season was as close as any of us could ever get to seeing him (since ’05) perform with good players around him and yet, even in that season, the run game was truly pathetic so it wasn’t even a well balanced attack that he carried.

  63. HawksOrFan says:


    Bevell didn’t draft TJack… Childress did

  64. TJ 2 nd round draft pick…. 2 years at Arkansas transfers too Alabama state. I wouldn’t call him an underdog more like an underachiever 6 years in the league 2nd round pick. Big heart!! But let’s be realistic here! He did win a playoff game. I’ll give him credit for that.Who knows maybe he can become what he was supposed to be or maybe Childress totally blew the pick. His window is closing THE TIME IS NOW!!

  65. Hawkofan I won’t even respond to that!

  66. Well, T-Jack helped lose the Bengals game too.

    But the biggest bone I have to pick is with Bobbyk’s assertion that Bevell did a good job tailoring his offense to T-jack. I totally disagree, RESPECTFULLY.

    Bevell is ultra-conservative, and this is part of his psychological makeup. Ive done some reading on him, and its part of his personality, what makes him tick. The only time he gets away from this, is when a stronger personality takes the reins and runs with it–ie, Favre.

    Both Carrol and Bevel thought T-jacks weakness was in running too soon–so they tried to coach that out of him. What that did was ruin T-Jacks natural instincts, and they are trying to pound a square peg into a round hole. Perhaps this year, they wont do that.

    Early in the season, Jackson was slinging the ball for 300 yards. But not for 3 TD’s–because as soon as our Offense hit the 20 yard line, Bevell’s playcalling went to shit. His red-zone offense is the worst in the history of the NFL–even worse than Greg Knapp’s. He always does the same 4 running plays and 5 pass plays, and they are usually plays that stop short of the goal line: almost NEVER does Bevell call for a play into the end zone. And I dont believe its because Jackson is incapable of throwing a decent fade, flag route, skinny post, or drag route: its because Bevell is too conservative a mind to ever be an outstanding OC.

    So, we were throwing for 300 yards with T-Jack, and yet losing games. Why? Part of it was that Bevell wouldnt open up the offense until we were down by two scores. Part of it was the insistence to keep running when everyone could see the line couldnt run block any better than my dead Grandma.

    Then the line began to block well every third running play, and Bevell and Carrol happily abandoned the pass and began running the ball 3 downs out of 4, even if we were down by 14 points. And it kinda worked.

    But only enough to get us to 7-9, losing almost every close game. And honestly, Bevell is as much or more to blame as Jackson. Unfortunately for Jackson, he’s tied to Bevell for life. Its sink or swim, together.

    So yeah, I supported Jackson through most of the year, and I still blame Bevell for most of the offensive woes, but Jackson just isnt the talent we all hoped he was. But if Bevell can learn to trust him, and open the passing game a little more, I hope we can get to a better balance and win some games.

  67. BobbyK–I love you man, for what you just said about Hasselbeck not being given a decent team since 2005. Ive said that so many times, its cliche. Thank you. And thank the good lord I aint the only one with sense enough to see it.

  68. I think Bevell knows better than to ask T-Jack to do some things that he’s not good at (like using the middle of the field consistently or asking him to target a 2nd WR downfield after the initial one was covered and simply checking down ASAP).

    For some reason, I’m not as critical of offensive coordinators as most people (maybe that’s a strength or weakness of mine, I don’t know). I never hated Knapp, Bates, and don’t hate Bevell now either.

    Personally, if Bates wouldn’t have been such a moron in short yardage situations with those darn low percentage fade routes, I’d really have liked him.

    I just think you need horses to ride the race properly. I didn’t think Knapp had the horses to ride with (i.e. offensive talent). I think Bates was smart in the way he’d gameplan and if he would have learned the Bevell (get more conservative in short yardage situations) I think he’d still be around. And, yes, Bevell is too conservative for my liking – but so was Holmgren in ’05 when we just methodically ran the ball a lot with time killing drives b/c he had the horses to do it with. I’m not saying Bevell is a Holmgren, but I would say that an idiot like me would be a better playcaller than Holmgren if he had no legit talent and I had a bunch of good players and some Pro Bowlers, too (if that makes any sense).

