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Morning links: QB Wilson a diamond in the rough?

Post by Eric Williams on March 24, 2012 at 8:45 am with 67 Comments »
March 24, 2012 8:45 am
North Squad quarterback Russell Wilson (16) of Wisconsin, is sacked by South Squad linebacker Nigel Bradham (13) of Florida State, in the first half of the Senior Bowl NCAA college football game at Ladd-Peebles Stadium in Mobile, Ala., Saturday, Jan. 28, 2012. (AP Photo/Dave Martin)

Rob Rang of pens his annual Diamonds in the Rough, a top five list of players at each position that could be good values in the later rounds, which is a must-read heading into this year’s draft.

You’ll find some familiar names on Rang’s list, and some players you probably never heard of.

But one name jumped out for me – Wisconsin quarterback Russell Wilson. Seattle offensive coordinator Darrell Bevell, also a Wisconsin product, attended Wilson’s pro day.

And despite the fact the Seahawks signed Matt Flynn, I think they still could look to select a developmental quarterback in the later rounds. Southern Mississippi quarterback Austin Davis is another name to keep in mind.

Michael Robinson of the Real Robinson Report offers the full interview with receiver Ricardo Lockette in the video below, who does his best Deion Sanders imitation. Lockette does not lack for confidence, and hopefully for the Seahawks that results in big plays this season.

Aaron Wilson of reports that Seahawks free agent defensive lineman Anthony Hargrove visited Green Bay.

Charlie Casserly of the NFL Network has Seattle selecting Stanford guard David DeCastro in his latest mock draft.

Don Banks of Sports Illustrated also has the Seahawks selecting DeCastro at No. 12.

Mike Mayock of the NFL Network offers his top five positional rankings heading into this year’s draft at each position.

Former scout Greg Gabriel of writing for the National Football Post has an interesting take on play speed vs. timed speed, and also the different ways of timing 40-yard dashes.

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  1. Lockette was born to be a receiver with that ego, pretty huge contrast in personalities when compared to Mr. Baldwin.

    I would love to grab Russel Wilson in one of the later rounds, aside from RG3 and Luck, he is the quarterback I would want the most out of this draft, I think he has the potential to be a fantastic player, I absolutely love that guy.

  2. That was tough to watch that interview. I think my IQ just went down 2 points.

  3. I think the Seahawks draft Wilson somewhere in the 5th round. He has everything I like to see in a QB – except for one of the most important things – height. That’s a major, major negative.

  4. Maybe a little less swag from Lockette until he proves he can do more than run a deep post and catch one pass in the NFL? I have high hopes for this guy, we need his deep threat, but I’d rather just know he’s working hard to improve instead of running his mouth in interviews.

  5. Soggybuc says:

    I think some of that with Ricardo was him being a comedian. he seemed amused every time Rob smacked his ego down. he knows now what he needs to do to see the field so we’ll see if he can get the work done and see playing time early.

  6. For the guys who play some Fantasy Football and try to load up with Seahawks like I do, take Lockette late as your sleeper.

  7. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    i like the fact that mocks are starting to show the hawks taking decastro. BPA by far at that point, you don’t pass on a talent like that if he falls to you. can play either gaurd or center and has the the football smarts of an elite QB. this pick alone could solidify our OL for the next 10 years

  8. Yeah, it is interesting how many mock drafts are coming up with the Seahawks selecting DeCastro. Seems like a sure thing. And how else will we finally bury the ghost of Hutch?

    But I’ll be disappointed if they don’t find an elite pass rusher at 12. There just doesn’t seem to be much agreement about the potential of the top DE/OLB prospects (Coples, Mercilus, Upshaw, Ingram?) They can’t simply reach for one. And DeCastro seems like a can’t-miss. I hope that Carroll has one pass rusher at the top of his board, and no one knows who until draft day.

    But if not a pass rusher at 12, what would help Matt Flynn more in becoming successful at QB? A Guard or a WR like Michael Floyd? Floyd could make everyone forget about BMW, and Floyd-Rice-Baldwin-Lockette looks like a badass receiver corps to me.

  9. slicktoxic says:

    Wow, that was painful to watch. I hope he actually is half as good as he thinks he is…..but to date, he has exactly 2 more receptions, and 1 more touchdown than I do in the National Football League!
    Sure does make you appreciate the more humble athlete.

