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Hawks agree to terms with RB Lumpkin

Post by Eric Williams on March 23, 2012 at 2:45 pm with 44 Comments »
March 23, 2012 2:45 pm
Tampa Bay Buccaneers running back Kregg Lumpkin (28) is brought down behind the line of scrimmage in a game against the New Orleans Saints. The Buccaneers defeated the Saints 26-20 in an NFL game, Sunday, Oct. 16, 2011 in Tampa, Fla. (AP Photo/Margaret Bowles)

First reported by Brian McIntyre, the Seattle Seahawks have agreed to terms with Tampa Bay free agent running back Kregg Lumpkin.

Terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Lumpkin, 27, visited with Seattle on Thursday. The Seahawks had a scheduled visit with Michael Bush, but he never made it in and eventually signed with Chicago.

The Georgia product was an undrafted rookie free agent with Green Bay in 2008, so there’s a connection with Seahawks general manager John Schneider, who of course worked in the Packers’ personnel department during that time.

And Lumpkin’s a bigger back at 5-11, 228 pounds, so he could provide a similar physical presence in the run game as Marshawn Lynch, something Seattle lacked offensively last year.

Lumpkin likely will be competing for a roster spot with Tyrell Sutton and Vai Taua as a backup behind Lynch; both are already on Seattle’s 80-man roster.

A third-year pro, Lumpkin finished with 31 carries for 105 yards in Tampa Bay last year, and also totaled a career-high 41 receptions for 291 yards.

A restricted free agent, Lumpkin was not tendered by the Bucs leading up to free agency, allowing him to hit the open market.

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  1. Couldn’t that crack team of reporters over at the trib find a pic of Lumpkin actually gaining yardage?

  2. I wonder if Kregg knows Chone. Never seen his name spelled that way before. Hopefully he plays his best ball in Seattle, regardless of the name spelling.

  3. Underwhelming signing. I can’t expect to be whelmed with every roster move though. With Flynn’s short game passing, maybe he will fourish though?

  4. Where are the LB’s? Are we just looking to the draft?

    I’m totally interested in resigning Hawthorne, but Hill, for me, is another story… Just like I wanted no part of Brandon Marshall, Hill represents a part of Hawksville I really want NO PART OF!
    If a person/athlete is to make millions of $$$, I want my children & my children’s children to respect them… Being an athlete doesn’t give you ‘special’ rights!
    “MY” children know that! It’s opened doors, but … no special rights!….
    As it should be!
    But…. back to subject, “Where are the linebacker’s”?????

  5. nidhighe says:

    It won’t surprise me if the team also drafts a RB.


  6. Schneider has been after this guy for a while.
    From Danny O’Neil–

    “The Seahawks tried to acquire Lumpkin two years ago when he was waived by the Green Bay Packers, putting in a waiver claim on him. Instead, Lumpkin was awarded to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on waivers.”

  7. He could become a productive back in the 3rd down passing game. Had more receptions than Forsett and Washington combined. What the heck, give him a shot.

  8. jcollyer53 says:

    IB-Hill tested clean, that wasn’t his weed. I know, I know, he shouldn’t have had people there that had it. But if the Hawks can get Hill for a discounted price, bring him back. But I agree, we need LB’s.

  9. nidhighe says:

    IBGoofy, I think Hawthorne and Hill could be re-signed at some point. There’s not a huge market for LBs in free agency right now, so one or both will be available at a decent price after the draft, I think.

    I’d rather have Hill back than Hawthorne. Hawthorne’s knees are a concern.


  10. seaturkeys says:

    Looks like Forsett is gone. Kind of makes me sad. He just wasn’t the same last year.

  11. Macabrevity says:

    Haven’t seen Lumps play, but it looks like he’s a decent hands guy, maybe with his size he’ll be able to pick up blitzes as well. Who knows, could be a nice addition for 3rd and long packages, and insurance for the Beast if he ever gets banged up or just gassed and needs a breather.

    As for the LB situation – this isn’t a bad draft class to need LB’s, not the best, but there’s some talent to be had. Hoping the Heater comes back tho…

  12. Tennhawkfan says:

    Have they even talked to any FA LB’S?