  69. We have a flawed team. Flawed coach (no discipline, bad clock mgmt, etc), hideously flawed OC (Bevell suuucks!), flawed qb (Jackson, nuff said), flawed O-line (duh!), Flawed D-line (zero qb pressure), flawed special teams (One week good, one week mostly Special Bus), flawed everything.

    That said, we got a lot to be excited about. If only Bevell will throw the ball, if only we can get a consistent pass rush, if only our WR’s can get T-Jack to trust them enough to fit the ball in tight windows.

    We have a great secondary, a beast RB, an up and coming WR corps, and a great TE. And the rest should come together soon. The line is only missing Carp being healthy and one other piece, the WR corps is about to come together, we lack one LB and one DE from being a truly elite D, and our special teams should become more consistent with a steady roster and hopefully less injuries. And Carrol and Bevell should become less conservative and our talent increases, which will only help.

    2012 should be far better than last year, whether its Jackson the much-maligned, or Flynn the unproven, at qb.

  70. BobbyK–Holmgren was conservative a lot in 2005, but only because his line and RB was so awesome, he knew it would work. And it did. We went to the Super Bowl, and if the refs hadnt been crooked, we would have had a shot at winning.

    Bevell on the other hand, is conservative because he cant help himself. Even with Jackson throwing for 300 yards, he couldnt bring himself to attempt a skinny post or fade into the endzone more than once a game–and this with four WR’s and a TE over 6′-2″ tall!

    Most teams would us WR;s over 6’3″ tall like rented mules in the red zone. Yet Bevell hardly targeted his tall WR’s there. Instead, he tried chicken shit plays that rarely worked, and settled for field goals.

    Holmgren was always too conservative for me, and I always wondered why he built a corps of WR’s and TE’s and qb built for throwing the ball 60% of the time, only to stubbornly try to keep a 50/50 run/pass balance. But at least Holmy had success with two teams to justify his approach. Bevell, outside of one year with Favre, has only losing seasons to justify his crapitude.

  71. STTBM you are the man! Outstanding insight! That is exactly what I saw all year too the Tee!thank you for that !I I Read the same articles about bevell prior to last year as well I was hoping they were wrong but as we know they were not unfortunately! His style would work with an all pro qb or atleast above average and a heck of a running game ( adriane Peterson /Brett favre)

  72. This isn’t Bevell offense, its Carrolls. Carroll has stated his offensive philosophy and this is exactly it.

  73. The bottom line is if we get our defense a little better/ pass rush we will kick ass no matter how much our offense improves! It is going to happen! Go Hawks!!

  74. Pete is a defensive coach! Allways has been allways will be!It’s in his blood!he came up under Walsh but on the defense side. He doesn’t no xo s of offense at all! Philosophy and X O ‘s 2 different things all together. Huge difference!

  75. Rating the offensive starters as they rank in comparison to other NFL players at their position (projecting ’12 performance)… minus QB.
    1. Lynch, RB
    2. Okung, LT
    3. Rice, WR
    4. Robinson, FB
    5. Miller, TE
    6. Baldwin, WR
    7. Unger, C
    8. Moffitt, RG
    9. Breno, RT
    10. McQuistan, LG

    Rating the offensive starters as important to us with respect to having the best 2012 season possible… minus QB.
    1. Okung, LT (must stay healthy)
    2. Rice, WR (must stay healthy)
    3. Unger, C
    4. Moffitt, RG (not better than all others under him, but his current uncertainty is very important in the ’12 success)
    5. Miller, TE
    6. Unger, C
    7. McQuistan, LG (I love this guy in a utility role, but I’m scared in a starting one)
    8. Breno, RT
    9. Baldwin, WR (ranks low b/c we can count on him)
    10. Robinson, FB (see Baldwin comment)

  76. “Carrol and Bevell should become less conservative and our talent increases, which will only help.”