  10. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    problem is stevos i don’t see a sure fire elite pass rusher still there at 12 although i do see a better smarter version of hutch.
    imagine okung and decastro mauling people for the next 8 years.

  11. I kind of doubt DeCastro will make it past Buffalo’s pick at #10. He seems like the most NFL-ready O lineman after Matt Kalil, and OGs are becoming much more highly valued these days. That said, I’m half-expecting Schneider to trade out of 12 and trade down multiple times to draft a lot of guys we’ve barely heard of.

  12. Seneca Wallace II

  13. We didn’t get any LB’s in FA.We lost two of them we only have one starting LB.PC said “he wants more speed on D to rush the QB.
    It would be great to take a big time OG/C,but we have mor need at LB.

  14. edstang45 says:

    I think that Lockette thing was great, all in fun and I’m glad he came over a bit cocky, …do you want a timid ,shy,don’t believe in hisself type reciever playin on the team…heck no you want a guy who thinks and expects to be the best..and if he doesnt work hard ..well see ya

    I’d be glad to get Decastro at the 12 spot, I agree with hawkfaninoklahoma I’m not sure there is a elite pass rusher at 12,
    I’m not impressed with coples and Brockers is a DT right?, Theres a couple more guys that will/might be there but are they elite at the position, I’m not sure but I am sure Decastro will be the real deal, and we need to have success on Offense to get over the hump again in the division….

  15. SandpointHawk says:

    So I’m curious Bobby. With all you’ve posted on the quarterback position in the past, would you rather have Flynn, T-Jack and Portis or Flynn , T-Jack and Wilson this year?
    Next year?

  16. Dukeshire says:

    What Bobby said.

  17. yakimahawk says:

    I Like K. Moore in the 6th or 7th more than Wilson in 5th and also think he is way smarter and anticipates better…But would not be disappointed in either one…

  18. yakimahawk says:

    I agree with Bobby K…RW=SW2

  19. Wilson is a lot better than Wallace. But its too bad he didn’t measure another 2 inches at the combine. The height is a massive problem.

  20. I’ve seen Russel Wilson play several times when he was at NC State. The kid is solid. I would love to see us pick him up. He’s better than TJ already. If he’s still available by the 4th round, I hope we snag him up. He’ll pay dividends.

  21. I saw Seneca Wallace play at Iowa State. He was great.

  22. bird_spit says:

    Congrats to Western Washington! Fun game to watch.. Back to the regularly scheduled program..

  23. hawkfaninoklahoma says:

    jibo there wil be plenty of very good linebackers to pick from later in the draft. there is only one guy in this draft that can play all three interior line positions at an elite level. i also realize that
    have spent a ton of the high draft picks on O Line however how do you pass up a guy that will improve your line that much.

  24. I’m just saying the kid is good. Whether or not he works out for our Seahawks is another question. No need to be a cynic about it, armchair QB.

  25. From what I saw of him, he’s good. All I said was that Seneca was good (actually better in college, IMO), too. I don’t see him as a full-time NFL starter, but maybe he is worth a late round flyer, as the league has changed a bit. You never know (this armchair QB doesn’t know for sure). I think that flyers are more for 5-6-7th round picks though, not ones in the first half of the 4th round (especially in a year when we don’t have a 5th rounder).

    I’d rather have Wilson than Portis, but not with a pick in the top 5 rounds. And the only reason I hate Portis is b/c he’s an idiot/moron. I’d take his physical skills/tools any day over some of the developmental guys available this year. Heck, I’d take him over many of the good early/mid-round prospects this year if he wasn’t so dumb.

  26. Soggybuc says:

    Bobby your dis like of Portis is irrational, kid made a mistake, move on and let him redeem him self as an adult.
    his F’up did not involve guns, drugs, or rape and gangs! let it go man!

  27. Macabrevity says:

    I’m on the DeCastro bandwagon too, either him or Kuechly at 12, and I would be a happy camper. As for an elite pass rusher, I really like Mercilus, and it’s really only the lack of experience that pushes his grade down. I wouldn’t mind taking a flyer on him even at 12 tbh. If we don’t, PC has done an unbelievable job in finding late round gems. I remember wanting Taylor Mays in Hawks Blue so bad I almost had a cardiac infarct when we passed on him, but PC ended up getting a guy in Kam who was everything Mays was supposed to be and then some. If PC and co pass on a pass rusher early, I feel like they probably have a guy in their sights who is flying under the radar but every bit as good as the top names in the draft.