  13. nidhighe,

    Why do you sign your posts? It’s kinda weird and seems like you’re trying to call attention to the fact that you’re a girl.

  14. Audible–Dont be jealous, we know youre a girl too. ;P

  15. We talk about needing a RB to pair w/Lynch and the Panthers recently made it known that J-Stew is available. I remember a lot of people here were interested in drafting him a few years ago. What would it take to get him? Maybe a 4th round pick?

    Personally, I wouldn’t give up too much for a guy like that since he’s only got 1 year remaining on his contract and then you’d need to draft another Lynch back-up next year b/c I don’t see the team paying Lynch his hefty salary AND then signing a back-up to relatively big bucks, too.

  16. slicktoxic says:

    It would be nice if they signed Hill and/or Hawthorne to one year deals…..give both sides a chance to prove themselves. Just like Hill did last year. Hawthorne can show (hopefully) that his knees are fine.

  17. The Hapster said yesterday or the day before in a radio interview that they are in contact with his agent almost everyday. I think he finds (or has already found out) that he isn’t going to get the type of contract that he thinks he should be getting and will be back. Going into the draft with Smith, Heater, and Wright as our starters is perfectly fine with me! I expect big/good things from Smith at WILL this season. I’m not as worried about that position as most of you.

  18. Dukeshire says:

    “Lumpkin likely will be competing for a roster spot with Tyrell Sutton and Vai Taua as a backup behind Lynch; both are already on Seattle’s 80-man roster.”

    Not to be too pessimistic, but I’m hoping Lynch’s backup isn’t yet on the team. If Lumpkin could ever stay healthy, that might be a different story, but he hasn’t yet.

  19. 1. Ind – Luck – Derrr, Part I.

    2. Wash – RGIII – Derrr, Part II.

    3. MN – Kalil – Biggest need = no brainer.
    *Wouldn’t be surprised to see Dolphins trade up w/MN for Tannenhill.

    4. Cle – Tannenhill – Colt McCoy? Seriously?

    5. TB – Claiborne – Isn’t Rhonde 153 years old? If you’re gonna play Brees, Newton, and Ryan for a total of 6 games per year, you’d best be able to cover their receivers.

    6. StL – Blackmon – Give Bradford a toy.

    7. Jax – Floyd – Worst WRs in the NFL no more.

    8. Mia – Richardson – Owner wants player w/most flash.

    9. Car – Reiff – Gross getting old and better protect your franchise player.

    10. Buf – Martin – Can’t win many games if you can’t block anybody. Ticked that Reiff went one spot in front of them.

    11. KC – Ingram – Versatile defender who get to the QB.

    12. Sea – Mercilus – Horrible pass rushing team takes NCAA leader in sacks last season.

  20. raymaines says:

    Frank Omiyale and Kregg Lumpkin are both total roster fodder. I would not only be surprised but disappointed if either of them make the final 53 man roster.

  21. nidhighe says:

    Audible, I know, I should have just created my username to match my first name. Also, I’ve been around long enough to remember newsgroups (as opposed to message boards, comment sections, and the like), where people tended to sign their posts, sometimes with elaborate multi-line signatures and ASCII art.

  22. ryanryan says:

    Audible – i thought the same thing when i read the caption for lumpkin’s play…so when i read your post i laughed.

    but who cares how someone signs their posts


  23. seahawk44 says:

    Raymaines…..why would you be disappointed if Omiyale and Lumpkin made the roster? If they do it means they performed good enough to do so.

  24. raymaines says:

    I would be disappointed if they make the final roster because if either of those two guys plays better than anybody else on the 80 man roster it means the’Hawks are doomed to another crap season.

    In other words, both of these guys are below average players and if they make the team it means we have below average depth, and have higher hopes than that. Nothing personal, I just don’t a Chicago cast off lineman or T.B. cast off running back being our second best player at that position. It’s not as though Chicago has the worlds best O-line or TB has a glut of running backs or anything.