    I agree with that. They were hamstrung by a inexperienced O linemen early in the season, and injured ball handlers later in the season. The coaches couldn’t trust guys to execute. And I think pabuwal is right that Carroll insisted the training wheels be kept on the offense last year. Its part of his conservative D-first philosophy. I doubt Bevell had free reign over whether to open things up or not.

    But this can change as the offense grows up together and earns some trust from PC. Still, you don’t sign a QB like Flynn if you want a wide-open offense. Pete wants ball control on offense. Big plays on D.

    So who is our next big play defender? I want a sack master on this team!

  77. hmmm Bobby… I think its once again hugely important that Lynch have a monster season in 2012. He saved our season in 2011 and I don’t see that this team could win much without him.

  78. I think Lynch is good/great, no question. But he wasn’t very good, on average, after we traded for him in ’10 (outside the quake). He also wasn’t all that good last year until two things happened:
    1. The OL began to gel and create room to run.
    2. They made a committment to actually give him the ball consistetly.
    Even though Lynch is better, and more highly paid, than some of our OL, it’s ultimately the success of the OL as a unit that will determine how much production he’ll have in ’12 (as we know he’ll definitely put forth the crazy man effort).
    This isn’t a knock against Lynch, as I was one of the few that defended that he was good/great before the OL actually started to give him room to run and other people were busy saying that he sucked due to his lack of production.

  79. ooops… have Unger in there twice and no Lynch… obviously, Lynch should be in one of the Unger spots…

    Also, that’s just a bunch of BS for the sake of discussion…

  80. lol. yeah, I thought you must have forgotten the Beast on that list.

  81. In 2010 we lost nearly our entire D line.
    In 2011 we lost nearly our entire offense.

    Here’s to our health and to quality depth. This year is bound to be a year of growth with playoff potential if we gel quickly. In 2013 expectations will be high.

  82. nidhighe says:

    “Joe Philbin coached Flynn for four years in Green Bay. He could have signed him. He has no other QB option other than picking Tannehill in the draft. He let Flynn be signed by Seattle instead. Joe Philbin doesn’t consider Flynn the complete package.”

    Do we know that Philbin doesn’t consider Flynn the complete package? Or is it more that he doesn’t have control over personnel and GM Jeff Ireland does?

  83. HawkfaninMT–I didnt mention the UM sex-abuse scandal because doing so would have made many think Trumaine Johnson guilty by association, when there has been no evidence that he had anything to do with those behaviors. Several other teammates have been investigated and charged with sex abuse crimes (ie, rape), including the starting qb. But Johnsons name has not come up, as far as I know.

    He’s a guy that deserves a chance. But UM has some serious problems, dating back to the Bobby Hauck I’ll-take-every-Division-I-transfer-student-I-can-no-matter-what-they-did-cause-I-like-winning days.

    Anyway, I sincerely hope Johnson goes in the first three rounds, preferably high second if Seattle cant have him. He’s got freakish skills.

  84. Pabs–Carrol is the head honcho, but make no mistake, this is Bevell’s playbook we’re running, and Bevell calls the plays. Im quite sure Carrol is on board with the run-first mantra, but thats Bevells MO as well, and likely why he was hired. While Im sure Carrol gives Bevell instructions on playcalling in-game, Bevell is the playcaller, unless Im sorely mistaken. Also, its Bevell who gameplans for teams. Carrol is a former D-Coordinator, not an OC.

    Same difference. We’re arguing semantics.

  85. HawkfaninMT says:

    @STTBM: Absolutely understand. I hope I didn’t come off as making it seem like he was a guilty party in the rape situation here at all.. He has not been linked to it, and hopefully will not ever be.

    I agree with your observation about it going back to Hauck, but I would raise you one and say it may go back to Randy Moss with Marshall. When he moved down a level to play despite his indescretions it made a lot of other D-1AA schools feel they had to do the same to stay up.

  86. Dukeshire says:

    Make no mistake, Cable has a tremendous influence on this offense as well. I would say that he is Carroll’s extension to the offense, over Bevell (for lack of a better way of stating it).