    As far as grabbing a developmental QB, I do like Wilson. It would be a pretty clear signal to Tarvaris that he might be on his way out in 2013 unless they’re giving up on Portis. With Flynn though, I really feel like we can now pass on QB’s completely this draft. We don’t know if he can take the beating of a full season, but we have to assume so until proven otherwise.

  28. Soggy says “kid made a mistake.” Which one, soggy? Which mistake are we talking about? Seems to me there’s a history of mistakes. Which singular mistake is it? I’m curious. In my world, there’s a pattern here (i.e. more than a few). Are you talking about the mistakes he made as a teen or are you talking about being a thief when he was about 22-23 years old (supposedly after he’d learned his lesson from being a moron in his teen years – which you’d think he’d have learned from his past mistake*S*, only to be dumb enough to make more)? I’m curious. Please enlighten me.

  29. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Moore go undrafted.

    smart – yes
    good anticipation – yes
    NFL athleticism – no
    NFL arm – no
    Height – questionable

    Will he be on a roster in 3 years – only in the perfect scenario for him

  30. Put the brain of Moore in the body of Portis and you have a guy I’d trade a couple of #1 picks to get! Maybe more.

    I’m surprised that Moore didn’t transfer from Boise and then go to a different college and then go to a different college after that. Yes. I’m being sarcastic.

  31. Palerydr says:

    I can appreciate Rangs success in picking these guys as well as the time spent researching them. I don’t see the Hawks FO valuing the skills a 5′ 11″ QB brings to the game. I’m still a big fan of drafting a QB in the 2nd or 3rd round I like Cousins or Osweiler equally. If Pete is truly about competition then bringing in another QB to up the competition level should bring the cream to the top so to speak. If we lose Jackson or Portis then so be it. As far as Portis goes I know Bobby explained himself awhile back as to why he feels the QB position needs to be squeaky clean and I agree with some of that. People also like a bad guy who turns the corner and becomes a better person. So far it appears Portis is on the track to becoming a better person you could possibly cut him some slack Bobby.

  32. Palerydr says:

    I sure wish people would just quit trying to fit Kellen Moore onto the Hawks he’s not much of an NFL prospect regardless of what he did in college. His skill set was just fine then this is the NFL he just doesn’t have enough measurables to warrant so much attention.

  33. GeorgiaHawk says:

    I really enjoyed watching portis in the preseason last year. I liked him better than Jackson.
    I hope the young man continues to stay clean and not go down the path that our beloved coach Cable has chosen.

    Now I have been saying this for some time now, Decastro would be the best pick at #12 if he is still there,( which I doubt ). And to say we already have a great o-line and should pick the best available pass rusher is, ( imo ), Well you don’t want to no my opinion on that! Lol.

  34. Soggybuc says:

    Well Geez Bobby i wished i lived where you do because apparently in your world unicorns must frolic upon the hilltops and fart rainbows.

    he made mistakes as a kid! did you grow up in abject poverty? walk a mile first! what ever happened even the court system deemed did not deserve long term jail time. or are you just a hypocrite because Hill and Tatupu and Hamlin and Stevens all engaged in behavior far worse than anything I’ve seen that Portis has!

    I dont want to pick a fight with you here but on a scale of grudges to hold Josh’s rank pretty low on the scale. If you want, next time your in Seattle we could go grab a Latte and I could show a place to see 100X worse all within a mile of the stadium! Crack dealers, prostitution, heroin addicts etc. people who have done far worse than Josh ever dreamed of and who served real prison time for it.

    Forgiveness, it’s a trait we should all embrace. worlds an ugly freaking place and mistakes can be forgiven. hold your animosity for the truly evil acts.

  35. GeorgiaHawk says:

    Or the girlfriend/wife beaters like Cable!

  36. Greg Cossell does a spectacular analysis of Luck vs Griffin –

  37. Soggy – Where I have I defended Hill, Hamlin, and Stevens at length? Where? Ever? Really?

    I like(d) Lofa and his singular mistake.

    And, really, who gives a crap about other positions on a football field w/respect to human beings/role models? I don’t. I agree they may have crap upbringings which make them too stupid to know any better in a civilized society (so they can file for bankruptcy after being retired a few years).

    The only position I hold to a higher standard is quarterback. That’s why I hate idiot-box Portis as much as I do. I love his athletic ability though. As I said a little while ago, you put the brain of Moore into his body, I’d give up quite a bit to get him.