  25. raymaines says:

    make that “and I have”…

    my name is Ray and yes, I’m a guy

  26. Soggybuc says:

    Lumpkin strikes me as a decent 3rd down blocking/blitz pick up back who has good enough hands to be a reliable outlet.
    7 yard average is not great unless its 7 yards vs a sack. Duke you care to share that injury history? really dont much about this cat and i’m way to beat to play google nerd tonight.

  27. Hi, all. We’re winning the NFC West this season.

  28. raymaines says:

    I’m sorry guys. There were lots of typo’s in my posts, but you can figure out what I meant.

    Baldwin and Locket are awesome, but lets slow down a little. Omiyale and Lumpkin are like light green areas on the weather radar map.

    I’m really sorry that Stephen Tulloch re-signed with Detroit and Michael Bush signed with Chicago. I would so much rather SPAM (Spend Paul Allen’s Money) than spend a draft pick.

    I’m so looking forward to the draft and the UFA signings after round seven. Geoux ‘Hawks

  29. oscar_contender says:

    Bobby K,

    I see you are drinking the Malcom Smith koolaid :) Although, I believe he has some potential, you know I believe we need an upgrade there at the Will LB position. I said it before and I will say it again: Levonte David (Neb) in the 2nd round
    ( he also was the only LB on the field in dime packages for Nebraska, so he can cover TE’s and RB’s)

  30. NYHawkFan says:

    It’s not that Allen doesn’t have the money to spend, he just agreed to donate $300 Million to brain research. Obviously, the Hawks have a budget, though, and they are being careful not to overspend, such as on guys like Hutchinson & Bush. Perhaps a little gun shy following the Curry disaster? Or maybe Allen pulled on the $ reigns.

  31. Duke, that’s the way I see it too. This guy could be camp fodder and I hope they draft Doug Martin.

    BobbyK, I really like Smith too, but am concerned about his longterm health. If nothing else, we need depth there. Besides Kuechly at MLB in the draft, I also like Mychal Kendricks from Cal later in the draft. He’s a beast.

  32. boucherm says:

    Bobby–would you really choose Mercilus if, as in your mock draft, Coples is available? I can’t see it.

  33. I think they want the heater back – comments are meant to lower the market.

    I think we might even see it in the next week or so

  34. So I just looked this dude up on since I have no idea who he is and look who hands off to him for this TD:

    Anyone recognize the guy wearing #10?

  35. I’d rather have Hill back than Hawthorne. Hawthorne’s knees are a concern. –Danielle

    In the last 4 years, Leroy Hill has missed 20 regular season games. Hawthorne has missed 1.

    Let’s keep things in perspective. I haven’t personally seen the medical on Hawthorne’s knees, only blowhard speculation. I’ve seen Leroy Hill in street clothes, a lot.

    I want them both back at a price that allows them to be cut or benched when/if they are outperformed.

  36. So…the team sucks cause we’re not gonna get Flynn..Jason Jones wont sign either….

    Whatever. Given who’s come to visit, Seattle has done an amazing job of signing only those who are value signings. The last two years, Seattle overpaid to get big names. Now they are sticking to their guns. Dont want to sign for fair money–piss off. To me, that shows how much JS and Carrol believe in themselves. They are no longer overpaying. If they cant sign a FA for what they budgeted, then they will seek their replacement in the draft.

    Lets face it, until JS and Carrol win consistently for a few years, no one will want to come here for fair money, which is all our FO is willing to pay.

    Have faith. This isnt Tom FLores and Ken Mother FUckjjjkkkkking Behring!

  37. boucherm,

    I’d take Coples there instead of Mercilus if he’s available.

    If we are going defense in round one I think we’ll go Coples or Kuechly. My preference would be to trade back a few spots and take whichever of the two is still available – or more likely, David DeCastro.

    I like Mercilus and Ingram but they seem similar to guys PC and JS have passed on in the past for their system. I think Carroll covets a big long defensive end like Coples. Can you believe that the Giants have three of those guys in Pierre-Paul, Tuck and Umenyiora? We’d kill for just one.

    I really like Ingram as a player though, I just don’t think he fits schematically (we can debate if we should adjust the scheme or adjust the player until we’re blue, but this regime seems to prefer the latter).