  87. ChrisHolmes says:

    I think that, however, was out of necessity Duke. Lynch was our only reliable “weapon” last year.

    From watching USC while PC was coach, Carroll strikes me as a guy whose offensive philosophy is basically, “Put playmakers on the field, and then distribute the ball to them in ways that take advantage of their best talents.” I don’t see PC as a guy who has a “system” like Holmgren did with his version of the WCO, and tries to get players in who fit that system. PC strikes me more as a coach will simply try and position his pieces on the field as best he can to to take advantage of their skills.

    In the case of last year’s Seahawks, our only weapon was Lunch. Rice got hurt and couldn’t stay on the field. BMW disappeared (to me it looked like he simply could never get separation, which will always be a problem for him, but unlike Hasselbeck, Jackson lacks the accuracy and courage to throw into tight windows). Carlson got hurt and Miller had to stay in to block too much because of the protection problems. Baldwin was the only other option that was reliable.

    We have weapons. But a few things have to happen for us to use them. The line has to pass protect better. I think we all agree they got better as the season went on and they adjusted to playing with each other and receiving Cable’s coaching. If we improve that unit this year with upgrades and more coaching again, that will help free up Miller to be used more in the passing game. PC’s offensive gameplans over the years haven’t been shy about finding the TE.

    Rice needs to stay healthy. BMW needs a comeback year, and I think Flynn could have a lot to do with that. Williams will never be a guy who gets separation based on speed and shifty maneuvers; he needs a QB who understands where to put the ball so that he can catch it with those grizzly-bear strong hands of his, and by shielding defenders with his huge body. But to do that you need an ACCURATE QB, and Jackson is horrible. He knows he can’t fit the ball into a window that BMW can catch, so he holds onto the ball and looks elsewhere.

    I mean, if our five skill guys on the field are Rice, BMW, Baldwin, Miller and Lynch with Flynn throwing accurate darts, then that’s a matchup nightmare for teams to defend (if the OL pass protects). **IF** you have an accurate QB who can get rid of the ball fast, then who are you going to defend? Our receivers are tall, big, strong-handed guys. They just need a passer who can put the ball into an NFL-sized window.

    Which is why I think Flynn is going to be so important to this team (and not challenged at all by Jackson, because their accuracy levels are so far apart).

    Flynn’s ability to accurately deliver the football (on top of reading a defense better than TJack and knowing WHERE to go with the football to begin with) could mean a lot more catches for guys like BMW and Miller.

    So… I think all this talk about Jackson possibly winning the starting job is bunk. It’s politics. Garbage. Junk. Means nothing. Flynn is so much better of a QB. But I suppose the FO has to leak something positive for Jackson to keep him from going sour.

  88. Dukeshire says:

    All the love for Lynch here, now, is a bit funny to me. Up through October and into early November, he was getting killed. Then, they actually give him the ball 20+ times a game and voila! he’s suddenly a play-maker. That, to me, is on Bevell, not that Lynch became a different back, or started seeing all the holes people here feel he was missing. Got to give your feature back the ball, for all 4 quarters. I hope and presume, they learned from that and it carries into this season. It’s also why I think it’s so important to get a complimentary back to Lynch.

  89. I think that points out a huge hole in this team, Duke. I was a huge Marshawn fan from his days at Cal and Buffalo, and as I said I think his heart and determination were a huge reason that our young and mistake-prone offense won 7 games last year. The O next year (including TJack and his timing with WRs, if he gets his chance) will be much better. But if Marshawn goes down injured we have nothing behind him but third-down backs. It makes me think of the Rams when Steven Jackson is healthy or not. There’s a huge difference. Good reason to look for a big RB fairly early in this draft. Who do you like?