  38. Bobby,

    Seneca Wallace was a great player at Iowa State, but far from a developed QB. He was an athlete first, his running plays were legendary and most came on scramble drills. He was not a pocket passer. He was the best athlete on the Seahawks during his tenure also, it wasn’t even a competition. He was capable of imitating anyone on the scout team for Holmgren’s Seahawks. He was a valuable athlete, who has never really mastered the QB position. IMO Holmgren had something great in Wallace, but was afraid to risk him to injury… thus we never got to see what he could do as a “slash”.

    Russell Wilson will never be confused with Wallace as an athlete and I doubt he’ll ever take any snaps at WR. He is significantly further along as a QB than Wallace was when Holmgren took on the challenge. Wilson devoured the Wisconsin play book – he was amazingly effective in just one year learning. He is already a complete QB – who happens to have a little athleticism and is 5’11.

    Josh Portis cheated on one test and he acquired a stolen credit card and used it at the mall. No weapons, no drugs, no violence. His mom transfered him in high school so he could play. He learned how well that worked and transfered in college to get some play, he never got kicked out of a program (ala Cam Newton). He isn’t a saint – but now that he gets paid to be an athlete, I think Seattle’s back pockets are safe. He is no threat to be a reapeat offender in other words. He also graduated while at Maryland, so he isn’t a complete moron.

  39. So he’s not good enough to play wherever he is/was? That’s why we want him? Mom wants him to leave, then he wants to leave at the next level (thank goodness Matt Flynn isn’t a quitter and bid his time and now he’s ready to expode this year — nice to see guys who try to do it right can come out on top like he’s about to w/out being idiots along the way… oh wait, made a mistake, oh wait, my bad, make mistakeS along the way). I’m sure he only cheated once. I’d bet money (not through a stolen credit card) that it was the only time he got caught (sarcasm). You can’t be that dumb to copy something word-for-word and expect fools to believe that that was the only time you’ve done something so stupid. If you guys want to believe it, have fun. Don’t expect me to play the fool, too. Live in your world of “unicorns… and… rainbows.”

  40. ryanryan says:

    boy – i take one day off from the blog and miss this exchange? i’m going to have to re-think coaching little league next year…


    portis didn’t kill anyone, as long as he keeps his nose relatively clean and doesn’t make the hawks lose time/money/draft picks he is welcome to develop on the roster as far as i’m concerned. i have more of a problem with ‘hurshey-squirt’ (still laughing at that) and his utter uselessness that cost the hawks TIME/MONEY/DRAFT PICKS. heck, think of how the lions must still hate BMW…its called perspective.

  41. ryanryan says:

    @jirish – that was uncalled for and doesn’t belong on this site…imo you owe bobbyk an apology. i have flagged your comment.

  42. BobbyK has a major axe to grind because Portis stole a credit card. Either Bobby, or someone he knows, had their identity stolen and he equates a stolen credit card with long-term identity theft. He’s utterly irrational on this subject, as you can see. It does no good to argue with him.

    The fact that he is so self-righteous about Portis’ misdeeds and yet he admits he doesnt care how bad the players at any other position behave just underlines his unreasonableness. Let it pass.

    IMO, most professional athletes are jerks. Many are utterly evil. Acting like qb’s need to be saints is retarded. As if Rivers, Vick, Manning, Sanchez, etc are fine human beings. In my opinion, they arent even close. Also, I find Domestic abuse far worse than cheating on a test or stealing a credit card, but thats just me I guess. I dont recall BobbyK getting this worked up over ROcky Bernard or Hill.

    As for Portis being “dumb”–ie, too unintelligent to be a leader at the qb position–I call BS. He did some dumb things at age 19-20. Doesnt mean he cant read and interpret an NFL playbook and be a leader. Doesnt mean he cant turn around and become a Justin Forsett type person.

    Whatever. None of us are Seattle’s FO, so we have no say.

  43. ryanryan–Dude, I thought JIRISH’s comment was perfectly acceptable, even funny. I agree, on the subject of Portis, BobbyK is more full of crap than a Christmas Turkey. And go ahead and flag my comment!

    Whats even funnier is JIRISH has posted MUCH more offensive comments and no one cared. He even implied I was gay, as if being gay is some terrible, insult-worthy status. But IMO, its fine if he insults someone like me, but if its BobbyK or Dukeshire, lookout! Out come the pitchforks!