  38. piperfeltcher says:

    I like Malcom Smith but see him more as a passing downs LB then as a every down player. He only weighs 220 LBS and I think they weighed him after a night at the all you can eat buffet so I do not think he will be able to hold his own against the run as a everydown player.

  39. carson-
    totally agreed on the three draft pick options. If yo could move back a few spots and still get DeCastro or Kuechly and maybe recoup the pick lost for Marshawn, it would be great. I don’t think Coples will be around at 12.

    Ingram seems like a 3-4 OLB to me, not a 4-3 end.

    I felt like Heater had slowed a lot last year. Maybe it was a knee inj that will be resolved for this season, but they were ready to cut ties w/ a MLB that was a much bigger part of the team (Lofa) when his knees and speed left him. He only missed one game, but he wasn’t the same guy as 2010.

    I also like Malcolm Smith, think Pete’s refernce to “getting faster” at linebacker for this year was telling both for the two FAs and potentialy for Smith.

  40. I think people are reading too much into one injury plagued year from Hawthorne, in which he was slowed down but continued to play. The guy is only 26, and we were all very, very excited about him at this point last year.

    Look, Hawthorne will never be the do-it-all guy in the middle, but he will continue to help stop the run and he knows Gus Bradley better than anyone. I have high enough expectations this year with Flynn at quarterback that I’d rather not walk away from that.

    Would I rather have Kuechly? Of course, but there is an opportunity cost attached to that. If we draft him, it means we don’t draft our defensive end or a particular guard in the first round. And what if Hawthorne signs somewhere else and Kuechly is gone by the time we pick?

    I know there is a precedent for rookie linebackers stepping in and playing in a Super Bowl in their first year, but that situation was a little different. Tatupu and Hill were rookies surrounded by mostly veteran players, while I think our defense actually could use at least a little veteran presence. Ultimately I think Kuechly could step in and take over and improve us, but I wouldn’t want to trust it to any other rookies, mostly because I know nothing about any of them.

  41. bigmike04 says:

    I hope Seahawks let hill go because, the guy is making poor choices away from the field, that has been proven.. If he choose to hang with his friends & get caught with weed than that was his decision alone, even though he was previous arrested & was on probation. LeRoy Hill should clean up his act & find a new crowd to hang out & stop aligning himself with people who make poor decision..

  42. Nice Mock, Bobby. Mercilius looks good to me at 12 if Coples and Upshaw are gone.

    I think I read somebody called Mercilius a ‘poor man’s aldon smith’, but then I’m pretty sure that last year aldon smith was called a poor-man’s somebody else. lol. There seem to be some pass rushing studs in this first round. Its just a matter of Mr Happy and the Schneid figuring out which one is ready to bust out and which one fits. Mercilius would fit the versatile pass rusher role. Upshaw could do that plus play all downs at OLB. I like em both. Can’t wait to see a new pass rusher in Seahawk Blue.

  43. Newborough says:

    I like Carsons thinking, and I don’t want to see Keuchly over De Castro at #12 if both are still on the board then. The DE and pass rushing OLB classes both look deep in this draft and I think we can still get some help to instantly improve our pass rush in Round 2 plus some developmental depth for an eventual replacement for Clemons in the middle rounds.

    That said, I don’t see any “can’t miss” OLB or DE in this draft and by all accounts De Castro is truly a once-a-decade prospect at his position. He would provide the final piece in a monster, young OL that could make both Lynch and Flynn better for years to come and could play every down in 2012, as opposed to a DE that would probably just replace Red on 3rd downs.

    I just hope he’s still available when we pick, but somehow I doubt it with KC picking ahead of us. I haven’t ruled out one of the top flight tackles like Rieff falling to us at #12, with a plan to move Carpenter to LG.

    I really like the way this Free Agency is playing out for us and setting the table for a third successful, exciting PC/JS draft. Now I just hope they put the icing on the cake by resigning either Hill and/or Hawthorne to short term deals before the draft, then go pick up some future LB talent (like Hendricks) in the later rounds.

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