  90. Dukeshire says:

    Stevo – Looking past Richardson and into the middle rounds, I like Robert Turbin – Utah St., Dan Herron – Ohio St., and Vick Ballard – Miss. St. All three (I like Turbin the most of this bunch) are powerful and patient runners (key for zone) who I think are quick enough to explode through (so-called one cut) the hole, and show the ability to cut back once through it. None are speed burners, but neither is Lynch. Just a couple guys to keep out eyes on…

  91. Duke – to what extent did you think that Lynch showed better read and recognition of the primary running lane rather than trying to find something on his own? It seemed like he started playing within the system as the year went along. I figured it was a case where the RB actually developed the mental part of his game, maybe with Cable’s prodding.

  92. Seahawkfan78 says:

    I seem to remember there was an article back in early December or January, talking about Lynch and why he starting running better. If I remember correctly he went to Cable and was humble about it. He asked what would it take to get the run game going and they started working on it together. I think that says something about a runner when he does that.

  93. ChrisHolmes says:

    I remember the same article Seahawkfan78. Lynch wasn’t trusting Cable’s system earlier in the season and was trying to do his own thing. It didn’t work. So he and Cable got on the same page. What I got out of that was that Lynch opened up to the idea of being coached, was receptive to Cable’s coaching, and it started to gel.

    The way I saw it last season, a lot of stuff happened over the course of several weeks. Cable started to reach the OL, Lynch started to listen to coaching, etc. It takes a lot to get all those guys up front on the same page and we had no offseason to work with.

  94. I’ve watched everything I could find on Turbin from Utah St too. He has some Marshawn in him – badass toughness plus quick feet. Hard to find. I like a guy like that in round 3 or so.

  95. Dukeshire says:

    pabuwal – I believe the difference was marginal. I understand and appreciate Lynch saying he was willing to do whatever was necessary to succeed. Selfless. However, I do believe the line understanding and becoming better at executing their responsibilities had a far bigger impact. In addition, the fact he carries and yardage increased at the exact same time is no coincidence. His yards per carry, regardless how many carries he got, fluctuated very little.

  96. Dukeshire–I know you werent talking about me, but I gotta say I stood up for Lynch the moment he finished his first game as a Hawk. That was one impressive start. Only 40 some yards, but with the worst run blocking Ive ever seen. All year, Lynch was getting hit almost immediately after recieving the handoff, gaining 5 yards just get 2.

    While his understanding of how to fit into Cables zone blocking style was key, so was the line actually blocking people, which they didnt do until 5 or 6 weeks into last season.

    I totally get what you mean. The Lynch bandwaggon hoppers are funny, just like the instantaneous change in how folks viewed Carrol and Schneiders offseason after we signed Flynn. Suddenly they were back on the Genius pedestal, but the day before many folks were ready to fire them!

    Overall, I think Seattle’s offseason has been a disappointment, but they got two of their biggest holes filled, so it was still successful. What wasnt successful was not being able to replace Carlson, and having so many FA targets either sign elsewhere, or else flat out refuse to come visit. Carrol and JS HAVE to be intensely frustrated with that.

    We need a stellar draft. We need a stud DE, a Lynch backup, another Carlson-type who can block as well as run and catch, and of course LB’s and another G prospect, as well as depth in the secondary and at DT. Thats a tall order, and likely wont be filled in one draft.

  97. HawkfaninMT–I got ya. No worries. Wish I got to see more than a couple UM games a year. They are always worth watching. Too many Div II teams take scumbag transfer students. MSU found out it wasnt worth it, and has cleaned up thier act. UM should follow suit. Winning isnt everything, especially in college–or at least it shouldnt be. It matters even more how you get successful.

  98. STTBM – Overall, I think Seattle’s offseason has been a disappointment,

    Totally understand your feelings- I am willing to give them an “unfinished” I think there are still some gems to be found out there! But like you said, we gotta get them to get here.

    I still question some of the Twins, thoughts – comments – moves on the QB position. So I reserve the right to continue to complain about what they are doing until I see they are really trying to “compete” with the rest of the league at that position (used correctly)

    I am worried about the defense possibly being a flash in the pan, having a great year last year but we all know they have some real potential to struggle in 2012!! Until we improve the DL, and LB we could be in some nightmare issues in the future!

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