    Who cares? Ive even had high school kids on other blogs tell me I should cut my fingers off so I couldnt type. It doesnt really matter. No adult EVER changes their mind unless they are looking to have it changed, but its fun to argue opinions, no?

  44. waitadamnminute….since when can unicorns fart rainbows?

  45. ryanryan says:

    my post had nothing to do with to whom it was directed, purely content. i choose not to participate in blogs/forums where people tell each other that their fingers should be cut off, or that they’re gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) – i’ve never known this to be one of those blogs. if thats where you want to go with your arguments perhaps you should look to the bay area for a new football team to follow.

    of course, i once carried on drunkenly what a douchey name dukeshire was…remember that dukeshire?

  46. STTBM Thanks for the nailed it right on the head! I personally don’t have any emotional connection to this blog.I’m just a lifelong hawks fan having some fun! I don’t take this blog or life to seriously. I love all types of people but that doesn’t mean I’m going to allways agree with them!your right who cares if your gay or me or whoever I certainly wouldn’t take that as an insult some people I know would take that as a compliment!Go hawks!

  47. ryanryan says:


  48. Ryan Ryan please put me out of my misery so I can’t comment on your hypocritical candy ass BS anymore!!Flag me pleeeaassssseeeeee!

  49. ryanryan says:

    this is a football blog – make your racism accusations fact based or take them elsewhere.

    that’s all i have to say about that.

  50. Let’s be true Seahawks fans and support our players and not judge them for their past mistakes! That’s what I’m saying! Oh by the way their is nothing fact based on this blog it’s all opinions!FYI..

  51. ryanryan,

    I think Bobby can flag his own comments if he has an issue with the whole “if he was a white QB” comment. I have more issue with needlessly bashing a player who has done exactly no jail time for a couple of pretty minor infractions. Stealing does not make a person an “idiot”, nor does it make them “dumb”. If anything, theft is generally done out of desperataion. I doubt the Cal PA boosters pay as well as the D-1 guys, so he took a short cut. I don’t agree with it, but I also don’t think it is an indication of life long mental deficiencies. After all, he graduated and he picked up the Cal PA offense pretty well.

    Bottom line: This is a good place to come to talk Hawks, so lets not blow things out of proportion.

  52. howaboutthat says: really hoping you were tongue in cheek about flagging jirish.what are u 10?

  53. CDHawkFan says:

    Agree with Ryan2, when I read JIRISH comment I didn’t get why anyone would add up BK many comments on JP and come to that conclusion. JP does have a foolish past, and being a QB, you really have to asked yourself if you want someone with that past leading your NFL team? BK answer is no, and I can see the logic. He was in love with Knowshon M, and wanted Sidney R badly, the list goes on, do your really think he has a problem with color? Its a big accusation to throw out there, while you are entitled to your own opinion and that is what this blog is about, there are certain things that our society and hopefully this blog expects you to use (facts, showing a history of behavior) before you start accusing someone of such a terrible act.

  54. boycie99 says:

    I just hope for Bobby’s sake Flynn pays off and turns it on this year.
    He clambered all over the Rice signing last off season, telling us how good he was and how we would be amazed, well look how that turned out, the only thing we were amazed about was by the different injuries that kept him off the field.

    Bobby has inundated us from November about how we must get Flynn and how good he will be and how he will be the saviour of the team and on the flip side how bad TJack is and what a dumbass Portis is. Lets hop e he lives up to the hype

  55. It sounds like Kellen Moore made some believers out of skeptics at the Boise State pro day this week.

    As for DeCastro, guard seems like a luxury pick, because I am half expecting Carpenter to be moved to LG. That being said, if he is as good as advertised, I would be OK with him as the pick.

    A pass rusher would be the most logical, but which one? I’m not sure about Ingram, I don’t know that Upshaw is a pass rusher as much as he is just a good football player (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing), and I’m not sold on Coples (especially after watching him sweat through an interview with Casserly on NFL Network).

  56. Wow. This stupidity has taken on a life of its own. I’m sorry I have higher standards for the QB position, on and off the field, than that of a position that Rocky Bernard once occupied. How many times to I have to write that I don’t care if other positions are occupied by idiots before it finally sinks in? The QB is the face of your franchise and you want/need someone that is held to a higher standard. I wouldn’t be happy if we had a Rapistburger under center either (I have to use white QBs I’ve bashed for character concerns or Irish will unjustifiably throw the stupid race card into the equation). And that’s the only reason I was against drafting Mallett last year (the off-field problems). Time to go change my list of favorite college football players of all-time. My #2 and #3 are black QBs (Tommie Frazier and Turner Gill) but I didn’t realize they were black, so I have to find a way to hate them instead. It’s going to be hard to find a reason to think anything bad of Turner Gill so this might take awhile…

  57. If your Christmas turkey is full of crap you’re doing it wrong.

  58. Also, JIRISH and STTBM are the same person. That was a solid troll in the 90s.

  59. ryanryan says:

    @tj1 – on kellen moore, how about how he keeps growing? give this kid another year of eligibility and he’ll be 6’2 and we can fight about his armstrength alone.

  60. bird_spit says:

    Congrats to West Wash Basketball… Not to change the subject.
    I wish you guys were all in the same bar. It would be fun to have watched.

  61. Folks, just a friendly reminder that civil debate is acceptable — even encouraged — on this blog. But lets keep the focus on football and the blows above the belt please. You’ve done a great job of policing the blog in the past, and for that I appreciate everyone who comments. It allows me to focus on content. Have a good Sunday morning.

  62. SandpointHawk says:

    Sorry I asked the question at this point…

  63. HeinieHunter says:

    I thought this blog was for Seahawks news. Too much petty BS by people who seem to feel that this is THEIR domain and nobody else’s. Give me news not jabber.

  64. Josch–I dont see why you think JIRISH is me. I dont insult people by calling them names, and I have never stooped to his level. Also, after I made a comment admitting that if Hasselbeck went to the Niners, I would root for him to beat Seattle, he commented that I sounded like I needed to move to the bay area and visit a bathhouse. Make of that what you will, but I doubt anyone would post a comment like that to themselves under an alternate name.

    Also, I wasnt blogging in the Nineties, because I was in college and working nights. No time, no money, no computer.

    The only problem I have with BobbyK is that his comments equate Domestic Violence with being stupid. Many violent people are highly intelligent, and DV isnt a bad choice, its the action of a violent person with little or no urge control. I have a problem with his attitude that its okay to have a Rocky Bernard on your team. In my opinion, it isnt.

    I also believe he’s shown a bias against Portis and is taking his two mistakes down the road about ten miles. Even Tatupu–who was shit-faced drunk, was worse than what Portis did, because Lofa could have killed people, while Portis’s crimes never endangered anyone physically.

    So yeah, I think his opinion holds no water logically, and is full of doodoo.

    For the record, I never said, nor agreed with the assertion that BobbyK is racist. I dont believe he is. I think he’s unfairly judging Portis, and I disagree with his logic.

    I dont see what Ive said that makes me a troll. Nothing I said is the slightest bit over the line, unless you count saying I agreed that he’s full of crap like a christmas turkey. And Ive seen much worse said about me. Like labeling me a troll.

    Back to football. Carrol and JS dont care what any of us think, they will keep Portis as long as he shows potential and keeps his nose clean.

  65. raymaines says:

    and not that my opinion counts for anything, but I don’t think the starting QB has to be the face of the franchise.

    Maybe Matt Flynn will be in the near future, but right now I would think it’s Marshawn Lynch. He of not a choir boy fame. I think we’re all okay with that and most of Seattle seems to be as well.

    Josh Portis is the third team developmental QB that might, if he’s lucky, get a fat contract in some other city in another three years so I don’t know why we’re all worked up about this in the first place.

  66. NYHawkFan says:

    BobbyK – If I understood you correctly, that the QB needs to be squeaky clean because he is the face of the team and thus is the team representative, but that it’s OK for the rest of the team to be punks and bums. If so, then I think you need to rethink your position. Otherwise, by extension, think of what you’re saying. Would you suggest that Pete Carroll remain clean, but it’s alright for the assistant coaches, trainers, and scouts to be scumbags? What about on the corporate level? Does it only matter that the CEO is a man/woman of integrity, but the president, vice-presidents, corporate board members and employees can be dirt bags? What about on a personal level? If you, as family head, set a good example and have a squeaky clean reputation, would it be fine with you if your kids were thieves, liars, reprobates? You get the point. I enjoy your comments on the board and get the sense that you’re a smart, articulate guy. But really, it only matters that the QB is clean? If I misunderstood your stand on this, you can forget what I said and ignore this post.

  67. NYHawkFan says:

    If, on the other hand, you’re only saying that the QB should be held to a higher standard, I’m cool with that. Cheers.

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